Underestimate Sidney Powell at Your Own Peril

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson fabricated some sort of snit with one of President Trump’s attorneys last week. Since then, many of Carlson’s own viewers have turned on him. This is not a time for fair-weather foxhole mates. It’s a time for Americans to stand firmly with President Trump if they want to keep our Republic. Some other prominent Republicans are now jumping on the Bash-Sidney-Powell bandwagons as well. To all of those people, here’s a suggestion: Underestimate Sidney Powell at your own peril.

Sidney Powell is not on the President of the United States’ legal team because she’s some ambulance-chasing fraud. She’s on the president’s team because she’s the real deal.

A lot of Americans had never heard of Sidney Powell before she became Gen. Mike Flynn’s attorney. The Russian collusion plot was hatched in January of 2017, before President Trump had even been sworn in. A meeting took place in the White House with Barack Obama, then-Vice President Joe Biden, Sally Yates, James Comey, Peter Strzok and possibly others. After spying on Gen. Flynn as part of Trump’s transition team, they concluded that he had done nothing illegal – but they were going to get Flynn anyway.

Comey and Strzok set up the infamous White House meeting with Flynn, in which they caught him in a perjury trap. They removed Flynn from the picture by charging him with lying to the FBI. They didn’t want Flynn – as Trump’s National Security Advisor – to uncover the fact that the Obama administration had been spying on the Trump family and campaign.

The Department of Justice railroaded Flynn into entering “guilty” plea by threatening to go after his son. Flynn’s first team of attorneys were in on the fix with the DOJ. It was only after Flynn fired them that he hired Sidney Powell to represent him.

Gee, does anyone remember what happened next?


Sidney Powell walked into that den of vipers and convinced Flynn to withdraw his guilty plea. She took on the US Department of Justice, the FBI and the CIA at the same time… and got the Department of Justice to recommend that the case be dropped. Sidney Powell uncovered the explosive memo that ultimately proved the Russian collusion hoax was hatched in the Oval Office, with Joe Biden and Barack Obama working as active participants in the entire illegal scheme.

Flynn is still sort of in limbo today, because an unruly federal judge refuses to dismiss the case. Even though the prosecution has basically walked away after asking for the case to be dropped, the judge is trying to figure out a way to prosecute and sentence Flynn all on his own. That judge will be lucky to still be on the bench when that gets sorted out.

But don’t lose sight of what Sidney Powell accomplished in that case. She took on the FBI, the Department of Justice and the CIA… and proceeded to kick their asses.

And now we’re supposed to throw her under bus, just because Tucker Carlson had some sort of argument with her? Should we “diss” the woman who almost singlehandedly destroyed the Deep State’s fraying hopes of ever convincing anyone that maybe there was something to that whole Russian collusion hoax?

Sidney Powell has made some really big claims about the 2020 election that she says she’ll be able to prove in court. In this case, she’s fighting some local election officials, the Post Office, a shady voting software and hardware company (Dominion Voting Systems and others), and the media. With that lineup of enemies, I like her chances – especially after the way she thumped the CIA and the FBI in the Flynn case.

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson’s ratings are finally starting to take a hit and he’s being hammered relentlessly on social media. No lightweights in the foxholes, please. This is a serious fight for serious adults.

If Sidney Powell is gaslighting all of us, that would be an extremely odd choice for an attorney to make. If she’s lying and can’t prove her claims in court, and ultimately costs Trump the election, she would go down as one of the most hated figures in American history. Why would anyone commit that level of career and reputation suicide? The Joe Biden campaign is taking her seriously enough that they jump-started their fundraising apparatus; they’re asking for $30 million in donation to help battle against Sidney Powell.

If the Biden campaign takes Sidney Powell that seriously, the rest of us should, too.

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237 thoughts on “Underestimate Sidney Powell at Your Own Peril”

    1. I sure hope you are right. However I know how corrupt our legal system is and look how the FBI and DOJ have sat on information for 4 years about how corrupt they really are. What are ordinary good Americans supposed to do when we know they are so corrupt. I do know what we should do. What did George Washington do with the British? I think that is the only answer.

      1. We stand with Sydney. Tucker betraying his audience, I lived this scenario in 6 months 80% audience disappeared and 90% revenue. Host never recovered careers they destroyed their own brands. Fox played into competition hands. Done unless they change quickly. This end ugly for FOX.

          1. But they made an offer my crooked attorney wouldn’t refuse that if he would drop my case for him to have the Teamsters to help him to be the Circuit Attorney against Jennifer Joyce in St. Louis. Till I put an end of that happening. So they blew his brains out at Barnes Hospital and they killed my 4 witnesses. Is this the world you want to live in? Not me I have been fighting for 30 years and I am not giving up.

          2. I just hope that Sydney has a good SECURITY Detail! If she doesn’t “pop” with the goods on these crooked Dems, real soon, I am betting they will pop her! Then, where will we be??? Let’s hear what you’ve got, Sydney!

        1. Screw Fox News and tucker Carlson he had no business sticking his nose in it anyway it’s not about him it’s about American patriots Fox News can jump off a cliff don’t need that crooked bunch anyway I will stay with Sidney Powell you go lady

          1. I agree 100%. If we all don’t band together to fight this deep corruption we will never get our country back. Pray & fight. Together we stand decided we fall!

          2. I stand with Trump and Sideny Powell go get them crooked democrats and nail their ass!
            We as American Citizens born , in this county deserves a fair election for the candidate we voted for! Not some pervert , hair sniffing guy with dementia that can’t remember what he is even talking about and doesn’t know where he is half the time. What they have done by mail in ballots, and fraudulent voting is just disgusting! They have disrespected the American Citizens!

          3. I agree. It’s hard to believe that she & Lin Wood are doing all this pro bono. The expenses have got to be enormous considering the expert witnesses, etc.. They are true Patriots who are making a tremendous sacrifice to benefit their fellow Americans. How wonderful to see people who were blessed with a God given talent put it use to help others. They certainly have my utmost respect and admiration. I’m sure there’s a special place in Heaven for each of them someday. In the meantime, if anyone has the technical skills to start a Go Fund Me page, please set one up. Wouldn’t it be nice to show our appreciation for what they’re doing for us?

          4. I’m real sure Sydney will be able to pull this off. She’s smart and she knows the law inside and out. I pray that if and when this goes to the Supreme court, we’ll win big time. They must take all the evidence seriously. Because it does exist and there was definitely fraud here.

          5. Crackerjack, I totally agree with you in all that you said. Thank you for that and we need more people who think like you and I do. Congratulations!!!! Keep up the good work!

        2. We definitely need to stand with Sydney!! I don’t believe she would take on all these people if she didn’t have the goods to win for our beloved President!!!! It’s obvious Biden stole the election because just about all of America loves President Trump and the First Lady!!! We need them for 4 more years!!!!

          1. I still want to know the job description, in its entirety, of “Community Organizer”. Barack Obama’s the conductor of Hillary Clinton’s “vast LEFT wing conspiracy”. And the VP he chose to be a heartbeat away, is apparently the leader-in-waiting of the Free World now.
            The whole “deep state”, treasonous charade has played out before our main stream media clouded view hidden in plain sight. What to do now?
            Deep State- 1
            America -0

          2. And, after all the time they stole from him in his first 4 years in office should be given back to him. Give him 6 years!!!!! I’m so mad at this travesty, I could chew nails. I’m sure I’m not alone.

          3. I think rather than working on one front, they are coming at the corruption from several directions. Good strategy !

        3. Its time for the new American revolution! Our Lady Peace will save us from the peril of the modern day four horsemen! Pray n keep your faith!

