Democrats Weaponize Voting Machines Again – This Time Proving 2024 Will Be Worse than 2020

Man voting on a new touch screen machine in Florida.

We just witnessed many Democrat candidates use some of the most successful election rigging tactics they learned in 2020 use them this week to win more elected seats. And boy did it work! Democrats had a very successful election night this week all across the country. What’s likely is that this was a test run for the party to see exactly how much fraud they can still get away with – a terrifying sign for 2024.


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 It’s no secret even amongst the Democrats that Joe Biden is one of the most disliked presidents in American history. If they hope to retain the White House with him “winning” a second term, they’re going to need to pull off a SERIOUS election heist even larger than what we saw in 2020.

With that in mind, Democrats decided to deploy at least one of their rigging tactics in recent state-wide elections just to see how far they could push the envelope and while they were caught, it’s what happened AFTER they were caught that suggests the 2024 election could be the most corrupt in our history.


Voting machines in Northampton County, Pennsylvania were discovered to be “mysteriously” flipping votes from Republican to Democrat.

The machines only flipped votes in the retention race between Democrat Judge Jack Panella and Republican Judge Victor Stabile for the Pennsylvania Superior Court and while the official statement was that this was some kind of “mistake” it’s far too similar to some of the issues we saw with voting machines across the country back in 2020.

Poll workers and voters in the county began realizing that their votes were being switched in real time and sounded the alarm.

Northampton County released a statement saying that the issue occurred when, “a voter selects a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ for one of the candidates for retention to the Pennsylvania Superior Court, the selection is recorded on the paper ballot and on the machine for the other candidate.”

300+ machines countywide were found to be affected by the issue that officials said was caused by a “coding error” by voting machine company Election Systems & Software (ES&S) – isn’t it funny how these “errors” always seem to benefit the Democrats?

Linda Bennett, the VP of Customer Operations for ES&S even admitted that this supposed error was INTENTIONAL.

Bennett said that “It was a human error, based on someone from our team that programmed the election.

This senior executive at the election software company practically admitted that someone in the company designed the machines to turn Republican votes in Democrat votes.

These glaring issues with the machines were somehow “missed” by the county’s elections staff in testing prior to the election.

You would think that with such a BLATANT potential for fraud, the machines would be immediately shut down and put out of service – right?

Except that’s certainly not what happened.

Instead, the county obtained a court order that allowed the machines to STILL be used.

Poll workers were told to instruct voters before they enter the voting booth about the issue, and tell them to “trust” that even though the machines were showing their votes were improperly cast – the same county and election software company that let it happen in the first place was supposedly “taking care of it…”

This could mean that the Democrats are beyond even trying to hide their election rigging now and in 2024 they’re going to do it right in our faces – knowing there’s virtually nothing we can do to stop them.

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22 thoughts on “Democrats Weaponize Voting Machines Again – This Time Proving 2024 Will Be Worse than 2020”

    1. Yes yes yes Congress needs to make it that No Machines till tamper proofing is secured, No Drop Boxes ever, No mail in votes Except Military, we are in our late 70s we go to the polls and vote we show ID picture, but with the criminal biden obama soros, now giving ids to illegals we need away to make sure it is Only American Citizens Voting, plus if tampering is found then the votes are rejected all together call for new vote by hand only paper ballots with black ink, hand counted, with 3 overseer all counts recorded, and cameras on those counting ballots, and if caught cheating 10 years in prison never allowed in or around any government offices state federal all public jobs, banned no security clearance ever for life and any politicians that don’t vote to stop this must be Fired banned for life from any and all public jobs including government state federal

  1. The US will not have another “free and fair” election until we stop using the democrats voting machines and return to hand counted paper ballots and require voter photo ID. Either require voter photo ID or make it illegal to ask for ID for ANYTHING!!! This madness has got to end!!

    1. Wrong. You need a 1956 Hungary situation to solve this. Nothing else will do. Once Pence certified the 2020 electoral votes the chanse for honest election was gone forever. 2024 will be the same as 2920. The Supreme Court will do nothing, people will do nothing and those few who will will end up in jail for decades.
      This is the NEW United Socialis States of America

  2. We do not have Democrats in America,gone since 2008.They are now hardcore Communists that don’t care one iota about America and it’s citizens.Evil is rearing it’s ugly head in DC and is not being “covered” any more,but for all to see with their own eyes.

  3. Power hungry criminal party can only be stopped by the GOP being more intelligent, stronger and more powerful than the criminals!
    RESTORE ELECTION INTEGRITY! Where is our leadership and what are they doing about putting a plan/system in place to stop this before it becomes violent?

    1. It should be a federal crime to rig elections and the penalty should punishable by life in prison with no parole and that applies to any one that attempts to run an election with out ethics. They need to understand that we pay their salary from taxpayers money and they work for us. Jeff

  4. We all need to be calling and writing our district representatives, senators, and governors. Republicans need to volunteer to work at the polls in local elections. publishes the U.S. Congressional Directory which helps you to locate government officials and information in less than 200 pages. This little directory publishes contact information for every representative of every state district, every senator of every state, every governor, and every cabinet member along with a photograph of these people. Contact information for the White House is listed as well as contact information for the Supreme Court. It lists all the different house standing committees and subcommittees with contact information. And it gives you tips for communicating with Congress. It also shows how every state is divided up into districts, and who is representing all those different districts so you can find your representative for your district. Every citizen should at least know who their representative is for their district. Because that’s the first place to start if you don’t like a policy or law. Or if you think there needs to be a law around a situation which is affecting your life. Your representatives need to hear from you. And most of them do care. But whether they care or not, they still need to be hearing from their citizens who they should be representing. And for $30.00 this little directory can be purchased at C-Span’s store. Log onto for more information.

