Biden Wants Amnesty for 40 Million Illegals “Immediately”

The people pulling the puppet-strings of Grandpa Alzheimer’s are not going to make the same mistake of previous presidential administrations. The Biden admin isn’t going to goof around with a huge foreign war like the Bush administration before pushing amnesty, or nation-altering changes to the health care system like the Obama administration before pushing amnesty. The Biden puppeteers are going for the brass ring. Amnesty for 40 million illegal aliens is THE big push that they will be making immediately.

The Los Angeles Times gloats that this time, there will be no attempts to compromise with the bigoted rightwing extremists known as “Americans.” We will get nothing out of the deal being crafted by the Biden-Harris team, while the Democrat Party will get somewhere between 32 and 35 million permanent Democrat voters. No need to ever worry about Americans getting to choose their own president after that!

The Times gleefully reports, “The bold opening salvo that the new administration plans in its first days doesn’t include the ‘security first’ political concession of past efforts.”

At least that will shorten the number of pages that the new amnesty bill will have. Besides, it’s not like the federal government has ever complied with the security half of any previous amnesty. They’ve got the amnesty part down pat, but then always get really lax when it comes to any security measures that are passed in the same bills.


Ronald Reagan’s 1986 amnesty (which he called his “biggest mistake” after he left office), to name just one, contained provisions would give amnesty to one million illegal aliens. Cute, right? That’s how many illegals the American people were told we had in the US. But security-wise, there was supposed to be a harsh set of penalties imposed on any employer that ever hired an illegal alien again.

The “compromise” was that we would amnesty all of the illegals here one time, and in exchange, any employer who ever hired an illegal alien, ever again, would be fined $10,000 per illegal alien and would face jail time for repeat offenses.

Four million illegals received amnesty under the deal, and not employer was ever prosecuted as part of that law. Oh, did we say four million? What happened to the one million that we were told were in the country? They somehow quadrupled when it came time to hand them their new authentication papers!

There was a special farmworker amnesty carveout in the 1986 amnesty, because otherwise we would have crops rotting in the fields here in America. Remember that? More than one million illegals suddenly showed up just for the farmworker amnesty portion of the ’86 amnesty. New York City alone boasted more than 100,000 farmworkers. Many of the intrepid “farmworkers” who were “doing the jobs that Americans just won’t do” declared that cotton was purple during their super-hard quiz with Immigration and Naturalization Services bureaucrats. Approved!

After the paperwork was rubberstamped for nearly 900,000 illegal alien farmworkers, a government audit discovered that – gasp! – 888,637 of them had lied and had never actually set foot on a farm. Not that the government did anything about this, such as revoking their citizenship or deporting them. They just looked really embarrassed for a few seconds and then said Neener-Neener to the American people.

The Biden puppeteers aren’t wasting any time by promising any sort of enforcement measures. Those will never be enforced anyway. Look how difficult it was for President Trump to build 450 miles of new wall over four years without any help from Republicans in Congress.

The Democrats are hilariously claiming that this will be a pathway to citizenship for “11 million” illegal aliens. We’ve had “11 million” illegal aliens inside the country since about 1990. The number magically never goes up or down. The most likely figure is somewhere between 25 and 40 million.

And as if that’s not enough, the Biden amnesty includes an even faster pathway to citizenship for all of Obama’s DACA frauds. When Obama unilaterally and unconstitutionally started handing out work cards to those scammers, illegals from more than 190 countries immediately signed up for it. A frustrated INS auditor who quit his job in disgust publicly noted that well over 50% of the DACA recipients were fraudulent. None of them met the specific age requirements to qualify as “child arrivals,” but they were all approved anyway.

It’s almost as if people who are willing to breach the sanctity of a national border illegally have no compunctions about lying on government forms!

This is shaping up to be the first big fight of 2021. If Republicans in the Senate do not hold the line and refuse to budge on amnesty, we lose all the marbles. The Democrats will amnesty so many new voters in that they won’t even have to steal the next presidential election.

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116 thoughts on “Biden Wants Amnesty for 40 Million Illegals “Immediately””

  1. Democrats will sink America. Biden should be IMPEACHED‼️ What’s up with this “Come to Daddy” policy? What about the immigrants who have followed the law and have received citizenship the right way?!How stupid to overwhelm this Country with that illegal and unnecessary burden when we’re already fighting a deadly and costly Virus that has hurt the whole country. Who voted for him? Rescind your vote. Look at what’s happening.

    1. What about the diseases that have been eradicated that these people will be bringing across the border? And with all the illegals here already, we are all fighting just to stay alive with all this crap that is going on!!!!!! Hey, Sleepy Joe, rescind your stupid idea. You are already starting to make a mess of everything Mr. Trump has been trying to clean up for the last 4 years and you waltz in and start making all these stupid changes. I for one hope your impeachment goes through to the finish. Get your head out of the sand and serve the AMERICAN people that are here LEGALLY!!!!! Lord help us all for the next 4 years!!!!! Our Lord and Savior is still in charge and I hope the American people will wake up and realize that. Mr. Trump was against amnesty for illegal aliens and abortion. He was for the wall being built to keep the illegals out as were the rest of our Nation. What are you going to do, give them free housing, education, food, businesses, SS that the rest of us has had to pay all our working lives? That is preposterous to say the least. I will not acknowledge you as our president. There were people saying Mr. Trump was an Illigitimate president. At least he was voted in legally. He didn’t have to cheat to be President. js i am a very upset American right now. js

      1. I am very upset also. Asshole Biden and Vice Asshole Harris are destroying America as we know it. I didn’t vote for them. Please God protect the USA from those traitors who are trying to Destroy our country and way of life.
        The idiots who voted for them deserve whatever
        they get. The rest of us don’t. Please impeach
        Biden before it’s to late.


