Biden Admin Using Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Welcome Centers and Cover Lawyer Fees for Illegal Immigrants

The Department of Homeland Security announced a new program on Tuesday to provide free case management, legal services and “cultural orientation programs” to illegal immigrants as the nation’s border crisis continues.

“We are excited to partner with nonprofit organizations and local governments on this pilot program to improve services for noncitizens in immigration proceedings,” DHS Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Officer Katherine Culliton-González said in a news release. She has been tasked as the chair of the National Board for the Case Management Pilot Program.

The news release said the program’s services will include “mental health services; human and sex trafficking screening; legal orientation programs; cultural orientation programs; connections to social services; and departure planning and reintegration services for individuals returning to their home countries.”

In plain English, without the Biden propaganda and spin, this means that President Biden is using taxpayer dollars to hire immigration lawyers and “welcome centers” for the millions of illegals that have crossed the border illegally into our country since January 20th.

Biden is using $15 million in taxpayer’s money to provide immigration attorneys for illegals at the border. The $15 million is actually a marketing ploy. Even if the regime hires the most dirt-cheap immigration lawyers they can find, that’s about enough money to help 7,500 individual illegals. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the 200,000+ illegals flooding across the border every month.

But the news that “Joe Biden is paying for immigration lawyers at the border” will spread like wildfire through the cartels all the way down to Guatemala and Honduras – so here comes another surge.


Biden is also using $23 million of taxpayer’s money to build “Welcome Centers” along the border for illegals, which will presumably be filled with pamphlets on how to steal a social security number and apply for an American’s job.

The news comes as more than 210,000 illegal immigrants crossed the southern border in July. The year’s total has surpassed 1.2 million, with an anticipated two million before the end of the year.

With all these new immigrants, there are lots of needs. The Biden admin wants you to pay for them. Instead of deportation, however, the new DHS program will help with legal expense and cultural programs to help Biden’s new immigrant buddies adjust to American culture.

Even more, the Biden administration is seeking American volunteers to help. Now you, too, can get involved in providing “cultural orientation programs” for illegal immigrants. Not sure who’s signing up to help though, especially given the reported job shortage nationwide largely created by Biden’s ongoing unemployment increase and monthly child tax income checks.

It seems just when the Biden administration’s policies could not turn any stranger, it digs deeper to find some odd twist to defy logic. Instead of a secure border and funding police, the left wants an open border, defunding of police and now taxpayer funds to help illegal immigrants adjust to life in our nation.

But at least Biden doesn’t post mean tweets, right?

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35 thoughts on “Biden Admin Using Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Welcome Centers and Cover Lawyer Fees for Illegal Immigrants”

  1. All so they think they will get votes!!! First that crazy sob needs to be put to pasture he is not playing with a full deck of cards and the communist who are in our government knew that before the put him in the oval office by fraud. We will not stand for this anymore TIME FOR ALL OF THEM TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You are correct and Demoncrats are really demonic, because they don’t care about our homeless poor who are dying on the sidewalks of our big cities, but they can borrow and drown us in trillions of DEBT to take care of illegals? Crazy and bad, bad people in our government, time to get rid of all of them in every election before these illegals get to vote and put them in power eternally.

      1. He has 2 big estates in Delaware so let him take half and the ugly witch from the west take the rest . Enough said.

  2. The border needs to be closed IMMEDIATELY for our countries safety. STOP THESE INSANE NUMBERS COMING IN. They worried after 9/11 abour more terrorists coming in; now he’s bringing tens of thousands, and possible terrorists, here in planes. The cargo jet loaded with hundreds of unvetted refuges had several individuals in the heavy blue burkas, complying with sharia law and Taliban’s requirement. If they were fleeing the Taliban rule and requirements, I would think they’d throw back those heavy, hot burkas when they sat down in that crowded, hot plane. Freedom, right, besides comfort. THEY DIDN’T. Do we even know about those unvetted individuals…no. We know Taliban women also have commited terrorist acts. But WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IF THEY WERE WOMEN. Great disguise for a Taliban or Al Qaeda terrorist. We also din’t need to bring ANY of the refugees here. They could be redistributed around the Middle East, out of Afghanistan. Likewise those who served as interpreters, guides, etc. Just get them out of Afghanistan/ danger and help resettle somewhere besides US. Germany has had such dramatic increase in violence and murders since bringing in Mid Eastern refuges, they found 90% was related to them. Germany is currently DEPORTING these Afghanis and Syrians.

    OUR PLATE IS BEYOND FULL with the insane inflow of illegals here. We cannot afford this, plus most of them are ill with Covid 19 and several variants including Delta, Lambda, etc., AND MANY of the 160+ countries have DRUG RESISTANT TB. Being brought here. And making us ill.

    As an aside, one of the bills listed BILLIONS for welcome centers all along the border. I doubt that’s changed; they just chose to lie about it now.

    1. I concur. and even UK has had a huge in crime ever since they started to take them in. I was robbed there at the twin towers and when I reported it to the police they said they can”t do anything because it is now the norm over there with illegals. So sad.

  3. So the US Dep’t of Homeland Security continues to spy on, ARREST, harass and persecute AMERICAN CITIZENS while welcoming foreign invaders by the million. Meanwhile, the “fair and balanced” US news media continues to lie their electronic fannies off while at the same time censoring any counter reporting. And, the US Federal security agencies continue to strangle the Bill of Rights and individual choice along with it. The military went Wokey and is now practicing ballet moves that make running away look good.

