Barr Exposed Obama’s Treason So Now Dems Want to Impeach Him

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerald Nadler (D-NY) is hopping mad. Well… if he could physically hop, he would be hopping mad. Why is the little fella so angry? Because Attorney General Bill Barr just did something that we never thought we would see happen. Barr blew the lid off of the Obamagate conspiracy. So, for sharing information about the Obama administration’s criminal actions with the public, Nadler now wants to impeach the Attorney General of the United States. Go figure.

On Thursday I told you about how the federal judge in DC finally dropped the case against Gen. Mike Flynn. The US Attorney who replaced Robert Mueller’s hit squad last month turned over a page of handwritten notes to the judge – notes that the FBI had unlawfully hidden from Flynn’s legal team. The notes were written by former FBI Counterintelligence Chief Peter Strzok. Yeah, that guy.

The judge looked at the notes and finally gave up his quest to personally prosecute Flynn on a trumped up charge, long after the Justice Department had requested that the case be withdrawn. The notes were under seal initially. Judge Emmett Sullivan didn’t want to let the case go, because he is a partisan hack. Like me, you are probably really curious to know what Peter Strzok’s notes said that was so convincing that it scared Sullivan to finally drop the case.

Then, Attorney General Bill Barr committed what is an unpardonable sin in the eyes of the Democrat Party. He publicly released Strzok’s notes. Not only that, but Barr confirmed that the notes were written by Peter Strzok during a January 5, 2017 meeting in the Oval Office – just a couple of weeks before Donald Trump would be sworn in as the nation’s new president.

That’s the infamous meeting where the witch hunt against Gen. Mike Flynn was hatched. Present at the meeting were Barack Obama, Joe Biden, former National Security Director Susan Rice, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, former FBI Director James Comey, and Peter Strzok.

Since he was the head of the Counterintelligence Division at the FBI, you might imagine that Peter Strzok would be a very impressive person. His job was to spy on other spies and spook other spooks. In a country like America, leading the Counterintelligence Division is a pretty important job. And yet Peter Strzok has turned out to be the equivalent of a bank robber who drops his driver’s license at the scene of the crime.

Simply put, his notes are a revelation. They are the smoking gun. Don’t super-spies know that their messages are supposed to self-destruct in five seconds? Or that you should at least run them through a paper shredder? Apparently not, because here’s what Peter Strzok’s notes from the scene of the crime said.

This was the pivotal meeting when those key players, listed above, decided to make a run at Flynn at the White House, in order to trick him into saying something that could be construed as dishonest. They were discussing Flynn’s phone calls with the Russian Ambassador.

Strzok noted that his boss, James Comey, didn’t think there was anything crooked, dishonest or illegal about Flynn’s conversations with Kislyak. Strzok wrote that Comey thought the phone calls “seem legit.”

After Comey stated that there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with those calls, Barack Obama gave a direct order to his employees. He told Comey, Strzok and Yates to “make sure you look at things” with “the right people.”

Translation: Don’t let one of your goody-two-shoes, Boy Scout, “follow the law” FBI agents who considers himself a patriotic American to look at this. “Make sure the right people look at it, so that they will come to the conclusion that I want.”

That’s treason, ladies and gentlemen. That’s a direct order from the former President of the United States, telling his underlings to ignore the rule of law and to undermine an incoming president and National Security Director.

One of the dumbest ideas throughout the whole Russian collusion hoax was the idea that Flynn should have perhaps been prosecuted under the 200-year-old Logan Act. That’s a law that has never been used to prosecute any American, ever. That is a truly, truly stupid idea. Who came up with that?

Well, now we know, because Peter Strzok wrote it down. That was Joe Biden’s idea. Ha! And did you catch the other part of that?

Even after James Comey said that Flynn’s phone calls with Kislyak “seem legit,” Obama, Biden, Comey, Yates, Rice and Strzok were discussing possible ways to prosecute Flynn. And now you know why the Democrats are suddenly pushing to impeach Bill Barr. We were never supposed to know any of this.

To this day, historians don’t know the reason why Benedict Arnold decided to betray his own country during the Revolutionary War. Arnold must not have had a crack counterintelligence wizard like Peter Strzok in the room taking copious notes when he made that fateful decision.

Fortunately for us, Barack Obama did have Peter Strzok there to memorialize this treasonous meeting. Thank you, Peter Strzok! Oh, and, uh… you might want to get your brakes checked. Just sayin’.