What Are We to Make of the Arizona Audit Antics?

The forensic audit of Maricopa County, Arizona’s election results is officially under way. Not that you could tell from monitoring most right-leaning news sites, let alone mainstream ones. The Democrat Party seems intent on doing every last thing possible to try to gum up the works. They demand to know, “What possible difference could looking at the ballots make? What are you Americans, conspiracy nuts?!”

If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s basically the same argument that they made for months back in 2017 when Americans were wondering who had paid for a certain Russian dossier compiled by British spy Christopher Steele.

Those ballots in Maricopa County belong to you and me. Doesn’t matter what state you live in. Federal election ballots belong to the American people for 22 months after a federal election happens. They’re ours. And they’re supposed to be kept in safe condition for 22 months in case we decide we want to take a look at them – for any reason.

Imagine going to the bank and having this exchange:

You: “I’d like to access my safety deposit box.”

Banker: “Why would you want to do that?”

You: “It’s got my stuff in it. I just want to check on it.”

Banker: “Yeah… that’s gonna be a problem.”

You: “What do you mean? It’s my safety deposit box and my fees are paid in full. I just want to access the box.”

Banker: “We’re the most secure bank ever!”

You: “May I please have access to my safety deposit box. I just want to—”

Banker: “It would be – uh – dangerous for you to look in your safety deposit box. If you looked inside it, that could cause the public to lose faith in the banking system!”

You: “This is getting weird. I’ve always been able to—”

Banker (suddenly hopping up and down with rage): “What is wrong with you, you FREAK? What’s next?! Do you want to Audit the Fed?! We’re going to sue you!”

That’s pretty much how the Democrat Party has reacted to the American people since last November when we started asking if we could “pretty please” take a look at our ballots that belong to “we the people.” It’s been an increasingly petty freak-out that gets more and more desperate, the closer we actually get to seeing our ballots. At last count, the Democrat National Committee has sent 74 lawyers to Arizona, spearheaded by Hillary Clinton’s Perkins-Coie law firm, to stop anyone from looking at our ballots.

A local reporter in Phoenix has been repeatedly trying to break into the building where the ballots are being examined. His goal is obviously two-fold: One, to discredit the audit by showing that the building is “unsecure,” and Two, to show Antifa and BLM how easy it is to get into the building. President Trump has been calling for Arizona’s feckless “Republican” governor to provide security for the audit, but nothing has happened on that front yet.

(Prediction: BLM won’t bother the forensic examiners, since the audit is not taking place in a Footlocker or Target store.)


One judge who had been friendly to the forensic auditing team so far had to recuse himself from the next lawsuit that the Democrats have filed. Some former clerk for the judge has now joined the auditors’ team. Now a new judge has been appointed and will be hearing the next series of pointless legal roadblocks that the DNC tries to throw in their way.

Meanwhile, the audit is taking place. Cyber Ninjas, a cyber security team that I’ve done work for previously, is forensically examining the ballots. They’re even looking for kinematic artifacts under black lights – all the weird little markers that provide concrete proof of fraud. Jovan Pulitzer talked about these kinematic artifacts in his testimony before several state legislatures after the election.

One type of kinematic artifact, for example, would be uncreased mail-in ballots. If a mail-in ballot has never been folded and placed in an envelope, but ends up being counted as a Joe Biden vote, then it’s obviously fraudulent (no creases from being folded). They’re also cross-checking all the voter rolls against dead people, illegal aliens, double voters and people who moved out of Arizona and still voted, so it should get really interesting. Arizona’s Secretary of State, you’ll remember, declared that ZERO illegal aliens voted in Arizona’s shoddy mail-in election. Do you believe that? Me neither.

Don’t let the lack of media coverage fool you. The audit is happening. The counting is under way. The Democrats are panicking. And Arizona may soon be the first domino to fall…

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109 thoughts on “What Are We to Make of the Arizona Audit Antics?”

  1. I’m not surprised the fascists are kacking their pants. Good job too. It’s time Chancellor Pelosi and her Fourth Reich were tossed out of the WH, their version of the Reichstag. The more exposure of fraudulent tactics used by these criminals the better. Let the decent demonic voters realise how bent the mob they are following really are. Regardless how much you dislike Trump as a person, he never tried to tread on the American people, or destroy democracy. The new regime want Nazi domination, and who for? The people? Not on your life. For a bunch of self centred power crazy lunatics who couldn’t run a drinks party in a brewery.

