BIG: Georgia Case to Ban Voting Machines Will Finally Go to Trial in January

Talk about perseverance! A group of citizens and voters in Georgia has been trying to sue their state since 2018. They’ve been calling for the voting machines and ballot marking devices from Dominion Voting Systems to be scrapped and for all Georgia elections to take place on hand marked paper ballots from now on. Late last week, a federal judge ruled that the case will finally go to a non-jury trial starting in January. If the plaintiffs prevail, there may very well be no machine voting in Georgia for the upcoming Republican primary or the 2024 general election!

Not only that, but the judge has ordered Georgia Secretary of State and noted Trump-hater Brad Raffensperger to appear at the trial, in order to defend the use of unsecure, unsafe, and completely hackable voting machines.

These committed citizens in Georgia deserve some serious props for this. They’ve been trying to get this case to go to trial since before Brad Raffensperger became Secretary of State there. This changes the election map completely for 2024 and beyond if they win.


Aside from the fact that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump, Georgia has had additional problems with its voting machines all this time. In 2021, surveillance video surfaced of unidentified individuals who gained access to the voting machines in Coffee County (south Georgia) for several hours.

They spent hours in a room with the machines as they scanned and copied the supposedly secure software on them. Then they posted some of the material on the internet.

Judge Amy Totenberg of the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia noted in her trial order that the “2021 Coffee County election equipment breach… presents a substantial risk that… votes will not be counted as cast.”

Ya think?

Just two weeks ago in Pennsylvania, Dominion ballot marking devices were discovered to be switching the votes between two judicial candidates. The machines were printing ballots with QR codes that didn’t match the names of the judges that voters were selecting. That wasn’t even hackers doing it. The machines were doing it (likely because that’s how they were programmed to operate).

Earlier this year, the State of Georgia learned that none of its Dominion voting machines meet current federal standards when it comes to safety and security. Every machine needs to individually have its software patched and updated to meet the latest cybersecurity standards.

Secretary of State Raffensperger did what he does best with situations like this—nothing! Raffensperger said it would take too long to patch every Dominion machine in the state before next year’s elections, so they’re just going to use the machines “as is.” Can you believe this guy?

Multiple cybersecurity experts have testified in other trials and before the Georgia legislature that these machines are A) hooked up to the internet, which election officials always lie about, and B) completely vulnerable to undetectable hacking and vote-switching. Anyone with some basic knowledge of hardware and software can get into these machines and alter the outcome of an election, and then elections officials won’t be able to find any evidence after the fact that a hack took place.

Judge Totenberg says in her trial order that Raffensperger’s office has “fail[ed] to identify a single cybersecurity expert who endorses the current configuration of Georgia’s (ballot marking device) system.”

That’s because no honest, independent cybersecurity expert would ever put their name on these machines. That’s because these machines are not designed to be secure from hacking. They were designed so that a bunch of Obama and Hillary donors could get richer via billion-dollar contracts with state governments.

Raffensperger can’t find anyone who will say these machines are safe and secure, and now he’s finally going to have to come before the court and explain why Georgia is still using them.

This is huge! There might be no machine voting in Georgia next year, either in the primary or the general election. If the judge is skeptical enough to allow the case to go to trial, there’s a good chance she’s going to swat Dominion and Raffensperger down.

The My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell, meanwhile, feels completely vindicated by this. If Dominion gets shut down in Georgia because its equipment has about as much security as a Red Box video rental machine, the company has no grounds to continue its lawsuit against him for questioning their machines.

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22 thoughts on “BIG: Georgia Case to Ban Voting Machines Will Finally Go to Trial in January”

  1. in Pa my voting machine was selecting wrong judges. poll workers told us THEY would FIX the corrections at the end of the day,

  2. one problem PA had in past elections was. MORE VOTES than REGESTERED VOTERS. But Democrat Governor fixed that problem. he signed a law. Everyone who gets or renews a DRIVERS LICENSE IS AUTOMATICALLY REGESTERED TO VOTE. Do I think my vote counts in PA, NO WAY

    1. And some of those getting drivers licenses aren’t old enough to vote or aren’t legal citizens. How stupid does it get?

      1. True. Many states, Dem states, want just a DL to give the important ability to vote to anyone and those states apparently are fine with giving MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS the right to vote for OUR GOVERNANCE, INCLUDING TOP LEADERS.

    2. Several states, including GA and PA ans AZ, had mail in ballots that had no fold marks .. ..they had never been put in mail envelope. They also were on printed paper that was different from the real ballots, AND they had voting choice marks that were perfectly drawn and identical. As in MACHINE CREATED. One state had what appears to be machine perfect marks but also had IDENTICAL LITTLE WHITE AREAS WITHIN THE BLACK MARK. As in a fault on their machine stamper.
      All treasonous to cause election fraud and Administration coup of American leadership.
      NO MORE.

  3. The safest way to vote across the US is by using paper ballots with no machines. This needs to be taken to the US Supreme Court so that the case may be presented about using any voting machine that could change our vote.