          1. How about instead of praying to a person that died, we pray to Jesus Christ-Who died and is alive, and is worthy to save all of us?


        4. So true fox used to be my station for news because I believed they spoke the truth especially tucker .NOT ANY MORE ,he betrayed his audience.

        5. I heard there is a new CEO putting new directions. No longer allowed to speak words or stories. Go to cable newsmax.

      2. Totally agree! We can not go gently into the night. If Biden does become president, we must continue to make our voices heard while we advocate to divide our country into two divisions: the one who believes in the constitution and the one who wants to socialize it. The one following the constitution (and keep the name USA) will stop all welfare checks, secure our borders, require IDs to vote, etc. The flow of democrats will reverse and go back to the blue states. There may be a time they’ll want to rejoin the USA, but they must be scrutinized throughly and must have enough money to live on or we need their job skills, etc. before allowing them to join us. Remember: they are no longer citizens on the USA.

      3. We need to start fresh and fire them all…..then vet each one to be sure they have values of our Founders on their hearts and are Patriotic, God fearing individuals with integrity. It may take a while to find people like this…but perhaps look at some of the Christian colleges and Universities…..many people can be “smart”….but wisdom comes from knowing and following God. Not all people use their education wisely.

      4. Go to dickmorris.org for things that we can do. Also you can get 3 things we can do if we go to prolifevote.com and we can call state officials and ask to “please hold off on certifying election results until all legal actions of voter fraud are completed “! And PRAY!

      5. You are correct. It will come again in some form again. It is now a matter of time. If Betoff and his crew come for the guns, it will be the next shot heard around the world. If you are paying attention to the reaction to the Demorat lockdowns, it is more than obvious what is happening………..and this INCLUDES Biden supporters as well. The MSM did a good job of hiding the truth about Biden from voters………..they now know the truth……..Fool me once……….

      6. You are right as daylight. At this stage, with the corruption and disinformation machines in full swing only pain inflicted on the perpetrators can work and make them rethink the situation. George Washington knew that when you run out of civilized options there is only one option available and we know what that was

      7. The corruption has been gestating for decades. The Obama Administration took it a little further and started sitting on the embryo of the beast they had hoped to ride into the globalist government on and become the heirs of this great nation. The cracking was started just as Hillary was to take office and control of the corruption that they have be nurturing for decades. TRUMP turned off the heat lamp and wounded that beast before a complete hatching. Now those Socialist mother f’ers are fiery made over the safety and security of their future plans. They have behaved like wild beasts protecting their young for 4 years. For them, it is attack or loose everything and i believe that is what we are seeing – the desperation that leads to decisions being made without clarity of thought but fear and anger, produce the actions that are playing out now. The people can see it for what it is. So, what are good Americans supposed to do…EVERYTHING WE CAN!!!

        1. That is a very real and outstanding outcome. I read that she is the only Military prosecutor of the bunch. There are 52 Trump cards at play. I’m a big fan of the head fake.

      1. are Bill Barr & John Durhan & Barrs pick Cris Ray also deep state swamp animals? Barr is a waste of time and Trump should fire him Ray & DURHAM A the cauw Fuccie THE MAN IS A JOKE AND A TRUE DEM LIE LIE LIE

    2. Yes Karole Conaway, Biden and Obama should be put in jail for all bad decisions, past present and future ones also. We all know that Obama is going to ” guide ” Biden/Harris when they hit the WH! That means that the 8 years we lived under the racists administration, with our jobs given to China, his policies were to stop companies from investing in our country, and our economy down the tubes will all return. But it will be worst, because we know for a fact that Harris is a communist, and many of our rights will be suppressed but the BLM will flourish. Biden, Obama, and Harris will not stop them in any way. This is going to be the end of FREEDOM FOR US ALL!

      1. First of all, Marie, Biden is a ‘socialist’ and Kamala Harris is a ‘Marxist’–neither are ‘Communists’. Socialism is ‘bad’ enough but the ‘president by default’, Harris is far worse!! (‘Google’ Marxism and find out what the ‘really means’!!) Biden/Harris want to ‘expand’ the courts and, in the process, to establish Obama as a Supreme Court member!! If that doesn’t give us nightmares, nothing will!! Meanwhile, even with the ‘promise’ of Biden as ‘President’, AntiFa still goes out every night burning and looting! So much for the ‘dream’ of ‘peace’ if Biden ‘won’!! The ‘Black Dogs of Hell’ are good for nothing else other than destruction. They need to be ‘put down’ and contained, since they will not do it themselves. Have you heard that ‘certain’ Dems want to put Trump supporters into ‘re-eductation’ camps? AKA: Concentration camps complete with ‘brain-washing’!! We don’t have to worry about ‘going to H*ll’! If Biden takes over, even temporarily, ‘H*ll’ will come to us!!

        1. Marxists often refer to socialism as the first, necessary phase on the way from capitalism to communism. Marx and Engels themselves didn’t consistently or clearly differentiate communism from socialism, which helped ensure lasting confusion between the two terms.


        2. Actually both (socialism and marxism) are step children of communism. So there is some of the same characteristics. But here is the thing; All have failed as a way to run government. Eventually these places go bankrupt and create massive amounts of poor. Why these idiots think this would be better makes no sense. Its those professors we allow to run our schools. They teach this “theory” that doesn’t work in reality.

        3. Agree, I am more afraid of Harris becoming President if Biden doesn’t finish his term especaily if the Democrats take the Senate. If the Republicans had half the unity the Democrats have none of this would be happening.

          1. Oh, Martin, your 2nd sentence sums up our biggest problem and should have been written in large, bold caps. Democrats stick together no matter what the result. They ONLY need to win, the rest of us BE DAMNED!

        4. But, aren’t those things llike being a “little bit” pregnant? Progressive is a politically correct way to say marxist, socialists or communist? They all have the same end which,, by the way, is “the means justifies the end”. Remember!~

        5. I am afraid that more than half the nation is being brain washed every day, no need for concentration camps, the MSM is doing just fine. Regardless of the actual meaning of communism, Marxism, or socialism if any of the three or any parts of the three enter the US, the Republic is doomed. They all offer free stuff with central control over the entire population. We are almost there anyway and when the Dems take over they will flip the switch and we are doomed. The people of the US have never had to suffer hardships like many in the other parts of the world and just like the toilet paper hording, I believe both conservatives and liberals as well as the woke crowd are in for a real awaking. 2022 may be too late, I sure hope not.

        6. I’m told we are Trump’s cult. 73 million of us “ hillbillies “ are not fit for polite society. Doctors, nurses, first responders, teachers, lawyers, truck drivers, waitstaff, housekeepers, dentists, bus drivers, moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Muslims, bankers, firemen and women. Liberal ignorant media hates us . 73 million patriots who voted for the best President we ever had.

    3. marine who;s loves her for fighting for trump and general flynn yea not mad dog in my eyes private traitor he stood back when soldiers were killed hes no body no respect gone fi marine

      she reminds me of woman marine i;m on trumps side and her;s we might have come takem out trash we are more?


      1. Not only running for president, shouldn’t someone be investigating what Lien Biden said in national tv?, I quote,” my party has invented the biggest fraud election organization in the USA.” That should disqualify him completely.

    4. Thank god for patriots like Sydney Powell, keep up the fight, we support you! I am ashamed to say I live in Ohio where my senator Rob Portman reigns, a RINO through and through. Never once has he spoken out in support of President Trump, my hero or spoken against the treason of Joe Biden, not a peep. I am not active politically although I ALWAYS vote, but I will do my utmost to try to get rid of the milk toast Portman here in Ohio. Can he be primaried??? We are so lucky to live in the democratic republic of the USA, I pray we can stop it from becoming a socialist country and taken over by Wall Street thugs and the Chinese CCP! So many before us have fought to create and sustain this republic. Those taking up the mantle today are a tribute to the heroes of our past!

