Great Move, Dummies: Fox News Just Burned Its $50 Million MyPillow Contract

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell made the abrupt announcement on Thursday that he’s pulling all of his advertisements off of Fox News. It was time. Hopefully Lindell’s courage will give you and me the courage to finally stop behaving like the battered spouse of Fox News.

If you’ve already cut the cord and abandoned Fox News, then this message obviously isn’t for you. As for the rest of us – myself included – it’s time to stop making excuses for the black eyes, missing teeth and cigarette burns on our arms. Fox News abuses its conservative audience, and we have to stop taking it.

Why is Mike Lindell cutting ties with Fox News? He wanted to run an ad about an upcoming cyber-symposium that he’s paying for in August. It’s going to feature some computer and networking experts talking about the 2020 election. Fox News refused to air the ad.

The ad was extremely benign in order to meet Fox News’ ridiculous new standards. The reason behind the symposium, according to Lindell, is that it’s going to be the big reveal (at long last) of all of the cyber-evidence that he’s compiled over the last seven months that definitively prove that the 2020 election was in fact rigged. The ad that Lindell wanted to run on Fox News absolutely does not mention any of this. It’s just an ad for a geeky cyber-symposium. It barely even mentions the fact that it’s about the 2020 election, and Fox News refused to air it anyway.

Mike Lindell is therefore yanking his $50 million-a-year ad budget off of Fox News and taking it somewhere else. Fox News is so committed to the fiction that Joe “My Butt’s Been Wiped” Biden and Kamala Harris are supposed to be in charge of the country right now that they won’t allow even a whisper of facts about the 2020 election to hit their airwaves.

I’ve got an idea for a different ad that Fox News could air: “How to Throw Away $50 Million with This One Weird Trick!”


What does Fox News have to offer us these days that we can’t find elsewhere? Let’s review.

Greg Gutfeld

Greg was funny once upon a time. But when the news broke that a student from Covington Catholic High School in a MAGA hat had racistly abused a proud Indian by smirking at him, Greg Gutfeld threw young Nick Sandmann under the bus. He behaved exactly like the rest of the mainstream media by condemning all of us “Oh how dare you MAGA racists.” I haven’t been able to watch him since then.

Judge Jeannine Pirro

Pirro took the money. The Fox News muckety-mucks told her to shut up about the olen-stay election-way or she’d get fired like her friend Lou Dobbs (remember him?). So, Pirro shut her mouth, took the money and kept her job. We all know she did.

Sean Hannity

Oh, Sean. I’ve been watching you since the earliest days of Fox News, when you were still “Hannity and Colmes”, and you were an occasional fill-in host for Rush Limbaugh. Those were the days.

But Hannity’s tiresome schtick from his continuous guests with “insider information” and “breaking news” about how John Durham was going to indict James Comey and Barack Obama “sometime before Friday” over Russiagate got a little old after the 50,000th re-run. Did you not realize you were being played the whole time by people who were either lying or running a psy-op against your viewers?

Tucker Carlson

Tucker is the hardest one for me to quit at Fox News. I’m still mad at him for throwing Sidney Powell under the bus in January. And frankly, I wasn’t really impressed that he finally did one segment on voter fraud in Georgia in July. The rest of us carried the water for eight months, Tucker, and you only jumped in at the very end. I guess I’ll have to catch clips of his show elsewhere though, because I’m not going to put another nickel in Fox News’ pocket by watching him live. Too bad. And I’ll still probably vote for him for president when he runs in 2036, after the Trump-DeSantis years come to a close.

Everything Else on Fox News

Ugh. Everything else on Fox News these days feels like trying to watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, only with a slightly less masculine host.

That’s it. I’m cuttin’ the cord. Mike Lindell has inspired me to walk away from Fox News’ abuse. There’s still time for you to get out, too!

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48 thoughts on “Great Move, Dummies: Fox News Just Burned Its $50 Million MyPillow Contract”

  1. Fox News still has the best line-up going. This writer sounds like a malcontent because the hosts and guests don’t say exactly what he wants them to say all the time. CNN viewers are such malcontents. Brian Kilmeade can be added to the line up. As for the daytime line-up, I don’t even watch because, like most conservatives, I have things to do in the middle of the day such as earn a living.

