Bombshell: Judicial Watch Proves CIA Agents Deployed Inside America on January 6th

Judicial Watch finally won a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) this week. They were suing to obtain documents related to the murder of Ashley Babbitt at the hands of the unindicted criminal, US Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd.

What Judicial Watch discovered in the heavily redacted text messages was proof that teams of CIA operatives were deployed and working on US soil, illegally, on January 6th.

Most of us have suspected that the CIA has been involved in the many Deep State plots against President Donald Trump for some time. For example, there’s no possible way that the FBI could have carried out the international intelligence operation involving spies in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Ukraine, Russia, and Italy to fabricate the Russia collusion hoax. Is anyone EVER going to track down Joseph Mifsud and interview him, by the way?

Plus, dozens of journalists have tried to figure out which intelligence agency Ray Epps was working for when he launched the January 6 riot. The guy is clearly a federal spook of some kind. The fact that no one has been able to link him to any intel agency suggests that he was either working for the NSA or the CIA when he launched the fake “insurrection.” That’s why he’s a ghost, in other words.


Judicial Watch obtained 88 pages of documents from the Department of Justice and the ATF in this latest court victory. One section includes a series of text messages under the heading “January 7 Intel Chain.” This section contains a long string of text messages between ATF agents as they’re talking about the events on January 6th as they happened.

The text messages are shocking because they reveal a lot of brand-new information about what happened on January 6th.

First, federal officers responded to FIVE pipe bombs on January 6th. We knew that there was one planted at the RNC and one at the DNC, and that both have been shrouded in mystery ever since.

The texts show that “two CIA bomb techs” were deployed to defuse a bomb at the intersection of New Jersey Avenue and D Street NW. That’s the intersection near the Senate Fountain, which is two blocks directly north of the US Capitol building. Once the bomb was dealt with, the texts indicate that the CIA set up a command post near the Senate Fountain, since they already had a team right there.

Another text message indicates that there were “several CIA dog teams on standby.” The texts state that there was a fourth bomb planted near the gates of the “Power Plant,” but do not mention where the fifth bomb was stationed.

Under its establishing charter in 1947, the CIA is forbidden from carrying out intelligence operations on US soil. President Harry Truman was worried that if the CIA was allowed to spy on Americans, it would end up being used for partisan political advantage. Truman, a Democrat, would probably be shocked to the core if he could see how the intel agencies are being used as the Democrat Party’s personal Gestapo today.

The CIA is also not allowed to serve as any sort of law enforcement on US soil. That’s what the FBI, the US Marshals, the ATF, and other agencies are for. Yet on January 6th, the CIA had two bomb techs and “several CIA dog teams on standby?” Plus, the CIA set up a command post on the lawn near the Senate Fountain.

Why? We all know why. Even though the CIA’s actions on January 6th were completely illegal, the agency was clearly involved in carrying out the fake “insurrection” to smear and persecute President Donald Trump and the MAGA patriots who showed up that day to protest the stolen 2020 election.

This opens an entirely new can of worms when it comes to January 6th. Instead of asking the FBI how many undercover agents they had spurring on the riot that day (which is still a valid question), Congress should be asking what the CIA was doing there. How many of the masked hoodlums who broke windows and punched cops were actually CIA operatives? Why was the CIA deployed on US soil, in violation of its charter, in response to a constitutionally protected protest?

Do you get the feeling we’re not even close to scratching the surface when it comes to the Deep State’s many plots against President Trump and the American people?

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29 thoughts on “Bombshell: Judicial Watch Proves CIA Agents Deployed Inside America on January 6th”

  1. All ways believed that The J6th was a Farce in fact that the CIA an other agendas were involved. There’s too many inconsistencies and questionable rushing to judgement Democratic politicians quickly called this insurrection and blaming President Trump rally of Americans expressing their freedom of speech in questionable election results which the democrats apparently swept under the insurrection farce. Thence they used their own appointees judges in to intervening and end any attempts of audits or investigations into all allegations of voter fraud and tampering. I was born at night but not last night. If it looks like a bloodless Coup without firing a single shot and smells like a Dictatorship and when you control the justice system and law enforcement agencies and want absolute power while controlling the news media circus you have stepped into the world of communism and socialism THANKS TO INCOMPETENT LIBERALS DEMOCRATIC VOTERS AND BLEEDING HEART LIBERALS!!

    1. I agree. J6 was a setup the get-go, and the Special Committee was a Kangaroo Court. There was no due process, Period! And it seems I recall every protest and appeal rejected, was made by Obama appointed judges. The in only ones running amok on entry to the Capitol building was fbi/CIA plants.
      Of course, it won’t come out in our lifetime.

    2. Excellent commentary, Mario. What a set-up and the real perpetrators in Congress (Pelosi, Schumer, etc) aren’t charged with anything! Still proves that the “i” in Democrat stands for INTEGRITY.

    3. Amen to your comment. We have all suspected this was a set up to destroy President Trump. The 2020 Election was stolen. Our country is in extreme danger under control of Communist/Marxist

    4. I had thought that Pelosi was the one who had thought up the whole thing. Is she the one who hired off duty FBI and the CIA? I had said this from the start.