      1. I watched that show with Carlson, and really, did not see the venom so many here are describing. I saw frustration that she refused to come on the show, and disappointment of her reactions to continued attempts to get her on. He explained that a couple of times, and was not being critical of what she may have in terms of proof regarding this election, but like most pundits, felt something should be shared. Indeed, her credibility should not be in question here, given her experience and successes. I did not see Tucker questioning her credibility but did see frustration for not sharing. Given his past dedication to the tenets of this presidency, and the to all things conservative over the past couple of years, it will take much more than that one incident for me to consider boycotting him…Now, as for Fox being my go to station, nope, not anymore. Their daytime programing is dead to me. However, at this point I will still watch The Five, Tucker, Hannity (to a lesser extent), and Laura, as well as Gutfeld, Watters, and Jeanine on weekends…

        1. They’re ALL TRAITORS!! They all knew Fox was gonna call the elections for Biden at the point when they all knew the president was winning by a landslide, so obvious! They sold us out, for money!

        2. Add Steve Hilton and Mark Levin. I was never a Tucer fan, but I agree with you. Tucker has always had a different way, but has always stood for this Republic and President Trump. After the election, I set my DVR toTucker in support of him criticizing FOX and the early call of Arizona. I boycott Chris Wallace and Neal Cavuto.

    5. When a Case as severe as this is going to the Supreme Court, you don’t disclose the case and the proof for all the criminals to see? I just don’t understand how Tucker Carlson could think she must tell him all her findings? You don’t arm your enemies and in this case, massive enemies. Move away from your desk and do some investigative research of your own.

      1. I think Carlson was told by his producers to get her to talk. Remember FOX was bought out by two very liberal brothers. They are slowly moving toward the left , have more democrat guests than republicans and I’m fed up with all of them. I switched to Newsmax.fantastic shows, conservative guests. Would like Steve, Hannity, Laura and Gutfield to move away from FOX

    6. The Democrats are corrupt liars! We don’t want a criminal sitting in the White House as our President along with the other criminals he will appoint, who want to take down this country! I support Sidney Powell, the Democrats fear her & we need to stand by her as she uncovers the biggest voting fraud in the history of this country! God expose the corruption & bring righteousness, justice & truth to this Nation! President Trump for 2020 & we the people who the Democrats/Globalists who are trying to steal this election from!


      1. United We Stand. This has always been both the blessing and the downfall of the Republican party. It is made up of free thinking, diversified individuals and has not shown the backbone to take on the Democrats. President Trump entered politics as the divider who has unified a vast group of diversified thinkers with 2 priorities. LOVE OF GOD FIRST AND LOVE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    8. Barack Obama committed treason against the United States of America when he sent a large sum of cash to Iran. That act was one of lending aid and comfort to an enemy of the USA. I find it puzzling that that issue has never been addressed yet false accusations have been leveled against Donald Trump. And now we witness strange activities during the 2020 election cycle. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!” The mere existence of questionable activities–ballots overwhelmingly for Joe Biden mysteriously showing up after polls closed (the “smoke” that hints of fire–is a flashing red light calling attention to the possibility of fraudulent activity. I wish Sidney Powell the best in her investigation of the possibility of fraudulent activities.

    9. What a den of thieves the Obama/Biden Administration was—and is! As Biden prepares to enter the White House as president to continue his destruction of America and the personal enrichment of himself and his family as they plan to use their positions of power to acquire illegal financial kickbacks and payoffs from Communist China and other countries to which he will give unlimited access to and control of our government, our corporations, our media, and our educational systems while removing the freedoms of We, the American People, Sidney Powell will be working hard to ensure that a corrupt Biden presidency never happens. She is brave, smart, and relentless in her pursuit of truth and justice. I pray for her and for PRESIDENT Trump daily. Go get them, Sidney! God is on your side. Stay strong! Keep fighting! God loves you. Little David slew the giant Goliath. You are not alone in this fight. You are surrounded by millions of freedom-loving, truth-seeking patriots and an army of God’s angels. MAGA!

    10. Biden, his son, Obama, Hillary, Owners of Facebook , Twitter, Google etc. should be looking at bars eating a bologna sandwich!!

    11. Amen to that, Karole! This was all treasonous, pure and simple. Perhaps a firing squad with modern sporting rifles would be most-appropriate….

    12. I think Sidney Powell should be commended for what she is doing and not not pushed by Tucker Carlson or anyone else period!!!

    13. Sidney Powell is fighting for us, PERIOD. I love Tucker but I have to say he’s wrong on this one. I would want Sidney Powell on my side any day. She’s a fighter and takes prisoners; if you know what I mean.
      The Trump legal team only made clear that she is not working for The President however, she is working for
      “We the People” and WE need all the help we can get. She is brave under fire; which is what we need right now especially because the Demonrats smell blood in the water. They are attacking and trying to publicly bully any person; Lawyer who seeks the truth regarding the election fraud that took place on television Nov 3, 2020.
      With all the B.S. we had to endure for the last 4 years the Dems can put up with a few weeks to make sure that every LEGAL VOTE IS COUNTED AND EVERY ILLEGAL VOTE IS THROWN OUT…PERIOD…..

      1. After the proof given the PA Legislators who met in Geytysburg at their inquiry, WE THE PEOPLE need to step up. We need to flood social media and email, telephone and even stop in at the offices of all 5 swing state legislators demanding they take back their Constitutional Rights and send electors to the Electoral College representing the true winners of this election. President Trump and Mike Pense and the people of the U.S.A.

    14. I totally agree.
      I stand with Sidney 100% and if democrats are able to steal this election then all patriots have to answer the call to arms. That’s the only way to get our country to remain our country as democrats intend to destroy it. So let’s see what happens.

    15. I Agree 100%! They are both Disgustingly Corrupt, & two or the sleaziest snake oil pushers on the face of the earth! Disgusting!!!

    16. They will regret trying to steal this election! They have concrete proof and several computer experts gave actual print outs of how many votes in each state Biden stole and it’s 100% accurate! These so called wins are mathmatically impossible for that cheating little troll to be winning! The SC will have all this evidence and several affidavits of those who witnessed voter fraud and all are under oath Plus they have videos, documents, etc! But I think there is more criminal activity besides the election, She has said along with Lin Wood attorney that the evidence is horrifying and even people who voted for Biden will be sickened! I believe the SC will reverse this tainted election, people will go to prison!

    17. Take down deep state crooks
      Seize the money they stole from American people
      Teach them how to break rocks and make rock piles
      Fix the election fraud or USA is going to get destroyed

    18. Totally agree Karole, those 2 are nothing but garbage smeared with feces!, Absolutely disgustng beings!

      As for Sydney Powell’s expertise on legal matters, she is the TOP of the TOP with Lin Woods, and others. Shes no flight by night. shes smart as hell and if you read her book License to Lie you will understand what i mean. She would never spoil her STERLING reputation by not playing it right! Do >NOt underestimate her at all.!
      Get’em Sydney! Thats why the donkeys are scared. Shes got what it takes to take your undies off without you knowing and all LAWFULLY!

    19. I agree. Why in four years haven’t they arrested all of those in trying to frame Trump and his officials? Too many in the swamp. Heads must roll in the CIA, FBI, and the Dept of Defense and the Intelligence Dept.

