Biden Campaign Paid GBI Strategies in 2020 to Create Fake Voter Registration Forms

Remember when Joe Biden said that the Democrats had assembled “the largest voter fraud organization in history” back during the 2020 election? He wasn’t lying.

It now turns out that the 2020 Biden campaign was directly paying GBI Strategies, the shadowy company that has been exposed as running an alleged voter fraud operation in Michigan. The company invented tens of thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms and turned them in in cities across the state.

This is a big part of how the 2020 election was stolen, and the first evidence we have that the Biden campaign was directly involved in it.


The Gateway Pundit first broke this story in August, when they obtained a police report from Muskegon, MI. A woman tried to turn in 10,000 new absentee voter registrations in the small town with fewer than 30,000 residents. The registrations were fake, and an investigation involving local, state and federal law enforcement ensued.

John Solomon’s Just the News has now obtained the supplement police report filed in Michigan on October 16, 2020. The report contains quotes from GBI Strategies employees who eagerly and willingly ratted out their employer as a voter fraud “scam.” It also contains data on which Democrat Party entities were paying GBI Strategies to create fake voter registrations in Michigan.

The report even highlights the nationwide spiderweb of how GBI Strategies was operating. Get a load of this.

GBI Strategies has a business registration in Cordova, Tennessee, but no physical office or website. The GBI employees that police in Michigan talked to were from Atlanta, Georgia. Which increases the likelihood that they were affiliated with the mysterious Black PAC that paid GBI $11 million in 2020. Atlanta is also Stacy Abrams’ stomping ground, so maybe there will be a connection there when this entire story is unraveled. Finally, the supervisor for the GBI employees in Michigan was actually in New York the whole time.

If we connect some dots, the individual working for Mark Zuckerberg who was stationed across the street from the TCF Center in Detroit had a secret WiFi channel connected to his hotel room from the center. That individual had the final say in which ballots were accepted or rejected on the night when the votes were counted in 2020. And that individual was an attorney from New York, as we covered previously.

New York seems to be some sort of a nexus point that was supervising the fraud in Michigan and other states.

In addition to the $11 million that GBI Strategies received from Black PAC, the organization received $2.1 million from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, $1 million from the DNC Services Corp., and $450,000 from the Biden for President Campaign. That’s just the money in Michigan.

The initial suspect identified by police—the one who turned in 10,000 fake registration forms—told investigators “the way this company was operating” made her “think there was a lot of red flags.”

After police uncovered semiautomatic rifles with attached silencers at GBI’s office in Southfield, MI the woman says another employee told her “not to trust the people of GBI.” Another person whose name was redacted told the employee “this whole thing was a scam.”

As we reported last week, at least 19 clerks in Michigan were aware that they were receiving large boxes of fake voter registration forms from GBI Strategies, which they were entering in the system as valid voters. That’s just one piece of the puzzle, though.

Once a fake registration is entered into the system, that “person” is mailed a real absentee ballot. When a postal worker tries to deliver that ballot, only to find that the address leads to someplace like a vacant lot or a DMV office, the worker brings the ballot back to the post office and puts it in an “undeliverable mail” tray. In the dead of night, those ballots disappear.

Sweat shops run by Democrat Party-affiliated PACS and nonprofits then have workers fill out and sign the ballots. The ballots are then handed off to mules who deposit the tens of thousands of fake ballots in one of Mark Zuckerberg’s drop boxes.

The entire Michigan investigation, which involved Muskegon city police, Michigan state police, the Michigan Attorney General’s office, and the ATF was handed over to the FBI. The FBI still refuses to comment on whether it is even investigating the case.

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41 thoughts on “Biden Campaign Paid GBI Strategies in 2020 to Create Fake Voter Registration Forms”

  1. I hope this valuable information is given to President Trump immediately. He’s the true victim in this mis carriage of justice

    1. Impeach the doddering old man and his incompetent vice. president. They have done enough to destroy this country. Biden is bordering on demented and half the time, I think, he doesn’t know where he is, what he’s supposed to be doing.

  2. It’s a fact that the Biden administration is corrupt. The entire Biden administration needs to be impeached, now!

    1. Rich, I agree 100%. I always new the votes were some how compromised. And I had a gut feeling about Stacy Abrams. The truth will always come out in the end.

    2. +because they know that they cheated they should be impeached and TRUMP the real winner should be given back his office. That way he could start undoing the damage Biden and his controller’s have done. The democrats should have to pay Trump all the money he has spent on wrongful lawsuits. And all the ones in jail for Jan. 6th should be set free and given their money back too. This should all come out of the Biden’s campaign fund and his parties funds.

  3. I knew there was no way Biden won because he didn’t campaign! Biden stayed in his basement. The democrats were behind the fraudulent election and if the justice department had done their job instead of kissing Biden and democrats butt, our country wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in now

  4. Wake up America,demoRats are comming for your freedoms, your kids, & your money! Lady justice has been killed by Bidens henchmen. This lying piece of shit president has destroyed everything he has touched! He,s a crook, & now a millionaire thanks to his son, the doj & the fbi. Obama put America in the toilet…Biden,s was installed to flush it!

    1. I agree with you except for the fact that everyone but him made him a millionaire. That’s false. Biden orchestrated much of that money and didn’t have to wait till hunter came out of his drug haze to do that for him.

    2. You couldn’t say it any better and to add to that Obama is still running the show with that witch Hilary behind closed doors and on their cell phones !!!!!! what a joke this country has become, and the true American people better put a stop to all this crap that is going on in that Whore house in Washington DC. start arresting the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the rest of the cronies that were involved! CUT the head right off all those SNAKES with super prison terms!


