Ashley Biden’s Diary Reveals Inappropriate Showers with Dad, Possible Molestation, Media Silent

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki continues to distract the mainstream media with puppy dogs and kittens because she doesn’t want them looking too closely at the First Family.

The drug addiction, corruption, alleged tax avoidance, and illicit sexual behavior of First Son Hunter Biden was suppressed during the run-up to the 2020 election. But he wasn’t the only offspring they refused to report on. The fake news media instituted a full media blackout of the horrific details leaked from the dairy of now-First Daughter Ashley Biden. According to reports, her diary has been authenticated by an audio confession as well as handwriting analysis. There are also references to a brother named “Hunter” and the presidential election campaign, that make it clear the author is Ashely Biden. The pages point to a disturbing relationship with her Dad, President Biden.

One entry of her diary read:

“I know it’s not the healthiest way to deal with things but @ least it’s better than drugs,” she reportedly wrote, adding that she needed “sex to feel good.”

In the diary, entries go on to drop shocking revelations that “showers with my dad” were “probably not appropriate.”


The whistleblower who came forward apparently works in the mainstream media and feared getting fired if he published the diary’s contents. Weighing the value of delivering true facts people should know about President Biden, more than a hundred pages were leaked to an independent conservative media outlet.

“My dad cried on the phone saying he has the debate in a week and ‘Now has to worry about (the diary author),’” she wrote. “And he cried. Maybe he knows what he is doing, and it’s worked but my feelings of guilt often are overwhelming.”

Other entries indicate that the author was in treatment for “sexual trauma” from her childhood and drug addiction. During the final months of the presidential campaign complaints and video footage of Joe Biden grotesquely groping women and young girls magically disappeared from news and social media platforms.

Women, many of whom were members of the Democratic Party, came forward during the height of the “#MeToo’ movement. At least eight women bravely spoke out, including former Senate aide Tara Reade who went on the record stating Biden sexually assaulted her while she worked in his office in 1993. Democrat Lucy Flores went on the record stating Biden grabbed her from behind and began kissing the back of her head without her consent.

“I felt him get closer to me from behind. He leaned further in and inhaled my hair. I was mortified. I thought to myself, and also, what in the actual fuck? Why is the vice-president of the United States smelling my hair? He proceeded to plant a big, slow kiss on the back of my head. My brain couldn’t process what was happening. I was embarrassed. I was shocked,” Flores reportedly said.

As everyday Americans assess the veracity of the Ashely Biden diary allegations, it’s essential to consider the shower violation in the context of a disturbing history. Hunter and Ashley struggle with drug abuse as a way to cope with trauma. One has to wonder if their trauma can be attributed to their chaotic or abusive childhood.

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146 thoughts on “Ashley Biden’s Diary Reveals Inappropriate Showers with Dad, Possible Molestation, Media Silent”

  1. Lets not start another smear campaign against an elected official. Scripture says “Not by might ,not by power but by My spirit says the Lord”.Let God will be done by His hand not by our mouths or the stroke of a pen.

    1. Biden is good at wrecking lives with the stroke of a pen. I believe all people should be held for their inappropriate acts, especially when it comes to children. Terrible.

      1. Absolutely agree with you. Anything with Biden gets swept under the rug but this is too much of a BIG deal for sweeping. Everyone in the United States needs to hear this. God would never approve of Biden’s relationship with daughter. Did anyone think that this is God that is having this crude behavior put out there??

        1. Biden is also know for bathing i n the nude in front of the secret service agents. Where there is smoke generally their is fire. Biden is a pervert and we all know it. Plenty of videos around that proof it. Biden is a low life and a corrupt man.

      2. I read the Ashley diary back on 9/17/20when it first appeared.Headline usa was repeating another website that had gotten the diary from Ashley at her rehab.Biden and his family are sick people.He should be in jail
        At that time I sent my first ever email to Just The News and never heard back.Shortly after that the original posts disappeared

        1. I am a true republican and a die hard Trump supporter! I am simply appalled at all the true facts that come out and absolutely NOTHING DONE ABOUT THE FACTS!! All the Republicans are true cowards to let these FACTS slip away without any RECOURSE!! Look what them DEMORATS JUST DID to OUR PRESIDENT FOR FOUR LONG YEARS!!! All of you COWARDS NEED TO STEP ASSIDE AND LET THE HONEST TRUE PATRIOTS IN TO DEFEND WHAT IS RIGHT!!! NOT THE WRONG!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Grow a pair and step up and do SOMETHING!!! Even if it’s wrong!!! Do something!!

