Biden COVID Bill Includes Massive Tax Hike on the Poorest Americans

Democrats despise capitalism, America, and all private sector workers who have turned to freelancing income during the Democrat-imposed COVID shutdowns. Uber Drivers, Etsy sellers, and anyone who earns extra money on the side (freelance graphic designers, writers, babysitters, ect) are all affected.

Don’t believe us? Check out the only tax increase that was included in the bloated $1.9 billion Biden COVID “stimulus” bill. It includes a huge tax increase for the poorest of working Americans, which has the potential to “destroy their lives,” according to economists who have analyzed the tax increase. It’s not a tax increase on Wall Street, or hedge funds or Hollywood starlets. It’s a tax increase on Americans who rely on freelancing for any part of their income.

Our insane quarantine-the-healthy COVID shutdowns have absolutely devastated certain sectors of the economy. I personally lost at least $50,000 in 2020 after two firms I used to consult with in Manhattan and Nashville went bankrupt due to the shutdowns. (Needless to say, a $1,400 stimulus check doesn’t exactly float my boat; not even close.) I can only imagine how bad 2020 was for people in the restaurant, bar, hair and nail salons, spas and other service sectors have had it. This was one of the most crippling and stupidest unforced errors ever committed against capitalism.

Friendly reminder: The rightful President of the United States, the honorable Donald John Trump, wanted the economy to be completely and totally reopened by Easter Sunday in 2020. Just sayin’.


As a result of one of the most colossally stupid and suicidal policies in human history, many intrepid Americans have turned to freelancing to supplement their incomes. There are a huge number of skills that can be freelanced, thanks to the internet, to help make ends meet these days. A lot of people started freelancing and realized that it’s an easy way to pick up an extra few bucks each month.

Those are the people that the Democrat Party has decided to impose new tax hikes on. Under current rules (prior to the COVID stimulus bill’s passage), companies don’t have to report wages paid to freelancers until it reaches a $20,000 per year threshold. Under the new law in the COVID stimulus bill, that threshold drops to $600.

This is going to catch untold millions of American freelancers by surprise, from Uber drivers to freelance court transcribers. The Democrats’ mindset is obviously that freelancers are a bunch of lying crooks who don’t pay their taxes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every bit of research indicates that freelancers, as a whole, pay well over 99% of the taxes owed on their freelancing wages (far higher than the average public school teacher or Member of Congress).

The problem with this is that a lot of the poorest Americans, who are now relying on freelancing just to put food on the table in shut-down Democrat-run states, are not able to set aside anything for estimated quarterly taxes. They ran out of savings months ago, even as Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida was reopening his state after realizing keeping people shut in their homes without an income is worse than the actual virus. (*Sigh*… My hero!)

When tax time rolls around in 2021, freelance workers who made as little as an extra $50 a month during the “pandemic” will find themselves paying not only additional taxes, but also additional penalties for not complying with the new anti-capitalism tax that the Democrats slipped into this bill. Most professionals who freelance their services for a living won’t be impacted by this. They’re already accustomed to being sodomized by the IRS every year on April 15th. But for people who are new to it, it’s going to be a massive shock.

Unlike most previous tax increases in American history, this new tax on the poorest of American workers won’t be “phased in” over a period of years. It goes into effect next January 1. That’s what now has economists and accountants worried. People who make freelancing income have no idea what’s coming for them, or how quickly it’s going to arrive. There’s no chance to brace for it, because it affects income that they are making right now.

This is just one more reason why no one in America should ever trust a Democrat in a leadership position. If you’re a low-income American, they hate you. How else would you explain a tax increase on America’s working poor, in a year when the richest people on the planet got richer due to the shutdowns?

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83 thoughts on “Biden COVID Bill Includes Massive Tax Hike on the Poorest Americans”

  1. These times should be labeled ignorant America only a brain dead demonrat would go along with this . Good luck to all you poor fools who voted for these TRAITORS.

    1. What does it take to wake up U.S. accountable citizens that the dem leaders in past 12 years, since bo’s 8 years of treason to create his own dictator regime ! All of dem liars socialistic free stuff is for a NWO abused power ! YES; treason is the dem leaders crime & the only justice is execution that will destroy all world dictators in the U.S.A. !

