Amazing: Civil Rights Investigation Ordered into Skanky Biden Prison for J6 Protesters

There are a lot of different reasons why the illegitimate Biden regime will cause normal people to get the dry heaves, but few are more disgusting than the treatment of the January 6th protesters. Dozens of our friends and neighbors are still being tortured in solitary confinement in Washington, DC, in a jail that is too funky and disgusting to house actual terrorists.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel after October 13th, 2021. That’s the day when a District Court judge finally held a bunch of the torturers in the jail, as well as the DC Department of Corrections, in contempt of court. The judge has also ordered a federal civil rights inquiry into the jail where the Trump-supporting selfie takers are being held.


It all stems from a hearing in the case of Christopher Worrell, a Trump supporter who attended the peaceful protest in January. Despite the fact that he was dying of cancer (non-Hodgkins lymphoma), Chris Worrell felt that it was important enough to travel from his home in Florida to Washington, DC on a weekday in January to petition his government for a redress of his grievances.

Chris Worrell never entered the Capitol building on January 6th. The FBI kicked in the door of his Florida home in March, arrested him, and charged him with disorderly conduct, civil disorder, and allegedly pepper spraying a cop. As evidence that Worrell pepper-sprayed a cop, the Department of Justice has… actually, they don’t seem to have any evidence that Worrell possessed pepper spray or sprayed a cop with it, and they’ve kept 14,000 hours of surveillance video of that day hidden from Worrell’s defense attorney. But take their word for it! Worrell pepper sprayed a cop. Probably.


But once again: Chris Worrell never entered the Capitol building. Despite the fact that prosecutors and the original judge knew that Worrell was dying of a painful cancer, the judge ordered Worrell to be held in solitary confinement in the DC jail especially set aside for Trump supporters. That was back in March of this year.

Christopher Worrell’s hand was broken in May. Curiously, none of the reports on this story have explained how Worrell’s hand was broken while he was in solitary confinement. Maybe he fell down and broke it, due to the pain from the cancer he’s dying from. Another explanation is that the guards in the DC jail broke Christopher Worrell’s hand. Either by stomping it in one of the daily beatings that they administer to the Trump supporters or slamming it in his cell door for kicks and giggles.

No matter how his hand was broken, the warden of the prison has never allowed Worrell to have surgery on his hand, despite an orthopedic surgeon recommending that this dying cancer patient should have the surgery back in June – FOUR MONTHS AGO.

The warden and the Department of Justice claim that denying hand surgery to a dying cancer patient was a result of a “miscommunication.” Here’s what District Court Judge Royce Lamberth said in response to that:

“I don’t accept that explanation. No one noticed in jail that he’s sitting there in pain the whole time? Does no one care?”

The judge also learned in this same hearing that a team of medical professionals recommended – months ago – that Christopher Worrell should receive approximately six months of “intense chemotherapy and radiation” to treat his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Guess how many treatment’s he’s had? Zero.

When pressed for an explanation, jail officials (including the warden) were extremely vague in explaining how they would care for Worrell’s side effects from the treatments, which would include vomiting and extreme nausea. So, since they had no plan to care for this Trump supporter in solitary confinement from extreme cancer treatments, they never allowed him to have any cancer treatments at all. It’s pretty clear by this point that Christopher Worrell is going to die from the disease, because he’s been denied treatment this whole time. Not to mention his hand is still broken, in constant pain, and healing improperly due to the surgery that he’s been denied.

The judge was infuriated. On October 8th, the judge ordered the jail’s warden and Department of Corrections Director Quincy Booth to immediately turn over the orthopedic surgeon’s recommendation about the hand surgery that was necessary for Worrell. They refused to hand over the paperwork and offered lame excuses as to why they had allowed Worrell to suffer in pain for four months.

The judge held them both in contempt of court. That is EXTREMELY rare in cases involving jails and federal prisons. Why? Because not even actual Islamic terrorists who have killed Americans on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq are tortured and treated as badly as Christopher Worrell.

The judge also ordered a civil rights inquiry into the jail over the allegations of “cruel and unusual punishment” of ALL of the J6 protesters. This is a big deal, because it could ultimately result in the immediate release of all the prisoners. Remember: When three Republican Members of Congress tried to access this jail a couple of months ago to check on the condition of the prisoners, the warden childishly locked them out of the building.

The criminal Biden regime can’t hide from this inquiry. The truth is going to come out. And hopefully, every single one of the political prisoners will be released very soon. We’ll keep you posted on what happens.

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31 thoughts on “Amazing: Civil Rights Investigation Ordered into Skanky Biden Prison for J6 Protesters”

  1. I saw the footage of the visit mentioned, along with the lock out, and found it unbelievable that this happened in our once great country. Sad that the peaceful protest over the unlawful detention and treatment of these people was discouraged for fear of MORE arrests.
    Hard to believe we are living in America.
    Given the PATHETIC, INEPT administration that is in place, this barbaric treatment is to be expected. One prisoner has gotten out, and is talking. The truth WILL come out…..

    1. yes the truth will come out, however note no republican has done squat to corredt this horrific situation, we are in a third world country, it only happens there.

