BIG: Georgia BoE Refers Fulton County to Attorney General’s Office for 2020 Fraud

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA -  NOVEMBER 20 :  A campaign sign reading "Trump Won Georgia" sits in the grass beside a street on November 20, 2021 in Lawrenceville, GA.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (RINO) has quietly admitted three years too late that the outcome of the 2020 election in his state was decided by fraud and should never have been certified by his RINO buddy, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Joe Biden’s “official” fake vote total in 2020 was 11,779 more than Donald Trump’s vote total. Yet Gov. Kemp has now admitted that there were 17,852 illegal votes tallied in Fulton County alone. They’ve now been caught, and it is indisputable—Georgia was stolen from Donald Trump in 2020 by election fraud.

This stems from the election fraud case (SEB2023-025) brought against the state by attorney Joe Rossi. It pertains to Fulton County, Georgia, which you may remember from such hits as a busted water pipe, sending all the election observers home for the night, pulling stacks of ballots out of magical suitcases that were hidden under tables until the observers were gone, and then election workers ramming stacks of ballots through the counting machines up to three or four times apiece.

Rossi previously won another case against Fulton County, GA, in which he proved that 4,000 votes were duplicates—meaning they had been counted twice. Was that those magic suitcase ballots from State Farm Arena? It sure sounds like it!

In this more recent lawsuit, however, Rossi has proven that the 17,852 votes from the December 2020 recount in Fulton County had no corresponding ballot images. They were fake votes that seem to have fallen from the sky in an election miracle for Joe Biden.


Governor Kemp’s office has formally notified Secretary of State Raffensperger that his office recorded and published FACTUALLY FALSE results in the 2020 election, including these 17,852 votes which have no ballot images.

While he admits that much, Kemp’s office does not go so far as to admit that the 2020 election outcome would have been any different. As if there were some mythical fake unicorn votes for Donald Trump in 2020. We know that each and every fake ballot counted was cast for Joe Biden. No one in any state has ever alleged that any 2020 ballot for Donald Trump was fraudulent.

Raffensperger’s office has known about the fraudulent results and recount in Fulton County all along. In July of 2022, a whopping 18 months ago, the Secretary of State’s office’s attorney C. Ryan Germany, admitted that the errors happened in the 2020 recount in Fulton County.

The Secretary of State’s office claimed falsely that the numbers in the recount matched the Election Day totals. That was untrue, since there were no corresponding ballot images for these 17,852 disputed votes. They counted the fake 17,852 votes in the recount because that was the only way to reconcile the numbers. The final count in a recount must match the original count, or at least be close, in order for an election to be legally certified.

If there was a margin of error of 17,852 votes in Fulton County alone, and Joe Biden supposedly won the state by 11,779 votes, then it’s a pretty easy math equation.

17,852 minus 11,779 equals the 2020 election was stolen.

The Board of Elections in Georgia will be conducting two hearings this week (Tuesday and Wednesday) to go over a number of election issues in the state, including Rossi’s SEB2023-025 case. The posted notice for the meetings only says that SEB2023-025 is being “Recommended for Referral to the Attorney General’s Office.”

That’s great, but… we get the sense that this is now a case of passing around a hot potato. Kemp passed it on to Raffensperger, Raffensperger passed it to the Board of Elections, and now the Board of Elections is passing it on to the Georgia Attorney General. No one wants to touch this with a ten-foot pole, because it is a full-on admission that the 2020 election was stolen, and that Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger covered it up.

What’s the Georgia Attorney General going to do? For those who don’t know, Georgia’s AG is a guy named Christopher Carr, a RINO so lacking in testicular fortitude that he believes that January 6th was an insurrection.

Carr was the chair of the Republican Attorney Generals Association (RAGA) in 2020. Before January of 2020, RAGA sent out a robocall to Republican voters across the country that they should head to Washington, DC on January 6th to protest the stolen 2020 election. 25 of the 26 Republican AGs in America believed as you and I do that the election was stolen. Christopher Carr did not.

When Carr found out about the robocall that RAGA had sent out, he resigned from the association in a girly hissy-fit. That’s who the Georgia Board of Elections is referring this election fraud case to, so don’t get your hopes up that anyone will be charged with a crime.

