Video Proves Capitol Police Savagely Beat Tiny Unarmed Women on January 6

At least two of the January 6 protesters who have been charged with “assaulting police officers” last year – protesters who have been held in a Biden gulag for 11 months without a trial – say their actions were self defense. The Department of Justice is still trying to keep more than 14,000 hours of surveillance video from that day out of the courts. They don’t want you to see those videos, which will expose the truth: January 6 was an FBI- and Antifa-fomented false flag, in which innocent and peaceful protesters were savagely beaten by the cops.

In the court filing of one January 6er, the Department of Justice asked the judge to not allow the defendant to present “any evidence that he had a reasonable belief that his actions were necessary to defend himself against the immediate use of unlawful force.” Don’t let him present evidence that he acted in self defense? Don’t let him show the video in court which proves that he righteously fought back, when police officers attacked him unprovoked? Really?

What country is this? You’ll be asking yourself that question a lot when you see the savage beating that Victoria White received from a pair of DC Metro police officers.


Victoria White is from Minnesota, and she traveled to DC on January 6 to engage in a First Amendment-protected protest against the 2020 election. She was arrested on January 6 but released from custody that same night. Three months later, the FBI traveled to her Minnesota home so they could break down her family’s door and snatch her away to the gulag.

White has been charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, impeding cops conducting “official” duties, obstruction of Congress, parading in a Capitol building, disorderly and disruptive conduct, and trespassing. Now that a 5-minute video clip of what happened in the Capitol tunnel has leaked, you can watch how Victoria White tried to overthrow the US government in a violent insurrection for yourself (below). Victoria White, by the way, is 5’6” tall and a mother of four.

As Antifa/FBI agitators near the back of the visible crowd throw things at the officers, the cops viciously beat the people near the tunnel entrance. One of those people was Victoria White, who was trapped there by the crowd. She collapses to the floor and a DC Metro police officer then clubs her in the head with a baton – twice. A second officer pepper sprays her directly in the eyes from about 12 inches away.

The first officer then slams her in the head eight times with his baton and punches her in the face once, as she’s still down on her knees. She gets back to her feet finally and the cop then punches her in the face six more times. Another officer – with both hands gripping his baton – jams the butt of his baton in her face ten times.

Cops grab Victoria by the hair at the back of her head at least twice and viciously shake her. She grabs the edge of a police riot shield to pull herself back to her feet, so that she doesn’t get trampled to death. Another cop then grabs her by the arm, jerks her back and forth, and knocks her to the floor.

That’s the extent of the beating that she took that is visible on the video that’s posted below. You cannot see it from this angle, but during the 5-minutes captured on a surveillance camera, Trump supporter Rosanne Boyland died just outside the tunnel entrance after being punched, clubbed and stomped more than 70 times by DC Metro police officers. The DC medical examiner’s report claimed that Boyland died from overdosing on her prescription drugs that she had been taking for years.

Victoria White was punched and clubbed nearly 40 times in the face and head by three police officers in full riot gear. She is never shown striking any of the cops in the video, and yet this tiny, 39-year-old mother of four has been charged with a laundry list of crimes. Everything the “authorities” have told us about January 6th was a lie.

Watch the video for yourself to see how the cops treated diminutive, unarmed women on January 6th. Victoria White is trapped in the righthand corner of the tunnel in this video. A DC Metro police officer begins clubbing her with his baton at about the 2:30 mark:

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62 thoughts on “Video Proves Capitol Police Savagely Beat Tiny Unarmed Women on January 6”

  1. The suppression of all the video evidence should be proof enough to ANYONE that this is a scene out of a STASI training film! By the people, of the people, for the people? No….TO the people!!

      1. It makes you wonder, why is this video unavailable? I don’t doubt for one minute that “the Deep State” has deleted it.

        1. This is GESTAPo actions, STALINIST actions. What country has this become????
          FBI and police are worse than the blaack THUGS loosen4ed on the streets! God GOD let the videos be leaked so the AMERIC]AN people know what kind of CRIMINALS are in the FBI, ANTIFA, METRO POLICE, DONKEY party aand Pelosi, Schumer and the likes of these EVIL SERPENTS who gave the order to beaat up these people.! This iss OUTRAGEOUS!!! Where in the hell is SCOTUS??? The video is unavailable because it shows the TRUTH!!!!!

        2. Bottom line is proof that dem’s biden, bo illegal 3rd term treason is fact & the videos would verify blm with antifa as dem cronies instigated the violent attack on a small entry in the capitol that was exaggerated by the biden deceit to appear as violent ! The conspiracy dem’s in congress are the real criminals for prison !

