And There Goes Arizona! Auditors Confirm Trump Won by a Lot

What an amazing start to the week! I got bored after watching the first 20 minutes or so of the Arizona senate hearing with the forensic auditors. I thought they were going to remain tight-lipped about what they’ve uncovered so far, because they’ve said all along that they aren’t going to release any findings until the final report is issued. I guess they changed their minds. A couple of hours after I stopped watching, my phone started blowing up. Family members from across the country started texting with the same message: TRUMP WON!

Sure enough, the auditors testifying in Arizona pretty much nuked Joe Biden, the Democrat Party and the Maricopa County elections officials from orbit. Based on what the auditors said under oath, we can now say conclusively that Donald Trump won the State of Arizona in the 2020 election. By a lot!

Among the findings that they announced:

Dominion Voting Systems machines were hooked up to the internet, and they were breached DURING the 2020 election. This flies in the face of everything that this Dominion company has publicly stated. They’re trying to sue Mike “The Pillow Guy” Lindell for a billion dollars for claiming that their machines were hooked up to the internet in order to rig the election.

It looks like Dominion has lied to the American people about this as a factual matter. Any state that used Dominion voting machines should now be subjected to a full forensic audit of those machines. Period!

Next, multiple ballot boxes were discovered with duplicate ballots. The way the auditors discovered this was because there were many, many ballots that were printed on the wrong paper stock – and whoever falsely filled out those ballots did, in fact fill them out with a Sharpie marker. Remember Sharpie-Gate in Arizona? The marker’s ink easily bled through the incorrect paper stock, which allowed them to quickly identify the duplicate ballots. The auditors did not give an exact number for the total amount of duplicate ballots they found, however.


And here’s the Big Truth: The auditors discovered 74,000 mail-in ballots that were recorded and counted in the 2020 election – which were never mailed out by the US Postal Service.

Someone call the Fox News Decision Desk, quick! They might have gotten that early call in Arizona wrong on Election Night!

Those 74,000 fraudulent votes are way outside of Joe Biden’s “official” 10,000-vote margin of victory. The votes are also strongly suggestive that the election rigging in Arizona was at least partly carried out by someone on the inside of the Maricopa County election system. The ballots were not mailed out to voters – but someone took them from a secure location, had them hastily filled out (for Joe Biden), and then inserted into the official vote totals.

Sing along with me if you know the words:

“Somebody’s goin’ to jaaaail! Somebody’s goin’ to jaaaail!”


Sorry, I’m a little excited this week with all of the audit truth being poured out in front of us. The Arizona hearing came just a day after we learned conclusively that Donald Trump also won the State of Georgia in the election.

Let’s do some quick math!

Let’s see… Georgia has 16 electoral votes and Arizona has 11, for a total of 27. Subtract those 27 from Joe Biden’s official total of 306, and that leaves him with just 279 electoral votes. If Pennsylvania or any other state with at least 10 electoral votes finds widespread Democrat Party fraud in their results, that’s game over.

What happens next? First, the state legislatures in Arizona and Georgia need to decertify their elections, so that those electoral votes are taken away from Biden’s total. Joe Biden did NOT legitimately win 306 votes.

Plus, we the people should start making some noise. Don’t make Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) carry the load alone!

We should all start calling our Representatives and Senators in Congress. Now that two states have conclusively shown that the election was rigged in their jurisdictions by the Democrat Party, we insist on full forensic audits of the 2020 results in the remaining 48 states.

You can reach your Representative in House at: 202-225-3121

You can reach your two Senators at: 202-224-3121

Let’s make some noise, America! Because we know that the truth is on our side and that truth is:

Trump won by a lot!

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111 thoughts on “And There Goes Arizona! Auditors Confirm Trump Won by a Lot”

  1. The Supreme Court should be mandated to re-hear ALL election challenges and never mind that “no standing” BS.

      1. Just what I’ve said all along. TRUMP gets 10’s of thousands at every rally. Crooked Joe gets a few dozen relatives and staff. Probably had to pay them!!!!!!!! DOWN WITH THE CROOKED DEMONDCRAP COMMIE PARTY!!!!!

      2. We need more audits to be demanded in other states to show this was widespread. By Thanksgiving we should have Trump back in office if more audits are done. What a happy Thanksgiving that would be.

        Pray, spread the word and keep pushing for more audits.

