Attorney General Bill Barr Spent His Last Month in Office Helping the Biden Administration with their Incoming Executive Orders

If you watched that big sportsball event over the weekend, you might be under the impression that the Trump-supporting Tom Brady is one of the greatest athletes in all of American history. But you’d be wrong! The MAGA-hatted champ Brady is getting pretty long in the tooth, and it shows. Especially when you compare him to America’s vigorous new Hermit King – President Biden!

Our new Oval Office occupier is such an amazing specimen of physical and mental health that he’s set a new world record for executive orders. How many EOs are we up to now, the low 200s? And by the way, how’s he slamming these executive orders through the system so quickly?

Before we get to that, I think we should all acknowledge what a relief it is to America to once again have a religious and faithful leader of faithiness and religiosity in the White House. Good ol’ Joe Biden! He’s at church every single week, bless his heart! Sitting there faithfully in a pew, listening attentively to Mass and praying for the hearts and souls of all Americans. Just like any good leader would!

At least… that’s the story that Biden’s communications flunkies now want us all to believe. Remember how the media colluded with FDR’s administration in the 1930s, because they didn’t want the public to know that the Democrat president was in a wheelchair? The press once propped FDR up in a corner to take pictures of him “standing tall” in the White House. One hilarious thing that Democrats still haven’t figured out for some reason is that the same-old flimflams that they used in pre-internet days just don’t work anymore in the 2000s. We figure this stuff out.

In order to keep up the pretense that President Biden is a busy little bee, his “handlers” have been claiming that Joe’s in church every week.

“Pshaw! He’s not in the basement wrapped in a blanket, watching ‘Matlock’ reruns while a dribble of drool leaks out of the corner of his mouth! Vigorous Joe’s in church! Exercising his deep faith! See: Look at this picture!”

Except… they literally retweeted a photo this week of him from a church visit that happened back in November. He’s fine, you conspiracy kooks!

Speaking of phonies, flimflams, floozies and fakes, what’s Kamala Harris up to these days? Busy as a bee also?

A cynical person might have watched the 2020 election and decided that the only reason Joe’s handlers selected Harris for his running mate was to use her as a racial token to trick minority voters into going out to the polls, and that they didn’t really have a “role” for her in the administration. But those people would be wrong, because Kamala Harris has been hard at work doing… er… uh… um…

Say, what IS Kamala Harris doing these days?

Anyway, back to the executive orders. How is the Nearly Invisible Man managing to jam so many executive orders through the system so quickly?

It took just mere moments for President Biden to dodder away from the platform at America’s first totally legit razor-wire inauguration and over to the White House. (Just seven minutes if you push his wheelchair fast enough!) And behold! A stack of 17 executive orders were waiting on the desk for him, which had been through the entire legal process and received approval… from the Department of Justice.

Getting an executive order legally approved before a president can sign it is a process that can take weeks. It’s a typical DC bureaucratic red-tape process – but somehow President Biden had a big stack of them waiting on the desk on Day One. Gee, how’d that happen?

Sure, it took Joe and DOCTOR Jill a few extra minutes to get into the White House on inauguration day, but it didn’t take that long. (The good DOCTOR had fired the White House butler earlier in the day, so he locked the door behind himself when he left. Funny story that didn’t get nearly enough coverage.)

It turns out that President Biden had a lot of help from his old friends in The Swamp. Instead of working to advance the interests of the voters that the Trump administration was championing, The Swamp spent the closing months of Donald Trump’s first term working for Biden’s handlers.

Watch this video that aired over the weekend. Former White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro explains how the Department of Justice was actually working against the real President of the United States all along:

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153 thoughts on “Attorney General Bill Barr Spent His Last Month in Office Helping the Biden Administration with their Incoming Executive Orders”

  1. So Bill Barr posed as a Trump Guy and lied throughout his years at the department of justice on all the investigations against Trump. To me that’s worse then being a Chinese Spy. When Charles Bronson returns, let’s make sure Bill Barr and his family are on his list of traitors. Some one should choke him by hand

    1. Bill Barr is a traitor and a pig! Let’s make sure this dirtbag never works in government again! He should be disbarred! He is a disgrace to the law!

          1. You are so right! These scum bags belong in jail along with Pelosi, Harris, and the rest of the Swamp and Squad!

        1. Yes! Everyone that worked against
          the United States.Clintons,Biden’s Piglosi
          and a long list of others.

          1. You can be sure he has already been compensated very well, and this traitor will be getting a lot more – money – rotten swamp – There is a huge logic to limiting personal wealth, power sure does corrupt absolutely.

