Alarmed Researchers Discover COVID Vaccines Cause Autism in Lab Rats

hands in medical gloves make white rat injection on white background

Using the power of hindsight 20/20, maybe the medical and scientific community should have done some safety studies on the mRNA COVID shots before rushing headlong into vax mandates and insistence that the shots are safe for pregnant women and their babies.

The medical community also could have simply listened to us “misinformation spreaders” who were paying attention from the very beginning and trying to warn people that something was off.

A team of prestigious doctors and scientists have now published the results of a study that shocked them. Many of the male pups born to mother rats that they injected with the Pfizer vaccine have autism like behaviors.


Researchers at Izmir Katip Celebi University, Istinye University, Afyon Kocatepe University, and Demiroğlu Bilim University (all Turkish medical schools) decided to conduct some studies with the Pfizer COVID shot, after they noticed a pattern of babies developing autism have the mothers had been vaxed. They injected pregnant rats with the mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine (the Pfizer shot) and then tracked the neurological development of the babies after they were born.

This is a slightly different strategy than Pfizer itself used during its own safety trials. Pfizer injected pregnant rats with the shot. When the babies were born with skeletal deformation and other major shots, they killed all the rats and then tried to hide the study from the public for 75 years. (Science!)

From the results of the study:

“Male rats exhibited pronounced autism-like behaviors, characterized by a marked reduction in social interaction and repetitive patterns of behavior. Furthermore, there was a substantial decrease in neuronal counts in critical brain regions, indicating potential neurodegeneration or altered neurodevelopment. Male rats also demonstrated impaired motor performance, evidenced by reduced coordination and agility.”

Any parent of an autistic child can tell you that that sounds an awful lot like autism. Is there reason to be skeptical of this study? Sure. That’s what science is all about.

Just because the Pfizer vaccine causes more than 1,200 potential harmful side effects, including many neurological diseases, doesn’t mean that it can cause human babies to be born with autism. Then again, have you ever heard of anything else causing autism in rats prior to this study? Have you ever heard of autism in rats at all, in any situation?

None of the baby rats in the control group, in which the mothers were injected with a saline solution, exhibited any of the “autism-like” symptoms. The male pups born to mothers injected with the Pfizer shot were all abnormally afraid to socialize with other rats and actively avoided novel situations that were introduced to them. The scientists used all the usually widely-accepted tests on rat development that have been established over decades of working with rats in an experimental setting.

The neuronal CA3 counts in the Pfizer baby rats were approximately one-third lower than in the baby rats in the control group. While this doesn’t prove with certainty that the COVID shots can cause autism in humans, these neurons are responsible for the spatial intelligence and general cognition in mammals and human beings. In a nutshell, rats born to vaccinated mothers are 30% less intelligent than rats born to unvaccinated mothers. The male babies were impacted much worse than the females.

We know from earlier research that the spike proteins in the mRNA can pass through the placental barrier from a human mother to her unborn baby, despite all the insistence from the CDC that these shots are safe for pregnant women. We still have no idea at this point what the effect of this is on the neurological development of unborn human babies.

What we do know is that it had a significant impact on birth rates, particularly when it comes to miscarriages and stillbirths after women trusted the liars at the CDC. It will be a few more years before we’re able to detect a huge spike in autism rates that have resulted from the COVID shots.

You can read the study in the Neurochemical Research journal HERE.

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29 thoughts on “Alarmed Researchers Discover COVID Vaccines Cause Autism in Lab Rats”

  1. Maybe the bottom line to the vaccine was to reduce the population in different methods. How many vaccinated women will try to seek a abortion when and if they read the results of this study? For people like Bill Gates, th as it’s a win! How many people like Dr Fauci will be punished for being an accomplice in this tragedy? None! The people were their lab rats and now they wait to see how their experiment works out. How many people will die because of their lies?

    1. These untested vaccines and ramifications in many ways are covered up. Where there is money, it lends itself to despicable behavior.

  2. Sounds like the CDC has the same aim and goals as the party responsible for erecting the Georgia guidestones to me

  3. You know, I wonder sometimes if a lot of the health problems we have now are not caused by the medicine we take. The doctors, hospital and pharmacutical companies are getting rich prescribing medicine for every little thing that comes along. When I was growing up, almost nobody took any kind of medication. Now most people are taking around 10 different kinds of medicine each day. A doctor once told me if I take 2 drugs, sometime they mix and you end up with a different drug that may be more harmful than if you took nothing. He was probably right. But as long as the doctors and hospitals get kickbacks for the drugs they prescribe, this will keep happening.

    1. You’re right. I feel the same way. Growing up I was hardly ever sick. Now, I’m in my mid-60s, I take BP meds, Cholesterol meds, and Heart meds, Asthma inhalers not to mention specific vitamins of Vitamin D3, Omega Fish oil, and rewetting drops for my eyes. We never used to have to take all this. outside of my joints aching I feel no different than I did at 16.

  4. I took those shots to keep my security job during the pandemic. I was perfectly healthy. Sometime later I started feeling different and eventually I was diagnosed with early dementia. Try to convince me that those shots were safe. You won’t be able to. The government will lie and get away with it.

    1. My sister took it as well because she was told it would be safe for her senior citizens..and at daycare for kids. Well healthy she was till 3 months she started feeling bad loosing wieght 6 months dr kept telling her nothg she couldn’t even get out of bed passing out finally last admissio ln to hospital thy found she all sudden had stage 4 multiple myelomia died after 2 chemo

    2. How do you know when a politician is lying? His/her lips are moving! Years ago when I was an Air Force physician, the most common thing I did to make patients feel better was STOP all their medicines.

