Fox News & Newsmax Ban All Mention of “2,000 Mules”

Now that Dinesh D’Souza’s new film “2,000 Mules” has been released, Fox News has gone into full “Let’s call Arizona for Joe Biden just minutes after the polls close” mode. The network has banned all mention of the words “2,000” and “Mules” in the same sentence. That’s why Tucker Carlson’s interview with Katherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote ended up being such a bizarre spectacle last week. By the end of the interview, it was unclear what election crimes True the Vote had uncovered, and we’ve been writing about this stuff non-stop for the past 17 months.

Fox News has not even bothered to entertain the fact that the 2020 election was brazenly stolen. They have remained married to their absurd “Decision Desk” call about Arizona’s election results and have vigorously avoided talking about the fraud that took place for 17 months now. They even fired Lou Dobbs for his refusal to stop talking about the crime of the century.

Most of the other hosts fell in line after Lou Dobbs got the axe from Fox News. The message had been sent: Don’t report on factual evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, or you’ll be out on your butt.


For those who have forgotten the exact sequence of events on the night of the 2020 election, Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden just 14 minutes after the polls closed in that state. This sent things into a tailspin, because four swing states where Donald Trump was winning by clear, runaway landslides suddenly stopped counting the votes. Those states were Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. They all stopped counting simultaneously, as if they had been given an order to do so by someone.

The counting resumed at 3 o’clock in the morning and suddenly all of the votes went massively in favor of Joe Biden. He overcame a deficit of more than 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania. Fox News was a part of that train wreck, because their early call in Arizona (which we all know was the wrong call now) helped to set off the chain of events that ultimately allowed the election to be stolen.

Fox News has managed to recover some of that lost goodwill since then, but people shouldn’t forget what they did. They were part of the conspiracy.

True the Vote conducted the investigation that the mainstream media was unwilling to conduct, and now they’ve brought the goods. The 2020 election was flat-out stolen and it’s all on video. True the Vote found 400,000 trafficked ballots in the five swing states. Joe Biden’s margin of “victory” in those states was about 279,000 votes. Not even close!

Katherine Engelbrecht in interviews is normally a very articulate and bright person. But she was clearly flustered last week during her appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

She explained the investigation that True the Vote conducted in the most high-brow, technical terms possible. A lot of it even went over everyone’s heads, even ours and we’ve been investigating the stolen 2020 election for the last 17 months.  The average Fox News viewer was probably baffled. Geo-spatial fences? 3D geo-spatial cell phone tracking? Zzzzzzzzz…

Never once did Engelbrecht explain the video evidence from “2,000 Mules” in the simplest terms possible, for the sake of the millions of viewers who were unfamiliar with True the Vote’s work: Ballot traffickers picked up stacks of illegal, fraudulent Joe Biden ballots from Democrat Party offices and stuffed the drop boxes with those ballots in exchange for cash.

Engelbrecht never said the name of the film, “2,000 Mules” on Tucker Carlson’s show. Which was the whole point of her being interviewed! And she never stated that the evidence shows that the 2020 election was stolen. The closest she came was stating, “What we found was determinative, Tucker!”

What does that even mean? Determinative of what?

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But now we know what happened. Dinesh D’Souza says that Tucker Carlson’s executive producer, Justin Wells, pulled Engelbrecht aside before the interview. She was forbidden to say the name of the film, “2,000 Mules” on air. She was forbidden to say that the 2020 election was stolen. Shameful.

The name of the film is “2,000 Mules.” Say it and say it loud, folks. When liberal and conservative media outlets are teaming up to ban its very mention, you know that “2,000 Mules” is over the target. Everything in the film is true.

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48 thoughts on “Fox News & Newsmax Ban All Mention of “2,000 Mules””

  1. I’m sure I’m not the first one to say it, but Carlson, you, who calls everyone out, how come you sold out this time? You need to go work for a different network because you’re breaking your fans hearts!

  2. Who owns Fox? I believe it is a globalist by the name of Rupert Murdock or am I wrong? What else do you expect???????????

  3. I banned fox the nite of 2020 election, the minute they called Arizona I knew the fox was in, I changed the channel & never went back. I did watch fox biz channel to catch Dobbs whom I adore but then he got the axe & I was done. I watch Newsmax a few hrs during the week but get all my news from telegram posts..Resist the main stream media is one I read daily, Project Veritas, is another. I hope enough people see 2000 mules to ignite a storm that forces media to admit there is a ton of evidence the 2020 election was a planned steal by the DS/UN/MSM/DNC , they had to take down Trump or lose their globalist Agenda 21 goal they’ve been working to attain for several decades. It ain’t over Patriots will not let this evil agenda come to fruition ✝️

    1. I mirrored you in what I watched after the big steal in 2020. I saw the story of 2000 mules on NEWSMAX. An interview with the film maker and commentary by Stichfield and Kelly that urged viewers to watch 2000 mules. There is no ban in place on NEWSMAX. FJB!

