Hold on, Libs: Let’s Pause and Talk About the Boulder Shooting Some More

We’re only two months into the Biden administration, and already it seems like we’ve had more mass shootings than during the entire Trump administration. That’s not true, of course. There were a lot of mass shootings (defined as four or more victims shot) during the Trump years, but it was never politically expedient to talk about those incidents. Democrats had no chance of implementing gun control then. Now that the left controls the entire federal government, they plan to exploit certain shootings, like the recent one in Atlanta and the more recent one in Boulder, Colorado.

Before anyone knew anything about the Boulder shooter, liberals blew up Twitter with claims that “the vast majority of mass shooters are white males.” They didn’t even pretend to be embarrassed when it turned out that the Boulder shooter was a Syrian refugee named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alyssa. Liberals immediately shifted gears and said it’s time to ban AR-15s.

Hold on a second, liberals. What was that blood libel against white men that you were shouting from the rooftops just a second ago?

Here’s a question for the media and every Democrat in Congress who thinks that the Second Amendment is negotiable:

Why did we skip over talking about the 3,081 mass shooting casualties that we had in 2020 (per Wikipedia stats), and suddenly start talking about mass shootings again this year after a white man in Atlanta shot up some brothels?

Mass shooting casualties in 2020 skyrocketed by 34% over 2019’s numbers. Most of those shootings happened after Memorial Day Weekend in 2020, when George Floyd likely died of an overdose death while in police custody in Minneapolis.

The New York Times must not have gotten the memo that the Biden administration was going to start unleashing its windup toys in brothels and grocery stores, because they accidentally reported the truth a few weeks ago: 75% of the mass shooting incidents in 2020 were black-on-black crime in urban areas run by Democrats.

What was that about white men committing the “vast majority” of mass shootings again? If the media was honest about mass shootings in America and treated all mass shootings the way they treated the ones in Atlanta and Boulder, Americans might have a very different idea about what’s really going on in our country right now.


Here’s the most sensational mass shooting that took place in all of 2020. When you read about it, ask yourself why you never heard a single word about this on any mainstream news media channel:

It took place in the small farming community of Aguanga, California, which is in Riverside County. Late on the night of September 7, someone went onto the property of a marijuana grow operation and shot seven people to death. The dead men and women were all between the ages of 44 and 64. The victims were very difficult for police to identify, because none of them had a paper trail. They were all illegal aliens from Laos. This was the largest mass shooting in Riverside County’s history.

Even though marijuana is now legally regulated in California, there are still a lot of illegal grow operations to compete with them. In this case, the marijuana farm was owned by a Laotian organized crime syndicate. The Los Angeles Times talked to the son of one of the victims. He said that when illegal aliens sneak into our country from Laos, they don’t try to get normal jobs. They go straight to work for the Laotian cartels. The police haven’t identified any suspects, but believe the murders were caused by a rival Laotian drug cartel.

That’s a pretty sensational story. How come that wasn’t newsworthy to CNN or MSNBC or Fox News or the New York Times?

I guess when you’re trying to take AR-15s away from housewives and accountants in flyover country, it’s kind of hard to make your case if people know about rival Laotian drug cartels having shootouts in rural areas. If Americans knew about the mass shooting in Riverside County, they might start asking uncomfortable questions about why we have so many illegal aliens from Laos in our country that they’re able to form rival drug cartels.

Stories like that might make Americans want to go out and buy another AR-15 to protect their homes and families. And plenty of ammo.

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20 thoughts on “Hold on, Libs: Let’s Pause and Talk About the Boulder Shooting Some More”

  1. Stories like this don’t fit their agenda. It only shows why law abiding citizens need to be able to protect and defend themselves, their homes and families. That’s why the 2nd amendment exists. Our forefathers anticipated what we’re dealing with NOW. Thank God they were smarter than the corrupt and greedy idiots now running our country.

    1. It’s all about power. My question would be, how would they go about confiscating millions of guns from millions of people. Try going into the mountains of WV and get their guns.

  2. It is a hate crime to kill someone from another race. Right. And it is a love crime to kill someone from your own race or ethnic group. I got news for the News media. Anytime someone robs you, beats you up, or kills you, that ain’t love in my book, its another hate crime. Apparently those lame brained idiots, (News Media), never went to Sunday School. Christ asked us to love one another, not hate one another. All crime is a result of sin, hate, greed, and rebellion. We need to teach everyone starting in Kinder Garten through out college, to love Christ, each other, law and order, and their country. The Ten Commandments should be prominently displayed in all Government buildings. Christ saves us through LOVE, not HATE!