          2. Americans do have a breaking point, and it is on our horizon. Hopefully it will first be a massive pushback in the streets, before and not after the fact. But, for certain, it won’t be the result of rationality–that hasn’t worked at all–but a visceral response like a weakened damn suddenly giving way.

        1. The American taxpayer’s will be paying for all this mess the sick lunatics are putting us through. They are too demented to run our country properly and should be prosecuted for their hatred to our country, What will it take to get this mental man and camel face out of office?

          1. That is a very Godless and stupid post. Think of what you are saying. Abortion is murder and your advocating it. I will pray for you.

          2. If you shoot Biden that shit Harris becomes President and that joke Pelosi becomes Vice President! Joe needs to live out his useless term which is too bad. The fact is he has no idea what’s going on, the left wing socialists he is surrounded by are making all of the decisions he’s just along for the ride!

      2. I agree with J F Vinyard , The illegals will break this country. How stupid can we be? Never mind, I know the answer. Just don’t know what to do about it,

        1. In the article, a partisan called for ‘dignity’ for illegals, bypassing cries for sanity from Americans.
          Reality will prevail in the end, as it always does, with much heartache and carnage in its wake. For the cardboard reality that is the Left’s Utopia will sweep America away.
          Weakened by destruction and division, our enemies will not treat us with compassion.
          Thank God for Jesus. Come Lord, please come. And until you do, give us your strength to prevail.

      3. I say shoot them as they crossed the border as they come into our country and murder our families get a smack on the head and get 30 days in jail here and get sent back to their home country where they walk right back across the border I say shoot on sight I’m sorry but that’s the only way to do it right Joe for president and I’m not talkin biden neither I’m Republican 110%

      4. He fell right into a trap when he signed the Bill for Roe Vs Wade on National Sanctity of Life Day and that was January 22nd haha on him.

      5. I agree whole heartedly. These people need to follow the rules to come to this country not be given a free pass and all of us paying for them. How many criminals are there coming in and sickness they bring with them. We the people need to be heard not forgot about . God help us with this administration .

      6. As always: They just do not understand the word”ILLEGAL?” Definition is in Websters Dictionary. They also KNOW: That they themselves are not the ones Dealing Out The Money For These “ILLEGALS to Live ON OR GET EDUCATED. while Americans Work and Save TO SEND THEIR CHILDREN TO SCHOOLS, ILLEGALS GET A FREE RIDE?????? FOOD STAMPS AND HOUSING??????????????? WE have enough Homeless.

      7. If 70 million people refuse to pay taxes then they won’t have the money to do anything! What are they going to do? Send out millions of tax people to our houses? When employees don’t do their job, you fire them- they all seem to forget who they work for

    2. Jeanett, you are so correct. biden is spitting in the face of all who support our American nation. Come on in, world, and we will support you. We are broke ourselves, but we will go for more broke as led down the path to destruction by our illegitimate president, biden. His corruption of our voting system, which he openly brags about, is what got him his illegitimate “victory.”
      We pray that we survive our contact with biden and get our nation back to a corruption-free government.
      VOTE RED!!!

      1. China Interfered with the Election that’s why he Won and the only reason why he won he wasn’t voted in as president they have paperwork on it but the CIA and FBI covered it up tell me if you think that they are truly working to protect the American People I don’t think they are!

    3. All a ploy for democrat votes in 2022 and 2024. Maybe the people who’s jobs will be taken by them will come to realize the mistake made to vote for Biden -Harris but it will be too late. The low wage workers who tend to vote liberal-socialism-welfare are the very ones who will be affected as they loose their jobs to lower paid illegals who will destroy this country. Congress had got to stop this if they can.

      1. An article yesterday quoted about 6 major unions who heartily supported Biden but are now shocked by the loss of good-paying Keystone jobs.
        That’s the kind of stupid we’re up against. Half the country wasn’t fooled but our ‘betters’ were! (By ‘betters’ I’m using DC standards: those who have the most money, which is never enough.)

    4. Jeanette — after much research — I don’t believe it was the American voters who put this pedophile and street walker in office, oh-there were some ignorant enough to vote for them but not that many. It is all the illegal ballots (the ones that magically appeared all over the country – whereever needed),the flip-flop voting machines, in many places where there was more ballots cast than registered voters and they are hard to rescind. The whole election was a total government scam (from the VP down to the lowest politician in this country) to insure Trump did NOT win. Every branch of our government turned a blind eye when the evidence of fraudulent and criminal activity was presented to them. There is only 1 way to take our country back and most Americans won’t have the guts to do it.

