Truth Prevails: Court Rules 2020 Election Fraud Did Happen in Pennsylvania

Closeup of a senior woman casting her ballot on a new electronic voting machine.

“Trump lost 60 election cases and the courts found no evidence of fraud!” This lie has persisted for nearly four years now. In the vast majority of 2020 election cases, the courts were too afraid to look at the evidence in the first place. Most cases were dismissed because the courts made up excuses to declare that the plaintiffs lacked standing to sue. In every election case where judges have dared to look at the evidence, Trump has won. It just happened again in a major ruling in Pennsylvania.

A man named James Savage is the supervisor and chief custodian of the Delaware County Voting Machine Warehouse in Pennsylvania. After the 2020 election was stolen, Savage filed a lawsuit against President Trump and two Republican poll watchers named Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes. The case was Savage v. Trump et al. Savage sued President Trump, Stenstrom, and Hoopes for defamation because they talked about his actions in the warehouse, which both Stenstrom and Hoopes personally observed.

Savage’s suit claimed that Trump and the poll watchers engaged in “deliberate, malicious, and defamatory statements and insinuations” for talking about what they saw Savage do in the warehouse.


After the 2020 election, the poll watchers alleged that they viewed James Savage inserting a USB “v-card” device into vote tabulation machines 24 times as the votes were being counted. Stenstrom publicly accused Savage of padding the vote totals with that v-card.

James Savage is not an election employee. He’s just the supervisor of the warehouse where the machines were stored. He has no training to be able to work on election machines in any way, other than to carry them from point A to point B with a forklift and keep track of inventory of the machines. No one other than a designated county election official is supposed to be handling USB v-cards.

About those v-cards, by the way. Those would prove definitively that election fraud took place if anyone ever examined them. Unfortunately, 64 of the v-cards in Pennsylvania disappeared “for some reason” as the Pennsylvania state senate was investigating the fraud.

The lawsuit notes that Stenstrom referred to Savage as a “Bernie Sanders delegate who was also solely responsible for every scanner, machine, v-card, and all machines with absolutely zero experience in this area.”

To prove a defamation case, you have to prove that a person was lying about you. Here’s an example. If I say, “Joe Biden forced his daughter to take inappropriate showers with him when she was a small child,” Joe Biden could try to file a defamation suit against me. He would lose the case because my statement is true. Joe Biden’s own daughter admitted in her diary that her father forced her to take “inappropriate” showers with him when she was a small child.

Truth is the ultimate defense in a defamation case. You can’t defame someone if you’re telling the truth about them, no matter how malicious your intent might be.

There was supposed to be a hearing this week in Savage v. Trump et al. At the last minute, however, Savage and his lawyer withdrew the suit after all these years. The judge had stated in the previous hearing that Stenstrom and Hoopes had made truthful statements about Savage. Namely, Savage was untrained and unauthorized to insert v-cards into vote tabulation machines, and they observed him insert a now-missing USB v-card into machines 24 times while the votes were being counted.

Savage and his attorney knew at that point that they had lost the case. In the hearing this week, the judge was going to rule on a motion from Stenstrom and Hoopes to dismiss the case, after they had argued that “truth is a complete defense.”

President Trump, Greg Stenstrom, and Leah Hoopes did not defame James Savage, because what they said about the 2020 election was true. It is TRUE that Stenstrom observed Savage inserting a mystery v-card into vote tabulation machines as the votes were being counted. It is TRUE that Savage was not authorized or trained to be doing any sort of work on the machines related to their operation.

Instead of saying that Trump has “lost 60 election cases,” we should tell the truth about what has happened. Trump won the first three election fraud cases he filed in 2020, based on the evidence. It was at that point that the memo went out to the courts to dismiss all cases for lack of standing. That’s not “losing” a court case. It means the case never happened in the first place.

Savage v. Trump et al is now the fourth election case since 2020 where a judge has bothered to look at the evidence of voter fraud. Trump has been victorious in 100% of the court cases where the judges have looked at the evidence.

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21 thoughts on “Truth Prevails: Court Rules 2020 Election Fraud Did Happen in Pennsylvania”

    1. I know Trump won and Biden lost do to fraudulent things and I grant you Biden and the Democratic Party was behind it all

    1. Sandra! you are either a Bot or one of the dumbest people on the planet.
      Wake the Fup!
      TICK TOCK!!

  1. I’m neither of those Ms Lane but I did witness on TV
    mind you many inconsistencies in that election! For three solid weeks I was glued to my TV! I almost couldn’t believe my own eyes! Really! I saw women
    moving ballot boxes from underneath tabulating tables back and forth the whole gamut of crazy goings on that I couldn’t believe what i was witnessing with my own eyes! When they saw crowds gathering outside the counting areas they started placing large sheets of paper on the glass windows! If there would have been a way I could let a person that could help this situation at the time I would have called them. But WHO could an ordinary person call?
    I know for a fact that THAT election was DEFINITELY
    RIGGED! I would testify in court with my hand on a
    Catholic bible, because I am a cradle Catholic, and would NEVER say anything that wasn’t true to anyone or anybody for ANY reason other than it’s
    All of the terrible things that are being released now about our ‘so called President’ is not a coincidence, it’s Karma! When people do bad things to a lot of people, it goes out into the Universe and
    it comes back to you a hundred fold!
    You can’t mock GOD and get away with it!