    1. No! We teach our children moral responsibility and sensibility, and keep religion out of it until they’re mature enough to choose that path, should they so decide. When religion becomes the moral loadstone early on in life, and young people go through that post adolescent phase when they abandon their religious indoctrination, their morality and sense of right and wrong, can, and often will, go down the drain as well. It’s also that time when young college instructors, brainwashed themselves, can get their pseudo intellectual, amoral hooks into young minds that have been laid bare by normal questionning and growth. This is much if not most of what creates the liberal/ leftist mindset…young people who don’t understand the ‘why’ of morality, and only process it via a religious context. Early religious training is passively creaating the very thing that it decrys, and that’s currrently destroying us; and it has to understand its responsibility in all of this.

    2. Our country has been in steady moral decline since The Supreme Court allowed Madelaine Murray O’Hare to take prayer out of school. Even if a child didn’t have a family that believed in God they had heard about Him and knew it was common knowledge he existed. It helped temper bad behavior. Now we don’t have that and no one can figure out why our society is spiraling downwards.

  3. The democrats who have taken America hostage, don’t want us to know what is really happening to our country. They depend on their lap-dog media to lie to us and make us believe that things are getting better with them having a choke-hold on the country. They are quickly achieving their goal of the complete and utter destruction of America as we know it. They rapidly pounce on the slightest indiscretion by a white or conservative, while they look the other way at the most violent and ghastly crimes if they are committed by a liberal or the many illegals that they have dumped upon us. As far as they are concerned, American citizens, especially white conservatives, are fair game to be preyed upon without fear of being punished. After all, we are being preyed upon by our own government, anyone else who does it is just helping them. Their hunger for political power through the illegal vote, far outweighs any small concern that they might have for the safety of America and Americans.

  4. The media is obsessed with race . They sew division even when its not about race. None of the shootings last year where a black men got shot or arrested by police were about race yet we had media creating that false narrative and people rioting in the streets destroying peoples property and lives. What about all those shootings? The guy in Atlanta was sick mentally and if those massage parlors were european, the result would be the same. The group of people that black people should worry about are other black people. The People the Asian people should worry about is black men specifically. The same applies to white people. Its an unfortunate truth. This is all ginned up by the media. White supremacy for all practical purposes, doesn’t exist but you wouldn’t know it listening to the media. As Trump said, “the media is the enemy of the people”. Its true.

    1. How about the Mass Shooting spree in Dallas, Texas? A black male did that, but that story never gained any National attention, did it? How about the constant Assaults on elderly Chinese and Korean people, one where a black male punched an Asian male from behind, hitting him on the side of his face? The elderly man went down hard onto the pavement, but there was no outrage by the News Media concerning that attack, on video, which could have killed the victim. How about the Korean Store owners that stood in front of their Businesses, or on the rooftops, with handguns, and AR15 rifles, to defend their property from being smashed, looted, and burned during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, in 1992? What about John Malvo, the D.C. Sniper? He is a black male. It seems that too many people have selective Amnesia when it comes to which groups commits what crimes, as well as what they will report on.

  5. The Commiecrats aren’t fooling anyone. The mass shootings have all been in lib meccas and done by psychotic lib minions. Their phony push to grab guns is to protect themselves while performing their criminal activities.

  6. Get ready. They’re coming. They’re coming to rob you of your 2A Rights and along with it the rest of the Bill of Rights and the entire Constitution.

    WHO is coming? The police and the military acting on ORDERS from their corrupt/Communist civil and military bosses. Yes, they will “just follow orders” like they did in 1930s Germany.

    I wonder how many times “What could I do? I was just following orders” was heard at the 1946 Nuremberg Trials? It was rejected and sentence passed. But, you know, that was then, this is now and it no longer counts.

    Get ready. They’re coming.