    But! No problem! The GOP to the rescue! Right?

    Well…… right?

    1. YAHOVEH our God is still on the thrown he will fight the last two battles. So put it in the Lord’s hand.

    1. My guess is by November or December… but it’s just a thinly educated guess, so don’t hold me to it.

  4. Well, well, imagine that! Illegal alien “welcome centers” and taxpayer-funded immigration lawyers for indigent border jumpers (among other things)! It is both to laugh and to weep simultaneously. America’s great political experiment in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is rapidly approaching the end of the road! Individual liberty and personal responsibility will be the next attributes to be sacrificed to the god Politic!

  5. How much longer can we tolerate Biden’s regime? He has undone and screwed up and gotten rid of everything that America had. He took credit for Covet vaccine (Trump) he has opened the borders to illegal immigrants who are positive for covet and now wants Americans to pay for getting them legal and aid, millions of dollars stimulus checks and payouts when people stayed home with more money when there are “we are hiring”, he shut the the pipelines down and millions of people lost their jobs and we are depending on OPEC for our gas . My mom died with Alzheimer’s and we have all seen the video of him trying to find how to get into the White House. It’s over

  6. It is an appalling oversite that only a complete moron would put the cart before the horse. How complicated can it be to bring back civilians then billions of taxpayer dollars of military hardware or disable it, then bring back our armed forces?

    1. Biden left BILLIONS of dollars in weapons and military helicopters, planes, humbees etc. so the Taliban can use them against us. Trump got upset over that because he brought back billions of military equipment as he slowly brought the people back and had that agreement with the Taliban, that if they ever harm any American or Afghans, he will come down on them like white on rice and obliterate them. They behaved, but Biden threw the Trump peace agreement which signaled the Taliban to take Kabul. Biden did not even consult or notify our coalition forces and those countries are now angry at America and will probably never help us when we need them again. Biden ruined our good relations with our allies. He must be really losing his cognitive ability or just following the orders of our enemies? What a disaster Biden has created and yet he does not admit it is his fault??? Narcissistic people are stubborn, it is a character flaw, no meds to cure it.

  7. Kinda like rubbing our noses in it, eh? This is all by design folks, it’s not “just” incompetence!!

  8. Anthony Manzo
    Isn’t it Amazing, NO orderly plan on how to move out our American Citizens, Embassy, Equipment and then our Troops. But a Detailed Plan to bring in Thousands of REFFUGEES where to house them and all the necessary needs they may need. Something SMELLS, seems to me like a WELL thought out plan to over ride our Immigration Laws like happened in a Quick withdrawal from IRAQ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What an ignorant piece of crap. I literally despise Joe Biden and all his liberal cronies. American citizens have to put up with the unmitigated crap at every single government office but let’s spend millions if not billions to make it easier for these illegals. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. My happiest days is when I hear Joe and Nancy have crossed the bridge. That will be the only way to get rid of the SOBs. You can look in his eyes when he is pressed on anything and there is nothing but 1. outrage – how dare you question me but mostly 2. FEAR!!! Because he knows he is worthless. In a million years I never, ever thought we would see this. WHERE THE HELL IS THE GOP. Come on Cruz, McConnell, Crenshaw. What the hell. Do something? If we can’t impeach the stupid idiot over all of this then what do we do. GOP just sits there without any consequences. Maybe the consequences will come next election. None of you deserve to be congressmen and senators. Absolutely worthless. I promise you if PRESIDENT TRUMP did any of the crap that Biden has done they would have roasted him on the front lawn of the Whitehouse and sold tickets.

    1. I concur, our sentiments exactly. We really have to vote them out if we want our country back…..No Demoncrats in every State, City and Feds. to get rid of traitors in our government.

  10. The rank-and-file Dems (the voters) are not responsible for what’s going on here–it’s the bureaucrats and the young “D” senators and representatives. Let’s not tar-and-feather the innocent with the same brush as the guilty, shall we?

  11. We the people are just the cash flow for all the democraps now. United states bank to the world. Whatever they want to come up with we have to fund now. Oh course king bendover the big guy gets his 10% off the top. Put a spanish guy in charge of the spanish coming in and we cater to their every need. No he is not going to be all for the southern border invasion letting in his relatives

    1. yea paint them all for working in concert by coercion , Trick threat, Phycological manipulation Coercion: collusion working in concert to commit the felonies, Republican Rhinos, and the Dems all acting in concert my op-inion wht are no Repubs calling for impeachment but a limited couple get rid of Biden and his crew and all Rhinos all in my opinion

  12. How about we take everything you and your family own mr. Biden and put it towards sending all those illegal aliens back where they came from because that in the end is what is going to happen the surge in COVID-19 is from you and your administration sending these infected people all around our country you should be impeached for this you have threatened the very lives of every American in this country!!!

  13. For This Alone, the Whole Biden Administration along with the Democrat and RINO Congress should be Impeached as well as Recalled as well as Asked to Resign. The Federal Government along with some State’s Governments should be swept clean as the Corruption is so thick it is disgusting. President Donald J. Trump was correct…Anything and Everything the Woke (Democrats and RINOS) do turns to “S”. Normally I would balk at that Filthy Word but Unfortunately It Fits.

  14. I think we need to let illegal citizens run for political office the minute they cross over the border and spot them at least 250 million votes to empower equity and put up fancy homes in the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country so they can run against these communists and do nothings like Biden. I wonder if the democrats would be so welcoming if the illegals had some affect on their jobs and neighborhoods like they do on ours.

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