Here’s the Full List of Women Accusing Rep. Matt Gaetz of Weird Stuff

Even though he has not resigned from Congress yet, the #MeToo movement has once again taken down a powerful man of white privilege for being a serial harasser. The latest target of the movement is Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL), the pro-Trump, America First patriot whose father was once a Florida state senator. According to the media, which never lies about Republicans under any circumstance, Matt Gaetz is a cad and a rapscallion. He has sullied the honor of numerous young fair maidens by wining and dining them and… *faints dead away*…*wakes up*… and giving them presents in a show of generosity while courting them! What a pig!

The media is super-mad that Florida’s most eligible bachelor didn’t just resign after a bombshell report about Gaetz appeared in the New York Times a full month ago. The entire media repeated the story – pretty much verbatim – and yet Matt Gaetz is still somehow in office. Perhaps he took a cue from some of his elders in American politics.

Like Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ). After Menendez was accused of attending orgies with child prostitutes at the Dominican Republic mansion of his biggest Democrat Party donor, Menendez steadfastly ignored the story. Reporters traveled to Dominican Republic and interviewed a 16-year-old prostitute who said that “Bob” was really nice to her every time that he paid her for sex. Even that one time on her 17th birthday! She even provided the reporters with a photograph of Sen. Menendez on a boat with his arm around her.

Prompted by the allegations that the divorced senior US Senator from New Jersey was committing statutory rape against underage prostitutes on foreign soil, the same reporters went to visit Menendez’s neighbors in his apartment building. One couple shared the story that different young women in prom dresses show up at Menendez’s DC apartment every single night, like clockwork. Since they share a bedroom wall with the Senator in the apartment building, the couple described living next to Menendez as “hell on earth.” They also cursed the invention of Viagra and noted that Menendez provides the girls with cab fare at about 2 a.m. every night.

After a lengthy federal investigation, the FBI announced that it didn’t find any evidence that Menendez had taken any inappropriate gifts from his wealthy Dominican donor. Case closed!


Have you noticed that there’s always a pattern with these lecherous politicians and powerful moguls? Seems like there’s always a laundry list of women that come forward with allegations against them in cases like this.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) of New York, for example, has had 37 women come forward to the police and accuse him of varying stages of sexual harassment, grabbing them, creeping them out and touching their faces with his gross Italian tongue. In fairness to Cuomo, he hasn’t been accused of pinning any young women against the wall in a dark hallway and performing a “full Biden” on them. But that’s still an awful lot of harassment victims accusing him.

And of course, there’s noted Hillary Clinton donor, Hollywood producer and fern afficionado Harvey Weinstein. He’s serving prison time for rape, but that only happened after hundreds of stories emerged from women who confirmed all of our nightmares about Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood casting couches, and ferns.

Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, Eric Schneiderman – all of them had multiple victims come forward when their sex, harassment and abuse scandals erupted. That’s the pattern. Every. Single. Time.

So, now that the FBI has had a full month to sleep with reporters at the Washington Post, the New Yorker and The Atlantic and leak details about that rock-solid Matt Gaetz case, let’s see if we have time to get through the full list of victims who have come forward. I mean, a month is a long time for the FBI to leak all of those salacious details in violation of Matt Gaetz’s rights.

Here it is:



Well, that was fun. A full month after the entire mainstream media smeared Congressman Gaetz as a “sex trafficker,” not one single woman has come forward to accuse him of anything.

Hey, wait a second! You don’t think that the entire mainstream media would collude together to just make up a story out of thin air about a sitting Republican congressman, do you? Because that would be totally unlike anything the media has ever done to a Republican before.

