Cop Shot Jacob Blake 7 Times Because Accuracy Isn’t Like the Movies

By now you probably know that the sleepy town Kenosha, WI has been destroyed after several nights of riots, looting and burning. The event that sparked the whole thing (this time) was a police officer shooting a black sexual assault suspect named Jacob Blake. The officer shot Blake seven times, in the back, at close range. That’s amazing! It’s not amazing that Jacob Blake managed to get himself shot by the police. Stupid people manage that trick every day. The amazing thing is that the officer managed to hit Blake seven times in a row, without missing once.

Since the mainstream media has portrayed this story as “Racist xenophobic white cops using their Trumpy white privilege to murder unarmed black martyr by shooting him seven times in the back for no reason” for almost a week straight, pardon the rest of us for being a bit skeptical. (Blake lived, by the way.) We now know that when police were called to the house where they confronted Jacob Blake, Jacob Blake was the reason for the call. When officers ran Jacob Blake’s name through the Wisconsin criminal justice system, they learned that there was an outstanding arrest warrant for him, for felony sexual assault.

But since Jacob Blake didn’t feel like visiting with officers about this subject, he started throwing punches. You know – just like any normal person would do!

Media: “What possible justification is there for shooting a black man in a routine situation like this?!”

Tasering Jacob Blake didn’t stop him. He proceeded to try to grab a knife off the floorboard of his vehicle. Four days after the shooting, Wisconsin newspaper headlines amazingly stated that Blake was “basically unarmed” when he was shot by police, other than the knife he had. You know, like when Joe Biden suggested earlier this summer that “When an unarmed black guy charges you with a knife, shoot him in the leg!”

The latest version of the Associated Press handbook must state, “Black suspects armed with bladed weapons are to be referred to as ‘unarmed.’”


The media and the Democrat Party (but I repeat myself) is aghast that the officer closest to Blake shot him SEVEN TIMES. Sorry, Democrats. But if you violently escalate things to the point where the police are scared enough to start shooting at you, I think you’ve sacrificed the right to be nit-picky about how many times the trigger is pulled.

The media also wants us to be shocked and mortified that the cops shot Jacob Blake in front of his three children. This is ghoulish and disgusting on the part of the media. A normal parent who loves their children would think and act very differently than Jacob Blake did in this situation. A normal person values the lives of their own children more than their own. Speaking personally and also for most of the parents I know, a normal person would think, “I’m going to avoid doing anything stupid that could result in a hail of gunfire right next to the vehicle my children are in.”

But Jacob Blake didn’t think that way. He thought that he’d fight the cops in front of his children and thought that he would pull a knife on the cops – as if the police would just forget the whole thing if he assaulted or murdered them and managed to drive away. On the one hand, I do feel bad for Jacob Blake’s children. They have a terrible father who has terrible decision-making skills, and I wouldn’t wish that on any child.

But back to my main point: It’s amazing that a police officer shot at Jacob Blake seven times and hit him all seven times. That normally doesn’t happen in a high-stress situation when a dangerous suspect is wiggling around and fighting you, even at close range.

Below is a police body cam video that was just released by the Brooklyn, NY police department. It portrays a wild police gunfight with an alleged Muslim immigrant terrorist (expect a lot more of those to start flooding into the country again if Joe Biden wins in November).

21-year-old Dzenan Camovic launched a personal jihad against the police back in June, in a story that was not covered by the media because it makes the police look good. Camovic stabs an officer in the neck with a big kitchen knife to start the attack, while screaming “Allahu Akbar!” An officer shoots at Camovic twice (and misses). Camovic chases that officer away and throws the knife at him. Camovic then goes back and fights with the first officer. That officer shoots at Camovic six times and misses – all six times – before Camovic wrestles the gun away from him.

By the time the wild gunfight is over, Camovic has fired six shots and wounded two police officers. The police fired 16 shots and wounded Camovic four times.

Scared police: 25% shooting accuracy

Alleged Muslim terrorist immigrant on meth: 33% shooting accuracy

The first twelve times that officers shot at Camovic, they never hit him. He was only hit the last four times that an officer shot at him, at much closer range. Camovic wounded three cops – one with a knife and two with a gun – before they managed to wound him back.

This is why cops tend to shoot at suspects a lot of times when they finally do start shooting. It’s really difficult to accurately shoot someone in a highly stressful, adrenaline-charged, life or death situation. It’s not like the movies. If Democrats and the media really cared about black lives, maybe they should start suggesting to young black men that they shouldn’t try to fight the police the way Jacob Blake did.

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136 thoughts on “Cop Shot Jacob Blake 7 Times Because Accuracy Isn’t Like the Movies”


        1. There’s a still shot in the video of Jacob Blake , and as he rounds the car , it appears hes also holding a karambit style knife in his left hand, before he enters the car.

          1. If I’m the officer, my fear would have been that the guy was reaching for a gun. His movement was so sudden there’s no way of knowing what he was doing. And given the fact he was resisting arrest so forcefully, he could have been doing anything.