    1. I know they will find fraud. No way this baffoon won. They cheated like hell. I’m praying they audit all these states and if there is fraud, which I have no doubt, that the election would be overturned, and all who are responsible get arrested and imprisoned for their dishonesty, which is leading to destruction of our country. It’s time for the tables to be turned on these monsters.

      1. I agree with you, Suzanne. There’s no way this imbecile won the election even with all of main stream media outlets and social media behind him. I pray that, if this audit shows wrongdoing, some judge, any judge, would have the courage to open it up in Pa., Mi., Wi., and Ga. The future of this Republic depends on the citizens having faith in our election results. God Bless America.

        Chuck Nix
        Master Sergeant, US Army Retired

        1. I understand & believe too that fraud was committed this last election… with the Dems saying trust me & there’s no need… why if this were true wouldn’t they be behind the audit to prove their point? I also am a bit confused on what exactly can be done if this audit proves it was fraud… while our beloved country goes into the gutter & Dems are selling out the citizens of the USA… how sad this is & can’t help put wonder if our country will be free in four years…?…

          1. I agree that it is time for Americans and the church to stand up for the truth and for our liberty, rule of law and our Constitution. We need to make as loud a noise as the liberals, media and protestors make. I don’t want to see our nation become like Nazi Germany or Communist China. We need to write our congressmen and senators and demand they stand for the American people.

        2. Charles, LMAO!!! – IMBECILE IS RIGHT! Thank you for your service! My dad was a VERY PROUD Marine & I LOVE this country so much!…. ABSOLUTELY GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

        3. Thank you Chuck for your service to our wonderful country. It’s funny how you and the people who served/serve in the military took/take an oath to protect the constitution and yet we have people in congress who claim to take that same oath and are not protecting the constitution.
          I have a son who served in the army and he can’t believe this happened.

      2. Makes no difference. Let us say that there was 10 million illegal ballots that decided the election and there were 80 million votes for Biden. This means that there were 70 million votes for Biden. I know of several people who voted for Biden because they didn’t like the personality of Trump etc. If you have 70 million people voting against a person solely on the basis of Personality and not accomplishments then this Country is finished. Just bend over and grab your knees and wait for it.

        1. Interesting comment Chuck — figures never lie BUT lots of liars know how to figure. The question is NOT “was” Arizona’s election honest but rather, was the November election honest. Arizona is just the first (out of many?) reviews. If it turns out to be fraud free, fine — if not, there will be MANY questions opened up. Would (or do) you ‘support’ a President who was fraudulently elected ?? The BASIC problem has been so many irregularities which have been ‘swept under the rug’ — are you afraid of a little sunshine ?????

          1. Al Gore was removed from being the President after 180day. Due to recounts of elections. That’s why the democrats are in a panic. Could happen.

          2. I hope they find fraud and boot Biden’s ass out and Harris, pelosi, Schumer, Schaffer and all the other scumbags out.


      4. Biden is on youtube stating they had the greatest fraud ever. They should play that over and over during the audit.

    2. Amen ,I agree with you 100%, THE DEMOCRATS ARE AN EVIL BUNCH AND THEY NEED TO BE IMPEACHED, we do not have a President he is just a figure head the obama bunch is running the show and I believe they were in on the crooked ELECTION!!! THEY ALL SHOULD BE TRIED FOR TREASON!!!

    3. Love your response. The Democratic Party, along with their “brownshirts” BLM, are looking just like Hitler’s army in Germany. If people can’t see how guilty and hypocritical the Nazi Deomocratc Party is,, they are blind. People like the squad are American terrorists. Let us just call the Democrats what the really are from now on. They are Nazis. The new Nazi party of Soros.

      1. Yes…agreed! This is the most racist bigoted behavior of their propaganda ramming feat & hate down the throats of every person in America! It truly makes you wonder who it is trying to overthrow our country! It does look as if the leftist regime is in the middle of this communism regime & it’s going to hurt our country & its citizens to the demise of America…

    4. We all know the outcome (if the audit is legitimate), i will show Our President trump won by a landslide. It will change nothing. It will show what spineless nincompoops we have in Gov’t on the conservative side. Why wasn’t this fixed before it happened? We all knew endless cheating was going to happen. It was made public. Where were our leaders? (so called) We will pay for this for the next 100 years. Debt, destruction of our institutions, erasure of our true history, civil liberties, damage to our constitution, race problems, wars, Etc.