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76 thoughts on “Here’s the Full List of Women Accusing Rep. Matt Gaetz of Weird Stuff”

    1. The media just didn’t like the fact Rep. Gaetz was Pro Trump and was a big Voice in the Republican Party !

    2. The entire Department of Justice, especially the FBI, is fully corrupt and crammed with Democrats who would away all of their belongings just to destroy the Republican citizens and our Nation. The leaders of the DOJ and FBI are socialists intent on turning our Nation into a communist government. They will prosecute only Republicans and ensure that Democrats be resolved of any accusation that could lead to imprisonment. There are many examples of their corruption; (1) the Clinton Foundation, how the Clintons acquired “donations” and how the executives of this foundation were paid extremely high wages for doing practically nothing; (2) Hillary Clinton knowingly distributed highly classified data to unauthorized personnel; (3) Hillary Clinton unlawfully sold very sensitive uranium deposits to Russia when she was the Secretary of State; (4) Hunter Biden using his father’s political influence to acquire a “job” from corrupt Ukrainians that paid $50,000 per month, plus many more high sums of money; (5) Joe Biden and his son Hunter accepting bribe money from the Chinese Chinese Communist Party in excess of millions of dollars; (6) the Democrat Party performing a dramatic fraud of the Federal Elections of 2020; and the numerous “citizens” who participated in illegal and unlawful sexual escapades with the late boyfriend of Ghisela Maxwell. Why isn’t the FBI dynasty investigating, and why isn’t the DOJ charging and indicting these people who are involved in the cases mention? The answer is simply: CORRUPTION! Our country is infested with corrupt, communist-inspired Democrats! VOTE THEM OUT!!!

      1. One thing to add to that is many of the Talking Heads at the Main Stream Media are CIA agents

      2. We are past with Socialism! We have now entered Communism!
        Read ” The Rise of the Third Reich” and learn History is
        Repeating itself with Soros & Associates leading the GANG of LOSERS, ABUSERS N LOSERS! The
        ELITE TRASH that stinks up OUR country!

        1. You are correct. So , we pray to our God Who made the Heavens and The Earth via The Rosary of The Blessef Virgin Mary.

        2. Hi Sarah, glad you see the truth. Spread it to as many ignorant folks as you can. God is unveiling the truth like no other time on our history, but many Americans can’t handle the truth. Still, we need to share it in hopes for saving America.
          Yet, the influence of evil is everywhere in high places of American Government, military, justices, media, academia, etc. I told my wife after Jan 21st – only God can save America, but will He? I think He will, but the Body of Christ needs to awaken from it’s puke-warm apathy and get involved in change. We need to pray, but prayer is not enough, we need to act and get involved in taking back our nation at local and state levels!
          Never give up, and spread the gospel of Christ first, then the truth of this MArxist takeover and stolen election.
          Those that can’t handle the truth and deny F Word election, then ask them, what evil would the democrats not do when they celebrate the murder of innocent babies? Also, point them to Molly Ball’s Time magazine article on the self-righteous thinking of why they stole the election. Yes, the Demoncats have a dmeigod attitude, and their sin is greatest pride just like Satans! Yet, there is no evil these Demoncats are not capable of committing just like Stalin, give them more power, and they will become increasingly more evil.

      3. The Apple doesnt fall far from the tree! Beijing Biden is the example the simpleton son follows! Hopefully the simpleton Son will guide his imbicle old con artist to the penitentiary basement for life!

        1. How sweet would that be?!
          2022 is too far off. IMPEACH all Democrats now, and lock them up!

        2. Yeah, this great evil (the Demoncat party and their ungodly supporters) gave America the greatest con job in the history of mankind. They’ve spent trillions to pay off all their cronies at the expense of our future and our children’s future, If they stay in power, our children will have no future except death and darkness for they will bring us destruction! Yes, this election was that important, and the evil RHINOcons would sacrifice their King to play with themselves! Play they have – a Republican con too!

          I pray Americans wake up and see the traitors in our midst! Come to Christ and spread the gospel of truth for America is lost to evil, and only God can save us now! The unknown is will He? I believe so if the body of Christ get’s itself right with Him and spread the gospel in America!

          1. Action too, we must get involved in local and state sphere’s of influence. Pray is meaningless without action folks! Even if you can’t get out because of health issues, you can work by making phone calls to elected representatives, and share the truth in the net and anywhere else.


        1. Yeah, it is a very sad thought to think. I’ve had similar thoughts, and Biden might lead us to many more. Yet, God is still working in America, and had Trump won as he should have, the truth of the spread of evil throughout all sphere’s of influence in America would not have come out.

