Republican Governor Stuns Voters by Transforming into Gretchen Whitmer

Governor Kay Ivey (R-AL) delivered a blistering and insulting speech toward her own voters this week. What’s up with that? Kay Ivey had seemed like one of the GOP governors who wasn’t a total lunatic when it came to coronavirus. But then from out of nowhere, she launches a vicious attack against American citizens who make the personal choice to not take the coronavirus “vaccine.” Case counts and deaths from coronavirus are at their lowest point in the past year, according to the CDC. That’s most likely because the most vulnerable Americans have taken the shot. Why can’t these mad scientist lunatics just leave everyone else alone, then?

Kay Ivey may have suddenly morphed into Gretchen Whitmer overnight following a fake news story last weekend. NBC News interviewed an Alabama doctor who claims her name is Brytney Cobia. It was a real sob story. “Doctor” Brytney explained how heartbreaking it is to have so many young people in her death ward – dozens and dozens of them – with coronavirus. As she’s about to intubate them, they beg her to give them the vaccine.

But she has to tell them, “It’s too late.” And then they DIE!

The story went viral. At least 20 other news outlets picked it up and the story was all over social media. It’s too bad that nobody at NBC News or any of the other outlets that covered it didn’t bother to actually double-check what “Doctor” Brytney was telling them. The last coronavirus death at the hospital she was talking about happened in April. There aren’t dozens of “young people” dying because of not getting the vaccine. And didn’t we stop intubating people for COVID like a year ago, when doctors realized that was killing people faster?

Anyway, maybe “Doctor” Brytney’s harrowing story about dying from her bedside manner was what spooked Kay Ivey and turned her into Gretchen Whitmer?


Ivey’s insulting remarks toward unvaccinated Alabamans were so awful that I’ll need to pick them apart sentence-by-sentence. Ivey’s remarks below are in quotes, with my responses in boldface:

“Let’s be crystal clear about this issue. The new cases of Covid are because of unvaccinated folks.”

Israel and Europe are both reporting that more than 80% of new COVID cases are among the unvaccinated. And what about those Democrat Party fleebaggers from Texas? All of them were supposedly vaccinated when they started their DC super-spreader vacation. Six of them became symptomatic, and each of them probably spread it to six other people (according to the CDC’s estimates). So, a trip with 35 vaccinated politicians resulted in 36 vaccinated people catching COVID. That’s not an inspiring success rate for the vaccines.

“Almost 100% of the new hospitalizations are with unvaccinated folks.”

That’s another bald-faced lie. A reporter asked Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen “Circle Back” Psaki how many VACCINATED White House employees have caught COVID from the Texas Democrats. She flat-out refused to answer. Why? Probably because the answer to that question shows a catastrophic failure rate for the vaccines.

“And the deaths are certainly occurring with the unvaccinated folks.”

Does the name Alex Berenson ring a bell with Kay Ivey? He’s the author of “Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns,” Parts 1-4. Berenson’s research shows this is simply not true. We’ve developed treatment modalities aside from the vaccines that now make it extremely unlikely that anyone is going to die from coronavirus if they’re under the age of 65 and don’t have some awful disease like leukemia or Type 2 diabetes.

“These folks are choosing a horrible lifestyle of self-inflicted pain.”

We prefer to call it “freedom” over here on our side of the fence, Kay Ivey.

“We got to get folks to take the shot.”

Oh, boy. Here we go.

“The vaccine is the greatest weapon we have to fight COVID.”

Actually, natural immunity among people who have recovered is showing to be a much greater prophylactic than the vaccines. People who have had COVID are not catching it again. On the other hand, an awful lot of vaccinated people seem to be catching symptomatic cases of COVID.

“It’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down.”

Did you catch that slimy insult from the “Republican” Governor of Alabama? She’s dividing American society up into “regular folks” and those filthy “unvaccinated” freaks who deserve to be shunned from polite society. Maybe take away their right to vote until they submit! Who does this rhymes-with-witch think she is? Gretchen Whitmer?

If any patriotic Alabamans feel like primarying Kay Ivey in the 2022 midterms, now is a good time to jump in the race. I think your state can do a lot better.

