DOJ ADMITS ELECTION INTERFENCE! Prosecutor Backed by George Soros RESGINS Amid Claims She Rigged an Election

Well would you look at that? A prosecutor installed by radical leftist George Soros has been forced to suddenly resign in the most disgraceful manner after being accused of ELECTION INTERFERENCE!

U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins reportedly leaked damaging information about a political candidate to the media with the intention of helping a political ally of hers secure victory – federal investigators concluded.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Rollins was found to have LIED to federal investigators who were looking into the leak.

The information which Rollins leaked was privileged, both highly sensitive and not otherwise available to the general public.


This Soros backed DA released dirt on a political enemy in order to help stack the odds in favor of the person she wanted to see in power, investigations from the Office of Special Counsel and the DOJ inspector general ultimately concluded.

Special Counsel Henry Kerner wrote in his report to President Joe Biden, “Ms. Rollins’s conduct in leaking non‐public DOJ information constitutes an extraordinary abuse of her authority and threatens to erode public confidence in the integrity of federal law enforcement actions.”

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz wrote in his report, “We found Rollins’s conduct described throughout this report violated federal regulations, numerous DOJ policies, her Ethics Agreement, and applicable law, and fell far short of the standards of professionalism and judgment that the Department should expect of any employee, much less a U.S. Attorney.”

Rollins leaks were given directly to a Boston Herald reporter who fabricated the narrative that Kevin Hayden, the candidate she tried to blackball, was under a federal criminal investigation during the primary.

What Rollins did was a CLEAR violation of the Hatch Act – a federal law limiting the amount federal employees can interfere in partisan races.

But as is typical for powerful Democrats when they commit crimes, Rollins will likely not face any meaningful punishment.

Yes she is being forced to resign, but the DOJ has REFUSED to prosecute her for these crimes – Biden’s got her back!

Still, it seems as though the walls are closing in on the Soros funded prosecutors that have been strategically installed throughout the country.

In St. Lous, radicalized Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner also recently announced her resignation while facing an investigation in her own right.

A criminal contempt investigation has been circling the St. Louis prosecutor who has refused to put real criminals in jail – which is exactly why Soros chose her for the job.

In Florida, DeSantis removed a Soros backed state attorney last year, and is now threatening to remove another.

These shady prosecutors are intentionally destroying the country by refusing to prosecute criminals and allowing violent radicals to commit crimes without fear of repercussion.  It’s time to get them ALL OUT!

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26 thoughts on “DOJ ADMITS ELECTION INTERFENCE! Prosecutor Backed by George Soros RESGINS Amid Claims She Rigged an Election”

  1. it is time to kick soros out of this country and take his money with him.he should be in prison for the rest of his sorry life.

    1. Soros ain’t long for this world, hell he’s in his 90’s they wouldn’t put him in jail. But yeah, send him back to Hungary. What happens after he’s gone? Does he have a legacy, someone to follow in his footsteps.

      1. His son, he visits the white house approx every 14 days and sees Biden, he vows to continue when his father passes, we need to bankrupt him, rumor says he has literally spent a Hugh portion of his wealth in the last 20 years.

      2. Seriously, that corroded POS will probably live to be 120 as his as so many corrosive do. He is beyond a doubt the most EVIL NAZI entity besides Hitler.

        When President Trump was in office we NBEGGED him to SRIP this POS’s USA Dual Citizenship, CONFISCATE all of his assets to pay for the damage he has caused this country through the financing of BLM and Antifa destruction of this country. and deport his Nazi ass back to his native Hungary.

        Unfortunately Hungary does NOT want him back in their country and have shut down all of his “Charitable” institutions in Hungary; But, if deported he would have to go back to his native country; if not, he would then become a Man Without a Country, which would be totally fitting for the disgraceful carcass that he is

      3. You’re right, Bruc e.
        But…his son is right behind him, just itching to inherit his money and vicious tactics.

    2. the left is letting this happen for they are getting paid to let him continue for money is more important than people which is sad. Other countries have thrown him out and he is not allowed in those countries. China ,Poland and hes also wanted in Russia. I wish we could put him and his family on a one way trip to Russia. He is the financier of BLM and Antifa and is responsible for the riots throughout the country and should be punished.

    3. Yes, kick Soros and his son out of America, however, seize his assets. (MY OPINION) Investigate what is going on with Soros son frequent visits to the WH. (MY OPINION).

  2. I still find it hard to understand why Soris has not been jailed. He has committed Treason against this Country due to his financing mobs to protest and cause distruction, financing the elections of radically left wing Attorney Generals.
    This man is pure evil°°°°°

    1. I agree. He is pure evil and treason seems to be his everyday kicks and giggles. He seems to enjoy causing havoc with countries, trying to destroy them in various schemes. If not bringing a complete collapse. The United States is his largest undertaking so far, and he’s been spending billions to create his biggest effort in the biggest country yet…the country considered the leader of the free world. Imagine his power pleasure if he, with his demonic children’s help, if he can accomplish America. He has done massive damage to other countries, probably to more than we know. Thailand says he’d destroyed their government and they’ve had a difficult time rebuilding, but at least China hadn’t swooped in to take them far. I know ExxonMobil was in Thailand doing oil business years ago and two production managers and one visiting top executive were poisoned, one almost dying. He attacked Thailand economy and entire government. Was he involved in the attempted murder by poisoning?

      He also put his claws into Hungary, his country of origin, trying to collapse that government and putting corrupt people in high places. He wasn’t successful in a collapse, but he was learning…

      He attacked the UK, especially the banking systems there, including their biggest banks. He did a lot of damage, but they survived him. But the country was changed, and not for the better.