          1. I cannot believe that this administration is still in office. As good as the foresight of the fathers of the country displayed, I can’t believe that they failed to be prepared for quick action to replace treasonists. Waiting for the next election, or even impeachment would take way too long. It’s hard to imagine the country lasting that long in the hands of people who are determined to destroy it and kill the “legal” citizens. We need action now to remove them and guarantee that another election would never be stolen again. We need rules and we need them enforced..

      2. Because utube ,facebook,twitter & the rest of these social media outlets
        are owned by democRATS & none of them want the THURTH to be known. Most of the people there did NOTHING wrong

    1. Whoever has the copy of this video should protect it in a vault because the powers that be will surely make every effort to destroy this evidence. Another way big tech protects the Democrat narrative in hiding the truth.

      1. That sounds right. They’ve band the video so people can’t see it. Just more lies by the democrats. The only person that was killed that day was an unarmed women that was murdered by the capital police.

        1. There also was another woman beaten to death by the Biden NA ZI PIG LOOSELY”S DC GESTOPA. That also happened around the tunnel entrance, Beaten with those Billie Clubs that the B_ST_RTS carry.

      2. BIG TEC is ALSO RESPONSIBLE theyre tied to the hip with Soroos, and Pelosis in the Donkey party. Why did they delete the videos?????????

    2. YouTube is removing videos that it deems are against the Mafia Biden organization. There was a movie, “Capitol Punishment-the Story of Jan 6 The Media Won’t Tell You,” which can be purchased from The Western Journal. Tucker Carson has a video on Fox Nation that addresses Jan 6 as well. It is worse than you can imagine folks.

    3. I’ve seen video personally from a person that was there of cops/people handing baseball bats to so called rioters from the capital bldg. And I’m not talking about one or two but a bunch of them. There’s also video of protesters changing out of antifa garb into trump gear and the first breach of the barricades was led by Epps after he whispered something to another person and then they charged the barricades.

    1. Do u really think they want anyone to see what really happened that day they know it’s just more of their made up lies they are all going to hell in a handbasket

    1. video unavailable but i read every word and unfortunately, it is all very believable; they had mre advance warning because they wanted bedlam and unrest….arrest those police and prosecute those without their boots on the ground-the dem planners making trouble just like in the election; they are one and the same.

  2. Cannot see the Video??? Not Available. Are the corrupt FBI agents rummaging through your stuff with false search warrants???

    We know Biden/Harris caused all the ruckus on 1/6 in DC – no conservatives did anything but a peaceful protest, but the liberals brought in Antifa and BLM thugs and “undercover” FBI/Military/Terrorists to disrupt the peaceful rally. Then the liberals started murdering conservative peaceful protestors. Time to hang Biden and associates after an arrest, trial and full prosecution and appeals. Let’s go Brandon!

    1. The Jan 6 Committee is a joke just like the insurrection bull crap all of it is a scam by communist democrats and a couple of the communist rinos They along with Garland Wray all should be charged with treason

    2. Stunning that our ‘own’ police officers would even ‘do’ such things to our unprotected citizens!! What kind of people do we have in our police force anyway???? I wasn’t exactly ‘surprised’ that the video was ‘unavailable’ and, in my opinion, only goes to substantiate the content of the report! ‘Guilt by omission’!

    3. Obama/Biden and the Democratic thugs in charge Pelosi/Schumer do not care about how much blood they have on their hands From them supporting the Summer Riots by Antifa/ BLM to the Murderous acts of Cuomo and other Democratic leaders they have shown this over and over again. Now while Covid is once again rearing its ugly head, when every health care professional and workers are a necessity to the survival of the country ( not just because of Covid , that has a small risk ) due to the illegal and unconstitutional actions of this Administration, they are being fired and sent home across the country . While those same Democratic leaders cry about the strain that the virus is putting on the Health care industry. Again we have another crisis created by them, I hope those that voted ( not the dead of course ) for this has a Family Member or themselves have a Medical Emergency with no one there to care for them, they are just as much at fault as the Morons in DC

  3. but of course they block the video..they don’t want the truth yo be shown…something has to give soon or we will all be locked up

  4. The corrupt Cap. police are Cowards. They wouldn’t make a pimple on a REAL policeman’s ass. The scumbags are lower than Pinkertons security guards. How the cowards passed a psych. test is beyond reality. Bunch of drama Queens with badges & guns. BLM supporter & Monkey, Byrd who MURDERED Ashley Babbitt needs to be indicted for murder & prosecuted. Same as happened to the cop in Career Criminal Floyds case, If Ms. White had been Black, the beating she received at the hands of the keystone cops would be WORLD wide news & the cops who did it would already be in jail.

  5. Suppression of this video and information is a major statement that they are COVERING up the crimes that the GOVERNMENT did as they turned this demonstration into a blood bath by the police and the FBI who planted people with the purpose of turning the PROTEST into a riot so the (FRAUD) administration would look good when they say that they put the “RIOTERS” ie. PROTESTERS down. And the so called hearings that the government is trying to hold are nothing but a lying railroading of citizens who are fed up with this (FRAUD) DICTATOR administration and their criminal ways.

