Why Can’t Congress Check on the Condition of the January 6 Detainees?

Congress has oversight of the dank Washington, DC jail where the jailed political prisoners from the January 6 protests are being held. That jail is accountable to Congress and therefore to “we the people” through our elected Representatives. But that jail where nearly 100 Trump supporters are being held on minor trespassing charges won’t allow Congress inside to check on the conditions there.

Why not? What are they hiding? Why can’t some Representatives just walk through the building for a quick “audit?” (pun intended)

Representatives Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ) went to the banana republic Biden gulag this week. Using their oversight authority, they wanted to tour the jail and check on the condition of the prisoners. The reports on the treatment of those “innocent until proven guilty” prisoners are appalling.

The Representatives made it through the front door and the staff at the jail started stalling. They asked the Members of Congress to put on their masks. They complied. And then some snooty prison lady told them that her supervisor had informed her that Gaetz, Gohmert, Greene and Gosar were trespassing. Hoo boy! As we know from nearly six months of reports of the January 6 detainees being tortured in that jail, trespassing is a super serious crime. You can have your eyeball punched out of the socket by jail guards just for being accused of trespassing.

Our elected Members of Congress asked to speak to that supervisor, which was followed by more hemming, hawing, and stalling. A woman walked past the group and out of the jail, and they were informed that she was the supervisor. Try to wrap your head around the childishness of what happened after that.

When they followed her outside, the supervisor darted back into the building and locked the doors. Real professional. That’s how four Members of Congress were treated by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s lackeys when trying to carry out their job of conducting oversight.


It’s amazing that this group of Representatives was able to overcome the fear of bullying from Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney and the entire mainstream media that so many Republicans are infected with right now. The Biden regime is launching a new “war on terror” against Americans who didn’t vote for him. Therefore, many elected Representatives and Senators are unwilling to lift a finger in support of the January 6 protesters. They’ll be smeared as “terrorist sympathizers” by the regime, which is the same thing that happened to people who opposed the tiniest iota of the first “War on Terror.”

I hesitate to share a joke with you about this situation, because the horrible treatment of the prisoners is not a laughing matter. But I think the protesters would get a kick out of this joke themselves, since they’re not a bunch of joyless scolds like the Democrat Party. Revolver News published a satire article last week that the January 6 protesters are now identifying as Cubans, so that Republican leadership in Congress will finally pay attention to them.

That’s sad, funny, and true.

But the advocacy from those of us who have continued to support the prisoners and denounce their torturers is paying off. More Republican Senators and Representatives are finally speaking out.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who fully supported indefinite detainment of Iraqi POWs, stated this week that, “Nobody should be detained indefinitely in America for domestic law purposes. So they deserve their day in court.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) noted that none of Joe Biden’s voters who burned down American cities last year were treated this way. “It seems like there’s more than one standard, but we should apply the same standard to everyone.”

And in the biggest surprise turnaround of all, a reporter from the Washington Examiner managed to corner an ACLU spokesperson. When pressed, the ACLU finally denounced the treatment of the detainees in an official statement:

“Prolonged solitary confinement is torture and certainly should not be used as a punitive tool to intimidate or extract cooperation.”

The detainees are routinely beaten and harassed by prison guards. Their only real crime was being supporters of Donald Trump and therefore opponents of the Biden regime. And their treatment is un-American. It needs to stop. The good news is that more people are finally speaking out and we’re going to win this fight. So, keep spreading this message to your family members, friends and acquaintances. The world needs to know that Joe Biden is torturing Trump supporters over misdemeanor trespassing charges.

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65 thoughts on “Why Can’t Congress Check on the Condition of the January 6 Detainees?”