  3. Of course they planted their own people in with J6 President Trump supporters. Those who need charged with insurrection is Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Biden, Obama, CIA, FBI, Clinton’s and any other person or company involved. They all have been setting up people for years. Pelosi and Clinton’s are the master minds behind every thing President Trump. Their goal is to take all his money and property to embarrass him and anyone involved with him. To order people to lie for her and others buy paying them off or better career jobs promise is utterly discussing in my books. Remember Pelosi no one is above the law. When Pelosi strikes again with all her goons to stop President Trump when he wins in 2024, they plan to have a real insurrection and deny electoral votes. So let’s see if these baboons are hit with same fate they are setting up President Trump with. Everyone needs to remember that after they destroy President Trump they will come after anyone and everyone the same way. Way to many American haters even in our government. Time to clean out our government top to bottom.


  4. America crossed a new threshold on January 6th, illegal voting, CIA involvement in politics, FBI encouraging a riot, to destroy a citizen that is hated by democrats. This is the beginning of the end for a republic that was the envy of the world.

  5. I find it surprisingly astonishing that Democrats, Kamala Harris, Vice-President of The United States states openly that “If Donald J. Trump is re-elected as POTUS, he will weoponize our judicial system against his political opponents”! It has come to attention that Democrats, when DJT was POTUS organized a political coup, a political uprising that endangered the lives of Americans, instigating, criminalizing groups into rage to decend on The Capitol Building and commit crimes to frame the current President, to hold him criminally negligent for the crimes the left encouraged the people to do. This isn’t Democracy, this is the practice of third world political tyrrany!
    Now, ask yourself the most important questions in your life. Has the years past Januray 6th better than the years before? Do you believe in accountability and the law? Would you like maintain the course for which Joe Biden and Democrats have chosen for America’s direction? Think before you vote and vote responsibly! America requires the best WE have and Joseph R. Biden and Democrats aren’t it!!!!!

  6. Get rid of the CIA, they have done nothing but destabilize the world and now they are turning against their own country and were the Real Insurrectionist on Jan 6th. And if anyone one has the ability to rig elections look no further than the CIA which have done so in other countries, secondly restructure the FBI, FDA, CDC, NIH and get rid of the people who run it now Immediately, thirdly get rid of All voting machines (they are all hackable), fourthly get rid of the Patriot Act Immediately, fifth close our borders Immediately, sixth get out of the WHO and the UN, Lastly hold our representatives accountable if they don’t follow Our Constitution to the T. No more pacs or Lobbyists.

  7. I am 93 years old. Have seen this country in some awful predictiments but never seen it in the mess it is in now. It is unbelievable that it has gone from being the greatest country in the world to the worse in just 3 years. What is even more puzzelling is the fact that the Democrats are condoning what is happening . Unbelievable. Don’t any of them care that we are losing our country because of what is happening? I’ve even seen where the Democrats think that Biden has done a great job since he took office. What has he done? Shut down the Keystone pipeline. stopped the drilling on government property and Alasks, stopped exporting oil, now importing again, sold off the oil reserves we had for use if we were to have to go to war, opened the borders to millions of illegal invaders,drugs by the tons, gang members and even terrorist, sold off the materials Trump had purchased to finish the border wall, donating billion of dollars of the taxpayers money to foreign countries, also our weapons we need if there should be a war, caused the price of everything to go thru the roof, and the list goes on and on. How anyone in their right mind could think Biden has done anything for the American people or this country is beyond me.We need Trump or someone like him to try to straighten this country out if it isn’t already too late. God, help us.
    the roof, businesses closing after being in business for 50-60 years and the list just goes on and on.

    1. There’s another issue that is happening, child/sex/weapons trafficking! These demons are killing the children! Countless acts of torture and rape leading to death. They must be stopped!

  8. 1/6 was designed with the goal of stopping any objection to the EC vote count and it worked just as Nancy and her minions planned—-all of those Republicans ready to speak out caved immediately—–shame on them. The second goal was to disparage President Trump and all of his supporters by entrapping them by the agencies put in place specifically to protect their rights. The road to communism is ugly and that is the road America is presently traveling. Anyone who cannot understand the consequences of what is going to happen when the destination is reached deserves just what they will face.

    1. And they will face death. 2025 Agenda will open eyes. By then’ a lot will be removed from SOCIETY. DEATH BECOMES TREASONIST IN 2025. NO MATTER WHO IS PRESIDENT. THERE WILL BE NEW LAWS AND STATE GOVERNMENTS. THE FED WILL BE ABOLISHED.

  9. Democrats, while in control. Have corrupted, the cia, fbi, doj, irs, etc. All of these agencies need to be polygraph tested. Which I believe is the law. And fired. Cleaned out. Whistleblowers from them, need to tell all of the trash in the democrat party.

  10. I believe that it’s been going on for years. To Many body’s during the Clinton’s reign. Just Saying…

  11. The CIA is just another agency that needs decent leadership. There is going to be a lot for Trump do do when he is President.

  12. No one is save under the democrats leadership they are out to destroy all that wants to get them out..if you dont believe in all there bs they may put a FBI watch on you, they have FBI watches on are churches. !!! Hows that for over- top. These democrats are dangerous they want to keep there power and they hate Trump so bad there crazy with thanking up things to do to him . ( now that is hate). We need to get these democrats out and out as soon as possible before they destroy all we have. Hope we can make it to election and by a miracle Trump will be are president. Save are America.

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