FBI/Media Narrative of January 6 “MAGA Murder” Falls Apart

The tag team effort from the FBI, squishy opportunists in Congress and the mainstream media to hang a murder charge on Trump supporters for the January 6 Capitol Kerfuffle has collapsed. They really wanted to be able to pin the death of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick on people in MAGA hats. If you’re going to label conservatives as “domestic terrorists,” it’s much easier to do so if you have an actual death you can point to. But now even the FBI is admitting that they don’t seem to have a murder case on their hands.

All of this started to fall apart more than a week ago when Sicknick’s relatives started speaking out. The New York Times reported a story that sounded truly awful: Trump supporters bashed Officer Sicknick in the head with a fire extinguisher and beat him to death. The entire mainstream media repeated this, as well as craven political opportunists in Congress. And that is an awful story. Too bad for the left that it was a complete and total lie.

Hours after the protest had concluded, Sicknick texted his brother to tell him he had been pepper sprayed a couple of times but was otherwise just fine. Oops. According to the New York Times, Sicknick was supposed to be brain dead and fighting to survive on life support at a hospital at that time.


As astonishing as this sounds, the US Capitol Police have still not told the Sicknick family how Brian died. It’s been almost two months! The autopsy and swift cremation of Sicknick’s body happened more than a month and a half ago. It’s one thing to not inform the media of a cause of death, but isn’t the family entitled to know how the Air National Guard veteran died?

But when there are actually zero deaths that can be falsely pinned on Trump supporters, it makes it tough to make a case that we’re all terrorists.

Now the FBI has suddenly shifted the narrative. There’s no video or eyewitness evidence that anyone struck Sicknick with any sort of object. But they have a quote from his brother saying that Sicknick was pepper sprayed! So… now they’re looking to build a case that Sicknick may have died from pepper spray.

Huh? Is that even a thing?

The FBI says it has “identified an assailant” who sprayed a can of pepper spray at the group of officers Sicknick was with. Considering the fact that Sicknick was a cop and a veteran, we can say with 100% certainty that he’s been pepper sprayed before – probably multiple times – as part of his training. Another thing we know with certainty is that even though there have been sporadic cases in past of people dying after being pepper sprayed, no individual has ever died and had pepper spray listed as the sole or even primary cause of death. At best, pepper spray has only been listed as a contributing factor which, in rare cases, it exacerbated an already-existing medical condition like severe heart disease or a respiratory illness.

Pepper spray doesn’t kill people in most normal circumstances, so by flip-flopping from “bludgeoned by fire extinguisher” to “got pepper sprayed,” the FBI is admitting that there’s no murder case here. No prosecutor would ever be able to prove that.

Even the New York Times admits this now, writing on February 26: “Given the evidence available to investigators, prosecutors could be more likely to bring charges of assaulting an officer, rather than murder.”

Not that any of this will make the dumbest individuals in the US Congress stop smearing Trump supporters. Sicknick’s death was called a “murder” in the Democrats’ latest Article of Impeachment against Donald Trump. His death, which now appears to have been a tragic stroke, was used to fuel the lie that the peaceful Capitol protests were an “armed insurrection.”

The Deep State is grasping at straws at this point. The FBI has now arrested six members of the Proud Boys who were not at that protest. They’ve been charged with “conspiracy” to disrupt the fake Biden vote certification. This is despite the fact that the Proud Boys’ leader Enrique Tarrio has been outed as a prolific FBI snitch, and at least one of the window-breakers in a Proud Boys hat at the protest was a literal FBI agent.

Everything they continue to spout about this protest is a lie. But at least we now know that no one is going to be charged with Brian Sicknick’s “murder.”

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80 thoughts on “FBI/Media Narrative of January 6 “MAGA Murder” Falls Apart”

  1. What a shame that the media and the democrats have become the enemy of the people. I am not surprised that we now know for sure that they have become the enemy of the people and like it has been said for many years that we will be destroyed by the enemy within. Will it be fact before the 4 years are up? It can happen that Obama will accomplish his goal with a lot of help of course.

    1. As if the Dems aren’t enough to deal with, what with their constant lies and completely spun innuendo, the MEDIA is perhaps a bigger threat to this nations national security by far as they stand by and stand up for anything and everything these fabricators of injustice throw our way.

