The Uniparty Goes into Full Election Interference Mode to Stop Trump

On the night of the historical and unprecedented federal indictment of a former US President, Donald Trump attempted to call in to Fox News during the 8 p.m. hour. He wanted to share his side of the story. Fox News denied President Trump’s request.

If there is any remaining doubt that Fox feels any sort of loyalty or camaraderie with its conservative audience, that should squash it.

Not that Fox News is alone in its hatred of the American people and our chosen candidate. Every mainstream media outlet, the Republican Party, the Democrat Party, and the entire federal government is uniting behind closed doors to try to figure out how to stop Donald Trump from retaking office.


Trump was indicted on the same day that we learned of Joe Biden taking a $10 million bribe from the Russian intelligence services via Burisma. All the mainstream media outlets spent 291 breathless minutes recounting Trump’s indictment. They spent zero seconds talking about the fact that the person in the Oval Office took a cash bribe from a hostile foreign power.

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Meanwhile, some of the top lieutenants from the Republican and Democrat parties just held a secret meeting at a think tank in Washington, DC. The sole purpose of the meeting, according to the Washington Post, was to wargame methods to keep Donald Trump from returning to the White House.

The meeting was attended by Joe Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain, but don’t call it a violation of the Hatch Act. Also present were a senior advisor for the DNC, campaign managers for Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign, and even Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign.

On the Republican side, there was Bill Kristol from the Weekly Standard (does that still even exist?), a former Republican consultant who now advises the independent Forward Party named Lisa Caldwell, and a bunch of groomers from the anti-Trump Lincoln Project.

Those are just some of the names that have leaked from this meeting so far, which reportedly had about 40 people in attendance. It was a “Who’s Who” of permanent insider Washington. The Washington Post did not provide many details of what they talked about, but it’s pretty clear that the two parties are worried about a repeat of 2016.

We have to assume at this point that most of the Republicans in Congress are also on board with the plan to stop Trump. There are a few MAGA loyalists in the House and Senate, but they are greatly outnumbered. Just look at how ineffectual the House Republicans look right now, despite being in charge.

When the Democrats took control of the House in 2018, they immediately set about impeaching President Trump. They impeached him a second time, just for good measures. During the two years and five months that Trump has been out of office, the Democrats have indicted him twice, with more indictments coming. The Democrats have bankrolled multiple lawsuits against President Trump, by paying for lawyers for serial liars like Stormy Daniels and E. Jean Carroll.

The Democrats (at least we assume it was them) have even set up a secret group called the 65 Project, which has no website and files no public disclosures on its finances. If any top-tier attorney volunteers to work for President Trump, this group smears them and does everything in its power to have the attorney disbarred. Professor Alan Dershowitz says he’s had many calls from lawyers complaining about the group and saying that they don’t dare represent Trump in his legal cases, because it would be career suicide for them.

That’s what the Democrat Party has been up to over the past five years.

Meanwhile, House Republicans can’t even impeach Joe Biden for the clearly impeachable crime of bribery. Good grief, Biden reported the bribe on his 2017 tax return! Republicans voted to increase the FBI’s budget after it spent the past two years viciously hunting down Trump supporters, January 6ers, pro-lifers and parents.

House Republicans couldn’t even censure Adam Schiff this week! 20 Republicans crossed the aisle to vote with Democrats and rescue Schiff from a $16 million fine over the Russia hoax.

These people are not on our side. It looks like it’s just us and President Trump against the rest of the world. The good news? Just look at how afraid they are of this movement!

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22 thoughts on “The Uniparty Goes into Full Election Interference Mode to Stop Trump”

  1. T. is waiting for the right time to start the dismantling of the house of cards. He has ONE chance to do it right.
    And the time grows near…..

    1. I sure hope he succeeds. I worked as a director in the US Government, and even 25 years ago, was corrupt. I had a Full Time Employee count of 112 and needed about 30. I was harassed by upper management to hire and go to colleges to hire and get my employee count up so they could get more employees. It is really corrupt and Trump knows it and will take most agencies and eliminate them and give the power to the states. That is why they are trying to not let him run or win.

      1. I worked for the Feds for over 30 years, and I agree with you. The Feds are overpopulated to get the job done. There is too much duplication in the Feds and that needs to be eliminated. Our constitution was based on smaller government.
        In my opinion, all these indictments against Trump are to defuse the attention away from Biden. Trump is the only candidate that can handle the radical Democrats/RINO’s, and he has proven he can get things done. The southern border wall would have been completed if it wasn’t for Pelosi, Biden, and radical Democrats/RINO’s.

    2. Biden first then conveyor belt impeachements. If they don’t do it someone will. Nothing makes me happier the the blood of chicken COMMIES

    3. I like that. The Democrat Rats and the Rino don’t want to lose their power. They all should be Fired!

      1. The Democrats/RINO’s will lose power when a revolutionary war begins. Remember after the civil war the battle cry was, “THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN.” Congress is supposed to represent their constituents regardless of party affiliation; however, Congress represents themselves at taxpayers’ expense. Now tell me why we need so many people in Congress? We Don’t. (MY OPINION).

