FBI Expands Search for Trump Supporters to Torture over Misdemeanors

You might think that the FBI would be getting bored with jailing and torturing Trump voters for misdemeanor trespassing charges, but you’d be wrong. Four full months after the January 6 kerfuffle at the US Capitol, the feds are expanding their search for “the worst of the worst.”

These must be people who did super trespassing or something – like the lady in the Captain America costume who was waving a QAnon flag, or the guy wearing a kilt and a MAGA hat. Time to round them up for their jailhouse beatings!

As of this writing, the FBI has arrested approximately 440 Trump supporters in 44 states. Those numbers include the husband and wife who had their door kicked in last week in Homer, Alaska, after the FBI misidentified the wife as the suspect who supposedly took Nancy Pelosi’s laptop on January 6th. (Are they sure she didn’t just misplace the laptop? Pelosi looks 193 years old every time the Botox starts to wear off, and little old ladies are known to lose stuff.)

Speaking of Pelosi, the burly blue collar construction worker who put his boots on her desk has miraculously been freed from the DC jail where he was held in solitary confinement for three months while being subjected to regular beatings by the guards. He broke down in tears during his appearance before the judge – psychologically broken, no doubt, by 90 days of solitary confinement and being forced to eat off the floor. Somehow, the judge decided to have pity on him over that misdemeanor trespassing charge and let him out.


The jailed Trump supporters still continue to find no support whatsoever from congressional Republicans. These are elected politicians who some of the jailed Trump supporters voted for, and they are still hiding under their desks.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), who supposedly is planning to run for president in some future election, said this week that “We absolutely need to prosecute” the Trump supporters who briefly disrupted a US Senate meeting on January 6th. Some ally. We’re not going to forget this when future presidential primaries come around, Senator Hawley. Our friends and neighbors who are having their eyeballs punched out of the socket by DC jail guards could have used your moral support, if nothing else. Guess they aren’t worth it to you.

In the latest fake narrative, federal prosecutors are claiming that four Trump supporters assaulted a police officer named Daniel Hodges on January 6th with a police riot shield. They’re using a screenshot from a video that shows the moment the officer was pinned against a wall. The officer appears to be in pain and screaming, when the screenshot is taken out of context.

But even the judge is expressing doubts about this. When Officer Hodges was debriefed about the protests, he stated that he was not “screaming in pain” as prosecutors and the media claimed. Hodges said he just yelled out to let his fellow officers know he was stuck against the wall. He wasn’t hurt, and he wasn’t screaming.

The judge noted, “It looks to me like the defendant was trying to push his way through the officers with other [protesters] to enter the Capitol, rather than that [the suspect] was trying to hurt or attack the officers.”

So, this story is just more lies from corrupt Biden regime prosecutors. Just as officer Brian Sicknick was originally “bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher” and it later turned out that he died from a stroke, Officer Hodges was jostled in a crowded hallway – and prosecutors turned it into Hodges screaming in pain as he was assaulted.

The FBI has now posted images of an additional 353 people who were at the peaceful protests on its website. The feds say they would really appreciate it if the public could help identify these Trump supporters, so that they too can be brutally tortured, spat upon, beaten, subjected to racial epithets, forced to eat off the floor and held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day without bail.

At least now we know why the FBI can’t look into John Kerry selling state secrets to the Iranians, or the child porn alleged to be on Hunter Biden’s laptop. The feds are still just way too busy tracking down the real threat – our friends and neighbors.

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47 thoughts on “FBI Expands Search for Trump Supporters to Torture over Misdemeanors”

  1. Get ready for 90% less government people when those who were elected illegally by voter fraud, violated constitutional laws and colluded with the dark side in human trafficking/ pedophilia. It’s coming people.



      2. It is all about protecting their job. In DC a piece of celery costs $10.00. People KNOW that if they lost their job they would be homeless. Therefore, they would assassinate their Grandmother if the current government told them to do so.

  2. The last I heard, the Capitol building of the United States belonged to the people of the United States. Seems to me it would be a little difficult to trespass on your own property!

    1. Maria S. You are so correct. Why on earth doesn’t everyone see this? I know the FBI under the Democrats are a bunch of bias fools, and they must be held accountable when, someday, Republicans take over the government once again.

  3. I think we should search for the top FBI executives, and the FBI people involved in the UNCONSTITUTIONAL (since there was no warrant, and no charges) incarceration of political prisoners – peaceful protesters. And then we should bring them to justice. Maybe we should ask the public’s help to find them and all their friends and co-workers and their bosses and their bosses bosses, and then find a way to arrest them and bring them to justice. I don’t know how to do that. What police would arrest FBI agents? We might have to wait until 2024. The FBI is part of the Executive branch, and the President can fire the woke-ists at the top of the FBI hierarchy. Then, maybe we can arrest them and bring them to justice. We need to make examples of them for the history books.