      1. he has no discernment, he chose to alien himself with a person Biden a known liar if Barr was wise he would have went the other way Judgement day he will know TRUTH unfortantly it will be too late for him to recant.

        1. Yes. “God is our final judge!” God is the only one who can know the true motivations of a person as well as all the circumstances and pressures he/she is experiencing at any given time. Although the damage he did in helping clear the 47 executive orders that have gutted so much of the good work of the Trump Administration is immense, he has not done any greater damage than Clinton or Kerry or Obama.

    2. Many years ago, traitors were given the death penalty. When this method was disregarded or eliminated, our government began to build the “swamp” that is currently in Washington. Time to get back to laws that work and keep everyone in check.

      1. SCOTCH you are right, but the laws that are made will be for the DEMORATS ONLY. the rest of us can kiss our asses-good-by.

    3. One has to wonder why it is that the left infiltrates our side and we don’t return the favor!
      I’m at the point of accepting the fact that we need a new Civil War – part 2 in order to take back America.

    4. If what you say is based in stone I still go for Trump because he is sincere oh you know you don’t like his remarks but people like Bill Barr are traitors I should receive net worse then what you declare is trumps another person that you are not even aware of is Nancy Pelosi and mr. Schiff and Schumer they are traitors in the worst degree from Sinners against God and sinners against man if you don’t know what that means then you are to have your brain examined because then you are no longer available as a good person to anybody not even to yourself.

      1. Let’s not forget Pelosi insider trading on the Tesla stock last week where she made millions buying it 2 days before it was officially announced as a govt. electric car purchase. This is not only fraud but also illegal and a class B felony. She should be arrested, her seat as speaker dissolved have all her assets frozen and put in jail.

    5. what can we say, ? Traitors.. it’s written in the word of God, In the last days , we shall be surrounded by such, who will betray one another. let us stay close to GOD, OUR ONLY truth, and pray for discernment. The Holy Spirit,will help us discern truth from a lie. SATAN IS ON HIS, MISSION..DESTROY ALL BELIEVERS.

    6. If the the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS is corrupted and we have evidence of those. I wonder where the CIA been doing all this time?

    7. We now fully understand why there were no indictments on so many we thought Bill Barr would surly bring to Justice. Among my friends we ask over and over why nothing was being done ?✅ now I we know and it’s beyond believable to see what we thought was an honorable man on the side of Justice break it for his own gain. You ask yourself why? What did he get or even need for his 30pieces of “Judas” silver and was it worth it. Greed seems to know no bounds with such people

    8. Barr like biden has now proven to be a liability stench of deceit to internally destroy U.S. Constitutional Freedom, Rights, Liberty & National Security ! Appears there is no DOJ and Justice is totally nil when democrat leaders can conspire their treasonous crimes without any indictments, prosecution or even FBI investigations ! The 8 years of bo’s treasonous 74 U.S. Law violations were the start of a marxist, Islamic attack on U.S. Citizens justice for all ! A racist group of liars instigated after hilary lost in 2016 created a coup to destroy voted POTUS Trump to MAGA in his four years of unquestionable accomplishments for all U.S. Citizens that democrats tried to destroy ! The democrat stench of hate has done absolutely “0” to benefit the U.S.A. in past deceitful 12 years supporting bo, hilary treason as dictators ! Now the 2021 vote fraud deceit has really proven that far left NWO dictator hell is real and has to be destroyed for Freedom & Peace in the world and especially in the U.S.A. !

    9. Yes barr is worst than a chinese communist spy. He should be charged with espionage or Treason. He is a damn communist.

    10. Who submitted Barr’s name to Trump? Must have been someone who “The Donald” had complete faith and trust in That person should be “outed”.

    11. The Republicans need to get control of the House and the Senate, which both are in reach in 2022…..then the Biden/Obama/Soros/Pelosi agenda gets shut down….and we Republicans can start a whole batch of well deserved impeachment proceedings like nothing the Democrat Swamp dwellers ever thought they’d see…….and I’m not talking about just impeachment or censure……..I’m talking about imprisonment….for the rest of their lives.

  2. Bill Barr lied to the American people on a daily basis. He will met himself in the road one day and wonder why things are happening to him that are not nice. Bill Barr less than a man.

    1. Treason is very obvious in barr’s dereliction of duty to his sworn oath with insurrection to destroy POTUS Trump ! All the Trump haters are actually the U.S.A.’s enemy destroying National Security by using conspiracy deceit that covers up their dislike of Trumps truth & harshly distributed facts to MAGA that cowardly dem’s and rino’s hate ! The U.S.A definitely has to eliminate socialistic, marxist commies & Islamic terrorists to secure Freedom & Rights !

