Where Are All the COVID Vaccine Success Stories?

female nurse carer and aged elderly patient woman in wheelchair at clinic hallway

One of the last remaining myths about the COVID vaccines is that the shots saved a lot of lives among the elderly. Sure, the shots were a complete disaster for children, young adults, and middle-aged people. But at least it staved off a lot of deaths in nursing homes!

And yet… where are all the success stories from nursing homes and long-term care facilities for the elderly? The CDC should be bragging about all the positive outcomes that resulted from injecting the elderly.

A Registered Nurse named Deanna Kline has just published a book about her experiences in a geriatric medical practice, and it doesn’t paint a positive picture of what the shots did for her patients.


Ms. Kline has worked at a medical practice for old folks for the past seven years. She’s also an Air Force veteran with more than 35 years of experience as an RN. The practice has roughly 1,000 patients and has been in operation for 39 years now.

According to the peer-reviewed literature that the CDC is touting, every long-term care facility should have seen a 50% reduction in deaths because of the COVID shots. That’s not what happened at Kline’s clinic, however.

Prior to 2020, her practice averaged 7 to 10 deaths every year. In 2020, at the height of COVID rampaging through nursing homes and hospitals, they had only 7 deaths. This was before the vaccine was introduced. Approximately 75% of the elderly patients in her practice got fully vaccinated.

In 2021, the clinic had 13 deaths. In 2022, the number jumped up to 36 deaths. Last year, it jumped up to 48 deaths.

That’s almost a 7X increase in all-cause mortality in one practice, which only happened after the introduction of the COVID shots. It’s not a big mystery to Ms. Kline as to what happened. The COVID shots are killing people in every age bracket, including among the last remaining group that we’re told the shots benefit—the elderly.

Kline says that vaccinated patients in her clinic are still catching COVID. In fact, they’re more likely to become extremely sick from COVID compared to the unvaccinated.

Remember all the times that the CDC snootily told us that if you’re vaccinated, you won’t catch COVID and even if you do, you won’t get as sick from it? That was a total lie.

Ms. Kline says her practice usually sees zero cases of RSV among the elderly in a typical year. They recently had six cases of RSV, however, and every single patient had recently received a COVID booster shot.

Steve Kirsch has serious doubts about the CDC’s claims that the COVID shots have reduced COVID cases by 50% or more. He posted a message on Twitter/X last week:

“Does anyone have a clinic which demonstrated a 50% (or more) reduction in COVID cases after the COVID vaccines were rolled out? I need the name of an actual medical practice or nursing home, not a paper. I’m not aware of one.”

Despite the tweet having more than 33,000 views, not a single person could name a geriatric clinic, practice, nursing home, or long-term care facility where the so-called vaccines had reduced the number of COVID cases by 50% or more. If anything, many practices experienced more cases of COVID after they vaxed most residents.

It’s now been three years since the first COVID shots were administered in America and around the world. It should be a simple matter to point to a clinic that produced a smashing success story about the shots. Yet there isn’t one. No one can name one. There are no success stories when it comes to this experimental gene serum that they forced on the population. What you will discover if you look into the effects of the vaccines among the elderly is greatly increased all-cause mortality.

You’ll also find that after being vaccinated, hundreds of thousands of elderly Americans lost their balance, experienced heart failure, or suddenly developed other serious adverse illnesses. You can learn about this in Deanna Kline’s book, which is titled, “Vaccine” Injuries, Lies, and Deaths: The Alarming Facts About the Covid Vaccines and Helpful Resources for Healing.

We’ll just close with this. Last week, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) sent out a very interesting tweet:

“A fishy thing: The mRNA vaccine was trialed within 2 months of COVID appearing in the U.S., but it took a year to come up with a vaccine to target a slight variant.”

“inference: The original variant was built by humans to develop the vaccine; that’s how we had its blueprint.”

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27 thoughts on “Where Are All the COVID Vaccine Success Stories?”

