Universal Cheat-by-Mail on the Menu as Democrats Take Over

Modern countries tend to take the democratic process of voting seriously. But since we’re not doing that in America any longer, the Democrat Party in Congress is putting on a full-court press to instate universal mail-in voting in all future elections.

HR 1 – the first order of business in the recently sworn-in House of Representatives – would do that and would also make the shabby practice of “ballot harvesting” legal in all 50 states. As a certain former president noted more than one time: Serious, healthy and functional democracies don’t do things like this to their votes.

In fact, as soon as Donald Trump mentioned that most of the countries in Europe have banned mail-in voting, the media jumped in to claim he was lying. It was another baseless claim from Orange Hitler. “Without evidence!”

A really fun pastime of the modern age – at least for a few more days until they ban it – is that you can jump on the internet box and look things up for yourself, if you are as skeptical and cantankerous as me.


So, how do countries in Europe approach mail-in voting? With a sharp stick and a pitchfork, according to the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.

Out of the 44 countries in Europe, only six allow mail-in voting: Iceland, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Luxemburg. None of those countries have a policy like what we should probably refer to as the “Pennsylvania clause” from now on. If a ballot is delivered by the postal service even one second after the polls close on election day, tough luck. It’s not a valid ballot and is discarded.

Eight European countries allow limited mail-in voting for certain people, but only in extremely limited circumstances. The process is delightfully cumbersome and is approached with a high level of skepticism and mistrust. For example, if your doctor sends a letter stating that you should receive a mail-in ballot because you don’t have legs and can’t get yourself to a polling station, they’ll come check with your doctor. Then they’ll stop by your house to make sure you really don’t have legs. Oh, and you’d better have a valid photo ID, because otherwise you’re not getting a ballot.

The remaining 30 countries in Europe have instituted total bans on mail-in voting. And it’s not just the more modernized countries like Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Belgium that have banned mail-in voting. Even the poor, underdeveloped, backwater countries like Serbia, Azerbaijan and France have banned mail-in voting. They don’t trust mail-in voting at all. They figure that if voting is important to a citizen, that citizen should get their butt to a polling station on election day to cast a ballot in person.

What about ballot harvesting? That’s such an above-board, not-at-all-prone-to-fraud voting practice that they must allow it everywhere in Europe, right? Actually, no.

13 countries in Europe have banned ballot harvesting. The other 31 countries allow the practice, but in every single case, the process is strictly regimented. In HR 1, the Democrats want to allow ballot harvesting to be conducted just like in California: Some goof can walk into a nursing home in that state with a stack of ballots and walk out with 150 votes for Joe Biden without any oversight or verification of signature.

But in the European countries that allow ballot harvesting, the process is carried out by teams of election workers to minimize chances of fraud. A team will take a stack of ballots into a nursing home – but once the ballot is filled out, the workers are not allowed to touch it. The ballots are placed in a sealed ballot box by the voters and the box has to remain sealed until counting time on election day.

Oh, but mail-in voting is totally safe and not at all prone to fraud here in America, right? Plus, it’s so convenient that it increases participation!

Yeah. That’s why in all six of the sketchy swing states in the 2020 election, they had more ballots than registered voters. Very convenient, indeed.

We shouldn’t get too worked up about HR 1, however. If it ends up being passed into law, then those will be the new rules that we’ll have to adjust to. If Democrats wreck the system to the point where the only way to win is by cheating, people on the right will just have to figure out how to cheat harder than the Dems. Are you sure you want to play it that way, Democrats?

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50 thoughts on “Universal Cheat-by-Mail on the Menu as Democrats Take Over”

  1. I am so sick of the demonrats and their cheating. OUR republicans need to stand up and put a stop to this. Biden and the whole party STOLE the election from our REAL PRESIDENT TRUMP. THIS IS AMERICA. Our freedom and free speech are being attacked. The republicans need to toughen up and fight these stupid ideas. I don’t know exactly who or what department could help us, but there has to be SOMEONE who could step us and just not surrender our country to COMMUNISM. The demonrats LIED and CHEATED this whole election. The fool who SLITHERED in to the Whitehouse will ultimately destroy our country.When heels up ho takes over it will be that much worse. Maybe it’s time to bring impeachment papers up to get rid of this SCUM who are supposed to be “uniting and healing” our country.

    1. I wish the army would declare martial law and put these democrats in prison or better yet a gas chamber no
      Parole from there

      1. Pray for Military martial law! Our country has been taken over by hostile democrat terrorists and they hav overthrown our constitution!

        1. I couldn’t have said better. These Terrorists Democrats have broken so many Laws and know are making new ones to spy and silents Americans.