      The ONLY murder that happened on Jan. 6th, 2021 was that of an innocent peaceful protestor named Ashli Babbit…. and that MURDER was commited by a Capitol Police officer, not anybody remotely involved with supporting Mr. Trump. Interesting that the “ media” has yet to give us a name of the murdering wretch who pulled the trigger on this poor woman.

      Even more confusing is the fact that EVERY article I’ve read, or news flash that’s been reported concerning events at the Capitol on that day reflect that………”5 people were KILLED” at the insurrection that Trump incited.

      3 people died from medical related emergencies, Mr Sicknick died from what?!!!, we’ll never know as his body was cremated almost immediately after the incident, and then there is the reality that one person was actually killed, but again, had NOTHING TO DO WITH TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!!

      Yet the lying, story twisting, fake news outlets spin this as a situation that got out of control and Trumps people need to be held to account?!

      The media is a sick bunch of radical thinking imbeciles that would like to tell the world nothing but propaganda and deceit…… seems to be their agenda, NO TRUTH with these fuc—-s!

      1. That’s your opinion just like CNN there opinion with no proof only hatred.
        If you want proof with research on Ukraine & Russian collusion from 2013 to 2016 and try to blame Trump.
        Google Glen Beck on Biden Ukraine part 1 and so on .
        Then give your opinion FOR or AGAINST it does not matter at least you will no more .
        Its your Country nothing wrong in learning about it .
        Take care of it don’t loose it .

        1. Unless I’ve missed something, Andre, it appears you are attacking Jonnyj for voicing his opinion. If that’s the case it must be you haven’t been paying attention to this mess. I found nothing wrong with Jonnyj’s statements, and have proof of what happened to Ashli Babbitt in the form of a well made film clip showing the Capitol policeman moving out of the shadows, shooting Ashli, then slipping back into the shadows. The camera then moves to film the scene as she falls to the floor. No question there, I’ve seen it 10-15 times. We just don’t know his name, but probably will in time.

          You lost me on Ukraine & Russian collusion so I’ll leave that one alone.

        2. You’re one of the imbeciles of which I speak about Andre.

          And you’re a loser. The word is spelled lose……. not loose, like your compromised brain cells ……. who is it needs to go to skool now Andre ?!!

    2. Remember all the treason started with bo’s 8 year wannabe dictator regime and his crony biden now repeats history that U.S. Citizens did not learn from ! Reality of commie dictators is the dem stench of satan’s disciples !

    3. As law abiding citizen that has NEVER been in trouble with the law in almost 70 years of life. I will say one thing, I have been a independent voter from my first opportunity to vote up to today. I voted for the candidate not the party. Things sure have changed, I view the democrats as domestic terrorists that are destroying our nation, I consider them a bigger threat than feral hogs and coyotes.

      1. I agree Thomas. Today’s Dem. Party is the worst thing that has happened to our country since the Civil War – round 2 of which is in the wings. Interesting to note that in the annals of recorded history, no Democratic Republic has survived more than about 245 years before imploding from within. USA started in 1776 – do the math to 2021. That’s not my opinion – it’s historical fact – check it out.

      2. I agree as well I’m only 30 and i fund it said that many people fail to see that the us democratic socialist are no diff then the socialist democrat labour party that would become the red revolutionaries the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks facebook selfies from colleges are very similar to the personality posters of vile men like Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein)

    4. Pelosi was right, there is an enemy within. She was using projection, like so many of the folk on the left side do.

    5. Don’t leave out the world’s most corrupt and largest criminal cartel on planet Earth, the FBI. They lied and have lied continually for the last 50 years for democrats and have helped democrats get away with many crimes, including murder.


    1. Loved your expression!!!! So so true!!! We have evil people running our beautiful country!!!! How easily people are brainwashed and unwilling to acknowledge the truth. Shameful courts and unlawful congress! We can’t let this go! Love Trump and police!!!!!

    2. Great comment and so very true. I have seen documentaries where the media, the left and everyone involved is referred to as The Circus. These people have no shame, no guilt, just their agenda to destroy this country and Biden has done one heck of a job since he has been in office.

    3. You have hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, the circus is destroying this country. The only hope is that the states along the gulf coast will leave the 48 and become the new states united for the people with limited central government. Polusy the stinker will probably die soon as she is not in good health. Like Biden she stumbles through her public appearances tripping over words like a nerves’ cat.