    1. Now the next step is to start the investigation who was involved and bring them to justice these individuals have cheated the citizens of this country and if convicted they should all go to prison for treason or hung.

      1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Let’s get this going, President Trump needs to fix what sleepy Joe has done. The democrats are the party of not telling the truth. Someone needs to go to jail, political party members (democrats).

        1. Take everything that was in they own including retirement to pay for all the illegals that they allowed into the country. Charge all democrats that voted against the wall and backed the Biden Administration. Make the democratic party pay for the cost of illegals in the country. They are responsible for the second wave of the virus. You can not spread 1 million people not vaccinated or with covid accross the country and not say this is the SUPER SPREADER.

    2. The Marxist Democrats said of Trump ” that no one is above the law ,not even Pres. Trump ” and yet the Dem’s , Biden , Hunter , the Clinton’s , Mueller, Barr, Pelosi, Shiff , Adler, Schumer, Aoc, the 4, Marx, Hitler, and the list goes on of these Dem’s that committed treason, lied under oath are walking free.
      What Did the LORD say ? He alone will judge in the end.

    3. Audit the other states. This better not stop here and get shoved under the table. I hope those involved serve long jail terms. They should be charged with the highest crimes possible.

    4. Now the democratic’s wants to do the other audits and not cyber ninja because they do not trust them and they said that they are lying about the fraud in the election of 2020, because Cyber ninja was paid off by the Republican Party and Donald Trump. What lies the democratic’s are pulling out of there pockets now. They are going down! I hope every democratic goes to jail.

    5. TRUMP WON!!!!!!! We ALL new it and now all we can hope is these unamerican communist people who sooo argued the free and fair election of 2020 was legit see a prison cell for treason to say the least!!!!!!! If the accountability is pushed aside “AGAIN” THE COMMUNISTS WILL CONTINUE TO FRAUD “ALL” AMERICANS INTO VOTING FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Just received this article. It’s unbelievable, but now it’s Aug., 17th and still isn’t front page on fox. Is this real?

    7. Once AZ and GA move to recall their Democrat Electors due to the newly discovered and widespread election fraud, the Democrats will object and file a lawsuit. That will give the States the “standing” that they need to have the entire matter brought before the SCOTUS.

      This is not going to end well for the election thieves!

  2. Don’t believe a dam thing will happen, but we’ll see.
    Wishful thinking. If anyone pays the price for this dam mess I’ll be the first to apologize for doubting the process.

    1. Without apologizing I NEVER doubted TRUMP WON and the democrats rigged, lied, stuffed, and run a massive amount of ballots through the machines again and again, in addition to the amounts of voters crossing state lines voting illegally in various states. Nothing is beneath the democrats just to win, even if it destroys this great nation and all the things President Donald J. Trump did while in office that “hollow headed Joe” has done to destroy AMERICA! I will NEVER trust another Democrat, a judge, a politician, a black poll worker, a white ballot verifying supervisor or state legislature eager to support his/her party without evidence or truth.


      1. The people must demand
        The Supreme Court Take a hard look at this whole thing. Remember they work for us . We do not work for them.
        Patriots must stand together. J.

        1. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I believe that SCOTUS did the right thing by Constitutionaly forcing the entire election back onto the state legislatures. Any decisions they might have made, would have nationalized our election process.

      2. Go after Pennsylvania, and put the criminal Wolf in jail,and get Michigan’s criminal governor also

      3. Biden is a phony president along with his sweetheart Harris. Anything they have done should be ignored by the American people.

        1. Amen to that! How in the world did we get such a nincumpoop as POTUS???? The guy Joke Biden is an absolute embarrassment. What I cannot understand is how in God’s name his wife Jill, a physician, could allow her obviously unhealthy husband, be put through this kind of presidential pressure. I guess it’s the old saying “follow the money”. I think she’s more interested in the Chinese money, power and influence, and the four mansions afforded her family, than what’s best for the American people. Talk about “the godfather”. They support lawlessness because they are lawless themselves. This crime family is representative of the culture in DC…the District of Corruption. Thank you! God bless you, and God bless America!!!

          1. Just a correction – Dr Jill is not a physician. She merely has an honorary degree, nothing real.

      4. I don’t think Biden can be impeached. I hope 2022 and 2024 will be a victory for the Republicans! May the Lord help us all!!!!

