FBI Won’t Say Whether It’s Investigating Michigan Voter Registration Fraud Ring

Local, state and federal investigators, along with the Michigan Attorney General’s office, launched a probe into an alleged voter registration fraud ring in October of 2020—right before the stolen election. The investigation found credible evidence of voter registration fraud on a mass scale, extending to 20 states. That made it a federal case, so the investigation was handed over to the FBI.

Guess what? The FBI is refusing to say whether it is investigating the crime of the century.

For those who haven’t been following this incredible story yet, it started in mid-October of 2020. An employee of GBI Strategies dropped off 10,000 absentee voter registrations in the town of Muskegon, Michigan. The clerk thought that was odd, since there were only about 3,400 unregistered adults in the small town. She looked at the applications and called the cops.

The applications were all in the same handwriting and had other problems such as fake addresses or missing information. They were fraudulent, and the idea was to get mail-in ballots sent to the fake addresses so they could be intercepted. Democrat operatives would then intercept the ballots, fill them out for Joe Biden, and mail them in.

GBI Strategies was a Democrat Party voter registration company that was operating in 20 states. We have every reason to believe that the Democrats were carrying out this exact fraud operation all over the country in 2020, since COVID was the excuse they were using for mass mail-in voting.


The Michigan State Police report on this incident was finally released publicly just a few weeks ago. A State Police memo about the investigation concluded the case was about “Election Fraud by Forgery” on a mass scale. The whole thing was turned over to the FBI, and Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, whose office helped investigate the alleged fraud ring, publicly said her state ran the safest and most secure election in history.

Nessel never disclosed to the public that this massive, 20-state operation turned in thousands of fake ballot registrations in her state. Neither did former Attorney General Bill Barr. He had to have known that this investigation was under way in early December of 2020 when he publicly stated that he’d seen no fraud in the election. The case had been turned over to the FBI more than a month earlier!

Just the News has sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the FBI. In the request, they asked for “copies of all reports, documents, and records about GBI Strategies, including all communication and correspondence regarding investigations of GBI Strategies with Michigan government officials, city and state law enforcement agencies in Michigan, and all other state government officials and law enforcement agencies involved in investigations of GBI Strategies.”

You’re probably not on pins and needles waiting to see how the FBI responded to that, are you?

This week, the FBI sent a letter to Just the News stating, “The material you requested is located in an investigative file which is exempt from disclosure.”

“The records responsive to your request are law enforcement records; there is a pending or prospective law enforcement proceeding relevant to these responsive records, and release of the information could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings.”

It’s just like Hunter Biden’s laptop, which the FBI has had in its possession since 2019. The investigations just take forever and a day, and no arrests ever seem to happen.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel could have arrested the lady who dropped off the 10,000 fake voter registrations on state charges. (Actually, it was more than 10,000. The same woman showed up a few days later and turned in another 2,500 fake registrations in the Muskegon clerk’s office.)

Then-Attorney General Bill Barr could have had the FBI drop everything in November of 2020 and he could have made an announcement that they were investigating allegations of voter fraud in 20 states. But he didn’t. He was too busy picking up the check for his $2 million advance to write an anti-Trump book.

At least the FBI has now been forced to admit that it has all these files. We just won’t hold our breath expecting them to do anything about it before the 2024 election.

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30 thoughts on “FBI Won’t Say Whether It’s Investigating Michigan Voter Registration Fraud Ring”

  1. Must oust junta before ANOTHER STOLEN ELECTION. Impeach kommie harass on treason charges from 2020 release of domestic terrorists, and failure to stop border invasion of U.S.
    Then complete joke bribem impeachment.



      1. Ty we finally got some smart people who realize the election was stolen. Those f&&k up dumacrats are absolutely EVIL and will do away with their own family to get to the top. And you thought the devil was evil. They all put me in mind of hitler. TRUMP WAS RIGHT! and he was right to say DRAIN THE SWAMP “it’s deep”

      2. And Fanni Willis, the Atlanta DA going after Trump currently? Such a two face. She ran for three different offices. One in 2018 she lost and claimed FRAUD. Ran again on 2020 for another position and LOST again. Even more angry, she loudly claimed FRAUD in Georgia Election and called for Riots, breaking things and VIOLENCE. That was the year Trump ” lost ” in GA, but likely won by a lot, nullified by fraud. He had sued and it never got to Court.. Willis ran AGAIN in 2022, tis time teaming up with Stacy Abrams and Soros and ran, like Leticia James, NY, on going after and destroying Trump. Too bad she hadn’t worked with him, as he also claimed voting fraud in GA, as she had. But she wanted violence, unlike him. So in 2022, she finally won a race with Abrams and Soros help. And as soon as elected, she started attacking Trump, as she’d promised. And filed indictments for him claiming election fraud in GA, JUST AS SHE HAD IN BOTH 2020 AND 2018.
        Such evil in the hearts of some men/women.

  3. Congress should demand the information.from the FBI and from the State of Michigan. Have the Election Clerk that first reported the fraud testify before the Justice Committee. Start getting the truth out to the public. Call the Director of the FBI and ask him if he is investigating or hiding election fraud.

    1. The very Congress that you are thinking should demand information from the FBI and then act on it according to the constitution is THE SAME CONGRESS THAT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THIS OCCURRING IN THE FIRST PLACE. And, yes – I said that loud…so now what do we do??? Any thoughts?

  4. What does one expect from a Orwellian Police State hell bent on burning this country down just so they can rule over our ashes!