    20. I would be honored to be the executioner,,,,, please pick me.. the choice after trial should be hanging ,fireing squad and the whole bloodline of their relatives banned from America…..and this would never happen again ….


    22. I agree that Obama, Biden, Bill Clinton deserve a rope, chair, tree for there past and present treason against The United Cooperation Of American States – The United States Of America – The American People.
      I truly believe now that the money The Democrats are using to committ the mass voter fraud was money that was never recovered from The American Infrastructure money that Obama, Biden, Bill Clinton attempted to steal from The United Cooperation Of American States – The United States Of America – The American People.
      I demand that The Democratic Party give publicly a list of were all the money came from that they have received for the presidential election and if the money cannot be accounted for, it be retrieved as stolen American taxpayers money, and Biden, Harris be disqualified from the presidential election, naming President Donald J. Trump as the official presidential election winner.

    23. Totally agree. Obama has become like the piped piper leading all their constituents down the path of socialism. Judge Sullivan must be trying to get elected to the supreme court and so is brow nosing taking a chance on a Biden/Kamala win. I have never (but understand) seen such adulation and support for a morally corrupt party. These people don’t want the truth! No wonder they call it Trump derangement syndrome they just hate him and want him out of office no matter the cost. Fortunately there are those that do want him for president since he has proven to be for country and its people working to make it a better place. There are ethical judges that pursue truth and hopefully they will be trying these cases otherwise this corruption will continue & all citizens will suffer consequences not just those who vote for these maggots.

    24. I agree. On the Sydney Powell issue, Ive read her books and let m e tell you, she is one SMART , no, BRILLIANT lawyer! She would never NEVER say things she couldnt prove. She doesnt play around and shes one tough COOKIE when it comes to law savvy. so yes, biden, the feeble should be scared out of his wits with this woman. And she is HONESTY INCARNATE!

    25. HEY! Why did you delete my comment? ammericanliberty report.com? Im fed up with all your useless censoring, I didnt insult anyone I spoke about Sydney’s brilliancy as a lawyer & biden has a reason to be scared.

    26. Tucker and Laura can both go by the wayside too, if they don’t back Trump up. We don’t owe them a thing! I wondered why they didn’t leave FOX and go to Newsmax or OAN. I don’t trust anyone at FOX at this point unless they are 100% on the Trump train!

    1. I totally agree with you. Do you (and I mean the American Conservatives) believe in Miracles? I certainly do!!

      1. Well Rebecca, I believe in miracles but I also believe in the providence of God Almighty! Amen!!! Syndey Powell has my vote. Shame on Tucker Carlson, and RINO GOP, and especially the dumbell Democrats for what they are doing to our right to vote and pick our own leaders. I don’t know what’s gotten in to Fox News. Maybe it was a change in the guard. Seems like there is a FOX guarding the hen house. SAD!

          1. No. The entertainment division of Fox was sold to Disney. The ‘news’ was not. However, for the record: Rupert Murdoch is a globalist who attended Hillary Clinton fundraisers in 2016 & 2016. He co-chaired an open borders group. Roger Ailes was ousted by Megyn Kelly, who was then ‘rewarded’ with a show on NBC – which no one watched. It changed significantly when Ailes was removed. When they hired Donna Brazile & put Ryan on the board, the descent to the left was right out in the open – espcially with daytime programming. Also, FBN is managed by never-Trump Cavuto. Don’t make the mistake of thinking Murdoch was ever really conservative. Not for a moment. He was smart enough to realize conservatives needed an outlet with everything skewed to the left. Unfortunately, the globalist agenda became the end game once Ailes was removed by Kelly. NOW she showed up on Newsmax (never-Trump from the start!) last week – but don’t be lulled by Newsmax. Right after the Sidney Powell interview last Sat Night, they had HOURS of shows about HITLER – rather odd for a Sat night, unless you want people to think your audience would be interested – don’t they call us neo-Nazis, white supremacists. I’m Jewish & was appalled at their programming! WHY would you program HOURS of shows about HITLER for newcomers to that network? Optics. Try OANN, the Gateway Pundit, Tierney Real News Network online. I’m in FB prision for a month for NOTHING – the day after the election – I have thousands of followers there & never share without factual evidence. That’s my crime. Now you know more about what happened to Fox. There’s more, but this should clear up a lot of confusion about what’s REALLY going on.

          1. It is a pleasure to read the thoughts of so many Americans, hoping to save our constitution, and our country from the out and out criminal Democrats. God bless you and President Trump !!! Thank you American Liberty Report!

        1. All I can say is we all better learn to speak Chinese soon…..Bejing Biden is about to take over our country with Obama at the helm along with Harris….and we all know what they are

          1. I have seen the Hitler news show before. Interesting. I think we as Americans need to be reminded what a small little man, with powerful friends was able to accomplish in Europe while millions watched shaking their heads disbelieving, apathetic, lazy, self entered, unwilling to take a stand while Hitler and his murdering goons killed millions of innocent people. Here we are now, watching the corrupt democrats take over the media, the news, the talk shows, the Universities, governments, while we watch, shake our heads moan and complain and in the end NOT DO A DAMN THING BUT COMPLAIN. When will 73 million of us join forces and get these gangsters out of Washington ? Antifa needs to be put in prison. Black lives who have killed so many hurt so many destroyed so many lives need to be rounded up and put in prison. Get busy in Portland STOP them today. Join forces, they are thugs and bullies But they Can be captured citizens arrest is legal. We are 73 million strong, let’s take our stand today. President Trump needs to be president, Biden, Obama, Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi need to go to prison. Indict them all, they encouraged riots murders and grossly cheated our voting system with the help of Soros FB, Twitter and corrupt media

      2. God is still on His Throne in spite of all the dishonest, fraudulent activities going on here on Earth. *Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven O God, our Strength and our Redeemer.*

    2. The Bidens, Clintonso, Obama, the democrat/socialist/communist party, Soros, some Republicans, the FBI, CIA, USPS and some in the DOJ, certain governors, mayors and judges as well as many more are all guilty of perpetrating the greatest crime in the history of this great country. The scale of this traitorist action is so vast that its planning must have been developing over many years.

      Obama’s presidency was the first major step towards turning this free country into a socialis/communist country. Then along came Trump who threw a major cog in their plans. He put America first, was the most unifying President since Reagan (a fact the demunists couldn’t stand and bombarded him with claims of how disruptive he was… a tactic straight out of the communist manifesto that emphasizes blaming the opposition of being guilty of the dastardly acts the are committing) These traitors to liberty knew that 4 more years of Trump would set their plans to gain control of our country by many years and put into action every underhanded and dirty piece of fraud to undermine Trumps 2nd term. They had to react to Trump’s landslide of votes throughout November 3rd that thwarted all the traditional methods of voter fraud by shutting down the vote counting centers so that early on November 4th they could flood the voting system with enough illegal Biden votes to put him over the top. Sydney may just have the biggest piece of the puzzle to put all of the conspirators behind bars!! Three cheers!!

      1. God’s ways and thoughts are not explainable, but I know that our Redeemer lives. I know He died for the sins of the world and will forgive all who ask Him to . We are in desperate times world wide. Evil has been unleashed without any restraints. Listen to tv talk shows especially the women. Pitiful, they seem so sad and angry, so completely taken over by evil thoughts and words that hurt people and divide us as Americans, so much hate, so much pain. Pray for America

    3. Amen keep the faith , no matter what, Our Lord and Our Savior Jesus Christ will take care of it all , He works in mysterious ways!!!!

      1. i am calling on all christians and patriot americans to pray tonight at 9pm for djt and that gods will be done,that if there was cheating by the left,trying to unseat who god s choice was,that he take swift action in showing them that they cannot override the lords will .tonight 11-24-19 at 9 pm power of prayer.