          1. I wholeheartedly agree. If he did this to his daughter he’s a sick jerk!! Why let him set an example like this to the countries youth. I don’t care if he’s a Democrat or Republican, if you’re guilty then you should face the consequences. The problem we have in all our governments is corruption and a lot of it

          2. Amen

            I pray for the evil to stop, repent, ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. Our Country needs prayers as do the ones trying to save our Republic. Many of us stop every evening at 7pm West Coast, 8pm Central and 9pm East Coast to pray for our Country and those in government that are doing what they can to expose evil. We pray for 1 minute. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me.

            I love you in Christ. Hugs.

        2. U know it’s discusting joe Biden can get away with perverted things he’s done wen how many SO go to jail for that shit and he’s our PRESIDENT? Wth

        1. You are absolutely correct. They will have to answer to our Father God in time. I pray they wake up, repent, ask forgiveness, and ask Jesus into their heart and soul.

    2. Right, so four years of non-stop smears on anyone associated with our president was fine, but now some unfavorable information surfaces on Biden, and it’s an unwarranted smear campaign? This is the height of ignorance. Joe Biden is an obvious groomer and pedophile, and his psychologically disturbed children do not lend credence to an argument against this.

      1. Think about it. Biden Island is only 8 miles from Epstein’s Pedo Island. Both have submarine base for secret entry onto island. Beau Biden Children foundation for access to children. The psychologically disturbed sexually abused Biden children. The wife and child (rumored Amy Coney Barrett ?) who faked their own deaths to get away from Joe Biden in witness protection program. Ukraine, China, etc…………

      2. Biden is a seat buffer, and he dearly loves to approach ladies from the rear. He is completely untrustworthy, and criminally inclined. Yet! How does he and his ilk keep getting away with the crimes they commit? The fault lies in our Justice System. Like the three Chimps , see no evil, say no evil, etc.

        1. Agree, But that will never happen.News came out in video of Hunter and a computer went no where.
          Great cover up for Biden.

      1. Trump didn’t bathe with his kids!! How can you condone this despicable act?? You need to go back and read what was stated in diary. If you can’t see that I feel sorry for you.

      2. If you remember, everything that Trump did or didn’t do was put out there in the news. They didn’t let a single thing go by, everything he said or didn’t say and do or did’nt do was in the media. Trump wasn’t perfect but at least everyone always knew what was being said about him from everybody. And we seen pictures of
        Biden smelling women’s hair, kissing their necks, hands on little girls, so this is no surprise to anyone. So how can anyone judge just Trump? If nothing else, Trump did a lot of good for our country and even the Dem’s can’t deny it although they will never admit it.

      3. there was never one stred of real proof only deceit, stories lies and some people believed them. With biden there is physical, written and video proof AND lawsuits by women of the actions of creepy joe and hunter dirty with Ukraine china, crack and minors.

      4. Whats really funny is that Democrats were happy to hear the Trump family smears with or without proof but they won’t allow anything bad about the Biden corruption that there is actual proof of. I’m not talking about Ashly because I haven’t researched that but every single critical thinking , intellectually honest American knows of the truth that is so cleverly blocked by media and big tech and deep state crooks!!!

      5. Just where did you hear anything about Trump such as this. Trump got married several times, but I believed and still do that he respects women and his wives. Trump has been wrongly accused of so much stuff from the FAKE media, and the Democrats have tried to make his life pure hell for more than 4 years. Started talking and working on impeaching him EVEN before he was elected. He was and is the VERY BEST PRESIDENT EVER, what did or does BIden or Obama, his idol, do.l Think about it, unless you are an Obama follower. Not me, I knew about all his crimes during 8 years of his RULING. He should be in jail, impeached along with it, and Hillary too. I need to close, this bunch of jerks got me upset, I think about our freedom, and Trump did everything to help keep our freedom !!!

      1. Yes, We, (ALL AMERICANS) are taking the brunt of his Sexual Frustration. There are many stories about Biden, and they are true. Here’s another one for you to hear about Biden. When traveling in his limo, he would have a woman w/him in the back seat. Well, she was not taking notes!!!!???? He never missed an opportunity to be sexually gratified. this has not been made up. I was told this by a direct source. I am sure that there are other stories for his close to 50years, in government employment.

