Update: The Supreme Court Case That Could Overturn the 2020 Election

Legal scholars have dueling opinions on what the Brunson v. Alma Adams, et al case before the Supreme Court next month actually means. Some think it could overturn the 2020 election. Others think the high court will kick it to the curb or send it back to the lower courts. We won’t know until the date for Docket No. 22-380 arrives.

We do have a couple of updates that we want to share with everyone about the case, which we previously reported on HERE. No matter what anyone else says, some legal scholars believe this case does in fact have the potential to overturn the fake 2020 election, and boot Biden and Harris out of office along with 385 Members of Congress.

The case was originally filed in a Utah district court by the Brunson brothers – a group of trumpet-playing brothers who were upset about the fraudulent 2020 election just like you and me. The case got kicked up to federal court, where it was immediately dismissed. Funny how that has been the immediate response of every court that has been asked to look at any case related to the 2020 election, isn’t it?

First, a court tells the plaintiff they “lack standing” to sue and throw the case out. Next, the media lies and tells us that the court “found no evidence” of 2020 election fraud, while ignoring the fact that no court even looked at the case.

Anyway, the Brunsons appealed to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which also wimped out by dismissing the case. They appealed to the Supreme Court next, and the court actually docketed the case. That happened back in October. The Solicitor General for the Department of Justice waived its right to issue a response to the case.


And now here’s a new piece of information: The Supreme Court will look at the case on January 6th. The court generally decides on docketed cases every Friday when it’s in session, so it could just be a coincidence. But they could have waited until the 13th or 20th of January, recognizing the obvious significance of the 6th of January. One of the options at the court’s disposal is that the Justices could vote to hear the full case. It only takes a vote of a minority of four Justices to make that happen.

Another thing we didn’t report on last time is the intelligence angle to this case. The Brunsons allege that about 385 Members of Congress violated their oath of office after the 2020 election. About 100 Representatives and Senators, led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), were calling for the formation of an Election Commission, which is the historical standard Congress has followed whenever we’ve had a presidential election that was a hot mess of cheating.

In 1876, five US Senators, five US Representatives, and five US Supreme Court Justices were appointed to an Election Commission to investigate allegations of fraud. That’s the historical precedent that has been followed in the past in an election contested in multiple states where fraud was believed to have taken place. The Brunsons argue that the 385 or so Members of Congress who failed to follow that plan actually violated their oath of office.

But the Brunsons also allege that Congress violated its oath by delaying the intelligence report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). The ODNI was required to submit a report to Congress no later than December 18, 2020, on whether any foreign governments had interfered in the election.

That date came and went, and Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell never said a peep about it. They refused to allow anyone to look at the report until… January 7th. One day after the Election Justice Protest and after Joe Biden was declared the winner through a fraudulent count of the electoral votes. Does anyone remember this? I write about this election for a living, and I don’t remember this.

On January 7th, Congress finally learned from the ODNI that the 17 intelligence agencies were split over whether the election had suffered from foreign interference. Among the agencies that said there was foreign meddling, they all agreed that it was China. I can’t remember a single media outlet reporting on this at the time. Mostly because the entire media was still crying and peeing their pants about how they’d been traumatized by QAnon on January 6th. Failing to look at the ODNI report in which the intelligence agencies found that China interfered in the election was yet another way that most of Congress violated its oath of office.

What’s the Supreme Court going to do? We don’t know for sure. But some legal scholars say that the court could in fact grant relief to the Brunsons. If the court realizes just how angry the middle class is that our elections are now fake, they could do just that. (By the way, has anyone located the 80% of military ballots that just VANISHED in the elections in Wisconsin last month? Not that there’s anything weird, fake or fraudulent about that.) When the American middle class has finally had enough of this BS and starts rioting, they’re not going to be setting weak dumpster fires or breaking the windows at Starbucks. It’s going to be bad news for the people who have betrayed America.

While some lawyers think the court may just dismiss the case and let the lower court ruling stand, that doesn’t quite make sense. Why would they put it on the docket at all? They could have just let the lower court ruling stand. Instead, something is going to happen with this on January 6th. We’ll keep you posted!