      1. Don’t be too sure, UNFORTUNATELY! John Roberts is a turn Coat of Astronomical Proportions & has stabbed Trump every way possible over & over! It’s soooo sickening that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court DOESN’T Believe in the CONSTITUTION! Wait unti Biden, Harris & their Goons Come After Him & the Entire Court! I for One Will Laugh My Ass Off!

    4. AMEN God has already given a prophetic word that He has Chosen DONALD J TRUMP for a time as this and he will be our president! And all those corrupt judges, senators, congressmnen govenorsv that are corrupt will be taken down!

    5. Pray to our God.He is in Control.Don’t let the Kenyan Socialism to make Rots in America!We the Europeans!RUNNED AWAY FROM.

  1. Powell has enough to do a lot if people in. The big question is “can we continue to allow this vast administrative state, made up of unelected bureaucrats to wield so much influence?”

  2. I liked the style of Sidney Powell from the very first time I saw her speak on video news following the POTUS ELECTION. I have seen her speak several times since and am still very impressed.

      1. We need to pray for her safety. Pray that the courts will be open honest wise and courageous . Prayer changes things

  3. I hope and pray, for the sake of our country, that she has enough on the corrupt democratic party to break up their crime ring and stop this hostile takeover of our country. If this election fraud is allowed to happen, it will destroy America and we will all lose our freedom.

    1. You are so right. This election scares me a lot. If Biden is sworn in we have to pack the Senate with Conservatives in 2022.

      1. If Biden is sworn in, don’t expect in person elections – they need to cheat to stay in power. HE won’t be there for long. Either they remove him because of the Ukraine indictment, the provable China payoffs – or simply his dementia. Expect a Harris presidency with a further swerve to the hard left & communism. We are already seeing what’s been going on all around the world. Keeping us separated and muzzled is just the beginning. Censorship is massive. Lin Wood says he has evidence of felonies in Georgia, that should be out shortly. PRAY that we can get the news out there, because the media is also owned by the CCP. The list of FARA payouts is out there, too. How come the virus doesn’t ‘live’ in Walmart, but does in your neighbor’s smaller business? Consider WHO is permitted to stay open. There are more of WTP, than the violent activists, if it comes down to it. People – this is OUR Valley Forge. OUR Gettysburg. Stay strong. Don’t give up! #StopTheSteal #MAGAA2020

    2. I think that is exactly what happened in the election we the people are not stupid look at all the things Democratics have gotten away with I am sick of it and I know the rest of Americans are to we will not stand for it no more because you people want to sweep it under the rug


  4. I gather at this point that Sidney Powell doesn’t have to please the heroes of Fake Media…. FOX now falls in that category!!!! I pray that she comes through prior to 12/12/2020!!!! I am amazed that the Republicans didn’t unite to support POTUS…. disgraceful and ungrateful lot…. shame on them….some of them are involved in this mess too…. I am 100% certain of that!!!! The band of three … Google, fb and Twitter have contributed a lot to cause this catastrophe … I can’t wait to see Ms Powell expose this fraud!!! It was very clever of whoever masterminded this fraud to leave no paper trail….. Will do t be like the Mueller and Durham investigation, swept under the rug… the DEEP STATE Is very good at enacting that!!!!

    1. I would really like to see FACEBOOK, GOOGLE AND TWITTER FAIL! They are 100% complicit in the fraud that was committed in this election! I also think that with the AP calling the election winner to be Biden, is close to being treasonous! When Sidney Powell gets done, there will be no place for these criminals to hide, that the law will not get them! ARMAGEDDON IS COMING! THEY WILL BE PUNISHED!

  5. I believe she will uncover the deep state the DOJ and Durhams failure to provide the really truth to put all three of those traitors away for a long time. Unfortunately if she does put lying Joey Barack and Hillary away, jam will be in line to run the USA . She needs to go too after ball this was his pick knowing he would not last to finish his presidency.He decided to f us all by picking her so his legacy could be f American

  6. Why would the Trump lawyers throw Powell to the wolves? What logical reason do they have for doing this?
    Is this all a show, and they don’t actually want Trump to be the president?
    It makes no sense to me.

    1. Here’s my take on Sidney Powell separating herself from Trump’s legal team. First, she is a credible lawyer and experienced fierce prosecutor. She is also smart enough not to put her career and reputation on the line including defamation lawsuits that would ruin her financially if her bombshell evidence with witnesses cannot be proven. The Trump campaign can only file lawsuits however Powell can independently bring her investigation evidence directly to the DOJ without directly involving the Trump campaign. The DOJ can act quickly, assemble a grand jury, issue indictments and also provide witness protection which is critical to protect those who are coming forth that can substantiate the evidence in proving her case. This is the only path I can see that will overturn the election and advance this to the US Supreme Court before it’s to late. Biden must be stopped before he is inaugurated President. I hope I am close to right on this strategy.

      1. It would be great to see Biden and Harris (yes she is involved in this up to her eyeballs too), before the inauguration, taken away in silver bracelets! Biden is president-elect no more, and Harris’s career will be DONE TOO!

    2. They didn’t do that, at all! She was never paid by Trump, is doing this pro bono like Lin Wood, Toensing and DiGenova. The only ones paid via Trump are Giuliani and Jenna Ellis. This was a needed announcement – it protects the evidence and the other attorneys. No one can claim they were bought by anyone – and they are free to bring suits without involving POTUS directly. She was never fired, because she was never hired. It makes perfect sense. The media is spinning this – as they usually do. DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING without hearing from the actual people involved. Read her statements, Gen Flynn’s comments and find sources for real information! She wasn’t fired. She is independent and that’s a GOOD thing. I donate to her directly at sidneypowell.com. To help her in her quest to save our Republic.

    3. Sidney Powell can see beyond the end of her nose and puts the others to shame. Sidney is great – she is insightful, working circles around the others and doing investigations to help the cause of America and true American people. Many republicans in congress, past and present, are petty, jealous and vindictive – they refuse to work for the good of America and the American citizens. Durham’s investigation was a disgrace to America. Fox news is the ‘pits’ and Tucker Carlson should be ashamed of himself – showing his hurt feeling.

      1. Tucker Carlson is nothing but a big loud mouth FLIPPER! He has no mentality to lead, and it surely shows he is doing anything to keep his job at FOX! NO MATTER WHAT!


  7. I admire and respectfully agree with the two previous writers (C.Floyd & G. Lawrence) so much that I won’t insult the intelligence of our Readers by repeating their very statements. I’m an artist by profession and I’ll just say that after seeing/hearing Sydney Powell a few months back I’m doing a painting of “Lady Liberty” with Ms. Powell’s Face imposed on it.

    1. yes if we pack the senate and republicans have the upper hand President Biden will be dead in the water. A lame duck president. AMEN
      And if you do a painting of Powell and put her face on her I hope you post it for all to see

  8. I have watched and listened to Sidney Powell for about 4 years, she is flat out amazing. In the length of time I have listened to her I have never see her be proven wrong. So when she brings it will be what she says it is. God bless her.

  9. Attorney Sydney Powell I wish you success.
    I had a Great Grandmother with the first name of Sydney, for your information.


  10. Thank you Sidney Powell for your wicked Smarts, Keen Wisdom and serious Dedication to Duty, Honor and Country (not to mention The Constitution of the United States). We appreciate all you are doing. We support you! Help save the USA from becoming a communist country.