      1. You are right for the two sons of owner is so radicAl leftists socialists communists bastards traitors democrats and was thrown out of England for their fake story’s and are destroying our country freedom Now. I watch OAN now screw lying FOX NEWS Now. Never watch cnn, nbc, abc, msnbc ever

    1. open your eyes – you are a sheep that follows gossip and propaganda, it’s easy to swallow, than the truth so many refuse to even want to know or hear. FOX News does not have the best line up, and those that remain, are fakes.
      yeah, Sean, the only one I see hope for is Tucker, Tucker get out.

      1. and its ABOUT TIME !!! more need to follow and start, OTHERWISE we’ll all be cancelled soon.
        I’ve been cancelled from Twitter for having a discussion with a radical jihadist, I’ve been cancelled from fakebook for arguing with a Socialist, Oh they’re going to do it right this time cause Bernie knows, Bernie knows how, and then from my Job after they dicovered my social media score and gave me a “Unconcious Bias” test. WAKE THE FREAK UP. Until its you, don’t be a fool. do something now. don’t wait til its too late,

        Oh, and I don’t care, I’m not going back.

    2. I do agree for the most part. There are other conservative stations like Newsmax and OAN, but FOX still has info you don’t get anywhere else. Tucker is still the best, even though he mostly ignored the stolen election. But I do believe that if more “facts and evidence” emerge, he will report it. Laura and Shannon are worth watching.
      Shannon could cuss you out, report on anything and do it in such a nice demeanor. She never seems to be upset, but still challenges questionable statements from her guests. Gutfeld is nothing but a comedy show, which is actually funny at times. His sarcasm is typically on point. I am not sure if his comment on the Covington kid was real or part of his sarcasm. I don’t remember that.
      I really like radio news the best from Levin, Bongino, even Tracis and Sexton, but I usually listen to Bongino in that time slot. If you can get Rick Roberts, he is good as well.

    3. Totally agree..and the alternative is ?
      Stick with Fox News. Where else are you going to get true Conservative truth on TV ?

  2. It seems to me Mike Liddell a true patriot, you have to admire the man , he stand out in the crowd,

    1. I agree that Liddell is a true patriot. I agree with Liddell on everything he has said about Fox. I turned against Fox during the election process when Wallace totally controlled the debate between Trump and Biden. He prevented valuable information from being revealed and threw in a few factless facts against Trump. None of the Fox reporters said one word against him. News is news whether you like it or not. I quit watching them because it I don’t respect them.

      1. Wallace has always been a Democrat and his head is as thick as all democrats but if they didn’t have a few like him the Left would complain of bias. Same with Juan Williams. Having those kind on just shows how ridiculous the Left is. There are alot of laws and restrictions that goes along with running these networks and radio as well I think and Silicon Valley seems to have alot more power then should be allowed as well. Money talks I guess. What Fox reports from the conservative side you won’t see on those other networks . They might give one feeble line. FOX gives the story and backs it up. News from the border is 24/7 with cameras, drones and planes. I know for a fact that Fox shows stuff that those watching the regular news never sees.

        1. we don’t have much choice for news On TV , that is real news, the truth and the only few who have the guts to call out the communist government that ours is turning in to is FOX, NEWSMAX, OAM . Some radio shows are still conservative. I hear the newspaper Epoch is good. As for Newsmax i get emails but if I were to get it on “Spectrum” it would cost me more than the $185 a month they are now soaking us for! We will probably have to have it turned off bc we are on a fixed income and can’t afford it! It’s pretty disgusting that in America, at least where I live, Fl. there is only one TV Station that really has fair and balanced news and prove it with video! That is Fox, and no I don’t like chris Wallace, never did and he is a demorat! also I know Lindell is a patriot and good for that and that he kicked addiction, good for that but his advertisements make me nauseous! I absolutely despise those adds! They are on constantly even on the radio! I am delighted they won’t be on Fox anymore!

      2. I agree with you. If you do not respect a newsperson, how can you believe what they say? Personally, I liked the thing Tyrus says. HE MAKES SENSE TO ME.

  3. This was the most disgusting article I have ever read! Please do not send me anything like this again

  4. Mike Lindell is one of the few patriots that may actually save the country if it’s not too late already.

    1. Yes, David Cameron, people are spending too much time tearing Fox News apart. In a normal world, we will not like everyone. I’m sure there are pros & cons when it comes to the people that we come in contact each day.

    2. I meant to comment that I agree with you when it comes to Mike Lindel being a patriot. He has done his very best to investigate what went on with the theft of the election. I guess I just get disgusted with folks that spend most of their time criticizing others. I would like for someone else to name a person that has tried as hard as Mike Lindel has. Anyone that could do that??