      1. Do not worry about the corruption of the world keep your eye on the Lord and He will keep is safe THANK you

        1. There was not 80 million people voted for Biden, 80 would probably be closer. Where were those 80 million when he had a rally and nobody came or at most 25 or 30. showed up? He may have gotten 80 million ballots, but not 80 million votes from 80 million people. The problem is, it will not be just 80 million people who will suffer but 325 million. I almost forgot, several million illegals also. There will be no more freebies for them or the American citizens when the country goes bankrupt and it is definitely on it’s way, thanks to the Democrats. If we survive the next four years it will be a miracle.

          1. It would be a miracle or the 2nd Coming of Jesus.All the signs are almost fulfilled except for a few.And guess what, the Dems hate Christians .Guess what- they’re all going to find out what real power is all about.It’s pure,loving,yet stronger and sharper than a 2 edged sword.

          2. We will survive of in God we trust that is what this country was founded in all those who are corrupt and hurt the poor and sick and mercy will pay for thier crimes Jesus is merciful and just THANK you

    2. Biden said he was going to raise taxes. he said it several times. He said ” if you vote for me you’re voting to tax increases”. Did all those brain dead liberal lemmings think he was bluffing? Well, taadaa, he wasn’t! Now sit back and watch that buffoon destroy America in a way osamaobama couldn’t. When all turns to crap, and it will, you can bet your last taxed dollar they are going to gang up on Biden like a pack of hungry cockroaches and blame him for everything cause that’s what democrats do…they eat their own!

    3. I am poor and on SSI who recieve so little that we cannot pay the basic bills thanks to democrats, and i did not vote for this COMMUNIST JACKASS OF CHINA, ALL DEMOCRATS ARE BRAIN DEAD JACKASS OF CHINA COMMUNIST PARTY IN DC


    5. I totally agree with you, Ken. Everyone who voted for Biden deserves whatever he does to them. I think they will eventually realize their voting mistake and suffer an extreme case of “Oh, My God! What have I done to myself and my country!

  2. This is why it s do important for the american people to get their head out of the sand and realize what is going on.
    The democrats say how this bill had great support from the people which it did, only because they only heard they were getting 1400 dollars, and that’s all they knew about the bill

    1. I agree that Americans had better wake up and fast. The 2020 election should be overturned by the people. We put corrupt politicians and judges in office, we can take them out. It is like Einstein said “it will not be the evil that destroys the world; it will be those that stand back and watch and do nothing”.

    2. Exactly.. and I don’t think the American people realized that it was ALSO a racist bill.. where it is going to give minority famers 120% debt forgiveness but NO help for the white farmers.. This to me, is racially divididng this country… democRATS are a sick hateful cult and the nightmare cult leader is in the white house…

      1. satan possessed! They deserve to go live with him when their lives are over. God will
        Seek HiIS vengeance for them stealing HIS country and harming HIS annointed president, Donald Trump. Wouldn’t want to be them when they stanf face to face with HIM and have to explain. Be patient. God will avenge. Their demise is coming without the people being involved.

  3. Remember when Biden promised no tax increase for those making under $400k? What a disgusting human being!!!

    1. There is no doubt that dem leaders are notorious liars and deceitful to blame others for dem crimes of treason !Remember bo & hilary created the coup to destroy POTUS Trump after the dem’s loss 2016 ! After a past twelve years of the dem leaders wannabe dictator regime bo started is now the shadow deceit using biden & cronies as the patsy’s for bo’s dictator power ! Treason is the dem’s crime & execution is their only deserving justice ! NOW !

    2. and the idiots believed it.. I got into a few arguments with people who thought he wasn’t going to increase the taxes of low income.. ha ha.. I didn’t trust Lyin’ Biden at all… I still don’t.. he is a nightmare

    3. Somehow the 1% has turned into people squeaking by trying to get a little extra — not more than $599.00 a year for you; while Biden makes multimillion dollar deals with China for himself and his family.