  3. BILL BARR betrayed the very one who hired him. That’s why you never saw him do anything for Trump because he was helping draft EO’S for Biden. DEEP STATE SWAMP RAT!!!

      1. Most dangerous people in Washington!
        Mitch McConnell and GOP rhinos in Senate, John Roberts Supreme Court Chief & other 8 justice, DOJ Barr, FBI director Wray & CIA director & all her agents. All working for US Chamber of Commerce and China money Globalist. Sad rule of law gone in America. 300 federal judges appointed by Trump & 3 Supreme Court justice totally corrupted. Working for deep State they let this election be stolen from American people.



      1. You are absolutely 100% right. I knew Barr was a crook. I couldn’t understand why Trump was hanging on to him. He wasn’t doing anything at all.

    2. Bottom line appears as barr being a coward afraid of hilsey’s pay back and the dem’s deceitful terrorist attacks !

  4. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the democratic Party and Anti Trump & Never Trump hated Trump from day one and 4 years and after Trump left office hate Trump. Department of Justice also hated Trump.
    Trump is not a Politician, but a business man. America first, America great , always GO Forward was his impulse.He is a very real American Patriot.
    I 100% support him.
    Fr David Mani.

    1. These career swamp creatures need to be gotten out of Washington! These dirtbags care nothing about the American people! They are there to enrich themselves!

      1. Valid comment, but how can We The People get rid of them, when Osama bin Biden and his cronies are busy pumping these TURDS back from the sewage processing plant with 18″ pipe line back to the Washington Sewer at 1000 gallons per minute, with their Executive Order branded pumps?

      2. Ever consider the dem leader’s deceitful stench to be dictators supporting bo’s 8 years of treasonous attempts ? The 2021 fraud vote is extended proof for past 12 years of dem leaders desperation for dictator power and 40+ biden E.O.’s in 2 weeks that do not behoove the U.S.A. are more proof of dictator abuse of power facts ! Too bad the Trump trial did not let defense prove antifa, blm instigation to riot @ capitol created by dem leaders !

    2. the left hated Trump as they would any other republican that was worth his weight in salt. That is because Trump stopped their great agenda that they are now sppon feeding us. the crap they deliver we are supposed to love and swallow. I hope all conservatives states push back against this. One is making a nullification law to fight back at some of these EO’s and rules that are now states rights not Gov to interfere. I hope all do this.

    3. God Bless you Father, and those other leaders we look up to who, like you, want to save morality and righteousness in our besieged land. It is truly a battle between “Good” and Evil,” but I don’t know why people don’t seem to think that. Prayers for you, and for those like you.

      1. Bill Barr is a backstabbing SWAMP RAT for SURE!!! He should be CHARGED and punished for being a TRAITOR!!! As should Obama, Biden, Harris, Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, Maxine Waters, Swalwell and many others!
        These people talk out of both sides of their mouths on a daily basis. The Democrats have opened that DOOR to IMPEACH people quite easy, with no proof, no investigation in the House, etc. The INLY ONE NOT in Office now is OBAMA. As Lindsey Graham said, “Obama should be Impeached for NOT LIFTING A FINGER to help our Ambassador, and his Team, as well as two NAVY SEALS that DID COME TO HELP THEM in BENGHAZI” without being ordered to. They were told to “STAND DOWN” according to other Seals. I BELIEVE the SEALS over HILLARY CLINTON OR OBAMA any day! Just let the Democrats keep right on making the PROSECUTION of ALL OF THEM EASIER as they SHOW that they are trying to IMPEACH FORMER PRESIDENT TRUMP just out of PURE HATRED of him! Also, they are AFRAID of President Trump running for Office in 2024! The Democrats are showing just how PATHETIC they TRULY ARE as President Trump LIVES RENT FREE IN THEIR HEADS EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

    4. So do I along with many others I know. This impeachment trial should be a group one for Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, Maxcine Waters, AOC, and so many more. While we’re at it let’s throw in the main stream media. And God bless those who only watch the main stream media for their news and did not open their minds to other sources of information. They will see the price to be paid as well as all the rest of us.

  5. Now we know how the scum bag architects of the corrupt “Russia, Russia, Russia” BS story got away scott free. What a dog.

    1. If this is all true and I lean toward that it is. WOW , our Naive level is
      Very BROKEN.
      FICTION. Biden is a pawn for the real haters of America, the true

        1. I agree with you all. There is and has been an evil undercurrent churning in our government since before Obama. It seems the left is hell bent on destroying our democracy. I feel we are heading very quickly to socialism.
          I worry about how do we the people fight back? We tried with our vote!
          Our votes were not counted or dismissed. I will never believe Joe Biden
          got more votes than any president in history?
          Now Biden has opened our Borders during a pandemic! He has destroyed
          good paying jobs. Why are they doing this?