  1. There should be punitive charges against Nancy Pelosi and all the rest of the democrats that had all this “planned” and there should definitely be an ‘911 investigation’ into the 2020 presidential election! (A SHAM)!!! I for 1(one) of the millions of people will NEVER believe {till my dying day} that “Sleepy Creepy Joe” won the election! That’s my story; and I’m ‘stick’en to it’!!! I just hope and PRAY that this beautiful country (USA) is not too far gone by the time the 2022 elections come about!!
    I’m not sure but, I really think that the democrats had a “deal” with China to release this God forsaken virus in order to take control of the elections; knowing that my PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump was going to win the 2020, therefore setting up “Election Fraud”!! [I surely hope that this wasn’t the case for the k’s of people that died from it.] Now they(democrats) are at it again…open borders in the South!! I could go on and on but I will leave it here and let whom ever reads this to decide for themselves! God Bless and God Bless this Nation!!

    1. Now during this time period their bringing more people in from another country when the virus they say is spreading.You think they are trying to spread this virus when most Americans know this is how they are purposely trying to spread more harm than good.

      1. Just hold on within 1-3years things are going to be in a great Republican victories, then we will see who is behind barsfor a year with out being able to see a lawyer or family [what goes aroud, comes around]. So kiss your asses good by DC copps, DC mayor, Capitol Hill Cops, Pelosi, Schumerand the rest of the TREASONEST COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS, ALONG WITH THE RHINO REPULICANS AND ANY JUGHES INVOLVED IN THIS TREASONEST ACKTIONS. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON THEIR SOULES. GOD BLESS THE FREE USA

    2. Obama, Clintons are the underlying decay or our Beautiful American glorious country.
      BIDEN ‘S Narcississtic personality: IS The NAIL IN THE COFFIN!
      having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.
      “a narcissistic actress” (dementia act?)
      conceited · self-loving · in love with oneself · self-admiring · self-regarding · wrapped up in oneself · self-absorbed · self-obsessed · self-centered · egotistic · egotistical · [more]
      relating to narcissism.
      “narcissistic personality disorder”


    3. Can you verify that the prisoners are being beaten? If our own Representatives cannot get in to see, then how does anyone know they are being beaten?

      1. Are u dizzy,or trying to be? Lawyers,other prisoners relatives,etc have sent the voice out. Is so difficult for u to understand or are u following a leftist agenda to discredit them & retorted the truth? Don’t forget that no everyone here has empty head like u.

      2. Are u dizzy,or trying to be? Lawyers,other prisoners relatives,etc have sent the voice out. Is so difficult for u to understand or are u following a leftist agenda to discredit them & retorted the truth? Don’t forget that no everyone here has empty head like u. By the way and as ACLU just said; EXTENDED CONFINEMENT is TORTURE. They were UNARMED protesters,not burning,looting,assaulting or killing anyone as ANTIFA/BLM & much probably RATS like u have been doing to destroy our country. SOB!

      3. The Oversite Committee should take over the prison with military forces. Then we could see what’s going on inside. Plus, the prisoners rights to speedy trials are being denied to them. At the very least, they should be out on bail. Illegal aliens are getting treated better including the illegal alien criminals.

    4. A whole bunch of Democrats should be in the jail, instead of honest hardworking Americans who have a right to free speech. Come 2022 when the republicans take back control of congress, they need to start impeaching a lot of DOJ Democrats and Democrat congressional leadership needs to go to jail!!!!

    5. My Thoughts EXACTLY. That’s why they REFUSE to give PRESIDENT TRUMP, his day in COURT to PROVE the FRAUD perpetrated during an on ELETION DAY and AFTERWORD. And still are fighting to PREVENT AUDITS.

  2. It’s about time the Republicans came to fight for the release of those people who have been arrested for being in DC on January 6. The “insurrection” was planned and promoted by the Democrats. Innocent people are literally having their lives ruined. UNACCEPTABLE AND EVIL!!!!

    1. Lying thieving democrats called it an insurrection. I call it an Uprising to protest the destruction of our Republic.

      1. You are so very right Bill, and why these people are still in jail is an abomination of our justice system, if there is such a thing in todays America. The rightful ones who should be imprisoned are the Democrats!