  4. The hidden dagger will appear next year tax reporting time. The blood will flow as massive tax bills arrive. Only a few are aware that this will happen, but it will. Why? Because the Democrats and their supporters think we are stupid. They give you a carrot, then take a pond of flesh as payment.

  5. Unfortunately the five years that the Democrats spent making DJT the bad guy, with our tax dollars funding that effort, it became impossible to outrun the lies, new voting procedures, and the habitual maligning that hard core irresponsible politicians like Nancy Pelosi and her kind drunk on power and money, to overcome. And the American people flip flip to chose Republicans then Democrats as if it is a courtesy of “turn” rather than understanding politics.

    1. There is no doubt that the dem leaders fraud voting put the worst possible libtard candidates in office but as the SCOTUS, DOJ, FBI, ETC doing “0” to stop all dem crimes is the #1 destruction to U.S.A.’s Constitutional Freedom !

  6. If only the news would tell the truth most college students think that the rich will get taxed and pay for there schooling . Why wouldn’t people wonder where all these people are! How can you get ahead with higher prices on all things . Why can’t so called smart people see ,we always get higher taxes under the Democratic Party and the rich get richer. That’s what the old political rhinos do, I’ll bet there’s a lot of Green trading going on in the government for the people if your democrat !

    1. All government leaders, congress especially the POTUS are rich so how xcan anyone believe the rich will be taxed more to support socialistic whims oif the lazy ? Socialism is the 1st step to dictator tyranny & the stupid voters for dems are creating the U.S.A.’s demise ! History is repeating & the stupid are to blame by voting dems & biden !

  7. I hope all those who voted against President Trump because they didn’t like him, are enjoying what they voted for, the lies they swallowed…hey……… hope you still have a job……………Hey did you realize that President Trump did many, many good things for our country & people ……..well, it is all going away now, thanks to all that voted against President Trump….And you know what..if you did not like his tweets, don’t read them………..find some true news & quit reading the fake news…………

    1. I agree. Those of you who voted for the democrats because you didn’t like President Trump or his tweets and thought ole Joe was a nice guy well I hope you’re enjoying the high gas prices and the crumbs they are throwing you! At least Trump was fighting for the American people. The democratics only fight for power and how much they can control you. Wake up America the democratics are not for you!!

      1. No doubt “stupid is as stupid does” and the dem voters for wannabe dictator leaders are #1asinine stupid that do not deserve the U.S. Freedom & Rights and belong in a commie dictated s–t hole nation like nk, china, ETC !

      1. What is moronic is believing and voting for the same politicans and expecting different results. The swamp in made up of both parties who’s only interest in power and financial gain. President Trump was truly a leader for the people and only interested in protecting and keeping america great example: He never took a pay check but donated ever penny of his salary. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP

      1. No, Elaine, the dumb ass is you. I hope the entire weight of the Socialist Democrats comes crashing down directly upon you and your entire family. It’s people like you, ignorant to the core, who enabled this catastrophe to happen. Don’t worry, we’ll be looking for you.

  8. Just another way the Commiecrats have of driving everyone except the wealthy ruling Elite into misery and poverty.

    Yup, another step into total Communism and the creation of the equally miserable masses.

    The trouble is that much of the “masses” are too ignorant/stupid to see where they are being led. The same thing happened in Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Eastern Europe, Cambodia, Vietnam and a dozen other places like Venezuela.

    But, you know, the Democrats are the party of the Little Guy.

    1. As a Brit as I cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would vote for the Democraps. It’s sheer lunacy, the dems are not your freinds – Obummer got very, very rich while president while Trump did not take his salary. QED I think!

  9. If anyone with a half of brain or no brain(voters who voted for the pedophile/tramp) thinks this was a mistake or an error in judgement on behalf of the democrat communists — I have a mansion in the middle of the Everglades to sell you. The virus was intentionally released to do just what it did– DESTROY our booming economy under President Trump and now they will keep it destroyed for as long as they can to make us dependent on the government. You morons who voted to put the likes of obama/soros/nwo globalists, because that is exactly who you put in the WH, deserve everything bad that is going to happen. It is just too bad REAL-TRUE AMERICANS have to suffer also.

