Doctors Make up New Syndrome to Cover up Vaccine Deaths

Doctors in Great Britain – where 92% of the population has been force vaccinated – are warning of a sudden new fatal syndrome that’s impacting people under the age of 40. They are dying of… “suddenly!”

The doctors are recommending that everyone under the age of 40 should go and get their heart examined. Just in case they have an undiagnosed case of “suddenly.”

It’s hard not to be sarcastic about it at this point. We knew that this moment was coming. The only surprising thing about it is that the first great wave of deaths from the COVID shots has come upon us so… suddenly.

The Royal Australian College of Practitioners has even come up with a name for this new mystery condition that is killing people under 40 regardless of their health status: “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” or SADS for short. Sounds terrifying!


You’re going to think I’m making this up, but I promise you – this is real, and doctors in the UK and Australia are actually saying this out loud. One of the main symptoms of SADS is… dying suddenly! Seems like it’s a little bit late if that’s the first symptom you display, but hey, it’s probably better than dying slowly and painfully.

The doctors say you can die from “suddenly” while exercising, when you become excited or when you are startled. A hospital in Melbourne has now opened a “first of its kind” registry to start tracking these mysterious deaths from suddenly. They’ve had 750 people die from “suddenly” in just the past year.

A cardiologist and researcher named Dr. Elizabeth Paratz says that Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is “a very hard entity to grasp” because it is a “diagnosis of nothing.”

SADS is obviously a play on SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Ironically, SIDS is another fake diagnosis of nothing in particular. In the vast majority of cases where an infant dies suddenly, it happens because of unsafe sleep practices with a newborn. The mother falls asleep while breastfeeding, rolls on her baby and smothers it, and then wakes up and moves the baby’s body to its crib and calls an ambulance.

As long as there are no signs of foul play, coroners declare it was a case of SIDS. And it’s such a horrific tragedy that we all pretend as a society that it’s a real mystery syndrome. The mothers have been punished enough as it is.

Are they honestly expecting us to now believe that SADS is being caused by some mystery syndrome? I think they do suspect that many of us really are stupid. It’s an idiopathic and previously undiscovered syndrome that can kill you for no particular reason, but… check your heart to see if you have it!

Really, guys? Can we see a Venn diagram of the overlap between people who die from “suddenly” and people who have received the COVID shots? Call it a hunch if you’d like, but I have a hypothesis about something that might actually be causing all these “suddenly” deaths!

There is one additional symptom of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, and again – I promise I’m not making this up. Doctors say the other symptom is cardiac arrest, in which the heart simply stops. So, the two symptoms are death and… death.

The only thing that keeps me from rolling on the floor and laughing out loud at these people is that it’s all so maddening. People that you know and that I know are going to start dying in the next few years in higher and more frightening numbers because they were unable to resist the propaganda from literal depopulationists who pushed these experimental mRNA shots on the world. It’s going to be tragic.

They’re trying to divert our attention from the truth of what’s going on by labeling the deaths as some new mystery syndrome. It’s not a mystery to those of us who have been paying attention. It’s the shots. The experimental vaccines are what’s causing so many people to die from “suddenly.” But if doctors were to admit that, then they would be culpable in all the deaths that are about to occur.


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11 thoughts on “Doctors Make up New Syndrome to Cover up Vaccine Deaths”

  1. what do they call this medical problem ? these socalled vacines have caused all sorts of problems for people that are stupid enough to belive those pushing these vacines ! it looks like these vacines attack the brains of most who get this shit ,look at biden hes a bumbling idiot and all of the democraps have no morals ,destroying this country
    with liberal ideas ,people are still dieing fron this virus and other complcation from this crap,the gov is pushing! the democraps minds are becomming comunist minds ,with gov controling all you see and do !

  2. Population control period. Want to read something interesting, try to look up a lecture Bill Gates gave the CIA in 2005 on manipulating viruses and manufacturing vaccines.

    1. Population control indeed.
      Let’s see, try to take everyone they could with a man made virus

      If that didn’t do it, perhaps the “vaccine” will, if not soon…. eventually

      Now the FDA has “approved” these infernal death jabs for toddlers
      There’s a novel idea!