    DO NOT LET ANYONE CLAIM THAT THERE WAS AN ATTACK BY Trump PROTESTERS ON THE CAPITOL On Jan 6!!! I watched the protest on TV with my own eyes . The vast majority of the people were milling around calmly, talking quietly, not shouting or chanting, some carrying signs. The one’s that went inside went guided on a tour OF OUR HOUSE (i.e., the house of we, the people, paid for by our tax dollars) by the capitol police, who betrayed them by bringing in the FBI to arrest them. The FBI used to be the good guys — the boy scouts, so to speak. Now to their shame FOREVER in the history books, they are the Gestapo, the SS, and the KGB of America. Let’s get their names and publish them. Why not let everyone know what a great job they are doing, so they can get emails of praise. Yeah, right. They are evil, and have to go. But not most of them. Just the ones at the top, plus those who actually arrested any of the protesters. The bulk of the FBI are good guys and gals.

    YOU WANT TO SEE AN ATTACK? Go to YouTube and watch the woke-ist BLM and ANTIFA rioters in Portland, Seattle, and other cities throw stones, throw Molotov cocktails, and shoot explosives at US Government buildings where people are working. They riot for hundreds of days at a time. Someone with billions is illegally paying them, because no one can riot all night and hold down a day job month after month. People have to sleep sometime. They are sleeping in the daytime in hotel rooms paid for by the financiers of the evil would-be woke-ist revolution. Watch them shine dozens of green lasers at the police helicopters, permanently blinding police, who were only doing their job, a job that very much had to be done. Watch the rioters shoot people, murder children, murder precious little babies, beat people with lumber, kick people on the ground. Pepper spray people. Destroy and loot businesses, thereby driving THE MOST VULNERABLE people into poverty.

    Here’s my point: THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF AN ATTACK ON THE CAPITOL, SO DON’T LET THEM SAY THERE WAS ONE. In order for there to have been an attack, there would have to be some DEAD PEOPLE and/or some PROPERTY DAMAGED. RIGHT!? RIGHT!!?? Well, there was no significant property damage, and here is a complete accounting OF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DIED.

    There were five. Two former Trump supporters died of a heart attack. That is not evidence of an attack on the capitol. One person died of a methamphetamine overdose. That’s three. Still no evidence of an actual ATTACK on the capitol. A fourth person died of two strokes THE NEXT DAY, Jan 7. Still no evidence whatsoever of an attack on the capitol. Finally, the FIFTH AND LAST PERSON WHO DIED was an UNARMED WOMAN, a veteran who put her life on the line for our country, who was shot and killed by a cowardly capitol policeman (man, not woman). THAT’S NOT EVIDENCE OF AN ATTACK ON THE CAPITOL on Jan 6. Unarmed people do not attack armed people. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF AN ATTACK ON THE CAPITOL ON JAN 6. However, IT LOOKS SUSPICIOUSLY LIKE AN ATTACK AGAiNST THE PEACEFUL PROTESTORS — A MURDEROUS ATTACK ON AN UNARMED WOMAN VETERAN BY A PIECE OF DUNG CAPITOL POLICEMAN. So, if there was an attack, it was murder by a capitol policeman against a peaceful protester. So, DON’T LET ANYONE SAY THAT THERE WAS AN ATTACK ON THE CAPITOL ON JAN 6. REQUEST THAT THAT CAPITOL POLICEMAN BE BROUGHT UP ON MURDER CHARGES.

    1. You are witnessing the American Gestapho in action. It is like when the Nazi party took over Germany. We the people must act and replace everyone from the China Biden And the Clinton Russians and get a proAmerican government that will support “We the people”.

      1. The common” Joe” the average citizen cannot do a damn thing except be ready when the you what hits the fan! And I’m ready if anyone wants to know it’s scum “GEORGE SOROS”who’s funding BLM ANTIFA AND ALL THE RADICAL TRAITOR MAYORS AND GOVERNORS THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY if I had a billion dollars I’d go after SOROS!!!! WHY DOESN’T ANYONE DO SOMETHING??? I would join up with anyone to stop this madman!!!!!!

      2. Yes America is becoming like Nazi Germany with the Gestapho. As a military person (thank you for your service) how do we replace everyone when people like Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg, radical Democrats, etc…. including Deep State fund these kinds of action against American citizens? I feel and see American citizens are getting tired of the situation and beginning to rebel to the point of rebellion/revolution.

      1. WE THE PEOPLE are not UNITED against tyrant government. WE THE PEOPLE are the government…
        WE THE PEOPLE need to unite against all tyrant entities in the government.