    3. True is true. He is a prevent who molested his daughter and his wife is just as bad. She didnt protect her daughter.

      1. They put people in jail for this stuff so why not biden? It seems that Hunter is a chip off the old block. I believe there is more sinister activity with joe and Hunter. I feel sorry for the daughter and other victims but believe me they will be found out.

    4. You’re out of whack, they were smearing President Trump before he took office and continued all during his term and still doing it, this biden is a fraud, reap what you sow.

      1. Our country is going down fast with this idiotic president and his staff. Just think when they finally a get their head out of their ass and Rule him incompetent to rule the country The piece of s*** Kamala Harris will take over presidency And Nancy Pelosi Her vice president. The Democratic party has f***** up this time such idiots.

        1. About K. Harris, I think that since the Dems have tried to impeach President Trump -2 times- they just want to get rid of him and don’t want him to ever be a President again. There is news, since the officials and those in office can be displeased, they can impeach anyone now. This phony impeachment opened the gate wide. The Republicans are considering impeaching K Harris. Absolutely NO ONE likes her (even her parents). She has done some really bad things already, worse than the claims about Trump (of course Trump was framed, set up, fake videos and more). And since Hillary never admitted to her hundreds of crimes, would not go to court, responsible for the Bengazi killings, and don’t forget about Obama. The list goes on. I hope Nancy Pill gets it too. She is totally evil, and hated by many. This is really GOOD News. Guess the Lord knew what this would lead to. The Lord will take care of us. And this is a good way !!!.

    5. So in your estimation it was ok for the world of Democrats it was ok to verbally same and abuse the Trump family but Biden should be excused. The bastard belongs in prison. Discraceful that anyone would consider excusing this

      1. I agree! This info should be available to all. It should be on all news channels & all talk shows & Talk Radio. Laws were made to protect, he is evil, instead of “cover ups” for all, there should be, investigate, trial and sentence to the fullest extent of the law. If he gets removed it will be a chance to start saving our country.

    6. You must be Biden supporter. Democrat had been accusing President Trump since his announcement of running for president. He had been accused of wrongdoing he didn’t do, democrat accused President Trump of their own wrong doing. If this is true, then this is not smear campaign against an elected official (Biden didn’t win the election). This is about bringing out the truth.

    7. If any of this is proven beyond a reasonable doubt he should be impeached when Republicans re take the House in 2022.
      In the alternative allow him to resign.

    8. We should all abide by your message. God bless you for your wisdom, there is enough misery in this world without spreading more of it. Thank you for your thoughts and I hope many will also feel as you do.

    9. You ever hear Judge Righteous Judgement – I think your tune would be different if it happened to your child.

    10. So, you are against exposing the vileness and disturbed nature of this person who is running our grand country? His supporters need to know just exactly who and what they are supporting even though it wouldn’t create a positive and happy vibration. If we don’t expose this, how is God supposed to expose it? We are His instruments..
      Enough of the illusion!

    11. It’s easy to bring God into such despicable behavior just because certain individuals are unable to face the truth . The truth is that there’s a lot of serious videos -graphic videos and explicit writings and others young women who had come out and they need justice to be served – this type of disgusting behavior dark hidden secrets in the Biden family and “ those thing done in the dark should be shouted out from the rooftops “ to hold those criminals accountable and for the victims self preservation – the problem we have is : that many rather looked the other way than face the truth and only the truth we’ll set all us free. This type of abhorrent behavior it’s an abomination before God and we should not pretend that it don’t exist but to expelled the perpetrators and punish them for such heinous acts .

    12. Smear this piece of crap all the way to prison. Maybe our country can be saved and the scummy Biden will go to hell for trying to ruin all of us.

    13. What are you talking about?! Why not. This president is a pervert for sure and God only knows what else. He shoulf not be President. Biden crimes are many.


      1. Hell yes they are. I totally agree about our Republicans GROW SOME BALLS N STAND THE HELL UP TO THISE CROOKED DEMOCRATS!!!

    15. Would you feel the same had this been about Trump? I doubt you would be spouting the bible then. Seems so strange that what democrats do and how horrific it is you all excuse the behavior of pedofiles. Sickening!!!!

    16. God has a plan and we as Christians should trust it.
      We are to face this fallen world with love and forgiveness.
      “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do” should be our anthem just as it was our Saviors!
      Having said that I do not condone any wrong doing on the part of politicians.
      “Be still and know that I am God”

      1. Please don”t forget God also said VENGENCE is mine and He condones all sin. This man is a child abuser and God will truly deal with him later but it’s our duty to do so now or we should also be held accountable for not speaking against such horrible behavor.