        1. Yes I agree! Treason for the top, long prison terms for all the rest. Treason has the death penalty. Unless these things are carried out we might as well hang it up and accept communist rule. Personally I would rather die than live up such government.

      1. Then it’s time Americans get involved, call and write senators and representatives, and those that cheated in GA for Warnok and Ossoff to appear to win need to be prepared for the citizens to rise up and oust them like they are doing for Newsome.

  3. So Many Knows In The USA And Also In The World Knows President Trump Won The Election , Why Isn’t The USA Military and The Police Marching In The USA White House And Arresting Obama = Joe Biden = Kamala Harris = Nancy Pelosi = Jen Psaki And Ever Democrat Who Was Involved In Stealing And Cheating And Lying About This Election That Was Stole From The USA People And President Trump . THe USA Should Be Putting President Trump In Office Now . Then Freeze These Democrats Bank Accounts And Their Credit Cards Unto The USA Has Been Paid back What These democrats Has Stolen . Then Go After Ever Illegal These Democrats Have let In To The USA And Send Them All Back even The Children Load Them All Up On A Military Plane Take Them Back Across The Boarder And Unload Them Let President Trump And The Mexican President Come To An Agreement To Stop These illegals From Crossing The USA Boarders The Mexican President Can Guard The Wall On Their Side And The USA Guard The Wall On The USA Side Unto The Wall Is Done . America Needs President Trump Now In Office To Build Back The USA

    1. AMEN!! No wonder COVID is on the rise! The illegals brought it with them and we suffer. Put Pres. Trump back in the White House where he belongs to straighten out the nightmare Biden and his zoo have created.

      1. It’s so sad that people have been so deceived by their man-made pandemic. Covid actually is not deadly at all. Every death has been counted as covid deaths. Lies and deception is the tools of the communist. WAKE UP PEOPLE, WAKE UP, ALL THE WAY.

    2. The only black part of camel toe harris is when 60 yr old willie brown had his big black geriatric corrupt dick in her!!!!


  4. I always believed that the election of the president of the United States was a cheated election by the Democrats and therefore every state should be or audited by a forensic auditor. The supreme court should handle all claims against how this election was transpired and the truth should be revealed to all Americans in the world to see

  5. I totally agree with every word that you said, especially the part where they all go to jail and do not get out ever and throw Soros in there also.

  6. Hang in there Patriots! Justice is coming! It takes a lot if time to turn this big ship, along with the rest of the world, around! Things are happening in the background! Pray! And keep the faith!

  7. It’s nothing more than 90+ million patriots didn’t already know in Nov 2020! Question is, what can now be done about it? One would hope that the SCOTUS would get enough gall to hear the case, but with one of the designated
    Socialistic Marxist Commie Speakers elected to congress, ‘Chuckie Schumer’, who has already promised that they ‘Will Pay The Price’ if they get involved, I doubt if the SCOTUS would ‘find any standing’ of the true facts. But I have heard several times over the Tube and Radio statements made that these United States will never become a Socialist form of government. I leave it there.

  8. Start making every one of the commiecrats responsible for this Treason accountable! Start with Uncle Joe Stal… er, Bite-me, & just work your way down the line!

  9. The swamp is wide and deep. It will take perhaps decades to clean this up. Americans have to face the fact that our politicians are corrupt. Not all but many. This is a disease that infected our country. These people have been fleecing us for at least 50 years. You cannot tell me that politicians who are elected with little wealth, become extremely wealthy during their tenure. Pelosi is a prime example. The Clintons, well you be the judge. Harry Reed? The Obamas? In the mean time our country goes deeper into debt and our taxes are used for quite dubious purposes. Because they are the self appointed elite of our country, they get away with literal murder! No this situation will not be cured in a 2 term warrior presidency. The tentacles of power spread far and wide. It will take a massive uprising of the American people to convince the country to elect true patriots, and constitutionalists to clean this mess up. The Founders must be rolling in their graves seeing their once perfect constitution, being dragged through the mud! It will also take a major disinfecting operation to clean out the Justice department. Two tier justice in this country is the root cause of all of this. Shame, Shame on all these people who get rich on the backs of hard working Americans!

    1. Unless the people actually and truly turn to Jesus Christ this nation gone. Unfortunately from history, this will not actually happen. Why do you people think these things have happened? A rejection of Jesus Christ and His teachings, has brought us to these days. Darkness continues to cover the earth and gross darkness the people. WAKE UP PEOPLE, WAKE UP.

