Federal Government Involved in RIGGING the Arizona Elections

Earlier this week I told you about how Arizona’s newly elected Democrat Governor, Katie Hobbs, was exposed by Elon Musk’s Twitter files. Internal emails Musk released showed that Hobbs colluded with then Twitter execs to shut down election opposition under the guise of “misinformation.” If you want to go back and read all about what Hobbs was exposed as doing you can do so here.

The story doesn’t end there though. More information has revealed that Arizona’s elections are completely rigged—with help from the federal government.  New evidence shows that Maricopa County officials were colluding with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to censor certain information pertaining to the elections.

According to the report, Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer met directly with the CISA Advisory Committee to get their help on fighting information that was coming out about the 2020 election in Maricopa County.

Richer even went as far as to suggest that the government agency should set up “bootcamps” for media reps at outlets like Fox News and CNN to steer the narratives surrounding election information.

“Mr. Richer suggested that CISA hold bootcamps for media representatives such as FOX News or CNN to enhance media’s understanding of how elections are administered, as well as work with members of Congress to reach the information leaders,” the report states.


Trump attorney and RSBN reporter Christina Bobb shared a thread revealing this shocking info exposing just how bad the situation in Arizona has become.

“Well look at what we found!! Turns out @CISAgov has been collaborating with Maricopa County @stephen_richer to censor election information and keeping it from the public. Notice it’s marked FOUO. Richer also started a Super PAC to take down ‘election deniers’.”

“We know @CISAgov worked with Big Tech to alter the narrative around elections. This proves they were doing it with the intent to keep their activities hidden from the public @stephen_richer cooperated with a federal agency cooperating with Big Tech to manipulate elections…”

Bobb continues, “Maricopa county’s election is already highly suspect. Now, we have documented proof that the man partially responsible for the records was actively working with a federal agency @CISAgov, part of @DHSgov, to manipulate the outcome of the election he ran…without disclosing it.”

Interestingly enough, Richer had also previously stated that electronic tabulation contributed to the largest cyber threat to our elections. In the 2022 midterms, tabulation machine failures all over Maricopa country wreaked havoc on the elections and many suggest it was intentional.

This type of election rigging practice has unfortunately become quite normal in Arizona, as even the state’s new governor, Katie Hobbs has engaged in it herself.

As we previously reported, Hobbs, who oversaw the election in which she was a candidate, contacted Twitter directly on numerous occasions to have election related information that was unflattering to her censored.

On top of that, with questions still circulating surrounding the rigged midterms which saw Hobbs elected as governor, the Democrat threatened to have county supervisors jailed if they did not vote to certify the results of the election.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has called for a revote, saying “Every aspect of this election was subverted and manipulated to destroy Arizona First. If the process was illegitimate, then so are the results.”

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37 thoughts on “Federal Government Involved in RIGGING the Arizona Elections”

  1. When is America going to to clean up it’s act? Fraudulent elections destroy any credibility of government run by demoncrats. Even in communist Canada everyone has to show Id when voting and be checked on the voters list.

      1. The demorats own the DOJ, so they have a get-out-of jail-card. They own the MSM, so no news get’s out. They own many RINOs in and out of congress. They own the executive branch of gov’t. Select the one’s that apply here. As an aside your vote may not always count, just your name and address.

      1. Maybe we should think about taking the vote AWAY from the political parties, and their money grubbing power struggles; and give it BACK TO THE PEOPLE. Each candidate can run their own campaigns and pass out fliers without groups colluding and big money buying off their allegiance. They should represent ONLY US.

  2. Counterfeit President Joe Biden, his Administration and the entire Democrat Party is nothing less than a Criminal Enterprise. Our Nation is in serious trouble. If you don’t believe it you will in the next 24 months, there’s more too come!!!! RIP USA

    1. All Election Irregularities favor Democrats None Have Been Reported To Help Republicans. This ls All The Info You Need To Decide Who The Liars And Cheaters Are.

    2. I maybe crazy but there’s a snake in the wood Pile? They’ve gotten away with fixing the Elections with the help from there appointed judges and the intimidation gerrymandering ever attempt to investigate allegations of fraud and tampering and to many unanswered questions this was put into Motion the minute they allowed MAIL IN BALLOTS and the main reason for fighting to stop voter ID! They’ve up the Auntie and are intimidating Election officials ? The American people have lost their fate in the election system and it should be completely overhauled!!