    1. Trouble with that I have democratic communist in control illegally in control has been proven of the cheat and this governor needs arrested prosecuted in prison for at least 25 years No excuses No exceptions and millions in fines, live in Michigan this vile person said in months before the election that No way will Trump carry Mi that alone told you the fix was in, why the people allowed this she tried to become a dictator in covid they had to cut her power but she should have been fired and prosecuted

  5. Told TRump the way to win in 2024 is to not only make sure there were cameras watching everything. Make sure their are secret cameras. Dems know we caught them with video they didn’t know we had. And thanks to fake news it seems to not matter. But we need more and many secret cameras. All angle cameras. Cause we knew they will expect some and think they can distract or hide their behavior throu placement of polling. But I say have many and many angles so they can’t cover up anything. Cause we knew they are cheats. And again they got away even thou we caught them. Must make sure we not only catch them we block them. Especially since it seems a gop candidate dropped dead suddenly and surprisingly. And we have dems saying there’s letters in the mail laced with fentanyl being sent to polling stations. DID LEFT TARGET GOP THEY KNEW WERE GONNA WIN. DID WORRAL DIE BECAUSE HE WAS A GOP. DEMS MENTIONED THE LACED LETTERS BUT UNLIKE EVERYTHING ELSE. THEY NEVER SAID MAGA. DEMS NEVER LET A INCIDENT GO TO WASTE. YET, THIS ONE THEY MAKE NO EFFORTS TO BLAME GAME GOP. ???

  6. The cheating never ends and America will suffer the consequences as usual. America has enormous problems and placing people in office who shouldn’t be there is one of them. America must hit rock bottom before it acknowledges it has a problem, by then, it my be too late! Joe, Go to Delaware and stay there, Kamala, well, I have no idea what you do? NOTHING! So basically, keep doing what you’re doing, atleast that way you can’t be blamed!

  7. All was created by DEMOCRAT after Bush Jr. Won the president. Pelosi and Schumer got Dominican to build the voting machine for $$$! We the people will need to stop this ourselves! That by taking a picture of the ballots after you mark your vote! But you can contact the County office to check your vote! If what you have on your photo doesn’t match you sheets. Then you can file a claim against them. If this happens and there lot of exchanges vote scam. Then those who are in charge need to be EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD! Even those volunteers who help cheat should be held accountable.

  8. And the voters of Northhampton County, PA are just supposed to blindly believe that the company, Elections Systems & Software–whose VP for Customer Operations, Linda Bennett, who admitted that the error was INTENTIONAL–is going to take care of the problem? Really? In 2020, it may have been hard for many voters to believe there was massive and intentional fraud taking place during the election to insure Biden* ended up the victor; but so much evidence has been revealed since then that only those who have chosen to wear blinders still believe the election wasn’t stolen. Will the progressive socialist Democrats attempt to steal the election in 2024? You betcha! But we must be vigilant and insure it doesn’t happen again. Remember what Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all the time and all of the people some of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” It’s about time we stopped being fooled by the progressive socialist Democrats when they claim they didn’t cheat. Let’s face it–they can’t win unless they cheat. Enough said.

  9. Get rid of ALL voting machines! Have only paper ballots, same day voting with proper voter i.d. And proof of citizenship. No late ballots allowed, after the polls close, no more votes should be accepted! And same day counting, and counts verified. No early voting, and only mail in ballots for deployed military! That may stop the fraud, but the demonrats will find a way around it. Plus NO drop boxes, all ballots should be at the polls only!

  10. Donald Trump has been criminally charged with forgery and racketeering by the Fulton county district attorney for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia. Until Republican apply the same rules and charge someone (anyone) with election interference and treason these crimes continue. Nikita Khrushchev, the first secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964, said, “You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands. We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.” He was right.

    1. That is exactly what my father told me. He was a WWII vet, flew over Normandy to fight for freedom. He said that it will not be a fierce military battle, it will infiltrate our schools, our city governments and Washington D.C. He told me that as I received my first draft card back in 1971. I asked him straight up if we were still fighting for freedom in Vietnam. That was his answer. He was SOOO right!

  11. We need to go into the polling place, demand a paper ballot, and write in “Trump.” Or the candidate of your choice. I believe we need to go back to paper ballots everywhere or at least it should be an option. But if we don’t get the right people in place, they’ll figure out a way to steal it again because they know by now we don’t want their tyrannical, socialist, Marxist policies and the only way for them to take over is to steal the election. The dems always accuse us of what they themselves are doing. They are the real insurrectionists. Just listen to Hillary’s last interview on “The View.” She accuses republicans of doing everything that she and Joe Biden have done and are doing.

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