      1. Wow, you still romantic about our Great Nation? ‘Illegal,’ that’s a term used against the Right, not the Left. The term for the Left is ‘lawLESS.’ A civil war has been officially ‘on’ since Obama. Especially after he used the IRS to win in 2012.
        All the authorities are complicit and silent: SCOTUS, the courts, DOJ, FBI, White House, Congress, MSM, the corporate world, on and on. Even significant parts of military elites. All that’s left are pockets of sanity and a majority of the populace. Makes sense. ‘We’ started America and the riches ‘We’ built upon it were stolen by our enemies. Accept the literal new world order and be serfs and make a last stand for a new beginning: smarter and wiser.

    5. All part of nazionist plan to destroy America from within they make living conditions bad for people in their countries by bringing others to work look up how not to hire Americans they are doing the same world wide so they they can slither on and destroy livelihoods , communities, customs, traditions hollidays snd what ever else they can

      1. You’re so spot on. It’s absolutely dumfounding that a globalist, not an America i.e. Trump, is sitting in the Oval Office. This is oh-so much worse then seeing a President [Kennedy] assassinated right before our eyes and the CIA cabal getting away with it.

    6. I don’t want the illegal immigrants in our country to kill, steal, rape our girls etc. I know TRUMP won and the election was fixed for BIden The machines in Michigan proved this. Biden has been illegally involved with Ukraine, etc. and his son as well. He should never be in the office he is in it illegally.HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED>..and put in prison with Obama , Bush and both the Clinton’s as well.


    7. This is called an out of control government he and all of them Democrats and Republicans took the oath to up hold and protect the U S A against foreign and Domestic invasion or Terrorist.
      This why the second amendment is needed we’re being run by a terrarium government and he’s the puppet , this is bigger than we think . All I know is there’s a caravan supposed to coming and that’s a foreign invasion any person or persons cross that boarder are illegals and they Invaded our county and are criminals. This alone that they’re going against their oath is putting the U S citizens in jeopardy is reason enough the Military should remove this treasonous regime. If nothing happens we the people arm up and stop the invasion and if shot to kill in what it takes shoot to kill there asking for this they been asking for it for along long time and this the MAIN reason they want of weapons just like the British and the Germans in 1940 so we can never let this Regime take down the USA ! Remove All Of Traders from the White House NOW!!!!!!

    8. And we thought Obuma was dumb, this guy is really dumb. And just think he is going to put these illegal aliens on Welfare and other benefits. Hope he has help from his Chinese buddies to pay for it. America is in big trouble and it is only getting started. More to come.

    9. The commie democrats have done more harm to America in a very short period of time than all the other presidents put together. Their plan is to make America a socialist Country and that the government will be the dictator of the people. Plain and simple.

    10. Does this mean that all illegal immigrants will receive free healthcare? Who will supply the medical care-insurance companies (the rest of us will see increased premiums) or medicare (and our tqaxes will go up)? How stupid are we to allow biden and the democrats to do this?

  2. Do not repeat mistakes of the past. The government works for legal Americans. I know I don’t want 40 million more people that came here by illegal means. It was a mistake agreed by all in the past . It isn’t going to work. Seems someone is trying for 40 million votes rather than thinking about the American people.

    1. Edwin — the demoTRASH don’t care what we think. Anyone who thought this wouldn’t happen is a total village idiot or are ignoring the obvious.

    2. Sure it works–it is guaranteed to lure 40 million MORE to come here in hopes of another amnesty for THEM! They’re already massing on our southern border, with MORE caravans on the way! If they hurry, they can be added to Senile Joe’s mass amnesty!

      1. They are coming for all the freebies that these commie democrats will be giving them. America is in big trouble, and there is more to come.

  3. they first stated by the communist news media it 11 million now it is Biden Wants Amnesty for 40 Million Illegals “Immediately”
    They never worked or paid taxes but these Jackasses in congress want to remove all their crimes with AMMESTY, give them Homes, Jobs, (what jobs ours!!) free medical instead of or Veterans whom served this country, free education were as we have to pay for our children and theirs,

    Coming in to America the right way is one thing but to break our Laws to start with is pure CRIMINAL and they should rounded up and kick out of the USA, and all communist democrats should be impeached for FAILURE to comply with the Oath of office and the Constitution, to preserve/protect and defend the Constitution. No where in the Constitution does it say Illegals has the Rights of Free Americans and should receive the benefits’ that we worked for, to be remove form the people and handed over to ILLEGALS CRIMINAL IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!

  4. Each welfare recipient, criminal, drug courier or terrorist that is pitchforked in usually brings one or two other, so we are talking about 100 million non-American un-American anti-American ringers within a year, It is now clear that there will be no comeback in 2022 or 2024, and there will not even be elections as we know them. In all likelihood, American culture and the constitutional republic are gone, and in all likelihood we will be Venezuela del Norte by the end of the dement’s term. As Churchill said after the Munich agreement, ” we have sustained a total and unmitigated defeat, and a defeat without war, the consequences of which will go far with us”. January 20, the day of the executive orders, will be recognized by historians of the Second Civil War as the day on which the death spiral began which ended in the American Peoples Republic, a one-party Spanish-speaking satrapy of China. Biden delendum est! #NotMyPresident. #StolenElection. #FuckBiden. #Resist.


  6. At this point why even bother to have a border patrol? With the Dims in power the border patrol is another name for DOORMEN who simply hold the doors open while saying watch your step and have a good day.