    17. To Marsha Moon….I believe God helps those who help themselves. We needn’t sit back like sheep and allow sinful behavior to rule us.

    18. Amen, That should of been the Thought process against Trumps for 4 years and even now of the lies from the media and others. But to your remark God’s hands are taking care of it one by one- The governor of Calif and New York are soon to be out and God is working on others. Maybe God is Saving The Best for last BIDEN!

    19. Marsha;

      I courteously ask you to please not pull the wool over your own eyes on this alleged issue. There are copious examples of video evidence that plainly show Joe Biden acting most inappropriately, ” in public “, numerous times. The general definition of “assault “, regardless of type, is as follows.
      ‘ An action committed by person A, against someone else, Person B, without their agreement or express consent ‘. Even just placing a hand on someone’s shoulder in a placating gesture in an awkward situation, is classed as assault.

      There’s also the “known fact ” that during all his years as a Senator & later Vice President, Joe Biden introduced many House Bills to Congress. Every single one that passed, has been an abject failure & many Americans have badly suffered as a result. Strange thing is, Joe Biden & his family during those years became, ” in the eyes of ordinary, honest, hard-working Americans “, insanely wealthy very quickly without hardly lifting a finger or putting in the ” hard daily grind ” that the majority of Americans do . . . day in, day out!

      I respectfully ask; Please do your own diligent research
      before you make a ” blanket response ” on any elected official, that gives an implied impression that they are & always have been ” lily white ” regarding their behavior in political office.

    20. Indeed. Let’s stop the smear campaigns while a Democrat holds the office. We can start up again with the smears when a Republican gets back in the White House. Scripture is fine but what we need is honesty and integrity, character traits that democrats are largely devoid of.

    21. Unfortunately, he was not elected to that office — it will be coming out real soon — the fraud, the lies and all of the other garbage that went into taking down a sitting President

    22. Joe Biden may be a seriously mentally incapacitated puppet of the tyrannical/totalitarian United States Communist Party who in turn are the loyal marionette politicians for Globalists but prior to him starting to display the symptoms of Alzheimer’s/Dementia some time between 2011 and 2012 he was a seriously deviant minded man.

      Joe “Criminal and Treasonous, Pedophile, Murderous” Biden is not worthy of the exaltation bestowed upon him and justly should be removed from office along with the Crackwhore.

    23. We will succeed by the Lord’s spirit, but that doesn’t mean that “We The People” should close our eyes and pretend we don’t know in the meanwhile. We deserve to know, it’s our duty to know, and we should make it a point to know exactly what is leading this country…. and to keep praying earnestly.
      “For I tell you truly, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single jot, not a stroke of a pen, will disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. So then, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do likewise will be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever practices and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.…” God Bless America and guide the words and footsteps of those He has sent to lead this nation.

    24. How can you say this. Totally understand the Christian thought but this guy is very Dangerous! Does not care about his own kids mental health and welfare, what makes you think he gives a flip about anything. He’s a Whore, a sellout and should be brought to justice. Expose the truth. No other way.

    25. A smear campaign? I think everyone should look into this. What happened to a young girl, Biden’s daughter, should not be swept under the carpet. It is with The American Liberty Report , Ashley Biden’s diary account. Read it! The media close mouthed on this. It should be read by people If they choose to do so


    27. So, let pedophiles and perverts that can’t control themselves run free and ruin lives? No. I think God could would appreciate our help.

    28. I agree. Don’t know if I believe this, too much mis-information floating around. What about bringing changes against the girl and the computer shop owner for turning in private information for money? Is that ethical? Why didn’t you just turn the information over to the government first–the FBI, the justice department, anything but give it to the media for a price—sounds fishy to me. What has Biden’s daughter and Hunter Biden said about the information? Lots of scams with regards to information out there, just waiting for shallow and stubborn viewers to hear the latest juice on candidates!

    29. This azzho is the very one to push and pass legislation of morality over U.S. citizens leading to the destruction and deaths of so many incarcerated yet innocent americans. Rampant hypocrisy by public crooked and dirty servants

    30. WTF are u saying??
      Ignore the fact that he touches children?
      Pretending it doesn’t exist is part of the reason he’s in office today.

    1. Like what? Sounds like they exaggerate Biden’s actions. QAnon admits to photo-shopping a picture to make it look like Biden was fondling someone.

