President Biden’s Family are Already Cashing in on His Name

Joe Biden and his family are no longer thumbing their collective noses at hard-working American families. They are now giving you the middle finger because all of Joe’s family members Hunter Biden are already cashing in on his name.

First up is President Biden’s brother Francis “Frank” Biden. Frank is producing commercials for a law firm in Boca Raton, FL advertising himself and the firm as political consultants. The Berman Group, as early as 2018, noted in their promotional materials their “…expertise of a high-profile government relations consulting team led by Francis ‘Frank’ Biden, brother of former Vice President Joe Biden.”

The law firm’s class action lawsuits against groups in China also noted Frank Biden’s relationship. Even an ad shared during the inauguration cited President Biden’s connection with his brother.

Even Trump hating outlet CNN found this usage of President Biden’s position in government as suspect. They called out the President over it, even when no other liberal media outlet would.


Not to be outdone by his Uncle Frank, Hunter Biden, is upping his game as the Biden most likely to soil and abuse his family’s name. Hunter has a new book coming out and he wants everyone to buy it to gain some insight into deal ol’ Dad. This is not a joke.

Hunter Biden’s backstory is one rife with political influence-peddling and backroom deals with China’s communist party. After his laptop surfaced, the New York Post reported Hunter made a $10 million deal with the communists to open doors in American political and business circles, seemingly promising access to his father. The deal included “10 percent going to the Big Guy,” widely assumed to be his father.

The amount Hunter will receive from Simon & Schuster for his “Beautiful Things” memoir has been a tad murky. But reports indicate that the current president and first lady already cashed-in to the tune of $16.5 million on book deals and speaking engagements after leaving the Obama White House.

It’s difficult to believe that Joe, Jill, or Hunter, would type a single word of these propaganda pieces. That’s why freelance writer Drew Jubera, credited with “collaboration” on the book, was instrumental in making Hunter sound authentic. After all, he’s getting a big check while his father nixed 1 million American jobs during his first week in office.

“Beautiful Things” reportedly focuses on Hunter’s struggles with substance abuse and has been shopped around to left-wing publishers.

Will his book also include details of Hunter having a lurid affair with his deceased brother’s widow? Will readers take a ride with Hunter as he cheats on his wife with a D.C. stripper? Is nightmare ally a metaphor for the courtroom where Hunter’s legal team stonewalled the ex-stripper who was trying to get Hunter to pay child support for their love child? Does his bravery include the Ukraine energy corporation where Hunter pocked $400,000 for a no-work position?

“I come from a family forged by tragedies and bound by a remarkable, unbreakable love,” Hunter’s ghostwriter poetically states for him.

Another memoir that reportedly surfaced also speaks to the early days in the Biden household. Hunter’s sister, Ashley, reportedly stated she was the subject of abuse. Reports indicate her diary says she took “showers with my dad” that were “probably not appropriate.”

One must wonder if the seedy, disgusting underbelly of the First Family and their money-grabs are what they call “Beautiful Things.”

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96 thoughts on “President Biden’s Family are Already Cashing in on His Name”

  1. The best is yet to come. To bad no one will ever hear about it. King biden only gives the press the not so great sorry excuse for a presidents actions. Then press sec. Is a new spin off of charlie browns pal peppermint patty. Still dont know have anything to tell. Lucky for news outlets like these or we would never hear the real stories……. but you can alway just believe what these democrats tell you. Only republicans lie. Just ask a democrat

    1. Well said Michael, but it would sound better when referring to this demented imposter in the WE THE PEOPLE’S WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON D.C. and stop feeding in EGO, and call him THE SLUM-LORD, not king, he is far from a king. Thank You, and GOD BLESS

      1. American people voted for Chinese “decent ” Biden, but we are who did not voted for him, eating all this crap and more as well. BTW, France is not upholding Paris Accord. WTF should we pay for everybody?