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80 thoughts on “BIG: Georgia BoE Refers Fulton County to Attorney General’s Office for 2020 Fraud”

        1. Because Republicians are weak and 30% of them are RINOS and all of them need their butts kicked and their asses thrown in Jail. I guarentee you if 2 or three of these fools gets convicted and thrown in jail for this corruption this problem will start to disappear and will totally be gone if we can catch and convict 50% of them which shouldnt be hard given the video evidence…its the obama and clinton appointed judges that are making up law as they go and they need to be thrown in jail as well

          1. I totally agree
            This is Big Truth Should Be Told to The American People Have The
            Right To Know The Real Truth
            That Biden and his Trannacal Puppet master clowns administration Regimes Lying Government That’s ILLEGALLY Unlawfully IN Office Did Rig & Steal The 2020 ELECTION
            They All Need To Be Put To OFFICE ASAP and Held Accountable for HIGH TREASON punishable by DEATH,Under The
            Constitution of the United States of America , Cheater’s Never Win!
            Not ONE IS ABOVE The Laws NO ONE! WAKE Up America Stand Up United for Our Country’s Freedom Liberty and Sovereignty Take Back Our Country’s Freedom Liberty
            Make America Great Again
            America First And Fore Most ✝️❤️✊☮️

          2. The reason is that there are too many corrupt politicians and judges who continue to exist in order to keep their ball rolling. The result is loss of the freedoms we once had as voters, and getting our money’s worth as taxpayers.

        1. My e-mail above in reply was an error, I meant “the rules are for thee not for me” the democrat motto, Sorry, senior moment

        1. why so long,plain as day the election WAS stolen,took jojo 3months to destroy all the good work President Trump had done,,,only God could do something,,

        2. And isn’t it in Georgia where two voter counters were called frauds by Juliani who has now had to file for bankruptcy because of the huge settlement they got against him? Allowed by other cheaters in that state, for sure. What a nightmare scene.

      1. Exactly all that certified it and all that were involved in counting it need to go to prison for a minimum of 20 years. After 3 years it’s all starting to come out. Now that the fraudulent president has ruined the country

      2. I totally agree
        This is Big Truth Should Be Told to The American People Have The
        Right To Know The Real Truth
        That Biden and his Trannacal Puppet master clowns administration Regimes Lying Government That’s ILLEGALLY Unlawfully IN Office Did Rig & Steal The 2020 ELECTION
        They All Need To Be Put To OFFICE ASAP and Held Accountable for HIGH TREASON punishable by DEATH,Under The
        Constitution of the United States of America , Cheater’s Never Win!
        Not ONE IS ABOVE The Laws NO ONE! WAKE Up America Stand Up United for Our Country’s Freedom Liberty and Sovereignty Take Back Our Country’s Freedom Liberty
        Make America Great Again
        America First And Fore Most ✝️❤️✊☮️

      1. He was sued by two election workers who said they were OFFENDED by him because he wanted the voting methods and count checked to determine if legal or fraudulent. These two workers said this FRUSTRATED them. So they sued for $148 MILLION. And in a travesty of justice on so many grounds, won.
        He absolutely needs to appeal it. And those two workers should never be involved again as election workers.

        1. I don’t know if I would care what they do in their prison block elections.

          As long as they are UNDERFED until they both lose 200 lbs each.

          1. Absolutely Right
            Right Now We have totally a Corrupted Lying Government &A Two Tiar corrupted Justice System Too, Look at the J6 prisoners,a misdemeanor being charged with felonies and getting sentencing of 18-20 yrs? Unconstitutional & unlawful illegal justice ⚖️
            President Trump’s whole Witch Hunts Trails& How Many
            Illegal indictments?? All Bullshit Lie’s and Election Weaponising Interference By TrumpHaters & Biden and his Democrats/ Communist Controlling traitors Rhino’s too
            Wake Up America


  1. So Biden winning in 2020 was a lie but we are still not doing anything abt the Americans have been cheated of a good president by an old senile cardboard picture of Obama?? And again nothing happens to the DEMOCRATS just the Americans get ripped again and again.