    3. But Maybe Fox did not want to be sued again? Please consider other reasons before you attack. Fox is way better than the other news channels, and we will continue watching.

    4. There are many more Patriots at Patriot Academy and Convention of States. Get involved. Saving our country is going to take a whole lot of Patriots.

  5. I have a BMF who has said often, “If it weren’t for FOX, we wouldn’t get the news!”. The writer of this piece is certainly not a valued American conservative…get a life, Leftist!

  6. My go-to networks are Newsmax and OANN. The MSM are America-hating Communist George Soros’s puppets.

    1. They should get their networks on where we all can watch it like FOX maybe more would watch them. Where I live we can’t have a Dish and don’t like them anyway. I LOVE TUCKER AND HANNITY and will never stop watching them. They have there own investigating team and what they report is backed up. Tucker does alot of ride alongs and reports facts. Enough so he has been threatened. Just last week he was accosted in a store where he was buying fishing gear. SURPRISE SURPRISE The man was investigated and has ties to the CIA. Now who do you suppose sent him?. Using vulgar language in front of his children . The crooked LEFT drove him out of Washington by mobbing his home and threatening his family. Maybe they need to change some laws that you can’t go to people’s homes, threaten the family , shine spotlights in their windows , yell over blowhorns all night. ONE THING YOU WILL SEE ON FOX IS NONE OF THESE PEOPLE GET ARRESTED. THEY CAN RIOT, BURN DOWN BUILDINGS , WALK INTO STORES FILL THEIR BAGS WITH MERCHANDISE AND WALK OUT. YOU TRY IT. THEY CAN MURDER AND BE RELEASED. MAYBE HARRIS IS STILL RUNNING HER GO FUNNY ME PAGE. PEOPLE ARE BEATEN, SHOT, MOLESTED ON THE STREET IN BROAD DAYLIGHT EVERY DAY. THE OTHER DAY A MAN WAS RELEASED FROM JAIL AND HE DECAPITATED HIS WIFE RIGHT ON THE STREET IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. THIS COUNTRY IS BEING RUN BY GEORGE SOROS AND A FEEBLE-MINDED FRAIL MAN WHO DON’T KNOW WHERE HE IS HALF THE TIME. HE IS TRYING TO STOP A VIRUS BY RESTRICTING US WHEN THE THOUSANDS HE IS LETTING COME A CROSS THE BORDER MORE THAN HALF HAVE THE VIRUS AND GOING TO CITIES ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY. DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE ANY IDEA ON HOW TO STOP THIS VIRUS AND MADNESS? WE WAIT MUCH LONGER WE WON’T HAVE A COUNTRY.

  7. I was a Faux/Fox news viewer from the beginning of the network. NO MORE. Calling it a conservative network these days is misleading at best. When network bosses dictate what the content can and can’t be it is no longer useful to the viewer. This network will die the same slow death that CNN and the other alphabet networks are now experiencing. If you do still find some shows you can’t stop watching, may I suggest the mute button for all commercials. Also alternate channels or DVD’s if it gets repetitively boring. The fat lady is singing!


  9. I have always liked Greg Kelly! Maybe it is time to listen to other voices we don’t hear on Fox News?

  10. Great Mike Lindell!!!!! YOU are the only person that supports Pres. Trump!! Fox news made a big mistake.

  11. Mike, I sure am proud of you! Fox used to be unafraid but I’m afraid it is no longer that way. Conservatives had one good station to go to but I’m afraid that is done too. Very sad. Jan

  12. The fact that all the big MSM’s are owned by globalists is the reason we are starved for conservative news. The MSM’s are in it for the money and power, facts and agendas are exploitered for that very purpose. When the MSM’s were called the “enemy of the people” more true words were never spoken. There is a need for trust between consumers of the news and the purveyors of the news. There is very little trust remaining and unlikely to return to a viable level. Where does that leave the American people? Time for a change.

  13. I haven’t watched news on tv since this whole election mess I can’t stand to look at the reporters they disgust me I haven’t watched news in probably in six months they just bashed Trump I just can’t stand to look at them

  14. Wallace should have been canned from Fox immediately after the “supposed” debate. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing/hearing. I don’t know why Fox has ANY Dems on their staff, when all they do is try to justify the Dems idiotic, communistic, dictatorial agendas! If you look at the majority of the Democratic party (they should change that name because they are anything but pro democracy), they have one foot in the grave & the other on a banana peel! All the idiotic policies that are nothing but trying to gain total control over the American people, will be felt long after they are all stoking the fires of hell.