      2. they are taking care of that soon I believe. They do not like the idea of conservatives in the military so they might release all of them and put their pansies in there. remember how nervous they were with the NGuard at the capital and had the FBI research all of them. Bad for them.

      3. Don’t waste time using gas—just line up the traitorous pieces of crap against a wall and use a Browning M2 .50 cal.!!!

      4. Peter, this may happen yet…our country’s freedom was purchased by the blood of our young boys fighting to keep this country free and hopefully not for naught. I believe this underhanded demon-rats game they are playing will make them losers that they are… I believe the gas chamber is a good start, or maybe the traitors Rosenberg’s chair will do well also…. but you and I know we will be made to suffer the consequinces because of the greed and evil of the demon-rats party until they are stopped!!!. By the way swamp people is too good for them…I believe they came out of the local septic tank..

      5. Peter this is where Trump made his last mistake he should have declared martial law before he left office and let the military take over the government temporarily to make sure the votes were counted correctly

        1. The Democrats and the liberal media have turned up their “Trump cult” and “right wing racist Nazi’s “ mantra really loud so we don’t notice they are trying to harden their vote cheating methods like national mail in voting without any tracking or verification! They are going for full on corrupt vote collected by democratic operatives! They are not even trying to hide their corruption anymore! They are giddy because they are sure they have the “dictatorship of the masses, and legalized theft of wealth can begin” the ONLY part they have to be careful of is not to steal from their own!

    2. Agreed. The sad part is I am ashamed to be in the Republican Party. They could not ban together if their life depended on it. The republicans need to put on the boxing gloves, ban together and fight for our country.

      ALL political jobs/seats/attorneys (etc) need term limits. NO ONE should have a life term. Also all people who vote on anything should have to live by those things they vote on. If they had to deal with the consequences of their choices they would make better decisions. ALSO. These politicians should not get a lifetime paycheck. They should save for retirement just like the rest of America. There is no way a business would survive by paying its retirees their same salary for life. It’s just bad business.

      1. When have the Republicans ever stuck together on real important things that would have help our country? It has been the Rino’s that have divide the GOP.

    3. anyone doubting election fraud only needs to think , which dems don’t do well, why they need to make this a law now. It worked for them. Oh, Trump was right again there was election fraud (I really knew that ) knew about four years ago they would cheat too) they did in my state here in eighteen and got caught. Two counties in South Fl. So I knew it was a fact.

    4. Most republicans are Dem wannabes. Look at how many representatives that supported Trump bailed like the gutless rats they are just to save their lucrative careers. This country has been hijacked by the communist party and sold to the Chinese. They will continue to lie and pass laws that keep us suppressed. 75% of the citizens votes were for Trump and yet the Dems walk away with our country in their back pockets again. And they will use military might to keep it and murder American citizens just like the hundred or so Clinton foundation members they murdered to protect their illegal millions. Freedom has only one price, Blood! War of Independence 1773, Civil War1863, WWI 1916, WWII 1941.Lock and load America these communist pieces of shit are far from done and it will only get worse before it gets better. It always does. Piss on Hiden Biden and the communist thieves and murderers that make up his party. God Bless America. Long live Trump!

    5. Everything is being watched very carefully by God and he knows that why and who is doing what. Read the book of Revelation chapter 17 and 18 because we are mystery Babylon,we are surrounded by water and that lady who sits on the water is the whore of Babylon Ishtar. If you see a video that says it will destroy them since I won’t say the name. Watch the video and turn up the sound, you’ll be wondering why your pastors rabbi’s or others haven’t said anything about it.

      1. Lillian, the reason the clergy have been silent is the Johnson Amendment, which Mr. Trump had planned to repeal. Unfortunately, with all the CV 19 BS going on, and all the other stuff with which he had to cope, he never got the chance. Also, about the whole Mystery Babylon thing, I wonder,,, if it’s a country, then it most likely is the USA, or, as it should be called now, the USSA (the United Socialist States of America). If it’s a city, the only one that fits is New York. I say that with a heavy heart. But if you stop and think, New York, like Babylon, is a city. It is surrounded by the East and Hudson Rivers, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. It is a major player in the business world,( ref. Wall Street, Madison Avenue, and the Garment District, to name but a few areas). And as the high prostitution rate increases , especially around 42nd Street, it illustrates the corruption mentioned in your referenced passages, I just keep hoping the Lord will give America one more chance before He really lowers the boom. Most Americans don’t want it to end like this.

    6. If the dumbass democrats can steal an election, just imagine what we could do. We could get rid of every democrat in office anywhere,

    7. When you have more votes counted than you have REGISTERED VOTERS, then you have a fraudulent election, despite what the Liberal Media and the clueless Democrats want you to believe. That is a fact, it is a SIMPLE fact, it is so blatant, that even a Democrat should be able to understand it……One equals One….One does not equal Two.