  2. It’s fine to be able to conclude finally what We all knew to be true.. Quite another to taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again..
    MAKE Voter ID mandatory is just a start..

  3. No machines are needed in voting precincts because you have poll workers from different parties that do the voting process and are able to count the votes after the polls close like it was done for hundreds of years so the community knows what’s going on not some protected algorithmic manipulation.

  4. SO WHAT!.. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. The GOP are cowards and are complicit in the unconstitutional election that took place. If you still think voting will make changes your a fool. You’ve already been had.
    “For the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

  5. What does this Prove?? It proves that the election was stolen, so all of these court cases involving the 2020 are fraudulent, and that President Trump should been elected for a sthe on;yecond. All of these should have to pay President Trump any amount the time and money and stress for these phoney cases.
    No person has ever been subjected to this kind of phoney Law Suits. The only way to stop this is a Federal law to change the way that these things are done. A good way to prevent this from happen again. one way would be Absente ballots in the clerks office two weeks before the Election Date (no dropping them on election day Voting with these Ballots.)

  6. TTTTTOOOOO LLLLAAAATTTTEEE NNNOOOWWW! Joe Biden and Democrats have already created the damage that plagues America! NOW America must work it’s ass off to correct their dumb-ass mistakes! America has certainly regressed since the 2020 elections!

  7. For just about 100 years now, the Democrat Party was worked exceptionally hard to do anything at all to keep them in power of all agencies of the Federal Government. The have installed hard-cored communists in key positions of both, Governmental and non-governmental leadership positions, using funds donated by wealthy “citizens” who feel compelled for power. I, along with my entire family relations, were Democrats up until 1951, when as a young college student “saw the light of day” and converted immediately from a Democrat to a Republican. That occurred when I was 18. I am now 90, and see the fruits of the Democrat incessence to rule what used to be a free and democratic United States of America. My father was an old friend of Senator Richard B. Russell, of Georgia, who was the Chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee. I respectively called Senator Russell “Uncle Dick,” and thought he was the eipitomy of a superior patriot. I mentioned to Uncle Dick that upon graduation from college, I wanted to enter politics to become a Senator – like him. I told him I would like to go to Washington and work with him to get rid of the greedy, untrustworthy, and totally corrupt politicians. Uncle Dick’s reply to me was a simple question: “Bobby, have you lost your mind, boy?” I told him I just wanted to keep our elected politicians honest. Uncle Dick then looked me straight in the eye
    and said, ” Bobby, there ain’t no such thing as an honest politician. A politician may start his career straight as an arrow, but within a short period of time, they become as crooked as a grape vine.” I could hardly believe what Uncle Dick was saying. Then he added, “Bobby, politicians will listen to what you want them to do, and they will assure you they will support your wishes. They will hear others and tell them they will support them also. But when it comes time to discuss the matters in whichever chamber of Congress, they simply support which ever choice there is where the money lies.” In short, Senator Russell implied that Democrat politicians don’t give a rat’s ass about what is good for the citizens or the Nation – just what is in it for them! That is the way it was in 1951, and it hasn’t changed a damned bit since.

  8. Well, doesn’t surprise me! You really want to think
    the people you voted for to do all the things that your district needs will vote the way you asked them to, but, hear it is they turn around and vote
    the way they’re co-ourst to, by taking bribes to vote a different way for a different reason.
    I hope that all who practice these types of actions can come to the realization one day that it is just wrong, VERY wrong!
    God knows your heart always remember that.

  9. Nothing we can do about this but to demand photo identification for any ballot handed out, including mail in request for the ballot! Video cameras live coverage of the tabulation area and the counting! Observers from all parties present and video coverage for the counting including a picture of the ballots for historical proof of the counts accumulated! Pass a Federal law that only citizens can vote in any and all election both state and federal to eliminate the current open voting efforts! Make term limits the law and enforcement of the terms of the Constitution as the law of the land to eliminate career politicians from the mix to assure freedoms reign!

  10. Now all people smeared and sued should turn around and sue these criminals and the leaders who were covering up this crime

  11. The sad part is there are people that actually believe the election was not compromised. The media has been doing everything they can to push the narrative Biden won.
    There is a court case in Georgia that is being held behind doors that showed how easily the voting machines can be manipulated. So far all the evidence had been and testimony has been held in guarded secrecy.

    1. Yes Buggsy,media very complicit! No way Biden got 81 million votes. If “orange man bad”, then we should vote for many more oranges for our country’s future! Get rid of the bad apples.

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