      Who knows how many other countries he’s attacked that haven’t disclosed that fact.

      Now he’s set his evil eyes on America, which would be a coup of his lifetime. And trained his sons to follow in his footsteps with glee. He likely had Biden in his pocket, an easy accomplishment knowing of his corruption and his and his handlers desire to also bring America down. Apology tour by Obama wasn’t enough for Obama and Biden? Soros has partial ownership of several major banks here. One of them has been linked, probably NOT innocently, to attempts to hack into retired citizens Social Security accounts and stealing the money which is c sent to one of those banks and the moment it hits that bank depository, it is sent to another branch of that bank in another state within 2 minutes. It is arranged to keep getting transferred to another branch, in another state… through several transfers in a shell scheme. One person found this out because they happened to receive a letter directly from SS that they had been notified of a change where their automatic direct deposit of SS retirement funds were to be deposited (in a credit union). It had been changed to be deposited into a false account in a state five states away. The person checked there and found a transfer to another branch, 3 states away, was already set up to happen as soon as it arrived there. Investigators wrking with the FBI found this action, all linked to branches of the main bank (which Soros owns 25% of) and branches in several states. Unable to find, surprisingly, who was behind this criminal act. It was stopped from happening. However, the next month they got through some blocks SS had put on to protect that individual’s account. They had set up a other stream of illegal transfers. The intended victim was in FREQUENT contact with the local SS staff and the attempt was again stopped. You do remember when millions of people were having their SS data breached and money stolen just a few years ago? In this one case only ONE BANK and it’s branches nationwide was involved. A bank partially owned by Soros, a man who had tried to collapse the Bank of England and the UK Stock Exchange.

      He has been funding, with billions of dollars, disruptive politicians, AGs, DAs, Judges, to flip our country’s government and direction toward Socialism and Communism, to destroy her.

      He has purchased an island and built a compound and it is the main base for his money. No extradition of course. But one son has been found to have visited the Biden WH at least 14 times, all logged as “WH tour”. We are not able, so far, to know who his visitors are at his beach house and other residence. No logs, tgey say. Even Secret Service knowledge of who Biden visitors are there is bring blocked from our Congressional attempts to get it. Soros? Chinese? Could be any visitors and phone calls.

      Soros and family have committed many acts of treason. I’m tired of hearing about his actions. I want OUR action to be to grab this guy and his family, convict, and use extreme punishment. Those already instilled in our national government, on the take with Soros money, will protest. Perhaps they should be routed out and also charged with treason.

      WE CANNOT have this sick crime family help destroy our country.

      1. George will one day stand before God and be held accountable for all the evil he has done . Hell is where he and his demon friends will end up .

  3. In the 90’s George Soros invested in my husband’s new international business (2 other partners from Greenwich, CT) that was expanding the airport in Botswana. They had designers drawing the expansion, and with Soros’ investment they could acquire 5 large cargo planes. Several months later Soros pulled out and took his investment, which caused the company to declare bankrupsy. My husband took Soros to court but you know how that turned out! We had to also declare bankrupsy. My husband passed 3 years ago but I still hold Soros at fault for his actions. Those actiions determined the rest of our life.
    LC Moran

  4. It appears the author of this article condones a candidate for public office being able to hide significant information from the voters. Why is that okay?

  5. George Soros need to set back, pray, and take a good look at his life. One day he will answer for everything he has done to help destroy our country. May God bless you George Soros.

  6. Yet again another Democrat who has no charges brought up on them from crimes against their country, but they still go after President Trump with harassment from FBI, DOJ, CIA, Democrats, Democrat DA. I don’t believe anything this communist Biden regime says or does, Democrats climbed into bed with this corruption anyone who supports this is my enemy, Democrats are hypocrites, racist, discriminating traitors to their country.

    1. Sooner or later, the tables have got to turn. Soros ain’t long for this world. He’s gonna die and then what, will His kids will pick up where he left off?

  7. I would like to know why haven’t they gone after soros? Why do they allow him to keep throwing his money at these corrupt democrat? Arrest him lock him away and freeze all his bank accounts . When is someone going to open their eyes and use their useless brains and do something that is right for a change? Instead of allowing this rich old feeble minded criminal to go on. The answer is so simple a first grader could figure it out but with the people we have in government don’t seem to have any common sense or brains to figure it out. that includes democrats and republicans. There are a couple republicans who will speak up and try to do what’s right but most of them sit on their asses with their brains buried in their shit, not caring, just let someone else do their job for them. while our country goes to hell in a hand basket

  8. He may hate us, but it is the money he will have control over. He has done this before and knows exactly what and when to buy and sell, short ect. He made a ton on Venezuela. He wants to repeat a profitable situation.

  9. Election interference seems to be the new American way. Question is what our armed society will do about it. Simple termination of a criminal from a government job is not a viable solution. The best solution originates from the voters but they’ve been brainwashed beyond effectiveness.

    Seems to many that we’re on the edge of an armed civil uprising. Hopefully, it won’t ruin the nation but few options remain. Removing the evil source of funding would be a great first step. Hmmm…I wonder who has sufficient funds to overthrow a great constitutional republic. Perhaps New York is home to the source of our problems.






  12. Soros will end up in HELL for all the evil he is spreading across this country. He wants all non-rich people to live under the thumb of the affluent. Have rules for the average person, live the way they want, tell us how to think and act and take away all our freedom. I wonder what kind of fantasy he thinks of in order to sleep at night. Perhaps, he thinks he’s above it all. Sooner or later your bad deeds catch up with you and KARMA is a bitch. I’m an old person like him and lived long enough to know some day we have to answer.

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