    8. We stopped Obama by Patrician to drop out of United States A lot of the states did it. If all the Republican States do it. The Democrats will very little lift to run. Or World war 3 Going to start. SO FAR everything Democrats have done is to Bankrupt our Country!

    9. In order to do that the first thing that needs to be done stop all of what’s going on in this country we have to eliminate all electric from at least the major cities which takes out their Communications as well such as CNN ABC NBC so forth so on take out their Communications which puts a whole everything that they do and then you go in by the masses take care of business without electric all communication to stop transportation is stopped it is stop them dead in their tracks look at the power grid

  2. Write, call or email your representatives and tell them not to vote for this ludicrous bill. I have but my rep is Davids here in Kansas and her nose is so far up Pelosi which hole I don’t know but it would take two days to remove but the woman knows where I stand. The bill proves how far they’re prepared to go to destroy our country.

    1. I wholeheartedly AGREE 100 percent with Mr. Boslet, Mr. Fusco and the other two posts. As a moderate Democrat who voted for Trump, and knowing Biden’s entire 46-year history in politics, I am embarrassed and infuriated at all those who voted for Biden. He is also totally pro-abortion now, whereas before he ran for President, he was for the Hyde Amendment (which, I believe forbids use of federal funds to pay for abortions) BUT WHEN HE STARTED HIS RUN FOR THE PRESIDENCY, HE DID A 360-DEGREE TURN AND IS NOW FOR ABORTION IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, HE COULD NOT AFFORD TO LOSE ANY PRO-ABORTION FEMALE VOTERS… NOW, HE HAS NO OBJECTION TO ROE vs. WADE! His long friendship and affiliation to KKK member and mega-racist Robert Byrd, for THAT FACT ALONE, HOW THE HELL COULD ANY PERSON VOTE FOR BIDEN, UNLESS THEIR HATRED FOR TRUMP WAS SO VIRULENT, THAT THEY FELT THAT THEY FELT THAT THEY COULD DO SO WITH A CLEAR CONSCIENCE WHAT A DISGRACEFUL AND DISGUSTING JACKASS!!! I AM 100 100 PERCENT CONVINCED, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Democrats, supported and “maximizing their winning chances” went all out and pulled all the stops and illegally won/stole the 2020 presidential election!!! I have studied ALL the evidence brought forward and produced from the 2020 election, here is my opinion: THE REPUBLICANS PROVED TO THIS DEMOCRAT, BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT AND TO A MORAL CERTAINTY, THAT THE DEMOCRATS STOLE THE ELECTION, AND I CASTIGATE CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS FOR NOT ALLOWING THE HEARING OF THE CASE BEFORE THE ENTIRE COURT!! The past four years under Trump were some of the best in the past forty years, in spite of PELOSI and Schumer leading the constant attacks and impeachment follies against Trump. The Dems, with the fanatical leftists Bernie Sanders, A.O.C., and the rest of the far-left malfeasant radical Democrats pushing their socialist ideas; they are, IMHO, out to silence the right! They are nasty, and out to shut up and shut down ALL right-wing free speech and opinion in this country, along with their minions Twitter, Facebook, and Google, ANYWAY they can!!! THIS COUNTRY IS NOW ON TRACK TO GOING TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET!! WITH “BUNKER BASEMENT BRAIN-IMPAIRED” BIDEN AND KAMALA LEADING THE WAY, GOD HELP US ALL IF THEY SUCCEED IN THEIR PLOT TO TURN THIS COUNTRY INTO A SOCIALIST STATE!!

  3. SHOOT this COMMUNIST bill DOWN! . . . This is NOT Democracy in action but Josef Stalin’s book (“it’s not the VOTER, but the one who COUNTS the votes matter” – paraphrased). One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  4. Democrats are all cheaters and it’s embarrassing to see what there trying to do the president that actually did something for the people

    1. Amen to you, Mr. Lemon. What bugs me is how sadistic they’re all being. They already “fumigated” him out, as per Mrs. Pelosi’s resolve. Why can’t they just let him live his life in peace? He worked his tail off for four years for the good of the American people, and THIS is how they repay him??? I have NEVER seen so much hate directed at one man, and it makes me sick!

    1. No our only hope is Article V in the Constitution.
      Article. V
      “The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments,
      which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article*; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate” 

      Congress will never fix what’s wrong.

      1. It is government that rules the people if they don’t know how to vote. We the people will only vote correctly, if we think correctly and that comes form Divine Establishment Principles and they are found in the Word of God.

  5. Mail in voting is not a true and honest way to conduct elections.

    The old tried and true way to vote is to go to a polling place, as has been done for almost two centuries and vote.
    If they cannot make it to the polling place they can request a mail ballot which is checked and requires certification.
    Anything else is a fraud and should not be part of the US voting system.