    1. Sandra; Your absolutely right. The voting machines are to easily rigged to change the votes. One of my friends as she came out of the voting center told me that she voted for Trump but she watched the machine change the
      vote to Biden. We cannot have the voting machines and ever have a REAL election again. If people are not in their home state to vote they just don’t vote. It seems to me that our country is worth sacrifice on our part, don’t you?
      Also we need to require more than just a drivers license, we need to come up with something more, it seems they are issuing ID’s to illegal aliens. We also need Marines, one outside the voting places as well as inside guards to assure that the people coming in are US citizens only.

  4. So this should be proff that trump was right when he told vice pres to stop election .. also the case and other case about voting should bestopped on TRUMP as he was right.. Also all that tryed in Jan/6 cases should be freedand sentance over turned

  5. With this proof of Dominion Voting Machines flaws, Fox News
    should reclaim the penalty they had to pay for Tucker Carlson;s
    expose of the equipment shortcomings.
    Disgusted Citizen

    1. Hmm. I never thought about that. And all those cases against Trump should be dropped too. I’m just disgusted as you are. Banana Republic.

  6. I disagree with the so-called “cybersecurity experts”… As we all will know after I explain what an “expert” is: e[X] is an unknown. A (s)pert [spurt] is a drip under pressure.. So.. an expert [X] [spurt] is an unknown drip under pressure. Quite frankly, the statement “anyone with “some basic” knowledge of hardware and software can get in” an alter an election with no evidence left. Wrong! The some basic knowledge alteration will be detected and tracked. If the people who did this were like me, experienced professionally trained (not university trained) computer programming/systems analysis professionals who can examine 1000s of lines of code, determine the logic and algorithms involved, then create and test a subroutine which can change the balloting, alter the logs so it appears nothing outside of normal processing has occurred, and then finally clean up any foot prints (erasing) before exiting the program. One would have to have some time to analyze and prepare the subroutine and its insertion program, but after that has been tested and packaged on a thumb drive or other of many potential delivery methods for distribution. Yes, then any low level voting machine technician could then insert that program into the machine(s) intentionally, or unintentionally through a normal software upgrade which has the vote changing program surreptitiously added. I wouldn’t give a nickel for most of the “cybersecurity experts” out there hawking their BSware for thousands or millions of dollars to pathetically complacent corporate boards.

  7. Voting machines throughout The United states have already comprimised our elections and new ways of damaging our elections are devised each and everyday! This country must hit it’s “Rock Bottom” before realizing it’s problems and issues. By then there will be no hope for a country that had so much to offer, at one timein history, that will be stolen by those who put themselves before The People and The Country!

  8. We the people need transparency & accuracy in our voting. Easiest way to do this is: in person voting (with valid state I.D.); paper voting (NO voting machines); no ballot boxes; voting on election day only; removing dead people from voting roles & only voting in your registered precinct (if someone tries to vote in more than one place (or more than once; they are disqualified). This process should be mandated by the Supreme Court. There has been voting irregularities (cheating), in elections since, & including 2020. Anyone who disagrees with this, is either lying or ignorant.

  9. The population growth has been flat for years except for illegals entering the country thanks to Joe and his mafia. Raffensberger already removed about 250,000 names from voter roles AFTER the election. We voted with paper on same day for years and had no problems with reporting the results at the end of the day. Yet now we use machines and it takes some states 2 weeks to get to results. Do they not see a problem with this? Its actually been proven that it saves money NOT to use the machines. Milton county in GA. Already said they won’t use them. Moab county in AZ said they wanted to do paper ballots and the liberal marxist AG in AZ told them no. Just what is his internest in forcing machines on counties that don’t want them?

    1. I read that GA had some controller machines in Atlanta area that were hooked NY internet to all the voting machines in the state. AFTER the votes were entered and boter looked to make sure their candidate was showing as correctly voted for, the boss controller machines were able to then flip the vote to another candidate. 2020 and 2021 had massive fraud elections by several methods. One put Biden disaster in WH. THE 2021 January run off election in GA had votes fraudulently coming in from all over the country, and decided the SENATE MAJORITY.. .. which went to the Dems, of course. That also made a disastrous difference to our country. Giving the Dems power to pass horrible bills AND UPHOLD THE FRAUD 2020 OUTCOME WITHOUT AN INVESTIGATION.


  11. If I remember correctly, the State of Texas disallowed the Dominion machines because they tested unreliable. why aren’t those results made public?

    1. A lot of startling facts have come to light. Only to be darkened immediately. They seem ready to squash things in a heartbeat, often after just a few have seen it, it disappears.

  12. Remove all Dominion voter machines because it seems like those are only ones that are are being targeted to add and subtract votes for the Republicans but mostly to add votes for the Democrats. And there’s no way that they can tell me that legal and I don’t know how that company does and get by with it I guess it’s because they’re helping the Democrats stay in office.

  13. I know many ago, an electrical project engineer in Michigan was bragging about how he voted twice. He registered in Michigan and wrote his home state, Mississippi, for an absentee ballot. The absentee ballot was mailed to him and he sent it back to Mississippi. He then voted in Michigan in the presidential election. He was very pleased with himself for ability to cheat. This was back in 1985 and he used paper ballots. He cast two democrat ballots and admitted he was a democrat.

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