Staggering Amounts of 2020 Fraud Evidence in the John Eastman Disbarment Trial

Close up of Hands dropping multiple I Voted sticker inside Ballot box with US flag as background, Concept of fraud in USA elections

The California disbarment trial of President Trump’s attorney and legal scholar John Eastman has been going on for eight weeks now. An encyclopedic amount of evidence that the 2020 election was stolen has been presented—and the defense is not done. Every single day, a new mountain of proof is produced. Yet other than a handful of conservative podcasters and one reporter from Arizona, no one in the so-called “conservative” media has covered even a single day of this amazing trial.

Where is Breitbart News? Where is Fox News? Where is the Daily Caller? This is a hugely relevant trial. Here’s our previous reporting on the story. It’s about election integrity, not to mention a sterling example of the Democrat Party’s lawfare strategies against any and all conservatives these days.

The reason why they won’t cover the trial is because it has provided overwhelmingly conclusive evidence that the 2020 election was stolen.

John Eastman, in order to keep his law license, has to prove to the court that a reasonable person could have believed that the 2020 election was stolen. In other words, he wasn’t behaving recklessly as some sort of Trump worshiper who violated ethical codes in coming up with legal strategies to challenge the election. He was acting in good faith.

It’s really a crime against their readers and viewers that no conservative mainstream outlets have covered a single day of this trial. For example, here are some of the mountains of proof that were presented to the court—just on Tuesday of this week.


Eastman discussed the magic suitcase ballots at State Farm Arena in Georgia. They sent the observers home that night and counted stacks of ballots multiple times with no observers present. That violates three or four separate election laws. Eastman made the point that when laws were broken—as they clearly were at State Farm Arena—it does not matter whether election fraud took place. Those votes were illegal, because the manner in which they were produced and counted was illegal.

Imagine how the media, the Democrat Party, and the judicial branch would react if a Republican won an election and then video emerged of election workers counting magic suitcase ballots with no one in the room.

Eastman’s attorneys also presented the Ryan Report to the court. That was a December 4, 2020, report from multiple members of the Pennsylvania legislature that was sent to Rep. Scott Perry in Congress. The report concluded:

“The general election of 2020 in Pennsylvania was fraught with inconsistencies, documented irregularities and improprieties associated with mail-in balloting, pre-canvassing, and canvassing that the reliability of the mail-in votes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is impossible to rely upon.”

Eastman’s team then introduce the resolution from the Pennsylvania General Assembly dated November 30, 2020. The resolution called on the United States Congress to do all of the following:

Recognize that there were widespread irregularities and improprieties in the 2020 election in the mail-in voting, canvassing and pre-canvassing that took place. Recognize that the authority of the General Assembly to administer the election was usurped by the PA Secretary of State’s office. Disapprove of the Secretary of State’s decision to certify the election results before any investigation of irregularities and improprieties took place. Declare Pennsylvania’s selection of presidential electors for Joe Biden to be in dispute. To urge the Governor and Secretary of State to withdraw the Joe Biden electors and delay certification results in all of the statewide elections in Pennsylvania in 2020.

They’ve all been hiding under their desks like little cowards ever since January 6th, but that’s a nice reminder of how the Republican-majority General Assembly in Pennsylvania viewed the 2020 election. They asked Congress—Mike “The Betrayer” Pence specifically—to not certify their electors or election results.

Eastman’s attorneys also went over the letter that the Republican-controlled legislature in Arizona sent to Mike Pence on January 1, 2021. The House and Senate majorities in Arizona urged Mike Pence to delay certification of their state’s electors until further notice. The reason why they suggested this to Pence was specifically because the courts were refusing to hear any election challenges. They were all dismissing the cases for “lack of standing” instead of looking at the evidence. Interestingly enough, the Arizona legislature urged Mike Pence to do this before John Eastman presented Trump with that legal strategy, which Trump then urged Mike Pence to follow.

In other words, they’re trying to disbar John Eastman for recommending a strategy that most of the Arizona legislature and the Pennsylvania General Assembly had already suggested!

Every single day of this John Eastman trial has been like this, with mountains of evidence that many of us have forgotten about by now. Where are you, conservative media? Why are you too afraid to cover this trial?

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51 thoughts on “Staggering Amounts of 2020 Fraud Evidence in the John Eastman Disbarment Trial”

    1. Pence certified an uncertifiable election. Catholic Pence preferred Catholic Jokementia Bribery(D) over Protestant Trump as president.