    2. Totally agree! I cant accept or believe that FOX shut down honest reporting on this critical matter! Is there any media we can trust to report true honesty!

  4. i did not anything on news max , i watch news max and i have seen a lot about voter fraud and about 2000 mules ,fox news is a waste . tucker i have some doubts about . there was voter fraud and you can not say there was not . hannity and laura , bongino , watters and news max and there reporters is the only ones that give the truth. and those guys have there own shows

  5. They need to let this out to the people and let the people decide cause this man that’s calling himself the president is wrecking this country and he needs to be taken out of his set and replaced with someone that can run this country ..

  6. Joe biden and his under skilled administration, office of too many shortages, his appointees in way over their IQ level as is their leader.The midterms are upcoming and no matter how bidnen spins his failures, putin, mega hats it’s total fxxxin incompetence that wins the day. Shortage’s across the land of plenty, energy, food, even baby formula. One lie after another, one failure after another, now throw in that total package of family corruption by the biden’s and what do you have ? Just a greedy old man trying to fxxx his Country and the American tax payor,Impeachment can’t come soon enough. Listen to the news every day, one fxxxin weak excuse after another,his incompetence has cost our Country billions of wasted dollars and our border are still open ,our problems getting bigger, time for this incompetent bum to go.”Let’s be honest here. Joe Biden is unwell. He’s unfit for office. He’s incoherent, incapacitated and confused. He doesn’t know where he is half the time. He’s incapable of leading and he’s incapable of carrying out his duties. Period. Everyone knows it. No one is willing to say it. But we have to, for the sake of the country. Joe Biden can’t do the job.” – Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott said this of President Joe Biden on 5/10/22. You can’t fix stupid, you can instill honesty. Another democrat who does not care how she spends the tax dollars of Americans.

    1. Millions of Americans agree with you! Imoeach and out him sbd his cirrupt family abd givetnment heads need rooms in the big house abd I dont nean WH! Prison!!

  7. Shameful media in this country! Biden does not belong in the White House! Everyone needs to see 2000 Mules! It tells the story.

  8. Everyone read “Blood, Money $ Power “ this read shows how it started way back in 1930s . Put judges in place and other local officials in office and when time comes no matter how long you will decide in our favor. The people they killed and this was written by one of their own

    1. And how block 13 was loaded in after count to put LBJ in office when he ran first time for senate .
      “Blood, Money, $ Power “ book. Same almost as of today. We need to declare the mass media a national threat and put some CEO’s behind bars waiting on their trial

  9. China won the election. They said “who is the most incompetent boob you can think of” Joe Biden, who else.

  10. Some people have no balls big talk no action.. I Wuldnt watch or listen to Fox news or Newsmax any more

  11. It’s time to ban Fox News for good folks no one should watch them anymore and if newsmax want s to fall in line with them then it’s time not to watch them anymore either I guess they can all suck a big lollipop we all know that the election was stolen they ban my texts on every website for saying so the Supreme Court should take this up and put the people in jail who stole our election!!!

  12. I was a fan of Fox news since 1999. After the election I stopped watching anything on Fox and will never go back ! We need the truth out !

  13. Sad that I now have no network to watch. F’n AT&T Uverse took off OAN. Is everybody hypocritical. I saw the movie and it was spot on. No way to make that $hit up. Only disappointing thing was they didn’t mention the name of the non-profits (probably because it would incur legal fees). Guess I am stuck with nothing! Still can’t figure out why Newsmax would follow FOX’s lead. They aren’t owned by Rupert Murdoch!!!

  14. I haven’t watched F News or their other programs since Bill ORiley was let go. With the Liberal wife’s pulling the strings, in the back ground, I knew it would not take long for their programs and lay offs to take a Left turn in controlling what they would report and who they would allow to report. The Five is the next show to get controlled!

  15. Cannot believe that the truth is so hard to swallow for lottsa Democrats… I am a big time Conservative and shakey Republican .. mainly because of all the Rhinos we have taking up space in DC and red states to boot. I dwell in AZ and knew the moment FOX said our state gave the looser Biden the win it had to be rigged..Many thanks to all those die-hard honest Americans that have helped prove me right. My Fox listening days are now over….I will miss the shows I watch and listen to….but enough crap already. 81 million votes .. whatta joke .. in so many wrong ways.

  16. Very disappointed and ashamed that you won’t even discuss the documentary. What are you afraid of?

  17. Are there a bunch of coward now at Fox News? Can’t stand up to these people who trying to destroy the country if not the world! Why Tucker Carlson have you become a liberal in support of democrats? Did they threatened your family? They can threats our family but you still got to stay strong if you believe in FREEDOM AND LIBERTY! Best way to fight back is have FAITH IN GOD! By putting on the whole armour of God! And be ready to go to war!