        1. “Allowed” to do what? What do they need permission to do? And where do they go to get that “permission”?

          We elected them to ACT on our behalf, not stand around looking for “permission” to act!

          The GOP has elected the same USELESS sell-outs as their Congressional leaders for years now. It is by design. The entire MOB of them doesn’t want to act! They might lose their place on the gravy train!

          They need permission to act on OUR behalf? LOL. Since WHEN??? We the Little People mean NOTHING to any of them.

    2. Our Once great country. It’s now a communist cesspool and really, seriously has to have a civil war to save it.

    3. My heart is broken. How can this happen here in America??
      Democrats are evil and should be in jail . Omg!

    4. I cannot believe the Biden Administration is holding this man in prison and giving him no treatment. Not providing treatment will render a death sentence. This is Biden’s America.

  2. Congress Members kept out for prison visit?
    That sounds familiar. – Yes, I remember:
    That was the “American Academy of Police” in Panama, the place where the CIA taught all the brutes and torturers of the Central and South American US-proxy Dictators. I remember one survivor’s report from there – a young woman: Being hung up by one leg, the other pulled away, and a wooden pole with sharps splinters on it rammed up her …… – and she was not the only one. Police training is hard work.
    And two Senators had heard of the “standards” practices there, in the name of “our values”. The flew to Panama and, as no Embassy official wanted to help them, took a taxi to that “House of US Culture”.
    But, guess what! Like just now, in DC, they didn’t get far – yes, at least through the door – but then, they were handcuffed and chained and transported to the local US air base and back to the States!
    Not too different, is it. Well, practices haven’t changed much since Panama and Abu Ghraib, have they?

  3. My father-in-law lived under conditions like this as a POW in Korea, this shouldn’t happen to American citizens in America. The biden administration is our Enemy.

    1. this is the coming of aur country thanks to biden and his handlers. these people should be let out,especially Worrell. i am ashamed of this country right now.

    2. From the little info we have learned over months of their incarceration, it is comparable to Nam and NKorea POWS. Solitary confinement 23/24 hrs/day. No privacy. No visitors. To communicate with each other, use POW technique of banged signals, and often beaten for it and many other reasons by sadistic, violent guards seemingly chosen especially for this jail “project”. Prisoner stated his food was serc ed by throwing it on the floor. Water is dirty and they strain it through a sock to remove particulate. Toilet is not private for men OR women, and NO toilet paper provided, No towels, no pillows, no blanket, and sleep on a cold cement “bed”. No medical care, no religious access, no personal care items. Frankly, most POWS in very hostile, horrible war prisons had access to more than these 1/6 prisoners. Limited contact with an atty with no privacy for the mtg.
      When several Congressmen went to the jail/prison, they were told they couldn’t. They were at desk in entry room. Staff called “warden” and said she’d come out to talk to them. She stated they had to talk outside, and went outside and held door for them, and after they went outside, she whipped back inside, LOCKED THE DOOR ON THEM. and motioned for them to get out of there, then walked out of sight inside. We assume this female was the Warden, since desk staff had identified her as such.
      One man was released by a judge several months ago, and was on news with his atty. He was the one who had sat calmly at Pelosi’s desk. He had been in solitary the whole time, food on floor, beaten frequently, emotional, physical, mental abuse. He tried to speak, but had trouble making sense, with disjointed phrases, occ wild eyed look ofc a tortured man, irratic and nervous movements, nothing like the calm, relaxed, eldery man from rural Arkansas, filmed in Capitol 1/6. His lawyer had to encourage him to stop trying to tell his story, and try to relax. You could tell THEY HAD DESTROYED THIS MAN, BROKEN HIM MENTALLY from criminal treatment he’d received. Unbelievable.
      These people were not the ANTIFA employees that ANTIFA Captain John Sullivan, had shown a video of him calling them to DC to riot, where to meet, where to pickup riot gear, and he said they had to start the riot at a SPECIFIC TIME, which corresponded to the time people said Pelosi abruptly left the House room, no reason given. The ANTIFA employees were released immediately, even though filmed by Sullivan pounding the House door and breaking window with metal partition piece. They weren’t after Soros’ well paid ANTIFA staff; poIice and FBI imbedded with ANTIFA and beckoning Trump supporters inside as they held the door for them instead grabbed thrTrump supporters who were milling calmly around inside taking photo ops by statues and paintings, or outside on the GRASS.
      Remember NYT published timeline of “riot” as 12:46pm Capitol breeched, 1:11pm Trump speech ended, 16 blocks/45 min from Capitol. After speech, some Trump supporters went back to hotels, others peacefully walked alone or with families to the Capitol, “The Peoples House”.

      So who had arranged, likely AHEAD OF TIME, the violent, sadistic jailors to take in the Trump supporters. Pelosi, Gen. Milley, Biden/Harris, or alk of above. Seems like even that was preplanned, besides the riot that Pelosi and AOC are highly suspect of helping plan, judging by both’s unusual actions that day. I have no doubt this was carefully planned well ahead of 1/6 speech so they could use it to stop the effort to not certify the election to allow more investigation time re 2020 voting process. The Dems could also use it against Trump then and hopefully to ruin his reputation, prevent him from running again, and to severely punish Trump supporters so they’d be scared into not supporting him or even other Republicans, saying they were criminals to not support vote certification. It is approaching ONE YEAR and the Dems still using 1/6 against Trump, his supporters, Republicans.