      2. He’s a senile old p e r v e r t puppet of the radical left which exceeded its own normal level of sleazyness to put the senile old p e r v ert and the dimwitted wh@re puppet into the White House.

    2. Peppermint Patty….. that’s perfect Michael, brought a good laugh first thing this morning. Gotta go right now, but I’ll “circle back” later for another look lol

      1. Ha ahah good one ! I have never bought or will I buy anything these commies want to print. We as AMERICA FIRST should boycott all sales of any of these IT’s books and memoires lol. NOT WORTH THE READ so hope we can get this out there !!

        1. Help collapse China’s economy… Look at the labels…. if it says “Made in China”, leave it on the shelf. If it says “Distributed by (Walmart Stores)” with no country of origin label, leave it on the shelf. China and CRAP are both spelled starting with the letter “C”.

    3. Their sick people…….I would never buy anything they wrote no book for me. Their sneaky dealings are enough to make you want to vomit!

    4. Biden family are all crooks only for themselves and china and illegal immigrants. Dont care about us in America

      1. Nina — you are describing the whole demoRAT party when describing the groping pedophile biden. They are “traitors” to this country and are getting away with it.

      1. Poor Annette. Be careful what you wish for. When employers are forced by the idiots in government (most of whom never worked a real job or owned a business) to pay unskilled people like you more than you’re worth to the business, several things could happen. In order to pay people more than their skill level warrants, a business owner will have to let people go (fire them) to make a small profit and stay in business. An owner may cut your hours in half to make a small profit and stay in business. So even at the higher wage, your income is cut in half and since you are no longer a fulltime employee, you will lose any employee benefits you have. A business owner may be forced to raise his prices to make up for being forced to pay unskilled people like you way more than they are worth. Eventually customers will go elsewhere to shop where prices are lower and the business will be forced to close. Then you will have no income. Poor, poor Annette. Just not too bright.


    6. NOT King Biden. In his own words, Biden said that presidents that rule by executive order ARE DICTATORS and Biden is definitely a dictator… even Dems in Congress have NO say…. only Obama and Sanders and AOC the liar

      HAPPY NOW.??

      1. They didn’t just vote for him. They committed the most egregious example of voter fraud in America’s history to put the senile old p e r v e r t and the dimwitted wh@re in office. Why? Because both of them would be the obedient puppets of the radical left. So far that’s exactly what they’ve been. The senile old p e r v e r t signed all of the executive orders put in front of him and if he paused, the dimwitted wh@re told him to “just sign it” and he did. I doubt the senile old p e r v e r t has many fuctioning brain cells left so he’s perfect for the radical left’s purposes.

      1. I hope Democrats and the Republican are work together and help American there best and not fight .to much drama.. God bless America..


    9. It’s a joke on you Biden’s. I would NEVER spend a penny on anything that relate’s to any of you. I have better things to do with my money than to a pile oh Corrupted SH–. Got it!!!!!!!!

  2. Mike. I agree with you but, please, do not use “king” with the Biden name. Kings are more compassionate toward their people. Biden is a “DICTATOR” and dictators do not give a damn about their people!

    1. The pedophile is not a dictator — he is a puppet of the deep state,scum like soros and obama and countries like china. The idiot just signs whatever is put in front of him with the demoRAT party biding their time to slip the tramp in to take his place.

    2. We have one King God is our King.hes my King and his son Jesus my savior.not Biden hes not a king…

  3. I AM NOT TO CONCERNED ABOUT THAT ONE, who is now usurping power, When the wicked are multiplied, ,transgression increases; but the righteous shall see their fall.let us pray for America..

    1. We all in America need to pray for the evilness in our country. Biden and his administration is and has made this world evil . They care about no one but theirselves. God is showing us signs. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if we had BILLIONS of God’s people against the white house . All I have to do is pray for all our brothers and sisters around the world that means everyone, good or bad and obey the law. That’s what I will do till JESUS CHRIST comes again. God bless AMERICA.