      Speaking of babies, there’s the abortion issue too…. sickening isn’t it, if they can’t kill the kids, turn them into a gender they’re not

      What else….. oh yeah, fentynal
      Coming across our border everyday by the kilo…….. this drug is killing Americans by the droves, but how much air time does the media give this problem.

      Joe Biden’s America isn’t America. Joe talks like he’s our leader and savior. He’s a piece of feces. A reprehensible man with no morals, no scruples, no idea of what the real people deal with everyday.

      I’ve not been a real godly person as such, but I now pray for this country’s welfare because those who’ve we’ve elected do not

      Joe Biden murders his constituents daily and smiles about it. Hair sniffing, ice cream and bicycles. Ain’t life grand??

  3. And yet all of the world elites and Demoncrats all got saline shots pretending they got the covid shot. We are not as stupid as they think we are. Glad I didn’t get the death shot!!

  4. Young healthy athletes are dropping like flies. I don’t have the stats but it is staggering. I would say that 100 percent of them had the mRNA vaccine.

  5. Anyone with half afunctioning brain knows those vaccines are kill shots! They do NOT stop the virus, but they DO destroy your immune system, your organs, your brain, an kill you eventually! Some die much sooner, others take longer, but most die of heart complications. Anyone who swallows the b.s.that the vaccine protects you, needs a reality check. And yes, Biden and all those liars who took the jab on tv only got saline solution, NOT the vaccine! You notice Bill Gates and HIS family didn’t take it, nor did faker Fauci and his family. Very doubtful that obama took it as well. They are LYING to all of us because they think we are too stupid to understand the vaccines are deadly! THEY aren’t going to take the vaccines, they know what is in them. Gates created them to “ cull the population”, along with creating the virus, with fauci’s help! Now they want everyone to take the monkey pox vaccine! If you don’t have it, you will if you take the vaccine! Wake up people, protect yourselves and your families, the government damned sure won’t!

  6. BUT- SIDs isn’t fake. My healthy 2 month old daughter was lying on her back on a hard surface. I , fortunately, walked by and saw her eyes, startled- and popping ,and her little arms up in distress ; her mouth was closed ( and empty)
    I immediately picked her up, put her over my shoulder and patted her into breathing again. It is not just from improper handling of a baby so that part of your story is fake too.
    As for the adults dying.. you KNOW young people are having cardiac issues by the hundreds but it is kept quiet. And I am suffering from shortness of breath – a new phenomena for me…… PFIZER!

  7. I know it’s late in the game,but COVID-19 was created by Fauci and cohorts here and in China. I actually competed with the annual flu. Both kill and maimed as the would do. Doubling up on flus wasn’t enough, the vaccine is the passive-aggressive attack you don’t see until it’s too late. The FDA was forced by the demorats to redefine the term vaccine to include the supposed cure for the the COVID-19. Mrna is not like a normal vaccine as it’s not made the same. Current studies have discovered along with the Myocardial infarctions and neurological diseases it creates, it also attacks and replaces the DNAs gene for immune system with it. Therefore the recommended 4 shot routine. These demorats and their toadies are truly out to kill as many as they can get away with, one corps at a time.

  8. I had the first two COVID-19 shots 2-11-21,and 3-4-21. Just had a sore arm and some diarrhea with both of them, along with fatigue. But the symptoms seemed to clear up within a couple of weeks each time.

