14 American Cities Plan to Ban Meat, Dairy and Cars by 2030 to Save the Weather

Americans are starting to become increasingly aware of the dystopian future that the World Economic Forum (WEF), the climate alarmists and the communists in the Democrat Party have in store for us. At least fourteen American cities—all run by Democrats—have now joined a globalist group called the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

Through the leadership of these monsters, they plan to restrict American freedoms at a level that should be unthinkable to the nation that survived the Cold War with the USSR.

In order to save the weather from cow farts, the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group has the following “ambitious targets” that it plans to impose on its citizens by the year 2030.

By that year, citizens in these cities will be allowed “0 kg [of] meat consumption,” “0 kg [of] dairy consumption,” “3 new clothing items per person per year,” “0 private vehicles” owned, and “1 short-haul return flight (less than 1500 km) every 3 years per person.”

These insane goals were first listed in a report called “The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°C World,” which was published by the WEF supervillains in 2019. The document is gaining new attention in 2023, because groups like the C40 are now openly talking about imposing these murderous and freedom-destroying “targets.”


This is all part of the “Great Reset” that the globalists started pushing during the COVID-19 scam-demic. Their real goal is finally flip the switch and turn the formerly prosperous Western nations of the world over to a communist dictatorship, led by the whims of the lunatics at the WEF like Klaus Schwab.

The C40 group is being principally financed by gun-grabbing weirdo and billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who spent something like $100 million out of his own fortune in 2016 to win a single electoral vote in the Democrat Party primary. He’s a big believer in the “cow farts will kill us all” religion.

The cities that plan to ban meat, dairy, cars, new clothes and air travel in America are:

Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Seattle.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is leading the charge for these nutballs in America right now. He is a militant vegan (or, more likely, he pretends to be while eating steak and caviar in private every night) and is already trying to force schools to leave meat off the menu. He’s also putting caps on how much meat can be served in prisons.

States like California and cities like London are already trying to ban gas-powered cars by the year 2030. This is despite the fact that California just went through the perfect example of why people need to own personal vehicles. Multiple cities were evacuated due to life-threatening flooding and mudslides caused by Hurricane Hilary. There’s no possible way that places like Yucaipa—a suburb of San Bernardino—could have been evacuated in time if no one owns a car.

Obviously, this has nothing to do with saving the weather from cow farts, and everything to do with controlling every aspect of our lives. Without vehicles, people won’t be able to visit loved ones far away, won’t be able to take vacations, and won’t have the freedom to simply enjoy the open road with some tunes blasting. If you want to move to escape a hellhole like Los Angeles, too bad! You’re stuck because you don’t have a car.

Unachievable zero-emissions targets from the Biden White House are already crushing the middle class. Energy is becoming unaffordable, even as the electric car craze is creating more strain on the electric grid. These policies make people more dependent on central government control. The inevitable side effect of this is that governments with total control eventually decide that the best way to right the sinking ship that they’ve created is to exterminate a bunch of “deplorables.”

Banning meat and dairy will make people miserable and weak. It would deprive people of the calories needed to flourish, thrive and pursue their dreams. Banning cars is essentially locking us all in cages. And just because Klaus Schwab likes to dress up like a weirdo from Star Trek doesn’t mean the rest of us want to. 3 new clothing items per person per year? That means onesie Star Trek uniforms for everyone.

It’s eventually going to make it impossible for the United States to remain a contiguous entity if the Democrats continue pushing these increasingly restrictive and insane weather policies. Red states won’t stand for it, so there’s eventually going to have to be a national divorce.