  2. All of this is OK because it makes us conservatives stronger and stronger and in time the independents and some of the conservative Democrats will see through the deep state and they will break themselves. Perhaps Polisi made a very big mistake when she called MAGA Supporters “dumb”. Upcoming races in Congress will tell the story on election day and watch what happens to the liberal Democratic Party.

  3. The FBI, DOJ, and CIA have no integrity, and have become criminal enterprises in league with the anti-America Deep State cabal dedicated to the destruction of our Republic.

    1. The bo marxist cronies appointed in his treasonous 8 years ARE NOW USING SLEEPY AS A CRONY to be dictators !

  4. Enemy of the People, you could include the DNC and DNCC in this group, judging by their action/inaction these past 5 years.

    1. Joe Biden’s life one big LIE!!first wife Neilie got drunk loaded up the kids in the station wagon ran a stop sign pulled in front of a semi committed suicide too bad she didn’t kill the rest of the kids!!!!! She found out joe was doing dumb shit cocaine snorting home wrecker JILL!!!! Piece of crap dead son BEAU was poisoned by the Russians due to his meddling in Kosovo! Drug addict corrupt pedophile HUNTER was DOING his brother BEAUS WIFE and 14 yo daughter!!!! Joe even abused his own daughter ASHLEY READ HER DIARY!!!!! The WORLD IS LAUGHING AT THE UNITED STATES!!!!!

      1. Great post Mike. Obviously
        one can sum it all up in just one medium sized paragraph to put our “ Commander-in-Chiefs” life into a capsule. I’m pretty sure that Hunters cocaine training came from “Daddy” and step-mom. You hit it spot on, these POS don’t deserve the time we spend chastising them for what they really are………. drug using perverts. And this one is our president?!!!!!! Good God help this nation through this moment please!!

          1. All I can say to Old Joe is : Kuru is a b**** ain’t it! When you play, you are going to pay!

  5. I am glad it wasn’t Trump because he’s a good person a wonderful president we did have and one day we will have him back. But he was the best guy we had for president thanks Trump my friend.

    1. In agreement but …
      How do we get to look at the daughters diary. How do we know she was drunk?
      How do we get the laptop opened? We need to find the truth! By opening it it will bring down the entire Biden clan

  6. We the people of the United States of America must stand up for the rights the Constitution gives us now more than ever in our long history. Like the Roman Empire we are split and we die more each day. I say stand up and tell the Nation to look at the truth of what is going on in Washington DC. Stop them now with our voices and later at the polls. Stand up for the Constitution now before the Governmental politician’s take it away.

    1. WE are the U.S. Government “For and BY the PEOPLE” that have to eliminate the democrat dictator enemies !

  7. The family should file a million dollars lawsuit against New York Times. I would! On what ground? How about trying to have innocent people charge with MURDER? Obama did a good job of making sure the FBI, CIA AND CAPITAL POLICE didn’t help TRUMP AS PRESIDENT! I won’t be SURPRISE if there an angry person going after him! Media need to have their head smash in for their lies! I tell these reporter everyday to find a FOOL LIKE THEMSELVES TO ASK FOR A COMMENT! I had my share of them and won’t talk to any MEDIA!

  8. All this goes to show that the bumbass acrats would lie when the truth would serve them better, and the are supported by theFBI and the media to cover up there actions.

  9. Can you imagine where the country would be if Hillary got into office in 2016. The thoughts are mind boggling. To allow another fake President like Biden would be our own fault. We the People own this Country! When are we going to wake up and take back the way of life that is the envy of the World? If it’s so bad here why do we have a massive amount of people that want to live here. Nuff’said

  10. What did you expect from this COMMUNIST “Lib Rag”? . . . TRUTH?!? Thou EXPECTETH TOO much, Doest THOU think? One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  11. the biggest danger to the united states is the FBI. They have become Bidens or the deep states GESTAPO.

  12. People have done all that is possible to make President Trump look guilty! However, try as they did. Nothing has been proven except that it is all lies.

    1. Yep, FBI had it since December 2019 and have yet to do anything with the evidence on it, proving that the FBI is nothing more than an arm of the Democrat party and needs to be disbanded.