    1. Amen!God bless you,Sidney….prayers are with you…thank you thank you for your wisdom and great knowledge..go get those bastard dems… the corrupt FBI CIA clintons soros obama Harris Twitter FB fake news media….I loath everything about them…. for all that don’t like it here in the United States go live in Communist China we don’t need you here…..go Trump…love you…best President ever!

  11. If you read her book Licensed to Lie you will learn just how dedicated upholding the law is. She took on Obama’s justice department’s crooked lawyers that convicted innocent Merrill Lynch executives in the Enron scandal. Along with a judge that was extremely biased against her.

  12. I pray Ms. Powell has overwhelming evidence to prove what millions of Americans believe transpired in this election. The judges in Pennsylvania violated the Constitution by allowing changes to our elections laws, something they are not permitted to do as it is the responsibility of the legislature here! It was and is a clear violation of the Constitution of the United States. This was and is a bigger crime against the American people than Watergate ever was and yet the so called main stream media refuses to cover it. They are part of the problem. We won’t be censored or silenced!

  13. God bless Sidney, God bless President DOnald J Trump. God bless Rudy Giuliani. Hoping ALL of “demorats” who think they stole this election get your just deserts. Go Sidney, Go Rudy!

  14. Yes I agree Sidney Powell has my vote also. She explains it like it is but just needs to come out and show everyone the evidence of fraud that she has found. I don’t understand what is holding up the works. If she does it now, then that will end all the discussion from all the many others who are knocking her down. Go Sidney!!!!!!!

    1. If she does it now – and lays all of her cards on the table – it gives Democrats time to come up with all kinds of scams and allegations. She will be using the element of surprise.

  15. Birds of a feather flock together. Obama,Biden, Bill andHillary Clinton,Nancy Pelosi,Adam Schiff, Nadler & Chuck Schummer should be doing hard time along with top heads of FBI CIA, and the fake media because we don”t have enough rope to swing them all. Its taken almost 4 years to get the bottom of the corruption. I am more than convinced that we need to drain the swamp. I sincerely hope our President Trump is sucessfull in overturning the corrupt election. Philadelphia, Pitrtsburg,Detroit and other cities that contributed to the mess should have federal funds witheld to their jurisdictions.

  16. When this is over the corrupt judge sitting on the Flynn case will be dealt with because someone paid him not to dismiss despite the prosecutions recommendation. Powell will prove the voting machines were hacked and hack able, not to mention the absurdity of US votes going through servers in Germany and Spain. Does anyone really know if George Soros is alive and he does have sons with his money.

  17. The DOJ should be appointing Sidney Powell as a special prosecutor to be investigating the Democrat Cabal and all their Crimes ! (Before they “Run out the Clock”)
    Why is the DOJ sitting on their hands ????

  18. sydney you have my favorite name i asked my mom to change my name years ago, however i intend to say a special prayer for you for your success. no normal sure mided attorey of law would say and do what you are doing without certain outcomes . i will pray GOD enlightens you to further the cause . as an american i do deserve to know the truth and i know you will be able to reveal it to us. thank you for all your efforts.

  19. Goodbye Fox News, called the election in Arizona with only 73% of the votes in. Brian Kilmeade stated that President Trump should go ahead and concede to Joe Biden before he had ever been declared president.. Chris Wallace was so rude to President Trump during the presidential debate. Tucker Carlson said Sidney Powell had shown him no proof of her allegations. (I didn’t know the Media or Talk Show Hosts were supposed to call the election.)

    The only thing I really don’t understand is why a News Network would take their own network down. As they say “there is a price to be paid in every election.” I guess Fox News will find out soon enough what their price is to be.

  20. Four more years of Trump would have at the very least badly crippled the deep state Democrats and Rinos along with the Military industrial machine they’ve spent the decades since WWII building. We “deplorables” can send our sons and daughters to the middle east as cannon fodder whenever the swamp decides to send military assistance to some other hot spot. Hey, It’s all good as long as the insider billionaires keep raking in the dough and the status quo keeps on rolling. I for one looked at the record of politicians over the last 120 years, just for a hoot. Guess what? Not much was accomplished for the good of our country. SO I said what the hell, let’s try a businessman. Guess what? We should have done that a long time ago. Why? Because America itself is a business! Everything from a family owned grocery store to a mega corporation. Who better to run a business than a successful businessman with a proven track record and good ideas. Guess what else? It worked.

    1. A businessman has done more for this country than any of the slick political animals that roam DC. He did this despite repeated attacks to distract his progress. Should this election continue on the course it is headed, we must never forget the accomplishments we have witnessed from this Great President. It is our duty to ensure history acknowledges what we have seen.

  21. The Trump team is going to regret dissing Sidney Powell. She is as tenacious as they come and fears no one. I am beginning to wonder if the rest of the Trump team was feeling a bit jealous because she was getting all of the attention, making them appear less important. She really needs to watch what she says – per that old expression “never pass up an opportunity to keep your mouth shut”. That is a minor flaw but her work ethic is unequalled. She is the type of leader that Trump needs to clean up the DOJ. Christopher Wray has obfuscated and obstructed FBI investigations thereby protecting the treasonous individuals, including Obama and Biden, that tried to prevent Trump from getting elected and then attempted a coup again Trump to remove him from office. AG Barr has proven that he is a lion with a throaty roar, but lacking teeth and claws – in other words worthless.

  22. We absolutely need to support Sidney Powell, I think she will bring out the truth we all know is there to find. As for Guiliani, I think he is a rat. There are too many around President Trump yet, andI hope they all get what is due them. In fact, we have too many Rinos in the Republican party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us pray for Truth and Justice to prevail.

  23. Marie, you nailed it exactly! BLM will be running the country. The Biden/Harris administration will never go against them.

  24. I can only hope that Sidney has the information she needs to blow this election to hell and beyond. ” We the People” have put up with the bullshit our government has tried to ram down our throat for all of my years. I served this country proudly in Vietnam and hate when we allow people like Warnock to say what he does in the name of God. Put his ass in a jungle of people wanting to kill him and see what he says then. Go Sydney Kick their ass.

  25. I absolutely love the woman, tough as nails and stand up to any man or woman who is wrongly attacking someone with facts and figures. President Trump should be proud of her and maybe when reelected, find a home in the Justice department or a cabinet position to continue the fight, drain the swamps and put all the Democraps in hot water over these attacks and ballet rigging to put a true loser into the White House with a crazy Woman as Vice, totally disgusting against the people of our great country, dare I say treason!!

    1. Give her a special council to investigate the Biden Mafia. Could let the DOJ, but would be more fun to watch them sweat. When done with that, investigate The DNC for it’s part in the Russia hoax. Naturally after a short it would have to be expanded to include other bad actors. I can see the sweat roll.

  26. there is no doubt that there was voter fraud and election fraud, otherwise how could Adam Shifty get re-elected, or the Squad. Sydney will end up saving us.

  27. I said it ten years ago and I will say it again ! Obama is HALF WHITE, raise white ,went to white schools ,dated white girls, wanted to be called Barry ,lived in white neighborhoods,lived with white grandparents, pretty much lived a white life but failed to remind all the adoring crying admirers of that . Instead played the I am the first black president race card !

  28. Hanging in the middle of DC would be best and let all the SWAMP CREATURES get scared what can happen to any one of them. They probably disappear out of fear” We support Sidney all the way. May God bless her . Karma will boomerang back on the stinking DERATS soooooooon. Have Faith.. We will succeed.

    1. To many conservatives are bought off by big industry.
      We need term limits, and elimination of congressional immunity. And more accountability by lawmakers, and the deep state. Lawmakers should not be passing laws, that absolve them from accountability to the people, and lawmakers that lie to the people should be removed, those like Adam Shift.