    1. My belief is that they will steal the vext one too. Don’t think for a moment after what they did before they are all of a sudden going to be good boys and girls, Not happening.

  6. it is SAD that one man (Trump) is being persecuted for trying to get the truth out to the people of our country, but that the true VILLANS in this story are sitting behind a desk in Washington and pretending to RUN the country!!! All the Dems have done is ruin us–and our pocketbooks and our bank accounts show it!!! EVERYTHING has gone UP in price while our income has been attacked! Time to get this country back on the fast train and put someone in the office who can RUN the country the way it should be–not sure who that is at this point, but I think TRUMP needs a second chance–after all he was robbed of his second chance in 2020!

    1. It is going to be real interesting to see if God is going to allow 4 more years of prosperity under Trump and give us more time to recognize that He is the answer to our problems or is He going to turn His back and let us continue the slide into the hell we are headed for.Going to be interesting, stay tuned.

  7. Congratulations Democrat voters.You got yourself a criminal that now presides over a likewise criminal so called administration.Aren’t you proud of this scum?

  8. President Trump is the one who suffers from all of the crimes and lies from the Biden Administration. It’s time for Biden and his cronies are arrested and charged.


  10. George Soros and Son are the garbage buying our politics. They buy radical DA’s among other politicians. They are the scum of the earth. They need to be investigated

  11. If this is all true, then President Trump and his legal team can use it for his defense in GA. Do they have all the documents in their hands? Are they secure and not on a computer? “They” will kill if this is true to keep it going too far. Look at the people that had things on Hillary. WHY go public with this info? We all knew Biden could not win honestly from a basement. They will try to see if he can win from a nursing home in 2024.

  12. You know, I keep getting messages to the effect: should we require picture ID to vote, think about that one a minute, Biden and his cronies already have given the illegals drivers licenses and everything that they need to vote for them. You don’t think they’d go to all this dirty work and not cover their bases so that they can vote for them in 2024, do you???

  13. Why should I believe this information as being real? Why is President Trump being indicted for making statements about the 2020 election being stolen. If this info is true along with similar information from Pa, Ga, Az, Nv, etc why is the Biden administration still in charge? Why haven’t there been numerous convictions, jail time. Why is the DOJ, FBI and other agencies still controlling our country? Let’s cut the BS and get the truth out and the corrupt government found guilty and the people that are duly elected put in place.

  14. There needs to be a BFI (BIG F*ING INSURGENCY ) raid on the FBI and the DOJ and lock them all up! Personally they all need to be taken out to sea somewhere between DC and Bermuda and forced to walk the plank!!!! These people are not Democrat, they are not even American! They are the dream of Nikita Kruchev who once said ….
    “The USSR can not defeat America with weapons of war! She must defeated from within by infiltrating every institution with the ideology of communism. From the schools of higher learning down to the lowest grade levels, to the legal professions and court system, even to congress itself!!!” Reagan defeated communism in 1989 but over the past 60 years communism has methodically infiltrated American thinking and now has a stronghold on our most sacred institutions. President Trump knows this and has been trying to wake America up! We must come together and fight this tyranny or we will indeed lose our country and our freedom. I don’t think Kruchev ever dreamed he could take the white house but he has accomplished it. We must stand up and fight NOW!!! AND PUT TRUMP BACK IN THE THE WHITEHOUSE!!!

  15. We all know, or should know, Obama rigged his two elections, and thought he had it in the bag for killary, but Trump threw a monkey wrench into that and beat her! Obama got sanders out of the way so killary could skate to victory, but it didn’t happen! Obama started the never Trump movement, and is behind all these indictments now! HE is the skunk in the d.c. woodpile! He wants to destroy our country because he hates America and our people, he will do anything to destroy us! He should be in prison for sedition and treason, along with “ big Mike” his tranny “ wife”! Include Piglosi, schumer( piglosi’s long term lover) schiff, and the rest of the rats in our government, that includes the rinos. We must stop them by any means possible, or lose our country! Vote MAGA, all the way!

  16. Everyone keeps talking about impeach Joe Biden. All for what show, with a Senate that is controlled by the Democrats this may end up backfiring and energizing the Democratic base. Assuming there is enough evidence to prove Joe Biden took money from foreign adversaries, in exchange for influence or access, Joe Biden and his crime family should all be on trial for treason, because they are selling America out in order to make millions.

  17. I retired from Law Enforcement after many years on the job. I worked closely with almost every Federal Law Enforcement Agency. The DOJ has become foreign to me. Where is the integrity and honor that they once possessed. Before Biden, the FBI would have jumped on a voter fraud case such as the fraudulent election of 2020 in a heartbeat. I’m convinced that this beautiful, once proud, great Country of ours has been infiltrated by corrupt America haters from the top down.

  18. I’m so glad they are being exposed for the crooks they are. Its just mind boggling! Arrest them all! Thank you for all the hard work being done to expose these pathological liars!

  19. I never doubted for a moment that the “election” was 100% fraudulent, orchestrated by the liberal politicians.

    MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

  20. I participated in the recount in Milwaukee Wisconsin as an observer. We had to stay behind a yellow line as we “observed”. The line was 8 feet away from the table. The work being done was in the first foot of the 3 foot wide table so now I was 10 feet away. When I wanted to stand behind the yellow line I was to told by a Democrat running this that I had to stand behind the chair behind the yellow line which added another foot. I was 11 feet away from the ballots and I asked the woman……”What is it you don’t want me to see?” The election was stolen. If it was so fair and honest they would have wanted us to see that.

  21. Who is the author of this report?
    When was this report written?
    The vilidity of this article is questionable when those two items are missing.

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