Biden’s FBI Caught for the Umpteenth Time Trying to Cause a Mass Shooting

Wouldn’t you love to see a Member of Congress get FBI Director Christopher Wray under oath and ask him this question: “Exactly how many mass shootings has the FBI directly caused on American soil since January 20th, 2009?” We had a nice respite from FBI-induced mass shootings for a while during the Trump administration. But now that Joe Biden is sitting in the White House, the FBI is back to the same old tricks it first adopted under the Obama administration: Locate an emotionally unstable incel (involuntarily celibate) young man on social media and manipulate him into committing a mass shooting, so the Democrats can undermine the Second Amendment.

Here’s the latest example.

Khalil Abu Rayyan was a pretty typical second-generation Muslim immigrant in Detroit, Michigan: 21 years old, employed as a delivery driver for his dad’s pizza parlor, heavy pot smoker, lazy, wimpy, sexually frustrated and mad at the world. His strict Islamic parents wouldn’t allow him to date girls, and Khalil suffered from chronic depression due to his heavy, constant pot smoking. He carried a gun in his car when he made pizza deliveries, because he lived in a Democrat-run hellhole called Detroit.

Poor Khalil felt intimidated whenever he went to the gym. All the young American men lifting weights there were bigger, stronger, and girls seemed to pay attention to them. So in frustration, Khalil finally did what many young incels do in this day and age: He started pretending he was a real Islamic tough guy on the internet.

Khalil started posting ISIS beheading videos on his Twitter feed (while he was still in high school) and acting like a big tough guy who was down with the Islamic struggle. If you’ve read about the modern incel phenomenon in America, there’s nothing unusual about that. Half of the enlisted guys at Fort Bragg will claim that they’re in “Delta Force” if you talk to them for five minutes. It’s weird to us older folks, but not out of the ordinary for this never-went-to-prom younger generation; the guys lie about themselves in a feeble attempt to attract girls.

And in Khalil’s case – it worked!


Detroit police pulled Khalil over at one point a few years ago and arrested him for having several bags of dope in his car, and for the revolver that he carried on his pizza delivery routes to protect himself from living in Detroit. He was facing several years of court hearings, likely jail time and a host of problems, so he kept smoking weed and working for his dad and awaiting his likely legal doom.

But then one day in 2020, a sweet young Pakistani girl named Ghaada befriended Khalil on Twitter. Her parents were pressuring her to marry one of her cousins in Cleveland. This was a dream come true for Khalil Rayyan: A young woman who needed a male savior? Sign him up!

After sending text messages to each other for a few days, Khalil and Ghaada were head-over-heels in love. They were planning their wedding. It was the happiest Khalil had ever been in his entire life. He told her in a private message one night that he was crying tears of joy for having met her (even though they had never met in real life). She responded, “You have me from our first tweet.” She was his first girlfriend.


Naturally, Ghaada was an undercover FBI dude. And then “Ghaada” ghosted Khalil. She stopped responding to his text messages and tweets completely. It was as if the love of Khalil’s life had vanished from the face of the earth. She never responded to another message from him, which sent him into an emotional spiral.

Depressed, Khalil went to a gun range and rented an AK-47. He posted a picture of himself holding the gun (at the gun range) on social media. Khalil never actually threatened to hurt anyone on social media or elsewhere. He was just super depressed, having been emotionally manipulated into thinking he had just lost the love of his life.

A few days later – lo and behold – a different young Islamic woman named “Jannah” contacted him on Twitter. Unlike Ghaada, Jannah was a Sunni Muslim. Jannah wasn’t interested in falling in love with Khalil, settling down, having his babies and pursuing the American dream. Jannah was all about the jihad.

There was nothing sexier to Jannah than dying in a blaze of glory for Allah, preferably at the largest black Christian megachurch in Detroit, which just so happened to be on Khalil’s pizza delivery route. Getting killed by American cops while murdering American Christians was just about the hottest thing that Jannah could imagine. And she’d be more than happy to meet Khalil in real life to do just that.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but… Jannah was another undercover FBI dude. After emotionally crushing an already-disturbed pothead Muslim by making him think he’d lost the love of his life, the FBI tried to goad Khalil Rayyan into committing a mass shooting at the biggest Christian church in Michigan.