  15. $$$$FOX$$$$ and all the rest are guided by two things: MONEY and POWER POLITICS.

    Fox held out longer than any of the others but is now gradually going farther and farther Left.

    I lose my group cable deal at the end of August and when it is gone so will cable TV be gone. I won’t miss a minute of it It is ALL FAR Left Liberal garbage “entertainment” now and what really fair and balanced news there ever was is now gone too.

    I’ll rely on other sources of news like the internet. At least until the Democrat Party, George Soros and China buy it too. And that is already happening.

  16. I quit watching the fox guard the hen house back when,( what is that silly ladies name?), played her card at the debates they hosted. In fact, while i watch neswmax and oann reruns on a streaming company that hates nearly 75% of America, I turn the channel when the rino play me for a fool people are aired! I hold my nose to vote for most republicans, so many are in name only people, BUT i will NEVER vote for a democrat ever again; it is not just the grand ole party that has been infiltrated and planted with subversive cons, the libertarians, constitutionalist, tea party. and even the maga crowd has a goodly fair share of ’em! I stand with Mike Lindell, and most of what Trump endorses, and will vote for him if he runs again; but he owes us an apology for being buffaloed into the scam-demic, and for not being more adamant in the election commission he tried to set up in 2016- he owns the shutdown and resultant allowance of the 2020 election steal.

  17. I’ve been done with FOX NEWS since election night, I was at one time a avid watcher ,
    Then the old man turned the station over to his kids & they did what any Democrat would do & that is destroy every thing they disagree with, I mean com on man, putting Donna Brazil , & that big ass Juan Williams in the spotlight with no repercussions for lying to America about Republicans every night.
    That’s the biggest reason I quit watching, Williams & Brazil were way too much B S.

  18. Well, I don’t watch any so called “News” stations. I get my news from “Info Wars”. No wonder they (the globalists, Fake News and the so called social media) tried to silence Alex. His news is the only real news up to date and with more facts and what really is going on in this dystopian world we’re living in today. If you want the “real news” try Banned.Video or InfoWars. JMHO

  19. Used to watch 3 – 4 hours of Fox News every evening. . .

    After the election, maybe a clip here and there when something important seemed to be happening. Celebrity Talent should look for another home when their contracts expire. Doesn’t make sense to keep plowing time and money into Murdock’s Empire any longer.

    Bannon’s War Room (Real America’s Voice) is 60 – 75 days ahead of the news cycle.

  20. Yes, I will continue to watch FOX News. They site their sources, which allows me to research the topics in order to make informed decisions. I use internet news articles for the same reason. FOX News is convenient and expresses many of my personal beliefs. Mr Lindell has free will! Good for him. I choose to shop at My Pillow. I choose to watch FOX News. I have free will, at least for the moment!

  21. So who is this that wrote the article? He sounds like he is more liberal than conservative. Hannity, Carlson, Judge Jeannine and the rest of the Fox News is still way above the other networks and the diatribe that they spew over and over. They take one word or idea and use it over and over until you want to scream enough is enough! I still would like to know who wrote the article above and what their affiliation is. Fox and Newmax is the way to go.

  22. Fraud Fox Propaganda has plummeted into dismal reality. Until they shit can the likes of Crissy Wallace, Juan the Janitor Williams, Wrong again Brett the cry baby & the liberal woke garbage that spew their B/S they will be no better than Communist NO News. News Max & OAN are huge steps above The Fraudulent Freaks at Fox.

  23. I saw a My Pillow ad on Fox News just yesterday. I think Mike may be hallucinating about Trump being reinstated, but we can all hope. Two weeks to go before Friday the 13th and Mike hopes for our future.

  24. i agree with you Fox does back up the stories with video! A lot of them go to the boarder and film and show us the truth! Thank The Lord we live in Florida and Thank The Lord we have a great governor, DeSantis! We Love him and We Love OUR TRUE PRESIDENT TRUMP MAGA AGAIN!!!

  25. I am through with Fox! I do not watch them at all. I still like Tucker and Laura, but that’s it. Now, Bongino is on Fox, what is he doing there? Still won’t watch Fox, even with Bongino.
    Started watching Newsmax, but stopped watching them because of Sellers. Did anyone happen to see him interview Mike Lindell? The hissy-fit that he threw was enough for me. Soooo unprofessional. I won’t go back to Newsmax until they get rid of that hypocrite.
    So sad that we, as a nation, can’t get the truth any more or don’t know if it is the truth when we hear it.

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