  18. The problem with “2000 Mules” is that if its premise is proven to be true, then the American people will really have no choice but to rise up against the illegitimate criminal traitor regime, its drooling stooling puppet leader, the marxist muslim from Mombasa who controls the puppet and the globalist cartel that controls the Kenyan mongrel. If the government is now under the control of a foreign enemy that rigged our election, then we cannot wait until November to see if we can defeat some of their agents in Congress, or for two more years to see what other nefarious plans they have prepared to make their control permanent. Fox, Newsmax and a number of other apparently patriotic news sources are either unwilling to embrace this realization or are afraid of what Garland, Mayorkas and Scary Poppins may try to do to them.

  19. Fox News and Newsmax better wake up or their ratings will be like CNN’S. Stop the Censoring.

  20. how do we get all those crooks out of office…all this bad stuff began happening the day dimwit “got” in office. We are stuck with all of those radical liberal socialists for almost 3 years! We will be destroyed by then. They have all the control. Now they are so low to starve our babies and somehow food places are burning down and we can’t get or afford groceries We are doomed!

  21. I believe that the stolen election was planned way in advance and I believe George Soros the Clintons the Obamas Nancy Pelosi the whole Democrat crooked people or behind it and this is treason then you got people like Fox News that shaking their shoes because they’re crooked to

  22. If they try to use drop boxes for the 2024 election I say burn every dropbox possible. long as they treat people that burn drop boxes the same as the cheaters during the 2020 election we will walk with a free pass just like the cheating Democrats have done

  23. Tucker Carlson are you going to stand up for the truth like you are known to do. Just because Justin Wells is butt hurt he doesn’t want to report the actual news? The actual truth? We don’t need Fox News to make sure the documentary 2000 Mules is seen nationwide. Enough people have seen it to ensure Ballot drop boxes are a thing of the past. Mules are now being identified and I’m sure will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And if they’re not, private citizens will get involved in forcing compliance by any means necessary.

  24. Rupert Murdoch would have allowed it; but his liberal sons now run the network and are part of the cabal. Millions have now seen the movie, but in itself will not tip the scales. It does achieve a more widespread awareness that the fix was in. Ultimately, we will need the Military intelligence units (DIA ,NSA, Space Force) to preempt all channels and show the vote switches. Their credibility cannot be ignored as Mike Lindell’s has been. It has to be done before 9/12/2022. That is when E.O. 13848 will expire. If Biden attempts to sign over power over us to the W.H.O. as expected, it could happen this week.

  25. This is sickening, but no surprise. Do not worry people,God has everything under control whether it looks like it right now or not. Just trust in Him!

  26. Since the 2020 election was ‘stolen’ from President Trump, why can’t he be reinstated. Impeaching Biden would only saddle us with Kamala

  27. I have been a loyal Fox News fan forever, but their insight into the 2020 election has bothered me. Actually, I’ve been switching between Fox and Newsmax for some time now. What in the world is happening to Tucker Carlson? Can’t he see what was done in 2020? I can’t believe Tucker Carlson is standing with the with the thieves on the Left! I’m really sad to see Tucker’s response to all of this mess!

  28. Shut down all the leftist news media! Put Oann back on tv and drown out Fox, cnn, msnbc, cbs, abc and all the rest! Vacate the speaker’s chair and remove Piglosi, enact the article 25 and get Biden and Harris out of office. Demand Trump be reinstated as President, and put Obama, killary, Piglosi, Schumer, schiff and all the rest in gitmo and hold one giant military tribunal! Once convicted of treason, execute them on public tv! That is the way to take our country back!

  29. Oh, as an addendum, throw Suckerberg into the mix, HE and soros bought dumbo Biden into our White House! Obama planned the “ rig” and they all executed it! Dumbo Biden admitted it with big ears sitting right beside him! Such arrogance is appalling! But we always knew how arrogant both Biden and Obama are! They thin they are untouchable. We need to show them differently! GET THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!

  30. I’ve always relied on Fox News to tell the whole truth and watched them daily. I always felt so informed and now feel they have let us all down. Apparently, they have decided to be a part of the fake news. I emailed their “contact us” on their website asking why they are not covering something as important as 2,000 Mules and never got a reply. I do not understand this.

  31. Fox news is a cesspool of Liberal excrements, who pretend to care. FAKE LAKE, now running for AZ. governor on a Republican ticket, was once a DEMONRAT & O’ Scumbag supporter . These LIB. excrements Try to & Think they are, fooling Hard Working, Tax Paying Americans & patriots. NOT. Liberals, Politicians & All Demonrats are the SCUM of the Earth. They are 100% responsible for the Moral decay of the USA.

  32. Amen to all the good thoughts and information within the text of these messages.
    We need to be certain that as many people as we can possibly muster write their comments to AMERICAN Liberty Report and immediately stop watching Fox News. As we have no official avenue to report what has and is taking
    place it is up to each of us to notify as many people as we can.
    Let’s get started……

  33. I agree with everything that’s been said in these comments….have been wondering myself why no one on Fox has been covering the movie and election fraud in general…they are so aggressive on other issues but not a peep about this…worries me for other elections…come on Jesse. .go after this like you went after Piglosi’s husband’s mug shot….

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