Democrats Taking Punitive Action Against Whistleblowers as Fraud is Exposed

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) wasn’t kidding last week when she said a significant discrepancy was found in the Georgia election audit. It’s real. I’ve seen it with my own eyes now, after the ballot images from the audit were leaked and posted online in some of the more colorful parts of the internet. The bad news is that this has the Democrat Party in a panic. They’re now moving in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan to take punitive action against any whistleblowers who told the truth about what they saw in the 2020 election.

The election cheaters in Georgia were the dumbest of the bunch that we saw on Election Night. They kicked the observers out. Then, not realizing that they were on camera, they pulled the magic Biden suitcase ballots out from under a table where they had been hidden. Legit ballots, of course, are not transported in wheelie suitcases with no chain-of-custody on them. The election cheaters then proceeded to jam the exact same batches of ballots through the vote tabulation machines over and over and over again. On camera.

The fraud in Georgia that has been uncovered so far is so significant that even election fraud-denier Tucker Carlson is sending his producers to Fulton County this week to take a look. Maybe Tucker will finally issue that apology to Sidney Powell that he owes her. Since I already know that Tucker or someone on his staff frequently reads these pages, allow me to give them a head start in their investigation:

Check out ballot batches #139 and #147 that were counted on Tabulator 5162 at State Farm Arena in Fulton County on Election Night. Batches #139 and #147 are actually the same batch of ballots – in reverse order.

When a tabulator spits out a batch of ballots, they come out in reverse order of the way that they went in. If you pick that same batch of ballots up and feed it into the machine again, they simply come out in reverse order – which is exactly what happened here. This is just the first of many “smoking guns” that have been uncovered so far.

How do I know this? Because someone leaked the scanned images of the Fulton County ballots online. There’s a 13GB torrent floating around that pro-Trump hackers are now examining to double-check the work of the official auditors. They’re posting all their finds on a 4Chan page, which I’m not going to link to because… they’re an odd bunch. Good guys, but… odd.


Since the cat is totally out of the bag now, the Democrat Party is in full panic mode. They’re doing the Jerrold Nadler poopy-pants two-step and trying to come up with creative ways to stop any more auditing of 2020 election ballots before things get any worse for them.

In Georgia, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (who’s been working for the Democrats all along) has sent an investigator to try to spook the main election whistleblowers into recanting their testimony. Fortunately, none of them are backing down. It’s not like the Secretary of State can charge them with anything, and he’s already fired all of them for telling the truth. What else could he do to them at this point?

In Michigan, the situation is a bit worse. State Attorney General Dana Nessel (a Democrat) is seeking to criminally charge all of the election whistleblowers in her state. This is a desperate ploy on her part but may scare some of the witnesses. Those whistleblowers signed affidavits under penalty of perjury that they witnessed various types of fraud on Election Night and after. Nessel’s legal strategy is to charge those people with filing false claims with investigators – because no court would take up the election fraud cases.

That’s a huge legal stretch, but it will make the lives of the whistleblowers miserable and may cause some of them to chicken out and recant their testimony. We’ll see.

And in Pennsylvania, the Democrat Secretary of State has issued a threat to all county election officials: Don’t cooperate with lawful audit subpoenas from the state Senate, or else. Any voting machines or equipment that are turned over to auditors will be decertified, the Secretary of State threatens. Plus, the state will not pay to reimburse counties for the losses of that election equipment.

And of course, the nothing-to-hide Democrats sent Joe Biden to Philadelphia on Tuesday to deliver a big Stop-the-Audits speech. Rumor is that the White House is freaking out over these audits. Biden’s handlers know that if Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania overturn their elections and the electoral votes get switched from Biden to Trump its lights out for them. T

This promises to be a huge week in terms of audit news and punitive actions from the illegitimate Biden regime. So, get some popcorn ready and tell all your friends! And we’ll keep you posted on anything new that happens.