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57 thoughts on “14 American Cities Plan to Ban Meat, Dairy and Cars by 2030 to Save the Weather”

  1. Voting for Demos in the 2024 elections will destroy our country; which the radical left Biden/Harris/Demos are already doing. Be careful what & who you vote for! Vote in Republicans so we can take our own energy & country back. Nancy Pelosi said, “If Donald Trump wins as president of our country (the USA) our Democracy will be destroyed.” A big lie! The Demos like her have already destroyed our Democracy & want & are trying hard to destroy it even more. The Demos & Biden are letting millions of illegals(non-citizens) cross our now open southern border & giving them ID’s so they as non-citizens can vote for Demos in the 2024 election. Non-citizens should not be voting in our elections & if they do these votes should be canceled & not counted. It is another way the Demos want to cheat on our elections to stay in power over us forever!!! Demos will go to any means to stay in power! Not good!!!!

    1. That will be a cold day in hell before they shove that shit down my head. I know better than to believe any of that shit. I’m 74 and lived on livestock farms for over 30 years and I can prove it is a bunch of communist Bull Shit. The Dems suck and always have.

      1. But what they have been doing to beef and chicken is adding mRNA, the bioweapon ingridrnt that is 50%of the vaccine and not good. It could also be in pork. Some have also researched and found it was being added to potatoes and pepper with Appeal an unhealthy wax type coating being added to apples saying it’s for shelf life. Hogwash that Appeal is also called Smart Fresh. If we do not vote these imbeciles out of office, regardless of their affiliation as there are Rhinos on both side, there will be nothing in the stores that is safe to eat. It is bad enough now ad it is with dyes and propolene glycol etc.

        1. Bill Gates and Bloomberg want airborne mRNA meds/vaccines spread by AIRBORNE method so no one can avoid it. The animals (meat and dairy livestock, pets, zoos, wild) will be inhaling it, too. They have found the vaccine given to mothers does pass through to milk, so dairy products would be contaminated. Who know about plants; very well could affect all plants, too.
          I looked at a cookbook from a Las Vegas restaurant that listed info about celebrity customers. Bill Gates, who pushes veggies and no meat? They said when he is in Vegas he eats at their establishment once or TWICE a day. Always a big steak.

          These people and these Liberal cities are truly deranged.

      2. You can rest assured that the DEMS are not giving up their meat. They want us deplorables to eat bugs because they consider us low life. They feel they are superior to us.

    2. So true. Voting democrats In office is like letting the fox in the henhouse. Socialist democrats are the enemy of the people!

      1. In the 1930s there were “Socialist Democrats” in Germany, becoming more vocal, demanding people to follow them and what THEIR IDEAS AND PLANS WERE. Claimed they were the “best choice “. Dissenters were punished. They even started PRE WW2 DETAINMENT CAMPS/ Concentration camps. People put in inhumane situations and many perished before the war even started.
        Shortly after, they used a different title.

      2. Amen Amen. The democrats have allowed Satan to take over their minds they are doing the devils bidding. Yes we must get republicans and people who love this nation and what it was built on back in office! God help the United States of America!

    3. I wouldn’t vote democrat if you paid me. I’ve said for 20+ years, “A vote for a democrat is a vote for communisum”.

      1. Years ago the Democrats were very different. They were far more moral and a whole different ideology. When it became infiltrated by the World Crime Syndicate type people hungry for money and control it became an organized crime family. Add to that foreigners with their ideology they grew up with, became citizens and their community all of the same ideology voted their ‘people” into our government as Representatives and wha-lah…we got taken over. This WCS goes real deep and pretty much has control over our House and Senate, though there are a few like MG and MTG. God help us!

    4. You have that ever so right, if voters can’t see what the Democrats have done to our country already they are blind, vote Democrat and see our rights and freedoms slip away as we turn into a socialist third world country. TIME TO ELECT REPUBLICANS AND SEND ALL THOSE CORRUPT DEMOCRATS PACKING OR OFF TO PRISON!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Make sure the Republican you vote for is not a RINO. We do not need more Liz Cheney’s and Adam Kinzinger’s in any Government job beginning with the local School Board on up through the Federal Legislature.

    5. I agree immensely. There will be no peace unless the dems are voted out. Why are they so eager to destroy this country? Beside they want all the power. I’m glad I’m old.