    2. Where are we? In Venezuela?? Charge them, try them, or let them go free. What is becoming of our country. The inept, corrupt Democrats will stop at nothing!

      1. The Patriot act is why. they suspended habius corpus for individuals if that person is considered a terrorist. Thats why the narrative against whites and conservatives is so prevalent. They want to consider anyone not on their side a domestic threat and terrorist. So they can put us in prisons without charging us with a crime to further their socialist agenda. The same thing Hitler did to the Jews in Germany. These people are traitors and evil. They must be stopped. Its time to kill. Past time. Raise arms and take them down

        1. Biden’s babysitters and their ilk are playing most Republicans like base fiddles. They have most of you under
          Their thumbs right now, and you idiots
          don’t even know it. You’re all baffoons.
          They’ll have you arrested, put in jail and tortured before you pick up your gun and Walk outside. Republicans need a brain trust and you guy aren’t it. Republican politicians won’t support you, because they’re much too comfortable to up set
          the Status Quo. You have lost your country get use to it. Oh, and be sure to
          have your children learn Chinese, they’ll need it.

    3. I totally agree with you Erin; Nancy Pelosi is so scared that the TRUTH will get out that she is saying and doing every thing she can to get it omitted. She is nothing but the spawn of evil itself! 2022 can’t come soon enough. I just wish there was some way to get these evil people out of office before then (2022)! Every body that I have talked to also agree that the ‘demon-crats’ had planned this phony “insurrection” just to gain more power over the rhetoric coming out of Washington DNC. If you can remember… during MY PRESIDENT’S TRUMP speech that there was a line of people cutting through the crowd going possibly towards the house of congress. Could this had been ANTIFA, BLM; we don’t know. There should be an investigation into this!!

  3. President jackass learned this way of torture from the chinese who have abused humans for decades so we as a country are no better than China we continue to allow this regime to dictate to us what they want they do not follow our own laws these poor prisoners are being held against there will for the simple crime of trespassing not arson not looting trespassing the people holding them and most certainly the people abusing them need to be brought to justice this is the United States not some third world country

  4. You mean to say that they cannot get a FEDERAL WARRANT to inspect this dump. How is that possible. A federal judge can’t order them. What kind of Mickey Mouse crap are these POS jailers playing, and why are they allowed to get away with it.

    1. A Biden judge would not do anything to assist the Republicans or Trump supporters but the judge would let the ANTIFA/BLM Terrorists go free.

      1. Any Judge who takes sides on any issue, should be thrown literally off the bench and never permitted to serve again and no retirement benefits.

  5. What has happened to We The People to allow this? Our Republic is farther gone than we know. This is satanic and evil. Is it too late, I wonder? We have suffered the lying thieving democrats for decades, but what has happened to their voters and supporters?

    1. I agree with your comment Mr.Halcott.

    2. You are correct sir. Have faith though. God is the author of this plan and he has determined that our lack of faith requires us to go through these troubled times. It will undoubtedly bring many people to their knees and increase our faith and prayers to him. But we are not going to lose this country. God will step in when all seems lost and restore our finances and country to a place above its best place in history. Just be grateful and give him his glory in the meantime and have faith that we will overcome the evil that is in control right now. President Trump fulfilled the biblical prophecy when he declared Israel a nation to the world. We like Israel are under God’s promise of protection from falling. And every American was given salvation that day should they choose to accept it and ask for it. We may actually be the luckiest of all humanity if you think about it. We may be witness to the second coming of our lord. What an amazing honor and experience it will be. We truly are lucky and blessed to be alive in these times. Evil will never prevail. Darkness can never defeat the light. They’re nearing the peak of their power now and Goliath will fall again.