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21 thoughts on “Republican Governor Stuns Voters by Transforming into Gretchen Whitmer”

  1. Apparently she is unaware that the “vaccinated” are now infecting others….
    Enough with the shaming!

    1. even the vacinated are dying,too many of these governors and senators are too bloody old


  2. This entire thing was fabricated by the Chinese and their American Democrat/Communist lackeys as a means to grab more and more Global power. Nothing more.

    Now the mighty turn-coat yellow-cowards in the GOP(LOL) have signed aboard. I HATE the Democrat Party, but I LOATHE the two-faced SCUM in the GOP for taking their payoffs, turning their backs on America and bowing to the DNC.

    The GOP has done NOTHING of substance to stop the Democrat/Communist take over of America. Example: ObamaCare anyone? Their RINOs stabbed us all in the back. Yet the GOP still supports their re-elections!!

    America – the once proud land that these scum politicians swore an OATH BEFORE GOD to preserve, protect and defend.

    Money and power are all this human garbage care about and Covid is the road to more of it.


  3. Totally agree with this article ! Governor Kay Ivey (“Republican – Alabama”) must be infected in the brain with COVID-19 or she (in her old age) is terrified of getting COVID ! Who knows, maybe her circle around beliefs are an after effect of the jab and she has gone “Rino” ! God Bless America and God Bless Us Every Single One !!!

    1. this is no excuse but my daughter told me Ivey is not going to run again in 22 because she has a severe sickness, I cannot remember for sure but maybe fighting cancer. So that would make her immune system not so great. This disease is a store bought from the US through the NIH -FAuci institutite of health paying the wuhan lab to enhance this virus gain of function. Which makes a harmless animal virus in this case bat, harmful and dangerous and more potent. So apparently we got what we paid for. I believe this was taxpayer money obama and biden funneled it through NIH> The vaccines are not sorking so well, makes you shudder when you think of why they are pushing it so. I watched to many sci fi movies and now feel like I am living them.

      1. Fauci, Gates and Soros have been friends for a long time and there is nothing good about any of them!

  4. Good Morning you know money can buy anyone and that’s what’s happening there’s so much money being thrown around there all getting on the train big tech, big pharma ,george soros,oh wait we haven’t seen bloomburg yet and the democrats get used to it

  5. Totally agree with what the sell out wrote. Can not believe what our great country has become, next they will try and start loading people on box cars. It is time for the American people to stand up and fight back.

  6. This old hag is a traitor this is treason she will pay 2022 Alabama get her tf out of your office

  7. Will the number of people who died from the vaccine be as many who actually died “FROM” the virus. People who had no underlying illness that may have killed them? People who died from suicides, murders, accidents that were listed as COVID deaths because they tested positive for the virus and the virus had nothing to do with the death? Here’s what this article said:
    “Between January and March of 2021, we had 1,524 Americans die from reactions to the coronavirus vaccine. Only about 25% of the US population had been vaccinated by that point. To put that in perspective, we had 3,679 firearm deaths during that same period (out of a population of 330 million). That means that as of today, you are about 64% more likely to die from the coronavirus vaccine than you are to die of a gunshot wound”
    When is this going to end? People are dying every day , not because of the virus, but because of the politicians who are doing everything possible to keep it going. They don’t want to give up the control over the people they have from this virus.