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70 thoughts on “Democrats Taking Punitive Action Against Whistleblowers as Fraud is Exposed”

      1. What a wonderful God we have. Praise Lord Jesus Christ for the whistle blowers exposed Fraud in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan. Donald Trump will remain our legitimate President. All involved in Voting Fraud should be imprisoned.

      1. They should be charged with treason. And that is just for starters. Too many crimes have been committed against the American people. It is time that pay for what they did and tried to do. NO MERCY GRANTED !!!

        1. I agree Joseph. Although it was over fifty (50) years ago as a Military Vet I did take an Oath to God. That Oath causes me to state they committed TREASON. Sure one may say Voter Fraud? I say Hang Em High and Client Eastwood will hold the Rope! God Bless America.

    1. It’s time for the massive, corrupt, fraudulent 2020 pesidential election be overturned and the winner of the election, President Trump, be recognized as the U.S.A.’s duly elected president! This is the U.S.A., and, contrary to the demo-socialist-Marxist, NOT a 3rd WORLD BANANA REPUBLIC, As we post, the demo-socialists-Marxists are turning our country into a Marxists-Communist country. It’s time to take back our freedom, our Constitution, and our lives!

    2. The only thing “phony ass” is the Right Wing claims of Voter Fraud and all the Fraudulent court cases bought into court to the point that not even the Republican stacked Supreme Court would hear any of it!!
      Why won’t the SCOTUS hear a case…simple…the was no evidence presented!

      That wasn’t bad enough…ya’ll then hold an insurrection at America’s Capitol killing 5 people and that wasn’t bad enough you want to blame Antifa for it…not one single Antifa person was or has been arrested to date and while Right Wing leaders sit in jail awaiting trial and over 500 Trump supporters arrested!!

      And that wasn’t bad enough… Donald J Trump says it was a “Loving Crowd” that brought a hangman’s platform aka Gallows to the Capitol and if that wasn’t bad enough they chanted “Hang Mike Pence” with love of course!!

      So you want to win an election by having an insurrection and killing the Vice President do ya and when that doesn’t work you run around Fraudulently chanting voter fraud with absolutely no proof!!

      You are such wonderful Traitors…ooops I mean Patriots !!

    1. Washington is now smelling a bit like the sidewalk in front of Nutty Nazi Nancy’s mansion on Broadway St in San Francisco.
      You can’t expect anything else from a proverbial shitshow.

    2. Amen! Goes with the stance, if you don’t like it here, then leave. Many of us are GLAD those folks left Texas. Hopefully, they will never return.

    3. Those Democrats that left Texas to meet with VP Harris have tested positive for the virus. I think this is a sign from God that the Democrats better change their ways or they WILL suffer the consequences

      1. Don’t worry about the positive test results, they will be declared as false positives in a day or two.

    1. DOJ, FBI, CIA. AGS, Judges and all those in the House and the Senate are not shielded from impeachment and/or indictment for crimes against the state. Future government officials need to know that there is a high price to pay for such criminal acts. We must NEVER-EVER, as a nation, allow these crimes or any variation of such crimes to go unpunished or we will not last as a nation. THE RULES HAVE TO BE FOLLOWED BY ALL GOVERNMENT LEADERS, NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATIONS ARE. ***** P E R I O D *****

  1. So, WTF happened to the laws that are supposed to be in place to protect whistleblowers? That’s right, the totally corrupt democrats ignore the rule of law. Unless they need a particular law to bolster their corrupt claims. #DECERTIFY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY.

    1. Yeah there all drunk drinking from Nancy’s krotch bag. It’s all about the big lie, that’s when Joes lips start moving or any other communist Dem.

    2. We know that whistleblowers are only protected when it’s to the advantage of the democrats
      Remember what happened when one aided the democrats during the first impeachment trial, farce, against President Trump.
      That whistleblower was not named nor brought out to testify in open Senate hearings against Trump.