  6. There must be some Law and Lawful organization that the Left doesn’t control to get in to inspect the conditions in that Jail! Who pays the salaries for the keepers of that jail? Stop the flow of money and access may happen!
    Why is the ACLU allowing this to happen? Where are the Lawyers that are supposed to be appointed to represent those trespassers that committed that “serious” Crime” on their “Own Property” Even though the present Badministration doesn’t believe it, this is still AMERICA, and these people deserve better treatment especially because they are being held for “POLITICAL REASONS” while all over the Country, murderers and Felons of all types are being released from Jails to commit more serious Crimes than Democrats could dream up!

  7. Why are these Marxist being allowed to get away with this dictatorial handling of America’s affairs?
    Do we not have enough representatives with a backbone to challenge such actions in court?
    The whole problem stems from the fact that America is run by alphabet organizations who are neither elected nor are they accountable to WE THE PEOPLE!!! They have become the “shadow government” and they have outlived their usefulness. It is PAST TIME to take these organizations down or at the least reign them in!!!

    1. Yes James it is. Continue to stockpile arms and ammunitions. Learn survival techniques and how to accomplish tasks without electricity. Learn how to access a water source without turning on a faucet. Learn how to move in cover and concealment. Learn how to fight an enemy superior to you. Educate yourselves now while there is still time to learn. So when the time comes it is needed you can be a leader and teacher to others.

  8. So, are we to assume from all of this that there are absolutely NO brave defenders of America’s Freedoms that have any authority over these Communist Prison Goons at all? None?

    So the GOP stalwarts just slink off hanging their heads in abject defeat, AGAIN, while these goons-in-uniform snicker, laugh and point at them?

    Gee, it’s so nice to have those in power on your side, eh, America?

    Our “brave defenders” have ALL SOLD OUT and the GOP is as useless as a wingless glider. Get used to this, it’s the fate that awaits this entire country. You only “think” those huge FEMA CAMPS are for use after disasters.

    1. Dont forget that FEMA has been stockpiling hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins. Get ready for what is next. The first horseman has ridden and the second is WAR.

  9. I doubt that they are many if any Trump supporters in that jail. The first Trump people to make it to the Capitol said that there was a group going into the Capitol , from another direction. FBI said that Trump still had 12 more minutes of speech when it happened. Antifa planned it along with 4 other groups. Wouldn’t it be funny if all the prisoners were Antifa, BLM, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, InsurgentsUSA? THey all we arrested from those groups. Antifa sure does need punishment for their past violence. Babbitt , according to friends, belonged to NO group. She was just wanting to get in on the whole thing. Seems the Supreme Court should be able to let the Republicans in to visit.

    1. The supreme court has been compromised! Only alito and thomas are genuine justices. The rest are treasonous AH! Especially roberts , cavanaugh and barret! JMHO!

  10. Take this case of human rights abuse to the lnternational Criminal Court and accuse the entire Biden regime and name each of them in the indictment.

    1. Yes, and BiDEN Charged for criminal. Actions against our American immigration laws, creating illegial conditions
      Against C.D.C guidelines during a worldwide epidemic,(pandemic ) Crisis. And our Borders affecting the safety of our border guards, officers , and the peoples of one of United States largest State” Texas .
      His trip to Mexico on airforce 2 with Hunter Biden investigated as to the full context, and legitimacy. For the
      Trip along with why Hunter Biden went with him on Air force 2 On two additional trips at government trips to
      China and Ukraine

  11. The mind BOGGLES! In my own humble opinion, what goes around comes around. Perhaps the Deep State hierarchy should be accorded like or similar treatment alongside their raghead darlings in GITMO, after which ALL should then be fed to the SHARKS!

  12. AlL Congress members and senators alike should all be ashamed and VOTED out of office at how they do not follow the laws on the books.. innocent till proven guilty.. Justice is blind I can say them all..
    every political prisoner when the get out eventually I hope they sue the government for being beaten daily And was not provided a court appointed lawyer .and unable to have bail.. N.Y. let’s rapest out of jail same day without bail as well as the Washington DC jails but not the Capitol police . is stand behind the lawsuit.. then we need to see and read all about the Capitol police MAN whole killed Ashley she need Justice next

  13. My question is this: why did the GOP not get law enforcement behind them, (not the DC but Federal) since they have a constitutional right to inspect the premises? Have they no spine? Are they complicit. Is this mere political theatre? So tired of the GOP backing down from even the least resistance from democrats.