  4. It’s has become a very sad day, for our country. To think what the rest of the countries really are thinking what has transpired in the USA. I KNOW GOD IS IN CONTROL, BUT AT THIS TIME I’M ASHAMED OF THIS COUNTRY. NOT PROUD TO BE CALLED AMERICAN

    1. Unfortunately I completely understand what your saying as I feel the exact sMe way. Its like I cant stand whats happening to our country because of the evil left loonies however I feel powerless to change any of it. Im definitely willing to fight for the country I love and will if asked to but still short of that I feel powerless. I never knew just how much these commies hated our country so deeply.

  5. the press sec will circle back on all questions with no answer later what a softball press corp really looks like

    1. press secretary is just another creature in the exotic zoo that Biden has created in his administration. she is another creature from the Obama mess. She is fun to watch her low information by choice and LOW intellect.
      Silly pSaki had NO idea what the Space Force was. Silly took a stab it might be an airplane. BUT…. does joe know that the Space Force is?

  6. There saying President Trump started the destructive attitude in his speach on Jan 6. I’d say it started when the 2 or more pipe bombs were placed supposedly the day before and it wasn’t the president!

    1. AOC said on TV last week she had information on the “war to be” on the 6th of Jan SIX…6 DAYS BEORE the so called insurrection. She said that other members of Congress knew it also as did the Police.
      so the question is: what did NANCY PELOSI know and when did she know it? What did she do with the information? Is Pelosi responsible for the5 deaths and the destruction?
      Taxpayers want to know….. the DOJ should want to know. what did the FBI know?

  7. Everybodyody search YouTube joe Biden puts 7 year old senators daughter’s hand on his PENIS twice in the White House what a pig and abusing his own daughter!!!!! The world is LAUGHING AT US NOW!!!!!

      1. I saw a video of that. it was when faux Biden was swearing in the kids mother to a position. the girl looked like 6 or 7. it was on a site that I always read. can’t remember the name now. he does this quite regularly. someone should cut off both hands and the other offending appendage. then see what happens. this person is beyond disgusting, and I don’t see how GOD lets him live. I truly believe that is why his daughter and son have the mental problems they have. he caused them all. he committed adultery with the “DOCTOR”, while married to his first wife. read the “DOCTORS” first husbands book that is out. they were a foursome, and helped get this POS elected the first time in Delaware. it is thought that the first wife pulled out in front of the semi to kill herself and the kids after finding out about uncle sniffy’s tryst. he blamed the trucker for years as being dui. not true. I pray daily that he dies soon. know its wrong, but can’t help myself.


    1. We have a responsibility to pray for our enemies, that is enemies of God. The current administration is so diabolical that there has been no equal in history since this is a mixture of sex perverts Clinton, old lady osama and Biden with his own daughter. Our country once the epitome of rightous power has been relegated to the joke of the ages, even Rome was ages behind us. We pray for the lost to come to the cross and to the saved to be empowered by the Holy Spirit

    2. Our country is in great peril. It started many years ago and people just let it pass!! There are people who think they have a free pass and get everything they want without working for it. My Italian immigrant family worked hard to raise their family without free everything. In fact my grandfather was told if he wanted to bring his family here to America he had better have enough money to support them as the government will not pay for your family or give them a place to live or food to eat!! Now we have low life trash with their hands out and getting fat with FREE everything!!! The traitorous politicians who’s greed ruined our country because their belief is everything is free if you are a politician….. look at the money they make….and for what reason…they are paid way too much for their position in office. Not all but most of them are crooked low life scum, case in point, obama, bidens, clintons, schummer, nazi piglosi and their co-harts… God help us…please pray for our country.