        1. I don’t give a crap what he identifies as. He is a flat outright traitor to the Republican Party and a worthless liar and ignorant of the very laws he said he was trying to protect. I wanted so much for this guy in the 2012 race for President and I am now so ashamed that he even got the opportunity to be the Vice President. He will never again be capable of any office now. What’s worse is he ran to the RINO’S for help. He’s permanently done in politics in this country.

          1. I totally agree with you honey thank you for what you just said I to had hope for pence but he is a demarcate to me he should be ashamed any way you took the words right out of my mouth
            Thank you again

        1. Sounds like a black racist comment. It is an “unhealthy” commentary in this case. It is only reflective of someone who contains or expresses a biased point of view. Try to maintain a view with the understanding that LBJ, a democrat president and a democratic congress in the mid 60s created your situation with the “The Great Society”. Cease blaming the Republicans for your demise.

    2. Keep on presenting. Most true Americans KNOW it was a Trump Victory by a Landslide. Evil Biden and his crime partners should all be in prison and Trump will win in 2024. Of course Biden will NOT be running under any circumstance.

    3. Why do you think Pelosi rejected President Trump’s offer for protective Troops for January 6?
      And why were federal “spies” in disguise’s placed in the midst of the protestors?
      And on actual footage from exterior and interior why do we see uniformed guards passively standing silently against the walls allowing protesters to continue into and throughout the capitol?
      Why do you see on official video “guards” encouragingly waving and directing protesters into the Capitol building?
      And why did you see armed guards retreating from the glass doors where the ONLY person murdered that day was a unarmed and unaggressive former female service member?
      Are these but a few of the contrary evidence to the “Pelosi-led Plot” theory? Is it “theory” or does the evidence before your eyes and ears say, “Guilty”?

  1. At least 2 states here and there were others, who requested the Federal government to delay certification until they could investigate all the crazy stuff that went on with the elections. Pence claimed he didn’t have the power to delay but the constitution doesn’t prohibit it. Somehow doing something on a certain date was more important than the truth about whether the election was fair or not.

    1. Pence was told he had to certify it. Mandated by law. Except it WASN’T. I even found it could be left uncertigied while investigation into fraud is done. He is a weak follower. Not a strong leader, sadly.

      1. Well that’s a lie, the Congress passed new legislation so the VP has lost that power, why would you ned a new law?

    2. As I said today on “Americans For President Donald Trump”:
      ‘On Tuesday, January 24th, 2024 it will be announced and everyone will know Donald Trump was elected President in 2020 by at least 52 electoral votes. But, perhaps it was divine guidance that created this mess – otherwise we wouldn’t know how rotten to a core much of our non-elected government is as corrupt as some of our “elected” officials.’

  2. all this ballot box , harvesting, evidence is nice, icing on the cake sort of. However, the real fraud is in the constitution.. Every state had election integrity laws and at one time they all had strict laws concerning it. Limited days of voting sometimes only one. Limited days of countring. in Fl. the night after the election at a certain time. Voter ID, signature matching etc. Poll watchers whatever. the left through Eric Holder in Obamas term undermined these laws by going through lower courts. Not legal ant all. It must be done through the state legislature. In other words the state congress must make a bill of change and vote it in for any changes to be made. During the deadly pandemic that was worse than the bubonic plague so we had to hunker down. really. enabled them to do the same before the election and change the laws in many states. Thus you have your fraud.

    1. Not saying there has never been corruption in our nation’s history but I WILL say that this Biden administration has been a valuable lesson for those who like to “Lie, cheat and steal, the left’s battle cry!

  3. All the cyber evidence for all the fraud committed in the 2020 election can be found on & on the same site video, Absolute Proof. Also all 50 states have a site that tells you all the fraud that was committed in the 2020 election & 2022 & 2023 & in my state KY, 560 votes were taken from incumbent governor Matt Bevin in the election of 2019 & they were given to andy Beshear who, of course, with fraud won. In recent governor election in KY, same fraud went on & nobody’s listening. After the 2020 election, Justices Thomas, Alito & Gorsuch on the Supreme Ct wanted to look at the affidavits concerning the election & Chief Justice Roberts, wouldn’t let them. He said they needed four & since Roberts is in on the “steal” he didn’t volunteer to be the 4th judge needed which I think is bs. As long as they get away with what was done in 2020 election, we will NEVER have a fair & free election. Dominion, Smartmatic & ES&S machines WERE connected to the internet, wirelessly, so China & more than 4 others countries could hack in & change votes. What went down was TREASON.