  5. If people payed attention to what was happening from the start, the information on the negative effects of these untested poisons was revealed and then quickly covered up. I haven’t been able to watch you tube videos for years because I pointed these facts out on comments to you tube videos. So as punishment they stopped me from being able to even see what people post on you tube.

  6. I think there are more side effects from the Covid shots than they are telling us. I know since I took the vaccine that I basically lost all my taste and my balance while walking. I’ve also talked to many friends who say they have side effects from the vaccine.

    1. I also had the shots for covid,it has been about a year and I have balance issues,motion sickness,and weakness,I also use a walker to get around in the house. It is a terrible feeling,because you cannot be independent,had to give up my drivers license also,have to rely on others to do grocery shopping for me.what can we do, we have to do the best we can. G-d bless you all

  7. Isn’t strange how the administration was all about freedom of choice and then forced a drug on us turning us into the lab rats. So many young healthy people dying with little explanation and so many others suffering from side effects they previously didn’t have. I guess the upside was fauci and a lot of others made lots of money and the population is down around the world and no one held accountable for all the lies. IMO

  8. My son was healthy untill he took those shots now he can’t get around to do anything he has lung and heart problems and on oxygen. Them dam covid vaccine are deadly. Wish could go back and he not take those dam things. So many people are suffering now from them and untelling how many die from them. The CDC needs punished for this.

  9. Why would anyone inject saline shots in rats? I can see it in humans because they hope they are getting the real shot in a controlled study. Rats don’t reason between real shots and saline shots. Is this a scan?

    1. The saline won’t hurt the rats and it was used as a control. Just like 1 test group would be given a placebo and another the actual drug. It’s a way to see what the actual drug will do.

  10. To those who got side effects: I think those who created these shots wanted to depopulate The United States’ population. The side effects still coming on and degrading people’s health.

    1. It’s no secret that monies have played musical chairs to cover mistakes made by stupid, idiotic policies. Tax Form 1040 means that 10 years or forty quarters of income must be documented before becomming eligible for any Social Security Benefits, however, those rules have been broken in attempts to bribe those who have entered this country for votes. Many without even becomming citizens or have been in The United States for the recommended time to even qualify as a resident citizen! Social Security has been abused and is in decline due to the mistakes and promises made with no intention of accountability, with the exception of The People.
      That’s why some would like to raise the age to 68 or even 72 years of age before qualifying. Social Security would have been managed better if those who held federal positions were forced to have it as well. It’s easier screwing around with other peoples lives or risks than their own!!!

    2. And I yhink too it could exacerbate some type of gene that lays dormant like a non cancer turning cancer. Orheart with a little murmur in to a full blown attack .I keep going back to what Obama sd one time we won’t go to war with other countries we will hv war within our countries .same reasoning for tht shot he and gates are buddies I bet

  11. I was very sceptical from the beginning. If the drug companies wouldn’t even publish the testing procedures and results, I figured they were hiding something. Besides if you start messing around with your DNA, it has to be changing something within the body. All the independent testing is bringing to light the flaws of the product.
    Also they covered up the opinions of the doctor that developed the process in the very beginning (you can find the doctor’s interview on Rumble with Joe Rogan when the vaccine first came out)

  12. Admit it, “This Country is screwed up beyond reckonition! Democrat left-wing policies, wants and desires have screwed this country so badly it will take decades to reverse. In the meantime, we will fight terrorist sleeper cells who have entered this country through open borders brought on by The Biden Administration and the entire Democrat Party. In 2019/ early 2020, while “The Democrat Nominee for The Presidency” was being decided, at the time when Kamala Harris carried about 1 1/2 %, every candidate raised their hands to open borders and Biden watch all raise their hands before his own! YOU CAN FACT CHECK THAT!!!!!! All Democrats share a responsibility for the open border policies that Biden has insisted upon!!!!

  13. I wonder sometimes about whether the COVID tests were accurate. I never heard of a disease that they claimed was so deadly, but you could test positive for it, not be sick, have no symptoms of the desease, not even know you have it, or may have had it and didn’t even know it. But yet it was classified as such a deadly desease that they mandated you take the vaccine. The death stats were set up to claim every death, if you tested positive was a virus death. Nobody knows for sure how many people died from the virus if any. The politicians loved it, because they had more control over the people than they had ever had. Doctors and hospitals charged 3 to 4 times as much if you tested positive., so the tested everybody that came to the office or hospital. I never heard that the tests were investigated for accuracy. It hurt this country and the people more than anything that ever happens to it, and now they are trying to claim another pandemic is starting and masks are already being required at some places, even after they have been proven to be worthless and even harmful to some people. I don’t know it this country will ever the the great nation that it used to be. We have no honest politicians anymore. One and only priority is get re-elected, whatever it takes. Sad.

  14. I took 3 covid shots my husband took three covid shots. We were both retired military and used to taking shots. I I figured hell I’ve already been given all kinds of crap what is a little more. Bad decision. The shots cause various different medical issues different from person to person. I believe if you have a propensity for some illness that may be lying dormant the covid vaccine will activate it. My husband now has lung cancer, I have torn tendons and arthritis. we were both fine before. I know people who have had heart attacks sudden onset cancers of all kinds, people who are dead others still suffering. I believe covid and it is bad vaccine was a way to kill off the population and keep us home and segregated from each other. They didn’t want us sharing our information so they could manipulate us and they still are. Then Biden opened the borders so it looks like we still have same amount of people alive. People we have lost this battle already. Your only salvation now is to believe and follow Jesus and put your trust and devotion in our Lord and Saviour nothing on this earth is good anymore.

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