          Now we know how deep the evil runs, and now we need to fight it with the truth, and more importantly, God!
          The body of Christ is to blame, me included for our apathy and our puke-warm attitude to serve Christ. Also, many who have consumed the ways of the Nicholateans which Christ disliked by compromising with sin and engaging in it. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So, the body of Christ needs to awaken and speak out against injustice and unrighteousness and share the gospel of truth with everyone we meet. We need to grow the Church and our prayers need to be in right standing with Christ for this nation. Then, maybe just then, will Christ make a way for America to be saved. Too many put their hope and faith in one man – Trump. Instead of Trump put your faith in God, and know that it is you and me and other Americans that are responsible to take back our nation. Get involved locally, stop supporting companies that are woke, pray they go broke instead. Influence the small sphere of people around you, and lets change America for God from the bottom up!

      5. No, they are ungodly Marxist influenced by Satan and at war with God! “Socialist” does not describe the level of evil these demonic people are capable of doing in the days and years ahead! Call them what they are – ungodly Marxists under demonic influences.

        Also, they stole this election because the majority of Americans are not Marxist Commie Bastards like them. Just like Hollywood, they want you to believe they are in the majority just like Hollywood to put gay scenes in every program they produce like eveyone in America is gay – only a small percentage. However, they learned from the Nazis that if you tell a lie long enough and often enough, it will be believed! Watch the movie, Hillary’s America to understand their demonic plans and tactics! Yes, demonic, she is a Jezebel spirit of the highest order – pure evil! If she remains unrepentant, let’s hope her demise will be similar to Jezebel in the Bible – eaten by the ravenous dogs! I do hope she repents and changes for her day of judgment is not too far off.

        All ignorant American supporters of the Biden crime family need to wake up if there is any good in them. Most Marxist supporters of Biden are likely beyond redemption since they are so lost in an ideology of Satan. Just riddle me this you ignorant supporters of Biden – what evil is not too great for those who celebrate in the murder of innocent babies?

        This illegitimate government is an abomination to God and all the sacrifices made by past Americans for keeping us free and under God. These Demoncats are under Satan, and tyranny is on their game plan for America. Wake up before your destruction comes!

    3. Matt Gaetz stood his ground and fought back like the “Fire brand” he is!! He is an honest man with more integrity than ALL OF THESE FAKE NEW LIARS COMBINED!! And he’s adorable too! I’m glad he fought back unlike so many Republicans today, he learned it from the Greatest , MY PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! You go Gaetz……………………

      1. Wake-up! She’s speaking the truth – not sarcasm.

        Sadly, blind LibTards can’t see truth because they’ve spewed lies all their political careers! Hopefully you haven’t drank their evil Koolaid?

        Trump is a fighter like none I’ve ever seen. Just about every human on this planet and probably you, or me too – very likely could not have taken the daily evil and rabid assaults from the lying left politicians in collusion with the Marxist media and Big Tech elites for 4 continuous years. He never lost it, nor got vindictive or vengeful towards them!

        Yet, the left is always vindictive when they don’t have the power, but now that idiots affirmed their fake election and gave them more power, they are showing their tyrants like demigod attitudes like all good CMBs (Commie Marxist Ba_tards), or GCBs (Good Commie Ba_tards) – pick your acronym for either is accurate of this group of evil men and women in DC!
        Americans need to come back God in Jesus Christ or our nation will be destroyed. 6 decades of apathy and silence by the body of Christ in America needs to change for only God can save America now. 2 Chronicles 7:14

        John 3:14-21
        14 Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, 15 that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.
        16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.
        19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. 21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

    4. Yes, they, the evil Demoncat party, projects their evil unto the righteous because they are guilty of ever sin in the Bible, and Biden is an close to Satan as most men can be. The Demoncats are the party of self-righteous who cast their fraudulent condemnation upon the innocent for their evil ways. Anne Freud describes it as the behavior of the guilty, and they are guilty of all sins known to man.

      How wicked are those that celebrates the murder of innocents, and indulge and promote sexual immorality at every level including marriage. They are ungodly, not progressive. They are evil tyrants and not liberal. Wake up Americans for 2020 was the biggest con job in the history of America and the world!

