Child Mortality Spikes in UK as Vaccine Campaign for Kids Begins

Tucker Carlson announced a startling statistic last week on his show: 80% of American adults are now vaccinated. I really hope Tucker digs into that a little deeper, because that figure from the CDC is obviously exaggerated. Just last week, Pennsylvania officials sheepishly announced that they had overestimated the number of vaccinated adults in their state by more than 1 million. Instead of 74% of Pennsylvania adults being vaccinated, the real figure was more like 68%.

Governments around the world are lying to us about the number of vaccinations administered, in order to make the unvaccinated feel like we are a smaller minority. More of the unvaccinated folks will be digging in their heels once the full horrors of the child vaccination rollout become apparent.

One disadvantage we have here in America is that our government bureaucracies are so incredibly slow at publishing statistical data. It’s December now, so the CDC should be publishing the September VAERS numbers on adverse vaccine reactions any week now. Unless the holidays slow them down and they can’t release them until after New Year’s. But in the UK, their Office of National Statistics (ONS) releases hard data to the public every single week. And there have been some shocking revelations from that office.


Last week, we reported that the ONS had posting some terrifying numbers. The UK and Wales have, over the prior 18 weeks, suffered nearly 21,000 deaths in excess of the five-year mortality rate in those countries during the same months. The deaths were in the 10 to 59 age range, and about half of the excess deaths were due to heart failure, heart attacks, myocarditis, pericarditis and strokes. Heart attacks in Scotland are also up by 25% this year, compared to the five-year average.

This week marks two months since the UK began its vaccination program for 12- to 15-year-old kids. And the ONS has posted some incredibly tragic numbers. The child mortality rate this year, compared to the five-year average in the UK, has suddenly jumped by more than 43%. From late September until early November, over the past five years, the UK has averaged 41 deaths among 12- to 15-year-olds. In 2021 during that same two-month period, immediately after they started vaccinating 12- to 15-year-olds, the UK has experienced 59 deaths among that age group.

Week 40 of this year was the biggest jump in child deaths. The five-year average in the UK is a four child deaths during that week, but this year, eleven kids – seven boys and four girls – died during week 40. The significance of week 40 is that it was two weeks after the UK started vaccinating 12- to 15-year-olds.

During the 16 weeks prior to the vaccine rollout for kids, the UK only experienced a 3.9% increase over the five-year average of child mortality. It is clear to any thinking person that the vaccine rollout is the precise cause of these excess child deaths.

You might think, “18 excess deaths… what’s the big deal?”

First of all, the risk of any 12- to 15-year-olds being hospitalized, let alone dying from COVID, is statistically zero. Secondly, if your 12-year-old died of a heart attack after being administered a COVID shot, I’ll bet you would think it is a pretty big effing deal.

The esteemed medical journal The Lancet has just published a study this week which proves that the so-called vaccines are actually enhancing COVID infections among the vaccinated. Not only do the shots not protect people from infection, but they damage the immune system to the point that it makes it likely that the infection will be worse than in an unvaccinated person.

As an example from that study, 68.5% of German adults are fully vaccinated. Back in July, only 16.9% of vaccinated adults over the age of 60 were contracting serious cases of COVID. In October, that number had jumped to 58.9% of the over-60 population. Almost 60% of fully vaccinated Germans over the age of 60 are catching serious cases of COVID and in many cases, are dying.

You can read that study in The Lancet HERE.

Even though our own government here in the US is dragging its feet in publishing numbers as good as the ones we’re seeing out of Europe, two things are now crystal clear: These so-called vaccines are killing far, far more people (and now children) than any other vaccine ever developed. And the vaccines are causing people to catch more severe cases of COVID when the initial inoculation period of about three months wears off.

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31 thoughts on “Child Mortality Spikes in UK as Vaccine Campaign for Kids Begins”

  1. You have to wonder what possesses parents to get their children jabbed after hearing that the innocents are suffering heart attacks and more post jab. What ever happened to providing the whole family immune builders, exercise, cleanliness, and plenty of good food and rest?
    Thanks to the lying Mainstream Media, it seems that the population in general have lost their common sense, and in most cases, their minds.

    1. I agree. I had prior health concerns & allergies to the ingredients in these shots. Now I’m hearing here in the states Biden doesn’t care. He’s trying to force the vaccines anyways. Which in turn with for whatever the reason the data is really slow to the point are they intentionally withholding the true information? The cdc has been caught changing facts when the teachers union complained. I don’t trust any facts coming from the Biden information. They’ve been caught not telling or sharing the truth.

