Appeals Court Rules Trump Family Can Keep Their NY Businesses – For Now

An appeals court in New York struck a major blow to Democrats on behalf of President Donald Trump and his family business on Friday. Radical leftist Judge Arthur Engoron had ordered the Trump Organization and all of its subsidiaries to surrender their business licenses in New York and for all businesses and properties to be liquidated within 10 days—and that was before Attorney General Letitia James’ fake fraud lawsuit had even begun!

Thankfully, the Appellate Division of the New York state court system ordered a stay against Judge Engoron’s unilateral declaration.

This trial is obviously rigged against President Trump. He has worked for decades to build up an extremely successful business in New York, which is worth billions of dollars. We’ve really never seen anything quite like it in the United States before, in terms of the entire system trying to destroy one man.

Trump hasn’t even been accused of a real crime in this New York case. It’s yet another “novel legal theory” in which they have to twist existing statutes to try to come up with a crime he committed.


Look at how upside-down this has been. The judge ordered that Trump’s businesses and family members surrender all their business licenses, properties and homes within 10 days. And NOW we’re going to start the trial after that declaration has been made. It’s insane and fairly terrifying that this could happen in America. You’re declared guilty, all your assets are seized, and then the trial starts. Banana republics should be issuing travel advisories to their citizens, warning them not to come to such a dangerous and unjust place as New York.

Letitia James’ case hinges on an accusation that Donald Trump overvalued his properties to secure business loans. She claims he engaged in “repeated and persistent fraud” to do so. To prove this, they’ve come up with insane property valuations on Trump’s hotels, buildings and homes.

There’s already been a ton of discussion about the crazy valuation that Letitia James gave to Mar-a-Lago: $18 million. There’s literally a patch of trees near Mar-a-Lago that’s for sale for $50 million.

The Trump Organization estimated the value of the iconic Trump Tower in New York City at $207 million. That’s actually insanely low, but Letitia James claims Trump Tower was only worth $93 million.

To give a sense of how crazy that is, there are six luxury condos on floors 86 through 89 of Trump Tower. Each of them is valued at $30 million apiece. That’s $180 million worth of real estate, and it only covers four floors of Trump Tower. Valuing the building at $207 million seems insanely low, let alone the $93 million that Letitia James claims it is worth.

If Donald Trump valued his properties too high (and that’s a big “if”), it means he overpaid his property taxes. What’s really crazy is that Trump is even in the courtroom for this. Do these people actually think that Donald Trump sat there with a pencil filling out loan applications? The case is also incredibly unfair because the State of New York has not identified any victims of Trump’s alleged “crime.” All the banks were paid back in full, with interest. No one got stiffed. Trump didn’t declare bankruptcy and refuse to pay the funds back (which also wouldn’t have been a crime).

Not one single entity has declared itself to have been victimized by Donald Trump. The banks made plenty of usurious interest on the loans, and the State of New York collected extra property taxes from Trump. Who’s the victim here?

The good news is that Letitia James is not a very good lawyer. Her case started falling apart from the very beginning, despite the best efforts of the Trump-hating Judge Engoron. The first day of the trial, more than 80% of the case had to be dismissed, because the statute of limitations on those loans expired back before 2013. She didn’t bother to look at that, because Letitia James is on a mission here. Who needs law?

With this latest appellate court decision, the Trump family now has some breathing room. Judge Engoron is going to have to at least go through the motions of a trial before he can just liquidate the Trump Organization.

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30 thoughts on “Appeals Court Rules Trump Family Can Keep Their NY Businesses – For Now”

  1. I wish the Justices would put a stop to all this crap. To take away someone’s businesses and property before even having a trial when everyone got paid right is down right a witch hunt. James and her judge have proven they are above the law. When this crap is all over I hope President Trump goes after each and everyone. Every time you hear about someone with connections to the swamp involved one way or other. All corrupt judges and anyone else involved in these with hunts needs to be banned from their jobs for life and so much more. I have punishment to fit their crimes. To actually see judges and jurors say things about President Trump or anyone with connections to him talked bad about when they are suppose to keep their mouths shut is just pathetic. Where is the punishment for all these people?

    1. All those people The Left are crasy and jealous of A successful President business man family man.God don’t like unglued everybody in right mind knows it’s all political Crocker Joe Biden + his cron’ys are bad for this God Devine Land. They shoud be all lock up.Let be justice.

      1. Biden needs to go back to his basement
        And stop trying to butt into other countries business Vote him out of our country.

      2. They could put it into receivership to ditribute any of the properties to whomever they want re: HAWAII EXCEPT A DIFFERENT, HOWBIT LAWFARE-LAWLESS WAY.

    2. The psychoses and hate for Trump demonstrated by the Godless anti American Leftist’s is reminiscent of Hitler’s hate for Jews, i.e. diverting assets to kill Jews instead of winning the war! Then getting Germany bombed to Hell!

  2. For quite awhile it’s been speculated upon on alternative news, that T. had anticipated this sort of thing to happen, and what we are witnessing further illustrates the shape of our government in general, and currently, our Judicial system in particular. It’s become so obvious recently that one would have to be dead to not notice what’s happening right in front of them!!!

  3. Its just like the mafia days, buying off judges, paying attorneys to find people to testify that will lie their butts off for money. Get S.O.B. s like that communist bastard Sorrus to fund all the U.S.A. destroying crap ,while biden and Hillary and the rest of the democraps get off on this crap .