      1. I am sick and tired of all this being thrown around and not responding. So, my response one time is: The only person who raped, pillaged and destroyed anything was Blake, who did all those aggravated offenses on his girlfriend & why she called the cops. He wasn’t supposed to be there. And he did that in front of his kids! So you are saying, along with all your Sports Bro’s , that all of you are Sextards, Rapetards, Domestic Abusetards loving, Criminal Worshiping, imbecile martyring, woman hating, children abusing MONSTERS, who accuse and blame everyone else for their own shortcomings?! Too bad, so sad! THE OUTRAGE SHOULD BE FOR WHAT WAS DONE TO HIS GIRLFRIEND first, and ultimately his children period. #METOO WHERE ARE YOU?!

        1. I personally have never had a problem with the police even thow I carry concealed, when pulled over I put down my window and my hands on the steering wheel when the cop approches The first thing I do is state that I am a conceled carry holder and am Armed, they in turn ask to see my permit or ask where my weapon is, I tell them where and will show them if they wish. Sometime yes, sometimes no, and I usually will be let go with a thank you or a warning. I don’t argue, I don’t call them names, and be polite always be polite. But a lot of people can’t or don’t want to grasp that concept and decide to be mocho stupid morons and disrespect the pilice and pay the consequences.

          1. amen This is so basic to a normal law abiding citizens life. In cave man times these idiots would would have been naturally selected and have a very short life. LOL

      2. I agree with you 100 percent. Let’s get rid of the garage in Washington DC VOTE RED ACROSS THE BOARD let take our country back. Vote for freedom and our country Remember to VOTE for President Trump then Red across the board

      3. I so agree, Never in my life time I have never seen so much violence , disrespect for Law Enforcement and for Human Life.. This BLM is nothing but a mob and Antifa is nothing but a terrorist group , They must be stopped. I want our country back. We need President Trump!!!!!

        1. trump is a big part of the trouble.He is a racist his self that is why all the white racist groups love trump.there are just to many people blind about trump with all his lies.

          1. BS. If Trump is racist why are there blacks in his cabinet? If Trump is racist, why did he have the lowest unemployment of minorities EVER? Anyone who thinks Trump is a racist is a moron.

          2. You can’t even Write proper English and you have the knowledge to personally exploit Trump as a racist? You must have moved here yesterday, or you are simply blind and ignorant on the many issues Trump has made better for all, including MINORITIES, PEOPLE of ALL COLOR!

          3. Learn to write in complete sentences before you make such ignorant statements. You are the racist and don’t have a clue about the allegations you are making.

          4. Please give us 1 TRUE example of him being a Racist.(NOT made up media BS either) Everybody LOVED this man before he put a R next to his name. Everyone wanted HIS endorsement! I know he hurts Snowflake feelings with his truth talkk and wearing his heart on his sleave but at least you know where he stands. If anyone is a Racist it’s your candidate Joe Biden. Please do yourself a favor and pull up ALL his past interviews and videos and you will see who is TRULY Racist. HInT: It’s NOT Trump!

          5. What boulder fell from the sky and landed on your microscopic braincell,……. because that’s about ALL you have in the melon of yours. Anyone so STUPID to think it is OK to riot and destroy other peoples property, burn their homes, leave them with NOTHING, and then try to blame this on our President ?
            You have to be the DUMBEST MF’er to walk the face of this Earth. You need to wear your t-shirt that says, “I AM WITH STUPID” and the arrow is pointing straight UP to your face.

            Maybe BLM should pay your home a visit and burn it to the ground ?
            Wonder if you’ll STILL find them such a wonderful bunch of friendly and peaceful group ?

          6. He is NOT racist..research it !! He was a great guy when he was giving the Black democrats like Sharpton, ,Jessie Jackson and others,(List is too long to put up .) Money and funding them ,but when he turned Republican and stopped the money flow ,they turned on him…its all there if you RESEARCH…

          7. Where do you idiotic dumbtards get that Trump is racist? He has said or done NOTHING to bring all this about, UNLIKE your dimocrap reps like maxine waters, chameleon harris, and even sleepy senile Joe; when he DOES come out of his hole and try to speak two coherent words. Trump has been and still is trying to pull this country together and has done more in three+ years for blacks than Bite-me has done in 48!
            You need to pull your head out of your butt and get a breath of fresh air. Try to find news OTHER than main stream that actually tells the truth and shows both sides of the story.
            But of course, to you libtards it’s justice over truth and facts isn’t it? Truth and facts are not relevant. Just YOUR thoughts and opinions.

          8. It’s Trump’s fault that criminals are shot in the commission of a crime? What a moron!

          9. I believe that you believe that because you have been force fed the so-called facts on CNN or CBS or MSNBC or in the NYT or Wash. Post, etc. All of these media outlets have been shown by independents that they are Democratic and create narratives to make you believe that Trump is all you say he is. However, what lies, while he has been President, has he said that have hurt the American People? He has helped Black Americans more in the first 2 years of his term than Obama/Biden did in 8 years. What is it that makes you believe he is a racist? Be specific. I do not want to assume that what makes a person a racist in your mind is not the same as in my mind.

          10. You are in love with maybe you see him taken a leak and you follew in love whit his tatatatatatnnnn

      4. Totally agree! Black on black killings is so much more than cop on black killings! BLM does not care who they hurt. Antifa does not care either! They hate our country! Period!

        1. Thank god people get it. If you fight the police you are going to loose. The real problem is these groups like blm and antifa have hijacked these tragic cases and used them for their own twisted socialist gain. I only hope people of both parties see thru the democratic socialist lies and do what’s best for this country.