    1. After the 2022 Congressional Elections.
      Time to formally declare the Democratic Party – a Criminal Organization!
      Ban it from existence and confiscate any and all property under the Rico Act!

      Time to put it out of it’s own misery!

      1. I agree and not wait til 2022 do it now. Matt Gaetz is innocently.
        Who ever wanted money to clear is not how wrong is the that

      2. Matt Gaetz is a big voice for the Make America Great again movement and a true patriot. He spoke out against all the nonsense that the left is trying to shove down our throats. He’s a threat to the evil agenda of the far left. We all know that they will lie about anyone who gets in their way. I pray that his constituents see through their accusations. We need more people like Matt Gaetz in this country.

      3. When the Republicans take back the House in 2022, and presumably when Kevin McCarthy as new SOH, gets the gavel out of the hands of that “demonic-evil witch” San Fran Nan-Pelosi, he should-as that malcontent Rep. Al Green-of Tx did to POTUS DJT “17 “minutes after he took the oath of office, on the House floor called for Pres. Trump’s impeachment !! The Republicans need to straighten their spines and weed out the “Rhino’s” and learn fast that this is a “street fight for the survival of our beloved country “!! These radical Dem-Socialists and their ilk-ie” The Squad, The Major Media, Public Education and Liberal College Academia, Hollywood, Pro Sports & will do or say anything they will lie and manipulate and cheat and steal to reach/obtain their goals! They’re infesting every major-cultural institution including even our Military and its training centers and academies-with this PC-Woke bilge!! The new SOH if it is Rep. McCarthy should immediately bring counts of Impeachment against this imposter-liar and fraud-molester currently residing in the WH…I won’t demean the Office by mentioning his name,..he and this radical cabal he surrounds himself with and answers too, are beneath contempt, they are going to ruin-wreck this country-look what they’ve done in a mere 100 days!!

  1. Any one really believe that made up crap in the first place ? The timing of that made up story was fishy in the first place. The Dems. are running in panic so they start to make up story about people that are fighting against them.

    1. It’s all about timing.
      Anything from here on is about distraction from what the corrupt are doing.
      Justice is coming….

  2. I am very supportive of Matt Gaetz. He is uses his First Amendment rights as we all should. The sooner we all stand up against people who hate our country ( Democrats/rinos), the sooner we can protect our future generations. D.C. should be ashamed of themselves. Such greed will catch up too you and you will end up losing.

  3. I believe that the Democrats think if you throw enough garbage against a wall, some of it might just stick, maybe just enough to cast Doubt or Ruin someone’s reputation, especially if He or She is an outspoken Republican!

  4. Who are these women the media paying? Another democrats set up to try to remove a republican that is a strong Trump supporter. Like the MEDIA WON’T INVESTIGATE CUOMO? BIDEN? AND THE HOUSE DEMOCRAT WHO IS INVOLVED WITH A CHINESE SPY? Where the equity Joe the liar BIDEN claim he wants? Please! Media cut the lying out!

  5. There are no women. They make this crap up and amplify the lie everywhere doing the bidding of their liberal masters. Nothing the propaganda media says is true. We need to call them on everything.

  6. Same crap from the Democrats last week, same crap this week and same crap next week! Stay tuned for more crap!

  7. ?I cannot choose between 50. or 80.percent that demos lie. I am leaning toward 80. Someone out there tell me whiat you think

    1. Their are all lying they are Morales cowards they need thier asses kicked, in prison, they are worthless , narcissist, low lifers. The planet would be much better off without them, we need to start licking the damn criminals up.

  8. Rep Gatz needs to stand strong and continue the fight. Mega people doesn’t believe the media or the democrats

    1. Well said. A true Christian does not want to bear false witness against his/her neighbor. I’m afraid that if it’s God’s will; these liberals will have some ‘splaining to do when they meet St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Between heaven and Earth; people who choose evil usually get their comeuppance.

  9. What I have seen makes me respect and admire Mr. Gaetz even more.
    He has held his head up, shoulders back, and walks in honesty/integrity. As well he should. The DemonRats have spent a lot of time AND a lot of money trying to bring down an honest man and those DemonRats could not do it.
    Thank You, Jesus.