  2. Time to get rid of the demonrat party. They are a bunch if idiotic commies. Yes, vote republican but not the rinos which is pence, halley, christie, hutcheson and I’m sure there are a few more.

    1. There are many more “rinos “ in the Republican Party! ie The head of the Party, Ronna Romney McDaniel, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and at least 21 others!!
      We should know more about our Legislators!!

    1. Democrats motto has ALWAYS been……DEATH, SLAVERY AND THE PURSUIT OF INSANITY. They’re as phucking dumb as it gets.

  3. Only if we can hang these phucktards in 2035 when the weather doesn’t phucking change one bit. PHUCK THESE CUNTS!!!!

  4. Screw any asshole that thinks he or they or any of the assholes are going to push that bullshit on me or anyone I know.People will stand up to that crap and when they do the liberal stupid Democrats will be gone.They will not need to worry about this earth anymore.If you asshole are smart you pack up and leave while you can.

  5. Democrats all need to be hung by their balls while a cow farts in their face. The miserable scum that will be the day when they tell me I can’t eat meat or buy new clothes or drive my truck. we need to turn the tide and plant all this bull shit back to them. What a bunch of heartless miserable scum they are. Their mothers must have really taught them how to hate.


    1. The only way to do that is to vote a strict Republican Party in office. But beware,,,there are still the sympathetic RINOs that are in love with this fool of a president. We cannot lose this next election. If we do we are headed for total ruin!

      1. How on the face of the earth could anyone, even a Democrat, be stupid enough to vote for “GOD save the Queen” Biden? If he won it would be the end of the U.S.! I have been a Democrat since 1979, but now, there is just NO WAY in hell that I would vote for President Biden! I would have to be beat nearly brainless and forced to vote for him.

      2. Remember the DEMO RATS will have the ILLEGALS vote in 2024 so the DEMO RAT are ELECTED that is what the NEW York GOVERNOR said, We are going to be living in a COMMUNIST Country ….I PRAY every night for our country

  7. Looks like a good way to empty out the big cities. All that will be left are mask wearing, booster getting, vegans with rainbow shirts on, all wearing dresses.


    1. Perhaps we could convince the U.S. Supreme Court, to allow a BOUNTY on Operatives of The Democrat Communist Criminal Terrorist Organization.

  9. Reduce population.
    One child per family with the sex chosen via a lottery so there would be an equal number of boys & girls.

    1. We’ll obviously you don’t believe in God, and that’s something China did so are you communist? Freedom is what the constitution stands for!

  10. The democrats forgot WE THE PEOPLE don’t work for them they work for us. Try to force this globalist bull crap on me and there will be retaliation !

    1. Wtf are you talking about? The elites will still eat meat and dairy and have all the cars, jets, mansions they want it’s just us regular people who can’t have anything. The dems can all go fuck off and especially the retarded mother fuckers that vote for them. Stupid fucking cry baby loser Democrat voters sit and cry and whine when their cities and states get turned to shit THOSE STUPID FUCKERS KEEP VOTING FOR IT!

      1. Bill Gates lies and tells us not to eat meat. Bill Gates loudly supports getting rid of meat, and has bought hundreds of thousands of acres of animal grazing land. He also promotes eating bugs and unsurprisingly, the Chinese have purchased hundreds of thousands of acres of farm and ranch land ADJACENT TO LAND GATES HAS BOUGHT.
        HOWEVER, there was a famous Las Vegas restaurant that published a cookbook and they mentioned celebrities who were regular customers. Like GATES. Every time he visited Vegas he ate at this STEAK HOUSE, eating a large steak every day he was in town, day after day.
        And these elite Socialist/Communists who gather under the direction and auspices of Klaus so he can tell them what to do in their countries?. Such power. Biden, between naps during meetings, nods in agreement. All these climate crazies fly their PRIVATE JETS in for those mtgs. Kerry, etc. It was announced after their last gathering how far they had flown their BIG JETS to get there. Shortest distance a large capacity jet was flown to mtg? THIRTEEN MILES ONE WAY. 13 MILES. Occupied by crew and ONE PASSENGER. Barely had time to get airborne before needing to land. Yes, they really care about the planet, but only if they can just restrict and control YOU and ME.