  6. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and I quote: “the enemy is within the house of representatives’, January 29, 2021. President Trump mentioned once, the first thing they say is the truth. I gather the lies follow that on my own.

    1. Perhaps she is, even if inadvertently, being honest? She is, after all, herself in the house, so paranoid that someone might try to stop her evil agenda that she is keeping the National Guard there for her own personal army.

  7. Unfortunately, when you are an “Outsider” trying to work in DC, you have to choose people to work with that are all “Insiders”….hence, when Trump made the number of changes to his cabinet and advisors or department heads, he was only able to find a few that actually were on his team. Most, like Barr, etal were wearing a different uniform; the Establishment uniform.

  8. When are the American people going to rise up, round up all these traitors and hang them for their crimes against the People and the Republic? As soon as the Judiciary is revamped totally and SCOTUS is expanded with more progressive activists we are done! No more voice for us, no one to turn too.

    1. Round them all up, put them in Gitmo with no lawyer visits, no chance of a trial, and confiscate all their assets. Feed them on 1957 C-Rations twice a day. We are talking the true enemies of our country. The cash that these swamp dwellers have earned will jack Social Security up 50%, right Hunter?
      And put President Trump back in the Oval Office where he belongs.

      1. How? They got power and military. Even we will go protest nothing gonna change. Communist government kill their people.

    2. Again Trump is about peace and patriotism. He says it every time he speaks. So how is it that his name is associated with violence in every other text? Remember you are known by your fruit.

    1. You’re right of course – but it’s important to see the difference between Republicans and Democrats in situations like this – Our side always acts like ladies and gentlemen. Their side, the left, doesn’t – they have a street fighter background, that’s for sure. And look at how far they are willing to go to destroy Trump.
      Fast forward – the stage has been set for the American Revolution Part II. May God save America as it was intended to be.

  9. I’m so disappointed! When I was a young woman, I believed that my country upheld the laws and did no wrong-I guess I wanted to believe it. I spent 32 years as a public middle school teacher, having my class salute our flag every day, in spite of being instructed not to during my last 3 years. I took my classes to Naturalization Ceremonies multiple times. Field trips were to our local military installation. I believed.
    I married a career USAF 3-time Bronze Star recipient, who now lies in Arlington National Cemetery. I cried when he left to defend the victims of the North Vietnamese invasion. I wrote every day, sometimes twice a day, to help his morale. I donated my blood to the military. I believed. I‘ve voted in every Presidential election since I was 21, despite multiple moves. I believed.
    Now I’m a 77 year old widow, sitting alone, watching the deterioration of my beloved America. Was my country this bad all those years and I was too blind to see it? Were we not a noble country after all? The more I see and read, the sadder and more disappointed I become. I no longer believe.

    1. I am 81 years old and was married to a wonderful sailor. He wasnt retired from the navy but you couldnt find a more dedicated and proud man to have had the chance to serve his beloved country. I too am stunned as I watch our country gallopping into socialism. So sad for our children and grandchilden. We were born into and grew up in the best of times. I’m a Christian so I know where my eternal home is but I grieve for the ones in our society now that has never been exposed to the gospel. God has to be so heart broken to look down and see how evil has taken over our country.

      1. I just turned 80 so I understand where you are coming from. When you read prophecy in the Bible, particularly Revelation, you will see that God warned us about this and what would happen. He CANNOT lie, unlike humans who are prolific at it! I wonder if He is now pronouncing judgement on our country – who calls evil good and good evil. We are in the same situation that the world was in in the days of Noah, and Sodom and Gomorrah. I, too, know my destination which is as Jesus’ bride in Heaven. Believers are His church and the Restrainer resides in us. When the Restrainer and church is removed, The 7-Year Tribulation is at the door. All who believe in Jesus Christ as the ONLY way, truth and life, will have eternal life with Him. Those who reject Him, no matter how many “good” things they do, will be spending eternity in hell, which is a real place. God is Love but He is also just and cannot let lawlessness and moral degradation go unpunished. I pray that people will open their eyes and see what they have done. I truly believe, without Divine Intervention, our country is gone. We have witnessed the death of our Constitutional Republic. There will be no future honest, fraud-free elections. The “machine” is in place for assuring that. I used to say when in high school in the mid to late 50s, that our country would not be taken down by invasion but rather from within. Never did I dream, in my wildest imagination, that I would witness it in my lifetime! We need to be on our collective knees in prayer for His mercy. Praise Him always! He’s still on His throne and in control. All will play our as He wills it.