    1. I am not a scientist. Or even on upper level of IQ numbers. I am a retired nurse. In 2018 I had a group of 8 lifetime or long time friends. We shopped, ate out, traveled together, entertained in our homes. Ass of March 2024 I am only one alive. I AM THE ONLY ONE TO REFUSE THE COVID VACCINE. I declined trips that included flights a d two cruises because of fear I would be forced to take the vaccine to return home. I isolated for two weeks in beginning. Determined not to do that longer.
      This is not scientific but if you see someone jump from 20 story building is it reasonable to conclude hitting the sidewalk killed him?

      1. I think we need to look at who pushed the vaccine to begin with and the evidence is in a photo taken at the Lab in China. Who is buying up farmland at an incredible pace and who is suggesting a reduction in the world population? I will let you all do the research.

      2. I too refused the jabs and will NEVER give up my rights, liberties and CONSTITUTIONAL protections for the “ILLUSION-of-SAFETY”!! PERIOD!!

    2. If you followed the information release from the start, all of the facts of the bull shit vaccines was shown but was almost instantly covered up. Anyone with a functioning brain should have questioned how could they create a vaccine in weeks? When it takes years to create test and release a vaccine.

  1. I hope to God that all these responsible of forcing people to take the covid vacine to be fully prosecuted ,their wealth confiscate and then put in jail for a long time. These people have destroyed lives,have murdered inocent people and have destroyed one of the best economies in the world
    No mercy for them


      1. I didn’t take the vaccine, I am doing great. Everyone in my area that took vaccine has had heart problems, cancer polyps, lung problems, COPD, strokes. Many deaths. Another issue is the blood thinner Xarelto causing internal bleeding and the doctors can’t find area bleeding. Several deaths from this blood thinner. Prayers for our country

        1. My sister died from internal bleeding after she was given blood thinners in the hospital. She went into the hospital for pneumonia. My wife went in with pneumonia also, was given some medicine she was allergic to, shut down her organs and she passed away. Both may have been better off if they had stayed home and took some cold medicine.

  2. Our government is killing us all off so they can have our social security and other benefits like retirement to give to their illegal voters. Start paying attention to elderly deaths each year since Covid. Do you really think all those democrats took the vaccine when they got Covid several times? They have spent our social security and Medicare and VA benefits already and now have to cover their ass. Watch the ages of deaths and watch those getting the annual flu shots. Death at the hands of democrats and rhinos along with pharmaceuticals. Now you know why they didn’t take vaccines and forced us to.

    1. I agree the uniparty is trying to kill us off. But, I don’t know that they didn’t get that vaccine. Among the people I know, the -only- ones who got Covid, repeatedly, were the vaccinated ones. Sadly, several of them have since had strokes, heart issues, neurological conditions or turbo cancers. My husband, myself, our daughters (and their families) did not take the vaccine. Only one of them caught Covid. We were ostracized in our community, but we didn’t care – our health was more important. We all used the Zelenko protocol (zinc, quercetin, Vit D3 and K2 (plus HCQ 1@week) from the start and haven’t even caught a cold since we’ve been using those supplements. Btw, we still use that protocol.

  3. All of this could fall under the so called conspiracy theory of depopulation of the planet. Trouble is it almost points to the fact that its not a theory but true. Many specialists were silenced by the government that the jab was safe where research proved differently. The jab caused blood clot strings, pericarditis, myocarditis, changed DNA with the spike protein, caused reproductive problems, ruined many athletes careers.

  4. Wish I could recall a n outline for taking over a population. It lays out steps to take to destabilize a government and I remember thinking at the time I read it that our government has already taken several of the steps.. one wS to create a food shortage which I scoffed at thinking no way the usa would ever have food shortage. Each trip to market and the prices plus a historical fire destroying cattle makes me rethink that.