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53 thoughts on “Update: The Supreme Court Case That Could Overturn the 2020 Election”

  1. Thank you for covering this important information!! Those who are glued to MSM will have no knowledge of this case, and only a limited number of people have heard of it elsewhere. Try to find where we can send letters of support to the court and to the brothers. I heard an interview that stressed how our correspondence will make a difference, and it must be sent ASAP.

    1. Impeach the Illegitimate presidency and administration of biden and harris for Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution

      1. Sorry, but I disagree, most of the Republicans in Congress are spineless, or communist sympathizers and in on the fall of America. A one party takeover, by way of fraud, of our nation is COMMUNISM. As much as I hate to say it, the Commucrats, once upon a time they were known as Democrats are far from spineless! They have attacked our democracy like no other time in our history with in your face election fraud, that’s not spineless, that’s urinating on everyone’s head and calling it rain. Who is spineless, the electorate for sitting cowardly by and allowing it to happen and continue to happen, as in the elections of 2022.

        1. Craig go search Communists in America! The Communists are registered as Demoncrats or Independent! There are COMMIES MASQUERADING AS Socialists!!! They can’t can not be in Government!!! You might want to go read the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights!!! The biggest enemy is George Soros!!! Stop watching Main Stream Media lies, lies, and more lies

        2. That’s what I say that the Republicans has no balls they are spineless and all they do is get richer and flap their mouths. They are Cowards.

      2. I am an LA Dodgers baseball fan. We have a joke (which you won’t ‘get’ if you are not familiar with the 2017 World Series): What do Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Carlos Correa, George Springer, and Joe Biden all have in common (and you could add Katie Hobbs name to that laundry list, too)??? Answer: the ONLY way they can win is to CHEAT!!

  2. May be that is why Pelosi allowed the Jan. 6th riot to occur to act as a cover up and to take it one step further the fraudulent hearings.

    1. Anyone realizing that the Speaker of the House holds full authority over the Capitol building Guard. Who doesn’t also realize Nasty Peulosi had to be the one who both staged the Fiasco and told the guards to welcome the Trump supporters into the Capitol Building. The rest is history still in the making for the Truth to be revealed.

    2. Allowed Jan 6th to occur?!!!!! My contention is the wicked old SF hag set up the whole debacle then blamed Trump for everything. This winch is guilty as hell, then she sets up a kangaroo committee to prosecute her little plan!! Everybody involved with this persecution of DJT is guilty of treason and sedition. Of course, nothing will happen to them, they’re democrats

  3. At least we have some hope now relating evidence actually being shown to our highest Court! Pray justice prevails!

    1. I’m praying with you. We all know this is a fraud and we need to overturn it so they won’t do it again. The BIGGEST CROOKS in the free world.

  4. I Hope and Pray this Happens! It would be a Great Relief for our country. The far left can kiss where the sun don’t shine!

    1. speaking of the ‘left’, do you know what the Latin word for ‘left’ is?? Answer: SINISTI. The root word of ‘sinisti’ is SIN

  5. Doubtlessly, the 2020 national election suffered colossal fraud and suppression of news. Our elected officials have become so deeply entrenched in their complex processes and comfortable incomes, they simply rolled over and accepted it.

    Even if the Supreme Court overturns it, I doubt that any effective remedy could be crafted at this late date. Clearly, the CIC (Coprolite in Chief) now snoring in the Oval Office won’t simply surrender and walk away. His handlers would never permit such an act.

    Our nation may never recover from the immense damage already inflicted by the democrat regime. In fact, we may face a war between common citizens and the overpopulated cabal of oligarchs who finance the CIC. Such an event is beyond reason.

    Losing their wealth and control is the primary reason they push so hard on their need to disarm the citizens. An armed population and small businesses are the only effective defense against the regime and ignorant, underaged, unemployed voters.