        1. @ BOB,………… That’s WHERE the problem is Bob,……. most of them only have “ONE” parent, and the other was just a sperm donor. Never had a single responsible bone in it’s anatomy. So the bastard offspring’s in most cases are left with a SINGLE mother that generally didn’t have much of an IQ, otherwise she would never have let the sperm donor mount her and put her in such situation. Then because of her lack of reasoning and responsibility, she never thought to instill common sense to her offspring, as to HOW one should properly respond to the Police when confronted. So after it becomes TOO late for this education, and her child lies cold in his own pool of blood, ……. all she wants is for someone to PAY for her child’s DEATH.
          Well,…… then the authorities should LOCK HER UP for her lack of responsibility to teach her OWN child the difference between “RIGHT AND WRONG”.

      5. Writing in capitol letters has been described as “shouting”, a reasonable description I would think. If you have something to say, a comment to make, by all means do so. “Shouting” does not obtain the sort of attention one assumes the writer seeks, or so I would think.

      6. Sorry, William Snead, I had to stop at ALL CAPS. I was getting a headache. ALL CAPS says you are full of yourself, and expect to be followed. You’ll probably say it is because it’s hard to use the Shift key. Poor baby. I know, all this violence is President Trump’s fault. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist movement, and Antifa is just low lifes who are hoping to create chaos without having to pay the price. That will all end soon. Joe Biden will go back to accepting that BLM and Antifa are just citizens peacefully protesting, as things cool down. But they won’t, as long as there are civic leaders who won’t bring in the National Guard, or support the police. President Trump correctly said that Joe Biden agreed with defunding the police, and Chris Wallace sat there, and to the President’s face said “Sir, he did NOT say that.” Biden said that he would redirect funding to other things. The same thing.

      7. I hate Conspiracy theories! Then again I thought we had an Honest Media. Seems I may be wrong on both counts. WHAT IF! Biden/Harris eke out a narrow margin ( or Trump) and the Mail-In Ballots are challenged to determine the winner. The count is so close it goes to the House for settlement. If You have to ask how that will turn out you need STOP reading Now. If the house cannot muster enough votes to decide the election Who will AUTOMATICALLY become the Next President on Wednesday, January 20, 2021? Now for a little background; What is George Soros and his merry band of Billionaires doing dumping Millions into local elections, ESPECIALLY the State Attorney Generals? Does anyone reading this far believe the One World Order Crowd has just decided to call it quits? Ever wonder why the media still has its knickers twisted over the loss in 2016? When Obama declared “we are only days away from Fundamentally Changing America”, what do you think he really meant? Study where he went to school BEFORE Hawaii, what influence did his Communist Grand Parents have on his early years? Why are his school records still sealed? The sitting President Promised to Drain the Swamp and the best I can surmise Emptying the Septic Tank turns out to take a little longer than he anticipated. Quite frankly I’m amazed at his stamina to keep going in the face of the “RESISTANCE” that is a compilation of Rino’s , Dim Wit’s ( Career Politicians) and the one I find hardest to understand, the media, all working to discredit, Impeach, smear and hinder his ability to execute the job he was elected to do. Matter of fact I believe is Congressman Al Green who has already prepared Impeachment papers Just in case Trump gets re0elected. BTW I have voted in every election starting with JFK as my first Presidential vote and this year frightens me more than any of the Crisis I have SURVIVED because our very Republic is at stake. The selfish reason is, I hate to think I wasted 8 years of my life “Protecting and Defending” MY Republic so I could pass on a Banana Republic like Venezuela to my Grands.


      9. Don’t be stupid!!!!! If you in the military you were taught that a firearm rifle ,pistol are called “stand off ” weapon which means you can shot and hit you target a few feet or yard away while a knife or bayonet is a ” close in combat ” weapon or ” hand to hand “. I remember read about the marines and soldiers in WWII were taught to shot to kill any Japanese armed with a samurai sword or knife first then kill the other afternoon.

    2. Like Willie Nelson’s song,” Mommas; don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys” ; don’t let them grow up to think, they can fight police officers and resist arrest and suffer no consequences, either !

      1. “Beer for my horses” by Willie Nelson and Toby Keith great lyrics Involves a big old tree for all the world to see doesn’t matter what color you are if your a blatant criminal then you need to set em on down!

    3. Someone has finally stated the truth on police shootings.
      People, think what his intentions were when he would have gotten the knife in his
      hands. It wasn’t to cut his steak for dinner.

      1. And with three sons in the back seat (and more spread around). That is a community out of control. At least Blake’s mother asked for healing, and not destroying the community.

    4. I expected the author of the piece would have a one line story.

      Why was the perp shot seven times? “Because that was all the bullets the officer had in his magazine!”

      1. And he deserved every one of them. Sad he decided to go to his car to grab a knife in front of his kids. I feel bad for them and the officers. I could give a flying f about him. AND not because he was black. BUT because he was a POS. NONE of these men had to die. Just stop fighting with police. They aren’t going to anyone who cooperates. You may go to jail. And if it is an unjustified arrest, you have legal recourse. Fighting is what gets these people killed! White! Black! Brown or what ever color they are.

