What Would a Real Insurrection Look Like?

The first of the January 6 peaceful protesters was sentenced in federal court this past week. It was both a tragedy and farce. A Trump supporter who took the bus to Washington, DC because he can’t afford his own car was treated as a domestic terrorist, and the Obama-appointed judge threw the book at him.

The protester’s attorney is an American combat veteran – and he wept over the violation of his client’s civil rights by the US government. That protester’s life has now been destroyed because he took a selfie picture in the US Senate chamber on January 6th.

The peaceful protest of that day has repeatedly been described as an “insurrection.” This is a lie that has been repeated endlessly by the Biden regime and the media.

The January 6th protests were not an insurrection. Any reasonable person understands this. But the “insurrection” term just won’t seem to die, no matter how many lies about that day are debunked. And it’s not like we don’t have examples of actual insurrections in US history that we can compare January 6th to, if we’re willing to simply look.

I’ve written previously about the first insurrection in American history, known as the “Whiskey Rebellion.” It took place during George Washington’s presidency, and unlike the supposed January 6 peaceful protest, it was a very, very bloody event. Civilians in Pennsylvania who were rebelling against a discriminatory whiskey tax died in that insurrection, and so did federal soldiers.

The leaders of the Whiskey Rebellion were sentenced to death. President Washington defused the situation by not only repealing the unjust whiskey tax on Pennsylvania farmers, but also by pardoning those insurrection leaders. By not hanging the leaders, he de-escalated the desire to topple the fledgling American government.

Needless to say, the child-sniffing dementia patient in the White House today is not nearly as smart as George Washington was. While George Washington sought unity and peace among Americans, Joe Biden seeks crushing tyranny over anyone who objects to his fake election.

The Whiskey Rebellion is ancient history. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln was another obvious insurrection. America ended up with a president from a completely different political party after Lincoln was murdered in a Democrat plot. But what about more recent insurrections since the post-Civil War period? Have there been any?


Imagine my surprise this summer as I was crossing a book off my summer reading “bucket list” when I learned about the most recent insurrection in America (not counting the 2020 stolen election, obviously). As it turns out, there was an attempted insurrection on November 1, 1950 – and it was nothing like the events of January 6th.

That was the date when a pair of Puerto Rican communists attempted – and almost succeeded – in assassinating President Harry Truman (a Democrat, for those who aren’t old enough to remember). The goal of the assassins in this largely forgotten event was to topple the US government, so that their island nation of Puerto Rico could win independence and become a communist s***hole country like Cuba would become under Fidel Castro just a few years later.

There’s even strong evidence that the plot to topple the American government was hatched by Pedro Albizu Campos, the Fidel Castro-wannabe of Puerto Rico in those days. (There’s a high school named after Campos in Chicago, and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez considers the bloodthirsty Campos one of her spiritual socialist mentors.)

In other words, it was a clear-cut, indisputable insurrection. President Truman was living at the Blair House that November (the president’s guest house in DC), due to the White House undergoing renovations. The hapless assassins only learned about this by accident from a cab driver as they were on their way to carry out their attack. In those days, the president only had one Secret Service agent and three DC cops protecting him. Truman was looking out a second-story window at the Blair House as the two communist assassins opened fire with German automatic weapons.

I don’t want to give away the ending, but you can probably guess based on the fact that Truman finished out his term. The point is that real insurrections are bloody, violent, and involve the use of copious amounts of gunfire – with casualties on both sides. Real insurrections don’t involve patriotic Americans taking peaceful selfies in the Senate chambers with the Qanon shaman.

The book, by the way, is “American Gunfight” by Stephen Hunter and I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a rip-roaring page-turner that culminates in a meticulous recreation of a frantic 38-second gunfight that very nearly changed the course of the Western hemisphere. I give it two six-guns up!

Based on everything I’m hearing, President Donald Trump is horrified by what Joe Biden is doing to the January 6th protesters. The events of that day were nothing like a real insurrection. There were no cops or federal officers who were killed by protesters that day, as would happen in a true insurrection. The only death by gunfire was an unarmed housewife named Ashli Babbitt, who was assassinated by a Capitol Police officer whose identity is still being hidden from the public.

Treating the selfie-takers at the US Capitol as if they were actual insurrectionists and/or terrorists is a crime against humanity. Ruining their lives over a constitutionally protected protest is an act that Harry Truman and the Founding Fathers would have violently protested themselves.

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33 thoughts on “What Would a Real Insurrection Look Like?”

  1. The double standards employed by the Democrats speak for themselves it is beyond ridiculous that the BLM group was allowed to get away with the billions of dollars worth of real damages that they committed and yet the peaceful protest action was treated like that…..UNBELIEVABLE……this does not look good and in a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY!!!