    1. hearing this Trump should be given the presidency now. We have all known that the Dems cheated and Trump won the 2020 election by a wide margin.

      1. I’ve been saying this for about three years. Other countries have corrected fraud elections by either revite or just outline out the pustulence and inserting the real winner. Trump should be put in now so he can start in correcting all the mess Buden and Puppet Masters and Kamala and Administration have done. He had 4 years stolen from him and now is forced to spend millions in all these fraudulent lawsuits. He needs to get in and stop the fraud already being planned for 2024 by the Dems. He should also absolutely be automatic President winner to continue right on for the next 4 years.
        All these crooks that planned the fraud and the January 6 pre-planned riot set up, and everything else they’ve done rectified and corrected and those responsible charged and convicted. And severest punishment used. It was treason, as Biden continues to do.
        Currently we have even DEMOCRAT STATES calling out election fraud even between DEMOCRAT candidates. Some are just replacing the frauds with the true winner and one is calling for revote. All Dems involved in cheating another Dem opponent, or we might not have these election overthrown. Dems in several states are taking the MILLIONS of illegals and saying THEY CAN VOTE IN THE 2024 PRESIDENTIAL NATIONAL ELECTION, but NOT in the state and local elections. Absolutely would throw vote to Boden/Dems because illegals even called out how great Biden is for letting them all in. Absolutely should be illegal and a NO-BRAINER.

        1. On maui they didn’t even open the poles! What r u griping about?
          The whole system with a federal government is a FAILED IDEA! SEE IT?
          we gota change the whole thing. The u.s. is a baby country. An experiment in freedom of all humans, right? The liberty bell etc….
          Right? Everybody grumbles but we know even the courts are fraudulent and sale out judges!
          So. What are solutions?
          Got any ideas?
          I say no more feds. Send them to cyber space.
          Everything physical they work with WE OWN.
          Have an assembly of the govenors. Period.
          Each state pays there own bills.
          The Assembly creates a joint rainy day fund for disaster assistance.
          The Assembly splits the bill for our soldiers and their needs.
          The states pass their own laws according to social structures in that region.
          Don’t bottleneck a variety of humans from all over the world into a box. That’s not freedom.
          After the govenor, we don’t know what those layers are doing.
          Everybody lies if they can get away with it. Just like a little child……………
          Grow up people.
          We know where our govenor lives right?
          We just need to back up and take it down a couple notches….
          The feds have spent our tax $ without our consent on war! Weapons! Space! And other unknown projects while they eat from a gold spoon while they raise our taxes to the point where we have to beg for our money back in the form of welfare! Foodstuffs! What a hustlestreet trash all!
          It’s a mafia of the worst people on the planet and it’s in our country people!
          We are the enemy
          Time to fix it.
          Let’s take a vote!
          A vote amongst the people in each state. Held by the govenor of ea. State. On paper with id’s of real tax paying citizens or anyone who was born here or has studied the constitution and become a citizen like trumps wife.
          Let’s vote on it. We don’t need them
          Each state can plant 1 million trees of some kind, food or geological formative species for the earth cycle causing rain and we can have pure water in abundance. Maui did it. In 3 yrs our rains returned. I million on a tiny island.
          Then ea. State farms every ft of available land and supports local farmers$$$.
          Food is the most valuable commodity on the planet!
          Millions of people are starving! Eating fake food!
          It’s not even food people….
          We can become a FARM NATION!
          you know you gota create war if u wanta sale weapons right? Vicious circle of negative energy right? Let’s stop doing that!
          Don’t you guys wanta cruise and not worry about the price of a car or gas? Eat beautifully perfect healthy foods and pure wonderfully sparkling healthy water?
          Never want for anything?
          Pas your home to your children? Create a family legacy? Right? Each human on the planet is equal so why does the big business guys not share right? Heartless…
          Destroying our livelihood.
          Murdering innocent people in useless wars! Horrible acts of murder while they do COCAINE IN THE WHITE HOUSE! RIGHT? SHAME!!!!
          they’re going to bomb americ if we don’t do something fast.
          Our country is the problem and we are letting it happen.
          Let’s vote! Come on! Let’s create our on vote. A grass roots level town to town. Right?
          Do we want to send the Federal Gov. Of the United States to Cyberspace
          Yes. No
          We all know.
          Let’s take a vote.
          Send the feds to cyberspace. We won’t prosecute them for their crimes just disconnect.
          They have to find another ground location for their physical activities right?
          But! Every THING and real property they own was payed for by me and you!
          Right? It belongs to us!
          Right? The personnel that wish to become private sector employees are welcome to reside in the u.s. right? All members of feds cannot own land, busineses, or anything in u.s. give up citizenship! Right?
          Easy man.
          So easy.