  13. WHAT — are you saying that the officer who died — died of a stroke or heart failure, you mean the fbi,media and congress dirtbags are lying to us, you mean that the demoRATS concocted yet another fantasy story, you mean those poor poor poor congress women we have seen interviewed on tv crying histerically were scared to death and hiding under their desks and in closets –WERE NOT EVEN IN THE AREA at the time– they they -the poor things are lying to us –AGAIN !!!!! Seems like we have heard nothing but lies from the late 1990s till present day. What a pathetic bunch of worthless, waste of good oxygen dirtbags pretending to lead this country.


  15. Fox News-News Max etc–need to do a complete breakdown of what actually took place Jan 6——-DETAILS———-PROBABLY A HALF HOUR PIECE OR SO TO LAY IT OUT!!!!!!—–Any maga people that did any law breaking (walking in the hallways is not breaking the law)——any Antifa or BLM that can be pointed out – what really happened to the woman that was shot—-what was she doing when she was shot—-THE FULL TRUTH ABOUT THE MAN THAT DIED—–AND THE RNC NEEDS TO GO ON THE OFFENSIVE WITH THE FACTS!!!!!—-LIKE BUYING FULL NEWSPAPER SPOTS IN NY TIMES WASHINGTON POST AND LOCAL NEWSPAPERS IN ATLANTA-PITTSBURGH-PHILADELPHIA—RICHMOND-DALLAS-HOUSTON ETC=====SPECIFIC STEEL CLAD TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. The New York Times and the Washington Post should change their names to Pravda to at least define their true underlying goals. We all knew this was BS and the family not getting the autopsy is criminal in itself. Meanwhile the cop that killed the unarmed female veteran has not been charged and is in hiding.

  17. It is absolutely clear beyond all doubt that Democrats and their associated supporters in government, FBI, NSA, etc, are the greatest enemy to this country.

    1. The election was ‘hijacked’!!! When will the Republican Members of Congress of both houses come out and say it… also when will they all unify and call January 6, 2021 mayhem for what it is …. an attack that was ‘staged ‘ so the President can be the fall guy!!!! This is all to get our eyes and minds off of the real issue …. who is the real President and what are the Demonrats afraid of….. why have they hidden themselves behind a razor wire fence guarded by the National Guards??? Why, why, why…. the lies that are coming out of DC, 24/7 are such whoppers!!!! We have our enemy right in the Government …. these so called politicians …. I refuse to call them leaders …. leaders are persons who are truthful and will come out from hiding and lead instead of being silent!! By staying silent they are proving that they are of the same ilk as their opposition…. NYT and WAPO are worse than the arrogant fools on FAKE TV!!! We have to make decisions on our own henceforth…. we can get no truth from any of these sources!!! God is the only one who will give us justice …. yes, HE is still on the throne …. do not seek the truth from any of the other lying sources …. they are all liars …. let us keep this in mind when we read or listen to the news 99% lies and 1% of half truths …. not too many organisations other than the one we are writing on will even want our viewpoint… so let us enjoy it and be thankful that we can share our opinion….or get the opportunity to do so!!!!

  18. Each county GOP Chairman needs to appoint a committee to form an election process to eliminate computer based voting in their county, then join in with their adjoining counties to share ideas until a plan comes together to instill state wide for the next election. This will help reduce voter fraud in the future. Anything that goes out over WIFI can be corrupted and changed to arrive at a result different than intended. The only way forward, may require a step back in technology. Picture Voter ID is MANDATORY , even when applying for absentee ballots. Manual counting of the ballots, by enough counting teams in each precincts and results held until every poll is closed throughout the country.

    1. President just banned voter ID mail only for next election, even though some states had put into effect voter iD apparently that be deleted. I feel like I’m in some other country or back in Hitlers time war

  19. The bigger problem is the Republican leadership that is part of the communism movement.
    How can you no tbe in the press as a Republican with the narratives’s the Demonrats are pushing. Why is it the Republicans are not packed together side by side to fight this.
    1. Republicans are a custom to loosing under Mitch McConnell.
    2. Attitude reflects leadership. The Republicans are equivalent to Mikey Mouse. They can’t fight back.
    3. The present Republicans are Communist, except for a small few.

  20. Is the Oval Office occupant ‘Sleepy Joe,’ ‘Dopey Joe’ or the eighth Dwarf ‘SLOPEY JOE, a poor excuse of a hybrid? Stand strong all you true Americans and keep praying because GOD is in control, not the Communist Democrat Party (CDP)!