      2. IT’S NOT SOCIALISM….WE ARE IN FULL BLOWN COMMUNISM. I too, am up there in age and I have witnessed Communism first hand and escaped Socialism. The Socialists DO NOT curb your speech or punish Conservatives. They just destroy a country’s economy big time….everything costs more and services become inadequate, trains run by politicians (instead of those who are qualified to run them) became so inefficient, I went out and bought a car. I beat the train home from London across the country to my parents at weekends as the trains would stop before a station, at a station and after a stations taking far longer to get to the destinations.
        PLEASE everyone realize this is now a Communist country and the only answer is for States to break away.

      3. we are only passing thru–and some day we shall be in that place that God has prepared for US his Children…I call HIM FATHER, MY God,
        praying for America..

    2. It’s not you who is wrong!! What has happened to our country the country that we grew up in and were so proud of is so sad tragic! I grew up in the same country you did!! Being taught that we were the greatest country ever…we flew the flag with pride !! It’s so sad and tragic to see what’s happening today!!

    3. Keep believing Masslass24, we all have to. I too feel our country is the best and I love it. I also remember having to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag each morning in school, what a proud way to start the school day. I blame our political leaders back then, Democrats and Republicans for not fighting when the word GOD was not to be spoken.

    4. I do not believe that our Country was ALL BAD way back then. I’m 71 and yes, there ARE SWAMP RATS in the Democrat and Republican Parties. But, NOT all of them were trying to make OUR COUNTRY a SOCIALIST COUNTRY back then. Not so visibly or outspoken anyway. We saluted our Flag every day and I really MISS THAT TODAY! So many Socialists have been let into our Country or came in ILLEGALLY and NEVER LEFT! Many have received Amnesty or live in “Cities and States that protect them. Illegals are treated better than CITIZENS in many cases! I think Obama/Biden years expressed ALL of this!!!
      Now Biden is going to FINISH IT if he is NOT STOPPED!

  10. Like any real PATROIT AMERICANS CITIZEN. Our country has been highjacked by the ENEMY OF AMERICA! Bill Barr is not just a LIAR but a TRAITOR who deserves the death sentence! Our Founding fathers would tar and feather him and his whole family. It going to take BRAVE PEOPLE TO SEE THE TRUTH. You made think you did the right thing by VOTING FOR Biden. BUT DON’T FORGET YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THE 1%! YOU are still a fool if you believe anything out of the mouth of these POLITICAN! When was the last time that you truly benefit from anything they said? You still having a hard time getting ahead in life? Still can’t save a dime for raining days? So think about it! WHO LAUGHING AT YOU? Just like ANTIFA AND BLM GROUP THEY ARE FOOL! THESE POLITICAN ARE THE 1% THAT IN DC NOW! IF you did research on line of other countries who are run by SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT. YOU WILL SEE THEY HAD A WALL BUILD AROUND THE GOVERNMENT PLACE. GUARD WHO SUPPORT THEM! HOLLYWOOD MADE MOVIE YOU COULD FIGURE OUT THESE POLITICAN WERE STEALING FROM YOU! ONCE they destory the ECONOMY and constitution laws you are going to be HELPLESS! So make up your mind! Are you going to fight back or are you going to eat out of the trash can? America need to rip it self of these POLITICAN! They had it all planned out while you when along with them! Use the media and social media to shut you up! If you didn’t hear during the Clinton years. How the COMPUTER WAS THE FUTURE! It was and it got highjacked by CHINA! SAME AS YOUR CELLPHONE! Think about it! DEMOCRAT started working with China back during Clinton term. Bill Gates was the first to BORROW MONEY FOR HIS SOFTWARE. AND INVESTMENT IS CHINA MAKING THE SOFTWARE AND THE CHIP THAT HELP CHINA LISTEN TO YOUR CONSERVATION WITH ANOTHER PERSON. Like they say the dominion were falling into place to destory AMERICA.

  11. What a multi-faced traitor to the American people. Give the pipeline workers his car make and color,and license number, then post all his addresses so the now un-employed pipeline workers can go to his home, and give him the same treatment Antifa gave honest ? politicians and their families, striking fear for their safety while in their own homes!

  12. Payback is a bitch Bill. You are pathetic.
    When you associate with those who are untrustworthy, self centered , and use their office for personal gain, you define yourself.
    You are a fake. And I thought you were one of the good guys!