      1. AGREE 120%!! 99.9% of the American people KNOW the election was stolen, Yet 0.1% 9f the populace love mr biden and using their stimulus checks for everything but what they are intended for, AND PRAYING FOR MORE HANDOUTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT!

  2. The Democrats will “Cry Wolf” till one actually appears and places a “Wet Blanket” Squarely over their Tearfully Shameless Party (or take a bite out of the loudest complainers)

    1. That is so true! If there was no fraud on their end they wouldn’t be up in arms about the audit. These people like obama, hilary,biden, pelosi and many others should be prosecuted and immediately removed from holding a position in Congress oh we can’t forget aoc the list goes on like I said. Term limits for All! President Trump needs to get back in and continue to clean the swamp that’s why they wanted him out because he was getting too close to exposing them. They saw how much the american people were behind Him so they used the media to discredit Him. I know there was voter fraud . President Trump should have prosecuted hilary for the crap she made up about Trump being involved with Russia!

    2. If there was no fraud, then what are they afraid of being found? Sounds and smells fishy to me.

    3. It’s SO MUCH ‘not the case’, they had to send 75 Lawyers to protest and try to stop it!!! How big a ‘Red Flag’ is ‘that’??? On the other hand, people need to practice patience. It will take some time to do the kind of audit they’re doing–thorough!! So thankful that they are actually DOING it!!

    4. I agree it doesn’t take a “rocket science “ to figure it out. If you have no fear of fraud. You say go ahead and audit. But you do exactly what democraps are doing denying anyway possible and deflecting and saying the audit will destroy the people’s faith in elections. “ NO IT WILL RESTORE FAITH IN OUR ELECTION SYSTEM NOT DESTROY “

  3. why would they care? kind of like getting your taxes audited, if you have nothing to hide who care, however if you cheated, OH OH and the dems are OH OHing a lot.

    1. Here it is, four months since the ‘election’ and the Dems are still ‘looking over their shoulder’! Now, if ‘that’ doesn’t look ‘guilty’, what does?? lol

      1. These audits need to be done or else we will never have faith in an election again. People won’t go out and vote if they feel that their votes are not being truly counted. We all know that Trump is the true winner of this election, but the bastards in the evil demoncratic regime got away with their cheating, for now. I’m a Pennsylvanian and we know that he won this state too. Most of us here can’t wait for Governor Wolf to be gone. Another liberal dictator.
        We all need to open our eyes and be aware of what is going on around us in this country. No time to be complacent. Our freedoms and liberties are on the line.

  4. Obviously the communist party that calls themselves democrats are out on a full assault on our Constitution and Bill of Right!
    They are the party of “Laws for Thee, but Not for Me” just like all communist honchos think!
    Only cheaters don’t want to let the daylight to shine on their nasty deeds of voter fraud and fake vote counting!
    While they are putting out this smoke screen of “climate change” telling Americans how they will be only allowed 1 hamburger a month, the son of dementia jo lies on the background form to illegally buy a hand gun!
    Remove all communist democrats from office! period.

    1. Yes they do not care about our America! ONLY WHAT THEY CAN DO TO FILL THIER POCKETS!!! ,look what a mess they have in madem 3 months ,we will be ruined in in 6 months , the DemoRATS NEED TO BE PROSECUTED BEFORE THEY FINISH OFF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

    2. It is SO ‘purely’ Dem mind-set to put a ‘city girl’ without a brain in her head, in charge of telling them about ‘climate control’ and ‘ecology’!!! AOC can’t run a ‘blender’ successfully, according to her last employer but–they’re listening to her about ‘climate control’!! If ‘methane’ gas from bovines causes ‘climate change’, why wasn’t there climate disasters happening all the time millions of bison, elk, deer herds roaming wild across the American plains and forests?? How about the huge ‘methane’ bubbles coming up under the ocean off the coast of Florida? All ‘naturally’ occurring events created by Nature herself! Multi-millions of years dedicated to balancing out ‘natural events’ but, according to AOC–wrong! Yeah–and the moon is made of ‘cheese’!!

  5. I know the election was voter fraud. I can’t understand why even some of the republicans keep saying there is no evidence of voter fraud. ????? Are the republicans clueless too?

    Not sure why the news can not blame Antifa and blm the cause the Capitol was raided. Republicans do not act that way, nor carry ropes and bats. Part of me thinks Pelosi organized the raid to make Trump look bad. She did’nt call in enough guards and they knew ahead of time the Capitol was going to be taken over. Why was there no more law enforcement available. Nancy and the FBI should be put on trial. (for many things)

    Gosh, I hope Arizona shows fraud.