  2. The whole world knows what happened. I see thousands of people from other countries everyday who don’t have the globalist stick up their butts that see the fraud that was perpetrated here. The democrats are reacting poorly and just showing their guilt. According to them it was the most safe and secure election. If that is so why are they doing everything to stop its verification.? Every state, no matter who won, should completely audit their 2020 elections. It needs to be fixed or we will never have another one. Its not a political party thing, its an honesty thing.

    1. Well said…that is what I am harping on all the time…EVERY state needs to do the audits…Trump has the right to know just how well he is loved…how many (for historic accuracy) voted for him…not to mention how many Senators and Reps are filling seats they have no business filling!!

  3. Expose it, America knew there was. Expose it and charge the people that was suppose to be in charge of the 2020 election in their states. We need examples made of them.

    1. Yes and it is time for the U.S. to be embarrassed in front of the world as we have become a nation of liars, cheats and power obsessed people, well the ones in power. Its time we held the mainstream media and all these corrupt people in power to account. They need serious jail time and to be stripped of the wealth they have gained while in power. I am certain our founding fathers are rolling over in there graves with this level of corruption.

  4. We should suspect that everyone interested to lift the dark clouds from the 2020 election results would be helping to get the details out in the open to show that everything was done in a lawful way. Especially when most officials claim that only isolated cases of voter fraud took place.

    The reaction of certain state AG’s and officials seem to point in a different direction.

    Criminal charges against “Whistleblowers “?
    Didn’t they fight for all types of safety measures for Whistleblower’s, to protect them by law from all types of pressure and repercussions?

    Maybe the clouds are there for a reason.
    Like my Grandfather said:
    when there’s smoke – there’s fire…


    1. The media’s job is only to report the news and not make up some fantasy news story. That is for the fiction writers and authors to do. However, since the news media is controlled by the communist government officials in this country, that is the ones that are not owned outright by the CCP, then they will never report the truth. Just look at what happed with the BLM and Antifa terrorists. All of the death, stealing and destruction they caused, and they were shown and reported as “peaceful” demonstrations.
      They are the two largest communist terrorist groups in this country and need to be destroyed. If you think that what is being suggested is a little violent, then you would be right. They need to be shot on sight.

  6. If these awful people think there was no fraud…they should pull up their big ‘they’ panties and prove it!!!!!!!

  7. The DemoTrash Party will do anything by Lying Cheating and Stealing to gain the vote and protect they’re Slimy Power!!

  8. The stinking commiecrats in this country are the same thing as Castro’s govt. was in Cuba. At least in Cuba the population is finally revolting against these communist scum. And the way it looks, it’s going to take the same thing here to get rid of the maggots who stole the 2020 election and who want to legalize election fraud for the left.

  9. if one fraudulent vote is uncovered, then no one can say it was a legitimate election.
    there is really no room, for it;s kinda ok, or almost honest, in something as important as an election. we either do it correctly, or it is not legitimate and the results are fraudulent. mostly honest, isn’t good enough.

  10. The DNC, Antifa, and BLM all need to be designated as terroristic organizations. We all see now what Marxist organizations can do and they need to be neutralized. Get Biden out and also look at elections for 2016, 2018, and 2020 for all the congressmen. That might also result in removals in that area.

  11. The total and absolute fraud perpetrated on we the voters by the democrats and their operatives need to be rounded up and pay the price of their treasonous actions. I believe this will happen and a lot of families are going to be without mommy or daddy or uncle Ted or aunt betty, etc….. This is of their own doing and there must be justice or we have no country at all, for if our elections are compromised this way we will never have a fair election again if there ever was one?!?!

    1. There used to be fair and honest elections before 1960. That was when you had to show ID, and your voter registration card to prove district and legal right to vote. All votes were hand counted by both parties as verification.

  12. If this were truly the honest and secure election, that is being claimed, the democrats would welcome the audit as it would vindicate them. Instead they are running like scared democrats!