    1. Communists need to destroy a country to truly rebuild it into what they want, the UNITED COMMUNIST STATES OF AMERICA. Unless before that it has become Communist China 2.0.

      Trump has amazing intuition and what he says usually turns out spot on. He’s going to be a rat terrior nabbing the rats and prosecuting them. Many higher up Deep Staters committed treason, it seems. Milley, Pelosi, Biden/Harris, Barr, Garland,Wray, and others. Biggest scandal of a coup and treason in the history of America. Biden had even commented prior to election that the Democrats were good at fraud. He sometimes makes sarcastic remarks that are actually true. He and Harris committed treason early on also wen they abandoned $87.9 BILLION in military machines, armored transport vehicles, latest planes, latest helicopters, tanks, rifles, pistols, missiles and launchers, one ton of C4 and detonators, one million rounds of ammo, newest night vision goggles, facial recognition biometrics machines, four pallets stacked with BUNDLES OF AMERICAN CASH, ETCETERA. Milley was in on that part of treason, surely. He had told Trump, when planning the withdrawal from Afghanistan, to abandon all that in Afghanistan and Trump refused to put that into a plan, it was so idiotic. But then Biden, Harris, Milley did exactly that, leaving nearly $100 BILLION of equipment behind that could then be used by, or purchased by countries unfriendly to us. Doing that, leaving weapons and equipment that can be used against America and Americans is considered treason. Milley had a close relationship with his counterpart General in China. Taluban kept what they wanted and sold te rest. China has purchased much of this equipment as have Russia, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, and even the Mexican Cartel. They also had left behind camo uniforms, helmets, gives, boots, that would make it hard to identify unfriendlies in battle. Taliban used one of OUR BOMBS to bomb Kabul Airport, killing 11 soldiers immediately and badly injuring any more. The Taliban rifleman who ran around the outer perimeter wall and shot and killed the two surviving soldiers at the inner wall who’d been trying to pull other injured people to safety. He shot them with one of those abandoned American rifles, loaded with American bullets. Absolutely treasonous acts by Biden, Harris,Milley. Arrest and convict. 13 solders killed by what those American “leaders ” did. Treason. I am NOT against the death penalty for treason like this.

  5. Biden n socialist had n have the fbi in their pocket. They claim there was no fraud. No one heard of this till now but not one media will ask biden white house about it. Their answer its an on going investigation so is jfk n ufos. Need to stop mail in show an id then vote. Would we b in this economic societial decline if one person spoke up

    1. I have no problem with your sentiment but your use of texting shorthand detracts from your messege and make you look like an idiot.

  6. This is so deep in it-I would remove Bill Barr from the story if I wanted anyone with even a dribble of common sense to believe this crap

    1. Have u actually done any of your own research on these topics or are u like the rest of the Dems and believe everything your told? Do your own research and find out the truth.

  7. What should we expect? As a nation, we said “NO” to God in our public schools, in 1963. It didn’t matter that that year marked the 343rd year of a CHRISTIAN education in our public schools: 1620 – 1963.

    John Adams warned that the CONSTITUTION was wholly unfit to govern any other people than “moral and religious.” We are today at the 60th anniversary since many “divorced” God.

    As godliness had brought the immense blessings which – alone – account for our rise to prominence internationally, the consequent curse of abandoning the Lord, have brought us to the brink of extinction! It is ONLY one or the other. CHOOSE which easy you will walk. Consequences are eternal!!!

  8. wow and we had an AG who did not see anything concerning fraud this leaves me to think that did trump pick this AG due to to his merit or he was recommended by the swamp people

  9. I believe Trump is the ONLY person that can get our country back on track. If he picks a worthy VP and that person gets elected as President and is able to serve 2 terms . . . we will have 12 years to get our country’s Dignity and Status on the World Stage back. PRAY FOR DONALD J, TRUMP!!! He has put it all on the line for our country. Doubtful anyone other than President Trump could have or would have done the same.

  10. I don’t know why all this is now happening to this once great country. I am 93 yrs old. never seen so much corruption as what is happening here now. Do we not have any honest politicians anymore. The illegals claim they are coming here to get away from the things that are going on here in this country now and if it keeps going like it is will be worse than what was supposidly happening in the countries thay came from. We are heading for a dictatorship and Democrats are condoning it. Unreal. Are they so dumb that they don’t know that what is happening is going to effect everyone,Democrat or republican? Is this what they want? I used to be so proud of this country and now it is the laughing stock of the world, no respect from any other country. They all think we have lost our minds. Maybe we have for allowing this to happen. We vote the same worthless politicians back in office, every election, whether they are doing their job they re getting huge saleries and benefits to represent us and are doing nothing unless it benefits them. Some have been there most of their lives, Look at Biden, he does not know where he is, what he is supposed to be doing, or nothing and he is the president, running this country. Why? In this country’s history we have had some sorry presidents and people in Congress, but never anything like we have right now, and it is getting worse by the day and nothing is being done to stop it. Where is it going to end? Who knows? Probably when this country is bankrupt, in worse shape than any other country in the world. That’s where we seem to be headed. Sad.

  11. Of course there not — cause then we would no that Biden is an imposter in our white house, he did not win the election. Its a dam shame all this shit were in is the fauld of an imposter in our office.!! We need honest people to watch over our votes. The DOJ and tne FBI that ae in office today needs on a train with a one way ticket to hell — there so dam dirty they need to talk to the devil.

  12. FBI, How about checking the last Georgia Election Fraud, or are you turning a blind eye because your in Biden’s Pocket?

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