    1. First No longer is our great nation a first world country, it is teetering on the edge of being transformed into a Communist Cesspool as we stand by.
      BLM and Antifa are thugs used by the regime to help with the breakdown of our society. That’s why their actions are ignored.

    2. I’ve heard that Pelosi and Mitch M. are behind this whole thing which does not surprise me. You see they are all afraid of President Trump because he knows the truth about all of these criminals, and that’s why all the hate and misinformation was used on him. We must take our country back! That’s we the people.

  2. If that was an insurrection,, I guess the next step will be to arrest union picketers or little kids upset with mama! It seems democrats have very thin skin, and they simply can’t be disagreed with! It’s okay though for Hillary Clinton to call others names or Cortez to put our country down at every turn! We have every right to disagree with things that go against our country’s rights! They seem to have no problem turning a blind eye to BLM and Antifa!

    1. It’s not about thin skin. It’s about one party control and the Communist takeover of our once great country. Anyone who does not agree with their plan for the transformation of our Republic is or soon will be considered a target of the regime.

    1. I agree, however, we need more the just an audit.
      We have an illegitimate Executive branch transforming our Republic into an oppressive communist cesspool and no redress of grievances. The will of the people needs to be upheld and the truly elected administration under our Constitution needs to take its legal place in the White House.
      Those placed in position by way of fraud should not be accepted. If we simply ignore the greatest assault, in history, on our Republic because it can’t be undone then where is JUSTICE? If there’s no justice, there’s no deterrent, why not let all murderers free, we can’t bring back those they have killed so what’s the point. We can’t undo what the criminal has done! If there’s no consequences to fraudulent elections then what, I ask, deters them from simply doing it again?

      1. I totally agree. Unless the people stand up and demand that these illegitimate communist be removed we are done for as a free nation.

  3. NOTHING that any right-thinking American can ever say/
    not say or do/not do will ever suffice to mollify the ideologically reactionary tendencies of the certifiably brain-dead, allegedly “woke” progressives of the Marxist left! President Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand. This nation can not endure permanently half slave and half free.” This is a valid hypothesis in its historical context! Paraphrased to fit contemporary political conditions, “A people divided against themselves can never produce a politically conducive national entity. This nation can not and WILL NOT endure permanently half PATRIOT and half TRAITOR.” The day of decision is closer than you think!

    1. As Edmund Burke said 200 years ago, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

  4. The democrats are sick and they always have been. The only thing they’re good at is sufficiently lying and getting enough fools to believe them. I can name at least 100 current people in politics and the media that, if they were to disappear from this planet, would make the world a more tolerable place to live. I could only dream of an outcome like that.

  5. Okay, this is all true. But …. WHAT IS ANYBODY IN A POSITION OF POWER DOING ABOUT IT?

    NOTHING. Our “brave defenders”: SCUM GARBAGE SLIME that they all are, have gone over to the Communists. And please, don’t bring up those “patriots” who are supposedly on the side of We the People. WHERE ARE THEY??? Or the Wokey-Jokey military. They’re too busy with CRT classes to get involved.

    Oh, but the “opposition” GOP! Yup, they’ll step in! Oh, wait, they weren’t even concerned enough with obvious ELECTION FRAUD to get involved with that.

    Well, NSA, FBI, DHS, did you Commies get all that? When can I expect the machine gun armed goon squad at my door? It’s what you bipedal garbage do best now, isn’t it?

    Oh, by the way three piece suit trash, there are tens of thousands of foreigners invading the country right now. Are you too freakin’ YELLOW to take them on? And what about BLM?Antifa? Too tough for you? Yeah, an unarmed protestor is an easier target, eh?

    Ah, I see. They’re just “following orders” to sit it all out. Remember this though, the Nazis were “just following orders” too.

    1. Sad, but correct.
      The same Republican party that said they would repeal Obamacare? The same Republicans that draw a line in the sand and then fail to hold to it. The same Republican party that, in the most fraudulent election (2020) in American history is working to restore the Will of The Voters? Where are they? This is who we’re depending on for the survival of our Constitutional Republic?
      And the military is becoming so “woke”, how will we win a war? Maybe the enemy will die laughing on the battlefields.
      Communists will continue to ignore the constitution and Bill of Rights, unhindered to transform our once great country into a Communist Cesspool. They are right in our faces, not even trying to hide the transformation, just like the, in your faces election fraud. No consequences, no punishment! Land of the free, home of the brave is something for the history books.
      “Now, the word “Patriot” will be added to the list of words considered hate speech.” As stated in a BUZZ AMERICA article recently.
      So I guess in the basement is where all the Patriots, I heard so much about growing up are hiding.
      This is what America has become, I hope we’re proud.