  29. Trump should give Michael Flynn a full pardon immediately and put him in charge of the DOG or the FBI immediately. After they framed him, he will definitely play Eliot ness on all of them.

  30. I believe that Sidney Powell is what we need to get us out of this hell hole. America as a socialist country please! Now the Supreme Count and Roberts is different thing he is in the Democrats club already. I’m just praying we come through this with our America in one piece. God bless the Presidents legal team and Sidney Powell. Praise Jesus Christ our Lord and savior make this right.

  31. Trump has opened (barely cracked) the door to the DEEP corruption that has evolved in our government over a period (probably since the patriotism that got us us through WW2),,corruption that runs deep and involves too many important people to be wiped out in one swoop. Trumps best chance at winning is for Supreme court to declare election null and void based overwhelming evidence of fraud,,,then the House of Representatives would select POTUS,,,one vote for each State (37 states are red!!!)

  32. WOW!!!!!!!!!! Having read all of the above I am proud of the WOMEN of our Country. I am a 90 year old Korean Vet that grew up during the great Depression. Therefore I remember NAZI Germany, The horrible things done in the Pacific war, etc. Just the words concentration camps turns my blood cold. I didn’t say it, Biden did. I too hope and Pray that Mrs. Powell has a very large STINK BOMB up her sleeve. GO SYDNEY. I only wish I were a lot younger than I am. It is definitely time to not only “clean the swamp” but fumigate our entire Government. Make the POLYGRAPH legal, Having been in electronics most of my life I KNOW the advances made are amazing. I am sure that from 1946 till now they have made it very stable. Anyone that wouldn’t sit for that
    test should be shown the door. We are fighting for our LIVES, NO CANDY ASSES ALLLOWED. One magic word—-PETITIONS, PETITIONS, PETITIONS. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL HER REAL CITIZENS. Cap’n Jack Wilson….

  33. Well, I wish Ms. Powell success. I have spent hours listening to individuals who have knowledge of the manipulation of electronic voting machines and counting machines. They are: Russell Rasland, CEO of a CyberSecurity Firm and Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the GOP candidate against Senator Warren, but a Ph.D. in computer science. In their presentations on Gateway Pundit, I believe, they show in detail for the layman or woman just how this is done and can be done without a trace to the perpetrators (criminals). In another post, someone showed how vote dumping occurred in Wisconsin and several other states at the same precise time–which suggests an overall plan. In every case Trump was substantially leading Biden and his lead was erased after the dumping. I am puzzled that this information is not perceived as credible evidence. What is more Mr. Rasland informed his audience that Dominion as well as its competitors boast in their manuals that their voting machines can be programmed to do this. Once again, I don’t know why this information is not credible or admissible.

  34. why has everyone forgotten what Biden said about having the best VOTER FRAUD ORGANISATION the world has ever seen.

    1. And everyone he is appointing are criminals, mafia. Some are the people that help him rigged the election.
      And China is already issuing orders for Biden. Will he be selling the Football codes to Xi, he might even sell him some missiles. He would sell his mother on the slave market to get a dime. He is So corrupt that he would sell his son Hunter to a rice plantation to get a little girl to sniff.

    1. Give her a special council to investigate the Biden Mafia. Could let the DOJ, but would be more fun to watch them sweat. When done with that, investigate The DNC for it’s part in the Russia hoax. Naturally after a short it would have to be expanded to include other bad actors. I can see the sweat roll.

  35. We are where we are at because this country has turned it’s back on God. You reap what you sow. Now that we have put our selves in this position we cry out to God to pull us out . You don’t use God. True Christians should have being praying all along . The church that Christ died for has failed for the most part. Can God get us out of this mess ?Of course He can, but will He or will He use this to try to teach us a lesson ? All the evil that is going on is of the devil. I say to anyone that reads this if you are a True born again Christian walk the walk don’t just talk the talk. If you are not a TRUE Christian repent of your sins and receive Christ . As the saying goes from the 60’s better dead than red. May God Almighty grant us another chance. May GOD bless the Republic !!!

  36. Go get them Sidney, and when you are done with that, you can start on the Biden cabinet. He is appointing all of the Chinese Mafia to his cabinet. We will need someone with X-ray vision to spy on him.

  37. In picking and choosing what to watch on FOX, do not forget Mark Levin, The Great One. His show is where I first saw Sydney Powell and I have been in awe of her ever since. She is brilliant and fights ferociously for those whom she feels have been wronged. God bless her in her ongoing quests for truth and justice.

  38. Unfortunately for Tucker Carlson, he has cast his brand with Fox News and has become irrelevant. Tucker chose to abandon his base and to be complicit with Fox News liars. Like a woman getting pregnant, it can’t be undone. I also think about the axiom of one bad apple and the barrel. In this case the barrel has spoiled what once was a good apple. Left undone, you end up with vinegar. That is where America is today. They know that fraud was or is being conducted and it is a bad taste to at least 80 million citizens if not more. Tuckers recent attempts to reestablish his credibility is a lost cause. Fox News has lost 50% of its viewers and losing more every day. The social media of the internet is abandoning the lying websites as fast as possible. I don’t now where this will end up but if the fraud is not corrected and the perpetrators punished, you can expect it to continue forever. I don’t know how I or other patriots react to this but there will be only one duty.

  39. Saturday am Friends has a weak link intellect with Jed but the guys are informed and honest.
    Saturday and Sunday from 7 pm to 10 are quite unbiased. Levin is the best.
    Juan, Dishonest Donna and Richard belong in the Biden cabinet….. racist liars like Obama.

  40. It might seem that we are battling an uphill fight with all the cards stacked against us. However, we have heroines like Sydney Powell that are courageous and believe in America that has a firm foundation in the belief of and Almighty God. Dare we forget that our God is in control of Everything. Especially what is happening in our world to the people and the world He created. We must realize that nobody is as infuriated about this that our God. He KNOWS everything. He sees everything that happens in the darkness and in secret. He knows what is in the hearts of men. He is a God of Truth and Justice and He will not allow this evil to continue. This scripture I came upon while studying seems to fit the situation, with COVID lockdowns and all. It brought comfort to me, Hope it does to you too! ” Come, my people, enter into your rooms and close the doors behind you: Hide for a little while until indignation runs it’s course. For behold the Lord is about to come out from His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity. And the earth will reveal her bloodshed and will no longer cover her slain.” Isaiah 26: 20,21 May God bless America and help is defeat our enemies for His glory and our good! In Jesus name!

  41. Biden should be indicted before January 20 – evidence is overwhelming vs Trump impeachment hoax info which was thoroughly debunked. If Biden is allowed to be President, he will ALWAYS be known as an illegitimate president in a fixed election. Dems don’t care as they are all crooked and should be known as the communist party. Bounties should be placed on BLM assholes – $1000 per head minimum.

  42. I hope and pray SYDNEY destroys this evil brain dead criminal Biden and all the rest of his minions. God bless and protect Sydney Powell and and our beloved president Trump and may all these evil people be dealt with with extreme measures. Where are you FBI, DOJ and spineless rino back stabbing Republicans. Your treachery will be revealed. GO SYDNEY WERE BEHIND YOU ALL THE WAY!

  43. if you want to know exactly how the election was rigged, watch the video that is out by Mr. Solomon. he narrates a video complete with graphs with data taken from the Pennsylvania SOE. he has done exhaustive work on this, and shows the ratio mathematically programmed into the software of Dominion that changed the votes in real time. he shows how many, what time, and to which precinct they were sent. it is a long video, but it is worth listening to understand how this steal was done….. he deserves much credit for the many hours he spent researching this. again, it is a very enlightening video… think you can find it by typing in his name, and election cheating video. if not, I will go back and find it and post it here. just advise…. I don’t see how Trump can lose with this info out. this is your proof this election was stolen…. numbers do not lie…..