    1. Spot on Gerry. The real travesty is that someone hasn’t put a Limpet mine on Soros’ yacht and blown him and his entire family to the Commie Hell they deserve. Oh wait, I forgot. He reinvented Barry Sotero, foreign exchange student, into Barack Hussein Obama–the hero of the gullible, stupid, and otherwise dysfunctional Americans who fell for his Socialist BS…I mean the Democratic Socialists we so love and admire (not).

  10. The dumbocrats want some of the republicans to resign but i have a democrat list that need to resign and leave the country. I will start with nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, maxine waters, aoc, rashad talib, illan omar, adam schitt, when was the last time any of these morons thought about the american people and the well being of the real working people. djt loved america and he was a true ameican president not like the puppet in the white house we have now that needs to resign also.

    1. Oh, the CommieCrats sort of think about Americans a lot, as in “How many backs can we stab today?”

  11. So what do we do? The voting system doesn’t reflect how the American people’s voted, the Judicial system is corrupt, and so is the CIA and FBI to investigate the corruption going on. And of course the media doesn’t support us. Career politicians keep getting in power to benefit themselves. Again I ask, what do we do?

  12. I am definitely a Trump supporter now and in the future. However, I was unable to find the irs guidance that there is NO requirement for a company to report wages to a freelancer (and irs) until wages reach at least $20,000. To my knowledge a company has to send form 1099 nec (for year 2020 and after) when wages paid reach a minimum of $600, the same requirement that has been in place for many years (form 1099 m used in previous years). Can a tax expert check this out and advise?

    1. @Don S I’m not refuting your research and I’m definitely not an accountant by any stretch, but I have been around long enough to know how quickly and easily a webpage can be updated. If your research was done on the internet and after this covid relief bill passed the senate (before it went back to the house for a new vote), the IRS website could have been changed in about 10-15 minutes. Especially if the text was already prepared and ready to go. Just sayin’.

      Again, I’m not claiming this is what happened or that your research is flawed; simply recalling something my momma taught me over 50 years ago… Trust nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see.

      1. Wii B. Phuct: What earthly difference does it make Wii. Don’t try to stick up for the DemocRATS, they are still BIG FAT LIARS and once you get that in your little brain it really doesn’t make any difference, does it?

    2. I am not a tax expert but was thinking the same thing. To count a deduction on any contract worker you should be filing a 1099 for anyone exceeding 600.00. Also just because you don’t receive a 1099 does not mean you are stil not legally obligated to report this income to the IRS. I DONT agree with anything Biden does but I am missing why this would even be put in a bill since any good business owner is going to claim money paid out to contractors and any free lance contractor should be paying taxes on this oncome already. Seems like just a waste of time to write it or discuss it.

  13. sounds about right for dem’s lie about your position and when the people balieve you, stick it to them.
    so what is different from obama admin.

  14. The democrats do that every time but people keep voting them in . it’s been that way for years . So I hope you idiots are happy . Biden’s an idiot .

  15. I saw this on the title of an email this morning, and it so fit the description of the Democratic party, that I just had to pass it on.

    Embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo Defends

    Democratic Tradition of Sexual Harassment.

  16. Voting for Biden over Trump because Trump is not politically correct and you hate him for it . Hmmm-what a stupid substitute for knowing the facts. Where are all of Sleepy Joes supporters now to defend him? Cant find one who admits voting for this decrepit, swamp- dwelling snake. Hope youre all happy.

  17. It is impossible for the American people to fix this terrible mess we are in. The Demon Rats are 100% drunken with power and they will not give it up for all the tea in China. You hear from other people that a revolution is coming. That the “We the People” will forcefully take back our Government from these dimwitted traitors. But this will never happen due to our marvelous technological advances in communications. The FBI and CIA, (or better known as the American KGB), would know within minutes if any individual or groups of people were trying to organize to go against the US Government and they would shut them down faster than their heads could spin. Our current corrupt government would have them all arrested and sent to jail and the Government would wantonly use them as an example of domestic terrorists. Sounds familiar? I’ll give you a hint: What happened on 1-6-2021? No, the only way for our Government to be given back to the people is when the wrath of God comes upon the Earth and takes it back for His name sake. Unfortunately many people will perish big time when this event happens. Can you guess who these people will be who will perish? I’ll let you use your imagination to figure that one out.