    I was kind of shamed into getting into getting the first Booster on 01-07-22. Before I even got home, I had a horrible headache from the back of my neck up. I rarely get a headache. I looked up the side effects from the Pfizer booster and I had everyone but one. I felt really ill with cold chills and a flushed face and lots of bowel troubles. And no energy. I felt strange for a couple of months, and have not really felt myself since then. I get around to do most things but don’t feel myself. Can’t put my finger on what is different. And that frustrates me. My husband passed away from cancer in 2016. It was a rare cancer and he fought it for 22 years. I was his primary care giver and never can remember myslef even once during his struggle with the disease, getting sick myself. I was quite healthy . After he passed, my life changed in terms of all the responsibilities I now had. I had always handeled the finances as our family grew, and we now total 51. Since I have had the COVID shots and booster, I feel quite worn out. I had to have back surgery a year or more ago, and felt I recovered from that in a reasonable amount of time, but now I have been suffering from pain all over my body. I know it is arthritis, but I deal with that pretty well. I try not to whine about old age. but it seemed to hit me all at once. About a month ago I started having chronic diarrhea problems. For no reason, I thought. It was embarrassing and I started to become afraid of going anywhere as it struck me in a moment with no warning. There was a virus of diarrhea going around and the doctor told me that was probably it. It got better but still popped up too often.
    It’s good I live alone as I was constantly doing laundry and cleaning up. Well on June 8th of this year I woke up one morning feeeling really normal. I thought about I would do first that day. And then slid my legs over the side of the bed to yawn and stretch, and I assume I was going to stand up. But in an instant I felt my head smashing into something hard. I think I was out for a little while and when I came to I was lying flat on my floor .I managed to get up but with extreme pain in my upper back and I couldn’t get my breath. So I walked down my hallway and called my neighbor. She came right over (we live in a 55 and older community.) She looked at me and immediately called 911 and they called the paramedics and one of my daughters and her husband.
    They all arrived in minutes. The paramedics checked my vitals and they weren’t too bad. I just couldn’t get my breath. I went to the hospital and I was dehydrated and they put an iv in.. They did some CT scans and my lumbar surgery was holding up fine, but I had a compression fracture now in my upper back. Hurt to cough or laugh or bend a certain way. They put a big vest on me and sent me home. And told me to follow up with my pcp. I must have fallen to my left side when I fell as I had big black bruises down my left thigh and up to my hip and my hip had bruises on it. So I think I fell into the legs of my bedside table. Well that has been almost a month and my left side is still hurting and almost every day i have at least one episode of diarrhea.I have lost a considerable amount of weight. I just don’t feel right. Like there is something I am not aware of that is going on inside my body. So I have contacted my gastroenterologist and he will do some further testing.When I read your article on these sudden ailments and even death, I began to think how sudden the last couple of years have been for me. I have chronic UTI’s which I never had before. Have been on a different antibiotic every time. I am Mrs. Clean of the world. Clean nightgown every night, change my sheets every Saturday, i am a widow and haven’t had sex with anyone since my husband died, and never will. A nice lady comes and helps me clean. She vacuums and dusts and scrubs my bathrooms clean as a whistle. every other week. So I am at a loss as to why I feel so poorly. My older sister, 82, just came back from a trip to Thailand, after her husband died in February. A frend took her, but the moment she got there her leg started hurthing and she had to be in a wheellchair. It was a very long flight home and when she got back to her house, she felt like she needed a walker. Well she fainted and had to call the paramedics when she came to. Her daughter arrived and rushed her to the hospital. Turns out she had a blood clot in her right leg, from her ankle all the way up the side of her leg to her hip and across her abdomen, almost to her belly button. They have her on huge blood thinners and she will have to have them for 3 months to try and dissolver the blood clot. The next night I was reading the paper and there was an article i read that physicians are absolutely shocked that many women are coming in the hospitals with foot long blood clots and they are seeing them connected to the COVID Booster shots.My sister had both of the shots and the first Booster. So that rang bells with me. So I decided to write my story. Granted the long flight from Thailand to Utah might have been the cause of her blood clot. But who knows.
    When I hear talk of 2, 3, and 4 more boosters, I want to scream. My neighbors next door, lovely older people, went this week and had a second booster. Well it is way past my bedtime and I am tired
    and am headed for bed.. Thank you for reading my input. I am no doctor and am not accusing any one of malpractice, but ˆI know how I have been feeling since I had the booster and it isn’t good .and it isn’t how I was normally feeling before the booster.
    Thank you,


    I am 80 years old and my dear husband passed away 5 years ago from a 22 year battle with a rate cancer. I live alone but have many children and their spouses and their children, and lovely great grandchildren. They are so kind to me, but I avoid being a burden to them.

    My parents died from cardiovascular diseases, my mother high blood pressure and strokes, and my father from heart attacks and heart surgeries. I have three lovely sisters and we all have taken high blood pressure medicine for years. I was always healthy as a child, and happy and very active. I loved life. I was successful in school and had many friends. I married the great love of my life, an incredible man. He served in the Air Force and then earned his Ph.D in college. We had 5 children in 7 years and just adored them. I had a few health problems after the last baby. Thyroiditis. It was severe and I couldn’t sleep so they destroyed it and I have taken synthroid ever since.

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