  5. My daughter-in-law worked in nursing home when the vax first came out. She said several in the home who were given the shot, immediately died. She also stated that several elderly who have lots wrong with them but didn’t yet have the shots were recovering well. My husband and I both got the shots, so far haven’t had a problem. We never got any more after 2021 and don’t intend to. One of the doctors in the news who spoke out about the adverse effects stated that if you were lucky, the shot may have gotten too warm and was not as effective, maybe was the last in the vial so had lost some of its effectiveness, or older people don’t develop as many antibodies. One doctor said turmeric seems to dissolve the spike proteins, another said apple pectin powder can absorb the toxins. We have done that.

    1. I was not in a home but I am 90 years old and as far as I can remember I have never been sick to this day. I took the first 2 shots at the beginning and then I took the last one this last round, it did not effect me at all, I am still very active and NOT SICK, nor do I have any effects that I know of. And my daughter had the shots too, and she doesn’t have any side effects either, so I am sure there are more people out there with the same story. When you have a greedy corrupt Doctor telling the Gov lies about the drug, we need to take that Dr’s license away from him and make him pay for his lies and evidently causing some deaths. Seems like the Administration just moves these people in different positions with well paying jobs and no punishments.

      1. I’ve lost count of the number of people, in my small area alone (population around 15,000) that got sick a day after getting these clot shots and subsequently died because of these shots. Their cowardly doctors even privately admitted to many of them it was the shots that made sick but would never put this in their medical reports. I guess these doctors can be excuse somewhat because if they had their careers would have been ruined.

    2. Yes, I have taken 2 turmeric daily after meals now for app. 5 to 6 months as well as bromeline on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Then was experiencing more difficulties with a rapid heartbeat and much pain in the left arm. Therefore I also began to take 2 Nattokinase a day, morning and evening on an empty stomach. So far all has settled down. This protocol has been on the internet for some time.

  6. the fake covid vax is just one of many reasons why illegitimate Biden and his entire administration should be held accountable for crimes against humanity and put in prison to rot for the rest of their miserable lives. I never got any shots and especially not covid because if the government mandates something you should always do the opposite!!! They have no right to do this and never will. Thank the good lord that Donald Trump is coming back to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  7. Where being taken over. The crawl-in President we have sold us out from the start. And the lab tbat let covid out well it was planed. It didn’t do the full job so they did the rest with the “cure” vaccine. You can bet that the dam dirty fraudulent crawl-in President didn’t take the shot ” cause if he had the old fart would not be here “.

  8. There is no such thing as a mRNA success story,unless you have an untreatable ailment that can only be treated with mRNA in a hospital or clinic

  9. I refused to take the mRNA experimental Pfizer or Mederna shots. I did take the Johnson & Johnson jab and then 3 months later a booster then stopped because I got COVID and knew I had natural immunity after that. I only took the J&J shots because the only side effects were a couple postmenopausal women had blood clots but no other side effects were reported so being a man I figured I was safe. Plus I have been taking supplements such as Zinc Picolinate, Elderberry Extract, Turmeric, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, for improved immunity. I also take Swanson’s Saffron, Ashwagandha, Cinnamon & Chromium, Kelp Iodine Source, Apple Cider Vinegar – High Potency, CoQ10, African Mango, Vitamin B12, L-Arginine, Triple Magnesium Complex, Lycopene, Cranberry, Probiotic, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and recently added Veggies4Life, and Fruit4Life. I started taking vitamins in 1969 when I became a supplier of SHAKLEE organic vitamins and continued all my life. I am 72 years old and feel like I am still in my 30’s. It pays to take care of your health and body.

  10. The whole COVID thing was a political fraud from the start. Doctors and hospitals made a fortune charging 3-4 times as much if you tested positive. Politicians loved it, they had more control over the people than they ever had before. Never have I heard of a DEADLY disease that you could test positive for, not be sick, have no symptoms, not even know you have it but could die from it. The death stats were set up so every death, no matter what caused it was listed as a virus death if you tested positive. No one knows how many people died because of the virus, if any. I am 93 yrs. old, never took the vax, never tested positive, might have been because I was never tested, never wore a mask unless I absolutely had to,

  11. The newest additional worry now is the appearance of Covid produced AID! And Fauci is opening two studies centers here in the USA, Gee I wonder what’s going to escape this time?

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