AZ Senate President Says Elections Can’t Be Overturned—That’s an Absurd Lie

The dominoes are finally starting to fall after last week’s revelations out of Arizona and Georgia. But that does not mean we won’t still hit some roadblocks along the way, including from Republicans who we have thought were on President Donald Trump’s side all this time. We’ve already hit one, which I’ll talk about in a moment.

Meanwhile, the calls for full forensic audits in other states are growing after the Arizona and Georgia results conclusively proved what we have all known since about November 5th of last year.

In case you missed the explosive preliminary results from Arizona last week, here is what the exhaustive auditing process has uncovered so far in Maricopa County:

168,000 ballots were printed on the wrong paper stock; these are illegal ballots that should not have been legally counted in the 2020 election. 74,243 mail-in ballots that were NEVER MAILED OUT TO RECIPIENTS somehow magically showed up and were recorded and counted in Arizona’s official total. Who filled those out anyway, since they were never mailed in the first place?

Arizona’s Democrat Secretary of State scrubbed 18,000 ineligible voters from the state’s rolls AFTER the election. And another 11,000 who were not registered to vote in Arizona actually voted in the 2020 election – and then the Secretary of State added their names to the voter rolls AFTER the election.

Joe Biden’s margin of “victory” in Arizona was 10,457 votes. The first “audit” in Arizona that was conducted by the Secretary of State found none of this data. Perfect election! Yet the forensic audit has so far revealed 271,243 ineligible, illegal and/or fraudulent votes in Maricopa County. That’s… a little bit outside the margin of victory, I’d say.


President Trump also called for Arizona’s electors to be decertified (but tellingly did not call for a do-over, because that’s never been part of the strategy).

But then over the weekend, – who chaired the hearing with the auditors last week – said that Arizona’s results cannot be decertified. She blathered about how massive fraud can’t change the results of the election and it’s all just about integrity in future elections, and WAAAAAA! She’s powerless and can’t do anything because there are no laws on the books in Arizona that allow them to call for an election do-over. Boo-hoo!


It’s patently absurd to claim that there is no remedy to the people under the Constitution and Arizona’s laws if an election is decided by fraudulent ballot box stuffing. And at least one federal court has ruled just that. The case was Donohue v. Board of Elections of State of NY in 1976.

Brace yourselves, because I know this will be a big shocker, but… Democrats cheated in the 1976 election between Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. I know, right? GASP!

The federal judge in Donohue vs. Board of Elections ultimately dismissed the Republicans’ case, because there had not been enough fraudulent votes uncovered to overturn the outcome in New York. However, in the ruling for that case, the judge made a striking observation:

“It is difficult to imagine a more damaging blow to public confidence in the electoral process than the election of a President whose margin of victory was provided by fraudulent registration or voting, ballot-stuffing or other illegal means. Indeed, entirely foreclosing injunctive relief in the federal courts would invite attempts to influence national elections by illegal means, particularly in those states where no statutory procedures are available for contesting general elections. Finally, federal courts in the past have not hesitated to take jurisdiction over constitutional challenges to the validity of local elections and, where necessary, order new elections.

The judge is arguing that if there is no remedy to a stolen election, then that itself is an invitation to cheat in elections. So what if there are no laws on the books for Arizona to call for a new election? Do it anyway! Or at least decertify the election in that state, so those 11 electoral votes are stripped from Joe Biden’s total.

Karen Fann’s argument is the equivalent of suddenly declaring that all federal airline safety regulations are null and void, because the Founding Fathers never mentioned airplanes a single time in the Constitution!

Arizona lawmakers should immediately hold a vote to decertify their election results. And then, when the Democrats try to challenge that in court, make them try to explain why Joe Biden deserves Arizona’s 11 electoral college votes when there were 271,000 illegal votes in the state. Good luck with that argument. The point is that Arizona’s lawmakers need to fight, and they need to fight NOW! Giving up like Karen Fann wants to do will only guarantee defeat.

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51 thoughts on “AZ Senate President Says Elections Can’t Be Overturned—That’s an Absurd Lie”

  1. It is plain and simple, if the audit shows that there was fraud committed, then the election should be null and void. Then the choice should be a new election or total decertification of all electoral votes from the State in question. I personally think that the results of the audit should end in the awarding the electoral votes to President Trump and the removal of Joe Biden and all relative elected officials that were elected under this criminal election.