          1. So. Get started growing food. Secure your water resources. Live off grid if u can. U can use ur cell for a hot spot and get solar…or if there no cell service have a ham radio. We use them in Hawaii. Cb radio etc. Even the TV signals put up an antanae. no electric lines poles boxes barrels from spectrum and charter communications hired by obama and biden! Rt? And they gave them IMMENENT DOMAIN IN U.S.! I TOLD THE COMMITTEE TELL BIDEN AND CONGRESS. my name is Larri Kinsey. I own land in Hawaii. Tell sptrum if they show up at my land…. they will meet me. 72 YR. OLD GREAT GRAMMA WITH A CHAIN SAW AND A DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN UP THEIR ASS, AND SOMEBODIES GONNA DIE! SO COME ARREST ME!
            im still waiting. I HAVE RIGHTS! RIGHT? I drew a line. They know.
            Be self sustained asap so when we cut them off they cant put a business deal squeeze on us. Right? As long as we have food and water and sunlight we can make the transition smoothly and safely. Without conflict but i must tell you every state must have a militia. Im one. The national guard are ready to defend hawaiians here. Is yours in your state? Talk to them. Theyre sick of the deceit but are real soldiers for the people. WHEN we Vote. The United Nations is obligated to respond! Right? If they dont. They dont exist right? I dont see them sending the troops to gaza! Right?
            PROXMIRE ACT 1987 united nations protects any smaller nation from acts of GENOCIDE!
            BIDEN AND OBAMA WIRED THE COUNTRY TO BLOW. they can blow up 3 cities like Lahaina and say Iran did it! RIGHT?
            Obama and biden wired our country to blow in 2012. They can hit a lbutton on their cell and send a lazers shooting out of one of those boxes. In Cali. Saw lazers shooting out of the top of Tele. Poles. Same in Taos. Here in Lahaina every smart box exploded exactly at the same time when they thought all were evacuated got witnesses and photos. They burned our town off the map. Now we live in a ghost town people! My friend burned in a running position still standing ash trying to reach the sea. Only a nucleat blast or volcano does that…
            Or radiation elec. And lazer put together. Its all there. See where the wires go? Thats the targets! Witnessed to the congressional committee. Bush thinks England put Obama (who is not from hawaii!), in the white house! Hahaha ha! That guy’s skinny ass was at the million man March guaranteed! Farakahn put him in there! He’s a nation of Islam sleeper!
            Following me people?
            U.s. feds represent Isreal!
            Trump is a philostene! Another Hebrew! Israel is a name of the nation of mixed breed Hebrew slaves from egypt. 2 different blood lines split from 1. Arch enemies rt? Chk their history.
            What does that have to do with us right?
            All cultures and bloodlines are free and valuable to us! Even mix right? Freedom! Even our Nation of Islam miss treated Brothers and sisters in our freedom land! Right?
            Don’t lose the American dream people! Right?
            The planet needs our guidance and we must set an example right?
            Our country is no longer an experiment in human evolution, its a real place…
            A reality all can have.
            If they want it.

        2. That was the Democrat idea at the start. that was why they opened the border to the illegal invaders to start with. To get their vote. These are not American citizens. If it is going to be legal for people from foreign countries to vote in our elections, are they going to allow China to vote. They are not any more an Amertican citizen than these illegals are.
          I’m afraid the days of honest politicians are gone. Their number one and only priority is getting re-elected, legally or illegally. To hell with the American people and the country. I don’t think I will vote for any politician this next election that has been in office 2 terms.That’s the only way we will get term limits.. And that is something we despertly need.

