Baltimore Mass Casualties: Was the Container Ship’s Crew Vaccinated?

It’s a good thing Pete Buttigieg got all those supply chain issues fixed through his competence and leadership! If you’ve been in a heavy sleep this week and haven’t heard yet, you might want to turn on your television. A cargo ship from Singapore was leaving the Port of Baltimore early Tuesday morning (the middle of the night actually) when it smashed into one of the supports of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The bridge collapsed into the river, along with an unknown number of cars and a tractor-trailer. Divers are working to recover the bodies in what’s being described as a “mass casualty event.”

There are a huge number of factors at play here. Unfortunately for the American people, all of our government institutions poured gasoline on their credibility during COVID and lit it on fire, so no one is going to believe any official story about this.

All the factors that play into this, however, point to the same conclusion. We are a nation and an empire in decline so long as globalists remain in charge of everything.


What caused the crash and the bridge collapse? There are many different culprits.

Our feckless and nearly worthless Congress has spent decades spending money on pointless garbage that doesn’t matter and, in some cases, isn’t even real. Global warming. Diversity. All the gay stuff that the federal government pays for. The war in Ukraine. The Global War on Terror.

What we haven’t done is spend any money on things that matter, such as infrastructure. In 2021, Joe Biden signed a law to spend $7.5 billion building electric vehicle chargers all across the country. They’ve built eight (8) so far with that money. Not that any amount of spending would have prevented the Singaporean Dali from crushing that bridge piling.

Here’s a question: Why was a Singaporean container ship in the Patapsco River in Baltimore?

This is what Wikipedia says about the Jones Act, a World War I-era law that deals with maritime shipping in the United States:

“It [the Jones Act] requires that all goods transported by water between U.S. ports be carried on ships that have been constructed in the United States and that fly the U.S. flag, are owned by U.S. citizens, and are crewed by U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents.”

Exceptions to the Jones Act have to be authorized by the Department of Homeland Security. Is that what happened in this case? Why did a cargo ship from Singapore, with a crew from who knows where, have authorization to be shipping cargo on an inland US waterway? Or did the federal government simply ignore the requirements of another federal law because there was a major problem (the supply chain SNAFU) that was embarrassing the Biden regime?

If it had been an American cargo ship flying an American flag, would the crash ever have happened in the first place?

Even before the collapse of this bridge, the City of Baltimore was on the verge of collapse. Starting back in 2020, the radical leftists in charge of the city have been aggressively defunding their police force. Many officers have quit because of morale issues and many more have had their jobs cut. Last Tuesday, there were only three cops on duty in the Southern Police District in Baltimore.

The Southern Police District in Baltimore has a population of 61,000 people and it’s not the sort of place where you’d want to walk around at night. During a five-minute span last Tuesday night, at least ten 911 calls went unanswered as dispatchers were begging for more officers to respond to major crimes.

The collapse of a bridge like this is an “all hands on deck” situation for first responders. How is Baltimore going to fare over the next few days when every cop is working overtime because of the bridge and there’s no one to patrol the streets? How badly is this going to snarl the supply chains up again? We have a lot of unanswered questions.

One thing we do know is that after more than two years of effort, the combined forces of NATO and Ukraine have been unable to accomplish what one container ship from Singapore just did, which is take out a major bridge. Maybe they should put Pete Buttigieg in charge of NATO.

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33 thoughts on “Baltimore Mass Casualties: Was the Container Ship’s Crew Vaccinated?”

  1. With who we have in congress and in the senate and In the white house, we are doomed As a country, they are destroying it within in every way they can.

    1. I am seeing my beloved country being turned into a third world hell hole deliberately and I just want to cry. What happened to the American spirit and how did one man can do this much damage in just a couple of years.

    2. Yes,it is called Fundamentally change America and was sold to the Democrat voters 2007 under elated applauding voters.Beginning Jan.20,2008 with re introducing Racism.

    3. I agree with you. Our poor country. This so called “administration” is good for s***!

    4. Intentionally! They hate America and want to change our government to have all power in the Democrats.

  2. I can’t understand why that ship was near that bridge. A real investigation must take place. So sorry for the families and workers lost in this tragedy.

    1. Yes, what in the hell is going on in our country investigate? Investigate. where was the pilot boats USA pilot boats why in the middle of the night. why did Biden announce that government will pay for the bridge immediately without investigation we American people are not stupid.. answers answers

      1. All my thoughts exactly. Biden is good throwing around money that is not his. How about the company that caused the problem paying for the bridge, or at least have a look into who should pay instead of just offering. Then, there are the people that can’t get to work because there is no bridge. And on and on.

    2. That ship from Singapore had NO BUSINESS being on a river in Baltimore in the first place. The first thing I would check out is WHO ALLOWED THIS?! (And be certain to follow that answer up the chain of command. It might lead to the oval office for all we know!) We the People are very tired of being responsible for stupidity! TIME FOR REAL CHANGE!

      1. We the people all know who did this Biden. He has sold us out to China, Japan, Russia, the world. It’s time we the people take our country back.