  2. You came after President Trump and his family for the past 5 yrs. counting his campaign. It is only fair that Biden’s life shows up in the public eye. Biden and his son Hunter are corrupt and need to be exposed!

  3. He should be held accountable for his actions. This is something that should not be pushed under the rug. It is unacceptable! Biden has always have been accused of these actions his whole career, why hasn’t it been looked into?
    He is disgusting yet Trump is a horrible person?
    Wake up people, your ignorance is very dangerous.

    1. Who cares about his family life he is destroying America. He is friends with Americas enemies. If the enemy of you enemy should be your friend than what of the friend of our enemy, should he not be treated as an enemy?

    2. Janet, totally agree with you. 4 years with this man and our country will be sodimun and gamorra and we will loose it all because of the DNC and Chinese. Somehow it has to be stopped. sorry (spelling)

    1. He is on tape molesting children and some adults . You would have to be totally ignorant when viewing these horrific child molestation . He is a sick puppy and should be removed from office immediately and brought up on child molestation charges !

      1. Wonderful thought. Who’s going to do it? Certainly not the DNC, nor the RNC (damn illiterate RINOs), nor anyone in the judiciary. No. It would require a concerted effort on the part of “the common people”, akin to a class-action suit, to get any kind of equitable remedy. But who’s going to organize it? And who’s going to implement it? And who’s to ensure that the effort wouldn’t just fizzle out; die on the vine, so to speak; or otherwise fail in providing recourse? How would “the common people” communicate about their plans? The friends of their enemies have big ears: and, one never tells one’s enemy one’s plans far enough in advance for one’s friends to get and interpret the word. This would give them, the enemy, too much time to develop their tactics against one: lie, pervert evidence, sidestep, witness tamper, et al.

        1. We need to stand up and do the right thing. Not have fear but faith, not hesitate but challenge, not forget but expose, It’s time for the evil to be expose and GOD is doing it. Now we just have to get out to the American voters the Mike Lindel 2 hour presentation on the investigation of the November 3, 2020 election out in the open for all to see. It shows 150% of Fraud in the election. Amazing stuff! Good job Mike Lindel. Hope to see it on the media soon.

          1. Yeah. That was great, wasn’t it? All that proof with all the censorship that closely followed…Deeeeep corruption is all that comes to mind. The Fake News Media is still their strongest weapon. After 4 years of proven lies, you’d think more sleepies would’ve awoken by now.

    2. Democrats are not prosecuted they are given awards and promoted. Just watch Biden will get a fathe of the year award! Oh, Trump did it he wrote the diary and leaked it. Hell as looney is Hillary is she probably wrote it about Bill

    1. They did nothing with it. Luckily the repair shop owner had another copy and gave it to Giuliani. He was investigating. Don’t have the latest.

  4. Are we going to keep this sick perverted pedophile for office and I will not call Biden president. He’s a incompetent sick Pedophile and he stole votes to get there.

  5. Biden is a sick human being and the so-called “doctor” ls just as sick. Jill Biden allowed this to happen to these children when they were young. The Biden’s. FAILED as parents. They need to be held accountable. And we the people should not have to put up with their hypocritical, cheating, stealing way of life. There have been reports that the so-called “doctor” was cheating on her first husband with the guy she’s married to now Joe.

  6. It’s unbelievable the bias against president trump the news media tried at ever point to discredit our president. He was victimized at every point lied about. His words twisted. Even a investigation into the Russia hoax. What makes it worse the officials knew it wasn’t true, yet they kept up with the lies kept up the abuse of the best president we have had in this country at least the best in my lifetime. Yet mr Biden can molest little girls on live tv and it’s ok. Lord have mercy on this nation. People better wake the hell o up before it’s too late for our country.. Biden needs to be held accountable. And Chuck and Nancy needs to be impeached… for all the wasteful spending of the tax payers money.also impeached for abuse of power…

  7. Let’s not pick on poor little Biden. Big Bad Trump is who she was referring to, right? I’m sure the media would say so!! God Bless My President Trump!!!

  8. It,s Trump,s fault ,Why not ? But President Trump will and always be MY President ,Hope he comes back whit a vengeance God bless this man .And keep him safe!!!!!!!!

  9. So now we can add pedophile to Biden’s list of offences. He is an illegitimate president running a crooked and irresponsible government. I am terribly concerned how his decisions will affect every day Americans. Lives will be forever changed and damages irreparable. This is not a smear. This information is factual and data and events authenticated. This man is also a bully, a narcissist and intellectually and mentally incapable of running a country such as the United States of America. Those who support him are either blinded by hatred of Trump or just plain ignorant and uninformed. Hollywood, the media and Democrats will ruin the country that has given them so much. Appalling.