      2. And he deserved every one of them. Sad he decided to go to his car to grab a knife in front of his kids. I feel bad for them and the officers. I could give a flying f about him. AND not because he was black. BUT because he was a POS. NONE of these men had to die. Just stop fighting with police. They aren’t going to Gunn down. anyone who cooperates. You may go to jail. And if it is an unjustified arrest, you have legal recourse. Fighting is what gets these people killed! White! Black! Brown or what ever color they are.

    5. How many Whites have been shot and killed by BLACK police officers? How many Whites have been shot for similar situations? Blake should had been secured before he tired to enter his vehicle, AND they could have use the Taser, pepper spray or the baton and hands. White police can kill a black citizens without being charged with murder. Now another Black American Citizen have been murdered BY THE POLICE for a BIKE violation. ONLY IN THE USA. .

      1. According to FBI statistics, more whites are killed by cops than blacks are killed by cops. Many more whites are killed by blacks than by cops or other whites. Most telling, the majority of black men (2600 out of 3600 in 2017) were killed by other black men.
        Look it up your self.

  1. I feel that many (not all) the Democrats and most (not all) in the media do not care about America or GOD and thus their sole driven MO is to attack both and that means Trump, the military and the police. Since they have removed GOD from their lives they are driven by insane motives and BLM and rioting and looting are just part of this. I am a Vietnam veteran Bronze Star recipient now retired having worked overseas including Europe and mainland China. Let me tell you that most on that side are FOS and know nothing about what they are talking as so-called experts. I ‘pray’ that we survive this time or our democratic republic will collapse like those of the past, Greek and Roman to name a few. The hand of the Almighty can be swift and full of retribution.

    1. Total Agreement!Power is everything to our Government and at this moment in time, Trump/Republicans are opposing those issues that Christians oppose in order to retain power. We need desperately to get Republicans back in power for another 4 years and get TERM LIMITS on the ballots to keep those professional politicians from obtaining the power they exercise today. If we spent the money that is being spent on this election, we would go a long way toward helping the poor and reducing the national debt!

      1. I can not agree more about term limits. I’ve said that for at least 15 years now. But the politicians will never vote themselves out of their nice job that they are able to make more money than what is on the books. Also they should not be allowed to be a lobbyist for at least for years after leaving office.

      2. I agree with you 100 percent. Let’s take our country back Vote for President Trump then Red across the board stand up for your rights and freedoms

        1. Take our country BACK what is wrong with you ? Who do you think is in power now ? Dump has run this country into the ground .

          1. @ Andy,…… Anyone with even HALF a brain knows that the Devil walks this Earth, and he has Millions of followers just like YOU. All of you Devil worshiping SOB’es want to see this Country of The United States destroyed and run into the ground. All the Democrats are waiting till America is destroyed, so they can sell whatever is left to the Chinese. It’s NO secret anymore people,…… the Demonrats have long been selling this Country to China, and they are hoping to finalize the deal very soon.
            You see,…. the Devil preys on the weak, and those he can easily manipulate. It is astonishing just how MANY stupid people there are in the World. There will Always be GOD, and if you think for a second that HE will allow the Devil to reign on his Earth, then you are in for an awakening.
            President Trump has done MORE good for this Country than ANY other President ever. He has a heart, unlike most of the politicians in our Country today. How many other Presidents have given up their salaries and given them away to help others ? Don’t know the answer ? ? I’m NOT surprised,…… but that’s why you want to smear Trump’s name,…… because his Goodness burns your insides which will one day soon match your exterior while serving the Devil as you do.
            TRUMP 2020

    2. Well said, Larry. I think the Almighty has begun his judgment on this nation for all the wickedness, including throwing Christ out of your schools and the Bible, legalizing the slaughter of the innocent babies by the millions, and making gay marriage legal. All these abominable acts by the Supreme Court and none stopped by Congress or any president, or any legislature of the States, even though they are contrary to the Constitution’s original intent and the Bible. America has caused more killings of innocents than Nazi Germany and the corruption of generations of children indoctrinated into antichrist world views. Repentance and returning to God is the only way to safety for any soul, as the wrath is coming. (Note, I am not referring to any end of the world wrath, but that which God does upon any nation that rejects his Son and turns to wickedness.)

      1. Hopeful one. You’re absolutely right. God helped create our great nation, but once we turn our back on Him, we’re done.

    3. Thank you Larry Morris for your service in Nam, and your comment is so very, very true. I pray that our Heavenly Father in Jesus name put an end to all this evil.

    4. Amen. These people just keep pushing buttons & eventually they’ll push the wrong one. I hope they open their eyes before it’s too late.

    5. I understand the Pledge to the Flag was said twice during the DNC Convention. Both times “under God” was deleted. Yes, “under God” wasn’t in the Pledge until 1954, and of course has to be forgotten since “God” is too specific. Some will riot if the Creator isn’t called “Allah” or a “singularity.” Why can’t we just agree that “God” equates to the creator of all things. No, I don’t believe that everything came from out of nowhere, but everything had to start someplace, and even Stephen Hawking realized by the time of his death, that there is something that started it all, and not something that itself had to have a creator.

      Larry Morris, thank you for your service.