  18. There is a reason the Capitol is still a gated community, completely “walled-in”, with thousands of National Guard members patrolling 24/7 – some 50 days after the inauguration ceremony it was intended to protect. We should be wondering just what the left has in mind for us, that they believe they need this historical level of security. When they felt People were getting very suspicious, they had the FBI float a story about uncovering a planned armed attempt to take back the Capitol, just to make us believe they are justified in making our Nation’s capitol look like some 3rd-world dictator’s mansion.

    Be prepared people. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but we just might get hit from behind, hard and fast – no Vaseline.

  19. Well with Democrats in control of everything in the federal government, you can’t.
    The only thing that I can think of which I am not sure of, would be an emergency meeting of the COS ( Convention Of States ). I know that it is not in the constitution, but this is not a normal situation, with the Democrats in charge of all three branches of government. So! as the Democrats would do, as they did when they impeached Trump, change the rules. And as they did in the 2020 election, change the rules. Use the COS as a way to put pressure on the Democrats, to force Biden to under go a physical and mental exam. Just a thought, worth a try, maybe?
    No conformity and a Forth of July. So Joe!
    If you can’t handle it go back to your basement.

    1. The only thing worse than biden being President of the United States of America is who will become the President when he is removed. The dems started planning this when their queen lost the 2016 election. The 2020 election was a complete sham. It wasn’t bought, it was completely stolen. And since they have succeeded in their theft, it has laid the groundwork for our future elections to be stolen also. The only way to stop it is to drain the swamp. President Trump had no idea just how deep and wide the swamp was when he took office. The only problem draining the swamp is the DOJ is the central hub of it all. Don’t believe it? How has joe biden got away with the quid pro quo he so gallantly bragged about doing when he was VP that is all on video? Why was nothing done about joe and hunter biden when all the corruption evidence was found on hunter’s laptop and their former partner verified it all being true? Answer: AG barr was part of the swamp. Why did the FBI sit on that laptop for over a year after it was turned over to them by the computer repair shop owner that discovered it? If that computer repair shop owner hadn’t made a copy of the hard drive of that laptop and went public with it due to the FBI sitting on it all that time we would have never heard about it and that laptop would have just disappeared. Funny how the democRATS impeached President Trump twice with NO evidence of any crime being committed, and joe biden himself bragging on video of committing the exact same crime President Trump was accused of and impeached the first time for. democRATS do no wrong in their own eyes do they?

  20. America under Biden will soon be a communist state beholden to China for pretty much everything.
    I can see it and I’m a Brit, why can’t you?

  21. This is just what a great country does to their poorest people! This just goes to show that THE SWAMP CREATURE DEMOCRATS DON’T GIVE A RAT’S BEHIND ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!
    Great job! If you VOTED for THIS FOOL IN THE WHITE HOUSE you can’t complain about what’s going on now!
    It’s what you WANTED it’s what you GOT!

  22. Get rid of Friar Fauci and you get rid of the lefts strangle hold on power, Big Tech and MSM would not like that.

  23. again the left screwed us . here is some money BUT we will take alot back from you for our use . if this is true where is that tax money going to be used. and why not make that public instead of hiding it , oh sorry that’s because the left is good at hiding things like this from us until the bill is passed . then it is HA HA got you again

    1. That’s because only 10% of this bill is the Covid relief they advertised. And the polls taken reflect people that only have knowledge of 10% of the bill. They didn’t realize they were being used to get the other 90% out to the Dems families and cronies. I don’t know why they didn’t expect it, do any bills get passed that contain only what they claim them to be?

  24. What military leaders, he has replaced them all with one star partisan comedians. He thinks that he can laugh the enemy to death, with Democrat jokes???