      1. Mail-in ballots should be mailed ONLY to those requesting them and those should have s/n assigned to that person. That would cut down on thousands of ballots printed with democrat boxes already checked. Some counties got back more mail-in ballots than they mailed out and some had ballots that had never been folded, that’s quite a trick to get it in the mail and then mail it back without ever folding it.

    3. Amen, it sure is and now he released that Britney girl in Russian and Left behind our own Marine guy Paul Whalan they are holding prisoner for more than 4 yrs for nothing. Someone has to STOP this Criminal Biden Regime.

  3. The are more registered republicans than democrats in AZ. According to the numbers, on average 9% more democrats voted and 24% less republicans voted. I don’t believe that for a moment. This didn’t happen down ballot. Only for Governor, Senate, and US reps. You mean to tell me 24% of republicans chose not to vote for gov and US federal candidates but DID vote for their local state reps? Hogwash.

  4. The question is not so much WHEN but HOW. We know that there is corruption from the top down but once the system is rigged the people who could fix the problems ARE the problems.

    Congress has hearing after hearing but nobody brings charges against the criminals. If people don’t want to testify they just don’t and nobody goes after them. In Congress it’s all just talk with no action. Is that all the power Congress has? With a corrupt FBI, DOJ, DHS, CIA and military brass they aren’t going to police themselves.

    The communists have taken control. Now what?

  5. Remember the movie Red Dawn? If you never watched it, you should. This is coming to a town near you! Americans – get ready!!

  6. Why should we be asking questions?
    Because for many years now, the left has been implementing its “playbook” religiously. And the Conservatives still have played by the rules. There are no rules on the left. Only finding ways to not get caught cheating. To the left there is no way the people can agree with their lies, their cheating, their absolute corruption. They know it. The only solution is then cheating. They have mastered the cheating with the greed of the groups of people they have created, with the help of people like Soros. Until the time we use the laws on the books, laws of political gifts, “””in kind””” gifts, and reword the laws, we shall never regain control of the government. And the overweight government apparatus, which the Founding Father worked to avoid, giving the state’s the rights to create their own laws, will inevitably only contain the LAZY WORTHLESS CORRUPT DEMON RATS…

  7. No conservative is surprised at these revelations. Most literate persons, even those half awake, know intuitively that this left wing criminal activity is rampant in every paper, internet and broadcast form. Hopefully, public outlets that are licensed by the government and profit from public participation will again be limited.

    Legitimate censorship would include a narrow band including but not limited to child identification, criminality, deception, dishonesty, filth, fraud, libel, indecency, obscenity, promotion of pedophilia, profanity, scatology, slander and vulgarity. I’m sure others could double the size of this list.

    Point is, nobody wants widespread gerrymandering in the public square except criminals who need it to control the people. In my opinion, the democrat party has shown us how it’s done and those engaged in it need to be photographed and clearly identified. Every American should know who they are and what they’ve done.

  8. Can’t believe these pitiful excuse for a person is still in power. Most need to be in prison, hopefully the investigations will start soon, hope they get at least all we can do.People that use others to get what they want will end up in hell ,greed, power, using others as a way to get ahead ,doubt they will get out of it. Hard to believe we are putting up with all of these, too many evil people in power, money talks, bs walks ,too bad it isn’t even.

  9. We need to stop wringing our hands saying we know they cheated,. We knew they were going to cheat! But hand wringing isn’t going to work. We need to dig deep until full exposure THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Not just be content with them being exposed, given a ‘soft’ pat on the head and let off the hook. All these corrupt officials need to be brought to justice,…before a judge who is not in on the cheating (and the take), then punished. If punishment ensues, the corrupt may think twice before acting. Unfortunately there are too many corrupt politicians at all levels who will lie/cheat to defend the guilty in order to avoid their own exposure.

  10. our country will never be the same until all the deep state actively be shown to the public so they can be held accountable. Also keep a open door and watch Jon Tester of Montana to see that he goes along with Biden 100% of the time, and he is up for reelection.

    1. Accountable to whom? DOJ, FBI, Congress in general, SEC, all are under control of Soros, Gates, Bloomberg and others MONEY flow. Disagree? More cash changes all minds.