        1. I agree with you Lisa. Tired of being kicked around, lied to, deceived by this Commie administration. Yes it is TIME WE TAKE OUR COUNTRY!!

        2. Exactly. You can thank Obama for that. He stole that election and nobody said one word about it.

  3. Why did the ship do a turnaround and head back then all of a sudden the ship lost power, lights and everything the struck hit the piller of the bridge?? Then President said the government would pay to rebuild the bridge I think we need a very detailed investigation into this crash. Just saying it’s kinda fishy!!!!

  4. HALT!

  5. Get used to it people. Obidung has another 10 months to destroy us all.
    Foreign ships are not even allowed by law to be in that position. This is entirely an attack of terrorism by the Biden Regime to steal more if our money. Cause inflation and supply chain shortages. And cause national security issues. ANYONE SURPRISED??? I’M NOT THIS IS SATAN BIDEN DOING WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR 50 YEARS.
    2024 will be APOCALYPTIC

  6. I agree with all the comments here.
    Alternative news sites are discussing how “coincidental” it is that the ship just happened to hit a key support point, and what impact the destruction of of this bridge has on not only that immediate area, but all over the country.
    Sadly, it looks like the things we have thought could never happen in OUR country, have been gradually taking place over the last 3+ MISERABLE years, and now are ramping up.

    Stay vigilant.
    Question EVERYTHING.
    Trust NO ONE.

  7. The bridge was a cheap poorly engineered disaster waiting to happen. The loss of only one support should not have caused the entire structure to collapse

    1. The bridge look pretty solid to me there’s a lot of bridges around the country that need a lot of repair

  8. When are we going to take our country back from that demon in Washington ! The election was stolen ! This thing up there in Washington cannot take care of himself .He is a joke ! Where are the true Americans ? My family came to this country on the second ship over . It is time to take it back from the pits of hell . Before it is gone forever!

  9. Finish this country off for good! Just keep voting the Democrats into any position of power, City, State & Federal & allow those Socialists to have there way!!!! It won’t take long, look at the damage they have done in just the last three years?

  10. First we must realize the destruction of this country began with Obama he was a plant from the Commies in Chicago. They knew people would fall for him in thinking the “first ” black President would heal old wounds. It was a terrible trick. (I did nor fall for it but obviously many did) the destruction started w small things anything big hidden deeply. It was supposed to continue with Hillary Clinton with Obama in the back ground NONE of them expected Trump to come along and beat them. One of the many reasons they hate him. In 2020 they had to make it appear they won by any means nessasary along comes Covid! Of course Hillary couldn’t run again it was very clear America does not like her…So she shrinks into the back ground under the Communist Obama. Make no mistake Obama is calling the shots…. Biden is a talking head that sold out this country for money and power. Right now we are owned by the Global Communists and they want to collect. Obama in the US, Putin in Russia, Shi in China and the Mullahs of Iran are all running the show obviously from differnt points around the globe but, it is a unholy alliance being helped on the ground by the dark soldiers that have been planted in every facet of the populations lives and big tech makes sure they get their propaganda out. Wake up people of the world and people of America. War had already started and they will ramp it up w each passing year if we don’t fight back. The people I have mentioned mean business and mean to win….

  11. They should’ve impeached the whole crew long time ago every one of them created treason to our nation and destroyed our constitutional rights. Then they try to hold our constitution against us and say they’re the ones that are protecting the constitution they haven’t done squat. MAGA

  12. As always, folks, you have to turn your “eyes” away from individuals that will consistently let you down, fail the nation and unfortunately are being used to destroy this country of what it once was. The truth is that politicians on both sides of the aisle are totally ineffective because the government has accepted evil as a whole.
    While one side is destroying, the other is only “barking” about it without taking any action. In the end, it comes down to rejecting the True and Living God, who created the heavens and planet Earth, and when viewed from a spiritual perspective, there is some comprehension. But regrettably, instead of looking up, turning from their idols, repenting and asking the One who can truly do good for a dejected, weak, idolotrous nation, people are more concerned in their small gods and blaming others.

  13. The pilot requested tugboat assistance to no avail.That;s Democrat ruined cities for you and Buttgig is totally clueless.

  14. That ship from Singapore should not have been in American waters. So it was a plant. Biden has let so dam many illegals in and still letting them in. And also he flew planes full of them in here on us. What kind of president does that kind of shit to his people. Come on America Biden has hurt this country more than any person in our history. Of ourse he jumped in and said he would pay for the bridge he is the cause of it. Bet if truth be known the white house has something to do with it. We the true American people will soon be taken over by Bidens illegals. Thats what he wants and that’s what he is getting. Lord knows we need all democrats out of all offices there killing us.

  15. Do you feel it yet?
    Cowards keep bending over for the Tyranny.
    Do you feel the rain?
    That’s the Tyrants pissing in your faces.
    Unconstitutional, law breaking COMMUNISTS destroying our country and Constitution.
    But thank God we have our Bill of Rights!!!!!

  16. And if you cannot see this was deliberate – and somehow still trust ANYTHING the government says – you are beyond hope!

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