  10. I printed this out to mail to our two senators who represent the our State of Connecticut, I will fax it also, I hope of you will do the same

  11. PELOSI PELOSI PELOSI—RING LEADER–30 years of her corruption, hidden from the american people,, The richest Politician, PELOSI– she just set her self up for billions of dollars coming from AMAZON,,, Remember, Marta S. who had a show on NBC,, got sent to prison for the same thing, just a different door here,,, Rich people buy there way out,,,
    Joe Biden is bought and owned by the mafia back in the 70’s,, Pelosi knows it, they helped her get Joe in,, Harris is not legally an American, what a joke she is,, HE USED HER TO GET THE BLACK VOTES,
    Will close with this, from the Bible,,
    The devil will come in sheep clothing–and YOU will not know who it is– PELOSI , lead the corruption –TRUMP KNOWS IT,, GOD WORKS IN SOME MIND BLOWING WAYS,,,, Look at the lightening blow up the big picture of Floyd , who was a drug addict, full of crime, destroyed a working mans life, and disgraced the white race, Black lives matter is owned and secretly lead by OBAMA,, another election that was stolen,, un noticed,,
    TRUST IN GOD TO HELP AMERICA GET BACK ON COARSE(Pray),, take time to call your Representative –202-225-3121 and your senators–202-224-3121–

    We all go to the same gas pumps,, and to the same grocery stores, just different locations,, we can’t take off from work like many who can, so let your voice be heard, calling is easy,, MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL,,
    root of all evil,,MONEY GIVES (buys)POWER—
    closing,, GOD LOVES YOU,

  12. It will be interesting to see what happens when the final report is released proving the 2020 election was fraudulent and rigged. How many other states were rigged for BIDEN??? Also, throw out ALL DOMINION voting machines involved. This has been a real shit show. I hope the proof is undeniable and severe repercussions result.

    1. Number one is all States throw out dominion voting machines . This was no accident and they should be Jailed and run out of business. Number two is audits in every State where there was dominion machines. Number three all complicate election officials should be jailed. Number four NO electronic voting only paper ballots that are signature verified. Number five No demoCrap excuse should be tolerated and ALL involved should lose their jobs, jailed and fined.

  13. Totally not surprised at all, how could people be fooled into thinking that Biden actually won this past election, even though so many important things were with held from the American people oh like how crooked the Biden family is , that is just one thing if people bothered to a little bit of homework, they would have or should have realized that these Rats are crooks,liars, elitist people who only care about Power and wealth..The Demorats or st least most of them don’t care about us our our country ; obviously just look at what has happened with the election and what is happening right now to our beautiful country!! I didn’t like Obama that being said many people did ,therefore did those people and anyone else if think that it was possible for Biden to get More votes legally than Obama did at the height of his popularity????? The question is when these audits continue to happen ; which they should in al 48 states certainly more fraud will be found and most certainly a mere 10 electoral votes, what will/should happen.Biden and his commie administration out , Trump in which among other extremely pressing issues he would clearly CLEAN OUT /UP THE FBI,CIA, a complete overhaul of our justice systems. Oh and our Supreme court has not been doing there job, had they this whole process would have begun pretty quickly, Trump I am sure would have a word or two with them also !! I will contact my elected representatives as I have before, it’s a very Blue state but elections are coming up , we need to do something!!!

  14. LOOKS like the DEMOCRATS “House of Cards” have TUMBLED to the GROUND . . . ON FIRE and BURNING with the LIES told as well. REINSTATE POTUS Trump as the RIGHTFUL president – and send Joe Biden’s Administration to FEDERAL PRISON where they BELONG with the REST of these TREASONISTIC Traitors. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  15. Don’t forget all the down ballot races either; flipping the Senate back to Republican would go a long way towards stopping the anti-America leftist agenda in Washington.

  16. Have declared this all along with the wife! We agree; where was/is SCOTUS? This probably the most important decision “never-made” in U.S. voting history!!