    6. Amen Brother! Thank You for Your Service. Subs 57-65. My dad gave me two bits of advice when I started driving ( age 14) Son, there are a Million drivers in this state(TX) whose sole mission is to run you off the road to maim or kill you! The Graveyard if Full of tombstones engraved: HE HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY. The 2nd was WHEN (not if) you are pulled over by the police you have ONLY ONE RESPONSE! YES SIR!. arguing with a peace officer is a sure sign you want to spend the night in Jail at a minimum. You can have your day in Court and I can guarantee you that IF YOU were Courteous and didn’t show your ass the odds are 95:5 that the officer will not only agree, but suggest the case be dismissed. You Know What? It Worked! In my 66 years of driving, lead footed, the only ticket I ever paid was when I let my Alligator Mouth overload my Hummingbird ass.

  2. Any suspect when being detained or arrested by the police needs to comply with the officer’s commands. Events such as the one with Blake and many others of recent history would not have occurred if only they would simply do what the officers tell them to do.

    1. Amen to that. I got so tired of the comment “you only stopping me cause I’m black.” Such nonsense from a group who accepts zero responsibility for anything they do. I was a Chicago cop for 32 years so I heard that a lot.

    2. Don’t see how anyone could miss when holding someone by the shirt with the suspects back to you in such close quarters unless you’re a terrible shot and shouldn’t even be handling a gun. The cop certainly knew he hit him by the third or even the second time he was hit. Excessive force and now 3 children probably have no father. Too many people are being brutally killedPolice need better training obviously. Democrats are not looking to defund police, only improve their actions.

      1. @ Karen,…… DO YOU have any children Karen ? If so, Have any of them ever been pulled over or stopped by the Police ? Have any of them ever swung at or punched a Police officer ? How about RUNNING AWAY from the Police if they had a warrant for their arrest ? OK, so then they manage to break free from the Police after KNOWING they are wanted for prior crimes committed, and because he might get arrested, he would much rather endanger his 3 children in the nearby car, than to simply surrender himself and deal with things in a Courtroom. That officer had NO IDEA what he was reaching into the car to grab ? That Police officer probably has children of his own that he hopes each night to go home to, and he is TRAINED to handle himself in a proper manner that will insure he will see his children and family at the end of his shift each day.
        These brave men put their lives on the line each and every day,…….. I have seen it with my very own eyes.
        Almost EVERY one of these shootings or killings could have been prevented, IF ONLY the person being detained would NOT have resisted.
        You see, I TOO had to learn the hard way. When much younger, I too ran from the Police, but it wasn’t because I had a WARRANT out for my arrest. Also I didn’t run towards a vehicle and reach inside of it with Police chasing me. I didn’t have anyone else that I was endangering with me either. Instead I was swimming late at night about 3am in the morning after some drinking in a nightclub with some friends, and we were getting a little loud with laughing and all. Someone heard us, and called the Police. Well when the Police showed up and talked with those sitting on the beach, they understood that NO ONE was in any kind of danger, but they wanted to speak with me. So I swam in close to shore, and when I got close enough, the 2 Police officers started running into the water after me. So I turned around and started running back into the water. Well that night, I spent the night in jail, and I learned a VALUABLE lesson that I NEVER forgot. Just do what the Police officers TELL you to do, and NO HARM will come from it.
        All the water that I swallowed, sand that I ate, and bruises that I gained, were “NO ONE’S” fault but my own.

    3. Agreed! Why doesn’t the liberal media start saying this. They say black lives matter, then they should provide the information that is needed to keep incidents like this from happening. And I don’t mean that the police should just let them go, because they don’t want to go to jail or get a ticket.

  3. Facts are facts and you just layed out the facts it is pretty simple just don’t resist if you did not do anything wrong then you will be questioned and be on your merry way the last thing an officer wants to do is pull his fire arm that is why they tried to taze him first cops don’t go to work saying I want to shoot someone today look into the background of these people that are getting shot they have long histories of violence and mayhem they are at fault for putting themselves in harm’s way not the officers DON’T RESIST

    1. I’ve met cops that never used their gun to shoot anyone in 20 plus years of service. It is not as common as people think or tv makes you think.

      1. I worked in law enforcement for 20 years. On the streets in Southern CA for about 10 of them. Only pointed my gun at 1 person. I finally convinced her I would shoot if she didn’t stop coming at me. She was brown skinned. 1 time in 10 years. You are right it isn’t that common.

  4. when the police is at an unruly protest they should get one of those pigcrap cannons and fill it up and spray both sides to brake it up. When they have it under control tell them they can have their protest but there will be no weapon in voluved. Leave their guns at home.

    1. Angelo! There should be no reason for the confrontation. If any of those yahoo’s were behaving like adult civilized people they could both have their protests. The liberals demand that everyone shut up but them! It is very sad!

  5. I always stand with the police and I have several family members that have been police officers and my son has been a correctional officer for almost 30 years now.

  6. Maybe we should just start telling all these idiot criminals, up front, that YOU WILL BE SHOT IF YOU RESIST OR RUN, period. So maybe they will try to use there brain to stop doing a stupid thing, before it gets worse. If you really are stupid enough to still do that and you get shot and die, thank GOD, one less worthless idiot that the world has to deal with.

  7. I would love to see all politicians that support defunding the police, and reducing the size of our military, have their special details removed. The TAXPAYERS’ money would be better spent protecting American citizens that depend on our police and military. Plus, it would be easier to take out the trash.