        1. never gonna happen they own the courts! Right?
          Pipe dream!
          Plan B
          No feds! Period! We don’t need want them right?

          1. Don’t doubts! It can happen! The same way Hillary Clinton hit man killed 54 people who were going to court to testify against the Clinton! Fed was started to protect the president during WORLD War 2! From those politicians that disagree with him. Now the fed is Biden army against the people. DOJ has refused to go after ANTIFA AND BLM, for their actions on Memorial weekend attack on the CAPITOL! That was when 150 capitol police officers were injury! Not January 6th! The reason why is because that Memorial weekend attack was SPONSORED BY DEMOCRAT PARTY! Happen in 2020! Even all these DA AND JUDGES REFUSED TO LOCK THEM UP! So you see,the UNBOMBER IS NEEDED! Always someone out there that know how to do thing that will WAKE YOU UP! It was the uncomfortable BROTHER who told FBI on him. Deputy was lucky to catch him in NC!

      2. but what is really going to happen this is a disaster for The United States. When a person cast a vote, it should be counted correctly. I always figured there was a rat in the woodpile somewhere. Would this make any difference in the election if President Trump won the state of Georga? I always thought there was no way someone who hid in the basement could have won the election. Biden needs to be removed from office if it is proven he did not win and all the things he signed in to law voided.

        1. It a shame the MEDIA did the campaign for him! And Chris Wallace did the debate for him. All was planned by DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS and Republicans Rino! Even Obama was involved! All these blacks organizations could NOT tell you one thing about Obama in 2008! They just all told blacks people to VOTE FOR THE BROTHER! 95% did and they THREW GOD UNDER THE BUS!

  2. Kemp and Raffensperger should be the first to go to prison. The American people have no faith in elections and I know some who are no longer going to vote. We must clean this Banana Republic up and fast! I thought Michigan was bad, but Georgia is even worse. And let’s not forget about Arizona. How did we get to this place? So sad for our country. We must vote these corrupt people out of office!!!!

      1. $148 MILLION to TWO election workers who felt “OFFENDED and FRUSTRATED” that he wanted the votes and process rechecked. Absolutrly he should appeal this travesty. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO FAIR ELECTIONS.
        Kemp and Raffensperger need to be charged.

        1. What is with this Country? I cannot believe how low the government has sunk. The democrat representatives at all levels are just EVIL and so are the RHINOS.

    1. Stacy Abrams, kemp and raffensberger signed a “certificate of agreement” that gave 100% VOTE COUNTING/STUFFING/ ELECTION RIGGING to the FAT, OBNOXIOUS PIGGY also know as stacy abrams.

      All three should be hung simultaneously!

      1. Abrams also involved in pushing Fani Wilkis to ho after Trump indictment in Georgia. Willis has lost TWO different elections and was vocally angry about the first election being fraudulent TO HER. Then she lost a second election and she escalated her anger to call for VIOLENCE AND RIOTS over fraud voting in Georgia. But then Abrams hooked up with Abrams, who told her to get rid of her media postings about there being election fraud and calls for violence and riots in Georgia. Abrams apparently schooled her and she started campaigning for a third position while saying Trump should be indicted for claiming FRAUD IN GEORGIA voting process.
        She won the third try, and indicted Trump for calling fraud (remember FANI WILLIS HAD SAID THE SAME AND ADDED CALL FOR RIOTS AND VIOLENCE).
        BTW, Leticia James and Abrams are buddies. Not surprised Leticia ran on indicating Trump, for nonsense, as Abrams had encouraged Fani Willis to run promising indictment of Trump. One big happy group of nasties.

        1. Man, I hate spell check and no editing correction possible!
          WILLIS. WILLIS HOOKED UP WITH ABRAMS. And ALL the spelling changes it did. Grrr

  3. Kemp and AG has always been a RINO POS. Wander how many millions Kemp got from Dominion. Kemp is only one grade above Stacey Abrams neither one worth a tinkers damn


  4. There are no honest politicians anymore. Their one and only priority is to get re-elected, to hell with the American people and this country. They will do anything to get a vote, whether it is legal or illegal. If we ever needed term limits, it is now. People need to stop voting these people back into office over and over again, just because of their politics.