  13. I wish everyone would wake up. I wish everyone would stop spreading hate and promote violence. I wish everyone cared enough about this country to inform themselves of the TRUTH. Look up “BIDEN:THE GREAT RESET” and start yourself on the road to the truth and enlightenment” “THE GREAT RESET” IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT STORY OF YOUR LIFETIME. You will understand the cause instead of the effects of everything going on in the country and the world. You will understand why Bill Barr did what he did. You will understand why “no sense, makes sense and why Biden and those around him are doing what they are doing. You will understand that this is NOT Democrat vrs. Republican, White vrs. Black or any of the other divisions being used to split up your country. You will understand where all the hate is coming from and then maybe we can come together to stop it. Maybe we can stop this path to destruction. Maybe we can understand who we really should be fighting.

    You can keep spinning your wheels and being led to slaughter like sheep, or you can realize in the end there will be people for “THE GREAT RESET and against it. That will be all, no Democrats, no Republicans, no race wars, not political wars just a simple class war. This war will be between 99.99% of the people of the world and the .01% of the people that want to control it. There isn’t much time start with Biden and then “KERRY: THE GREAT RESET” and learn to believe your eyes, not lies. God bless, protect and guide out country and it’s people.

    1. Go to HELL you never live in communist country and don’t know s*** about this regime . Biden is a dictator, lier and a criminal. I can answer you for your nonsense comments the time will show how is the Biden a good reset.

      1. Inna.
        You are not paying attention, i am not for the great reset, I am dead set against it. However, we have to understand and what it is before we can truly fight it. Biden is a puppet he has no idea what he id doing. people have to first understand then we can fight it. We have to come together as a people to do that and being from a communist country you already know all the lies. Tell people about it. learn about “The Great Reset” so you can fight it.

  14. What a no=good dirty swamp rat, Barr, u pathetic traitor, aren’t there any honest people, in government, any more, the American people have been betrayed, by many of these traitors, and must fight back,or lose America.

  15. Barr is nothing but a Lier and now backing the Communist Democrats is a total disgrace to America. Boy just look what has happened to our Country under Bozo Biden I wonder if the Knuckle Head Barr thinks now he should of backed President Trump. Barr another SCUM BAG.

  16. I’ve been taught all my life if something or someone bites the hand that feeds them they should be put down right then. This is exactly how these scumbags should be treated from now on. NO exceptions

    1. That should be the only true justice from this total government conspiracy against President Trump — death by firing squad for ALL the participants in this coup of America.

  17. Bill Barr, traitor, liar, Mueller 2, a coward who should have admitted his biases instead of hid them. Remember Bill, “no man or woman is above the law” what pure BS. You are, and always have been, a Deep Stater. When you lied to President Trump, you pissed on the graves of every American serviceman and woman who has given their lives for this country and to average Americans, at least 74 million, who thought that you were trustworthy. You are NOT; you are a bald-faced liar. Here’s to hoping you rot in a hot place forever.

  18. Piglosi and the swamp have got to try with all their lies to stop Trump from “coming back” because they know they are doomed. If SCOTUS won’t do their job to right the rigged election we are screwed and Roberts will do his best to ignore it. He is also one of the pedophiles who would go down should TRUMP return.

  19. This will happen because we have a corrupt political system that has corrupted the Judiciary–Mr. Barrs conduct
    with Mr Biden is to be expected -it is the system of a crime ridden bankrupt corporation.

  20. NO BIG SURPRISE !!!! There was a poster on these sites from the first day barr was made AG said that he was no good, called him Candy barr and said that nothing would get done. At first I had hopes that now the doj would get the job done but what this poster posted was eating at me so I did some rather deep research on “candy barr” and rather quickly found out he was a very sour piece of crap rather sweet candy. He absolutely was/is part of the deep state and as crooked as the clintons,obamas,comey,brennan,rosenstein,mccabe,stzrok,page and all the rest of the scum– let me not leave out the sleazebag dirty cop mueller who along with his corrupt band of phony investigaters stoled over $30 million from the American taxpayers. barr was exactly what the poster said he was from the very beginning — a corrupt POS !!!!! I will say this again — I don’t like “conspiracy theories” but the 2020 election was a TOTAL GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY to get President Trump out of office because he was interferring with their ring of corruption,money laundering,pay-backs from foreign enemies- like china. If the pedophile and the tramp(deep state) are allowed to stay in power, America will “NEVER” see another legitimate election.