  44. I just went back and checked. his name is Edward Solomon, and the article is on the local conservative website. it is titled Is this the algorithm that was used to steal the election? must listen.

  45. We forget that this is the good old boy’s country and there not going to let a Trump ruin it.He was destroying the Golden Goose which they had for meany year’s, look at why the Russian Hoax was created in the first place nothing more that a diversion to keep him doing the thing’s a business man would do to clean Washington up. It’s unfortunate that the election was wigged to defeat him and the people should feel same full that they continue to let money and power come before country.They may continue to bull shit the American people but one day there’s a person up there their going to answer to. Just think this country is going to be run by a crook and no mask God Bless America.

  46. We need Sidney Powell more than ever if she can prove without a shadow of doubt biden won this election ONLY through fraud and swapping his ballots for Trump then pray God the courts will reverse the decision by the MSM that biden won and give Trump the election, If the members want a free country where we will continue with presidents Trump administration and continue with his policies and not face a third world future for America from a hARRIS bIDEN administration just look who bIDEN has picked so far more criminals some need to be serving time in prison is this what we want ?

  47. They NEVER dissed her. They actually protected her with the truth – she is NOT paid for her work, was not ‘hired’ but is working like others (Lin Wood, Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova )- pro bono. The ONLY ones being paid are Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s Atty and Jenna Ellis. They did NOT demean or dismiss anyone. Please, do some research before you repeat the fake news or the never-Trump neocon hosts or Congress! Donate to her directly at her website! AND READ HER COMMENTS ABOUT THIS. She’s been clear, and she has NOT been ‘fired’ or dissed. #StopTheSteal #MAGAA2020

  48. The lack of transparency that took place during this election like what we all saw in Pa, and alike with other states. Why would the democrats be fighting against this transparency if Biden was truly elected? They wouldnt because he lost and they rigged it for him thats why you dont have to be a rocket scientist to see this lack of transparency was the plan all along in these democrat held election places. I cant wait for Sydney Powell to prove this.

  49. Oath Keepers, where are you? If Powell has all this info on the Deep State, we need to protect her. Or she’ll never make it to court.

  50. The AP is biased and crooked and should not be trusted. That said, they do not have the power to install a president. The full extent of what they have done is projection. In the past, electors validated projected wins in all cases.
    This election has maximized interest by the bulk of our population—even those far from being political pundits. The deep state does not want a lot of attention paid to the Republican legal challenge. Happily, rank and file Americans will scour all information sources available to follow clues that answer their nagging suspicions about this election’s tabulation.
    The Supreme court will vindicate President Trump’s decision to challenge election results. After their deliberation, election officers will be much more careful to count only legal votes. The changes implied in future election processes will result in a massive positive shift in voter confidence in America’s elections.
    Many promised a landslide for Trump this election. The actual voter tally after the Supreme Court’s deliberations will reveal Trump’s massive landslide victory.

  51. May God Bless Sidney Powell and Lin Wood!!! They need all the help they can get… fighting the corrupt Democratic Party, Fake News, Big Tech and other enemies of Freedom! Please pray for their success in exposing all the voter fraud and corruption! It should be obvious to any thinking person that the Democratic Party has attempted to steal the 2020 Presidential election! Joe Biden did not win this election! He barely campaigned and never answered any real questions…. what a joke he is! So please Pray that the Truth be Known and Pray that President Trump remains in office for the next four years!!!! Amen!!!

  52. The interesting thing here, for me, is that the Democrats are taking Ms. Powell seriously. Because, if there was no voting fraud and/or cheating, they would simple let her witter on and make a fool of herself. The very fact that the opposite is true, tells me that they absolutely DID commit fraud on a massive scale. More than that, is that an attorney of her stature, to make claims of the kind she is making, if not true and not having evidence to back it up, would foolish beyond belief. I find it very difficult to believe that’s the case here.

  53. Dominion knows there software system is hackable and was hacked, so no surprise they didn’t attend the hearing to purger themselves and may not show up at the Supreme Court to testify. She will demonstrate it was hacked in the court room and will bring experts in to court to prove it. There are so many voting problems with this election that it must be overturned for any American to have confidence in our judicial system. The question is if Trump is not declared the winner will it require a new election in March and while we wait for those results will we put under martial law? Will Biden be the Democratic challenger or will his involvement in election fraud, interference, or criminal activity as the former VP be revealed eliminating him from the race?

  54. FOX is traitorous…. period!!! I knew from some of the body language and sneers on the faces of the anchors how wicked they were and they would stop at nothing to betray POTUS!!! I was right…. I get all my news from Breitbart…. they give it to you straight! All those overpaid anchors on the FOX Network are Dems and pretending to be Conservatives…. Carlson had no business talking bout Sidney Powell…. he is ambitious and thanks to rumors is planning to run for office!!!! Enough about FOX… I’m with POTUS and if he walks away because we are running out of time, I pray he wins in 2024 and serves 2 terms!!!! What happened this elections was a travesty and a great injustice….. I believe he won with a landslide!!! I also pray that Sydney Powell with Lin Woods succeeds to bring justice to this country….. folks God is still on His throne… amen

  55. When is this army of treasonous people going to be not just indicted, but prosecuted to the full extent of the law? No plea bargains, that’s what got our legal system into this mess.

  56. Never discount Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, nor discount the strength and brilliance and legal minds who represent #45. What is needed is one Judicial mind, with a complete open mind to dive in and stand above mountains of demonRat election fraud, corruption and abuse so obvious. No one with common sense can for a moment believe Biden beat President DJ Trump.

    Sidney Powell and her reams of information is not to be taken with a grain of salt. One grain of evidence presented in a court, where a judge hears evidence with an equally open mind, can and will bring to a screeching halt, as Biden said; caught on video, “the biggest election fraud brought on the American people.”

    Words directly out of Biden’s mouth.

    Does anyone not question Biden’s low profile behaviors as, not showing any anger as more and more evidence is finding its way through various states and jurisdictions where said election fraud & criminality doesn’t add up?

    With that being said…….. Biden know that his jig’s up. His prison term is awaiting him. And it’s going to be adjudicated by the Almighty as i is written. Until then, one US Judge has all power to get Sidney Powell’s arguments brought to the attention of the United States Supreme Court.

  57. With all this b.s. happing we are felling the heat rise in the pot of water pretty so we are cooking ! I wonder when it is time to lock & load,mmmmmm. I agree with all of you people. Creator put Trump in there to reveal all the ugly & ill will of the corrupt establishment.

  58. Sidney Powell is a smart, shrewd, and calculating attorney that has kept her word and now has released the Kraken as promised. She is extremely confident that her assembled facts will have the intended effect of not only getting this election overturned in favor of Trump, but doing fatal damage to the perpetrators of this massive fraud once her efforts make their way through the legal system, ultimately ending up in the Supreme Court, where the overwhelming amount of sheer, substantiated evidence will force SCOTUS to acknowledge the obvious and make a ruling that puts Trump back in office for a 2nd term and sets the course for major criminal convictions followed by jail time or even execution.

  59. Mr. Newman well said. I must say this year has been the eye opener. No longer can our government be trusted. We must keep a vigilant eye and hearing ears no longer taking for granted that we will be represented truthfully and properly especially not the Democrat party although anyone can fall. All the layers of bureaucrats that swore an oath to serve and protect our freedoms is a game to them. They have no loyalty or respect for this country. My hope is they will be held to account.

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