    1. Hey there Ice Cube…… our Vice President wants badly to abolish ICE. You’re right, when that happens, “border patrol” is non existent. No more sovereignty for this country my friend. They stole the election so they could do THIS to us!! I want to run, but don’t know to where it is I’d go!! What a truly creepy and unsettling feeling

      America the Beautiful

      All for votes sake………. I guess!!

      1. A G R E E whole heartedly. Where can we go? We HAD the best laws anywhere, but now the worst. Citizens are not cared for. Illegals and criminals have all the rights. We know Trump won a LANDSLIDE and yet our voices are stolen and we are not even allowed to talk about it. The media acts as though nothing has happened!!! The Chinese are calling the shots. Most of our public officials are fully compromised!!!! I have seen the homes being built in DC. What honest public official can afford this lifestyle????

        1. I’m seeing a number of calls for civil war and I don’t disagree. BUT, how does that come about? Who will organize, lead and fund the movement? How many of us will be willing to leave our jobs and homes to take up arms? If anyone has an answer, I’m listening. It’s definitely time for a convention of the states to discuss our options.

  7. Making 20 to 40 million illegal immigrants legal citizens isn’t being done just to obtain their votes. It’s part of a larger plan to install an authoritarian regime of socialist/communist who will replace the constitution with the communist manifesto. It fits in with the plan (rig the election) they just executed. The American Thinker tells us “Republicans are now enemies of the state, and by extension, so are tens of millions of patriots”. For Democrats, there will be “a steep price to pay by all who oppose them”.

  8. I’ve been saying this shit for a while. What is to really be expected from the Demorats (i’ve got to stop using the “rat” word because it’s an insult to the rodents). What was to be expected when a lying, treason was just “sworn into office office by telling “the lie heard around the world” with his hand on the bible & swearing to uphold the Constitution. He will justify that lie by claiming “seperation of church and sate” makes the oath immaterial. Biden is Satan’s definition of a Catholic! It is horrifying to see the U.S.A. & life as we’ve known it ending. His plans for systematically destroying this country shows you just how stupid & inept he & the rest of his cronies actually are if they say that their actions will benefit the country. There are no words in the vocabulary to properly describe the amount of contempt I’m feeling towards the Dem party. How the hell has it been allowed to get such a large group of idiotic, inept creatures in control of the U.S.A. I’m wondering if one of the “bills” that treasonous communist signed on his 1st day is a “re-education/deprogramming plan” to make any right-wing into believing in the Dem (communist) way of thinking, or if not, then sent to concentration camps or the gas chambers….HELLO Hitler!!! History IS repeating itself!!

    1. A G R E E! Even the Canadians are unhappy about the pipeline shutdown. It would have provided thousands and thousands of jobs. The Dems want the poor and middle class to pay higher gas prices, higher taxes, and to feed and house thousands and thousands of illegals. Hopefully our young people will open their eyes and see how destructive the Dems are. They are for BIG GOVERNMENT, dumbing the people down, taking away intelligent conversation. It will only lead to debt, unemployment, people losing their homes, more drug use and just general dissatisfaction with life.

  9. Why is it that I …. an American ready to retire , has to watch these non skilled, diseased, illegals walk into MY COUNTRY and immediately they have more nobility than myself.

    It’d be nice if my new administration would actually cater to us Americans first, but as we’ve been told….. that’s not going to happen.

    I’m in a central, southern CA town last month. It’s 8:15 in the morning and I’m going to the grocery store. I come up to a stop light. A Hispanic woman is pushing a stroller with two kids in it thru the crosswalk in front of me. She is seemingly pregnant. She also has a kid in a front pack, and a child on her back as well. Also, there are two other children walking next to the stroller. The oldest kid I see looks to be no older than 6 years. Anybody seeing the picture I’m painting?!!!! Are these seven kid all hers?!!!!! Anyway, that’s what the democrats are serving up these days.
    I’m so proud to be American.
    What amazes me even more is how brain dead Joe keeps talking about the “dark times” we’re entering. For once, I agree with the old pervert

    “Dark Times”………… well, Hairy Legs Joe is calling it like it is. What a great mantra for the beginning of your presidential tenure. Personally, I’m scared shitless.

    The whole Biden administration is not only a terrible start to 2021, its illegitimate.

    New World Order…………. WELCOME AMERICA


    2. I agree with your statement, JonnyJ, that you are “scared shitless”, I am too! The first thing that comes to my mind about our “NEW” Commie take-over schemes and the current rant of getting rid of the MAGA people, if you recall, the “conspiracy theories” not too long ago about FEMA building detention/concentration camps around the Country and the huge storage of body pods…well, I now believe that those theories aren’t ‘theories’ anymore! In the past few years I have noticed huge concrete buildings going up throughout the Country, no signage on the walls or grounds letting you know what it is, large high fencing, controlled entrances (I have 3 or more right here in my area that I have been suspicious of), I don’t doubt one bit that our “America” is on the way out.

  10. Welcome to the latest Third World Nation , the newest Banana Republic once known as the United States Of America , it will now be recognized as the Democratic Biden States of Illegals .