    1. instead of ‘term limits’ there should be easy routes to HOLDING BAD ACTORS IN GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE!!!!


        1. They plan on stealing it again. The illegal migrants are getting the ability to vote. Criminals justify their wrong doings and I think that is how they can sleep. So EVIL.

  5. The elected officials and poll workers involved should be held accountable…. Maybe $250,000,000fines like Mayor Giuliani ….. we should make a lot of changes before 2024…..

  6. All of the lies, cheating and theft. Still nothing is going to happen in a positive manner for the American people. We Americans are the last to be considered and the current administration just continues to “tell us” what we can and cannot do. They do not consider the law, constitution or American Freedom. The current administration cares about anything but “We The People”.

    Not voting will send the wrong message. It says we quit, just continue taking our freedom.

    “We The People” need to stand firm and VOTE!! Take your i.d. with you and VOTE. Let’s join together, take back our country and our American way of life.

    1. Very Well put. United we Stand. Vote for your right or as I tell my grandkids if you don’t vote you have no right to complain.

  7. We need to make some major changes in our election process and start taking legal licenses form those prosecutors that are political tainted. We all know about NY and the disgusting case that is occurring in NY city. Forget about what party we are talking about. This must stop because this looks like Curly, Larrry and Moe show. The ONLY PROBLEM THE American people can see is the stupidly of those that are performing in the show. It is time for the children to grow up and represent the people.

  8. I blame the whole democratic evil despicable lying, cheating, human beings for both wars, all the crime and ruining our entire country and what has kept me from sleeping at nights is the Republican Party cannot seem to do a thing about it. I know those wicked democrats have the power, but it seems we should be able to do something about it.

  9. So Trump is the true President of the United States, then all the charges against him should be dropped and the entire Biden crime family and any one who had anything to do with the FAKE election should be put in prison for TREASON against the United States.

  10. biden was in bed w/ china over four decades now. now he gets off the hook because he doesn’t remember anything. Trump deserves 8yr term for all the treasonest whores (men and women). Why aren’t these criminals going to prison?

  11. These results have to get out to the public through a reliable media source, the American citizens have had the wool pulled over their eyes for far too long.

  12. The case against Trump about the election being stolen needs to be dropped immediately. Those responsible immediately removed from public offices. This is treason at the highest level and we the American people are the one who have suffered the price for their evil plan. The Trump family has suffered not just court cases but defamation of character they need to be made whole and things put to rights. Stop this Election interference and safeguards put into place for the next election to be fair and honest and all public offices have repercussions for this kind of thing attached as well as a possible 2 term limit for all political offices. May God Bless America.

    1. And make sure our states are not one of them that is planning in letting the 8-9 MILLION ILLEGALS VOTE IN THE 2024 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!!! Just using the Driver’s License Biden and Puppet Masters are giving them (even if don’t drive). Plus instructions re how to vote while being told Biden and Dems are THEIR FRIEND who let them in here.
      GET IT STOPPED before it is done. Imagine 8-9 MILLION VOTES for Biden and Dems by illegals. We’d never have a free and fair election again. With Dems permanently able to pack the Court and continue path to destroy America. STOP THIS if your state is planning to go along with it. NO ILLEGALS VOTING.

  13. America and its people need to go back to “Old School Rules”. You get caught being a criminal- you go to jail!! Stealing the election from the one man who would have made sure that the American people come first was a monumental criminal act. An act of TREASON!! Back in the days when our government was initially formed- anyone who committed treason- even in the smallest of ways- were punished and thrown in a nasty disgusting jail or dungeon!! Now that the truth has been shown that the 2020 election was stolen- ALL of the people responsible should be immediately gathered up and hauled off to jail. All of their financials should be frozen, all means of available transportation(by air, land or sea) should be made impossible and passports taken away. Huge bounties should be placed on each and every one of them to further deter them from so much as stepping out of their own front doors for fear of being beat up and dragged away to a holding cell!!! Americans need to make a show of force to stop these individuals in a way that will finally get the point across in their severally swollen egotistical entitled brains that We The People have had ENOUGH and we are taking our country and our freedom back!!!