      1. Well said PattyAnn. American’s have to get there shit together. There needs to a lot of traitors and liers thugs in white house and (Speaker of the house) put in jail and throw away the key. It is sickening to see this corrupt administration and all the cronies get away with there shit. Dem’s and traitors are the evil of our Country today. Dem’s have wanted Our President Trump days before he took office. Dem’s need a day of judgment! ASAP

    3. Amen you know it’s coming our lord will soon arrive and then we can bow to our knees to the real KING, God bless all,. All who don’t know our Lord please get to know him soon, he is after you non believers he wants all to come to him. Please don’t be left behind

  9. I have been in a state of depression since the election. And even more so since our great leader that he thinks he is slashed so many people’s jobs and lives. Why anyone got behind this monster of a man with his dirty dealing family, is just too much for me to believe! We must be the laughing stock of the world! Keep tuned to see how much more this money grubbing family collects during this tenure!

  10. It’s too bad that these things were not disclosed to the not so bright individuals that thought this man would actually do something good for them. He is only looking out for himself and what he can get out of our country by distroying it. What an evil person he turned out to be. Sorry for the people who did not see through what those Democrates were doing.

    1. How would they have known if all they watch is the main stream media news programs, as President Trump always calls them “FAKE NEWS”. Those channels never give the opposing view point like some of the people on FOX NEWS, all who are on OAN and NEWSMAX. Look what Murdoch did to Lou Dobbs of Fox Business News. He is trying to go after Marie on FBN as well as Tucker, Hannity, Laura and anyone else who their sponsors don’t approve of. So much for our First Amendment. President trump laid this all out at his many rallies. We all listened but the others did not want to hear the truth and guess what they got BIDEN and unfortunately we did too. God Bless Trump and the country.

  11. All The lies from nearly every major news media organization and the intentional fraud demonstrated by their democratic dominated supporters needs to be burned to the ground!!!
    This will send a message that WE THE PEOPLE
    Deserve the truth in all the election fraud, scam and stealing of votes!

  12. Stories like this just amplify the fact that President Trump won by a landslide. Even though the CP indoctrinated millions of young minds born after WWII there cannot be that many stupid enough to vote for the total takeover of America by the CP.

  13. Why should that be any surprise? The Obiden crime family has been using Veggie Joes name to line their pockets for years, including “the Veg” himself!

  14. Biden is a pedophile and sexually abused his daughter. That’s our crooked acting president. You moron Democrats voted for a really good one
    We don’t deserve this piece of shit or the rest of the Democrats , we need to vote there asses out in two years, and if they cheat again. We the people needs to take action ourselves

    1. WE the PEOPLE need not only to vote in 2022 but WE MUST work for the Republican party of Christians. WE MUST campaign for them. Join YOUR local Republican party NOW. Put your money where your mouth is. donate TIME and MONEY. Find a vacant building and setup an office. volunteer to be election judges. Be proud. Ride on their floats and march in parades with Republican candidates. Get to know your candidates PERSONALLY.
      If your district state or national representative is a GOP get to KNOW them. email them.
      The answer to 2022 is GRASSROOTS! make your state legislature red! Work for your Governor and AG candidates. WORK WORK WORK

      1. no, the Republican Party is now the rino party. they talk like repubs, but in deed act like demon rats. we need a new party. I will never support the GOP again. they sold us out, and refuse to do anything about this stolen election.

  15. I agree with Pete Sinyard 100%. The Bidens are rotten to the core. As I’ve said before Biden said what he would do if elected and now he is following through with his promises. I feel so sorry for people who are losing their jobs and everything else. As I’ve said before to the people who elected this piece of trash, you got what you voted for you know he is doing what he said and all I can say to you SUCK IT UP you put him in office. The whole country is being punish because of your vote.

  16. I agree with Pete Sinyard 100%. The people who voted for him is now seeing he follows through on his promises and this is hurting the whole country. You are getting what you voted for so SUCK IT UP.

  17. The democrat party should be starting to change there name to Communist party of America. it is the only fitting name for these traitors..

    1. There is no way they should be allowed to call themselves Democrats because they represent everything SOCIALISTS & COMMUNISTS stand for.