While normal people might look at Khalil Rayyan and feel sympathy for the poor guy, the FBI saw him as an opportunity. He was a wind-up toy. They knew exactly how to manipulate an incel like Khalil into committing a mass shooting, which would in turn be used as an excuse to try to ban normal Americans from owning AR-15s.

Unfortunately for the FBI, Khalil Rayyan wasn’t actually a violent guy. That was all a fake persona that Khalil had cooked up on Twitter to try to meet girls.

Despite the fact that Jannah spent weeks in 2021 trying to provoke Khalil into shooting up a church, Khalil really wasn’t interested. She begged him. She told him she was going to go die in a jihad all by herself if he wouldn’t join her.

According to federal charging documents, Khalil begged “Jannah” to not do anything to hurt herself or anyone else. While wildly depressed one night, Khalil texted Jannah and admitted to her that he was incredibly depressed about life. He told her that one time – years ago – he had fantasized about shooting up a Christian church in America but had obviously never gone through with it… and now he was going to kill himself with the rope he had just bought because he was so depressed.

The FBI waited until the following morning and then showed up to see whether he was dead or not, before arresting him on a gun charge. Khalil faces five years in federal prison for lying on a background check form about his drug conviction (something Hunter Biden is immune from being charged with), but the courts say there’s no indication that this poor kid was ever any sort of terrorist threat. He had begged the undercover FBI agent “Jannah” not to do anything violent.

Khalil was never a real threat to anyone but himself. He was a pawn that the FBI decided to emotionally manipulate, in order to try to take away your Second Amendment rights. Was he a typical messed-up, sexually frustrated young man? You bet. Was he a heavy pot smoker? Uh-huh. Was he a terrorist? Absolutely not.

But what if the FBI had misread Khalil Rayyan? What if he had owned an AK-47 and had just snapped after the FBI emotionally manipulated him? Do you think we’d be hearing about any of this? Not likely. It would be just another “random act of violence” like so many other mass shootings the FBI has caused in recent years under Democrat administrations. With Joe Biden in the White House, get ready for a lot more cases like this.

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41 thoughts on “Biden’s FBI Caught for the Umpteenth Time Trying to Cause a Mass Shooting”

  1. I am clueless of what to say! Other than Biden is in the White House and looks like our Republican Rep wount stand up for what is right and challenge the wrong doing in this Country we’re lost and doomed!
    Our Constitutional Rights are being challenged every day by Biden and his idiots.
    If we don’t Wake up and smell the roses we are going to be lost forever and no return.
    It looks like we the people are going to have to pull our resources together, what ever it takes.
    I dont think this country can hold up until 2024 for president Trump to take control!

    1. they are taking care of President Trump to prevent that too. They are communist and they don’t play nice. or by the rules of society. win , win is all they do. If it serves the party they do whatever it takes at all cost.

    2. Rep? It is the Democrats who refuse to do the right thing. It is their rigged election. Oh, yes, the Rep have lost their balls, if they ever had any.

      1. I AGREE TOTALLY WITH U! We have a few good strong republicans. BUT ONLY A FEW! the rest need to grow a BACKBONE and stand up for us, THEIR BOSSES, as we scream at them daily to DO SOMETHING!!

  2. You can point your finger at Obama! He was the one who TOLD THESE FBI, what then need to do! All waa planning since 2012! FBi always was not an organization you could trust in America. I have even heard story which were truth. About agents killing another for drug dealer. Now we know these DEMOCRAT HAS ALREADY BROKEN EVERY CONSTITUTION LAWS IN THE BOOKS! But these DOJ, FBI,CIA, POLICE CHIEF, none has move to arrested them! Even HUNTER BIDEN SHOULD ALREADY BEEN IN PRISON! Joe Biden is a sick mam who will soon drop dead! Or died in his sleep! But this country has been going the wrong way since 1968 laws was passed! We are seeing a pattern today were ever REPUBLICANS IS BEING THREATENED BY THESE CORRUPT DEMOCRAT! They even used those judge in the lower court, or state AG who are also democrats supporters. To bring FAKE PHONY CHARGE against anyone who stand up against their idea of WEALTHY FOR THEM , POOR FOR YOU! Don’t be surprised if you figure this out!