  6. I don’t understand this why are more Republicans getting out there fighting for the American people instead of sitting on their ass there’s only a handful out there fighting and why when did Republicans have power they do nothing at all Republicans have to get balls and stand up to the Democrats that are shiting all over them and the American people are in the middle of this

  7. If this don’t straight now I see a civil war happening I hope not that is coming down to it because the Democrats are getting their way add a Republicans are doing nothing and then you got the turncoats the American people can only take so much

    1. They’ve seen it. But the Evil Liberals ignore it, as it is the low life Deplorables and ( As far as they are concerned) scum of the Earth being hurt and killed, Welcome to the Nazi States of America, the New 4 th Riech

  8. I have said from the beginning that No Brain Nancy and DC Mayor Bowser planned the whole thing. They ordered the police to welcome inthe protesters. They releases 200 disquised ANTIFA and BLM scum to cause trouble. They gave a signal to the police to turn violent against any truth (Trump) supporter. We just need to expose their communications

    1. Any ( or most ) communications have already been destroyed. And those that can say are under orders from Pelosi ( and the Clinton/Obama ) Cartel not to speak on penalty of their families lives, anyone they thought would talk has already been ” Suicided ” ( 4 Capital Police ) to make it clear

  9. Pelosi is to blame for all of this. She needs jail time and her pension confiscated plus a complete audit of her ill gotten cash.

    1. I’ve said the same thing all along! Nancy was in charge of security and look at how she managed that. President Trump offered security by the National Guard and she turned them away… she said it would interfere with the “optics”. What’s that tell you…. it tells us that she wanted to make sure her actors dressed like MAGA were being recorded as the terrorists.

  10. The Dems learned very well from the Russians but then again they the Dems don’t acknowledge such a thing!!!!

  11. video unavailible !!! figures they lied from the beginning about Trump & are putting in harms way people that has nothing to do with it ,, they didn;t want to attack a real attacker they’d get the s**t beat out of them so they picked a helpless woman & then blamed it on her ,, cause they were afraid of attacking the real ones ,, cause the real ones were sent there by the FBI ,,, this is called no justice for the woman & probably many more that wasn’t caught on tape ,, u guys are cowards from the word go ,,, whats the matter u don’t want them to see how less of a man u really are !!!

  12. Everything about this supposed ‘insurrection’ stinks. Why was Ray Epps never charged with anything? He’s seen in multiple videos inciting protestors to enter the Capitol and cause trouble. When some in the crowd accuse him of being a Fed, he never even denies it. Why was Ashli Babbitt’s murderer given a total pass? In any other police dept. in the country he would have been fired, at a minimum. He absolutely should be in jail. Also, defendants absolutely have the right to any exculpatory video evidence. There is no valid reason for withholding it. Hopefully, some of the accused have competent attorneys who will be able to obtain it. Why have some of these people been held in jail for months without bail, or even a trial date? Totally unconstitutional! Are they flight risks? Are they a threat to their communities? Is this soviet Russia? Where is the ACLU?! Yet, if you were rioting in NYC in the summer of 2020, you could burn down buildings, trash police cars and pelt cops with bricks, and walk out of jail the next day! Pelosi’s wrinkly fingerprints are all over this! She denied extra security for the protest. Any emails between her and the DC and Capitol police chiefs, and Chris Wray leading up to the event should be subpoenaed, and all four should be made to testify before a valid commission when the Republicans again control the Senate. Hopefully, some criminal referrals will result. Finally, to all who think that a ‘red wave’ is in the bag for 2021, beware. The same Demorats who were responsible for the Trump/Russia collusion hoax, the same ones responsible for this sham Jan. 6 commission, are going to do whatever it takes to swing in their favor every key race they need to stay in power. Bet on it. They’ll be backed by big tech, and the mainstream media will turn a blind eye. As always, no one will be held accountable. We no longer have a Republican/Democrat Congress. Functionally, it has become a Republican/Socialist Congress. The Socialists don’t respect our Constitution. They aren’t interested in negotiating with Republicans. They want what they want, and they want it now. If it were up to them, there would be no opposition party. Manchin and Sinema are outliers, obstacles, and you can be sure they will do whatever they can to get rid of them as soon as possible. Folks, this country has not been in such a dire situation since the Civil War. The Socialists are playing long ball. They are methodically and systematically dismantling our country from within. They’ve installed a radical puppet of a President. They get radical, soft on crime DA’s elected, (with the help of globalist assholes like George Soros). They are neutering our police. They trash our history, our holidays and our traditions. They are trying mightily to divide the country racially. They are using Covid to control the population, and to create more social welfare programs in order to make people dependent on government. They’re thinning our military of conservatives and those who might not blindly follow their orders, (i.e., those who refuse the jab). Most dangerous of all, they are brainwashing our kids to hate their country, their families and anyone of a different skin color. Much of this is right out of the Marxist playbook. We have to recognize the enemy before we can defeat them. We need to vote out the Marxists and Socialists in Congress, vote out the radical DA’s. Fire and replace the entire Joint Chiefs with leaders who will focus on war fighting, instead of ‘wokeness’. We need cameras in every public school classroom that parents can monitor at any time. Why are the teachers unions against this? Why would they object, unless they have something to hide? We are living in dangerous times. Our country, and our very way of life are under an enormous and very real threat. It’s time to fight back, while there’s still time.