    1. WOW!, Patty! Wish I had written this post. IT IS SPOT ON! Unless our team does something to change the left’s/
      China’s interference we will never see republicans able to make government decisions again! We can kiss freedom of speech and thought goodbye!

      1. The lefty’s are a big problem with fraud election’s and going to court when they don’t win (and overturning some election’s), but an even bigger problem is when a Republican loses the party just say’s “Oh well ,better luck next time” and immediately tell us how they’ll win the next election and begin asking for donation’s. No consistency, no unity, just false promises. Look to McCarthy, McConnell, AND RNC McDaniel ALL LOSERS ! I’m still conservative, but no longer identify as Republican.

  4. There has been a massive amount of 2020 election fraud evidence that is in your face obvious! like 1.2 million
    more mail in ballots then what the state of Pennsylvania sent out. All those voters lived in the state for only a few minuets, then vanished! Also, why on election night Trump had a landslide victory but the next day that lead was switched to Biden. It is reflected in a poem i wrote: there was a presidential candidate named Biden. During his campaign he was caught hiding! I am not worried he said with a grin, our voting machines will give me the win!
    (It’s a known fact that our CIA have used dominion voting machines in other countries to flip elections )

  5. This evidence is not new however seeing it again makes me see red. Millions of us knew this at the time. What can be done about this other than an armed rebellion. How will Americans ever be able to trust that an election is fair.

    1. You answered your own question, but sadly it’s way to late! The morning when we woke up and found the election was stolen we should have marched on every federal institution in this country! We’ve been sitting around doing nothing for 3 years and watching as these despots destroy our country and way of life…we’ve become numb and complacent!

      1. you are correct,meanwhile the demonrats have repeated the same BS about Trump so much that thre sheep believe it must be true.Goebbels was right ,if you repeat enough then people will start to believe. the demonrats are liars and a plague to democracy,i should say the left as dems no longer exist as a party,people blindly keep voting them in and are enabling the destruction of free america.if Trump doesnt win,i fear america is doomed to become a communist nation.

        1. Okay, here I sit reading these comments and every one of us agrees the 2020 election was out and out STOLEN! I understand your outrage, but here we sit bitching and moaning, typing the TRUTH Trump was FUCKED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!! You can shout this to the Heavens and it just does not mean anything because the controllers know WE can’t do a DAMNED THING and they don’t care. Until someone with HUGE BALLS and is not AFRAID, with the help of a STRONG Cabinet, to tackle the Corruption and help the American people to strive and become strong to help VOTE in HONEST POLITICALS this BS will continue. This may storybook answer, this is my opinion’…

        2. I totally agree with you and though I know it’s unrealistic, I pray that Trump wins the election and all his trials!

  6. Anyone can see for themselves that the election was stolen. The hearings all day long by 20 or so witnesses testified in Pennsylvania Michigan Georgia and Arizona by that they witnessed stolen types of evidence. All recorded on tv. Channel America on line (aol) and newsmax

  7. There is a huge problem associated with admitting the 2020 election was stolen. It makes everything the Biden administration has done illegal and reversible. As attractive as that prospect might be, it would result in total chaos not only in the US but around the world. The only feasible recourse will come when the second Trump administration takes office in January 2025 and that is to indict and put on trial every single individual who was associated in any way with the election fraud that undeniably took place in 2020. Send an extremely strong message.

    1. Hitlerite/Communist/warmonger Jokementia Bribery has created “total chaos” / aka wars around the world and is attempting to have WWIII…