    1. Because a lot of republicans, even though they pretended to be for Trump, wanted to go back to being able to be losers. and keep their cushy jobs,

    2. I think the DNC called their radicals in then blamed Trump supporters for what Antifa and Blm do/did. As for Republicans stating no evidence, that the Rhino’s (Republican in name only). Them along with the Democrooks must be eliminated from government. My Dad (whose gone now) used to say “Give a fanatic a soap box and he’ll never shut up or be satisfied”. We see that happening.

    3. Lynne –You have to remember that a lot of the repubs are just as corrupt as the demonRATS and President Trump was throwing a monkey wrench into their money making scams with major corporations and foreign countries. Perfect example is the closing of the pipeline which had us oil independent instead of these crooked politicians getting their kick backs from the middle eastern countries for buying their oil. The capitol “riot” was another demonRAT planned scam to lay blame on Trump with the backing of the lame media,crooked politicians and many government agencies. I just hope there is some legitimacy to these audits and not just more circus acts.

    4. The only Republicans claiming there is ‘no’ voter fraud are the RINO’s!! Those who ‘jumped ship’ the moment they thought Pres Trump was ‘losing’ the election. They want to be with the ‘in crowd’ and have no dedication to this country at all. Like a bunch of High Schoolers! There are still the ‘dedicated, honest’ ones who know and say the election was ‘not’ honest! 2022 elections are coming up and the RINO’s may well be looking for new jobs. It was when the courts, many with D judges, started to refuse to review the cases proving fraud–that the real problem started! I was especially angry when the Supreme Court refused to review Sydney Powell’s case. She had irrefutable proof and they refused her! Keeping in mind that the ‘head’ judge was also a Democrat!!

    5. I think pelosi and waters headed the riot January 6 so Pelosi could do another impeachment so trump couldn’t run in2024.
      I also believe some republicans are trying recount the votes in Arizona then going to the other states that showed fraud.

  6. Yes do the audit,what is the Democrat’s afraid of? If Hilary is screaming foul then he’ll yes a audit is nessary just because she wants it stoppe.

    1. Heck! It’s ‘her’ lawyer ‘team’ that’s running out there to interfere! I’m happy to see that the judge out there went ahead anyway!! Good for him!! Stand strong AZ!!

  7. You must remember. The Democrat/Communists have been packing our courts with Communist judges for decades. Our US Supreme Court has become a supreme joke after refusing to hear election fraud cases 5 months ago. The prissy yellow COWARDLY sell-outs claimed “no standing” in a matter of Constitutional Law!!!

    I have no doubt at all that the Democrat/Communists completely rigged the election. None. But, getting it through the Big Red Cowardly Courts is a different matter.

    The Democrat/Communists will use FORCE if necessary to kill the recount results in Arizona or anywhere else. Count on it. They’ve done it all over the world for over 100 years now.

    But, suppose they do. Does anyone think the Democommies will surrender their newly stolen power? Why should they? The police and military “just follow orders”. Think about that.

    1. I agree with you!!they are screwed , they should be investigated and impeached the whole lot of them especially piglosi killery and obumer, they are the RING LEADERS!!!!!!!!!

    2. Our military is sworn to ‘protect our citizens from abroad and from with-in’!! Let’s see if these ‘honorable’ people keep their ‘oath’ or break it!!

  8. If Arizona does prove fraud; what happens next?
    Can a wrong be made right after Biden has
    been in in the White House for a few months?
    We can only pray the truth will prevail, soon

  9. If they didn’t fear the results there’d be no actions. All they’re doing is admitting they cheated by this ruse.

    1. They are so scared of being exposed ! President Trump was to easy on hilary she hated and hates him because she lost the election. So she will try everything in her power to get this audit stopped. President Trump is very intelligent and when someone has a feeling that something is wrong it eats at them until it’s made right by getting to the bottom of it. Democratics are sneaky , they’ve tried to discredit Cruz, the rep., Who wrote a book, the my pillow guy because they spoke up. Democratics will ruin a person’s reputation, they’re not for the black people either though they claim to be they came up with the welfare system to appease them instead of educating them because they didn’t want them to become anything and to be able to function in society , so they are the ones who are biased and crooked ! Our so called supreme Court some of the judges are in on this they need to be removed. 50 years ago Congress was fired for being dysfunctional!