  8. I am so shocked that there is so much talk by media and leaders in both parties having a tennis match with the lives of citizens!!!! Is there no one in our government to round up the mob and incarcerate them…. absolutely no one!!! We have so much talk on investigations and the promise of finding the culprits but no one is being taken to task…. have we Americans become talkers only!!!!! Our nation has become a Godless country with no respect of human lives…. killings are done as if it’s the thing to do…. this is so shameful.,,, we murder babies, we kill, we lie we cheat with little or no time for the well-being of the Citizens…. this has gone too far…. and all in the name of POWER and GREED!!!

    1. Well said, Mea. We are seeing fake Christianity embraced by so many citizens and leaders at work. It is not the way Christ taught his disciples, but it’s what the myriad of false prophets tell people: just believe in Jesus and you are saved….no need to repent of all your evil ways or to truly be sorry for the wicked things you’ve done so God can truly forgive you…no, just words of “faith;” acknowledging some truths about God and the Bible and “zap,” now you are a Christian. This hypocrisy has spread into so many actions, that talking about justice and punishment seems to be enough for such hypocrites. Actual righteousness, judgment, justice is hardly known by most politicians.

      Consider the Right to Life movement…it sounds good, but are they looking for justice for the babies slaughtered? Are they looking to truly end abortion? Not really. That would cost them more than they are willing to pay and the opposition, the cross they would need to bear, would be serious and dangerous. Wicked people support abortion. They are murderers and hate babies and children in general. The Supreme Court are mass murderers and this nation doesn’t get it. Millions of mothers have killed their own babies; about 1 in 7 women is a murder. Justice for the babies will require retribution toward all those killers. Think about it. That’s real Christianity and the real love of God.

  9. Without saying, a good amount of casws we have seen are individuals that are not complying and when the history comes out the person has a rap sheet either with an outstanding arrest, known criminal who is dumb enough to show up at riots to cause problems, which it is their nature. Now we have idiots of equal and lessor smarts such as BLM and ANTIFA that actually support criminal activity and criminals.

    Like many have said in the comments to comply with what the officer says. I have input as well to these people along with BLM and ANTIFA, STOP BREAKING THE LAW A–HOLES!

    These people clearly have lower intellect and/or no common sense whatsoever. They never learn and yet get upset when a cop is doing their job or citizens go and protect themselves. This country MUST rid itself again as in other times in history.

    Ms. Rosa Parks wanted a seat on a bus not sexually assaulting or robbing Gucci. Even Rosa had her pride, dignity, and knew right from wrong. That is not the case witth people today. Democrats and liberals support the bottom feeders of society and expect decent upstanding citizens to sit back and not take action? Wrong! They will not sit back and see cities, towns, and the country destroyed by these hooligans and there will never be rest because as long as the left defends the garbage they will not get the support except by fellow man that has no dignity, self respect for themselves, others, and this country.

    Blake had this coming, as did Floyd. Had both NOT been breaking the law yhere never would have been an engagement with cops. Ignorance is NOT an excuse.

    The left talks about privilege it has NOTHING to do with right or wrong. People know if it is ok to do drugs or not. People know if it is ok to sexually assault another person. People know the law enforcement protect our cities. People know if it is right or wrong to kill unborn children. People know if it is ok to cross the border illegally or not. People know if it is right or wrong to murder another person. The difference is these people CHOOSE to make the WRONG decisions. With that come consequences for those actions. They chose the path they wanted and why they ended up where they did. Maybe next time, if there is one, they will make better choices or they can end up with the same fate.

    1. Sick racist Republicans…White police as well as some black police vicariously see black and brown citizens and black/brown suspects as “the weapon” when confronting them or knowing that’s who they will be confronting from the start. To them black/brown is an automatic negative. Just as with many white citizens; to cops black is scary, dangerous, predictable, gross, etc., and caution must always be the first thought and theory…

      1. That is so wrong, Segers. There is reason for police and any person to be fearful around certain black people and certain white people and certain Hispanic people. Blacks commit more crimes per capita, so they have brought that perspective upon themselves. But there are sleazy folks from all races. You think racism has only to do with color without respect for behavior? It is ridiculous. Discrimination due to color has to do with behavior and that behavior is exemplified by black preachers, leaders, and individuals who refuse to place the responsibility for people’s behavior upon themselves…always blaming others. They refuse to take up the cross and face their own sins as they are. There is great corruption in many black neighborhoods, many criminals, many wicked people…why? Because they choose to be that way.

        1. I grew up in Cleveland in the 50’s. Yes, we had Black neighborhoods (we just naturally called them “Colored People”) Some were good friends, and I never feared a one. Then we moved to Anaheim, CA. About a year later old friends from Cleveland, a lady named Pearl, and her husband, a veteran who lost his sight in the Korean War, visited. Pearl, and another lady worked with my grandmother. I say “worked with” because when they came over to clean the house (a large house), my grandmother would put on her apron, and her “babushka” and dig in right by their side. Yes, the ladies were “colored” but that didn’t mean anything to me. There were our friends.

          But then the violence started. Watts. When I saw a powerful-looking Black man on the street, I would wonder what might happen next. Nothing happened. Now we have Black folks living across the street, and Tom is good to talk to. I have a loaded Smith & Wesson in the gun safe, but not because of our neighbors. Because of BLM and Antifa (and Democrats).