    1. This is all just too horrible…this “administration “ is surely going to ruin our country! Unbelievable!!

  11. No HUMAN is ILLEGAL?!? . . . That’s what PRISONS and DEPORTATIONS are ABOUT! One Enlightened Patriot Amused By Stupidity. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (it AIN’T Going away!).

    1. I had to laugh at the rainbow colored sign in the article too Joey P…… aren’t these liberals fun to live with?!!! Gimme a break already!

  12. All I can say is Biden is NOT my President and hope he is NOT yours either. He should have been disqualified from being in the race to begin with. He is nothing more than a corrupt illegitimate President and needs to be impeached ASAP and put behind bars with his son Hunter and the rest of his cronies. I would love to see them all in orange jumpsuits and be treated with the worse thing that could happen to anyone. They deserve to spend the rest of their life in jail and even that is to good for them. Bringing 20 or 40 million illegals into our country is just outrageous and he Biden should have his head examined for even thinking of something like this. We have more than enough to take care of with our own people so why do we need them to bring in disease when we have a pandemic going on and they would steal our jobs and it would cost us to pay for their medical care, etc. This STINKS to high heaven and needs to be stopped yesterday!!!!!!!! God help us if this kind of thing gets passed and really happens. Ugh!!!!!! Amen

    1. Hey Joanne: The actual punishment of TREASON (Biden) is death by firing squad. I know there are individuals out there that think that is “cruel and inhumane” punishment, but he has been screwing the public with stupidity & treason for 1/2 a century already, and now he’s got the keys to the White House (at least until he resigns and that “hoe” Harris takes over), and he’s got the rest of the inept Dem party behind him. I think just because he has somewhat the looks of a human, it is a “swamp creature” in disguise & the true punishment should be carried out. Of course that could NEVER happen, because he can now pardon himself and any/all of his corrupt cronies.

  13. I could say so much here. It sickens my heart and spirit that this idiot Biden and the rest of the sick swamp people, are in office. Already in less then 8 hours he damming this country. God we your people are crying put to you to take these people out. Have mercy on us, and destroy these evil people.

  14. I want to commend all of you by name. the democratic party , most of there publican party if not all of it , the media & it’s anchors for their reporting of things according to their views , the late night talk shows & their hosts , pass , present & future views of presidents , pence , clintons , obamas , pelosi , biden , harris , mcconell , the swamp , for their attempts to destroy one man over the course of 4 years & more . I would only hope that your EVIL & WICKED works will come back to visit you in the next 4 years . you have not only tried to destroy one person , but all of the american people in this country in the pass , present & future . speaking of future I will be voting independent from this day forward . May GOD BLESS you for all you have done . AMEN !

  15. So he wants 40 million illegal aliens here along with a $15 an hour minimum wage. Get ready for unemployment to go up to levels even worse than they were during the great depression. I wonder how hard it is to become an expatriate to some country with a sane president.

    1. Hey Robert: Unfortunately there will be nowhere to go beacause it’s going to be like Domino’s. The U.S.A., up until now, has been the “shining star” of Democracy. Now that Communism/dictatorship is going to be “the new norm”, & we have defended Democracy around the world, that will no longer be the case. The “trickle down affect” will not be a “trickle”, because we are now more vulnerable than ever for an attack from a communist/dictatorship country. The longer the Dems have total control, the more vulnerable we are both economically & security of the nation. It is a HORRIFYING thought, being a veteran, to see this country falling into the Democratic parties abyss of treason to every citizen!

  16. The destruction of America started when all government agencies and courts were corrupted by Democrats and Americans stood by and let it happen. Trump tried to save us from ourselves but corruption was deeper than even he thought. He begged Americans to stop this at the polls but corrupt state officials, RINO, and Democrats screwed everyone. So now we have a crime boss illegitimate President, a corrupt Vice President, and a Democratic led government. It’s always been said that a country can vote itself into socialism but you have to shoot your way out. Someone stated above that most Americans will not have the guts to do what it takes to fix this sham. I guess we will have to see.

  17. REGARDLESS of the actual number of illegal aliens in the USA, assuming that Biden should or would be impeached for granting amnesty is largely wishful thinking on the part of American Patriots nation-wide! However, SHOULD he be impeached, convicted, and removed from office, then Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi would have to be considered for termination with extreme prejudice (summary execution, in other words) because both are next in the line of succession to the Presidency, and both are overqualified for the “ALL enemies, both FOREIGN and DOMESTIC” category in their respective oaths of office, oaths administered to EVERY elected federal official prior to assuming office and to every individual enlisting in the Armed Forces of the United States ! The crooked Democrats and their poll taker stooges are equally guilty of conspiracy, complicity, and voter/election fraud and must be dealt with accordingly! BOTTOM LINE: NO AMNESTY for illegal aliens NOW or EVER, and a total and a comprehensive ROUNDUP and DEPORTATION of ALL illegal aliens present in this country! Realistic? Maybe not, but infinitely preferable to the “amnesty” status quo!

  18. I have read many of these posts and you are ALL missing the point. The pedophile and street walker are nothing but puppets to a much darker and sinister organization. When a complete government (ALL BRANCHES) turn on a sitting President like they did to Trump – you know there is a total conspiracy to oust him. Unless we act(it won’t be easy or pretty) we will be completely under the control of a group of wealthy dirtbags who think they know better than anyone else how the world should be run and Trump was a wrench in their plans. The American voter didn’t put these 2 sleazes in office the dark organization did.