      1. Just goes to show you folks , that the only law in this country is us ! Revolution is the only answer !

        1. Revolution is the answer the people need to stand up say no more of this corrupt governments time to revolt

    1. You are absolutely right! Allowing this election to stand is to reward the criminal and Dem public officials have become notorious for that!

    2. I can not find it now, however, I read on the internet, prior to the election, Joe Biden was bragging about the, most successful election fraud scheme that ever been adopted.

      Biden admitted on the internet the election was going to be altered in Biden’s favor.

    3. There was no doubt there was huge fraud in the election before az audit…now its been proven..we all know it was even bigger than expected…and this is probably the reality in all the swing states…

  2. Since the audit proves Biden did not win the electoral votes, then Trump wins the state. Quite simple really. Only difficult because democrats don’t want to admit they cheated and will devise “any means necessary” to remain in power. Time to set things straight.

      1. The Republicans will never grow a backbone !!!

        There’s only a handful of them who are real fighters and they definitely love this country…

        The rest, they only know how to talk and make sure they will be getting re- elected !!

        America is being destroyed from within by lots of
        inside traitors and marxists plus of course, the
        Huge donations coming from big tech, big corporations!!!

        The Constitution, people’s voice, free elections???

        Don’t worry, the marxists in power will take care of all those meaningless issues !!!!

  3. What happened in Arizona, and probably other swing States also, is absolutely Criminal! The people that orchestrated these crimes should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! The results in Arizona should be decertified, and those electoral votes should either go to Donald Trump, or there should be a new election in Arizona. If our country is not going to have fair elections, legal voters no longer have any voice in the process!

    1. “ legal voters will no longer have a voice in the process”… THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE MARXIST

      1. That’s for sure. The real Democratic Oarty died with JFK and was replaced with a den of thieves and incompetents who are in politics in order to get rich and powerful.

        1. There was plenty of Democratic cheating during JFK’s election. That’s where ‘vote early, vote often’ in Chicago entered the lexicon. Philadelphia was also a hotbed of cheating (still is – Philly mob boss apparently bragged that he forged 1 million Biden votes!). And don’t forget how JFK’s people tricked Nixon into not wearing make-up on TV so he would look bad against Kennedy. (Look at the studies on that election – first to have a televised debate – overwhelming majority of TV viewers said JFK won; similar majority of those who listened on the radio said Nixon won.)

      1. Well they could do the right thing or we could have another battle of Athens! Not like we haven’t done this before in America! Where the people just kicked out the corrupt out of office! So it wouldn’t be the first time in America that the people didn’t ask and just did it! They armed themselves and gave the corrupt government a choice (LEAVE OR BE BURRIED!)

  4. It’s time to correct the record Arizona! So much bull about not recalling Electoral Votes in cases of Fraud. If the evidence of fraud is there, as Larry would say, Getter-Done! This sounds to me like I could come to Arizona, buy 271,000 vehicles, then pay each dealer with counter fit money. Would I then be guilty of fraud? not to say the least along with other charges. Sounds to me that ya-all in AZ Country don’t just have democrats in charge, you also have a few of those Commie-Socialist-Marxist-Progressive-Demoncrats in high places.

    1. Check out Battle of Athens ! Not the first time America has dealt with those that cheated on the vote! So they can find a presidents ! Or the people already have one!

  5. Not to worry, as they have done countless times in recent years the Republicans will find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    They’re already whining at multiple levels that there is no way to overturn our new Communist government.

    No doubt there’s a gun being held to either their heads or their bank accounts. Or both.


  6. It is just ridiculous. Joe Biden should not be in that office and fraud voids everything. End of story

      1. That’s what should be done….bring back public hanging so they have something to worry about next time they cheat!

  7. Remember when pelosi said they would have to use the military to drag Trump out of office? Well thats what is going to have to happen to biden. Democrats always accuse others of what they are doing. Clinton dropped her contesting the 2016 election because she knew it would uncover democrat cheating. They just didn’t cheat enough. This time they went overboard

  8. Many of the irregularitities have been explained away, but no one has tried to explain why ballots were printed on the wrong paper. To me, that is where the true voter fraud occurred.

  9. LMAO I don’t care if you are a conservative or a socialist Marxist communist like every DemoTrash in this country.
    You try to lie cheat steal and deflect guess what

  10. every Republican who is in office and just wants to let this ride should be voted out of office. Too many
    RINOS in the Republican party. Donald Trump should be president.