  10. Joe Biden is a pos and he should be in jail just like anybody else would be and the public should know what kind of a man the pos president is!

  11. I agree, how does the clean up, impeachment for Biden, make him accountable etc get started & finished? Including his family deals & Hunter laptop.

    On the radio today, Jeff Kuhner”s, it was mentioned Bit- h Pelosi wants a 911 type investigaton, I agree……but the investigation should be on her & her partners allowing & or creating the Jan 6th riot…so it could be blamed on Trump….She is so hate filled & evil. Clean the swamp, clean the sewer, the Senate etc = Steps to rapidly save our country! If our President Trump could be given what is rightly his and if all the “trash” holding offices could be eliminated, our country could be saved. The wall needs to be completed!

  12. Just thing this is whatever we have as President , he’s a good Catholic like Pelosi have to wonder what Priest they associate with and what’s discussed.I hope the people of this Country wake up and see what’s leading us such as POP His Gum’s Schumer and Rattle her Arm’s and babble on Pelosi.

    1. There is an article about an arch bishop saying that he has told Biden to discontinue telling anyone he is a devout catholic. He was quoted as saying that because of his views on abortion which are 1oo% supportive and that gets wants to take tax payments money to pay for them he no longer can say that he is a devout catholic . Also, he is being refused comunion until his views on the matter changes.

  13. So sorry folks, the corruption within our government is deeper than any of us could imagine. Yes, Biden is the dregs of the earth but take a good look at Jerald Nadler, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and a whole lot of Republicans as well, that have been revealing who and what they are. The majority of our government is occupied by folks that have become “permanent fixtures!” They are insulted if anyone questions their motives even when it is obvious they are mere puppets being led to do whatever their owner demands. All these old folks need to go and term limits be established to insure they never gain that kind of control over this country, again. The very idea that Biden would use his daughter and not be a protective father turns my stomach and in all probability, the wife is aware of the behavior. Did it occur to anyone that he probably abused his sons? We all know that Hunter was used by Joe to cover for the money Joe received. I pray for the children of this family and further I pray that all abuse is exposed and these adult children find the peace they so richly deserve.

    1. It’s almost certain that his sons were also sexually abused by him. He is no father! Only a pervert! And needs to be in Gitmo!

  14. My question is, “Where was Jill Biden when all this was happening?” I’m sure, at some point, she did realize what was going on and apparently did nothing about it! She is not a sweet grandma type of person but a sheep in wolf’s clothing!

  15. I am a true republican and a die hard Trump supporter! I am simply appalled at all the true facts that come out and absolutely NOTHING DONE ABOUT THE FACTS!! All the Republicans are true cowards to let these FACTS slip away without any RECOURSE!! Look what them DEMORATS JUST DID to OUR PRESIDENT FOR FOUR LONG YEARS!!! All of you COWARDS NEED TO STEP ASSIDE AND LET THE HONEST TRUE PATRIOTS IN TO DEFEND WHAT IS RIGHT!!! NOT THE WRONG!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Grow a pair and step up and do SOMETHING!!! Even if it’s wrong!!! Do something!!

  16. This is sickening. Biden is not qualified to lead the USA. Was elected questionably. There are so many issues with his character and his family. Don’t foresee a good four years to come. We need to make some better choices in 2024.

    1. Pray that you’ll still be allowed to make a choice, i.e. cast a vote, in 2024. BTW, Joe-Billy-Bob Biden is waiting to be used as a blood sacrifice, while doing as much damage as possible in the meantime. Kami Harris dreams of doing to the Trump clan what the Russians did to the Romanovs in the last century. California’s matriarchal Axis of Evil, among their many other plans for the destruction of America, both as a country (a governing body) and as a nation (a more or less unified group of peoples [races]), includes not only disarming the populace but also (quickly?) removing the peoples’ right to engage in ‘free’ and unfettered elections. Are any of you aware that late in 2020 the 116th Congress voted to reinstate death by firing squad as an acceptable punishment for Treason? That could come back, fingers crossed, to bite them on the tuchas. A couple of months ago, I asked God, “Why Kamala Harris?” He said, “She will change the Laws [as] written; and no one will question.” A couple of weeks later, God said, “Hunter Biden. Homosexual.” I reminded Him that we already knew that. Most recently, while saying some other things, He said that Pelosi and Schumer are “bed partners”, and McConnell joins them. I thought He meant actual bed partners. I didn’t think to ask: maybe He simply meant arcane schemers. God also mentioned a word I had never heard before, that He spelled “Tupelon”. Anybody know what it is?