  6. Cheating not all to worry about, Democrats are fixing to try and make DC a State everyone knows what that means!! That was just on fox news.

  7. The vast majority of Americans who can vote in the elections are physically able to go in person with a valid ID and registered to a valid address. While we do have legal voters in Nursing homes there can be accommodations made for them and the few out of the country. Everyone else who sees standing in line as a burden indicates they really don’t care. If this last election told us anything you can’t trust mail in voting.


  9. all of you remember this is GOD’s promised land. It is time for us to pray and get back to God doing what he does best.. keeping his promise to us. Sincerely pray and clean up yourselves and pray for the dem’s and the leaders we have been left with for now. Never forget this is God speed happening before all of us. “FOCUS ON ME NOT THE STORM”

    1. Prayer is not the answer to our Nation’s problems when most people don’t even know how to pray to get through to God. God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit (in fellowship) and truth (using the knowledge of his Word.) John four twenty-four

  10. Federal government doesn’t set voting regulations the state’s Congress set their own voting regulations. Tell them to go pound sand.

  11. Everybody in America could vote against democrats forever now but the dems are all rigged to win anyway with the country-wide Dominion election equipment that “elects” based only on software manipulations . We have just seen that happen , Dominion CEO even bragged about it ! The dems don’t even need the illegal diseased hordes they want to come in again “to vote” . They just want the criminal hordes to destroy America per their NWO agenda goals .

  12. Hello Folks. I am a 90+ year old FART that has seen a few things. PLEASE THINK. The HUMAN brain isn’t where it is just to keep your ears from SLAPPING together. I have been a believer of a very simply phrase almost all of my life. ” IF HORSE POOP WAS HORSE POWER WE WOULD BE ABLE TO BLOW ALL OUR PROBLEMS OFF THE PLANET”. Also, IF we are going to really want our GOD given rights back and REALLY PROVE to the TENS of Thousands of AMERICAN lives that were SACRAFICED by our FORE FATHERS some of us are going to have to get dirty. You cant clean the stalls without getting manure on your boots. SCREW the NAZI party. GO BACK to your places of Worship and let your RABBI”s, MINISTERS, SPIRITUAL LEADERs know what you want to hear and above all BELIEVE. Also, gather and DEBATE, USE the HUMAN INTELLIGENCE that GOD gave you to be able work for the COMMON BETTER FOR ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS, FAMILY AND COUNTRY. Believe me folks, IT HAS WORKED BEFORE. PUFF up your CHESTS and let the rest of your body and BRAINS follow you out the FRONT DOOR. GOD BLESS AMERICA and ALL HER REAL CITIZENS. Talk amongst your Family’s friends, but beware. There are amongst us persons who will sell the parents for a dollar. GOD BLESS you all lets KICK SOME BUTTS.
    Capn Jack

    1. I like your reply and if only our spiritual leaders will teach the Word of God by telling it like it is and not just phony be good sermons.

  13. Sleepy Joe is busily doing what the lib’s have accused the conservatives of planning for decades. Implement stupid ideas that cost thousands of jobs, raise the prices of energy (How does $5.00 per gallon of gasoline sound, How about $1000,00 per month to heat your small 1500 square feet house sound, how about billions of $ to support millions of illegals pouring over our open borders. ) Hopefully, a significant portion of the left-wingers will wake up , join the conservatives, and stop this insanity. Half a century ago the lib’s promised the blue collar workers a better life. Now these same idiots are busily taking that good life away to LIE, CHEAT, and LINE THEIR OWN POCKETS.

  14. Is there a way in which the populous can petition to change or cancel biased legislation. Our voices must be heard legally and uneventful. Tired of Pelosi’s phony and dictatorial ways. She has been given total authority since she has not been challenged. What is the order of gaining our say. I’ve written to our reps and they don’t answer or if they do their way or the highway. This country is governed by the elitist swamp and Soros. Some of our populous are ignorant or delusional as to what is really happening. They hired an empty can and loaded up the worms.

  15. First of all I agree with the replies you have gotten so far. I would like to know when all this madness is going to stop and when people are going to stand up to these nut jobs. Biden himself said any president using executive orders is a dictator, then in the first day he does more orders than the last four presidents did all together. Even the democrats that voted for Biden have to see what he’s doing is so wrong.

  16. Communism is hard to overthrow. And it looks to me that the Democrats are all Communists. Buying elections use to be illegal, apparently only for legal voters and politicians. Only Democrats can gather money from all over the Communist world to buy their way into Political positions. I use to vote for who I felt was good instead of evil. Not now. The only one you can trust is God! Some had better get on their knees and ask for forgiveness!

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