    1. Don’t have to go back to the beginning of the USA to see punishment of treason punished by DEATH PENALTY. In first half of 1900s, a husband and wife team committed treason against America and were EXECUTED. Now THAT’S a deterrent and a legal option we should use. Otherwise they continue and escalate.

  14. So, what President Donald J. Trump had suspected and said was as true then as it is now, and protected by his 1st Amendment Right to do say so!
    Will The State Of Georgia apologies to DJT and cease all court related claims? Constitutional Rights have been violated.

  15. What more can I add then what hasn’t already been said? In agreement with all but true, reliable action needs to begin before Biden leads this country to a point of no return!!!!

  16. This tells us what we all already know. Georgia’s votes were stolen. I was raptly watching the bottom line on the news channels on election night when around 8:30 pm it reported the Trump had prevailed in Georgia by 100k+ votes with 100% reporting. Then, some hours later, the 11 o’clock news said that Biden has won Georgia. To my knowledge, this discrepancy has never been even mentioned, much less explained…

  17. Come on folks, We all know the socialist communist dumbocrats would never do something like this. I mean we all know that the 170,000 votes that Obiden received and not one vote for President Trump was true. The woke people need to wake up. The socialist communist dumbocrats are destroying American and the woke people cannot or will recognize this as a form of dictoreship .

  18. Now this is for Georgia Legislative, needs to reconcile this cover up and call for a drop of the DA’s with hunt against the 18 people that was correct in call for fraud and now standing trail for fake charges. We the people needs responses about the true criminals inmvestigation on Fulton County, Governor Kemp, Secretary of State Raffensperger, Board of Elections, & Ga. Attorney General!


    1. I think sometimes the reason the Republican politicians do nothing is because they are afraid if they do the Democrats will investigat them and we will see that they are as crooked as the Democrats. The days of honest politicans has gone forever.



  21. First let calm down! And let be smart. All involved should be EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD! But we all should know for 50 years democrats politicians are control by GLOBALISM! Even there Republicans control by them. Can anyone say Mitch MCCONNELL? But how are we going to stop this? Obama was ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND WAS PLACE IN AS PRESIDENT! That day should had woke ALL OF US UP! We witness PELOSI saying Obama record is SEAL OFF! Mitch MCCONNELL was the SENATE MAJORITY THEN! Did NOTHING, NOT EVEN FIGHT BACK! So now he a NEVER TRUMPER! Why?, after Trump save his political career in Kentucky! Was losing his re-election. Big mistake by Trump! Now you can believe that this has been going on for a very long time. Kemp did not get governor without TRUMP HELP! Now he put a knife in Trump back, by REFUSED TO DO THE RIGHT THING! RUDY need to file an appeal and countersuit both polls worker for million of dollar! I would! Don’t care if they refused to admitted the truth, GOD KNOW! And they claim they had to move out of the area. Why? Because the PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THEY DID. Fulton county is a big DEMOCRAT LIBERALS COUNTY. Where most northern move into. Raffensperger a RINO, need to speak the truth on a polygraph machine. If he failed it then he deserve DEATH! He was the one who along with the other try to DESTROY THE COUNTRY AND PEOPLE LIVES. All because GEORGE SORO A GERMANY NAZI SAID IN 1979 HE WILL DESTROY AMERICA FROM WITHIN! So now these democrats politicians and Republicans RINO are taking the BRIBERY MONEY!

  22. The only thing we can do now is just pass a law term limit for every government office. Hawaii needs to be investigated until the truth shines.
    There should be a camera that captures the laser

  23. Kemp and Rafensberger should be in jail they both hold the highest positions and both do not want a re-count and condemn Trump and all the Republicans, especially Gulliani’s name tarnished.
    This saddest day for our country. Remember whoever owns 400 million guns is Republican.

  24. When all those who helped Democraps CHEAT are locked up after being stripped of their right to VOTE for life then the State will be on the right track. They need to start with the Governor, Secretary of Staye, and Willis that FRAUD of a AG trying President Trump for the very thing she and Abrams both have been doing for years themselves.

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