      1. Chief Justice Roberts was overheard saying “I will see to it that Trump doesn’t get a second term”. So, how can we count on the high court?

      2. Actually, Donna, Pres Trump wasn’t being ‘easy’ on Hillary. For one thing, as he stated, it really wasn’t ‘his place’ as president to bring legal accusations against her. That was the duty of the FBI, etc. etc. and they failed to do so. Even ‘trying’ to have her convicted in the courts would have been bases for the Dems to accuse him of being ‘vindictive’. Oddly enough, ‘being vindictive’ is easily tolerated by their ‘own’ people–Waters, Pelosi and Clinton, but should Pres Trump even ‘appeared’ to be so–they’d have ‘eaten him alive’!! At the time, remember, the Dems still had citizens that supported them. I see that starting to change, now that Biden is proving to be the Socialist/Marxist we always said he was!!

      3. Donna, I agree with you and I believe Trump knows this election was fraudulent. There is no way sleepy creepy joe got 80million votes.

  10. Let’s go THROUGH this AUDIT, to “prove” there is NOTHING there as per the Communists, er, Democrats. I mean, what have they got to LOSE? . . . Why are the DEMOCRATS panicking (can you say – HIDING evidence)? But there is NOTHING there, RIGHT? This should be both INTERESTING and ENTERTAINING! One Enlightened And Humored Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

    1. AMEN thank God we are in our right state of minds to know they cheated!! ! Can hardly wait for the outcome with the audit and the imprisonment of everyone involved! If you don’t believe in God it’s time for all to start HE is in control. One more thing: When the United States turns their back on ISRAEL GOD Will allow destruction to come upon this Nation. The biden administration is allowing iran to get away with a lot of things. Please people research this. We can surely thank the people who are not in their right mind for voting for biden.

    2. Fraud in Georgia where they have the lady pulling out suitcases of ballots and changing them to Biden

  11. Most of the comments are far too civilized. When massive (40,000 or more) illegal ballots are found and discarded
    Trump will have won Arizona. What are the implications? That illegal ballots at least in all battleground states
    should be audited/discarded. Will it happen? Who knows? If their is still evidence of the Dominion voting machines being programmed with an algorithm that changed the counting, then the whole damn DNC and
    all politicians Dem or Rep who signed off on the fraud should be tried for treason. That the Dems and maybe some Reps are hellbent on destroying the USA; there is only one punishment that adequately serves to
    prevent anything like this happening again. Guilty of treason – firing squad!

    1. I agree, if they really wanted to find the main fraud, it was in the Dominion voting machines. In Arizona, there probably wasn’t a lot of illegal voting like there was in other states, that’s why this kind of audit is taking place here.

      1. It wasn’t just the machines. Remember , in the middle of the night, after Trump won a state, these boxes of ballots were ALL for Biden, and by morning, Biden had won. They brought in enough ballots to just have more than Trump. Videos showed a worker filling out ballots all night, in the counting rooms, clerks on video of running the same ballot in the machine over and over. So much fraud.

      2. There was ‘massive’ voter fraud right there in the country they’re investigating!! It’s the largest county in AZ with multi-millions of voters! Granted, not enough to ‘over-turn’ the election all by themselves. Still, they may be setting an example for other ‘swing-states’ to follow. People need to demand that they do. Not the ‘half-hearted’ audit GA did but the FULL audit AZ is doing!! To give GA credit, they are making ‘some’ changes in their voting procedures and laws! They could do a bit more, though. Now, they need to enforce them!

        1. I believe in Georgia the 2 that were running for senate might have actually won not the 2 demoshits.
          If they investigate Georgia they probably will find republicans won that state

    2. Firing squad is to generous for them if found guilty; Life in prison without parole solitary confinement

      1. Well, Goldie, I see it this way—a firing squad is ‘generous’ to the tax payers that have to support these traitors for the rest of their miserable lives!! I say–in the interest of economy, I vote the ‘Squad’!! lol

  12. I wonder if fraud is found and all the other states find fraud to. I hope Trump is put back in the white house after it is decontaminate from Jerk Biteme and Kum-a-lot Terrorist. I smell a large scale round-up of treasonous back stabbers by Trump after he assumes the throne. I say hang them all. The deamoncraps. Two face republicans, anifa, BLM round up all of them and televised live a public execution of all conspirators.