  11. Praying for the day when these “discoveries” cause
    ACTIONS to take place.
    All the talking in the world won’t change the current situation.

  12. Until the American people stand up and say “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take anymore”! But the Americans just sit on their hands and do nothing! Talking about will not work — you have to do something
    to make something else happen! The Dem are just plan evil and they cry like babies if they don’t get what they want! The POS in the WH all he does is rite an executive order and he has his way. Taking shower with his 17 year old daughter that should give you an insight as to what he is. Jill the boys babysitter now the first lady – tho using first lady is a joke on us all – because she certainly is no lady! How long was she sleeping with Joe when his wife died! She had that bed made and ready for her to get in it! The reason the Dems are afraid of Trump is because he is a businessman and knows what big business is about. He has work hard, taught his children to work hard and you will be rewarded in the business world. But again, some of the American people are just waiting for the check to drop in the mailbox, the government will take care of you and that is what the government does – mail them a check! Well Biden has mailed his checks out and we are in debit to the sky – keeps on sending the Ukraine money, then has the nerve to bail out a female basketball player and leave a Marine Vet that has been in jail for 4 years behind! That is where Biden needs to be in jail for the wrong, he has done to this Country, and he needs to take his brother Obama with him. Obama has enjoyed too much of his third term! Get up off your backside and lets do something!

    1. Yes we all need to stand up for our Country before its too late . We cant let go of our great Country the USA to evil people or other evil Countrys . LORD help us & GOD BLESS THE USA

  13. The only sure way democrats can win is by cheating and they know it because Americans do NOT want socialism/globalism/communism/marxism! The Washington democrats are out to destroy the freedom and rights of Americans! If you do not believe the way they do then they censor you through social media like facebook, google, etc! Millions of Americans have been censored on these outlets because they don’t walk the line or talk the talk of the communist regime of the Washington democrats, social media, msm, liberal left celebrities, etc!!

  14. I blame the Republican as well. They know it, they’ve known about the cheating for a long time. But what do they do about it? Absolutely nothing. They whine about it, they complain about it, they show pictures about how it’s being done, but that’s it. NOT ONE JUDGE will take the case because they are paid off. The Mules are selling out their own children’s future for what $10, $100, $200? They don’t care about anyone but themselves. However when the communist do take over, guess who’s going to get kicked to the curb then? Oh the ones who sold out their country because the Commies know they aren’t loyal to anyone. We need to start standing up ourselves. The Senators and Congressmen are not going to do a damn thing about it. Most of them are on the take too.

  15. The problem is, AMERICA is no longer the home of the brave and land of the free.
    It’s become the home of the complacent and the land of cowards.
    Until that changes, America will continue to become a Republic of China!
    We did exactly what the communists wanted,”NOTHING!” 2020 was the biggest attack on our democracy in history, nothing was done about it, nothing changed, no one brought to justice just leads to more cheating! Cheating and our ignorance will bring along the fall of our once great nation.

  16. Why are the courts in Arizona chiming in on this? There is enough twitter information out there, there is certainly enough information on Hobbs censoring free speech and then ordering individuals to certify when they knew there was a problem, that right there is ILLEGAL!! If fraud is suspected in elections by law there must be an investigation, BY LAW!!! That same objection is in SCOTUS right now concerning congress and the Senate about not investigating the fraud claim of 2020! So again, I ask where the hell are the courts and why aren’t they looking at the irregularities.

  17. Looks like Americans must wake up to this Criminal Cabal and maybe consider taking actions to clean out our corrupt and criminal government and Swamp.Brazil set an example of how to deal with criminal leaders installed by voter fraud.

  18. Unfortunately, our comments will do nothing to solve the problems of corruption in elections and government. Those controlling our government both parties have to take the blame for these issues, and I doubt that will happen. We as a country will tumble by the wayside and we as a people will no longer see freedom as in the past.

  19. The only way we will clean up the elections is to pass a law that says anyone who is caught subverting the election is automatically removed from office and the opposition is installed for the full term of the office, not what is left of it. However I don’t believe Congress would ever support this ( such as the non support for term limits) sod have it on the ballot in every state in 2024 and if passed by the majority of states it becomes law.

  20. This is how third world countries run there elections. Biden recently said he wanted a one party government! If we allow this to continue and do not challenge the clearly corrupt outcomes, we will become a socialist/communist country.

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