  17. Even with trump back in the White House, there are some unsettled problems. I have been doing some reading, written by a very wise scholar of the Constitution and related facts. Here are a few things to consider. When our nation was new, members of Congress did not reside in Washington D.C. Also, being a senator or a representative was not their primary job. They did not make their living at it. They met to convene when there was business to take care of. They received a small stipend for the short time it took to finish the business at hand. Then they went home to the state in which they lived, to the job with with they earned their actual living. There they lived, under the laws they made while they were in Washington. It was much like doing jury duty. And as for the Supreme Court, There was never anything written that in fact, gave them life-long tenure in office. I don’t remember the exact words, but it was something about their tenure depending on good behavior. It seemed that their tenure was only for the length of time they performed their duties with honor, rightiousness, truthfulness and fairness. No specific term limits were set So they simply assumed that it was for life. When all is done and said, we need to set term limits for members of Congress, or we will end up with another Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or some other crook later on.

  18. I’ve known this all along and I think anyone with an ounce of sanity or common since knew this. Progressives are willing to do anything to take over our Republic and control it until the end of time. Marxists cannot be trusted.

  19. If this is true and I know it is, then Mr. TRUMP should take back the white house and put Biden and all those that helped him get in the Whitehouse in jail. Right now, the USA is the laughing stock of the world where it has shown the world that our form of government doesn’t work. To be strong again, we’ve got to show the world our form of government does work. And put Biden and his colleagues in jail.

  20. So what? The Commiecrats still occupy the Red House in Pelosijing,DC and they have no intention of leaving. They OWN the courts, Congress, the Media, the schools, the federal law bureaucracy and the military now and are nearly finished setting them up to be used against us. Look for branch offices of the Stomp on Capitalists Police to be opened in your neighborhood soon.

    It has already been clearly stated that there is no mechanism in the Constitution to redo a crooked election and you can depend upon the DemoCommies to ride that horse forever. The “Trump” Supreme Court has already run off.

    Millions tried to wake this country up starting 50 years ago. But “It can’t happen here”, remember? Well, it DID.

    Where was the GOP for the past 50 years? Where were our “brave patriotic defenders”? I’ll be pleasantly surprised after the past 40 years if any of them show up today. I will not hold my breath waiting though.

    Now go ahead, fling your insults. I was right all those years and still am.

    1. No insults from here. Lots of people are going to be hearing “I told you so!” All we can do is keep on our elected officials to do the right thing.

  21. Hurray for the outcome ! Let’s not forget Mike Lindell (The Pillow Guy) who should now sue the pants off of Dominion Voting Systems for the money he has lost due to his contract with stores that stopped selling his products. Dominion along with those that hired them need to be arrested immediately and Dominion should lose their license for abetting in this FEDERAL crime. Pennsylvania should be next to step in for the audit process results. PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG !!! PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE “TRUE” PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES & WE ALL KNOW IT !!! Absolutely break out the bubbly and some hors d’oeuvres, too !

  22. I have TOTALLY lost all respect for the Supreme Court, CIA and FBI! What a shame to live in this beautiful, wonderful country and not trust it’s law enforcement! Cuba?? China??? Rusha?? That’s where we are headed!

  23. How long has this been going? What country with the resources we have, would allow any business to have as much say over our elections as Dominion has? Follow the money. Is it true that Pelosi and other demorats have stock in Dominion? Has some out their have ability and resources to check this out? Nothing will happen until January 2022 when new senate and house members take their seats. Let the investigation and trials begin much like the Rats did to Trump. Payback is a bitch, but it will be fun and hilarious to see! Looks to me that if it wouldn’t have been for the election corruption in 2020 the Rat party would be on outside looking in in both the house and senate. Their corruption wasn’t just stealing the Presidential election it probably involved the house and Senate as well.

  24. well seems we have a illegitimate Moron President & a Cackling BOZO VP That we will be stuck with for the next 3 1/2 yrs !!!

  25. Go after the crooks behind the Dominion machines, Nancy Pelosi and Feinstein and their husbands who own stock in the Dominion Co. They should be brought up on charges of treason. They are in bed with the Chinese. Remember when there was a scandal about Feinstined chauffeur being Chinese? Then go after all involved in rigging the election. Today Joe Biden and his son are collecting million from the Cinese. The money is being funneled through Hunter;s supposed art. Hopefully something will be done and all of those involved will wind up in prison. It’s a long list and will take time to round them all up . Go after the big ones first.