  8. Finally some with evidence to go to court. There were to many red flags in 2020, 2022, 2023. Laws were broken and we all know this. The J6 set up by Pelosi and Millie was proof they stole it. They used pandemic (?) to run voter fraud rampant. What I seen on 2020 election was fraud straight up. President Trump was getting 3 votes to every 1 that Biden was getting. Votes were taken from President Trump and giving to Biden. Dead people were voting. Ballots appearing out of mid air with no folds, only Biden name and oval perfect. Republicans were barred from polling places. Counting ballots went on for days. Ballots not checked for ID signature. So many others. No chain of command. President Trump ballots were found all over the place not in polling places. People were given markers to vote with. People went to vote and told they already voted. More ballots then voters in some counties and states. People working for election came forward and stated they witnessed fraud and a lot of them were democrat voters. Pence wouldn’t listen to states not wanting to not certify electoral votes when he knew there were illegal ballots. When I can see the election fraud I know they were lying about voter count. Videos were even being released and no one would do nothing. Pence is also responsible for voter fraud and he knows it. Funny how so many ballots had republicans on down ballots yet Biden won? Never in my life have I seen so much open fraud on elections. Democrats knew where the most populated areas were and set the sites on those locations even in my state. My state set their sites on college communities. Funny how only these communities ended with more votes then my entire state. When will videos of fraud be taken serious? Arizona had fraud enacted by K Hobbs who of course won. Funny how Lake had more votes till Hobbs stepped in. When republicans help democrats with voter fraud then you know it was stolen. Like I said big red flags everywhere. Then the fraudster’s turn around and say safest election ever. Ha ha ha. Machines were even being tampered with. So I am very happy someone finally listening to proof of election fraud. When democrats win you know their is fraud cause they can’t win without it. I just really hope people are witnessing this case. I’m really pissed at our US supreme justices for not taking this up. This just told me Justices are being bought also. Until new laws are put in place to stop fraud in our election’s it will keep happening and they will lie about it. My eyes have seen the fraud and can’t trust even republicans to do the right thing. They tried to impeach President Trump twice with nothing there and now they are trying to impeach real corruption in swamp and republicans vote against it. Wonder why democrats won at primary races this year. Yes President Trump was right swamp goes deeper everyday. I just have one question. How much money or what position were republicans promised to aide and abetted the democrats? If democrats with help of rhinos get by with this and win in 2024 you will see American citizens pissed. We don’t take kindly of having our vote not count. Thank you for bring receipt’s to this case. Just hope this judge isn’t a traitor also. Need to remember the government works for us not the other way around. Just for the record I knew pence was helping democrats since day one. President Trump was right about everything. History will show Americans won’t stand for tyranny or communism in this country. Word of advice to illegals, if you vote in our elections we will make sure you are caught and punished. Every state that allows voter fraud should also be punished. Our constitution tells us voting is a privilege and our votes are to be taking seriously. Rhinos you have been put on notice if you don’t do your job with the oath you took then you will be held accountable. Democrats have to steal, cheat and lie to win or get our money to go against what we vote for. Thank you for providing voter fraud for us.

    1. Pat, You are so right. What has been allowed to go on has been horrific. That is one thing about the Democrats is all they know how to do is lie, cheat, and steal. I also feel that Pence was bought out by the Dems, he may as well never run for office again because anyone with any sence wouldn’t vote for him.


  9. In my opinion, too often do courts and judges use the “crutch” of “no standing” when they lack the courage to make a decision. It is a travesty that all the questionable activity surrounding the 2020 election cannot see the light of day in our courts.

    1. A court’s false statement of a defendant (and the defendant’s appointed representation, including attorneys and political party) “having no standing” is as false as a person not being subject to other laws while inside a state. For example, if I am driving through Pennsylvania, and break a Pennsylvania law (such as the posted speed limit,) I am absolutely under their jurisdiction during my driving while within Pennsylvania. Donald Trump, while on the ballot for U.S. President in a state – Pennsylvania, for example – is absolutely “having standing” in Pennsylvania courts for crimes of voter fraud potentially committed and therefore charged within that state, of Pennsylvania. The location of a crime ‘s alleged commission is the factor determining jurisdiction. Neither the accuser nor the accused have to reside in the state at the time. The harm allegedly committed is the determining factor. For example, a crime of damage to a property does not require the property owner or the alleged perpetrator to be present, in person. Only the alleged crime must be present, committed within the jurisdiction of that court.

    1. Do you think our Founders would bent over to kiss the boots of the communists bringing on the fall of our country? The 2020 election was the biggest attack on our Republic in History, piss and moan is all cowards know how to do today. It happened in 2022, what’s going to happen in 2024, the same thing because nothing was done about it previously. The Alzheimer’s patient that was placed into the White House is doing exactly what he’s supposed to do, bring along the the fall of America into Communism. They needed Trump out of the way, don’t folks get it? Open borders, pissing away our fuel independence, mandated kill switches and cameras in new vehicles, weaponizing the alphabet soup agencies against the masses, political persecution and prosecution, mandating vaccines that aren’t vaccines, inflation so bad even middle-class Americans have to pull from their IRA’s and 401k’s to get by, attacking household appliances by way of more mandates, calling all white people racists, controlling the masses further by way of electric vehicles and banning combustion engine cars and trucks, the green new deal which is a way to control more of the masses, wanting to institute digital money to force people into compliance, break America financially with funding Wars and giving aid and comfort to the invaders along the southern border via our tax money, as well as provide more illegals for fraudulent mail in voting for a One party takeover of our Republic. It just goes on and on, do you really think having someone as President that needs to be led off a stage or to a bathroom or falls going Upstairs, never mind the instances on videos where he sniffs women and children, has coincidentally done all of this and more to America? It’s called Communism and One World Order! Tyranny, folks, Grow a pair.