      1. How can anyone with a conscious still be pushing the available vaccines (that actually do not fit the description of being a vaccine) on additional people? The book is out on their lack of effectiveness and their safety profile that for any other drug would have taken them off the market!!

        Now they are getting ready to approve the so called “Covid Pill” and are warning that it’s high cost will limit availability in poorer countries. There is one extremely safe drug already on the market that just a few years ago won the Nobel Prize for saving the lives and or eyesight of user 2,000,000 people due to it’s antiviral activity. This drug is readily available in generic form and has the same mode of action as Pfizer’s and costs about 6 cents per dose. Affordable for averyone in every country. IVERMECTIN is the drug that has been purposely been labeled as a horse pill because of its use in animals. Of course almost every drug used in humand have animal usage too and visa versa. Even the AMA downplays the value of Ivermectin while the two new and highly expensive ($250 per dose) offer no better effect against Covid then Ivermectin. In fact the Pfizer drug is so close to Ivermectin that those in the know have nicknamed it “Pfizermectin”. In my way of thinking it is criminal that ivermectin has not has not been supported by the AMA, FDA and the CDC.

        1. For more info catch Wayne Roots article yesterday about how he battled (and beat) covid using ivermectin z-pac, and vitamins. Lots of useful data in the comment section.

        2. You are entirely correct in your observations of the suppression on the use of Ivermectin, and also on the harm resulting from these shots being ignored. President Gerald Ford had overseen the release of a vaccine for Swine Flu in 1976, and it was pulled from distribution after 450 cases of paralyzing Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome occurred. The current total of deaths and injuries number in the tens of thousands, and continues to grow, yet the age of being approved for vaccination is being expanded down to now be planning to inoculate 6 month babies! I have a friend at church who was in tears, asking me about help to fight a vaccination mandate on her niece. An older male member of the family had been extremely ill since taking a shot, and is not expected to live to next year.

    2. Because, these people do NOT research anything. Cnn or MSNBC say it’s good, then it’s good. My father, very conservative, but doesn’t watch any kind of alternative news, is absolutely clueless on what’s going on with the world . We went to lunch few days ago, and I was mortified at how little he has heard about anything that’s going on. He watches Faux News, and local Faux News at 10pm, and they don’t talk about anything we see on OANN or the gateway pundit. We must, MUST, find a way to get this truth to the other 65% that only see what msm wants them to see .

      1. Read The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. You only need to read the intro and first 50 pages. You will then understand what they have done to us.

      2. I can’t believe how ignorant people are, that they just believe the CDC, and Fraudci, even though they keep changing the story. I warned my sister, and her sister in law warned her, she still got talked into it by her doctor and her son. After getting the Pfizer vaccine, she immediately got sick and died 11/11/21. All her family is vaccinated, it’s so scary, they are worried about getting Covid, not even realizing the danger of the clot shot, even after my sister died, they they are getting $9000 from the government, by putting Covid on the death certificate. My nephew told the doctor to put that aa the cause of death, even though there was no autopsy. He just wants the money, it’s sick.

    3. Sometimes it’s a divorced woman who does it against the former husband’s pleas for her not to, despite the fact that there is a joint custody in effect.

  2. The reason the CDC and Biden refuse to report the truth is because they all have stock in the pharmaceutical companies and are making a fortune off this.


  3. Do the words population control come to mind. That little Hitler fauci is a murdering liar. He is rich from China and big pharmaceutical firms. Biden is in on it also.

  4. I had the 2 vacc shots/full dose in January. I have had some reaction during first few days after 1st shot, more and stronger reaction after 2nd, as in whole arm. I chalked it up to perhaps that URI/flu type symptoms may have been Covid because of the very tired feeling I got, and occasionally hard to take deep breaths. After 3 weeks, arm was OK again. 2 months ago I had a day and a half of fast atrial fib and felt nauseated from it, as people can feel with that fast rhythm being prolonged. Last month developed some numbness in feet, then fingertips, eventually some re lips. I’m wondering if people have had Covid and developed great immunity, is it perhaps not a good idea to have had the vacc, prompting more reaction to it. Anyone having these experiences, symptoms? And no, not diabetic and numbness not diabetic neuropathy.

      1. Thing is you better really trust your doctor to tell you the truth. Big pharma controls a lot of doctors. They push for the vaccine.

    1. Hey Vic.. I caught Covid in Vegas Feb of ’20’ .. since then I have tested Negative 4 times and recently tested Positive for Antibodies.. NO vaccines for me, I had light case with just a fever and a short cough. Vaccines are not helping people, they are being lied to, and passing.. Take care man !!!