  13. Their fear proves they fear they fear their cheating will be found out. If there wasn’t any, then there’d be no issue for them. This also means, if found, SCOTUS failed us.

  14. We all know all this smoke and mirrors is to distract the american people from our sneaky govts true adgenda..if you dont i feel sorry for you…

  15. Nothing will ever happens!!!
    Our country is doomed!!!
    The marxists promised to destroy it “from within”
    and they succeeded !!!!!!

    Sadly, we have become a one party system , a dictatorship, a totalitarian regime !!!!!
    Thank you, brain dead sheeple, mass media, Hollywood, the Big tech, our wonderful millionaires and billionaires who would continue to make
    big $$$ in China and pay NO taxes !!!
    We will be paying all the taxes, probably close to 70-75% out of our money ( whoever will get a job, based on “ getting the approval “from our masters!)
    Forget about the Constitution, it has already become a piece of toilet paper!!!
    Shame on the FBI, CIA, DOJ, Supreme Court and all the Republican traitors!!!!!!!

  16. When they finally get the evidence it will not change anything our government is corrupt and by time Joe Biden leaves office Americans citizens will be replaced by illegal immigrants and our country will be gone China will in the drive the country Kerry is selling out Israel Joe is selling out to China we need to stand together no matter what your color or religion or party our freedom is at stake our FBI CIA doj and media outlets are corrupt

    1. If they get the evidence, it will change everything. All we have up to this point is allegations, statistical anomalies, and a bad smell. They are easy for MSM to cover up with selective reporting. That won’t work for hard scientific evidence, and trying to do will just expose them for the shills they are. This is why Democrats and their Elite master are in panic mode.

  17. Its not what “they’re” going to do if and when fraud is evident, its what ” we, the people” are going to do!

  18. People need to get up there , protect the place , Democrats are going to try and cover this up . They are doing this now right in front of us , they have the power , money and the CROOKS , they do not want us to know ,

    I cry America , here will be the proof , please keep this audit alive and the auditors safe , We need to know ,

    This is very important , we should all be keeping an eye out , they have their judge in position , I can feel it coming on , they will put up road blocks , we are fighting the entire establishment , people wake up , this should be a top priorty !

  19. If the audit doesn’t actually look to see if the votes were tabulated correctly, I do not think it will do much good. This may be ruse, to placate Trump voters that the election was for real. The Republications can claim they tried, and keep their support.

  20. We all know, unless your ignorant and living under a rock of which there are many of both, even without this audit that there was widespread election fraud. But what difference does it make, it happened, they placed an illegitimate Communist Alzheimer’s patient into the White House with supporting Comrades and we did nothing and continue to do nothing as the yellow streak down our backs have grown and they knew it. We have rich elitists, beaurocrats, and even Republican traitors fixing elections and we do nothing, the most important function of our Republican Democracy, the most important bricks in the foundation of our Republic for which so many have died and American Patriots are hiding in their basements like communist Alzheimer’s Biden did during the campaign. As a result we have continued riots, the greatest attack on our Bill of Rights in our history. We have also lost free and fair trials, innocence until proven guilty, communist politicians determining how juries should render verdicts, due process is becoming a thing of the past, cancel culture, woke culture, communist takeover of our Government, censorship, destruction in our cites, open southern border, a continuous PLANDEMIC, which fed right into the hands of a fraudulent election and we stood idle and let it all happen. If we continue on the path we are on, I hope, one day, in the future we can find a way to explain to our future generations what is was once like to have, Life , Libery, and the Pursuit of Happiness in America because it is certainly fading away, it’s becoming history, a thing of the past and we alone will be ultimately responsible for the loss of everything our Founders created and passed on to us.
    Edmund Burke, the Irish philosopher and politician, penned these words: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    1. We need to go in and remove biden and all his administration now even if it’s not the legal way . Hell the election was illegal ! The bible says do unto others as you would have them do unto you!! Well there you have it they performed an illegal act so it’s our turn it isn’t the lawful way but what the heck they weren’t concerned about cheating!