  25. What Biden has done is irresponsible, and a detriment to the country, and the people. He has opened the border to, not just to illegals he has exposed the people to a reemergence of the corona virus, as well as illegal drugs, human trafficking, and all kinds of criminal activity. He is irresponsible and has no business in the position he is in. He is putting the country and the people in grave danger, and needs to be removed from office, we know that he is mentally challenged. Anybody that can not see this is either not looking or does not care.

  26. Did you ever stop to think that the COVID hoax was used to destroy TRUMP in the first place and to put our country on the road to socialism by the left. The death toll for a flu bug is pretty much the same as COVID – no difference! WE WERE DUPED !!! Biden is just proving to all of us that COVID was a hoax by not being at all concerned about the open borders. Biden is probably laughing himself silly over all of us being up in arms about what’s going on!!! Everyone thinks that Biden is only half there but did you see his speech Thursday night?? He wants people to think he is a poor old man that’s not half there. But, I think that we are sadly mistaken. Sure, he was reading from a teleprompter but did your see or hear anything that made him look weak or not in total control. IT’S ALL AN ACT FOLKS to fool us in to think he doesn’t know what he is doing. He knows exactly what he is doing, make no mistake!! HE IS THE MOTHER OF LIARS!!!

    1. The CDC Numbers reflect that the 2020 death rate is .09, just like its been for the last 10-12 years. Fauci’s first assessment that this was nothing to worry about with this virus was spot on. The left got him to blow it up so they could use it to destroy Trump’s economy and any voter integrity we had.

  27. Why is anyone surprised at ANYTHING these horrid people do? They expand killing children, and even for other countries, think we’re going to keep wearing masks and yet let the myriad of people storm our borders….why? FOR VOTES! The Puppet of the US and his camel need to BOTH be impeached! TRUMP 2024!!

  28. Democrats are still the most racist bunch there is, the stimulus bill for the black farmers is just another form of slavery by making them beholden to the democrats. Been going like that since LBJ was in office, throw them a little tid bit here and there so they will continue to vote for them. Another way to keep them on the plantation.

  29. I guess my only comment on this is, how do you like the dim wits now for all the many who believed their promises? No surprise here for the rest of us. But now that they are safely in office with the roulette voting machines it may take more than a regular election to get rid of these monsters. And there was no lie in callling the dim wits all liars, cheaters, and thieves. They all lie and the rinos who have literally shown themselves to the republicans this past year are in on the voter fraud. Several were reelected like McCain supported by the chambers of commerce in the state which appears to be the way in for cheating. Called Buy Your Way In by me cause they have dark money as well to buy politicians FOREVER.

    Don’t like it? Start at the state level. Get those voting poles cleaned out, force the legislatures to stop the mail in votes for anyone who can get ahold of one, the harvesting of votes by those who are likely to either trash them or use them illegally, insist on voter ID with pictures and close all those clear loop holes for the dim wits and rinos to utilize and forbid the vote counters and their state during elections to deviate at all from state laws. And observation of vote counting close up, you bet. If encumbered in any way, stop the counting and get it right. And whatever happened in 2020 is a lesson, kick the Venezuelan voting machines out of our country.

    There is much more to do per state and the congress has no right to interfere with state rights that do have control of the vote! And states can stop the interference with congress and their attempts to hamper the first and second amendments. And time to finish the border wall for each state on the border. That too is not something congress can legislate against if their (actually ours) dinero is not financing it.

    1. Amen! Couldn’t said it better! But remember one thing. John McCsin was selected by Juan Williams a left-wing liberal who was in charge of the GOP DURING THAT TIME! John Mccain did NOT try to win the president seat! Only SARAH PALIN WAS TRYING! The media did everything to help OBAMA WIN! And McCain told Palin to shut up!