    1. I grew up with the belief in God, authority, law enforcement officials and the ten commandments, teachers and pasters, priest and other religous leaders, etc, etc. Most of this has gone to S–t. Except my belief in the Ten Comandments {where is it?] God {he’s still there], I grew up in a democratic house, but that party [not me] deserted it’s moral leadership role. The tourch had been allowed to go out, after being passed to that generation {President J. Kennedy’s 1961 speach}, Who is carrying that tourch? Responcible law bidding Americans [some democrat’s, most likely a lot of Repiublicans. The dream is not dead, the tourch of freedom is not out.

      1. I AGREE TOTALLY WITH U! We have a few good strong republicans. BUT ONLY A FEW! the rest need to grow a BACKBONE and stand up for us, THEIR BOSSES, as we scream at them daily to DO SOMETHING!!

  3. Just exactly WTF is the FBI’s “game,” anyway? Is the entire roster of the FBI in the employ of George Soros along with the apparent “majority” of government at the federal level? The “Swamp” runs ever deeper all the time!

    1. The answer to everything is The New World Order they and NATO and the other 5 eyes countries. It is good versus evil aka (NWO)

  4. How very sad for our country. 2022 is coming and we need to get people to the voting booths to vote these traitors out of office. In 2024, we vote for a non-Democrat that will get to the bottom of the voting fraud of 2020. These people who have willfully tried to effect the outcome of any election need to be charged with treason and go to prison for a very long time. It must Never happen again. We need to rout out so-called Republicans, like Susan Collins, and others, who vote with the Democrats virtually always. We need a moral compass again, and the Democrats are completely off the charts trying to change 5000 years of Judeo-Christian thinking, normalizing more than binary genders; what a “de-construction” of reality! Our children seemingly have been taught to hate the United States, and their families only to trade that for the acceptance of Marxist theories. Don’t let the train leave the station, it will be too late then. Take an interest, research issues, go to the School Board, get into the fight or you will not have a country you recognize.

  5. Why is this any kind of surprise? The COMMUNISTS own this country now. WE WARNED YOU ALL YEARS AGO THAT “IT IS HAPPENING HERE” BUT YOU IGNORED US.

    So here we are. Our “brave defenders” are thoroughly indoctrinated in our PUBLIC SCHOOLS by the US Dep’t of Socialist Education. Our Media is 24/7 America hate. Out Communist Congress elected itself through fraud. Our “immigration” authorities have imported millions who want to exploit or destroy us.

    AND NOBODY DID A THING TO STOP IT!!! The existing defenders back then were ORDERED to ignore it. The Democrat/Communists have “rights” you know. The military was suborned bit by bit over decades. The police “just follow orders”, the GOP(LOL) is just another wing of the US Communist Party.

    Well, we tried! We told you all that “It is happening here”. And it HAS.

    Now all they do is anything to increase the levels of hate, aggravation and frustration hoping people like the buffoon in this article and “Patriots” will do stupid things they can capitalize on.

    If you think it’s bad now – WAIT A BIT!

  6. I have known of this for some time and it’s very alarming that our FBI is corrupt and has been operating illegally. Perhaps it’s not time to defund out cities police force which are having a very difficult time maintaining law and order in Democratic controlled cities, but defund the FBI which has become a political arm of the political left!

  7. Why doesn’t this surprise anyone? These choreographed FBI situations continue to occur along with the regular politically tolerated insurrections conducted by Antifa and BLM on the west coast. How many times has it been said and written this condition can no longer wait until the pretender in the White House and his socialist party of minions are removed from office? What triggering moment will it take to stop this insanity? Who are we waiting for to step forward to stop this socialist government? Next year’s election undoubtedly is the high watermark of this countries future; if the conservatives don’t regain control of congress, then what? The hopes to end this stupidity and protect our Constitutional rights are being placed into a basket of questionable legitimate elections results. God help us! Because if that is our best and only plan, “then you know what I mean”!

  8. More and more the FBI is proving to be a major enemy to this country, they’ve committed over and over with the Coup attempt on President Trump being at the top of the list !