  10. Funny how hundreds of women and girls have bravely come forth to accuse high ranking Democrats yet absolutely nothing is done about it.

    But, absolutely nobody has come forth to accuse Gaetz but the Democrats, the Media and all the good little voters are still in full 24/7 witch hunt mode. Where was the big investigation into Bill Clinton and his sexual assaults of several different women and his multiple jet flights on the Lolita Express? Where was the Media feeding frenzy? Where were the pious Democrats in Congress with their harsh condemnations? Where was the big FBI investigation?

    The FBI? The FBI is now run and staffed by hard core COMMUNISTS. FBI now stands for Full Blown Intimidation. It is the KGB of the Democrat Party.

    The voters who support the Democrat Party are ignorant fools voting for their own destruction. But, then again, the Democrat Party who stole the election process, don’t need voters. They own the machines.

  11. If it’s a true slanderous story regarding a democrat it gets shoved under the rug if it’s a true positive story about a Republican it goes under the rug also. If it’s a false positive story about a democrat it gets bright lights and glamours reviews and if it’s a false slanderous story about a Republican it gets the same coverage. What to do ignore the news and watch cartoons it’s more productive.

  12. Yep, it would be like they were correct, which they are busy smearing that man who has done nothing wrong.

    Typical Left Wing Media

  13. Liberals will lie, cheat, connive against anyone who is a threat to them. Looks like many in the Republican party continue to be a threat to them. The deliberate biased, lies or false reporting is why rating on the liberal media has gone down. They think we can’t see right through their BS. They have gotten used to viewers & readers who choose to believe every lousy lie they print or report. There should be legislation where all media reporting lies about any person can be fined for slander and defamation of character. Big media, Big Pharma and all other corporations should only be able to contribute maximum of 3K to any campaign including sub companies. Media should not manipulate things for any particular candidate. Lobbying should have restrictions as well, no contributions of more than 3K. Fact checkers should be held legally responsible for putting out false information. They need to do their job and report real news and truths and not pander for ratings. They are supposed to be professional journalist not professional gossip columnist who disagree with reality. Trump has been accused of being a fascist type when in reality he was & continues to be pro our country,. Those in the present administration get up every day to see what freedom they can take away from us or tax us until we have to sell every thing we have worked for and some. Fascist dictators, Marxist, Socialist, anarchist nothing good and for some reason some people seem to think that’s ok? Go figure. The day is coming when the light will turn on and they will wonder what happened? Stupid is what happened!

  14. At this point even if someone did come forward most americans would conclude she/ they were paid by the democrats. The left no longer has any credibility with the real patriots.

  15. Media and politicians are the most corrupt sources of information and use their control over people to produce an outcome favorable to their desire.

  16. When the press resorts to such tactics, it is time to make them prove their claims with evidence or face legal liable action with very high dollar levels at steak! They openly claim guilt first before any facts are cited. There is a big difference between a free press and a corrupt press and our founders never intended our justice department to conflate the two!

  17. They’ve done this so many times it’s getting silly except so much of the Commie Press goes with it. Follow the money, if there are actual women, they probably aren’t victims as a guess. Gaetz is the victim. They supposedly came to his place on a regular basis? Every night? Hmmmm, key word to me is they came to his place. He wasn’t creeping around a High School or something seedy like that IF he was doing anything at all. He’s young powerful, well known, handsome & ready for action perhaps. Who wasn’t at his age? Is Gloria Allred in on this one too? If so, you know it’s all a lie. As said, they are paid well to say these things. Follow their money like in all Commie Dem tactics, like BLM/ANTIFA they are all paid to do what they do………it works for them sometimes & then, “poof”, all the victims disappear magically after their dirty deed is done. Happened here in Alabama to Roy Moore. He wasn’t nationally as well liked as Gaetz but in the end, it all looked like bull crap & if you could say anything about Judge Moore, he dated younger girls with the parents permission when he was still relatively young himself……he barely lost as it was to a sorry Democrat who embarassed our fine State. Well, I say it’s paid for bullcrap & Gaetz will hopefully stand up to it.