  21. Voter fraud has been uncovered and reported on since at least the 60’s with the Corruption of the Chicago Mayor Daley (D) political machine. ACORN was indicted by 18 states Attorney General’s for voter fraud after Obama’s ( from Chicago) 2nd election and though the illegal activities were documented and the organization was disbanded no one was prosecuted. Anyone that saw the crowds at a Trump rally as compared to the paltry empty forums of a Biden rally could see the media (owned by foreigners and Pharmaceutical co.s- both opposed to President Trump for reducing U.S. subsidies) were his only supporters. So much deception but little wonder why when you consider every branch of government is dominated by lawyers 100%, Judiciary, 65% Congress, significant % of Executive. Lawyers practice deception by trade if the Truth doesn’t serve their interests they deny, obscure, obfuscate anything but acknowledge it. Those that would inform their fellow citizens of the corruption that prevails in our (ill) legal system are threatened with license suspension or worse. We should be BOYCOTTING lawyers from Elected offices they run this country for the benefit of their fraternity at the expense of the “General Welfare.”
    David Donley, 64 year old Paralegal
    Advocate for a National Boycott of Lawyers from Elected offices (they don’t respect the Constitution, separation of powers , Compatibility clause, ….)

  22. They know they Cheated. Biden and Harris are a horrible. They scared half of America to death with their scam virus, just to cheat in the Election. They are not my leaders. CNN keeps spewing lies every night. Don Lemon should be locked up for all the lies he tells every night. What a American Country hater. The left only cares about how much money they can put in their pockets. If I was our military, I would put down my weapons, and stop defending these assholes. Why should we protect them? They want to take away Americans right to bear Arms, but all of them have guards, and wall’s around their homes. Nancy Pelosi knew about Jan. 6th. She did nothing. And we all know, she set it up. Just like the American’s they are still holding in prison saying they are Domestic Prisoner’s. Really? And Antifta and BLM aren”t? WOW

  23. If the Fascist dumocrats truly believe their “claims” that the election was fair, then why are they blocking an audit? My large employer regularly had outside audits- every large employer is required to have its financials audited by an independent accounting firm. Audits are how you maintain integrity and credibility. Everyone including the dumocrats know that Donald Trump is the Rightfuly CURRENT President, and that the dumocrats illegally stole the election. These Chinese fascists are hoping to turn America into a communist country and Trump was blocking them

  24. The Democrats are trying to destroy America and the MSM is helping them.
    Why is the Media allowed to edit and distort the news?
    They should be made to report the news truthfully.

  25. I would think everyone should be panicking about something that is only being done by one political party with no actual over sight, and no one actually knows what they are doing, seems it is a trade secret, of the Company doing the audits which do not even confirm to state or Federal Laws governing an audit.
    If they want he audit to be accepted by all then it should have been done with all political parties involved in the process, when anything is done by only one side of the equation it is always suspect by the majority.
    The same would be true if only the Democrats were conducting an audit, without the Republican involved in it there would be a public out cry by a lot of Republicans.

    1. Very simple, Democrats who stole the election would definitely not want the truth to come out. They would and are trying to stop the audit.

  26. I have listened and watched this election and voting process. First I appreciate all the hard work of those seeking the truth. I believe, I know there was cheating and fraud. Biden said so on TV, “the most fraudulent election in history.” With all this being said, and when this audit proves that, what one county was done illegally and Trump won it? What happens? What is the end result? The greatest result for this country is that our President, that legitimately won, Trump, is back in office.

  27. The question remains is way did Barrett supreme court vote against reviewing the complaint of voter regularity in the last election.It”s a shame the public officials allow themselves to be influenced by outside sources

  28. somebody in this country needs to stand up and put a damn stop to these evil bastards, we are sick and tired of the democratic party running rampant on our country… these people know they’ve committed treason among others and will stop at nothing to shame this country, it’s totally pathetic that these Democrats have the guts to show their faces in public, let alone be in office, yet Biden claims to be a Catholic bearing individual, he’s nothing but a disgrace to this country, foreign countries are laughing at how damn ignorant the man is, and Pelosi’s nothing but a drunkenly coward who hides behind police and secret service cause she knows she’s a marked individual who somebody will eventually take out at the rate she’s tryi g to overthrow our country… she’s so damn scared she won’t come out in public unless she’s completely surrounded by security personal to guard her worthless ass… I’ve been a registered democrat my whole life up to now, these people are truly one of these worse people to ever set foot in the Whitehouse… I’ll never go back to that party again in my life which isn’t much longer with my age but to side with a bunch of underhanded evil corrupt pathetic group won’t happen again.. when obutthead got elected, they the democratic party shot themselves in the foot, I can’t understand how people are so stupid and blind that they can’t see through these liars, thieves and money hungry assholes, maybe when the democrats take everything they own they’ll see it but it’ll be to late by then, only thing I know is that I’ve worked for what I have and these bastards are not going to take anything I’ve worked and paid for with my earnings, I DARE YOU to try and come get it, I dare you Biden, you worthless pos

