CDC Tracking Unvaccinated People Because That’s Not Creepy at All

You would have thought by now that the persecution of the unvaccinated would finally end. After all, even people like Scott Adams are admitting that we – the “anti-vaxxers” – were right and all the experts were wrong. The COVID shots are dangerous, masks don’t work, social distancing increases the suicide rate, and lockdowns combined with government spending cause runaway inflation.

But the persecution continues. If you’re unvaccinated at this point, you need to start being very careful about what you tell your doctor.

The CDC under the Biden regime has finally updated its ICD-10-CM guidelines to include new codes related to the COVID vaccine. You might be thinking, “Finally! The CDC is acknowledging that the vaccines cause injuries!”

The ICD-10-CM guidelines are the medical codes that a doctor or nurse enters about you in your personal medical records. (ICD stands for International Classification of Diseases.) According to the AACP, ICD-10-CM “is a standardized classification system of diagnosis codes that represent conditions and diseases, related health problems, abnormal findings, signs and symptoms, injuries, external causes of injuries and diseases, and social circumstances.”

People have been complaining for almost 2 years now that there are no ICD codes to classify someone as being injured by a COVID vaccine. The medical community still, to this day, will not admit that COVID vaccine injuries exist. If you try to tell your doctor that your injury was caused by the shot, they’re more likely to diagnose you as mentally ill. Your symptoms are all in your head, so it couldn’t possibly be that you were injured by an injection of government health juice.

Unfortunately, that’s not what the CDC updated the ICD-10-CM codes for on January 26th, two years after the vaccine rollout. The new codes are being used to classify the unvaccinated.


This is one of the most sinister things we’ve seen from the Biden regime to date. Translated into plain English, if you tell your doctor in the private setting of receiving doctor-patient privileged care, that you are unvaccinated, you’re going to be placed on a government list.

New ICD-10-CM code Z28.1 reads, “Immunization not carried out because of patient decision for reasons of belief or group pressure.”

So, if you refuse a COVID shot from your doctor and tell him the reason why, the government is putting that in your permanent record along with a designation that you belong to a specific group.

For example, suppose your doctor asks if you want a COVID shot during your next appointment, and you reply this way:

“Never. Not a chance in hell. I’m a Christian. Since Pfizer and other drug companies aborted viable babies, chopped them open, and harvested their kidney cells – thereby killing the babies – in order to create their experimental mRNA shots that are laced with an HIV protein that can give you AIDS or cause you to suddenly die, I don’t think it’s a wise choice for me. In fact, no Christian should ever get a COVID shot for this reason.”

Guess what? You’re not only going on a government list, but you’re going on a list as a rightwing Christian militant who probably wants to do an insurrection. You’re basically on a list now if you get too specific about why you’re turning down the shot.

There are even new medical codes to classify people who have “lapsed” and are refusing booster shots. Z28.39 classifies people who got the first COVID shot, but never came back for the second. We know that almost 39 million Americans got the first shot, but it made them so sick that they never got the second. (38,794,777 people to be exact.)

Every person I know who took the COVID shot felt like crap after being injected. Plus, we see all the high-profile people dying from “Suddenly” or getting sick from it. Not-funny-at-all “comedienne” Chelsea Handler went deaf in one ear after getting her injection. Singer Justin Bieber’s face was paralyzed, and his 26-year-old wife had a stroke. Singer Celine Dion’s career was ended when she developed “stiff person syndrome.”

There’s no benign reason to put unvaccinated people on a government list. This is as disturbing and sinister as a federal gun owner registry. Unfortunately, we don’t have an organization like Gun Owners of America or the NRA that will sue the federal government to stop them from tracking the unvaccinated. Be very careful about what you say to your doctor from now on.

You can see the new list of updated ICD-10-CM codes from the Biden regime HERE.

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30 thoughts on “CDC Tracking Unvaccinated People Because That’s Not Creepy at All”

    1. I say, the only people I know who got covid had the Vax. Of course, I don’t know that many people who are stupid enough or trusting enough to willingly play Guineapig Roulette for a bunch of goose-stepping bureaucratic quacks. Where is Joseph Mangala when our government really needs him?? FJB ULTRA-MAGA MIKE

    2. Took every effective vaccine available. Since 100% were ineffective you’re not lying, your brainwashed doctor will translate this as he pleases.

  1. Not an advocate for the unvacinated like the NRA; maybe there should be! Biden and CDC, WHO, AMA, need to be stopped from telling me what medical procedures I can opt out of! I am not willing to give up anymore of my freedoms to be government!

  2. Seeing our government keep records on our personal medical care needs companion records on the names of legislators who sponsored the bill and who voted for it. And if a citizen suffers due to compliance with a law, those who signed it should share in the misery.

    1. Your vaccine administration is tracked by the govt. I got the J & J vaccine at a CVS pharmacy 30 minutes from my hometown. I never identified my MD or health group. Every time I log into my medical provider website the ask me to confirm my vaccine and list the pharmacy and date of my vaccine. It’s creepy.

  3. My next door neighbor had a stroke after the shot, a close friend got asthma and is real sickly, & my pastor wife and daughter’s periods stopped. Pfizer’s shots are exposed on Fox News and project Veritas as dangerous, but mainstream media keeps pushing the shots. It’s not a vaccine, but found to be a genetic therapy to induce depopulation, because as Bill Gates says there are too many people on earth from his T.E.D. talks (see on internet).