  4. This is a colossal joke on America, not just Donald Trump. The tragic thing is that almost all of our judicial system has become corrupted by political inclinations. Everyone is so deeply enmeshed in political ideology that they have abandoned rationality, honesty, and integrity in order to prevail politically. It no longer matters if you are wrong or right, psychologically stable, or mentally deranged. Each faction pursues a perverse agenda until they accomplish their ends and reality is no longer the final arbiter. They don’t care what the end results for society are or the far-reaching consequences of their idiocy. Their derangement is perfectly acceptable to them, so they behave like petulant spoiled children having a tantrum until they get it their way. There is no cure for this, and it will be our undoing as a free society with a government of, and for the people, elected by its constituents. That is disappearing and our children and grandchildren will be members of a totalitarian society. That is the Inevitable final destination for the idiocy happening today. The judicial system allows recidivists to reenter society without care and attacks mothers who attend school board meetings because they resent LGBT transvestites being marched in front of their seven-year-olds.
    All this is constantly on display as we watch thoroughly indoctrinated intellectual morons parade through the streets screaming antithetical jargon to contradict those on the opposite side of the fence. Friends, America will not survive this, and it has been an intentional, incremental, and methodical destruction of society and the family. Why? You might ask. The destruction of the family and respectful discourse is the harbinger of totalitarianism because the people perpetrating this on us do it from their ivory towers, far above the fray. They are about to get their wish: a society of helpless, shackled sheep surrounded by wolves. I’m 74. They can do nothing to me but I weep for my grandchildren.

  5. Praying for you always your The Man no weapon held against you shall prosper The Lord saith stand and I will do

  6. Jesus Christ son of God creator of The kingdom of Christ loves you always THIS Kingdom is not of THIS world this is the resurected masiheaaaa son of God creator

    1. Amen brother, this short life is only a test! A Boot Camp, if you will! i.e. to help you be, all God want’s you to be! Sadly, most will fail the test!

  7. The democrats all need to be banished from this earth and sent to hell from where they came from. My God in heaven to destroy a man who has done so much fro our country he even gave up his paycheck. Do you think a democrat would do that I don’t think so all they are out for is to fill their pockets with taxpayer monies. Biden is the most corrupt evil person on earth and Harris is right behind him.

    1. When our nation drifted from Creator inspired to Progressive/ Lib/ Satan inspired, mass Death resulted. #1 Democrat Jackson’s war on the 5 civilized Indian tribes and SCOTUS. Forcing the “Trail of Tears” genocide, a 5K. DEATH toll. #2 Democrats War for Slavery 600K. DEATH & mass misery! #3 Democrat Wilson’s era oversaw Big Pharma’s Fort Riley Kansas [patient zeros] / Spanish Flu / VACCINE Fail. See: Government Lied about Pandemic Which Killed 500 Million People … Attempt to “Prevent Panic” Backfired #4 Dem’s/ FDR’s WW2 Yalta [Commie] sell-out, giving all China & half of Europe to the Godless mass murdering Commie socialists’, giving us Korea, Viet Nam’s 100 KIA war, only to pull-out allowing Pol Pot’s 3 million deaths! #5 Big Pharma owned Dem’s allowing the 5 billion in fruad fines, i.e. Pharma’s mass Death/ “Gain of function” vaccine sales scam, bringing Death to 3 million? Just to sell/ Force [fake] Vaccines! # 6 Dem’s pull out of Afghanistan wasting more lives! Who knows what that will cost in lives? My point being, when gullible folks look to MAN/ Dem’s, not “Our Creator” for guidance, DEATH & Disorder is the only remuneration, As best demonstrated by, Romans 6:23, “Death is the wages of sin; but the gift of God is everlasting Life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” I.E. Not “Free Stuff” Democrats!

  8. Joe Biden , Merick Garland, Kristofer Wray, chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and slew of others most corrupt individuals in AMERICA TODAY. All need to be hung on the GALOWS for treason and in the publick square.

    1. When they stand before God on judgment day . their sins will be what pushes them off to eternal everlasting HELL !!!


  10. Either this is the worst known case of political assassination in US history


    It’s an elaborate ruse being played on the American people

    All the world’s a stage

  11. Vote all democrats out in 2024 save what is left of the great USA. Hope and pray the American people votes will count and no fraudulent ballots will enter.

    1. True. With no or very little accounting study he blindly assumed the faulty work of Trump’s financial entities value. An average dummy with 10 minutes work could see Trumps properties were worth far more than whoever did the evaluation.
      One more thing as I can’t seem to get it out elsewhere: Trump should make phone calls or face to face (unrecorded) to get others (not close staff) to send the social media messages he is blocked from doing (no personal threats).

  12. So many businesses have left NYC for lower taxes, lower crime rates and the safety for family in general. NYC should be thankful towards anyone who continues to own and operate businesses with the decline that New York, California, Oregon, Washington, illinois and other Democrat run states that they’ve mismanaged and taxed to death their residence!

  13. Biden hurts America, he is a trader to our homeland, and he has the justice department in bis back pocket that’s why he gets by with treason. No one in there right mind would want four more years of this horrible evil man or anyone like him. Vote for a man who cares for the people vote DeSANTIS. GET IT RIGHT.

  14. Everyone is wrong but Donald Duck Trump. His father was a crook and he’s a crook. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He must be putting a lot of money in a lot of pockets. Let’s see what happens when he starts refusing to keep paying. Good luck to you brown noses. Hope it sticks as much as he does.

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