  19. Biden has already started illegal activities just like Obama. One of the first actions was to rejoin the Paris sham. This is a treaty. The constitution specifically says a president cannot enter into a treaty without 2/3 approval of Congress. This did not happen for either Obama when he did it nor Biden yesterday. This is an illegitimate treaty signed by the second corrupt president. Americans need to open their eyes and demand Biden be impeached and prosecuted. Harris paid for criminals to be put back on the streets without trials. She should be impeached and prosecuted. This is a disgrace to Americans.

  20. Okay,
    Quickly all you folks living on that Social Security. Watch Biden cut that in half so he can “be nice” and share it with 40,000,000 new Americans” because, “That’s who he and Obama are”. He’s more worried about letting transgendered idiots into your daughter’s locker room at school, and cancelling out the Keystone Pipeline. And maybe every time he leave’s the basement, he’ll put 30,000 (2 Divisions) of troops on the streets so he can go to MacDonald’s to get Big Mac, and to ask them, “How do you like that $15 an hour I gave you? President Trump, “PLEASE COME BACK” before this Chinese puppet kill’s us with inflation! When are they going (Congress) to charge him for Impeachment for the crimes he committed in Ukraine and Chyna when he was VP the last time? I heard “today”? Hurry, before it’s too late!

  21. What a dumb thing to do to the actual citizens of this country!! We do not approve of any such action and these creeps want to stick us with the costs – health and social security – plus all sorts of other freebies.

    But then its typical Democrat stuff – take from producers and give to non-producers for their votes.

  22. We now we see the power of the deep state, New world order, etc . Infilltrate the states, local governments etc, all with big money to finance those that are greedy and power struck. Feed the people a mountain of lies, finance disorder in our cites by financing BLM, Antifa, etc. and you mix well and stir and you will get what we are receiving. From the states, bought and paid for greedy power hungry politicians corrupt ,bought unqualified leaders and Hello China #2. Fasten your seat belts, learn to not have what you need, Made to work in government owned factories, oh and did I mention food shortages? Young people indoctrinated in a corrupt educational system completely ignorantly of actual morality and Wisdom and the story unfolds.
    God, we need to repent and admit our guilt in allowing this to happen.
    A Child of Uncle Sam

  23. Mr Unity says he is for ALL Americans, then he signs 17 executive none are good for the American people. And not in office 24 hours and he has become the worst President (Occupier) in history.

  24. I don’t think that is a very good Idea, we are having job problems already, why would we hurt the america people by adding more pressure

  25. I forgot, You can thank the Democratisch-Socialist Marxist Bernie Sanders for the $15.00 minimum wage. And now Amason want’s to help with the shipping of Covid-19 anecdotes. Why didn’t they help when President Trump was there? Not worried about Americans dying until after the last Prez left office. Make them pay their shipping charges! Don’t tweet/Goog. Don’t go to Kohls or buy from Simon/Shuster. Get pillows from

  26. Treason is a crime and punishment must be carried out. Harris has been funding anti-American hate groups and bailing them out of jails…question is who put her in as VP…whoever, put her in as VP must be even worse than her and we know what should be done with people who commit treason.
    The democratic party has no decent people running …anymore…that is why the same old crap keeps showing up at their elections…decent people run from the word democrat….Bidenhood and his merry men will only last so long….the veil is being pulled back and exposure of the evil intent is surfacing…one way or the other….remember the words “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is if good men do nothing” I believe in the good men and women of America…God fearing men and women — with God’s help we will conquer this and set our sights on God and country once again.

  27. You democrats have what you voted for. I hope you are happy with the result. You have elected an individual with no interest in improving he life of US citizens. He is only trying to honor his commitments to his base and his supporters in China while destroying the economy of this country. Get ready, the best is yet to come.

  28. I wrote this a week ago before the demented new POTUS upped it to 40 Million. The Democrat NAT** **** think they can never lose another election if they can stamp VOTER of the foreheads of 40 million people, right? Also the *** Obama’s Great Reset to SOCIALISM so they can STEAL/SEIZE every last American dime from us & then treat us like Sheeple & dole out just enough to scrape by or die. Yes, he wants A COMMUNIST CHINA DICTATORSHIP in AMERICA. Move out of the pig sty that will be America if the HORROR SHOW continues.
    40 MILLION! YES FORTY million illegals already sucking America dry will now get a FREE RIDE from stumbling bumbling demented JOE BIDEN, yes, the demented dying brain surgeon.
    Mostly poor & uneducated, used to living in slums, many cannot speak English, without manners, without inoculations for DISEASE, without any conscience or qualms about committing any crime to survive. They also will use women & children to satisfy their needs without hesitation BECAUSE that is what the MALE SC** did in the slums of whatever country they fled. Or escaped prisoners, escaped MS13 gang bangers, murderers, drug lords, & sex traffickers, you name it & they are here already, but now they will be granted Citizenship for their crimes. Drug addicts & mules, Slum lords & MS13 gangs do not know any better or simply DO NOT CARE. Do you think MS-13 will ask your daughter nicely beforehand? NO, they kidnap, use, abuse, torture & then chop to pieces whomever they please!
    Any jobs you had or any chance of a JOB if the Great Dem LOCK DOWN SCAM ever ends, is gone now; you have 11 million all of a sudden subsidized legal fake American Citizens to steal every job you ever had, by working for less. Yes the minorities & blacks that were born here out of luck now. Thank you JOE BIDEN!
    And Biden is not done there are legions of illegals heading for our borders because Demented Lying Dying Joe Biden loves them ALL. We will be overrun with diseased unclean uneducated penniless people of all ages everywhere draining AMERICA’s Scant Resources & OBAMA will tell BIDEN to do exactly what they did before. They will fill buses with them & send them to every American City to dump the problem on AMERICAN citizens & bankrupt states. And they will spread whatever disease they brought with them to the rest of us. Can we send them all to live with *** Pelosi, Chucky * the rest of the Dems? It is only fair they love them so, so, much, right? Pelosi already swears that she feeds them all anyway.
    40 million penniless uneducated individuals to suck America DRY. They are already getting a ton of benefits we the working legal taxpayers (yeah the SAPS) are paying for. It will only get worse, much, much WORSE!