    1. How and why would this be information that this writer would know about Why would the FBI let this be a subject that anyone could find out and write about . I think the FBI would not have let this info be available to anyone let alone the details of this be told to the public who let this story and detailed info out so this could be written Where did he get the info,. wouldn’t you think they would have not kept these details from ever being heard . This FBI might not be the best at there jobs but how hard would it be for anyone to keep this from being told in a post. I just wonder where he got this info and knows so much, do you really think that they kept all this illegal activity written down so it could be found out by this person. I don’t see anywhere that says where he got this story from or how he even knows all this. This is something that even a idiot would know not to keep records of it. Because who are they keeping track of these acts of treason against Americans in this country. It just doesn’t make any sense that the FBI would be that stupid to let this info be known by this person. I am just saying that this is a story that needs a little more info to show it is all facts and not just a story to get readers and get people to think everything is a conspiracy. I am a total Trump believer and do not trust any of the dems actions but at the same time I don’t like thinking that our side, and there are sides, is stooping to making up stories that are just stories to make Americans even more upset with the Biden administration. If we do this we are no better than them we need to know more truths about things so we can start believing that we are knowing what the truths are. To many people are not trusting any thing that is happening and this is dividing our country it doesn’t matter what side we are on what matters is we all know the truth and eventually we could come together as a country that we all believe in. If this is true what is going to be done about it will it be a story that just goes away and nobody does anything about it like BIDEN AND HIS SON OR HILLORY AND HER ILLKEGAL EMAILS nothing ever happens to these illegal acts and why do we put up with the things if they are true why do they get away with it. The only time anything gets done is when it benefits the dems, the trial against Trump and his people the police shootings or deaths of blacks by police. They have wasted time and money trying to put Trump out of being our president but when stories are told of things done by Hillary and the bidens nothing comes out of it even when the truth is right there in front of us. I think that all of this is happening because their side doesn’t have any faith in what our side puts out there and a lot of it is hard to believe even for me because of stories like this. Both sides put stories out that makes the other side out to be the bad guys the only problem with that is their side does something to try and prove it and they have dems see it as the truth. When our side puts a story out, we do nothing about it and not even our side believes it. if Hillory and the Bidens did every thing we say they did why are they still not on trial. They accused Trump of actions that he did something wrong and they tried to impeach him, this seemed to them he got away with it and that made him look guilty. we say things are the truth but never do anything about it making our claims just a story that no one believes. If we are going to get anywhere we need to get the truth out there and follow thru with legal action and let the stories be the truth thats the only way we can get TRUMP BACK IN OFFICE AND MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN.

      1. DITTO!!! Everyone needs to read this. Robert, you are a good person… also Media must be controlled to nothing but the facts. ABC,CBS and NBC should be neutral and have no opinions towards anything. CNN and MSNBC are cable networks so don’t buy it and then see what happens to them.

      2. First thing I did after reading this story was look for the author and where and how they got this information. Not there. Big red flag. Robert, you are spot on, and it is people like you that will ultimately save this country.

      3. Hey Robert, great post there my friend. I agree wholeheartedly, however, I believe that Comey, McCabe and Strozk (sp?) are men who should’ve been indicted, convicted, and sentenced for their treasonous acts. Along with many, many others… we know who they are.

  9. The FBI has become the pawn of the FRAUD administration and is no longer a VIABLE LAW INFORCEMENT AGENCY, they are the private surfs to do the fraud administration’s bidding. they are no longer respected nor feared as they themselves have become just as CROOKED (if not more so) than the criminals they are supposed to to be after.

  10. Nothing new here. This was done under the O’slimeball admin wherein Eric Holder & The ATF supplied the cartel with rifles in the failed “Fast & Furious” scandal O’slimeball was behind it from the get go. Their illegal scam blew up in their faces when a U.S. Border Patrol Officer was killed with one of the rifles, which was recovered . They
    tried to cover it up but The border patrol officers didn’t buy it, & a whistle blower came forward. The Family sued the government for supplying weapons to foreign criminal organizations. ( Treason & multiple felonies) Holder was found couplable but O’slimeball exonerated him for taking the fall. The government & it’s shadow government are all CRIMINALS. Only a fool would trust the government.

