Always Classy: First Lady Melania Trump Breaks Her Silence on January 6

We haven’t spent a whole lot of time recently talking about the Liz Cheney January 6 Committee for a couple of reasons. We all know it’s a show trial and at the end of it, COVID Joe’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is going to charge Donald Trump with some BS crime to try to prevent him from running in 2024. Plus, the hearings are the second-most boring subject on earth after Trump’s tax returns.

But one person who hasn’t weighed in on January 6 since it happened is former First Lady Melania Trump. She spoke out about January 6 this week finally, so it’s worth noting what she had to say.

The most important thing that Melania talks about is the fact that she was at the White House carrying out official duties on January 6. The First Lady is responsible for recording the contents of the White House’s historic rooms before the transition of power when her husband leaves office.



Melania told Fox News:

“Several months in advance, I organized a qualified team of photographers, archivists, and designers to work with me in the White House to ensure perfect execution.”

With this statement, Melania Trump is actually telling us a million important things about January 6 without outright stating them. It even tells us something really important about Donald Trump, and his actions and mindset that day.

Coups and insurrections are violent, messy and unpredictable. You can end up with different branches of the military fighting each other, cops fighting civilians, and so on. Nobody really knows who’s in charge during an insurrection or a coup. In other words, if you were planning to lead an insurrectionist coup, the last place where you would want your spouse to be is in an obvious place like the White House.

If Donald Trump had really been planning an insurrection, Melania and Barron, and probably the rest of his kids and their families, would have been in an unknown and safe location. Melania wouldn’t have been in the White House with a team of photographers.

A lot of people have forgotten what happened during the attempted coup in the Soviet Union. Mikhail Gorbachev’s vice president, a guy named Gennady Yanayev, sent the military to arrest Gorbachev and his wife at their house. The military demanded that Gorbachev transfer power to Yanayev. When Gorbachev refused to sign the document, the military placed him and his wife Raisa under arrest. They thought they were going to be killed.

Hundreds of people died in the coup attempt, in Russia and in the many satellite states that would become independent after the Soviet Union fell. When the dust settled, Gorbachev was out of power and populist leader Boris Yeltsin was in charge of the country.

That’s what real coups and insurrections are like. They’re wildly unpredictable, violent and crazy. Nobody really knows if they’re going to succeed if they attempt an insurrection. They could end up dead or in jail, and so could their family members.

This is why Melania Trump’s location on January 6 actually tells us everything about that day. There’s a zero percent chance that she’d have been in the White House that day if Trump was planning a coup. “Let me just leave my wife in an obvious place so she can be taken hostage while I attempt this insurrection to overthrow the government!”


Notice also that Melania’s duties that she was carrying out are part of the peaceful transition of power that takes place every time an administration leaves office. Donald Trump was therefore never planning some sort of violent action to take over the country. He and his wife were planning to leave the White House after they had exhausted every legal and legislative avenue to try to prevent Joe Biden from taking an office that was stolen in the 2020 election.

Mike Pence’s betrayal of President Trump on January 6 is the real story of that day. That, and the fact that Nancy Pelosi had the Capitol Police provoke a riot by violently attacking women, children and elderly Trump supporters to rile everyone up. If you needed any additional proof that it wasn’t an insurrection, Melania has provided it by speaking out this week. Anyone who says different is lying.

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36 thoughts on “Always Classy: First Lady Melania Trump Breaks Her Silence on January 6”

  1. January 6 was a well planned and well executed prevent to incriminate Trump. Violence was necessary, thus the killing of an innocent woman, which would give teeth to the “insurrection,” rendering Trump ineligible to run for president. But this will bite them in the butt. If Trump doesn’t run, DeSantis will, and he will win. DeSantis is another feerless patriot, and the left will be just as dissatisfied with him as they were with Trump. The basis of this hatred is that these men interfere with their way of life, i.e., rampant corruption that translates to wealth.

    1. Yes its always about money and power!! What I cannot understand is how America sits back while the January 6th people have been rotting in jail without due process. It is like we are living in a communist country already. This country should be up in arms about American citizens being treated like terrorists.

      1. Carol I You hit it on the head somebody needs to do something most of our Republican leaders are useless.


  2. Despicable is a word to describe what the “”political professional LIARS””” are doing to the ONLY PRESIDENT since Raegan to fulfill all his promises, because of his love of GOD and his country.
    The only man, who, not a politician, made a fortune the American way, using all the laws the politicians law makers drafted for themselves in order to become rich through corruption and sidestepping said laws. ( insider trading).
    Their HATE of GOD and PRESIDENT TRUMP are blinding them to all the stupid decisions they tame.
    I cannot but think they care not about November, because they have planned a drastic change in the history of this country. We need to be purposefully ready to fight for the life of the HOPE FOR THE WORLD.
    THE FREEDOM we have as the People of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  3. We all know what really happened! Trump is innocent anyone with a half brain knows this. The democrats plan on winning again in 2024 they are already staging the voter registration to be able to cheat! It is also a CB possibility that no matter what the outcome they are not leaving! They gave t followed on law in anything they gave done so far and the damage they have did already to our country. I say you better get ready and be paepared for those of you who believe Biden and their team is gonna take care of you better get a grip! They hate you as much if not more then they hate republicans . Being your all so stupid to believe them and now the majority of you all are turning your backs on them what do you think they are gonna try and do to you? You all better wake up! Destroy this Democratic Party every last one of them ! They all need to be kicked of of the government and return your money back to you the money they stole from you as you handed it over in total belief they were finally gonna help uou. Lol . You have to help yourselves first and most of you sit back and want your life to be care FREE!