  13. And the GOP heroically leaps into the fray! Led by Mitch the Switch McConnell and Bill Barr they swooped in and defend the Civil Rights of the investigators and push this blatant criminal election fraud into an honest court of law.

    Oh, wait ….. the GOP and every RINO in it bailed out on election fraud months ago. They simply obey the orders of their Party Bosses at DNC HQ now and join the Democrats in the royal screwing of America.

    Here’s the pluperfect example of irony: in Communist Cuba the people are demonstrating against the dictatorial government to rid themselves of Communism. In the Republic of the United States people are rioting to impose Communism and a dictatorial government on the people.

    And the GOP …. ? Well, like I’ve said before. EFFtheGOP! They’re sold out cowards angling for top spots in the New Communist America and selling us ALL out in the process.

  14. You can trust the Democrats…to be DEMOCRATS (along with everything else which all that entails)! While I am not a registered Republican, I am a registered Independent who leans Republican. Therefore, Trump is the Man with the Plan as far as I am concerned, and it would be poetic justice if all these fraudulent election results were overturned and President Trump was restored to the Oval Office!

    1. I don’t know if they will overturn the election – like they should – BUT – ALL of the people involved in this fraud should be looking at some long prison sentences. Hard time in a federal prison – where there is no – or very little – time off for good behavior. Where you get 10 years you serve 10 years. The harsher the sentence the more of a deterrent it will be for others to attempt the same thing. The harsher the sentences the better chance there will be that there will be many willing to bargain for a plea deal and report all of those who were above them. The truth will come out and the truth appears to be like kryptonite for the Democrats.

      1. I would think they would have to reinstate Trump, however if I were him, I wouldn’t want to have to clean up the mess Biden created, but it’s the only chance this country has.

        1. Someone has to clean it up, if we are to stand a chance of survival as a Republic. Who better to do so than D.J. Trump? I can think of no one who would give that job more personal time and effort. Personally, I think he would gladly take on the task and give it his all, with a smile.

  15. The DEMOCRATS did everything in their power to take Trump down with PHONY evidence that the Democrats – DNC and Hillary Clinton had created and paid for. The DEMOCRAT’S bought and paid for DBI & DOJ assisted them all the way. NOW the DEMOCRATS want ALL of the evidence that proves their own corruption silenced? What kinds of idiots do not understand this? It’s pretty cut and dry.

    1. Exactly. My mom always told me, “…birds of a feather flock together…”. Those who still can’t see the Democrat party for what it has become are either totally uninformed idiots or they are cut from the same cloth… lying when they say they don’t see what’s wrong.

      Mom also used to say “…what goes around, comes around…”; everyone gets what they deserve in the end. While I may not live to see it, I still believe it.

    2. There are plenty of idiot sheep out there. Just look at all the sheep getting the shot of death that is being promoted as the “Covid-19 vaccine”.
      If you really want the truth about that, then visit tiktoc for your research. Real doctors tell you the real story of what is actually in the shot of death, and how many have actually died from it. Senator Dick Durbin reports on number of deaths worldwide and in the US. Surprising numbers.

  16. How about you crying bitches and bastards give it up. The Democrats done said that even when you find out that the election was rigged against trump it’s too late to do anything about it. They own the courts and there’s not a thing you can do to them !!! Ha ha ha

    1. What happens if the states decertify their results? Then, the Hidin’ Biden electoral vote number goes below the magic number, 270, and the next step occurs. The vote then goes to the states, where each state gets 1 vote. Republicans lead that by 4, 27 – 23. Biden leaves, Trump gets in, voila, new legally elected president. Then bitches like you will be crying, won’t you?

    2. Time will tell…..
      Alternative news sites offer insight into the situation that the mainstream never will. What’s happening goes well beyond the USA.
      Big projects take time to complete.