    1. Germany is having a total national revote of an election from two years ago, after finding fraud but at a much lower level than here. I do not think other countries want to follow the Biden/Harris/ Democrat debacle here, with Communism being pushed by Radicals, some Deep Staters, and the Xi influence on Biden. We also have solid evidence and communications between Dems and FBI and Twitter to change the 2020 election, and that of the FBI meeting with Twitter to hand the election
      to Dems and Biden. Even foreign countries know we had rampant fraud as causation. We have video, whistle blowers in election and FBI.
      With fraud and election interference overwhelmingly being participated in by the Dems, this Administration, and several top tier government agencies, plus social media giants like Zuckerberg funding and STAFFING fraud voter situations plus Zuckerberg drop boxes, we don’t need to waste time with a revote. Just toss current Administration out, along with other players. Charge accordingly as bring all investigation info forward to help determine extent of charges, INCLUDING TREASON. Also Pelosi /FBI / Milley/ Biden/Harris pre-planned Jan 6 scam. Just put rightful winner of 2020 back in office and restore the years of his office time stolen.

    2. Biden wants to destroy this country and he is doing a good job at it, but why can’t he be stopped. Can’t Article 1, closing of the Keystone Pipeline, be overruled? What about Article 2, opening of the border. Can’t this be abolished? Can this president, Biden, continue in a dictatorial manner without the House and Senate overrule him? You heard Biden is going to push for amnesty for all the illegals and then give them citizenship making them eligible to vote resulting in a landslide victory for the democratic party which will make the USA a one party country. Hence, we will become a socialist nation because all will be controlled by the government. Look at what happened in Russia and Germany. I am at a loss how Biden is allowed to do things that violate the Constitution with no action taken by Congress.

      1. Biden is brain dead he only follows Obamas orders. Sick and tired of everyone saying Biden did this and that when its Obama who is running the US.

      2. Yes Thomas, we at our house are at a loss too.
        No matter what we as individual citizens do, or who we write to, nothing makes a difference.
        America was not designed to come to this……

  6. I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t think they have the balls to overturn this election.
    I haven’t noticed any of the players from the liberal side jailed, no bail, no charges and isolated

    1. Unfortunately you are correct; between Roberts, Barrett, and Kavanaugh you don’t have 1” of backbone. As with most elected Republicans, when they arrive in DC, they have their backbones removed so they can attend all of the luxurious cocktail parties.

  7. What Election 2020 has revealed is a flaw in not only the Constitution, but every single Election Law on the books at every level. No provisions were ever made for manipulation of the Electoral Process by a party or large group of bad actors. Individual legality yes, large scale legality, no.
    Democrats have been manipulating the Electorate for 200 years, and they’ve gotten very clever AR it.
    What should be the punishment? How about the entire party being declared an Illegal Organization? Really send the bastards scrambling.

  8. if the court overturned the election that would be a great way to start the new year, I pray that it will happen and thin we can get the US back on the right track.

  9. Don’t get your hopes up. This case will be thrown out like all the rest. The Supreme Court is completely compromised by big tech money. Check their bank accounts. This is the spot where corruption has the most impact. What can you do if they throw it out? NOTHING…. The excuse will be that it is the state legislature that needs to act on election fraud. Well, how can we get action, when the state legislatures are all democRAT because of election fraud? We need a Wyatt Earp, or General George Patton, to reincarnate and clean up these scumbags.

  10. If SCOTUS has the courage to rule in favour, Dems will simply ignore it, and it would be impossible to get these people to leave Congress, WH, etc. Unless maybe we locked them out of their offices. “Nobody is above the law, not even the president of the United States.” Sheriffs have the authority to arrest a president. Should have been done long ago. Also need to lock down the FBI, CIA and IRS buildings and get rid of all the SDAs Obama hired.

    And let’s not play games by putting these people in front of Congressional committees where they lie and get away with it. Treat them like any other criminal: handcuff, arrest and charge them; put them in jail with no bail; then let them sit there for a while like they did with the J6 patriots. P.S. I hear they’re expanding GITMO

    PPS: What’s going on with the WH? Empty? Fenced off? Tunnels blown up a couple year ago? Where is Biden hiding out? Whatever happened with the “renovations” to the VP residence? finished yet? Let’s see them.