    1. Most of the Accused at Nuremburg were Hanged for their crimes, while other went to Prison. “I was just following orders” didn’t cut it then, and it won’t cut any ice, today. By the way, it’s the Police and the Military that are used and abused by the damned Democraps, in every Office that they hold, across the Country. Who is it that let them sleep in freezing Parking Garages, while giving them crap for food to eat, that I wouldn’t feed a rat? This was garbage that either had mold, or metal shavings in their food, or was never completely cooked properly. Yet, these same Food Contractors never lost their contracts, or even felt the sting of an Arrest, or Law Suit against them. This is an outrage. The Marxist-Socialist types all want the Police Defunded, except when it comes to be used as an Enforcement tool for their Unconstitutional Acts. These Communists all hate the Police, and the Military, as well as prior Veterans of this Nation. If the Police and Military Personnel will not stand with the average American Citizens in defense of their Rights and Liberties, then they are in total violation of their Sworn Oaths to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States. Then they, like the Politicians in every Office, lied, and Perjured themselves, because they had complete intent not to honor their Oaths, which is a Felony. Any violation of an Oath by anyone holding any Public Office, should constitute immediate Impeachment, and Removal from their Office. The Marxist-Socialist Left have been quite vocal about how they hate all American Institutions, such as the Police, Courts, and Military, while the Libertarians, Conservatives, Republicans, and Independent American voters support our Police Officers, and Military Personnel, but do so on the condition that they act in accordance with the rule of Constitutional laws. They become defiant when their rights are abused in an Arbitrary and Capricious manner, and then support for these same Police, and Military Institutions drops off dramatically. Then these same Police and Military Personnel are left in the middle between the average law abiding American Citizens, and the Left Wing Socialists and Communists, with neither side in support of them.

  7. Their agenda is to disarm and enslave us Not to print or report any semblence of truth. We only hear what they want us to hear when they want us to hear it. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the lib/democrats are behind these latest shootings just to bring their gun grabbing agenda to the forefront again. The peoblem is — there will be idiot American citizens who believe the garbage the media spews and has been regurgitating since the early 60s. I never heard one word about those killings in California — it doesn’t fit their agenda.

  8. ALL of the comments are correct. Leftist jumped on the “band wagon” when the Covid hit the USA! Proves how evil they are! I could go on forever, but instead I choose to pose this question to every sane person in our country…..referring to GEORGE FLOYD…..CAN a person SPEAK IF HE CANNOT BREATHE ? GOOGLE that question, the answer will tell you the truth!

  9. I knew when I heard that camel jockey muslim’s name that the left wing media would drop the story about a hate crime. They only push that hate crime garbage if the shooter is a straight white male. So then they started with their obsession about taking weapons from law abiding whites again. They do it every time. When are whites gonna admit that the Commiecrat party is a hate group that wants to see all white people, especially straight white males wiped off the face of the planet. It’s so obvious. But there are still a lot of stupid whites who vote Democrat. It’s like Jews voting for Nazis.

    1. I want Articles of Impeachment filed for everyone in Congress, or the Senate, that takes up this anti-Constitutional bill, or bills. This is a clear violation of their Oaths to the Constitution that they took upon taking Office. Further, anyone that has been Impeached should be immediately Disbarred from Practicing Law in their State, and in every other Court that they are admitted to, if they are Lawyers. Make it so they can’t get a job working as a Paralegal when everything is done. Remember, the first 10 Amendments of the Constitution are the Bill of Rights, which are Unalienable Rights, and GOD given, Natural born rights to every American Citizen. These rights are not negotiable, and cannot be taken away, except through a Court proceeding where a specific Individual has been found guilty of a crime. Due Process needs to be observed.

  10. ‘When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bans which have connected them to another, a decent respect requires that they declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain rights & among these are life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. To secure these rights , Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed and whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to establish new government. ………..This is the first of our constitution which seems to have been forgotten about……………

  11. TO>>EE above ! Right on ! So I guess IF we were brave enough WE The People could DEMAND impeachment against the Leftist. Problem there is PRESIDENT TRUMP is the only American with big enough balls to do it ! Oh how I wish he was still in office!! We are sitting idly by watching our great country be taken over by Leftist, illegals, & communist !

    1. All Articles of Impeachment begin in the House of Representatives, not in the Senate, nor does the President begin the process. We have a number of new, Freshman Congressmen and women, such as Matt Goetz, Madison Carthawn, Lauren Bobert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, to name only a few. Any one of them can file Articles of Impeachment against any member of the House of Representatives, the President, or the Senate, for acting beyond the scope of their Oath, and Constitutional duties. The problem here is that the Libertarian, Republican, Conservative, and Independent side of the Political Aisle have never really used the Impeachment Articles the way the Liberal, Socialist Democraps do, as a weapon, instead of a tool to protect the Political process, and the American people. Perhaps the use of these Articles will let it be known that the new Conservative side is not fooling around when it comes to protecting our Constitutional Republic.

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