  29. The recusal of a neutral judge is huge and a very bad sign! This would happen NEVER in criminal case! I think this judge needed an excuse, so one was provided. Can you imagine if this were commonplace? Judges aides would be a huge business and sought out commodity and could command huge fees. ‘Do you need to get rid of an unfriendly judge, We’ve got the solution! How about a recusal? We here at Glick, Click and Gone have the largest selection of Judges aides in the country. If we can’t get a recusal, nobody can!” We are half way down a slippery slope of a rigged justice system where the highest bidder controls the outcome. This is not blind and impartial.

  30. Follow the money.Hillary sent 75 lawyers to stop audit!Hillary’s daughter married to a close relative of Soros !!

  31. The democRATS knew the fraud was being done. That’s why biden and harris didn’t travel around to the people and give their speeches. Why biden was hiding out in his basement for weeks on end. Neither talking to reporters or attending rallies, what little rallies they had. Why biden made a statement he had the best fraudulent people working his campaign. He knew the fix was in and didn’t need to run around rallying like a chicken with its head cut off. All he had to do was shut up, stay out of site and the cheaters would hand him victory and that’s exactly what he did. Low and behold he was. ALL BS!

  32. You are so right, Suzanne. We all know what the outcome will be. The truth always wins out (for most people).When the results are brought forth, then all of the “questionable” states need to have a recount (by honest people). It’s like the kid whose caught with their hand in the cookie jar – oh, oh, I’ve been found out. These offenses are punishable by prison and hopefully it will happen. It’s amazing how hard the Dems are working to stop this entire audit (73 lawyers including crooked Hillary’s toadies) – they really are running scared. Unfortunately because of the dishonest MSM many people really don’t understand what is taking place. They have been lied to all along and are myopic in their vision. Maybe this will wake them up – even the “Woke folk”.

  33. Yes I fully expect fraud to be found, and a lot of it. But will these audits continue to the other states? I certainly pray it does. There’s a lot of criminals in our government that needs to be tried for treason and taken out.

  34. All the states in question should be audited.
    We, 75 million, who voted for President Trump
    deserve to know the truth; before the
    2022 and 2024 elections.

  35. This takeover of our democracy was in the planning state for at least two years.Think about it . The commies (democrats)conspired with China to come up with a flu that would play out as it does every year, give it a name, Covid-19, and hype it up in the fake news. Instant pandemic. The WHO, in Chinas back pocket, scares the entire world, but praises them for their openness, but no one checks because the WHO IS INFALLIBLE. The CDC starts counting every death as a COVID death. Blame Trump for the pandemic, and find a puppet to run for president, not just any puppet, but one of the biggest racist in the senate when he was there (look back at his record). All of this because China and the dems hate him because he was a business man and new a bad deal when he saw one…Kerry was talking to the Iranians to cause trouble in the Mid East during this timeframe for a, oh,I don’t know, a job offer? Maybe for a hit squad it someone else won the election. I would not put anything past potosi and the dems. They are not going to be satisfied until the whole country is burning like Portland.

  36. It’s time for Americans to grow a Spine, stand up against the Left Democrats and I mean all of them!! Get the goods on them and send their asses to Prison!!
    With no parole.

  37. We all know, every American that sees the truth in this country knows that the election was stolen, taken from PresidentTrump and the American people. During this audit, the Democrats will do everything in their power to try to stop this audit because they are scared. They are afraid that the little house that Pelosi, Biden and Harris built is about to fall. TRUTH WILL PREVAIL! NO MORE EVIL!

  38. AMEN to… Momsays:
    “I hope they find fraud and boot Biden’s ass out and Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schaffer and all the other scumbags out.” Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schaffer, and ALL DEMOCRAPS are pieces of SHIT that need to be impeached and removed from office ASAP ! I live in Arizona which is a RIGHT TO CARRY state. I NEVER leave home without my BLACKHAWK holster with my GLOCK 9mm on my side. FAI R WARNING.. I encourage and invite Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schafer, ANY and ALL DEMOCRAPS to step onto my property because they will be shot and terminated on site for trespassing ! This is NOT a threat because I could be arrested for making threats, but this is a promise ! The DEMOCRAPS are taking our great United States of America straight to hell ! GOD BLESS AMERICA and gooo Donald Trump in 2024 !! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !!

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