      2. and another factor: these wicked criminals who live among God fearing blacks, terrorize them and threaten them with retribution and even supposed “good” blacks have bought into the tribal mentality that all blacks are “brothers.” What a joke that is. Thank God for the many blacks that have rejected that idea now and hold individuals responsible and don’t give excuses to people of their own race…truth is, we are all of the human race and of one blood.

      3. The law enforcement community base their fears upon statistics! Check the percentage of crimes committed by blacks vs whites.

      4. @ LEON,……. Well, you seem to have it ALL figured out. Now you just need to grow a BRAIN, so you can understand that MOST people become racist because of the ACTIONS of others that do STUPID and HARMFUL things to other people.
        So once you can WRAP your little brain around that understanding, you will KNOW why any Human Being would feel prejudice against another HUMAN.

        Don’t act like an ANIMAL, and others won’t LOOK at you in such a way.

  10. LOL….the cop was holding the gun inches from him. It would be hard to miss, at that range. Funnier still, 7 shots, and the guy lived. i’d say his marksmanship sucks. That’s just me.

    1. @ Gerald,……. Did you ever consider Gerry, that MAYBE, just MAYBE it isn’t every Police officer’s dream to go to work and just KILL someone ? ?
      Have you ever been in such situation ?
      Has YOUR life ever been threatened ?
      These Police officers DON’T ASK to be thrown into such life altering situations, but rather accept this line of work as to PROTECT fellow beings from the harm that LOSERS inflict on them.

      Most Police officers never have to draw their guns on anyone EVER,…… but when that ONE situation arises, they are taught it is only to save themselves or others.

      Stop making a mockery of the Police Gerry,……. I would have done the SAME thing being in his shoes, and I’m betting you would have too.

    1. While getting a knife , While getting a knife , While getting a kniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife !!!

    2. @ Richard,……. Did you expect the Police officer to first WAIT till the guy grabbed a GUN from his seat, and pump 4 or 5 shots in him, before he shot the guy in his “F R O N T”,……. in his FROOOOOOONT ? ?
      Maybe you could be the one to go break the tragic news to the Officer’s wife and children, that their HERO father and Husband was victim to a shooting, because he waited to shoot the Criminal in the FRONT ! ! !

      How STUPID are you ?

  11. In all of the recent incidents hat involved Police Officers shooting Black men the black men resisted arrest. They created their own death. Period. Don’t resist arrest and you won’t get shot.

  12. Who teaches these young black men to disrespect the police not comply with their commands and fight them the Police Are not here to protect each individual they are here to keep the peace for all of us they need to do in any means possible if you don’t comply and you get shot or crippled it’s no one‘s fault But yours

      1. More likely the Burger King will be burned down. Then the citizens will wonder “what happened to our Burger King, or our Wendy’s?”

  13. Democrats (and that includes their public relations and media teams, known as the “mainstream” news media) dismiss statistics, science, experience , common sense, and logic. Has no one noticed that?

    They cannot afford truth. They are entirely dependant upon deception and demagoguery.

    Consider anything and everything which comes out of them to be the converse of validity or truth.

    1. Right now the “Lame Stream media” have joined the Dems in continually saying that everything the President says is a lie. So far, except for his extra-marital affairs, I can’t account for a one. I guess that is a case of “you say something enough times, people will believe you.” Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of Trump’s last State of the Union Address, and a spokesperson for her said “because his speech was all lies.” You could see her during the speech, planning exactly where to tear it. I thought it was a great speech.

  14. While I have little sympathy for Blake and will support Police almost always,
    I don’t subscribe to this “inaccuracy” scenario. No way can a trained police
    officer, even under stressful circumstances , miss hitting a target at close range.
    In this situation the cop was literally within inches of Blake. This cop needs
    some intense training with his weapon, or should be discharged as unfit to carry

    1. We need to put you in that situation. The guy was moving around and going for a knife in the floor board, only place open to hit was his back. Easy to talk shit when you are not in the officers situation.

  15. Any cop that shoots an unarmed man should at the very least lose his job & pension. He is not up to the job . Anybody can shoot somebody. If your that afraid you should get another job. We want the police to bring people to justice not dispense justice.

  16. This whole thing is sickening… When did stupid become a race??????
    How many non cops would have done the same thing…. the police officer used great self control…he could have killed this man with one shot…..

  17. Why is there no mantra for

    We know of many others equally important i.e.:
    Don’t drink & drive
    Don’t do drugs, Etc.

    Perhaps we need some more public service announcements for this as well instead of hanging out our cops to dry. Everyone is a MONDAY morning quarterback yet others take the pounding.


    If you want to be a fighter join the MMA and make it a professional career.

  18. I am sick and tired of this nonsense that the police just want to shoot black people. If you comply with what the officer tells you to do you won’t be shot. In the old days most people would surrender when told to by the police and they were not shot. I was a police officer for 20 years in the NYPD and was in many dangerous situations and never had to shoot any one. The reason for this was people had more respect for the police and knew better than not to comply. I was in the riots in the 1960’s in Brooklyn and how it feels to have people throwing bricks, rocks. bottles from roof tops at us. While we were there to protect the business’s from being looted in their neighborhood. As they say HISTORY REPEATS IT’S SELF. Some people never learn.