  2. When Americans wake up to the fact ! We are not a democracy! But a Republic !!!!!!
    That’s the day Americans will wake up and begin to act like real Americans.
    Our own government dumbed Americans down . Stopping history in our schools and spewing their agendas to destroy the body and minds of our young with their satanic agendas
    America despite what you think ! Is and always was a nation of free people From the day our White Ancestors fought and died fighting To rid us of King George’s Tryanny. It took a Revolutionary War to rid the land . And it appears it will take another one . This is the same crap king Gerorge is That those in our entire government is doing from the WH to the local are pounding down on Americans with .
    We have no king or queen or rulers or dictators or parliamentary government. We the people are the power. Not the idiot elected morons . That think they are all of the above .
    It’s up to Americans to find the truth . The reason to stand and fight for the freedoms that our ancestors died to give us . Our people made America . Not government or politicians . With half this country is still being dumbed down by bio weapons and climate change. Neither one will matter If you are a slave or they kill you .
    Americans wake up . God is watching you ! To see if it is important enough to lay your life down for your children . Either God is about to end America or Americans must .

    1. Lets be clear. The DemonHack party despise the Constitution because it hog ties them, and they will only promote the Connie if it suits their Agenda. Trump represents how that Constitution is supposed to work, How the Bill of Rights is supposed to Protect WE THE PEOPLE from Tyranny and a Despotic Government which we clearly have. Washington is fully Corrupt, there is no mistaking it. This is Why Trump has the Marxist DemonHACKS and the RINOS terrified and Frantic to stop him. As per the usual M.O. the D=RATS and their RINO Brethren, will Lie, cheat, Smear, Threaten, Anyone who supports Trump. Moreover they in the process of Destroying this Republic from the inside because they despise it. This is why the 2nd Amendment was written into the Constitution. IMO if Trump is Black Balled and thrown in Prison then Sadly our only option left is to take back this Tyrannical and Despotic government by force, as we know the vote has been compromised and cant be Trusted. Revolution may be the only option left.

  3. The ideology driving the “Democrat” Party and much of the “Republican” Party is outright Marxist Communism. The Communist Party USA has been infiltrating the two primary political parties in the US for many years. It has insinuated itself into every corner of government, education, business and economics in the US. There should be no surprise that there is a rabid rage against a presidential candidate which does not espouse the Communist ideology and that those who do are being given a free ride with no interventions against their following the Communist ideology they have long espoused.

  4. I was never a follower of politics until the election of 2016. I knew it would be disastrous if Hillery Clinton won. I watched every debate and became familiar with every Republican who ran. Soon I settled on Donald Trump as my choice. I have followed him since then. He has been treated horribly by the Dems. They couldn’t find anything on him so they made up things. Nothing worked as they planned. Now they are charging him with things that won’t stick this time either. They have lied, cheated & accused President Trump as a way to prevent him from being able to run. I guess pedo, hair sniffer Joey boy needs all the help he can get. I gotta go, I just threw up in my mouth.

  5. The biggest problem is all the RINO’S that have been elected. The people voting really needed to find out how their Reps and Senators are voting on everything. Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Thom Tillis are all examples of people who need to be voted out. We need true Conservatives and believers in God to run for office. Until that happens, this country is in trouble. We must all pray that God people run for office for us to vote for.

    1. Any elected official can be recalled by their constituents at any given time. This is what these elected officials need to remember. RECALL ANY GIVEN TIME…. signed CONSTITUENTS.

  6. The HEAD of the Open-Sewer D.C “UNIPARTY” snake is none other than the innocuous sounding “COUNCIL on FOREIGN RELATIONS” a so-called Non-Governmental Organization whose members are embedded in EVERY agency, bureau and department of the federal government. including the POTUS!

  7. Council on Foreign Relations is a blatant secret society. Whose sole purpose was and is to implode America from within. I am afraid Trump is the only mouthpiece for the working American. They fear him so much, they’ve had to bribe judges to indict him. Where are the indictments on Joe and Hunter. Or Hillary? We must take back our government. Join the Convention of the States. Every state and individual will invoke our Rights under Article V. Working Americans unite and remove the Marxist Socialists that are destroying our Nation!!

    1. Hi Kenneth,

      My folks and I are members of the Convention of States. My dad has written some blog articles for COS, also. A recent one he put out was about James Madison. In our group are Conservatives, Republicans, and moderate Democrats from Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and even Idaho e.g. My folks and I are Conservatives. Some in our group will be gathering for a simulated COS convention at Colonial Williamsburg, VA on August 2nd-4th, 2023.

  8. Although there are many reasons why we should vote for Trump, for this reason alone we should reelect him.

  9. Draining the Swamp has NEVER been so URGENT and VITAL !

    The Swamp dwellers know that only ONE President has BOTH the willpower and determination to do the job !

    There MAY be other “Good, Honourable and Trustworthy” Presidential Candidates for 2024, BUT …

    God Bless President Donald Trump – the ONLY Presidential “Candidate” who can be trusted FOR the PEOPLE this 2024 !

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