  13. What did the fascist government turn America into? Into prisons overflowing with political prisoners, into unpunished murders of unarmed American citizens, into beatings and bullying of defenseless women. And all this horror, the criminal Ministry of Justice is trying to hide from the courts, and the censorship is hiding the recorded video surveillance from the eyes of the Americans. History will not forgive them for their crimes, and Biden and Harris, and especially Pelosi, will certainly be punished for this. America will not forgive them for this! I believe!

  14. Does anyone want to post odds on this? I say the Dems are so fixated on “woke” and stealing elections that our next Miss America will be a black trans illegal alien “woman”, a woman with testicles, a penis, and a baritone voice. Agree or disagree? For or against? Will we see it?

  15. The blasted Left is so overly OCD’ed on that so called “insurrection”!!!! Those out of control cops there that day need to be charged with brutality!!!!

  16. Actually there is another video of this, you can see the woman laying on the ground with a man trying to protect her because the crowd must have gone in the bldg. and cleared some space. Someone has this video too. I saw it on the internet. And who did the autopsy, someone working for the FBI, there had to be a autopsy in order to claim she had an overdose in her. When the body got home was an autopsy done on her, the family should have demanded one especially when the family saw the body all beaten up. The lady who was shot was cremated right there in Washinton without asking the husband. Since when does the evidence get cremated without asking the relative. This is so obviously crooked and criminal. Notice these brave men pick on and kill women who have no way to defend themselves. What kind of police keep beating on a woman any ways, maybe a couple of police who committed suicide.

    1. You do realize that all of these peoples families have been threatened and silenced by the FBI and our oh so reliable Justice Dept .

  17. Of course, unavailable, so sick of all the Demonrats, Pelosi refuses to release Jan.6th records, hiding videos, her hands are all over this. Their all crooked, evil

  18. You still think these are not communist this is no different then how China ran over its own people years ago this bunch would do the same and yes youtube and all the rest are part of it blocking videos and the truth I saw the video already and everything that was reported in this article is true in fact they beat two unarmed woman even after they were knocked unconscious this is not law enforcement this is pure evil with a big dose of communism

  19. They can’t delete erase the truth may God watch over that poor woman that got beaten up and her family Jesus Christ is coming soon be ready

  20. This whole Administration is a contemptable bunch of Communist Bastards. Let hope that the many in the Democratic party stop letting the drooling Nancy lead them around by the nose.

  21. Why does this not surprise me ? Someone orchistrated the events of Jan 6 2021 and they got the FBI and the Antifa thugs into it . It is why the offer of National Guard troops and extra manpower was rejected . I suspect it was a certain individual initials N.P. left building early . Some one wanted the crowd encited . The agitators were in place to do it .

  22. Well thank you youtube for your uncensured video. WHAT A DISGUSTING PIECE OF CRAP YOU ARE!!! I guess you feel great about yourself for the assistance you have given to the DemonRats and the DC Capital Police. They give a bad name to all law enforcement. The ones that belong in the gulag are the ones walking around free. Keep on giving these disgusting excuses for human beings cover and once all freedoms in this country are gone, look in the mirror and see the type of people responsible for destroying this once great nation. Once they have what they want, you will no longer be of any use to them so why don’t you wake up and smell the coffee and realize that you are nothing more than a useful idiot to help them with their agenda. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO STAND UP AND CENSURE PIECES OF CRAP LIKE YOUTUBE, TWITTER, FACEBOOK ETC. THEY ARE NOT THERE TO ASSIST THE GENERAL PUBLIC; THEY ARE THE ARM OF THE DICTATOR IN CHIEF AND HIS MINONS.

  23. Video not available. Wow what a surprise. Dems are really doing a good job of hiding the truth. Of the inserection they caused with the sham election and trying to keep President Trump from being able to run for office again. Where’s the Republican Party and the Supreme Court to put a Stop to this Madness that’s destroying our Country? We the People need to put Stop to this Insanity in the 2022 Elections.

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