  11. Interesting comments regarding this story. I am hoping the SCOTUS does its job and hears the case. The evidence is overwhelming and it saddens me that all of the lower courts threw the suits out without looking at one piece of evidence. I find it astounding there are so many corrupt courts in this country. God help us if the suit is thrown out and the democrats continue to cheat. They clearly continued their cheating during the mid terms so what would stop them from doing the same in 2024?

    1. What it will mean is this Great Country will fall to Communist Killers like Putin and the China leader can’t remember its name. every Christen should get down on their knees and Pray that the SCOTUS will see the light and have the balls to right it.

  12. We know the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump the Demented one rarely came out of basement to campaign an to say he had more votes than any other candidate in history is absolute bullshit I’m not a college graduate but I’m not retarted either!!

    1. Are you sure your not? Obama is on his 3rd term behind the scenes he stated that on a talk show he’s Biden’s puppeteer.

  13. We need a 1776 today throw the bums out. The 2020 and 2022 elections were manipulated so the democrats could retain power. This Christmas grab a liberal democrat and dangle him from a tree they must pay for their arrogance thinking we will sit by and let them dictate to us and shred our constitution. We thin out a few they will get the message!

  14. What I believe needs to be said is the fact that our country was founded on Christian principles, and our founding fathers stated that we should elect Christians to run our country. all throughout history the democratic party has been behind Slavery, the KKK, Abortion, LGBTQ+ everything that is against God they are for. there’s no way any person on the democratic side could actually believe that they may go to Heaven, the demoncratic party is working for the Devil. Polar opposite to the Love of God. if you are currently a democrat you can ask God for forgiveness and repent and come to the right side.

    1. It is so-called “reverends,” such as you, proselytizing and preaching your nonsensical Biblical theology that have done far more damage to America and the White race than all the Marxist/Communist/Democrats since the Democrat party was instituted.

      Slavery was the very best thing, ever, that could have happened to the barbaric, subhuman, cannibalistic feral negroes; without slavery the simian jungle savages would be in sub-Saharan Africa, living in mud-huts, wearing grass skirts, chucking spears to their negro heart’s content, oooking and eeeking in their primitive jungle “language,” receiving their so-called “health care” from the tribal witch doctor, mating with cows and gorillas, and eating ghetto lobster.

      As for your assessment of the Ku Klux Klan, the Klan was, and is, an honorable White organization that did what was necessary to protect, defend, and support the White race when nobody else would (support the White race).

      You Bible-thumping so-called “reverends” and ministers, with your holier-than-thou attitudes, your pathological myopia, and your indoctrination of your sheeple congregants will be held accountable–and it won’t be by your so-called “God,” who does not exist; it will be by the White Nationalists who will resurrect this failed nation from the ash pile into which it collapsed due to its refusal to heed every perilous warning imaginable. If you Bible-thumping so-called “reverends” really knew how to do something–anything–of value, you’d toss away your frocks, step away from your expensive pulpits, and get out among the White people who most need help. Sadly, and tragically, though, you fake, fallacious “reverends” only “talk-the-talk”; you cowards never, ever “walk-the-walk.” The vast majority of you Christians are frauds of the very worst sort.

  15. Unfortunately it seems most of d.c. is owned by china already. I see them throwing it out instead of doing there JOBS they were chosen to do. Unfortunately the bought and paid for people will do what needs done to protect themselves.

  16. Can some one help to have this news on twitter, please, so that more people that need to know, know about this important case. Please pray for it to happen to save our country. Thank you very much.

  17. My guess is that even IF the evidence points to a dereliction of duty by Congress and the SCOTUS actually believes it would legal to do something about it, THEY WON’T DO IT. They are probably just wanting to have their say on it so it can be permanently buried in the ground.