  11. Wouldn’t it also follow that all of the work done by Donald Trump that was overturned by Joe Biden would be reinstated?

  12. I believe that fraud was widespread, a lot of the republicans we voted in are working against us , these lame politicians need to be voted out of office, especially in A.Z. Where there is more than enough proof. The A.Z. Republicans should be working to overturn the election not blocking the truth. We all know who you are and we will remember!!!!

  13. The rightful man should be in office. I am a registered democrat and I am ashamed of this party. If you had to stop so low to steal an election then you are not the winner. A true winner can win the people’s votes . And losers like thieves always get caught.whether you are democrats or other party affiliations a thief never wins. God is watching you and you had better believe your sins will be revealed. So stand up and admit your wrong doings and put the rightful winner in office. Whether it be democrats or republicans. The states need to stand up for what’s right. Your money and power will not save you in the end. You can’t take it with you when leave this world. And that could be any minute.a clear conscience means more . No one has power over dying. That’s one thing no one can avoid. Make this right.

  14. Before going to far with Karen Fann and her comments find out if those machines were connected to the internet and if so was there any foreign countries involved. Foreign interference in American elections make them NULL AND VOID.

    1. Yes there were foreign countries involved!!! China and Canada were involved with this last election. The machines were made and programmed in Canada, and all computer pets came from China. So of course they could be reprogrammed at any time for an even better result.

      1. On August 10, 11 and 12, Mike Lindell is sponsoring a symposium in South Dakota, not open to the public, but on an invitee basis to all media, current office holding politicians and their certified experts to witness three days of great detail on how the election results were manipulated in all 50 States, regardless of who won. It will be live streamed on his website as well as other sites. The public will be able to view in it’s entirety. He has offered a $5 million reward to any expert (in attendance only) who can disprove the fact that foreign manipulations (especially from China) were used to attack our voting system through the internet. He has the record of all this activity including the date, time of day number of votes changed and for whom, and the IP addresses of both the foreign machines as well as the machines in each State that were affected. This will be a blockbuster event. If no one is able to successfully disprove the presented facts, that would change the whole picture against these Democrat and RHINO crooks. The charge would then be that Biden conspired to win the election with the help of a foreign agent . . .that my friend is TREASON at the highest level . . . worthy of the Death Penalty.

  15. The senate is using their claimed majority, by including VP Harris to steamroll everything through that they want. We conservatives are the true majority should be able to get things right legally.
    If we can’t, then we need to start a civil was against all the corruption. I am ready to arm myself and fight to the death if need be. Or if a state finally gets the spine to secede, I will move there. I hear talk of it, but no action. This situation is not tolerable. I used to be a proud American. But now I am ashamed of it. I cannot live here if something doesn’t change. We need to start doing something about it now, or I will be looking for another country to live in.

    1. I do believe it is going to take a civil war and I’m sure true Americans are ready if this isn’t felt with soon

    2. I do believe it is going to take a civil war and I’m sure true Americans are ready if this isn’t addressed with soon

  16. What has caused all of this?
    “It wouldn’t have changed the result” seems to be a reason NOT to investigate and prosecute fraud. Now we have fraud that did change the result.

  17. The Republicans better grow a backbone immediately and demand that justice be served . One would have to be simple-minded not to recognize that this election WAS STOLEN FROM DONALD TRUMP !!! !We need to remember what made this nation the greatest in the world and it is definitely not the woke losers who are attempting to bring this country to it’s knees . Rise up , America and stand up for the land of the free and the home of the brave !

  18. DECERTIFY the 2020 election, REINSTATE POTUS Trump as RIGHTFUL President, and lock up ALL GUILTY involved in FEDERAL PRISON (Do we need to build MORE Prisons?!?) as per the U.S. Constitution for SEDITION and TREASON. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

    1. If Biden didn’t win, because he cheated, then that means that Trump won with more votes. No need for a new election.

  19. ALL In the Wall $treet-Theater $cript of its continuing $aga on the $erial ‘drama’, “Jack shit happens” !

  20. Let’s name the real anti-Americans who have caused the lose of our freedoms to these communist democrats and that is the tv news media and there owners who lied about Donald Trump since 2016 and are still lieing on every news cast day and night

  21. I don’t think we, the people, can survive the full four years of the Biden administration. They need to be removed now before they can do more harm. Bejiing Joe has done enough already.

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