  21. If they want to blame 1/6 on anyone…blame it on the Supreme Court!! They refused to look into the voter fraud prior to 1/6 and they are still refusing to……. had they looked into it maybe the upset people, the ones who voted for President Trump, wouldn’t have been so disgusted and angry….. Their refusal to look into these allegations, instead of sweeping them under the rug, is proof to me that they are complicit with the dim dems who, might have or might not have, used fraud to get sleepy Joe into the Oval Office.

  22. CNN wants “white Christians” like Marjorie Taylor Greene removed from the Republican Party

    I want Don Lemon removed from CNN, and CNN removed from the news. Don Lemon is a black supremist that make BLM look like a bunch of old white women.

  23. Our enemy is not the democrats. That’s a “corporal punishment” statement in my opinion and its time to put the blame on the real criminals here.
    The democrats’ I know may not have voted for Trump this time but are still the same people that I knew when they may have. We all know who the bad guys are. The ones in the big house calling the shots, the ones in the big house who agreed to rig the elections. The ones in the big house who is leading the facade that Biden is the president making the decisions to not only turn our country to Socialism, but to destroy our country and its believes into by way of Communism. It stated long ago then pushed by Barack now using Biden as a puppet using executive orders to change everything they could not get passed legally. Our enemy’s people are those and instead of diving us we need to divide them. Unity is hard to beat! many have lost friends and family in speaking about our believes playing right into the hands of those in charge , those in the big house. Its time we make a change and the only way to do so is to band together in unity to make those in the big house afraid of us. This is our country, our freedom and if we don’t stop what’s going on, Our kids and grandkids for years to come will be in suppression and the hands of the Communist. Is this how we are going down? This is what we need to get people from all sides to understand. Divide and conquer is what they are/have done. We need to unit and take back our lives for the safety and freedom of all we love! Forget democrats and Republicans just until we win back our rights that are being deteriorated and confiscated by those in the Big house that are supposed to be our workers and those who forgot that as well. The way we scare them, is to stand together. Pelosi needs to answer for what she has done in the last 5 years, many have to answer for this “pandemic” act. But we need to blame the right ones not our neighbors!

    1. The left wing media is so stupid to follow the lies of the left, unless they follow the orders of them.

  24. Now what is happening is black people are creating fake situations provoking racial profiling, or just making it up. The black poet Amanda Gorman said she left her house and a guard stopped her and said ” you look suspicious ” . She never took a photo of this person. She made a statement, ” see I was racially profiled because I was black. I don’t believe that ever happened, just trying cause conflict. This had to stop.

  25. I agree with the ones to get rid of. Why do we have anyone in the congress and senate over 70?
    They can’t be efficient.

  26. Wait ,wait! Hold on a minute! Are you actually saying
    And sounds as though you have actual proof that the above reproach New York Times in conjunction with actual elected officials of the democrat party have connected and perpetuated about right lie for the sole and lowly purpose of damning Trumps supporters ? And this with the most probable and only outcome being someone clearly now innocent being charged with murder ? This was the goal of the Democrats ! Lord help us all !

  27. Wake up middle class, conservative America, your government HATES you. They already deplatformed you, took away your voice, cancelled you, would like nothing more than for you to lose your job, now they want to call you terrorists and murderers (never mind the riots and destruction from BLM-those were government sanctioned)!! If HB1 passes they won’t need “votes” anymore and this tyranny will go on forever. It’s time for regular folks to stop being afraid, politically activate at local and state levels, and reclaim our rights and our country.

  28. gas prices up, illegals coming to america are up. our future outlook is down get rid of the demo crap clowns

  29. IT is physically, morally, impossible for Any of todays politicians with maybe a dozen or so acceptations to speak the truth on any subject in any conversation. Pelosi and her Rabid addiction to IMPEACH is a perfect example. How in Heavens name can we attempt to repair Any thing when all we get from our elected officials who we put there with the exception of the last presidential election which was a total disaster due to massive, massive theft and insertion of false documents.( HEY folks I’m from Missouri show me I am wrong ). Isn’t there anyway we can Incarcerate these people for LIFE? Great place would be Gitmo. They are fighting for their lives. They can’t be so stupid that they don’t realize that a huge majority hates their GUTS.. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL HER vets, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. Dull Knife AKA capnjack

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