      1. I absolutely believe you nailed it! You really can’t make this stuff up!!! We, through lock-downs and mask-wearing, are being desensitized to take the “Mark of the Beast” during the Tribulation. It’s in the Bible. They put this COVID-19 virus out there, and not by accident, to see how easily we could be controlled world-wide. Something doesn’t just happen accidentally when they were talking about it more than a couple of years before! It’s part of the GREAT RESET plan for the one-world government that the World Economic Forum is setting in place as we speak. Research it…you will see the diabolical plan being developed and implemented. And it’s now moving at an accelerating pace! Look at the “monument in Georgia that talks about population control. I believe it’s in Stone Mountain, GA. Bill Gates, et al have been implementing things for quite a while to reduce the population by death and sterilization of girls and men. He has used “vaccines” in Africa and other places to work toward accomplishing this end. Satan is running out of time and he knows it so he’s going all out to try and take as many souls to hell with him as he can. Already having to have something in order to travel, buy and sell is being put out there using the Covid-19 vaccinations. Just watch and see it coming to fruition! I’ve refused the vaccine and many others don’t trust it either. I loved the analogy of the masks, particularly the blue ones doctors were giving me, as being like a chain-link fence trying to stop a bb! If the medical community “choir” were all singing from the same sheet of music, those of us in the “audience” would be far less confused and more likely to comply. God help us all! Pray, people, pray! God is on His throne and still in control!!! Praise Him!

  21. Hiding Biden … anybody out there have any idea. WHAT NEW DRUG & Or TREATMENT the Democrats USED ON BIDEN.. this man Biden …Cured of dementia & Senility in 1 Month? Hasn’t Anyone Noticed this?
    This is not even been noticed by the press or his opposition party?? Biden went from not being able to finish a sentence or hold his train of thought. Feeble old man TO – – WHAT ?? DEAMONized old man.
    ALL. AMERICANS WANT THE SAME TREATMENT FOR themselves and loved ones.. Biden is the swamp creature he has Always been – just more dangerous with Power of White House creepy crawlers.
    We Have To listen with our Ears and intelligent minds. Hear and respond for this country’s CRY FOR HELP.. ONLY PATRIOTS WELCOME.. Please Apply your good sense and capabilities to help The USA
    I LOVE AMERICAN VALUES AND STANDARDS – If you know where these ARE, Please help
    Other Americans recognize “Where and Why”. I’m 72 military brat, Wife, Daughter, Sister & Sister in law, Aunt And Very Best AntyBty Let’s Get this crap – out of our country and get back to living like True Americans. Raise the flag Again – in Respect


    2. The answer is in his eyes. Have you noticed how they are now black? Biden’s eyes are bright blue but look at the photos. He is being fed what to say through those black lenses. I have been saying this from DAY ONE.
      The only answer left is for Republican States to break away from the so called “UNITED” States of America
      and form their own countries. This landmass has ALWAYS been too large for some elitist plebs in a tiny corner of this country to run. I’ve been to their “events” and they are 99% leftist elitists who look down on the rest of the country. LET’S DO IT BREAK AWAY.

    3. I believe Obama is “in his ear” literally. He said as much during his presidency when he said he would like to have someone as a plant for him so he could have a third term. Apparently I am not the only one who thinks that. Joe gets drugged up on occasion so he seems “normal” but it doesn’t last. You could see it during the debates. He started out stronger but withered before it was over. Joe is a “trojan horse” and will be there until he’s no longer useful and needed. I used to think Harris would replace him but I don’t know if Obama can control her. She’s so evil on her own. And look at all the appointments…all Obama and Clinton people. This is a well-orchestrated coup of our country. The corruption is so pervasive I don’t know if it CAN be stopped other than by Divine Intervention. I am praying for that but God may have finally judged us as He did during the time of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. He is a patient God but He will finally let us have our way to destroy ourselves.

  22. …”the same-old flimflams that they used in pre-internet days just don’t work anymore in the 2000s. We figure this stuff out.” OH REALLY? So what have you done about it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Those “flim flams” still apply don’t they? Those of us who have fled communism have been trying to warn you lot just what it does to a country…..but did you listen or do anything about it…NO! NOW LIVE WITH IT!

  23. The only answer left is for Republican States to break away from the so called “UNITED” States of America
    and form their own countries. This landmass has ALWAYS been too large for some elitist plebs in a tiny corner of this country to run. LET’S DO IT!

  24. Bill Barr is a big fat PIG! Worried about feeding his face Could play the part in the movie Animal Farm! He is a traitor!

  25. ” In THE NAME of JESUS CHRIST I send GOD’S WORD Isaiah 33:1 to MANIFEST throughout The DNC-Democrats-Joe, Hunter Biden-Harris-Barr-Pelosi-Schumet-Obama-Soros-Tech CEO’-ALL connected-partnered, involved with these Incredible Vile deeds. No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper.