  26. the problem in Ga is we have 2 senators that are DemS’ so the voices here will not go far. in my opinion. they will do all they can to save their Jungle yes silence is equated to Fraud. i believe to get anywhere people need to petition the court in mass to reverse their decision and immediately freeze all decisions made by dirty Joe and staff, reopen the exon Pipe line put Trump back in office and start smashing everything Dirty Joe and staff did to include place back the tariffs on IRAN so did Joe also give them Billions and say please wipe out all these narsist bank accounts to include their overseas accounts and deport them from our country like the Hudok 2020 Bill of peace deport them. and return our stolen children from corrupt courts this in my opinion includes the 11 circut and below i approve this message Randall

    1. And they won falsely too. In every state where the presidential race was tainted, all races in that state should be audited. I bet we not only have a Republican president but a republican senate and house!

    2. These two Dem Senators are as illegitimate as JoHo. The same pattern as the election was used — stop counting, dump ballots.

  27. Richard
    Just to set it straight! Joe Biden’s wife Jill is NOT a physician. She has a PhD in education which stands for( B..l S..t Piled higher and deeper) I know because I’m a retired educator who worked for those kind!

  28. This is a travesty for the American people to be swindled by what happened for the 2020 election. There are so many of us that agree that the DemoRATS should be taken down. The unfortunate thing is folks that the Supreme Court is also corrupt. This is why they kicked this out the first time when President Trump and the rest of us complained about this. You don’t have to be deaf, dumb and blind to know what happened in the first place but nothing was done then And I have great doubts nothing will be done now unless we ALL band together as a nation and demand justice be served. I believe as you all do that money does talk and it is only the root of all evil if the creeps use it for evil which they have. If we work as a nation and all patriots come together they can’t stop us. Safety in numbers but we ALL have to come together to stop the corruption. WE surely have to bring God back into our nation and pray he will forgive us for letting things like aborting babies, trafficking children, and honoring criminals and celebrities go on instead of honoring God. For too long People have put their trust in others and not in him .We have all paid the price but it has been too costly and look where we are now. We should all be on our knees praying that God uses President Trump to somehow get us out of this horrific mess. WE all know that in the end evil will be defeated by the Grace of God.

  29. That is what Pence should have done on the 6th of Jan. Push the decision back to the state legislatures to decide what electors to count for all the states with dueling electors. But instead he simply ignored the existence of alternate electors presented by the legislative branch who are THE final authority in their states elections. If Pence would have put it back in the hands of the legislatures of the various states in which alternate electors were sent, the election controversy would be long since resolved The 1/6 “insurrection” lie and associated witch hunt for those peaceful demonstrators who were tricked and led into the capital by bad actors from antifa etc. having had doors held open for them and been waved in by capital police and so forth would never have gotten started. We are finally learning the truth, that the 2020 election was the most corrupt and fraudulently ran election in the history of THE WORLD. The USA has become the new Venezuela, we are THE Banana Republic. The question now is whether anything will be done to fix the broken election system in this country? I’d start by decertifying all election systems and machines that have any network connections be that wired or wireless. Then I think Dominion can be fined somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 trillion dollars to make sure Soros & Co. can not simply bail them out. The goal is to shut them down seizing all assets so nothing is left to rebuild from. Then select 1 and ONLY 1 vendor to build 1 and ONLY 1 model / type or style of voting machine in a very well regulated and monitored production facility to very demanding security standards, with paper ballots and NO network connectivity or nothing that is connected to the outside world anyway.

    I seriously doubt that anything is going to come of any of this, I hope I’m wrong but I think it’s played out too far already and too many people are now in position to stop anything anyone tries to do at this point.

    Maybe things can be fixed by the various states who are discovering how corrupt their own systems were and are, perhaps they can and will fix the system IF the US congress (House and Senate) do not manage to push through the seal the steal act (HR1 and corresponding Senate measure) to Federalize elections, which would be completely unconstitutional.

    I am afraid that the criminal investigations and charges that should emanate from what has and will undoubtedly continue to be discovered anywhere someone has the courage to look into election integrity concerns will never occur these “irregularities” as Election Fraud is now known as will quietly be swept under the carpet and ruled as more conspiracy theories and hoaxes.

    I’ve known all along who won the election. I knew when I went to bed at ~ 3 am on the 4th and Trump was ahead in all 6 swing states 4 of them by comfortable margins. With the machines down, I went to bed only to learn when I woke up that somehow the Dems had managed to steal the election and wanted the world to believe sleepy creepy Joe had pulled off the impossible comeback with the systems all down in all 6 swing states he had overcame impossible odds and energized voters who did not exist to vote for him, many thousand of whom did not vote for anyone but him.