  14. If we had a DOJ worth a shit this would not happen! Since the AG is a biden flunky this will continue until someone will balls puts a stop to it! Just Saying!!!!!!!

  15. Democrats are criminals and why republicans aren’t doing more for these people in jail isn’t right. They need to be loud, obnoxious, and completely disruptive until they see and talk to these people. Hold these scummy democrats accountable!!!

  16. Follow the money——(1)George Soros( America hating international criminal, who happens to be supporting the dim Dems, who think he loves them with his Billions, but really he wants to just eliminate the one spot in the world that blocks and makes a mockery of his socialist beliefs, the United States of America!)—-(2) Soros funded Dim Dem uncaring Pacs spreading his money where he points to—-(3)Empty suit dim witted criminally inclined folks lining up for a free shot at personnel enrichment, who get extravagantly funded for Local prosecutors @ mayors, that ignore the victims and release and promote the criminals—-(4)Dim witted students of all races and backgrounds who don’t yet have a fully functional brain, taking to the streets burning, looting, Targeting certain people i.e Police for abuse and physical violence while carrying Pre-Made signs and weapons, from preparked vans or just pre dropped stashes—-(5)The MEDIA for the most part need I say more—-IS IT A STRETCH THEN TO HAVE A LOGICAL THOUGHT THAT GOOD OLD SOROS HAS INFILTRATED OTHER GROUPS I.E SOCIAL MEDIA, ECONOMIC, MILITARY, and of course POLITICAL. Can we be allowed to think about it folks!

  17. Look up the Convention of States clause in the Constitution. There is an article in the constitution that allows us the right to suspend congress and the house and remove the president should enough states (35) ratify it. Many states have already done so. This would enable us to drain the swamp and impose term limits to politicians and declassify many things that are done now behind our backs in Washington. The elected no longer serve the public. They serve themselves and they think we’re all too stupid or afraid to do anything about it. Just remember that there are a lot more of us than there are of them. A bum rush into the capitol would end it all quickly but many innocent people would die as a result.

  18. That’s what my husband and I’ve been thinking all along. When I think about it I get livid. I pray that the truth will be revealed and that those monsters who are in charge will be imprisoned

    1. Many good comments about the prisoner’s rights and the fact that they are not being treated fairly. The reason why they are not being heard is the FBI, CIA,DOJ are all the swamps minions told to cover the election steal and plan to control as dictators the way we live from now on. The Supreme Court will not make any decisions until they are cornered and say it has to be the court of last chance.

  19. I have been following the treatment of the prisoners since Jan 6th and it is my understanding from different sources, the prisoners have not been given due process, none being held have been accused of a violent crime, they can’t even talk to their relatives, they are being very mistreated by lack of sleep, food, showers, etc. i sat down and wrote to every politician I could get an address for but have not received but one reply to my concerns and that was Congressman Tim Scott. I can’t write to Nancy Pelosi even though she is a US senator from California. You can only contact her if you live in her small district in the Bay area. But I am glad to see more people are finding out about the treatment of these American citizens in our own country. Everyone should be outraged for the treatment of these Americans who have the right as all Americans, freedom of speech. Not even murderers are treated the way these people are being treated and it needs to stop. Give them their day in court, provide the evidence they are in fact guilty of a crime. BLM has destroyed businesses, government property, murdered people including an eight year old Black girl, their so called leader spent millions of dollars for herself and her family with donated dollars (mostly Soros) to cause havoc here in America. They have made a mockery of all the good things that have changed in America for the last century. Due process is a right given to everyone, and what happened to: Innocent until proven guilty? Torture isn’t something that should be happening in our judicial system.