  18. It is a shame that the Biden family live to way they do. Biden lives off of taxpayer monies . I wonder if he really had any king of a real job outside of the government

  19. I had someone tell me in Jan 2021 now that Biden is president things should get better, boy if you call this better you would have loved Stalin!! Between Biden braking his rule on family etc., loosing 2mil20thousand vaccines, then trying to blame Trump, appointing Nick McQuaid to Justice Dept. even though he was on Hunter’s defense team, trying to make climate change a national emergency & have no idea what they are talking about, just want to loose more American jobs & waist more money, keep trying to impeach Trump, keeping us locked down which doesn’t seem to be helping need the vaccines, breaking their own rules, not letting the news people ask any questions, a Peppermint Patty for Press Secretary who is an idiot, want to allow all illegals into our country, bailing out Antifa & BLM criminals, I could go on but I will just add inciting riots & being the most bigoted racist I have ever seen not to mention trying to run our country like a dictatorship! NO NO THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK OUT WELL!!! THERE IS BIG TROUBLE BRUING & THEY ARE BRINGING IT ON THENSELVES!!! GOD BLESS US!! THIS MAY GET UGLY!!

  20. I hope the whole family goes down for their crooked ways and stealing from hard working Americans this is aPresident that needs to be impeached.! Bbb

  21. It is going to get REAL ugly at the trial for the cops from the George Floyd death.
    Floyd was a vicious criminal with NUMEROUS prison/jail incarcerations. The REAL death certificate will come out and how he died from OVERDOSE OF DRUGS. The REAL tapes will show the cop had his knee BEHIND Floyd’s neck. Floyd’s record will show he was a drug addict and dealer. It will show that he tried the eating of the drugs when arrested the time before and the ambulance got there inn time and he was pumped. This time the ambulance took 45 minutes and it was too late.
    The record will also show that the cop charged with murder had had 18 complaints against him and FOUR were referred to the then Hennepin county attorney….. now senator AMY KLOBUCHAR. she did NOT investigate at the request of her largest donor base…. the Hennepin county law enforcement UNION. She dismissed all complaints . Yes… all the riots and unrest is the fault of senator AMY KLOBUCHAR of MN who is up for re-election in 2022.
    We know this information from local medi that does ot go nation wide.

  22. Be careful! The billonaire handler & his family worked for Hungary under the germans and communionist. Learned how to handle dissadents.

  23. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” When this pos first walked out of his basement, mumbling and fumbling who believed his web of lies and deceptions. He speaks with forked tongue and those that voted for him, get what they deserve. I did not vote for him nor would I vote for this dweeb or his cronies. Thanks to Sir Walter Scott for the tangled web quote!

  24. President JOE ass hole BIDEN is comiting the worst crime for any military oficier as well and a member of the American family the crime is treason which cant go unpunished

  25. Where’s the Durham report? Guess it faded away like a lot of other things. It really doesn’t matter, because no guilty person will face any repercussions. Just give them probation and everything’s fine. What really kills me is how that lying POS Biden can stand there with his smug ass smile and pretend he actually won an election fair an square. We will face more debt and free shit for all in the coming months. Way to go Joe, building back better never sounded so morally false. What a feeble, senile, cheater, and plagiaristic pedophile, we now have as POTUS. Go home Joe and take the Dr. with you!!

  26. This is difficult to say, and I’m sure many of you would agree. Jesus told us to “pray for our enemies. Do good to them.” The fact is…God created us all, but we have choice in how we live. Biden has made bad choices, throughout his life. He will be punished. I suggest that our prayers FOR him be that he repents, AND that he is in God’s Hands and may the Good Lord do with him as HE sees fit. No one can take vengance on a person the way that our Heavenly Father can. That has to be our way of thinking, our we will lose our minds with all the insanity that is going on because of this. God bless all of us who are patriots and may He have mercy on us all!!!

