Secret National Security Iran Attack Document That Trump Mishandled… Does Not Actually Exist

The Deep State desperately wants you to stop supporting President Donald Trump. They just don’t seem to understand why their childishly transparent machinations to meddle in the 2024 election are not phasing. Our support for President Trump is far deeper than their shallow attempts to make us not like him.

The latest example, which is really just a continuation of the Russia collusion hoax, is the audiotape of President Trump talking about Gen. Mark Milley’s insane memo outlining a plan to attack Iran. Special counsel Jack Smith’s office leaked that tape to CNN. That’s illegal, and Jack Smith needs to go to jail now.

You’ve probably heard the leaked tape by now if you’ve been anywhere near a television this week. Trump is talking to some people about Milley’s insane plan, and you can hear *gasp* papers rustling at one point. CNN assures us that this is a Very Serious Matter. The walls are closing in! It’s the beginning of the end for Trump! Two scoops of ice cream!!

But is it a serious matter?


Trump gave an interview to Fox News on June 19th that I refused to watch, because Fox News can stick up their noses sideways. But I read the transcript, because Fox doesn’t get any viewership numbers out of me that way.

Trump explained to Brett Baier that he did not have any classified documents or state secrets in his hand when he was having that conversation at Bedminster. He says it was just newspaper or magazine clippings.

Trump also states emphatically that he did not have the Iran attack document in his possession. And that, folks, is why Jack Smith illegally and unethically and dishonestly leaked the tape to CNN.

Jack Smith’s indictment of President Trump never mentions the Iran attack document that the CIA mainstream media is insisting Trump mishandled. What is every news outlet telling us?

The case HINGES on the “damning” audiotape of Trump “mishandling” a national security document about Iran in front of people who don’t have security clearances. If the case hinges on the document, then the case is in serious trouble. Because Smith didn’t find any such document. Sure, he’s got a tape. But from a legal standpoint, that tape means bupkis. Doodly-squat. Jack Schiff. It means nothing, because without the supporting document to back up what is said on the tape, the tape is inadmissible in court.

I’m not guessing about this. I walked into the living room and asked my attorney about it as she was painting her toenails. An audiotape is just hearsay and is inadmissible in court if there’s nothing else to back it up.

When the FBI raided Melania’s undergarments at Mar-a-Lago, they picked up every box that President Trump took home with him from the White House. The vast majority of those boxes were just Trump’s personal effects and papers, as we know. The National Archives dumped the boxes in the White House driveway on January 17, 2021, and asked Trump to come pick them up. After poring through the boxes for months, Jack Smith’s team found approximately 100 pages—out of all those boxes—that had “classification markings” on them. As we’ve reported previously, a document with classification markings is not necessarily the same thing as a “classified document.”

In point of fact, the indictment never says Trump had “classified documents” at Mar-a-Lago. It says he had “documents with classification markings.”

All of this is a moot point, because presidents are allowed to take their papers with them when they leave office. If they do happen to have something that the National Archives wants back, they’re given time to dig the document up and return it. But not President Trump, because Orange Man Bad. He gets a criminal referral to the Justice Department from the National Archives.

Do you know what they did not find in all those boxes? The supposed Iran national security document that they claim is being talked about on the tape!

The document does not exist, which is why it is not mentioned in the indictment papers anywhere. Jack Smith leaked the audio to CNN because, while it is useless to him in court, it is still useful to the Enemy of the People Media for the purpose of poisoning the jury pool.

Smith is trying to craft a narrative, but it is going so badly that Judge Aileen Cannon might dismiss the case with prejudice before it even makes it to trial.

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30 thoughts on “Secret National Security Iran Attack Document That Trump Mishandled… Does Not Actually Exist”

  1. This is more of the same witch hunt BS we have seen over and over. I recall a certain political opponent who went so far as to craft out of nothing a dossier. They paid money for it. They used it to get FISA warrants. They got all our leaders at the time’s approval to do it even though they all knew then it was made up. They put it out in the media. They even forced a 30 million, payer funded , 2 year investigation into something that was based on nothing. None of it should have ever happened and none of the conspirators suffered any consequences of their illegal actions. The only people who were NOT conspiring were Trump and Russia. This 2 tiered justice system must stop.

    1. Yes, I have been a victim of trying to lay truths over lies, but was soundly thrashed and sentenced to “die by lies”
      I called it the PONZI SCHEME OF TRUMPS TRAP. The “Russian Collusion” was born out of a facetious and sarcastic Trump statement leaving one of the early meetings where he laid out the plans for his Presidency, and the missing 30,000 emails “lost” by Hellary were of concern…Trump (using sarcasm) turned around at the door and loudly said “Why don’t you ask Putin where Hillery’s emails are…he knows.” Thinking all would get the JOKE, one brainstorm idea was born to CONNECT Trump WITH Putin and this verbal rat poison would soil Trump under the most accelerated character assassinations in modern times. “Russian Collusion” became leftist lie fodder for 2 1/2 years and $ 8 Million dollars spent…ALL FOR A PROVEN AND ENTIRELY FALSE PREMISE.

      1. BS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The justice system has gone to hell in this country. They atre ignoring the crimes committed by the Bidens and making up charges about Trump breaking the laws in this country. The Democrats know they have no one that can beat Trump in the 2024 election and probably will not be able to steal the 2024 election like they did the 2020.
    The more they do, the more people see what is going on and Trumps chances of winning the election gets bigger all the time instead of smaller.
    If they thought they could win against Trump, they would be doing everything they could to make sure he is the one they run against in the next election. They know they can’t and that is why they are making up all this bogus charges against him.They have to get him to drop out or they will lose the next election.
    That is their number one and only priority right now, is get re-elected. I’m afraid we have no honest politicians anymore. They are supposed to be representing the people but I;m afraid that is not what they are doing anymore.
    This country cannot stand very much more of the behavior and corruption of the Bidens and the Democrat party. We have already lost the respect of every country in the world.
    I’m 93 yrs old and I’ve never seen anything like the mess this country is in right now. I feel som sorry for the young people growing up here now, they have a hard life ahead of them. I hope and pray to God that we can start changing things after the next election. I hope it is not too late.