  29. So, we can all expect murder, rape, & robbery to go up, & prices of houses w/100 miles of the border to plummet! Not to mention the spread of many diseases, the likes of which this country hasn’t seen in yrs or decades! That shit did happen & was stopped by BP under Trump! & why worry about security? Until YOU are being robbed, raped, or murdered, or some one YOU care about IS! FUCK YOU Trump for NOT signing the Insurrection Act into being, this blood will be on YOUR hands! This is all his fault! Sure the DemonBRats lied, stole, & cheated to get elected; just like most pf the 40 million parasites who are gonna get priority over American citizens now will; but ONE E.O. & this WOULDN’T BE HAPPENING AT ALL! How many more Kate Steinle’s murders will happen now? 100’s more! How many more robberies, houses & businesses & cars broken into & stolen?! 100’s more! How many more car jackings, rapes, & murders? 100’s more! How many more kidnappings of children which end in rape of & murder of said kids by these scumbags?! 🙁 How much more will human trafficking skyrocket? How many more drug & drug cartel related crimes? 1,000’s! How many more terrorist attacks like 9/11?

    Since Trump abandoned us all, WE, THE PEOPLE, now must stop this shit! & By any means necessary! Civil war & nothing less! Fuck voting, fuck protesting, fuck negotiating, just lock & load & take down the regime before it’s too late!

  30. 40 million more illegals receiving more tax payer money and free medical services than real American citizens? Better stay the hell out of m neighborhood.

  31. I don’t see how another pro-America POTUS or Congress will EVER be elected again , no matter what they name the party . With the totally rigged Dominion election equipment , that system doesn’t even NEED votes from anybody now . The corrupt Dominion CEO bragged about his equipment will never elect Trump , he just tells the paid-off software guy how they want the outcome of the election to be & it’s done ! Flip all republican votes to the criminal liberals or multiply the “votes” ! It’s all in the software now to create massive country-wide fraud . We just saw it in action ! The liberals don’t even need the criminal horde of illegals / for voting , that they will now be let in to spite Trump & America . They only want them to trash America per their NWO agenda goals. It won’t be worth traveling in this country any more , if we will even be safe in our own homes ! We won’t get help from our own military , DOJ , FBI , CIA , etc. , since illegitimate pres. obama has infiltrated , threatened , turned & entrenched in his muslim & communist criminals for brass & leaders , for the last 12 YEARS !

  32. The Will of Mexico is coming and that is revenge for having lost all territory that was taken by the US. This I know because of the travels I’ve made into Mexico and have spoken with it’s people. I am an American born in the US and a Veteran during the Vietnam Era. We need Donald Trump in office before it’s too late.

  33. I hate these virtue-signaling a$$holes and their “No human is illegal” signs. If they want illegals to come here so badly, they should be willing to take them all into their own homes and support them out of their own pockets-
    not mine or yours.

  34. How many $ would be collected from 40 millon new workers? Would these new US citizens live and work by the same laws as I do?

  35. Biden Wants Amnesty for 40 Million Illegals “Immediately”
    And people in hell want ice water, Joe.
    Nobody likes a cheater Joe!

  36. Shutting down the pipeline, eliminating fracking, granting amnesty, and open borders, affects everyone. All Americans, Republicans, Independents, and the stupid Democrats that voted for this fool may lose their jobs.
    The Democrats haven’t given a thought to how many Democratic voters will dump them because of these stupid ideas. Not all Democrats are morons.

  37. This is beyond anything reasonable. A pathway to citizenship in 8 years for millions of people who came into this country illegally while legal immigrants can wait up to 17 years. I did plus all the expense, medical ok’s and financial stability proven so that you are not hurting the American economy. When I was interviewed for my green card which took 10 years, I asked why it took so long and I was told because there is so much work to do with those who enter illegally. The Republicans must take Biden to court over this (plus the other 26 executive orders he signed in 2 days) just as the Democrats took President Trump to court over his executive orders. Do not let this happen. It is disastrous for our country.