  20. The FORMER united States of America becomes more and more like the current nation of Communist China every day.

    It WILL just get worse because most of our “brave defenders” were all bought for a bad song and the rest were indoctrinated by the GARBAGE that calls themselves “educators” today. Educators – LOLOL!! They’re poorly “educated” INDOCTRINATORS and they KNOW IT.

    Yep, the entire mob of them thinks they’re doing the right thing. China bought them with OUR OWN MONEY.

    What an international JOKE this country has become. Only it isn’t funny.

  21. I wonder how long it will be that some commit suicide(wink, wink)
    They are afraid of what they have done to these people. I would sue them for holding for unknown ransom

  22. i believe time has come to over throw the corporation government and return government back to the people my opinion. just hope soldiers all understand without we the people how will they continue to be paid. treason is in our faces and rubbed in every second of the day why is the Army not going after these criminals the military belongs to the people who agreed to form Government to protect man and his property which has been in neglect for decades whiloe corporations infect our courts and daily lives and they know it as to why BERTRY OBAMA and others signed the PATRIOT ACT they know the string has been broke and as to why they live on their ISlands they do not want to be caught between the American people and foriegners who are trying to take our country

  23. EAT ELDERBERRIES, the #1 fruit to fight against the Flu, SWINE FLU,STARRS, and the COVI. do your own google naturally fight the symptoms

  24. The time is coming when we will have to get our legal rights by force of arms! These people deny us our rights, and trample the law with impunity. Keep it up ass holes, we do not need F15’s or nukes to get our laws or rights back!

  25. This adventure of the Congress Members reminds me of a similar one which two Senators had some years ago – and, again, it concerned a prison run by a federal agency, the CIA: the ‘Police Academy of the Americas’, set up and run by the CIA in the Panama region.
    This “Academy” was known as the “TORTURE UNIVERSITY” where all the brutes, inquisitors and torturers of the South- and Central-American US proxy dictatorships were trained and “qualified”. The brutality and murderous practices in the “Academy” had become so bad that the reports had even reached through the closed doors of Top Washington Ranks, and two Senators travelled to Panama.
    They got, as the Senators here and now, as far as the ‘gates of hell’ – were arrested, handcuffed, transported to a plane and kicked out again in Washington. It must be “Federal Procedure” (under the “Hide Shame Act”).

  26. If Americans can be incarcerated indefinitely, it has already descended into a police state. Now a two-bit supervisor can give members of Congress a childish run around, is confirmation that America’s legal checks are failing. This tyrannical situation has to be the top concern for Americans now. Why isn’t the Supreme Court and Congress kicking down the door, and releasing these political prisoners ? All uncorrupted media should be highlighting this on their front page and breaking news report, that Americans are being incarcerated indefinitely and denied due process, and contact with family and friends. That this has festered for over half a year now, is a truly ominous development.

  27. Okay, it’s been over a week since this article was posted and the Gutless Old Pussycats have done NOTHING since being run off by a low-level nobody.

    NOTHING. Well, nothing except whine about it.

    They have the AUTHORITY to inspect this facility yet they refuse to use it. The entire cackling gaggle of them are thoroughly USELESS except to give flowery speeches that mean NOTHING while the DemoCommies clamp a dictatorship down upon us.

    I’m done with the scum in the sold-out complicit GOP. Not another dollar or wasted vote for them. Look what they’ve done for America in recent years. After making it a major campaign issue, they repealed ObamaCare when they had the power to do so – NOT. Gave us two stalwart Constitutional Conservatives to vote for in Presidential Elections – Hanoi Johnny McCain and Mitt the Quitt Romney. Then they openly turned on Trump who was very popular with the GOP’s own voter base.

    And you think they’re on YOUR side? They’re sold-out LIARS and TURN COATS putting on a big act claiming they “oppose” the Democrat/Communists. Nothing more.

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