      1. Sorry; I forgot something. For several months now, God has been referring to Joe Biden as “illegitimate” and “Adonaijah”. For any who don’t know the reference, Adonaijah was a son of Israel’s King David. When David was old and near death, he named his son, Solomon, as his successor. Adonaijah, who knew this, garnered support from some of the judicio-legislative-military bigwigs and went and held an inauguration for himself. An uninvited member of the judicio-legislature saw, went to David and spilled the beans. David successfully squelched that usurper, Adonaijah’s, coup.
        Sorry to be stupid, but what do you all mean by “pos”? Oooh, I get it.
        People, God hasn’t yet said that this is over, so it’s not over! Last week, I dreamt twice about my bottled drinking water being dirty to different degrees. When I awoke, I asked the Lord what that was about. He said, “Swamp”. I looked again at the elements of the dreams and concluded that they meant that while much has been accomplished to “clean out the swamp” that it isn’t yet finished. There are a few more creatures hiding in there, being elusive, so things aren’t quite ready.
        In the meantime, check out Gina Phillips’s website, or her interviews with Paul Oebel. Frightening: Enlightening.
        Even so, legally, we still have a little over eighteen months in which the (still extant) ballots can be reviewed and acted upon.
        Believe God, thus shall you be established: believe the prophets, thus shall you prosper.

  17. I would call him a low rated bastard, but then after thinking about it I concluded that I would be insulting the low rated bastards.

  18. anyone who would commit adultery with Joe Biden is a POS. she and first hubby got gropey Joe elected to the commission in Delaware. all four ran together. perhaps wifey found out, and ran the kids and herself in front of a semi. gropey got a lot of attention and Jilly the doctor hopped into his bed. first hubby found out by accident, as joey wrecked Jillys vette that first hubby gave her. person he hit told hubby, he confronted doctor biden and she didn’t deny affair. moved out that night. they did not meet through blind date,, but it sounds like a fairy tale… they both are adulterers. read the first hubby book that is out. all in there. all really happened. just like joey, she is a liar and a cheat. water seeks its own level. no wonder their kid turned out like hunter. they saw too much.

  19. Fake news fake election fake Biden fake Nancy and I could go on and on about the fake that they’re are in our government and been there for years. He just following the clintons the Kennedys the carters and all those money hungry sexual deprived individuals and the Republicans have theirs too. You going to be sure one thing in the Bible it says be sure your sins will find you out. So as much as they try to hide and the fake news tries to hide them it’s all going to be revealed and I know their names are not reading at the end of heavenly called.

  20. If diary can be validated as authentic and true, 100% expose it. No more hiding and protecting sexual preditors and pediphiles. I don’t care who they are. He’s a criminal, creep, phoney, fraud, cheat, liar, fake, and poor leader. He needs to be prosecuted and put in jail. God never told us to lay down and die and turn a blind eye to wrong-doing. That’s what conservatives have done for too long. It’s time to stand up and actually DO SOMETHING TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THESE CRIMINAL SWAMP REPUBLICANS AND COMMUNIST LEFTIST SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS. There will NEVER be healing under this administration. They all need to be obliterated from the face of the earth.

  21. The whole dam family is CORRUPT and they all need to be locked up in jail. I can’t wait to see them all in orange jumpsuits!! He Joe, doesn’t not belong in the White House and should not be allowed to set foot anywhere near it as he is NOT my President and never will be. He is a the most corrupt person on this planet and is a disgrace to the human race! LOCK HIM UP YESTERDAY!!!

  22. The hidenbidens seem to be very dark sick people, what’s a little incest, u ask? Pervert,corrupt,puppet,dementia,joe probably belongs behind bars,not behind the white house desk, this blithering,idiot, is a very unstable individual, as u can tell,he likes to run away from real questions,if some one would ask him one. He is not bright enough to answer most, because he runs away, like a little chicken that he is.