  18. I call them the DemonicRat Party for a reason! We have some real gems in the Republican Party as well, RINOs!

    Always remember that the Rich Control the Government, Media, and the Law (FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ)!

  19. Matt take all them to court for defamation of your character. The media needs to be taken down. They the Democrats are as bad. Well they are being lead by the Devil. We will take them down.

  20. The reason why I knew this was BULLSHIT is I’ve seen pics of his fiance the man would be a total idiot to want to fuck around on that beautiful woman!

  21. Zuckerberg New York Times weapon needs to be shut down. Same with fake communist media, gay Meadow is such an ugly liar, coming back with Russia collusion, These people are insane with hate, they should all return to hell, satanic cult.

  22. Always with the false narratives,’cause they got nothin’ else. They think we have criminal minds,like they do. Are they ever going to learn we have a different brand of thinking? No they aren’t. It’s why they can’t debate us. Besides facts are meaningless to them.

  23. First thing, America’s justice system is a joke. The Department of Justice and especially the FBI are as corrupt as the Russian Politburo and the KGB. I would be ashamed to mention that I worked for the Department of Justice or the FBI. Once, these institutions were the gold standard, now, they’re the tin standard, but I’m not disparaging tin.
    And the mainstream media? Let’s see, there’s snakes, rats, cockroaches and then the mainstream media. Hmm, can’t think of anything lower than that. Oh, Oh, Oh, I forgot then there’s democrats. Are you listening Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi?

  24. Matt is a younger Republican and the media hate him. He was telling the truth about what was happening to his family. I never thought he was guilty to begin with.
    God bless, Matt and his parents, stay strong and this will all end.

  25. This is what the corrupt media and corrupt law enforcement and and corrupt democrats do when they don’t like certain viewpoints that go against their socialist anti American views. Gaetz is a true patriotic American conservative therefore they will do anything they can to shut him up. These people doing this are sorry low life. People are on to them crying wolf all the time.

  26. The media should be held accountable for telling lies. Ever time you hear them claiming an anonymous source said this or said that you should realize and understand that no one said anything the media just made it up. That’s what they did the entire time Trump was in office. The media should have to prove what they are reporting or not report it at all.

  27. Yes this is all true follow the money who’s paying these groups ! The Democratic Party needs to be stopped before we lose our country look at our border they cheated to get sleepy dumb puppet joe in office and all the prof was there but our weak Supreme Court would not even look at it ! They are letting mob rule and look at this mess!! Take back control republicans get tougher!!

  28. The crazy leftist democrats will do anything to discredit a Republican, since they are paranoid and scared of the right!
    Republicans will win the house in 2022! Say goodbye to Pelosie and the squad! Hopefully we will see impeachment against Biden and Harris! Then get Pelosie out of office. Members of Congress and Senate should only be allowed two terms! That would eliminate the deadwood.

  29. This is all so very stupid. they NEED to start doing their jobs & earning the money WE pay them. the dem’s STILL have ‘whatshisname’ Svalwell, He hasn’t resigned with all the other dem’s that just keep making ‘noise’ AND they actually have ‘live’ females discussing [accusing] them…..

  30. I believed Congressman Matt Gaetz From the start. I wish he was in my district but he is from Florida and I am proud of him.

    1. You are proud he took a child whom he called “vintage99” with the explicit purpose of sodomize her across state lines and international boundaries, just think had “vintage99” been your child I am sure that would’ve been ok with you because you are proud of him

  31. Yes like the Ford woman against Kavanaugh, she knew he raped her, however, she couldn’t remember when, where, or who was there and the media, the politicians all ran with it. Besides the damage done to another human being, what do these women or men for that matter get out of destroying another person or send them to jail. And why aren’t these women and men given the same sentence they tried to make the other serve. Many men in prison from lies and a prosecutor who doesnt give a damn except to put another notch on their resume.

    1. How about “one term, twice impeached” Don, he sexually abused 26 women 3 more than convicted fat porn star Ron Jeremy who still is second to none other than Don with 23

  32. Is not so the number but his “vintage99” an underage child that “pedo” Matt took across state lines and international boundaries with the purpose of sodomize her

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