  27. I understand the hostility and where it comes from and I at times I feel it myself. However, it is my belief that this is what our opponents want. Divide and conquer, Hate and separate, inflame and encourage violence. I think our country needs to wake up. This is not democrat vrs. republican, black vrs. white, conservative vrs. liberal and anyone still thinking any of those hate driven divisions is what is behind what is going on is a fool. You are in a class war. What you are seeing is “The Great Reset”. If you don’t know what this is, than you don’t really understand what is going on and what you are complaining about. Look up “Biden:The Great Reset” to start understanding our true dilemma. What you are seeing is global, if you pay attention you will see that there are problems all over the world being instigated by all the same people. i hope we wake up in time to stop the people involved in this worldwide plot. If we don’t the entire world will pay a horrible price. Martin Luther King was the most effective non-violent leader in the history of our country and the most successful, follow his lead. “The Great Reset” should be the number one story in the world and until it is we are all in peril. Look it up and tell everyone you know about it, before it is too late. God Bless, Protect and Guide our country.

  28. To you leftist and liberal what going on with your president? Is he like you just full of crap? Guess you are your family worse member! People like you should just do everyone else the biggest favorite. Either move to Australia or Canada and get out of the only country that is FREE! BIDEN HAS SOLD YOU OUT JUST AS THE DEMONCRAT PARTY HAS LIES TO YOU FOR THE LAST FIFTY YEARS! Oh, I understand how stupid you people are! One in my family as well! Kick his butt out the door and told him to go find a place and job to take care of himself! At the age of 25 you either lazy or stupid! Well China is going to finish off you leftist soon! Once they take Taiwan AMERICA is next! Hawaii will be the first!

  29. I have a book for you Gary – the book of Revelations, that really tells us what is going on now, opens our eyes to understand this mess!

  30. ALL THE GREAT COMMENTS FROM OTHERS ABOVE should be acted upon. Newsmax, OAN, Jeff Kuhner Radio and all & everyone who are fed up with sick Bast–d Bidens, Demented , satanist Clintons, Obamas, A– Hole Pelosi, members of Pizzagate, Sick headed Fauci & Bill Gates and all their chinese bedfellows. etc ……..The USA can be saved, “President” Donald Trump can save us, we must all do what we can. All the “swamp” disgusting creatures need to be arrested for all the “too numerous” offenses & crimes, and they must “SERVE TIME in PRISON”….I believe, sick deranged, hate filled, Pelosi and her Senate and etc. buddies, planned the Jan 6 riot, welcomed them in, killed the cop etc. By interrupting the Hearing, no speaker who would have helped Trump, had the chance to help him and better yet, they did as expected and blamed it all on Trump.
    I would like to know if there are investigators who will arrest, convict & imprison all these evil, jerks whom we have all mentioned. For one example….Hunter & Joey Biden, sex with underage girls, during my 85 yr lifetime people were made to pay for these crimes. ……If this would be done, we would not have to wait and try to patch up the USA in 2 or 4years.
    I don’t understand the groups that are rioting etc They should be arrested.

    Is it true, kamala Harris was a contact person for Bidens & Chinese deals? Is it true Hillary is a satanist? Whatever! No matter what……the swamp just doesn’t get drained out……Why do judges, lawyers, mayors, governors etc want to live in a communist country?……Bill Gates, Bidens etc and population control….don’t people know this?? The chinese saving USA people DNA for tracking & to cause more diseases………….Puppet Biden stops the “pipeline” forces loss of jobs but I guess Bill Gates & others may be getting richer by sending what should be in a pipeline, sending by train!!……..Investigate, broadcast all the evil every day! …. Gates deals & seriously harming kids etc with vaccines for years!!!………..Boadcast all evil, get the word & proof to millions of unsuspecting hard working people…….Fauci , his reputation for working with bedfellow chinese and predicting years in advance of a coming pandemic!….Fauci’s law suit, 18 page Dossier!!!…..If only all the evil billionaires would leave us struggling little family & small business families alone….Get all the TRUTH About Vaccines, what is in them, aborted babies, minced heart, lungs etc etc, long term side effects, the truthful counting and comparison to the flu & others we have experienced in our lifetimes, the truth on big PHARMA etc $$$$$$’s