      The Warden, jailers, AND THE ONES WHO ARRANGED the criminal TORTURE of Trump supporters, withholding medical care, legal and religious access, SOLITARY CONFINEMENT torture, should all be punished to the nax. These people, for even walking on the lawn, lost their jobs, homes, farms, businesses, and some even had their CHILDREN TAKEN TO FOSTER CARE if no family available to care for them. Oh yes, this whole rotten group of warden and sadistic jailers, and the ones who set up the fake riot and prepared that JAIL FROM HELL to receive arrested Trump supporters.

      Biden is our enemy, apparently, if you’re decent American citizens. I cannot think of ONE GOOD THING BIDEN, HARRIS HAVE DONE SINCE TAKING OFFICE. NOR PELOSI, SCHUMER, MILLEY, and go-fers. We cannot tolerate this treatment of American citizens.
      One item BIDEN/HARRIS and SQUAD put into 2T “infrastructure” bill: $600,000 for a gazebo for the GITMO terrorists. Bet they are given blankets and toilet paper and plates, etc. Thanks Biden, et al.

      1. V ic god bless you for putting it all out there for observation, unless America wakes-up and not wokes-up, we are right where the Biden team wants us.
        we as a people should take this as a warning and do something about it, the polititions certaily wont.

      2. Hello Vic,
        Thank you for your EXCELLENT post. I am copying it today, and will have it on hand to use as I write to all of my elected state officials once again. You included some details I was not aware of. I am sure that is the case for many others out there too. Spread the word, we must not give up.

      3. I remember soldiers were severely reprimanded for taking pictures with terrorists, real ruthless Terrorists.
        Maxine W and Pelosi planned their Antifa terrorist group to destroy doors and windows at The Capitol 1/6/21.
        When President Trump invited Patriots to The Capital same way as other presidents have. Patriots were peaceful.
        I remember BLM climbing on monuments and spraying graffiti. Ah, but they have rights.

  4. LOCK THEM UP ! LOCK THEM UP ! This District Court Judge and his cronies are total bastards responsible for imprisoning, torturing, and not taking care of a human being(s) in a dignified manner whether they have committed a crime or not. Extreme Leftist Judge has no right being a judge !!! Being a judge is an honor and a privilege and, unfortunately, this judge has none of those.

  5. Yawwwwnnnnn ….. . —zzzzzzz—-

    And, just like the open and OBVIOUS election fraud perpetrated by the DemoCommie Party that has destroyed this country, this was leaped upon by the Republican Party! They’ll save us!

    Yeah, right! They were run out of the jail by a low-level nothing and have spent the last 4 months whimpering in a secluded corner. And it ONLY took them SIX MONTHS to meekly take a stab at looking into it in the first place!

    The end result? Exactly the same as election fraud. They make a few speeches then scuttle off quickly so Aunt Nancy won’t get after them with a switch.

    The DemoCommies are clamping total dictatorial Communism down on us while the “opposition” does NOTHING. We have NO friends in High Places any more.

    But, maybe if we called the FBI ……….. . s/

    Or DHS …….. . s/

    Or ……………. oh fergetit.

    1. my thoughts too fed-up, you hit it right on. its scary because there seems to be no hope for us. we the people are the opressed and only drastic action will save us.

  6. Notice if you will, it doesn’t say WHO will do this ‘investigation’ or ‘when’ it will take place! If this fool judge thinks the DOJ will do an honest and fair investigation he’s a bigger fool than Biden!

  7. Notice it doesn’t say WHO will do this ‘investigation’ does it! Of course the only ones that can are the DOJ or FBI, both of which are corrupt as all hell! So this is nothing more than a joke at best!

  8. I really hope some acquittals come out of this. The Taliban was treated better in most cases. This is truly political incarnation and We The People need to do something if the republicans refuse.

  9. “Civil Rights Investigation” By who ? The Fox inside the chicken coop. What a joke!. The judge should drop a pair & have the warden arrested for contempt of court, then jail the SCUMBAG in his own facility. Judge should issue a warrant for the scumbag, & have the U.S. Marshalls & a swat team swoop down on the warden & his family at
    3 AM on a Sunday Morning, this is their own standard procedure so DO IT.



  11. This is truly wonderful news. I just hope there are positive consequences for the detainees and negative consequences for the tyrants.

  12. And ….. it ONLY took NINE MONTHS for the wheels of Constitutional Justice (and common morality!) to start turning. ONLY NINE MONTHS!!!!! Golly, thanks GOP!!

    Beatings, torture, denial of basic medical care. Thus is defined the average Democrat Liberal in today’s Bidenreich. True human GARBAGE in uniform and position of authority. I’ve always thought such reeking trash occupied the lowest regions of American society. But today? Thanks to the Democrat Party, they RULE now.

    And the Obidma Regime has put them in charge of OUR health and safety.

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