  17. Well here is the problem people… They are already in office. We know the election was rigged they know it too. Nancy will not get up power even if the states do decertify the election.. they have too many things in play. And if they loose the house and sen. Once again they will not let go.. So as a Marine vet. I think we will be in for one hell of a fight. Ask yourself why is the queen witch opening capital police offices in California and Florida…. She is moving her chest prices to counter anything that going to happen. With all the recall in Cali… And all the shit in Florida why did she pick those two states. Think about it…… Marine Out……

  18. Yep. About 19-23% were actual votes for the crooked democrat/rino parties. ALL counties need a forensic audit, and ALL states need voter integrity laws, as well as elimination of ballot scam measures; such as ranked voting, vote count curves, jungle ballots, non-party identification of names on ballots, removal of straight ticket voting, refusal to provide paper-print-outs to voters, and so and so forth! There are many measures needed to protect our elections, but serious doubts as to whether that will happen; too many in elected offices and appointed to federal positions are being able to steal wealth, covered in crimes, freely allowed to lie, and all aboard the communist train!

  19. Amerikan demoncreeps are the biggest bunch of commie assholes on the face of the earth. They lie about everything they touch. They cheat, steal and falsity elections and they seem to get away with it because they threaten to jail anybody who goes against them. This shit has to end!!! Come on American justice system, let us see some true justice, remove the false acting president and give our real President Trump..

  20. They can investigate all of Georgia and they will find Fraud!! All of 2020 elections was Fraud from top to bottom. One problem with the Investigation, Nothing Will Ever Be Done About All The Fraud And No One Will Ever Serve A Day Behind Bars For What parts they played !!
    Those people Stole from every one, not just the people in Georgia and I live in Georgia I saw what was happening in the election process. The Republicans need to grow a set of Balls and a Spine to hold them up!!


  22. America there was fraud in this past election 2020. It is not a conspiracy, or conspiracy theory it is true. Investors are finding it.

  23. The demonxcreeps are looking for the nearest rock to hide under. They are in a panic because of all the evidence of election fraud that is rising to the surface. They can’t refute it so they make threats. This will be their undoing, the fraudulent president Biteme joe and Camelhump and the GAQ. senators will be thrown out of office and the rightful winners will be installed!! GBA MAGA KAG

  24. God is STILL on His throne. He has His perfect plan for America. We must trust Him and return to turning to Him for all the answers.
    America needs to return to God if we want healing.

  25. WOW! . . . the SMOKING GUN has MORPHED into a BLOWN UP AMMO DUMP. REINSTATE POTUS TRUMP, and throw the ENTIRE BIDEN Administration into FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  26. Sooner or later ,one of the FRAUDSTERS will feel the hot breath of the law on their neck . At that point, the singing will begin. Then in classical police fashion, or like gangrene, it will travel up the chain of culpability. The resistance will be ferocious from BOTH PARTIES. One has a better chance at reelection , or reappointment as a child molesting murderer , than as a FLIP-FLOPPER. What can they say: “they” fooled me – I am as dumb as a brick; I didn’t do my job- I like the pay and perks , but I am lazy. No excuse will wash, and at lest one of two of their fellow citizens will not think well of them .

  27. The certification of the vote machines and threats to void their certification so new machines are required smells like a vendor manipulation. Vote machines are computers with software performing routines. All computers that perform critical routines must have “V&V” (validation & verification) checks done before, during, and after use. This is true of economics models, engineering models, and other simulations. The threat by a vendor of voiding a warranty is as old as the hills. Election officials own the machines and must not allow this to happen. Acquisition officials and contracts must be smarter with better enforcement. They must not allow such an extreme reliance on vendors to control a public election. Possible motive is to discourage more audits and financially penalize counties that do so. This is corruption. The certification of election personnel by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) is also a joke. The EAC does have the staff and depends on vendors. It appears that Maricopa County and others allowed their vendor to run the elections. Seems to point to Dominion. Debunk the vote machine certification issue. Too smarter IT folks out there that can solve it.

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