  38. AMEN Joann. I heartily agree, but when you have cheaters, liars, thieves, manipulators and Communists running the country what can we expect. Oh yes they are the “spawns of satan”. My ancestors came here legally hundreds of years ago and fought to make it safe and Free for us NOT the illegals. I to am sick and tired of the illegals getting everything for free while we do without and scrimp and scratch to get what we need. The seeds of satan are corrupt and communists and need to be gotten rid of. Please Pray , GOD is just getting started on righting the wrong America has been subjected to .

  39. Reason why he wants this is because the American people won’t put up with his crap, so he wants illegals in to help him eventually,this is another reason for the election fraud PERIOD

  40. Many of us have been saying that the 11 million number of ILLEGALS was a lie. Now Drunkle Joe admits that the 40 million we’ve been claiming is TRUE! To give them amnesty for invading and occupying this country IS TREASON!

    Maybe AMERICANS can now see the Socialists/Democrats as the enemy they are!

    Anyone see the connection with the gun control they’ve been shoving down our throats?

  41. there were many fools indeed, to be fair though millions that voted for Trump had their vote transferred to Biden. I can’t believe Biden got over 60 millions votes you are right, but there is no way that he had 80 milion, so to be fair rescind your vote yes! but in reality the majority did their duty and voted the right way.

  42. Fellow patriots, go to the Convention of the States website and sign the petition. Then, download the digital guide which will walk you through the process. It’s time to act!

  43. I cannot see, how we, the 75 or 85 million Americans, who voted for Donald Trump and whose votes were NEGATED BY THE FRAUD PARTY, AKA DEMOCRAT PARTY OF AMERICA, will watch this illegal president ruin America, ruin whatever good Donald Trump, the a-political leader of the country and what he achieved in just 4 years regardless of the cessna attacks by the Left, Pelosi at the helm, and their mouthpiece the media.

    We should start with petitions, we need to demand the censorship and/or removal/impeachment of GOP traitors like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and anybody, who does not understand within the Party, what is at stake. We will be losing everything, we stand for and 2 or 4 years resp. are too long to wait to turn the country around once again. Trump Supporter: Are you getting my drift? There is just NOTHING good for us, that the Democrat Party stands for. REVISIT THIS ABHORRENT ELECTION PROCESS, THE LAWS THAT WERE BROKEN IN MANY STATES PRIOR TO THE ELECTION, REMOVE ALL PEOPLE IN CHARGE INCL. GOVERNORS, MAYORS, SENATORS, REPRESENTATIVES, THEY ARE CANCERS ON OUR LIVES AND ON AMERICA. THIS ELECTION WAS ILLEGAL/INVALID AND NEEDS TO BE DECLARED INVALID. I will not voice on this platform what my suggestion would be.

  44. Republican governors should start the secession process now while they still sit in power. This is bullsh*t. 40 million my ass.
    This is voter padding and illegal. In 2020, big tech companies and others relocated democrap voters to strategic counties in swing areas to win.
    Before any bloodshed, just cut the Democraps free to go to blue states and save what’s left of our sane country.
    For the future, immigration will not be allowing Muslims, irregardless of how much money they may bring, and economic burdens like the majority of Mexicans that never like paying taxes while we pay for their 10 children per family.
    I challenge Texas to lead the pack.
    What do you all say? Any of you support my hard line from the get go?

  45. This entire mess can be blamed on Justice John Roberts. He feared rioting and vandalism in America over holding faithful to our U.S. Constitution. Roberts allowed the fraud in our election by saying the cases did not have “Standing.” More than forty cases were sent to the SCOTUS…….cases that clearly were significant enough for the highest court in our land to at least listen to the witnesses and the illegal actions they observed. Roberts ignored the laws in our Constitution. He had more regard for thugs and political corruption than to upholding the laws that were drawn up by our Founding Fathers, who were willing to give their lives in their experiment of how a nation could by successful by adhering to the laws in our Constitution. I wish I would have a chance to be on a jury. It would have to be some absolutely horrific crime against someone before I would find them guilty in a trial. If the SCOTuS cannot follow our nation’s laws in our Constitution……why should any of us want to continue to do the right thing? Let them walk.

  46. Demoratas do not care about America, they will desolve th american people and make up misarable people.

  47. The G0BDEMofos Finally ADMIT It’s ~ 40 MILLI0N 0UTLAW foreign 5th columnists (ILLEGAL ALIEN$); which US conservatives (Coulter, me and others) have raged (ACCURATELY) About For Decades !

  48. Biden would like for us to buy (American) yet he’s putting 1000’s of people out of a job! How do we buy American he will not give small companies a chance, sooner than later they’ll close and wount be back.
    Pour Joe needs help, (right out of office)
    Democrats are trying to Destroy all who is not in DEMOCRATS pockets. I cant see what their seeing!
    They must not be seeing anything at all. 30 excessive orders to date boy that is really something.
    I hope he feels good about killing Thousands of jobs in 3 hours of taking office, that might even be a Record!!
    Over 419,000 ÷ people have died from covid 19 , when is he going to focus of putting vaccine in the arms of the American people! Not the 8 to 9 Thousand people getting ready to cross over the Southern border in Joe’s first 100 Days. Joe thinks more of those people than his own people. He says he can do his work and chew gum! Joe you don’t have a clue.
    We must find a way to communicate with
    President Trump!!

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