  4. I would like to see President Trump back in office especially if he had a majority in the Senate and the House but the idiot college youth and the other Democrats or nothing groups will still be a disruptive thorn in his side!
    DeSantis on the other hand does not have that stigma with the public and therefore, I believe would have the better chance to have people listen and follow his lead as he puts his intentions out there without putting in his own personal displeasure with his opponents.
    Therefore I believe he has a better chance to convince the wishyworshy Republicans, the independents and the a bit more conservative Democrats, if there is such a thing, to be convinced to follow the leadership qualities he represents and displays when the chips are down! He is like a “bull dog with big teeth but soft lips!!!!!”

  5. I will vote for either of Trump or DeSantis who ever has the best chance of defeating anyone on the left . We have to win or America is doomed as a free country in any sense of the word. And we must challenge the Left’s
    duplicity in promoting and committing election fraud. Exposing and asking a do over on an an election fraud so blatantly obvious as this one is not un-American. It is the essence of our Freedom if we are to continue a Republic .

    1. Notice that the first thing Dems (lead by Hillary) screamed was that the 2016 election was stolen. When Biden “won” so many moved to demand that anyone doubting the legality of the outcome was guilty of a crime. I’m still hearing that to this day.

    2. I’ll vote for Trump if he runs & if Trump doesn’t run I’ll vote for DeSantis. Either one is a good choice.

  6. Dems and RINOs knew exactly what was happening and how to frame it. Pelosi ordered the DC Police, and FBI were there undercover prodding. The American people there were simply protesting and we ALL learned that day just how far they would all go to undermine the will of the MAJORITY OF PEOPLE. Those with a conscience that went along because they felt they have no choice, made their choice on which side they were on. They will be judged as cowards and traitors.

    1. What needs to be investigated in detail is 1) Why Pelosi, whose responsibility was defending the Capitol, and Bowser, Mayor of D.C., did not accept President Trump’s offer of National Guard protection (something about “bad optics”) and 2) If the government was involved in provoking the riot that occurred. And who is Ray Epps? A plant?

  7. the dems are dirty players. We try to maintain decorum, while they try every dirty trick in the book. Dems don’t want to do their job – they just sit up there planning their next attack, not working for the country and solving our problems, and trying to get along with the GOP. Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, and George Soros are doing their Damned best to ruin the good old USA. I think they really are un-American. They want a “one world order”. If they don’t like it here, Leave.

    1. Sorus needs to be gone from the United State, like yesterday. He’s funding the Democratic candidates. He and Obama want a one government to rule the world.

  8. The Epoch Times has released a documentary on J6 and it shows a different side of the events, as opposed to the sliced and diced and carefully packaged biased narrative. I highly recommend watching it.

    1. My problem with The Epoch Times is the constant demand for payment just to read their reports. It didn’t use to be the case. I see EPOCH TIMES, I look away.

  9. I still believe that it was a plot against President Trump, ever since the President Trump and Melania stepped foot in the White House the democrats resented them trying to impeached within days of office and before hand might I add,, they knew if Trump would of been re-elected they would of been removed from the White House and Congress and for mike pence I never cared for him either, two faced coward,

  10. As long as Pelosi is in charge, our country will never know or hear the truth. Soros supplies the money. Schiff writes the scripts, and the rest act them out. They lie, they hand pick the committee, they hand pick their witnesses, they accept hearsay evidence. But never touch on the real questions because that would show the real culprit…Pelosi. She has wasted our tax dollars long enough. Why is this sham of a committee hearing continuing yet those arrested are treated worst than drug traffickers in this country? Why has Joe Biden not been impeached one time for endangering this country and dereliction of duties? Take away his teleprompter and note cards and give him the same cognizant tests President Trump took. All the democrats want to talk about is Trump. They need to be concerned about Joe and his ratings and total lack of leadership ability for our country.

    1. Pelosi and her husband are crooks. She and her husband (living in a “community property state) invest millions in Nvidia (a well-known chip maker) just days before a bill to use our money to encourage chip production in the U.S (which we need desperately). goes before Congress for a vote. Insider trading??? Of course not!!!