  26. The Trump impeachment 2.0 is the Establishment’s Smoke&Mirror to cover up the onward forward move to gather & “eliminate” the 74 million who are in the way of the ChiCom movement. BEWARE Trumpers. Silencing us is phase 1, then The Kill Off is phase2. If we don’t fight back NOW, that “last door” out will close forever. Then American Trumpers will become the Soylent Green” feed !! First the elderly, then the blue collar middle class, followed by our brain-washed children & grandchildren…chickenFeed !!!

  27. You were probably a democrat for most, if not all of your life. Now you’re seeing how Russia and now China need to destroy America as we know it. You need to stand strong for the country – America is the most noble nation that’s ever existed and in order for it to remain as it was intended we need to rid ourselves of the leftists funded by Russia and China at the very least and hold on to our values.

  28. How the mighty have fallen. The USA was once the bulwark of democracy and the rule of law. It is now the laughing stock of the entire communist countries – even the free world feel betrayed and utterly embarassed by the once great bastion and stronghold of freedom. The term Banana Republic has found its most lasting reality in
    the post-election events in the USA. Unfortunately an even more appropriate description of what has happened in America is that of a country that has lost its soul and purpose in the world. Its great wealth, status and fame has become a stumbling block and a millstone around its neck. Only God can rescue her now.

    1. Agree big time. I’m just a little guy but, all last summer every chance I got I answered post that Barr was working against Trump to get rid of him. Why a guy like me saw through through this sham and no one else in the Oval Office? More traders there?

  29. Obama Blackmailed Chief Justice Roberts Supreme Court for a crime he committed, Obama is trying to set himself up for a third term. Henry Kissinger said Obama was picked to usher in the New World Order (NWO), Kissinger went on to say that our guns and Constitution stopped him. Kissinger went on to say it was going to happen regardless of what the American people thought. The communist Democrats betrayed America, communist said they would take over America without firing one bullet.

  30. This should be a warning for future appointees. Watch out for the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. The supposed conservative that is a liberal in disguise. Beware for ALL elections going forward.

  31. Bill Barr is part of the deep state. The problem is that McConnell is the biggest RAT of all. He needs to go. Where’s the Durham Report that we were going to see almost a year ago? Then it was going to be released in August. Then it was the Fall. Has anyone seen it? TERM LIMITS!!!

  32. Obama is the orchestrator behind this “dog and pony show”, he never surrendered the white house along with liar/loser/ Hilary Clinton. They are the true enemies of the “people”. I often wonder if Obama is a reincarnate of the Ant-Christ and merely a poser president.


    1. While Trump was making leaps and bounds over the years, they were working on their plan. Biden revealed it was the most extensive voter fraud organization.

  34. A person can hold on to the idea that Barr was a secret “white hat” just so long, but when his actions actually provided our real enemy, the CCP, with the ability to cripple us with a cyber control of the electric grid…then you have to acquiesce to hard facts and call him out for what he’s really been all along, a devious traitor to his country. That has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with being a part of a fifth column, no different than the secret members of the American Nazi party of World War II. We have to remember the globalist elitists have been hard at work to destroy American sovereignty since our inception, through the infiltration by open and secret societies of the moneyed aristocracies of the world. Their success depends on the patience and long suffering of a sovereign God!

  35. Don’t forget that Barr was a Bush man and so with the aninosity that existed with the Bush family do you think he was going to do a job for Trump.It’s a shame what was done to Trump in his Presidency that he Barr didn’t take more action,even worse is the D.O.J. took no action on the Election wonder why.Then you have good old Dick Cheney the V.P. of Buch the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree the (Daughter ) wonder how much money they made off the Iraq war? There all part the Swamp they suck on the taxpayer.

  36. Not surprising anymore. It appears Soros has more puppets than we the people ever thought possible. I am surprised and ashamed that I believed in Mr. Barr. Since Barr was a Bush man that explains a lot since the Bush’s are advocates for the New World Order too.

  37. the swamp deep state was deeper then anyone thought……better start checking out your mommies backgrounds… never know

  38. all along Barr was one of the SWAMP creatrures…….who knew it?…………Hey Barr how’s that investigation into Epstein’s suspicious death coming along?..I remember you promising to commit the full investigative powers of the Justice Department and the FBI into finding out how in the heck such a HIGH HIGH profile prisoner could commit “suicide” in a Prison while under such close watch????? and since then crickets….not a word………the Warden gets ” reassigned” to a country club prison, the guards who apparently didn’t do their jobs…..huh?”nothing happening there…….Oh yeah I guess you’ve been busy covering up Biden and his son’s corruption…….ever do anything with Hunter’s Lap top and all the kiddie porn?..naw too busy I guess……, and to think I once though you were a good choice to lead the Justice Dept……well, I admit I was wrong…very wrong.

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