    1. You are exactly right, James. Thanks for writing this. Also they want to distract away from the real insurrection which is the Biden Crime Family and the Obama democratic socialist machine.

      1. Yes thank you ! I whole hartedly concur !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. From just a sniff of WHAT IS COMING I am sorely afraid the next election may not happen, and the great unknown is that unfortunately it just might turn out be “smart…too late.”

  3. Every day there is more proof of how desperate the liberals have become, I pray the country survives and puts Trump back in office. At least he now knows what and who he is up against!

    1. AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. They know if Trump gets elected, he will clean house, expose the stolen election and put all the Obama socialist machine in prison. I mean, I’ve seen more than enough evidence that it was stolen to convince me. Someone at the very top had to be involved.

    1. AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I don’t understand how any of the middle working class people can identify as a voting Democrat.

    1. I can’t either… I’m glad I’m not alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. has nt the commies learned this just gives President TRUMP more ammo good luck to the idiots

    1. I agree with you… except I think that the Idiots on the left have run out
      of luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I do believe everything about these indictments are false. Look at what the Democrats have committed while in office– steal, murder, increased taxes, perjury, lied, participated in socialism, created a virus to exterminate Americans and people around the world because the world is overpopulated according to Bill Gates. George Soros spends millions of dollars to promote Socialism in America. WHY? CONTROL. Ignorance at its best.
    I will stick with Trump because I feel he is the only candidate that can get things done. He’s done it before, and he will do it again. I also believe if the 2024 election is rigged like 2020, Americans will rise and we will have a civil war/revolution.

  8. The Democrat Communist Criminal Terrorist Organization, MUST BE DESTROYED.


  9. God loves stupid people. He must…. He made so many of them. Soros was in a concentration camp? And he promotes a socialist agenda? Really? And he managed to become a billionaire? How??

    1. Are we sure Soros wasn’t part of the concentration camp STAFF ?? Most of his life post WWII has been spent damaging or destroying true democracy wherever it is found ( not much remains in the USA for his son Alexander to follow up on ! ) RuthannP.
      If ever a man and his “family” urgently needed to meet their true maker in person it is them !
      God help America in her present state of disintegration and amoralisation.

  10. What if they were rustling their nothing burger wrappers? What he was talking about is just “talk” – and I believe he knew better than to show highly classified papers to non-classified people.

  11. We, as Americans have to stick to our guns and vote for the ONLY person who can save our Country. The only person who truly wants to save and help the American people. The only person who is not a corrupt politician, he never knew how to play that role, he did not fit in with all the rest of the corrupt cronies in Washington. He found out pretty quickly who his enemies where. Get him back in and clean house! Sorry, Santos and all you other guys. You are great, but I believe that none of you would be able to take what Trump had to put up with for years. They would tear you all to sheds. Vote For Trump, get him back , so he can clean house, or we WILL lose America.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better Sally….my thoughts exactly….have been pushing these thoughts to all I come in contact with…hoping they’ll see the light and put Trump back in office…but very worried about another fixed election….really need to be on total alert but with the dark side getting away with so much….and the courts being packed as they are….I’m very concerned it will happen again…no matter who the Republican candidate is….but especially Trump…I want another glorious day like the first time he won and they all had to eat crow and sit there dumbfounded….if ever anybody wanted retribution for what they have put us through with the current charade of a president….it would be to put Trump back in office….I so hope it happens…..

    2. Not to divide and conquer, but when Florida was not responding to the virus, Governor Ron started approaching the resistant cities to shut them down. One city did not and asked him to politely leave. That was Sarasota on a July 4th event! That was bold of Sarasota, but their activities were traditional and in process. I was in the area, but thought how odd that this Governor would try such a thing. I don’t remember the year, but I was meeting a Pest Control contractor at the time and no one in Brandon cared about the virus and I looked foolish to show up with my mask on in a relatively packed restaurant. I ate outside just for a little more air and fought the truck noise on Adamo Drive. So, lo and behold, Mr. Ron DeSantis is saying he didn’t try to shut down his state. The locals in Brandon were quite resistant after they heard what he tried in Sarasota. I don’t question a contractor. Could Mr. Ron had tried to shut down Sarasota and saw the better of it, and decided after that attempt, to keep his state open?

    3. Well said Sally Jean. There are indeed several decent people “In the wings” – like DeSantis – who WILL in years to come make good and honest politicians to replace the trash currently ruling Washington.
      The White House now needs FUMIGATING – we MUST make certain the Demonrats are kicked into the trash come 2024 – otherwise it’s sayonara USA & who’s next on the obliteration list ?!! (さようなら) in the true Japanese manner !

  12. Sadly fran martin, the “Justices” have become corrupted below Supreme Court level to a degree that renders proper “justice” as recognised by our forbears completely useless and without honesty or integrity. President Trump forsaw the looming problem and started the balancing via the Supreme Court – something we have recently witnessed coming up for air !
    There needs to be a VERY careful cleansing of the entire politico-legal system before true democracy can return to this land mass. Maybe then, the turds calling themselves the Mass Media will start to feel obliged to return to reporting something nearer the TRUTH ! Or, perhaps THEY will need to suffer obliteration first also !

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