    The 2020 sham is why elections are no longer able to be trusted Biden = Chavez US = Venezuela welcome to the sewer.

    1. I was watching Newsmax election night. I remember the anchor almost falling out his chair when he realized that the states had stopped counting the votes. It was obvious that they knew something unprecedented was happening and they expected it to be stolen. Of course, they pulled themselves together but it was obvious.

  30. Absolutely there has to be a forensic audit and while we are at it, someone has to be held accountable for this corruption. I was pretty sure that Americans were not dumb enough to vote for someone with Biden’s ineptitude, The man clearly has mental issues which were clearly displayed every time that he tried to speak. It was pitiful.

  31. We should find some way to totally abolish the Demon-Cratic party. They have violated the Oath of office to uphold the cherished Constitution and been found to be A Socialist Party. They have no business in our True American foundations of Truth Liberty and Justice for all. If you look up history you will see Senator McCarthy 1947-1957 tried to warn the nation of enemies from within stating Communists had infiltrated our Senate and House, was ridiculed and Defamed much like opposition to the Democrats are done today. HE WAS RIGHT. Get on the ball America CALL, Write , March Demonstrate. Do not let this go. This is a call to ALL AMERICANS to protect our country.

  32. We have become so “civilized” we don’t prosecute white collar crime. These people were uncivilized enough to commit treason and we need to be “uncivilized” enough to prosecute and punish these treasonous twits.

  33. Those Who Created Covid WILL Hang-CCP Says It Won’t Be Them.
    In 2019, National Biosafety Laboratory,Wuhan leaked COVID-19 bioweapons, Deep State introduced a virus that helped some states in the U.S. use mail-in ballots and “vote counters” to replace Trump.
    The 2020 Presidential Election Scam became a third world joke.
    Deep State’s ultimate goal is to change America from its roots, and as we all know, Deep State controls America and basically controls the world.
    The battle of good versus evil has come to a head, as American Patriot’s 1776 “Save America” has won and President Trump has returned to the White House.
    God wants the glory for this.

  34. Even if it were de-certified and Trump got back in, who is going to arrest these Traitors for crimes against America? They have already showed us that they can buy the DoJ and some generals in the military. These people should be put into gitmo til we have our real military back and tried for treason, and of course executed because anyone who is not completely asleep or has been for 7 months saw the treason, they put it in our faces and and claimed Trump did it. It should be “we the people” vs

  35. Here is the clarion call from the Great Arizonan Barry Goldwater that resounded throughout the Cow Palace in 1964. Never forget it. “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.” Let Goldwater’s words be our guide in the battle to save America in 2021.

  36. We must NOT overlook the RINO’S that had no backbone and were traitors from the start. We will have a lot of house cleaning, but more important we need to find honest AMERICANS to fill the MANY empty seats that will be opened as Justice prevails. We can then add many laws to those holding ANY office in ANY local, county, state or Federal position. From now on…. they will be held to the highest possible standards. Audits yearly for them and close relations! We need to catch them BEFORE they get in!!
    May GOD Bless America!

  37. People need to get a life and face facts. At least your story and comments made me laugh really hard. Good for entertainment purposes only What an embarrassment to have Trump as leader of this country. So glad it’s finally over. He’ll stand beside you, be there with you …..blah blah blah……. Keep doing his dirty work idiots

    1. no kidding reading these comments was terrifying really. funny but terrifying to know there are so many people whose IQ doesnt register its so low.

  38. LOL reality and trump supporters are on a different universe. what a crock of shit boy are you people easy to con its embarrasing that America has this many idiots led by a dictator wannabe.

  39. Been voting for 50 years and never was a presidential contested like the 2020 election. Interesting how every state in the union certified the election and because one Grifter who is not smart enough or has the balls to stand up like a man and gracefully admit he lost fair and square starts this whole conspiracy theory crap because, like Hitler, he openly incites violence and people be-leave it. Funny how every case he filed, some 84-85, with the courts was rejected because they could not meet the burden of proof. Several of his own appoint judges trough the cases out. The time line of the votes coming in is proof of nothing. He hounded all his psycho followers to vote early hence those ballots were counted first.
    Between, The Big Lie, as it is known around the world, and his moronic handling of the Corona virus, coupled with the most divided populace of all time, this one man has caused more harm to America than any other person in the world. People, reach down and pull your heads out of your ass.

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