    2. Very good article. I agree whole heartily. Get a note off to all our reps and senators. Thank you.

    3. Great piece by Edmund Burke above.

      Addressing death #5, the video shows the “gunman” deliberately stepping out of the shadows firing one shot into Ashli Babbitt, then sliding back into the shadows. Alex Jones has the video, as do probably many hundreds or thousands of American citizens. It appears to have been planned that someone would be murdered there, maybe not specifically Ashli, but someone, making her death a premeditated murder, implicating the shooter and all who aided or ordered him to execute someone. Our government is very quiet about all this, as if Ashli deserved her fate somehow. This needs to be investigated completely by an independent body (current government can’t be trusted here). Really strange that our “leaders” are mainly interested in informing us of the antics of 50 Trump supporters who appear to be innocent. This looks like the actions of a banana republic.

    4. The FBI, the CIA , the Surpreme Court, the Democratic Party and probably the Republican Party are all in the back pockets of one man; George Soros. He wants to destroy this country. He destroyed 3 countries and now he wants to take down the United States of America! That sound right?

  4. They are torturing their prisoners. They are beating them. Have been for two months. One of them was brought before a judge, and he broke down crying. He had to eat off the floor. They handcuffed him with his hands behind his back and beat him. THIS IS AMERICA! IT IS ILLEGAL TO TORTURE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY. NOT EVEN OUR WORST ENEMIES CAN BE TORTURED. THOSE FBI ****S MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS AND DEMAND THAT THESE TORTURERS BE BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES.

  5. How long is this crap going to go on for? What happened to Due process, Speedy trials, The right to a sitting Rep. Attorney ?
    Oh I forgot we’re talking about Biden’s Court !! Biden has got to drag it out because they haven’t the Proof needed for prosecution!
    Biden is the biggest idiot I have ever seen, he’s just talking up room and wasting Oxygen from someone who really needs it !!
    What is going on with Biden’s Left eye? Has anyone noticed him looking at the teleprompter reading with his right eye and his left eye closed!! It’s on the news where Biden is talking about Russian and China. Watch his eyes.

  6. Christopher Wray is a crooked mobster and should be investigated and given the death penalty for treason. Wray is one of Trump’s biggest mistakes. Wray should be run out of the country along with America hating Muslim Obama and his fat wife

  7. OLD CHARLIE DANIELS had it right the devil did go down to Georgia but he did not stop there!!. The more i learn about what’s going on in our country the more discussed i get. I now have several friends that will not watch any news and live in the dark. That is exactly what are enemies from within want.

  8. Whatever happened to due process and equal protections under the law? Neither are being done here. If there is anything to prosecute then do it. The BLM guy got out right away and he actually did use spray on police and planted a pipe bomb that didn’t go off. Yet someone who tried to keep the police safe is still in jail. They hav very little on these people because they didn’t do anything worth charging…The criminals are the politicians and the FBI….

    1. To try to understand what may be happening in the country. Justice wise or injustice wise. Start with the break down of due process of law, investigating of crime, inocent untill proven guilty. Read Aleksandr Solzhentsyn’s book “the Gulag Archipelgo” a complelling story of the Soviet So called Jutice system uner Lenin and Stalin. Read the the contrass between that and the u.s. Constitution and its amendments and the juistice system set up by our forefathers. study more of Nazi Germany on the raise of Hitler as well.

  9. Oh, no problem. With the likes of Mitch the Switch McConnell and Josh Hawley on our side, things will come out just fine. How can we lose?

    Face it, people, the Scum Sucking Communist Lite Repugnicant Party has SOLD OUT to the Democrat/Communists to hold on to their own personal wealth and power. They put on a good show but cave in every time a critical issue arises. Got your ObamaCare, everyone? They’re on “our” side? LOLOL! Look who they ran for President – McCain and Romney – Democrats in very thin disguise. Then look at who they have bitterly fought against – Trump.


    I HATE the Democrats Party for what it is doing to our Constitutional Republic. But I LOATHE the Republican Party for doing NOTHING to stop it and even helping it along.

    The GOP knows what the FBI is doing and why. But what is the GOP doing about it? Whimpering in a dark corner letting it happen while We the People are going down under the Big Red Spiked Boots of
    COMMUNISM. That’s what!

    Some brave defenders we have, eh? Oh, well, we still have Murkowski and Snow on “our” side. Right?

    Maybe they go after BLM/Antifa for their open, obvious and VIOLENT insurrection that has destroyed hundreds of businesses and LIVES all across the nation and SEIZED sovereign US territory and declared it their own.

    Anyone seen the PUTRID GARBAGE in the FBI going after them!?? Anyone?????