  4. This site would not let me post what I wrote so I am trying once again. More and more people will be dying before their time and American women will find it very difficult to conceive all due to the evils of the Jab forced upon so many by a runaway tyrant … The Biden-Harris Regime and Big Pharma and the WHO ! The UNVAXED will be much in demand for their untainted plasma and blood supply. Let’s not give the PUSHERS any of the good plasma or blood, Wake Up America !!!

  5. Let’s see. im the government’s QUEST FOR CONTROL, we have weathered so many crises, it’s scary to try to look ahead and see what will be next, now that China knows that we are WIDE OPEN, and have waved the WHITE FLAG. Firsts we get the crud, then come the balloons.
    Can’t wait to see what follows: Could not bring myself to listen to even one piece of S**T or drivel coming of that evil, lying mouth at the State of the Union.
    I keep wondering what we will see next.
    The only two things we in our favor right now is the House, which is hanging by a thread and a Conservative majority at the Supreme Court, which the deranged are working to fix by impeaching Clarence Thomas and Amy Barrett
    The DERANGED control everything else and a great majority of state and municipal officials are also crooked

  6. Next is EMP attack from another China balloon then 90% of the country dying from starvation, sickness and violence

  7. This code will be used to identify members of a “resistant epistemic community”, which means citizens who do not swallow the regime line. This will clearly be used in the determination of social credit score, identification of “domestic terrorists”, “racists”, “homphobes and transphobes” and other outlier groups that are to begin with to be watched, later to be taken away and eventually to be killed. The medical community is being transformed into the white-coated torturers of the Ministry of Love in “1984” and medical resistants need to be encouraged. A Second American Revolution, hopefully not a Second Civil War, may well be necessary to stop this scheme. We have brought the Chicom spy balloon down, and must now bring the Chicom puppet regime down.

  8. In a few months I will have my annual wellness check. I told them last year that I would NEVER, EVER get any kind of vax (because of a very bad reaction to a T-DaP booster. My feet went numb and spread to mid waist eventually, which was very scary to me and traumatized my husband and family – It eventually disappeared, yet that was the same shot that may have taken my youngest son’s wife – she developed lymphoma 2 months after taking it and passed away.) When asked about the Cvd shot I said that they should never ask me again…I will never – ever take another shot. I do not trust Big Pharma. (I was watching a woman doctor who does not recommend taking ANY vaccines – at all – during ones lifetime. She stated that all the viruses they say they are protecting us from by taking the shots, are of their own making in labs – homegrown viruses. ) She stated that our own bodies were designed to fight off these viruses or bacteria, if people are well nourished and eat a good variety of wholesome fruits and veggies, grains, etc. And to stay away from anything processed or from the grocery stores.

  9. The American citizens need to get themselves a pocket copy of the Constitution and read it CAREFULLY, because if you do, you will discover that NO WHERE in the Constitution was the right or power ever given to the Federal Government to interfere or take control over our health care, nor were they given the right to take control over our education system. As a matter of fact, there are many other areas of our lives that the US government has usurped control over that they have no Constitutional right to do so. This usurpation of power will NOT STOP until the government has 100% full and complete control over every single persons lives, right down to the smallest detail, or until WE the PEOPLE wake up and educate themselves as to what powers and rights the US government is grant under the Constitution, and once they have done that, they MUST learn to not let fear enslave them. If anyone has read the Declaration of Independence (our other founding document), they will know that we DO have the right to throw off this now tyrannical government. Believe it or not, that is the whole purpose behind the 2nd Amendment. If you take the time to read the writings of the framers of the Constitution, you will find that the citizens HAVE the right to be armed to not only protect themselves, their families, their homes,etc, against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, which includes our own government, should it become tyrannical, which it quickly is. If the government sends in troops, either military or police to shoot us for legally protesting, WE have the right to shoot back, we do NOT have to meekly allow ourselves to shot or beaten, when we have NOT broken the law. It is the government that is and has been violating the Constitution and violating the law. WAKE UP AMERICA! “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge . . .!” Hosea 4:6

    1. We need people to stand up. And that is not going to be easy. This isn’t your Mother’s government anymore. Pray

  10. If this type of “identification” is to continue to be allowed, it won’t be long before the “Z28 codes” will be tattooed on our forearms so we can easily be identified by the medical and federal gestapo. Eventually, it will lead to refusing medical care to those whose identification number is Z28-310. Does any of this sound familiar to those of you who are students of real history and not what the progressive socialists have re-written to suit their agenda? Just as there are still Holocaust deniers today; now, and in the future, there will continue to be those who will deny that this entire COVID vaccine fiasco was/is nothing more than part of the Globalist elite’s agenda to decrease the population of the globe to their preferred number and to determine how easy it would be to manipulate/control those who survive the virus and the vaccines. These folks are using us a guinea pigs in their vast experiments that are leading to world domination. I, for one, refuse to comply. If enough of us refuse to follow their preferred path toward the enslavement of the remaining population, we will be victorious as there are more of us than there are of them. Sic semper tyrannis!

  11. You all do know all parties are part of the great reset that’s happening behind our backs. Our attention is being diverting while this is happening. They are all getting richer on our money while we will be poorer. Time to wake up people we need to take our country back do not trust any politicians.

  12. I am 87 years old and had enough doubt about the way our government approached the “virus” from the beginning to avoid doing what the government mandated. I only wore the mask when in a doctor’s office that insisted on masks. (some did not), I ignored the six foot separation rule and the vaccination. Fortunately, I live in a community where about 95% of the people agree with me.

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