  11. Everyone thinks this is a dastardly deed , right?
    Well take a hard look at your public school system,
    That’s where the brain washing starts & the kids turn into wussy’s.
    The F B I is just continuing the mind control to advance their mission to control the populations view on what they want you to know & do…

  12. we are getting what we deserve to some extent. people cannot be bothered. they are too busy with there phones, reality tv, sports and any other preferred distraction thats been heaped upon the willfully ignorant and lazy.
    to be honest there really is no stopping whats happening to our nation. the commie dems have planned this out for decades. its being carried out to the letter. dim wit biden says china will own us in 15 years. they already do own us. they have for years. our country is done. there is no stopping it. we will be a quasi commie satellite . the whole world is going to be much worse for it too. the left has the following under there control: education (all of it), media, health care, military, government, entertainment and a host of other critical areas. not to mention all the corrupt lawyers who tie everything up in a bow to perpetuate it all on an endless conveyor belt of ruthless evil. oh, and almost forgot. the plandemic of COVID !

  13. Quite frankly, if it was possible to dig through every mass shooter’s past with a fine tooth comb, and 100% transparency, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find Government employees behind the majority of these tragedies. I’ve suspected it for 40 years. The FBI, NSA, DHS, CIA, and the whole alphabet soupbowl of initial agencies need to be shut down, everyone fired and banned from government employment, and start over. Repeal the Patriot Act.

  14. The Dems and FBI involved in doing these things are the true criminals. ONE BIG REASON for getting rid of them – and let us have our peaceful, Republican run country once again. These are criminal acts and should not be overlooked. Because….if you or I did this to someone, wouldn’t we be in jail?

  15. This has been the norm since Columbine and before, in most cases there is always a second shooter seen but never captured and the FBI comes out and says “no, no he acted alone!”
    You can not rule an armed populace and the Communist Democrats intend to RULE!

  16. Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Christopher Wray, Rob Rosenstein, Michael Horowitz, Bill Barr, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI and the Department of Justice. They also have new priorities.

  17. The FBI was once one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the world but of late have become corrupt because of their leftward political leaning and TDS. I no longer trust the DOJ/FBI because of their actions of the past five years..

  18. I fear the deep state runs so deep that even if President Trump regains office, nothing or no one will be able to stop this communist takeover, short of all-out civil war! Remember, the hogs in D. C. don’t like it when their share of slop is taken away from them!


  20. Unfortunately, this is a typical FBI “sting”. The show FBI did a show on this a while back (I think it was the 2nd season opener). And unfortunately this high school kids are ripe for manipulation and the FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF all know how to manipulate. I was hoping that under President Trump we would get a decent FBI Director, but we got the RINO Chris Wray instead who did nothing to clean up the FBI or fix their problems. Too bad, it seems they are back at it again. You should watch the documentaries on 9/11 and see how the FBI totally ignored the real warning signs that something very bad was going to happen. To me they are USELESS! And should be cleaned out from top to bottom!

  21. Amazing how the democRAT leadership, through the cia, fbi, and nsa, manipulate voting democrats to do their dirty work. The dem leadership would like to start a racial war here in America and the voting dems are their pawns to make it happen. The democRATic party is pure evil and hates America! Don’t understand why Americans follows them. I guess they are so full of hate for people in general and especially conservatives, thanks to the dem leadership and propaganda allowed by the main stream media. People need to wake up before America is destroyed. Think about this. America is the greatest country on earth. Where are you all going to run to when America falls apart and becomes socialist/communist? I sure as hell do not want to live anywhere else. I’ve traveled extensively and this is the only place I want to call home. Our poor here in America is richer, by far, than any other poor people in the world. Don’t take my word, investigate and you will see. The new world order wants to take over America because, they know if the can, their agenda to rule the world will become reality. Why they are trying to destroy the middle class to leave only the very rich and the poor, SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM! We are at the point of no return so best be waking up from your comas and start banning together to beat this demons down. Evil exist because good men DO NOTHING to stop it!

  22. This is 100% correct all these mass shootings are Democrat set up schemes to get rid of the Second Amendment every time we have a democrat president there the mass shootings go up And they don’t care who gets killed in the process is called collateral damage Democrats don’t care I’ve been saying this for years it’s the same pattern every time a Democrat gets in or something has to be done about it they are crooks impeach Biden

  23. This is how Marxists roll; very “police state.” have often wondered over the years if the Dem left wasn’t somehow setting up some of these mass shootings in order to nullify and eliminate the Second Amendment. Can’t say I’m surprised. Kind of makes you wonder if the Dem left set up something with their CCP buddies to unleash COVID, doesn’t it?

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