  18. The failure to submit a defense brief usually indicates, in my opinion, that the defense opposition had an inside track to the knowledge that the case would not be heard. However, with the release of proof from Twitter that conservatives were suppressed with help from the government and the Biden laptop story was hidden by the government, that could have caused the case to go forward.

  19. The very best thing that COULD happen to America is what is going to happen, regardless of whether the Supreme Court hears this case on election and voting fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. That “very best thing” is the total implosion, collapse, and burning to a crisp of America like a colossal funeral pyre. This failed nation, America, is far beyond the “tipping point”; even should the 2020 Presidential election be overturned, without a complete, anarchical Civil War and Race War the White race will not re-establish itself as the dominant race in America. The dispossession, disenfranchisement, and being relegated to second-class citizenship of the White Europeans in America is just about complete.
    Should Trump somehow get back into the Oval Office, do you people REALLY believe that he, Trump, is suddenly going to do a great big “about face” and stand up for the White race in America? No, he won’t; Trump is beholden to the nomadic, itinerant Asiatic mud race jews–the globalist jew bankers and financiers who are the ones in control of America.

    And, in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last six decades, the jews have been on a crash course to destroy the White European race in America, which will thus allow them to overcome the very last stumbling block to instituting their NWO (for New World Order). If you doubt the veracity of this post then it truly isn’t that you don’t believe I’m correct–because I am–it is because you, like millions of other sheeple, brain-washed, delirious White Americans, are too cowardly, too gutless, and too pusillanimous to stand up for your magnificent White race. Most of you cowardly White people lack even a vestige of racial consciousness–and it is truly embarrassing.

    Remember, you White cowards: “Any White person who can see the threat to the future of the White race today, and who refuses, whether from cowardice or selfishness, to stand up for his/her people, does not deserve to be counted among them.”

  20. Never Happen. This is the same dishonorable Supreme Court that claimed Texas and many other states had “no standing” to contest The Big Steal, thereby creating a de facto right of states to steal elections and disenfranchise their own voters and those of other states.

    Thank Bush hack John Obamacare Roberts & Trump’s 3 unvetted Federalist Society “conservative” noms for joining the communist wing on that. Thomas and Alito did the right thing, pointed out they had standing and the court has clear original jurisdiction in a dispute between states.

  21. First the fraud came. Now we are in the midst of the oppression. They are working very hard to strip us of our rights thru the instrument of censorship. My guess is soon laws are going to be passed to put us in jail for dissent which will be labeled as hate crimes. Soon the abuse on us will come. Get a load of the big money, big business globalization BS in collusion with members of both parties of our government that they are trying to ram thru called the Eagle Act. This is going to do the middle class in. Get ready for the new generation of the Grapes of Wrath. They all will rake in millions while screwing over their American cousins.

  22. Charles A. This is to the stupid idiot I’m an American also a Vietnam Vietnam Veteran something I learned a long long time a go it doesn’t make any difference what color -what race – what nationalnality -a person is WE all blead (red) we all breathe the same air—A lot of Americans are Veterans of all races so what is your problem. You should thank these people you cuse for they fought for freedom in one way or another from world War 1 to present day. have you ? OH BY THE WAY I’M A WHITE ARKANSAN BORN AND BREAD. and NO I don’t like what the. Biding. Administration is doing at all to dam power hungry! Their killing us and Don’t care

  23. Consider that this is a hearing to decide if they take the case, so there are no “defendants” at this time. Nevertheless, SCOTUS is unlikely to unseat 385 elected officials without some proof of actual Election Fraud. As the Trump administration was the harmed group, someone may be in the courtroom. Although we have all seen Mike Lindell’s evidence of voting machine “flips” we never heard who gave it to him. He would not be in the room, but suppose it came from Space Force? An officer from the branch of the military that monitors all internet coming in and out of the U.S. showing transmissions from China would add a wrinkle to this situation, because tampering by a foreign country with our voting machines is an act of war. The court could then void the election while referring prosecution to military tribunals. Anyone found to have prior knowledge of their involvement would be guilty of collaborating with the enemy (treason).

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