  11. 14 cities banning meat, dairy and cars?

    FAN-Freakin’-tastic! That just means there’ll be more for us in the other remaining states! PERFECT! Thanks liberals, I appreciate your sacrifices, every day I go out onto the deck and fire up the grill! Thank you. Enjoy your dried worms, ants, roots and whatever else you “feast” on! We’ll take care of the good stuff… you know, steaks, eggs, potatoes, lettuce, gravy, bacon, etc. Yeah, all of that good stuff. I’m elated…


  12. Let’s include the cities and states while we’re at it. Make it a perfecta.


  13. NO ! that’s not how it works in a democracy! One or two veggies and vegans in these blue cities have decided they don’t want meat . Should you tell them or should I ?

  14. I am 78 and I have known some human farts that were worse than any cow ever thought of. When someone tries to control what I eat or wear or go somewhere and how I do it they need to o
    come with both Barrels loaded and ready to die. Dems need serve siciatric
    Immediate attention

    1. Ask Queen Camilla about the horrendous gaseous odor emitting from Biden. Apparently she’s still talking about it. So should Biden be outlawed from being near humans?
      Actually might be a good idea…

  15. I am 78 and I have known some human farts that were worse than any cow ever thought of. When someone tries to control what I eat or wear or go somewhere and how I do it they need to o
    come with both Barrels loaded and ready to fight. Dems need serve imediiate siciatric
    Immediate attention

  16. Open borders, FedNow, government controlled Digital money (CBDC) to monitor and control purchases and travel of the population, no meat, no dairy, no automobiles, political persecution and prosecution, fraudulent elections for a communist takeover, cameras and kill switches in New vehicles, if not outlawed by then, no gas stoves, attacks on air conditioners, water heaters, refrigerators, washing machines, and our 2nd Amendment, vaccine passports, lockdowns, taxpayer funded Plandemic, taxpayer funded mandated vaccines, labeling all white people as racists, oppression of free speech, of religion, oppression of right to privacy, a speedy trial by your peers, one sided justice and more already HERE. I remember a day when folks said, “Not in America!” TYRANNY! Either give up your rights to the communists, lay down your arms at their feet, kiss their boots or grow a spine and fight for our country and Constitution, for which so many have given their lives. Commucrats (Democrats) and RINO’s are leading the fall of our country. Act while you still have a choice, The choice is ours.

  17. This is what happens to your brain when you consume illegal narcotics for many years.
    The majority of The Democrat Communist Criminal Terrorist Organization Operatives
    are former illegal drug users.

    1. This whole liberal idea of no meat no cars is super funny because in real life in America people will rise up and if they need to will put as many of the liberal butt lovers in the dirt.That way in the end they don’t need to worry about earth because they will not be here anymore Then we will have meat party’s in the streets .I can not wait to go waste some gasoline in my gas hog truck.So FU k your self you liberal trash From Ed the meat lover liberal hater .

  18. Good for these cities!
    That means meat prices where I live will drop, since there will be so much extra meat!
    I dearly love a good steak, or hamburger!

  19. My gut is telling me that if we haven’t engaged in WW3 by the end of Biden’s term in office, and if he is reinstalled into the WH, WW3 will soon follow. The Democraps will be the death of us all. There will be an uprising, WE THE PEOPLE will NOT sit idlely by and let the Democraps destroy our Country. Our only hope is to get a Republican into the WH, and that person needs to be TRUMP. He’s the only person that can turn the country around and begin the long journey back to a free nation. WE THE PEOPLE MUST RISE UP AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

  20. People must REMEMBER or be educated to the Party who created the KKK, did not the Black People to vote or mix with anyone other their people.
    The Democratic Party was also close to Communistic then and are now the Communist Party of The USA!

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