  8. And people wonder why the Americans that are choosing not to get vaccinated are getting sick and tired of the vaccinated feeling holier than thou. If you are vaccinated you have nothing to fear from someone who is not vaccinated. 1. The unvaccinated are more likely to show symptoms, seek treatment and isolate during their recovery than those who are vaccinated. 2. Having been vaccinated we are told you will not have severe symptoms. You have minor symptoms and maybe not even those. So you might feel like you have a cold if someone vaccinated makes you sick. BooHoo! This is “common sense” and MSM documented information. So why are the vaccinated so afraid of the unvaccinated? On the other hand, the vaccinated are a much bigger danger to the unvaccinated and to other people who ARE vaccinated.. Their symptoms are masked, their symptoms can be so reduced the vaccinated are easily walking around spreading the virus unknowingly and still blaming the unvaccinated. Just ask the Texas Runaways. All were vaccinated and still spread the virus all the way to Washington DC. This is why YOU, the vaccinated, should be wearing the masks- to protect your vaccinated brotherhood, and me with my brotherhood, the Unvaxed. You not showing symptoms is also why “almost 100% of new hospitalizations are with unvaccinated folks and deaths are certainly occurring with the unvaccinated”. We have been told over and over again that we must wear masks to protect others. That masks do not protect the wearer. So why are the unvaxed being targeted to wear them? I see signs everywhere, doctors offices and Walmart and so on- if you’re not vaccinated you must wear a mask. Why?? Wearing one doesn’t protect me and YOU ARE VACCINATED! Why are we being told that because we are not wearing masks or getting the vaccine, that we are responsible for the rise in case numbers. Bull hockey. How many new cases are in the vaxed community? we can’t know because they are asymptomatic. So, she says ‘it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated… it’s the unvaccinated that are letting us down… it’s the job of the unvaccinated to take care of themselves and us as well…” So I make a choice that hurts no one but myself and others who have made the same choice, knowing the potential consequences and still standing by our choice. After all, IT IS OUR CHOICE and IT IS OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to make that choice. So, again, I’ve made a choice, it could hurt me or others who made the same choice, and I’m at fault?? Any woman, for any reason, can kill their unborn child. This is happening by the hundreds of thousands and more. Those babies have no choice. Those women stand behind a slogan that denies and disregards the baby’s choice for their bodies. They espouse- “my body, my choice” HA!! Now I lay a valid claim to this proclamation, MY BODY! MY CHOICE! I hear this crap spewed by this ignorant governor and brainwashed friends and acquaintances and face it in my daily life. I’ve made MY CHOICE. I may change my mind, I probably won’t. I will live and maybe die by it. (made the same choice when I joined the army and remained in it for 36 years. No one tried to spare me from that choice.) So let me tell you: If you’ve been vaccinated, put on a mask and leave me the hell alone!!!

  9. Sounds to me that she was ignorant enough to swallow a fake sob story concocted for her benefit — the dems and their far left activist medical people(fauci is a perfect example) who will say anything for the right price. Hard to believe anyone with a half of brain would even listen to a word that comes from these dirtbags.

  10. Strange that through all of this, they claimed masks would protect you. Then they claimed they wouldn’t. Then those who were masked and protected demanded that the unmasked be banished.

    Now they claim that the vaccinated are safe but still demand that everyone must be filled with that unholy chemical soup or we’ll all die a horrible death!

    So. Which is/was it maybe, perhaps? Did masks work or didn’t they? Do the shots work or don’t they? Anphony Fauxcheat has been back and forth over the fence so often nobody could possibly know which side he’s on at any given moment.

    The Whole thing was a massive global power grab from day one started by China and ably assisted by Democrats and Globalists everywhere.

    And – there is far more to that UNTESTED EXPERIMENTAL vaccine than we are being told.

  11. The SKANK Ivey is a minion-puppet of the MSM -Communists. She has forgotten who she works for. He malfeasance & abuse of power & her ELECTED office is nothing short of criminal. The waste of skin SKANK needs to be recalled, Impeached & criminally prosecuted.

  12. I refuse to be a guinea pig for the communist government. I’ll wait till the drug is approved by the US Government Food and Drug Administration. If you want to put something into your body that is still unapproved and has not been thoroughly tested over time, go for it. As for me….no thanks.

    1. By Federal Law they CANNOT force anyone to participate in a medical experiment. This came about after the WWII Nuremberg Trials and the international Accords that followed. The barbaric Nazis FORCED thousands into medical experiments that killed and maimed.

      It was then written into US law. So WHY is our own government trying so hard to FORCE so many to submit to these UNTESTED EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS??? I’ve read that some States are going to require their state employees to take the EXPERIMENTAL shots in open violation of federal law!

      Our own government has turned entirely Nazi/Communist now. And really, there is no real difference between the two.

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