  19. Compliance is key! Do not resist! Obey the LEO’s every command! No harm, no foul! Remember, when an LEO is involved in a physical altercation, there is always a firearm involved, his or hers! Stress is beyond imagination! Our country needs healing, which can only be found in God, through our Lord Jesus Christ! 1 Tim:1:15. Rom:10:9,10,&13.

  20. This article is a bunch of crap. Nothing justifies shooting any man in the back 7 times. In addition, most african americans are shot whether they comply or not so forget that scenario. These cops know what they sign up for when they choose this job-if they are afraid they need to change professions. Stop justifying these outrageous killings.

  21. It’s amazing how almost every time there is a police shooting involving an inbread nigerian ,,, it always starts off with him FIGHTING with the police . You fight the case in court , not the streets . So ,, the idiot fights with and hurts police , then he ends up getting shot and the INGROWN , RADICAL , LIBERAL , LIBTARDS want to blame the police !!! Then all the LIBERAL FAKE NEWS , jump to conclusion , without any FACTS , and also blame the police !!! AMAZING .

  22. LESSON: DON’T COMMIT CRIMES AND DON’T RESIST ARREST OR YOU WILL BE INJURED OR DEAD!! Black young men are a smaller percent of of society, but they commit a higher number of crimes per capita than other groups! STOP THE CRIMES!!!

  23. Rules, Respect and Responsibility: Three R’s that are no longer successfully taught here in America, especially in some families and some communities with limited resources. Why?? I would suggest that IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY are the two main causes. Not knowing or Not caring to know never produce positive results. Abortion, Same sex marriage, Minority Rights, Defund the police, BLM??????. These are prime examples of both. We should learn and know from history what God did to this earth and all the inhabitants when “everyone went into his own house and did what was right in his own eyes”. I hope and I pray that President Trump is God’s way to wake the true American Christian voter up and reelect him so he can continue the progress he has made with our legal system to right the ship. If he is not successful the American people as a whole would be well advised to get ready for something “Big” to happen.

  24. I have seen and witness so many black men in Camden, NJ where I was raised (my family was the only white family back then in the early 60s) and when black men were approached by by the police it was always a simple way of making contact about suspect crimes and with just a few words being exchanged by the police and the black men it was always ending in a cool way even with pads on the backs by both parties. When someone like Blake who was being approached by police since they were called about the fact that Blake was not supposed to be in the area and the caller herself is black needed help by the police and just like anyone who is guilty and try to get away with it won’t work. Blake knew he was going to be done for his crimes and making a very bad decision in front of his three kids and trying to reach for a knife in his car calls for immediate actions by law enforcers. He should not have resisted arrest and fight with the police in the first place period.

  25. Gilbert Silva, Trump is not even an inch of a scintilla part of any trouble. It is all 101% on the Democrats (I call them Demonrats). Their cohorts, the liberal MSM always spin, exaggerate and otherwise compose false narratives.

  26. I call the Democratic, Devilcratics. Look at their words, actions and wanting to destroy our beautiful country with hatred , the Land of Freedom and Justice. Look at what the Devil cratics have become. They stand for killing by abortion, gay rights, no respect for any life, greed, selfishness, entitlement, and many want every thing free with out working for it. Many are blinded to the truth and so deceived. They all need Christ in their lives and our country would not be divided and instead there would be unity with respect and honor to all who deserved it. That means the Law Enforcements, President Trump who deserve our respect, not hatred which Satan instills. “ For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Our nation needs to repent, and read the word for the manual how to live. We need to get back to being proud of our country with love and respect for all men. We need to follow the constitution. If the Devil cratics win we go back to the dark ages. Think about the future for our children and grandchildren. Do you want Freedom or Communistic slavery rule?. Think about it and let truth prevail.

  27. media has portrayed this story as “Racist xenophobic white cops using their Trumpy white privilege to murder unarmed black martyr by shooting him seven times in the back for no reason” for almost a week straight, pardon the rest of us for being a bit skeptical. DANG IT. THE MEDIA BECAME, THE ATTORNEY, THE JURY, THE JUDGE….. RAN WITH THE STORY. CASE CLOSED!

  28. So the suspect used a loaded gun. I thought that legislators had that situation remedied with laws. CRAP I forgot bad guys don’t follow laws, that is only for US GOOD guys. Legislators always seem to favor the bad dudes. WHY???

  29. All that is happening is Black men stereo typing the truth about black men. And they are all such great men. BULL SHIT. Don’t judge all black men by the actions of 1 loser. And they all act the same way. But it is okay to judge all police by the act of one bad one.
    Even black people admit to not going outside at night in a black community.

  30. As others have said, if I was that officer, I would assume the perp is reaching in the car for a gun. How utterly stupid for the perp to do this. Nearly all of the incidents with blacks getting shot by police are the result of them not cooperating with police. Very simple, cooperate and nothing happens. Get combative and watch out.

  31. What is equally amazing is that this police officer shot his weapon seven times striking the perp each time before surrendering to police and he DID NOT get killed! Now this may prove two things? 1- The police officer is a horrible shot. 2- He’s a damn good marksman and didn’t want to kill anyone, he simply wanted the perp to obey the officers commands!

  32. I think U.S. police officers are doing a great job of taking out the trash and Making America Great Again!!


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