      1. Yup. The GOP draws a line in their sandbox then scribbles it out while they play with their plastic bucket and shovel.

        After that they hit the campaign trail to stump for the likes of Murkowski and Romney.

      2. Sir I have watched all this taking place over my 69 years and tried to warn people, but that warning fell upon closed ears. And sadest is people have closed up their hearts towards Jesus Christ and His teachings which is the foundation of our country. The Church is spiritually asleep. Patriots comment and talk but nothing gets done to right this evil mess. Repentance before a righteous and merciful God is what must take place or death to this once great nation is very near, in fact by the end of the illegitimate president’s term the America we were born into will be no more.

    2. Sadly sir I must agree with you. Where is the national outrage? Where are the people demanding justice? People are sound asleep concerning the terrible shape of our nation. I expect the same in the 2022 and 2014 elections. People will sit and complain but do nothing. Sad time in America.

  6. We need the election investigations proven and President Trump reinstated. He would pardon those convicted and get the others released. More of the Dems lies to keep America divided.

  7. Those who think the Republicans have been ‘hiding’, not standing up and fighting are wrong. They fought for the audits and the audits performed already have shown massive fraud from the Democrats. They are diligently working to get the election turned around to install the true President Trump. Rather than start a war, they are trying to do what needs to be done legally. If that fails, then I think everyone knows what is next. May God be with President Trump and all the true Patriots of this country. We all need to help ‘Make this country great again’. Write the Representatives of your state, demand justice, demand the reinstatement of the true President, demand that all the Democrats who are responsible for the fake win for Biden be tried for treason against the People of the United States of America and sent to prison, demand that the Border is closed and all the illegals Biden allowed in…are deported. Don’t just sit there and hope that everything will be ok, it won’t. The People are the ones who have the control if they exercise it. Make it known that we are through with the crimes against our country by the evil Democrats. Help make the voting process safer and stop election fraud. We need to win our country back from the evil doers and we can do it if we stand together and fight back against them.

    1. I pray what you’re saying is actually happening. But so far I see little or nothing taking place.

  8. The real insurrection was the theft of the 2020 election by the ccp/dnc/rino led coalition; a classical marxist operation.

  9. The Dems were blind to what was really happening in the streets of America when President Trump was in office. Now that the DEms are in office they are beginning to notice. They dragged their feet to make Trump look bad but it back fired and Biden is lost what to do. Disaster at the border, people do not want to get the vaccine, inflation rising, USA loosing at the games. crime in the streets and people up set across the country. Thanks Joe for a wonderful six months. Remember this is on your watch or who ever is calling the shots.

  10. Never forget that the first civil war was started by Democrats. They are very much trying to start another one.

  11. The only insurrection occurred on Election Day when the Demorats stole the election from our one and true President. God Bless the U.S.A.

  12. “Federal criminal laws are not administrative edicts handed down upon the masses as if the administrators were God delivering the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai…
    It is not the role of the executive — particularly the unelected administrative state — to dictate to the public what is right and what is wrong.”

  13. Read an article about 9 Black Women were treated racist while on a plane going on vacation. Well your ppl started this by insurrections all over America and you call White Ppl Racist when actually you and your ppl are the racist biased and bigot whiny ppl. God Bless America. And IMPEACH BIDEN

  14. Ashli Babbitt was killed by a police officer for no good reason and is being ignored while George Floyd has been made into a super hero. Everything the democrats do is part of their agenda to sacrifice America for their own personal greed. They want a one party country and they are well on their way to success. Gun control—–they don’t give a damn about anybody-they want to take our firearms because they are afraid of the coming rebellion.

  15. When President Trump is re-elected/restored to the Presidency in 2025, it will probably be the first time in any Administration that anyone convicted and sentenced by any kangaroo-a$$ Obama court of any charges stemming from the events of January 6, 2021 is/ are pardoned unconditionally by a sitting President SO SOON after his inauguration! All others who may be pending charges will have their charges dropped and their records expunged! This I predict is INEVITABLE!

  16. I really don’t understand how these people managed to try to destroy President Trump, who with both hands tied behind his back did more for the good of America..including the clueless bullying lib dems…..than the man they shoved into office…..who is destroying a once great and beautiful country???
    How the heck is this allowed to happen??????? And that nasty old lady , where does she get the power…she is ruining this country right along with the old guy???????????

  17. I`m not asleep what am I supposed to do? I don`t think there is much i can do.I`m ready for war but until then?

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