      1. Thanks Craig. I want RESULTS. We the People must stand together an organize against the deep state. Defunding the police is the beginning of a move to build the American democrates SSS. We are fools to sit and waite. What can we do??? Sit and wait on Congress for justice? nearly 3 years and NOTHING. Talk talk talk.

  10. The First and NEWSMAX are independent news. Sadly, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, Washington Post, N.Y. Times are all about shutting the truth down. When chaos and crimes are running rampant through every city, these news stations focus on the Trump trial. Which is a bunch of nonsense, by people that have no business being in law. Soros and others pay billions of dollars to get Democrats elected. Look at the schools and colleges being brainwashed into hate. Some of the teachers are anti-Semitic, pro China, and even found a Chinese Police Station in California. Buying our farmlands, some conveniently located close to military bases. Bill Gates and others want to destroy farmlands to protect the climate. Biden sold, or gave away our reserve fuel. China is sending solar panels, fentanyl, and what else. EV’s are expensive, battery parts from slave labor, and are unreliable. In addition, fuel supports much more than vehicles. WEF, WHO, CDC, and the globalists are just a bunch of elites. They careless about people’s health and well being. It’s making money. Only 23/people were tested before the Covid Vaccines were approved. Turns out, the other recommendations actually worked. But, they were not money makers. The border intentionally denied being open. FBI, DOJ covering up the January 6 truth. Arresting people that were there, but no crime. Some still in jail. Actual criminals being allowed to roam the streets looking for more victims. School boards and teacher’s unions pushing CRT, porn in libraries, transgenderism, and hide everything from parents. Men claiming to be women, allowed to undress and shower with women and girls. Sick bunch of people. Deceased people, thousands in one California city that voted. Trucks with empty ballots being dropped off polling sites in different cities at hours when no poll watchers around. Witnesses testified. If even one of these statements is true, there is voter fraud. All are true. Not because I said it, but there are pictures and tapes on file, I and others have seen. Look it up. It’s there. Mainstream media however, hides it. I suggest people watch NEWSMAX, Greg Kelly, and The First News, Jesse Kelly. They show, not just word, the truth. Are Republicans standing up to this corruption? Appears not. They just passed a house bill. Whoopd. Do. Does that mean inflation is going down, the border will be secure, our government will stop spending our money, they do not actually have, allow free speech, allow peaceful protests, not the nonsense in the Summer 2020, recent anti- Semitism hate protests on the streets, college campuses, even in the Capitol? So how is this benefitting Americans? It’s benefitting the government. The elites, politicians, bureaucrats, big business. For a moment, I thought these people might actually focus on the good of Americans. Again, they showed who they really care and do not care about. He Communist Americans of the far left, and some of the right want every American dead. That is what these people actually think. They will sugar coat their plans. Aww! Things are great. Trust us. Just follow our plan. We want what’s best. The economy, the border, your money, your living space, your kids, it’s in the name of Democracy. C’mon man. We know what’s best for you. Bull””. Only God keeps his promises. Pray in Jesus name. Help at least one person a day. Heaven or Hell. One breathe away. Are you ready? I am. Terrorists have no power over our soul.

  11. The time has come to start at the bottom and vote all of the politicians out of office. The fraud seemed to have focused solely on the presidential election. Focus on outing the incumbent candidates of both parties unless they are proven conservatives in example the 8 republican senators who voted against removing Mayorkis from his position. Every person in this country has to know that he was lying to congress about enforcing our laws regarding the border. Start with the fundamental principles of our country and work from the bottom up, instead of the top down. There is less chance of corruption occurring and election fraud being committed by the opposition parties on the lower level.

  12. This proves we need a nation-wide law requiring proof of ID at every election-including mail-in. We know there are already locations (Boston) who have decided to let illegals vote. THIS should NOT happen in the US! If Boston decides to do this, ALL Federal funding for ANY REASON, should be with-drawn! This should apply to ANY location w/in the US! Enough of this is MORE than ENOUGH!


  14. Pence is a disgrace to every American in the world and its service men and just so you know there are to many Rinos in the republican party and believe or not there is a knew one trying to run now all talk action until challenged then backs off that is Desantis he is being backed up by a knew Rino to us all now we need Trump now,if he wasn’t the right person for the country the puppets that Osama Obama is using wouldn’t be so afraid of him!

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