  10. Why do you think they’re letting prisoners out they are making Plains put the conservative in them to reprogramme them. Biden said it let the cat out of the bag. Obama is behind all of this garbage that’s going on. This country is going to hell in a handed basket. GOD HELP US ALL.

  11. I keep asking about all the destruction of last summer and fall, the catch and release pattern of those Democratic cities. If these monsters can’t break the American people, they will go after our elected officials, the weak ones. The weak ones who won’t go against the Democrat Socialists. Sad, truly sad.

  12. The fbi is just an embarrassment to the Country, they are as untrustworthy, liars, cheaters and the crooks that they arrest. They are attached to the liberal scum who are as bad or worse than the fbi. The fbi Investigation side of of the force needs to be disbanded, they just cannot be relied on to tell the honest truth. They are a joke.

  13. IF THIS IS ACTUALLY TRUE and with their participation in the fabricated accusations and spying of President Trump, the fbi agency needs to be swept clean of every agent who is presently employed with a legitimate investigation into each agent for corruption and illegal activity. After the cleansing — start anew with all new people AFTER being fully investigated. This is an agency that was once thought of as one of the top law enforcement agencies in the world but now has been reduced to a political circus act and a complete embarrassment to the U.S. and law enforcement.

  14. The entire fbi should be disbanded.
    The entire upper echelon should be jailed,for breaking federal law for example illegal searches, manufactured charges and violating their oath for starters. Alk the lower ranks should be barred from any law enforcement, since they at minimum “followed orders”. They also violated their oath.

  15. Have not heard a peep about anyone be prosecuted and persecuted for the Portland, Minneapolis, and other Antifa and BLM riots, why is that? Far more destructive and threatening than anything occurring on 1/6. This evil is spurring a great awakening among the people and wow be to those complicit in the evil.

  16. The true FBI would be investigating the lies and false statements the Democrat congress members have pushed upon the American people. There are also some high ranking DOJ and FBI people that are most likely guilty of perjury and treason. As the pendulum swings back some of these people should be really nervous.

  17. Yeah, It now seems like our Director of the FBI has said “To hell with the USA Constitution”, and has started following the procedures of the old Soviet KGB.

  18. FBI = F**king Breau of Insergency NAZIs ! These B’stards are the real criminals … they have denied the rites of Tax Paying Citizens with Beatings, Torcher, and making them eat off the floor !
    An illegal alien is given more consideration than the victims of these NAZIs ! No way in Hell do I trust the F**king Breau of Insergency !


  20. The FBI is not the only Federal agency that is thoroughly corrupt. The CIA, NSA, DOJ, and dozens of other agencies are so deeply infested with Democrat communistic direction that it would take a massive revolution to pry them out of their rat nests and face absolute justice. Starting with the leaders of almost all Federal agencies, they should be exposed to WE, THE PEOPLE, openly tried in an honest court, and then run like infested roaches before they are convicted and thrown in prison. Trump tried to get rid of thoroughly corrupt Federal employees, but these scumbos are so deeply infested in our Government that one man alone cannot rid them of their power and influence. In the old days of 1850s, citizens banded together and tarred and feathered many of the corrupt officials – hanged some of the others by their scrawny necks. Our society has changed drastically since 1850, but we have perhaps as many as thousands of corrupt Federal and state officials who deserve to be tarred and feathered and many who deserve to be hanged by their scrawny necks. One of my uncles used to run a country general purpose store. When he caught a thief taking something that wasn’t paid for, he would lecture them, “A thief is a thief, but he can be converted into a useful citizen. A corrupt politician is nothing but a corrupt politician, and will always remain so.” Our Government is truly overflowing with corrupt officials; is there a better way of getting rid of them than a revolution?

  21. The FBI, CIA, NSA, or WHATEVER and WHOEVER may not have anything better to do during the Biden regime, but it wouldn’t hurt them to clean up their act just a smidgen! The more “important” government agencies of intelligence and law enforcement under this Marxist Administration have acquired identification as an integral part of the Deep State! Much effort will be required to divest themselves of such identification once Biden is gone and President Trump has been restored to the Oval Office! Who knows, a little old-
    fashioned RETRIBUTION may be just what the wheels of justice might order!

  22. If this kind of crap don’t stop then the democrats and the FBI are probably going to see a real insurrection unlike the fake one they have conjured up against protesters at the capitol who were just their protesting the fraud that everyone knows happened in the 2020 presidential election. The FBI has become the Gestapo for the communist Marxist democrat party.

  23. FBI has arrested approximately 440 Trump supporters in 44 states. why are the claiming it was all trump supporters in this read…or i m not reading it right…if anything they might but many as we know were not but made as they were…

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