    God bless us all, God bless America, God bless ” President Trump”

    1. Florina,
      YOU ARE RIGHT, BUT THE PROBLEM IS THE DEMOCRATS ARE LIKE NAZIS, AND WANT TO DESTROY AMERICAL. Over 75Million voted for Trump, not BOZO BIDEN. The DemocRats want to “impeach” Trump AFTER HE IS A PRIVATE CITIZEN. SO, why not have Trump’s lawyer treat it like a court. Then, have citizens who have signed notarized affidavits & hear what they say & saw. Show videos of fraud, and voter fraud showing how the DemocRats had TRUCKLOADS come in with boxes of fake votes for Biden. Then show what EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT HAS DONE FOR THEIR COUNTY, STATE & AMERICA, in the last 4 years. Then, show what Trump had done. Then, show their multi-million $ homes, and ask how the Democrats can get all these nice homes, on their own salary. In short, they rip-off the American Taxpayers & expect everything for free. Then never do anything. If anyone ever says we’re wrong, please list 15-20 things you Democratic Leader for your city, county, and America, that was successful and helped Americans. Including Biden, Harris, Waters, Pelosi, Schumer & other worthless DemocRats.
      Americans are TIRED OF LIES FROM BIDEN & OTHER DEMOCRATS. Instead of America continuing to put up with lies or fear of what media or politicians are saying. Is it worth it? Is it worth letting America become a Socialist Country? What about letting MILLIONS of illegals coming into America, which don’t have to obey the laws? Why should we? Maybe if all Americans who are fed up with the crap, pull up to their property, armed, just like BLM & Antifa did to Americans. Give them the same treatment, except worse, especially since you are protecting you, your family, and your property. They destroyed statues, businesses, cars, and much more! Yet, nothing happened to them. WHY?

      1. Mark..amen my friend.
        And what about Hunter Biden’s book?!!
        The publishers, Simon and Shuster, threw aside a Conservative’s book to publish Hunter’s book instead.
        Thank about using the family name (which is feces by now), to get things done that normally woulfn’t be touched.

  31. It may very well have been the Kushners constantly providing advice to DJT that prevented him from doing what he justly should have done on the 20th of January 2017 which was declare Martial law inoculating the body of our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic from the terminal viral plague strands known as Globalists and those crusading for a OWO, all I know is that in failing to declare Martial law on the 20th of January 2017 DJT has condemned us true patriots to at least a century of enslavement and misery.

  32. Everybody read the book by Larry Sinclair OBAMA COCAINE SEX LIES MURDER!!!!!it will show what a drug addicted murdering faggot Obama is!!!!!!! Obama killed his sex partner Daniel Young in 2007 with REV Jeremiah Wright the guy the tax payer gave 125000 dollars to go away because of his hate America sermons for 20 years. Young was wrights choir director. Obama married to a transsexual racist ALL WHITS ARE RACIST THEY JUST DONT KNOW IT ugly as a sack of rocks Michael LaVaughan Robinson!!!! Now we have pedophile influence pedaling dimwit dementia Joe Biden! Sexually abused his own daughter, put his fingers in Teara Reids pussy, put a 7 year old senators daughters hand on his penis twice on your tube in the White House! His son hunter crack addict corrupt pedophile they need to publish his laptop porn! Worthless dead son Beau slandered Larry Sinclair that why he became vp!!!!! His stupid as a sack of rocks pig of a wife Jill with her participation DOCTORATE!!! THEN HIS CORRUPT BROTHER AND DAUGHTER!!!!!! NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!!

  33. Our entire political system is corrupted. We should limit the terms of all elected offices to two terms . Can someone tell me how a politician can enter office “poor” and when they leave they are millionaires? It can’t be because their salaries are so high because they keep voting themselves raises. I’m disgusted by the lot of them.

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