  23. Biden is such a pervert, way to go Democrats for allowing your pervert to hold the office of President. You people are as sick as he is

  24. Joe Biden is obviously addicted to devious sexual behaviors, and it is shocking to read that his daughter, while still young, is admitting that she felt uncomfortable about taking showers with her dad…Wow! Talk about perverts! If this kind of information had gotten out at the time it happened, Biden would have been charged with sex molestation of an underaged child. And I can’t believe that he is serious when he claims to be a church-going Catholic! It’s no wonder that in recent years, one of the priests refused to give him communion….and I cannot fault this priest for obeying God’s commandments. There is one verse in the Bible which shows God’s anger against those who cause children to stumble: “And whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea.” Based on his past behaviors, Joe Biden is standing on a precipice at the moment, the bottom of which is hell, and if he doesn’t want to end up there, he needs to seriously repent of his sins and ask God for forgiveness.

  25. To be or not to be “FREE”  —Liberals continue to take over our government and trash the Constitution. If we are going to keep our rights, we may have to fight for them. What our military and law enforcement do will determine the outcome.
    QUESTION FOR ALL MILITARY AND LAW OFFICERS: If freedom-loving Americans are forced into protecting their rights by bearing arms, how are you going to stand?

  26. How can that filthy dog continue to be out of jail? Where is the child protection agency? That child’s life has been damaged to a great degree. While our government swept it under the rug so no one would know. Seems like more than biden ought to be put in jail better yet under it. All that tried to hide such a horrible crime is guilty as much as he is. All should be held accountable for ruining that chid’s life.

  27. Well don’t expect Biden to be treated like Kavanaugh. Get real the left will give Biden the same pass they hande out to Clinton and Teddy Kennedy before that. The abosolute worse ALL the perverts in Hollywoid will do is joke about it.

  28. Biden is a disgusting old man and I hope somebody is brave enough to fully investigate this and put that old bastard in jail! I’m getting sick and tired of every day hearing about his f***** up family and nobody doing anything about it but they went after Trump relentlessly and still are! Hey media, grow a pair will you and do what’s right… Expose the truth quit hiding behind all this b*******. There’s over 100 million of us who will not stop until the left get what they deserve.

    1. This is what it will be for the next four years is leaving comments and wanting the sick man in jail. All of them are above the law like Hillary. Guess we will have to obey all his great changes and watch him make a fool of himself the next four years. By then he will have the country destroyed be on repair. Trump had this country going in the right direction until all the idiots voted for him.

  29. Yes despicable pedophile. I say as before Joe “Corruption Biden” is not OUR President! And NEVER will be. He belongs in prison. He knows who rigged the election.

  30. The democrats are angling for a permanent leftist regime in the US. Think about that one for awhile. They’re looking to pack the not-so-supreme court and make it more political than it is now. The court is fast becoming irrelevant with the “leadership” of John Roberts who appears to have something to hide. Or is it just weakness? With regard to the media, it is here we find the biggest of the criminal presence in the country. They are now supporting Biden’s weak response to the Chinese threat and helping to hide Biden’s nasty sexual proclivities. But let’s not sweep their identities under the carpet by referring to them as “the media”. They have names, and we need to remember them all. The largest names I can recall at this moment are: The New York Times; Washington Post; CNN; MSNBC; NPR; United Nations; World Health Organization; and all the poor, dumb, democrat voters who made this mess possible, even beyond the obvious voter fraud of 2020. I’ll add one surprise to the list, the Wall Street Journal. In the past week, two of its female “journalists” created a really disgusting hit piece on the Capitol storming of 1/6/2021, where they advanced the total lie that there was no voter fraud in the garbage “election” to which we were recently subjected. It’s all too grisly for words.

  31. Biden is a sick pervert and needs to be in rehab and jail. He is a puppet and us too dumb to know it. If not true why would his own daughter say this about her father. Jill just wants her 1st Lady position. She doesnt care what happens to him. She has fame and all the dirty money. Harris is just as bad. A mistress and Escort call girl. A sick bunch of government in office. Also just got to say this. I lost my son 14 years ago. I know the pain but fir Raskin to use his dead sons death as a weapon for sympathy during the impeachment is worthy of burning in hell you POS.

  32. The very first comment of this subject
    Not start another Smear Campaign !!
    No one has to, Biden took care of that himself. That SOB needs to be put Under The Jail even that’s too good!
    You can bet your last dollar if it was Trump, you couldn’t shut up the Mainstream Media. He deserves whatever he gets and More.

  33. I should have we included this when I first commented on the morning of 2/16.The info was in my Gmail from merican Liberty Reports at 8:17 am 2/16.Reead it.When the story was first up on 9/17/20 I Went to the diary and read most of the 100 pages.Sick

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