  30. Well oh well, look like a bunch of dumb college kids and high school senior got what they VOTED FOR! I said this after spending my time reading the bills! These poor kids who earn extra money for doing job that should be no taxable! But LAW GOT CHANGE BY DEMOCRAT HOUSE! NOW YOU ARE REQUIRED TO FILE TAXES ON MONEY UP TO $600! NOT $20,000.00! Enjoy the 1400.00 ! Sure we all need money! But don’t you think it would be best to OPEN UP THE COUNTRY AND LET PEOPLE GO BACK TO WORK? Wearing a mask doesn’t solve anything or stop the spreading of the virus! Think about it! Let put it straight to you. First you heard the DEMONcrat governor tell you TO STAY INSIDE? RIGHT? WHY? TWO YOU HEARD THEM SAY STAY AWAY FROM THE BEACH? WHY? IF you learn science in high school you would know they are LIAR! One you need the SUN EVERYDAY! FIFTEEN MINUTES SITTING IN THE SUN GIVE YOUR BODY VITAMIN D THAT IS NEEDED TO FIGHT GERM! So with them telling you to stay inside your body NOT getting any vitamin D to fight back against germ that caused harm to your body! Now wearing a mask! Really? Think about it you take it off at night? Or when you get home? Why? Science has prove you NEED THE OXYGEN IN THE AIR TO HAVE A NORMAL BRAIN TO WORK! ALL THE MASK DO IS HOLD THE TINY GERM IN THE COVER! EVERYTIME YOU BREATHE IN YOU INHALE IT THROUGH THE LITTLE HOLE! Even when you take it off it still collecting the germ from the air! This is all a POLITICAL GAME FOR THEM TO GET RICH! But if you are an elderly person and are afraid then wear one in public. But not at home! Your immune system is not as strong as it in a younger person!

  31. He’s the darling of the democrate party and their hypocrisy. Cuomo and the democrate party has told so many lies they no longer know the difference and actually believe their owns lies. God help America

  32. Every time a president is elected. They go through a physical. To make sure they are mentally and physically capable of doing the job . We heard nothing about his physical, no results, nothing!! Biden is not mentally fit to do this job . He has dementia, for God sakes . And shame on his greedy ass family for allowing him to be used like this . They should be ashamed . But I’m sure the money they are making, or we are paying them i should say , they just don’t care .

  33. It would be a miracle or the 2nd Coming of Jesus.All the signs are almost fulfilled except for a few.And guess what, the Dems hate Christians .Guess what- they’re all going to find out what real power is all about.It’s pure,loving,yet stronger and sharper than a 2 edged sword.

    1. Theyll meet the real devil and have to live in hell and be crying for help> I have faced his helper and it was a night when i was almost killed by a cue ball that someone threw at a guy missed him and hit me in the back of the head.
      Had headaches for many years after. Went to my friends house that night encase I needed her to drive me to the
      hospital. As I was falling asleep I felt something and this incubus or devil was sucking my navel! I started repeating my mantra and it disappeared and in a puff of wind wind flew over my head


    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?


    BIDEN is completely UNFIT FOR OFFICE! And they both (BIDEN & HARRIS) have family members putting them both in a CONCLICT of interest position advertising and promoting their businesses and using their VP and POTUS both as an advertising self-interest, self-promoting position and it is ILLEGAL!

    Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  35. Biden & Kamala gave the BLM protected status and I assume that applies to Antife too/ George Soros hired
    the trash looters to burn and loot all those cities and paid the Prosecutors and Mayors to allow it to happen.
    Obama and Soros bought themselves a mansion in Martha’s Village and the estate in Hawaii that Sellecks tv show was filmed. so they can run and hide when all hell brakes loose! They ought to be tarred and feathered for all the chaos and damage they have created by encouraging and paying and giving protected status to BLM
    You never hear how many citizens have been killed, disabled and otherwise injured, property destroyed because of those people (including children! George Floyd was a pivot used by all them to spur people to violence. By the way George was treated wrong by the one policeman but he had so much Fentynol in his system he would have died anyway and he is no heroe

  36. Theyll meet the real devil and have to live in hell and be crying for help> I have faced his helper and it was a night when i was almost killed by a cue ball that someone threw at a guy missed him and hit me in the back of the head.
    Had headaches for many years after. Went to my friends house that night encase I needed her to drive me to the
    hospital. As I was falling asleep I felt something and this incubus or devil was sucking my navel! I started repeating my mantra and it disappeared and in a puff of wind wind flew over my head

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