    2. Please try to find a doctor, that will take your symptoms seriously. Have a D dimer test done, it will show evidence of blood clots. My sister ignored her symptoms for too long, and died 11/11/21 a day before she was supposed to have a chest x-ray. People have different symptoms, so don’t wait!

  5. Wonder if the governments ever stop to consider their own actions are killing people in their own countries with this constant barrage of vaccine mandates, open disputes, forciing their own countries to welcome in the scum of this earth as rescues? And what does the scum do, gloms onto social welfare and takes over whole cities to their violence, forced joining with the cult of the pedophile who wrote the kuran, a copy of the bible with some pedophile inserts, etc.. And yes the mooslimes live a notch lower on the totem pole of life simply because they practice what the pedophile proclaimed was acceptable because he did it! Disgusting that any government in this world could ignore this harm they do. And of course, everyone is disarmed? Criminals are never without a means to harm, steal, rob and lie and the cult does that just like they are taught!

  6. This article is not at all surprising since,
    The Court Jester says trust me, you can take my word as fact that I am telling you the truth Virginia. There is a real Santa Claus. Oh yeah, the COVID-19 Vaccines are completely safe. The side effects are not really dangerous!

    In truth if you do not take the COVID-19 Vaccines you are 100 percent guaranteed not to get any side effects yet some people who have taken them have died as a result. If by chance you contract COVID-19 you are 99.8 percent likely to recover.


    1. That about sums it up, population control, New World Order, preparing for the Antichrist, it’s not looking good, this is definitely on a world level. Now Gates is talking about withholding SS from people who aren’t vaccinated. Big surprise there!

  8. We had a sad case in late August of a 13-year-old boy wanted to join his high school football team, even though our Governor has no mandates and no children between the ages of 5 to 18 aren’t required to get the jab. He went to his doctor to be cleared to play football. But our local school district is requiring all children must get the jab and especially for students who play a sport. This boy went and got the first Pfizer jab, and he had no problems or issues. The second Pfizer jab destroyed his immune system and a day after the final shot, a 13-year-old boy has a massive stroke and three days later his parents had to take him off life support and his feeding tube. A 13-year-old, in perfect health shouldn’t have had a massive stroke. We had a blood drive last weekend, and the local red cross will not accept blood, platelets or plasma from anyone who got the Pfizer shot. Thanks to Congress, they family can’t sue this wealthy pharmaceutical company. So, they’re suing the County and the school district who ignore the Governor’s orders and force children to get the shots. Maybe, just maybe the Governor had information that the school district and the County didn’t have, you think?

  9. The COVID shots are poison , what else is there to say? 50,000 plus dead in just the US, and million or more injured for life.

  10. Me and my husband had the obvious symptoms of Covid way back in Feb. 2020 (though we did not know about Covid at that time) but we just did steam inhalations twice a day, home remedy, and we gargled with warm water with salt and vinegar too. Those very unusual symptoms just disappeared like magic. We don’t even wear masks, unless required like when you enter the stores or the banks, etc. I believe we have natural immunity for recovering from it. NO JABS for us!!! Actually, I’m much more scared of the jab than the covid virus itself. My take.

    1. Me too, much more afraid of the jab than the virus, and no one talks about the aborted baby cell lines that were used to develop all the vaccines. We can’t use the death of a baby to make us healthy, it’s just basically cannibalism, and why do you need cell lines from an aborted baby, when they used to just use a dead virus??? Oh wait, the scientists today are so much smarter, they are hi jacking the immune system, they think they know what they are doing, but are like a two year old with a chemistry set. The arrogance is unbelievable. Meanwhile people are dying by the millions, like my sister, and they just keep lying.

  11. The insistence that everyone get a COVID injection is more about population control than COVID control. My body, My choice and I choose to forego the COVID injection.

  12. Am afraid none of the data sets are very good, due to too much manipulation of the stats, for greed, for agendas, and for propaganda purposes; the true numbers are having to be ferreted out of the matrices of lies. Welcome to the new world order animal farm….

  13. When and only when YOU stop listening to mainstream media and stop supporting the leftist agenda thru the villiage idiot and his group of morons the call capital hill
    then will this stop and only then
    as long as YOU let the mad science criminal and his group of ginny pig morons tell you how to defeat a common cold and not want you to get the real cure
    you will always have more of this
    stop listening to mainstream media liars and data of fixed, thorted deception , not reporting the facts , just sell yu on liars leftist garbage


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