    2. But it’s great to hear that RINO Liz Chaney is being beaten badly leading up to the primary in her state.

  11. We all know this is bs. It’s like a mini Sanhedrin and two Roman’s I mean rino trump haters. Just like they did to Jesus because the elite didn’t like Jesus’s message. In the end these reprobates will get exactly what they deserve. Our God will see to it.

    1. Amen,Our Father God Will Prevail over these evil worshipers.and how i know they are devil worshipers i lived with one and was married to h im i was so afraid to leave cause he would have really hurt me. Our God Is Taking Care Of This Everyday.

  12. I want Trump to run AGAIN!!!I HATE THE DEMOCRATS!!I hope Cheny loses in the election!!She is a Shameful Republican!!

  13. I find all of the comments very interesting and very plausible. I did not read anything which would support impeachment.

  14. I really, really hope Trump runs and wins. Retribution is sweet when it is totally justified and boy is this one justified. When most all of life is now on video and only a demorat would say believe our lies because they’re true, their time is short and gettin’ shorter. I only hope to see them crushed by those lies and eliminated from society…no quarter.

  15. I believe we also really need to take our state and local elections VERY serious. WE need to vet each candidate and get acquainted with just who they are not only personally, but politically. How do they feel about schools teaching CRT? How about abortion? What about taxes? Etc…etc. Most have web sites that will be informative. Look each and every one up and discover who they really are. Once elected, it may be too late to do anything about it…and as we have seen in 2020 (barring cheating) we see the results of a clueless person placed in a high place. Take one day at a time to study those running – first for Governor….then Senate….then Representatives….then your local sheriffs, etc. Many of us who still need to vote in a week or so….have time to vet each one! Let’s do this!! You may need to call and ask your area rep who is running in your district. Get a list and then, VET!!

  16. I must say I remember during WWII n how AMERICANS stood together yes we were UNITED ,IWAS six years old n we were most definitely caring people,United ,caring,sharing prayful ,we stood tall n strong but now it’s not United in any way it’s totally being run by corruption at its best ,for power with the worst people in AMERICA n other communistic countries that not only want AMERICA N ITS PEOPLE to completely fail at life so they Communistic,Marxist,Socialist government in America will rule by China which is already in our COUNTRY WITH THEIR PLANS TO DO SUCH n BEhide all of thESE take overs is none other SOROS,OBAMA,TWO NOT BORN IN AMERICA N THE DEVIL IT SELF KILLORY CLINTON,BIDENS ,PELOSI N DEMOCRATS N MANY REPUBLICANS ALIKE (corrupt RHINO’S )the corrupt pay to play graveytrain among thives.AND don’t kid yourselves this has been a well placed plan that’s been in the making for sometime and we AMERICANS who don’t want to see our great COUNTRY fail n fall in the ways of Communism plus we better do what must be done n wake up before it’s too late for our generations to come ,this is a choice of life or death for real!USE YOUR HEAD N NOT YOUR HEART THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS N HASN’T BEEN FOR A VERY LONG TIME A PARTY FOR THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA,IT IS A COMMUNISTIC,MARXIST,SOCIALISTIC EVIL PARTY,GET OUT N VOTE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE,WAKE UP AMERICANS THIS IS OUR COUNTRY THAT MANY GAVE THEIR ALL FOR ALL THAT WE HAVE OR WE ARE GOING TO LOOSE OUT BADLY BECAUSE IF WE LOSE AMERICA WE WILL NEVER GAIN IT BACK,THE FIGHT IS NOW N BY PEACEFUL MEANS WE CAN DO IT ! GET OUT N VOTE AND DONT GIVE UP OR IN POWER OF PRAY IS ENORMOUS BECAUSE THE LORD IS TOTALLY IN CHARGE SO LETS DO IT TOGETHER! Thanks be to GOD ❤️

  17. Thank you, Melania, you are so right. I have said for quite awhile now that Pelosi planned the whole thing. Why else would the Capitol police have opened the door and just let people in? The woman is EVIL and God was watching what she did.
    Jim Jordan is my Representative and i sent him an email telling him this and more, If he has to go before the fake committee, I told him he could use whatever he needed.
    I am so ready for God to come and end all of this crap and have your husband back in the White House.

  18. Thank you Melania! You just proved beyond a reasonable doubt that President Trump is not guilty of the accusations Piglosi has made! SHE is guilty of planning the so called “ insurrection” in order to impeach President Trump! SHE should be facing charges of sedition and planning a coup! P.s. YOU are the best First Lady we have ever had!!!

  19. Everything said above is true. It was a joined effort by several traitors in our government. The Jan 6th committee is nothing more than a “notice me I have Trump issues”. The congress, including the walking dead Pelosi has zero, none, nada power to hold criminal hearings, zero subpoena power and have no power to even hold someone in contempt, that is all part of the judicial branch. They are the ones that need to be replaced. As long as the three branches of government work together to subvert the bill of rights and the constitution we are screwed.

  20. Imagine DeSantis wins the presidency. He appoints Trump the Attorney General and says, “Rip corruption from this government!”
    The Left will wish Trump was president!

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