Hero: Arizona Attorney General Drops the Hammer on Maricopa County

The absolute leadership vacuum in our country right now makes what happened in November of 2020 even more painful. From the botched Afghanistan withdrawal to China’s sudden resurgence on the world stage to the tax increases, it’s all bad news for the American people.

Just this past week, an Obama-appointed judge in Alaska killed a major ConocoPhillips oil permit, further reducing the nation’s petroleum supplies by an additional 160,000 barrels of oil a day; get ready for even higher gas prices under phony Joe Biden.

But we do have room for hope. In Arizona, a new hero has emerged in the fight to overturn the results of last November: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

AG Brnovich has issued a ruling to the Maricopa County Board of Elections: Either comply with the state senate’s election audit subpoenas, or Maricopa County will lose ALL state taxpayer funding. Whoa!

Just to recap how we got here; the auditors revealed some preliminary findings from their examination of the 2020 election in a senate hearing. Those preliminary results did not go well for the Democrats, the mainstream media and the RINOs who claim that the 2020 election was totally above-board, fair and secure.


The auditors released the fact that there were 11,326 people who voted on Election Day in Arizona who were not registered to vote. (Biden’s fake “victory” margin was 10,457 votes.) Sometime after Election Day, Soros-funded Arizona Secretary of State Katy Hobbs’ office went back and retroactively registered those 11,326 people to vote. Sorry, Katy, but you should know that elections don’t work that way.

Auditors found approximately 74,000 votes that appeared out of nowhere. The Postal Service never mailed those ballots out to voters. Yet somehow, those 74,000 votes showed up and were counted on Election Day and ended up contributing to the official certified total of votes. 74,000!

And finally, they revealed that about 168,000 ballots had been printed on the incorrect paper stock. When voters in red neighborhoods showed up to vote on Election Day, they were given Sharpie markers instead of fountain pens. The Sharpie ink “bled through” the incorrect, non-sanctioned paper that the ballots were printed on, causing those ballots to be sent into “adjudication” when being counted. Many votes for Donald Trump were likely discarded or counted as “over-votes” and tossed out like this. More than 11% of the ballots in Maricopa County were adjudicated in the 2020 election, compared to 2% of ballots in a normal election (a 550% increase).

Reporters in the back of the senate gallery during that hearing were audibly groaning as these results were announced. Some had to dash out of the room for an emergency panic diarrhea session. One put his head in hands and looked like he was about to cry, because the truth was being exposed to the whole world: Donald Trump won Arizona by a lot. The election was a rigged contest, and there was no amount of “spin” that he would be able to put into his articles to make it look otherwise. The Democrats cheated in 2020 and Donald Trump was the rightful winner.

It seems like that hearing was ages ago. In the meantime, the finalized report has been delayed because the team of auditors has contracted COVID and is reportedly “quite sick.” The report was expected a couple of weeks ago, but we’re still waiting.

Now there’s a new wrinkle. The final report was not going to include a section involving the Dominion Voting Systems election routers and other materials, because the Maricopa County election board has refused to comply with lawful subpoenas to turn those items over. They’ve been in defiance of those subpoenas since about February of this year.

But Arizona AG Mark Brnovich just dropped the hammer on them. He sent the board of elections a letter notifying them that they either comply with the lawful subpoena within 30 days or lose $700 million in state funds. That’s a major line in the sand, folks. It also means we might not be seeing the final audit report for at least another month.

What do you think will happen next? That $700 million accounts for salaries of a bunch of Maricopa County employees, sheriff’s deputies and others. I assume a lot of it goes for fixing potholes and other stuff, too. Are the Democrats running the Maricopa County government willing to go without pay for a year to support a lie? Or will we finally get a full accounting of that county’s shady election?

Either way, AG Brnovich has emerged as a new hero in the fight for fair and transparent elections. Good for him!

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45 thoughts on “Hero: Arizona Attorney General Drops the Hammer on Maricopa County”

    1. 30 DAYS TO COMPLY!…

      1. You beat me to it! Failure to comply with a lawful subpoena should result in arrest and jail time. Nothing less. Withhold the money also, but putting them in jail with cause them to rethink their resistance much faster!

      2. This ‘election’ is such a farce ! No one will stand ‘n say “Now!” It’s always ‘next election-next year- next month – on my birthday -Etc – This FAKE election is over ‘n America lost! Trump was , is our only hope ‘n time for ‘we,the people’ to get the truth out is gone – ‘n the Deep State wins again! ‘n The People lose ‘n they sit around with a “woe is me” – – America wasn’t built by the likes of ‘we’,,, is it too late to say ‘God bless America?’

    2. But, who suffers, the board of elections or the taxpayers of Maricopa County? Why aren’t those in direct violation of the subpoenas being arrested and placed behind bars? I thought subpoenas were lawful court orders and ignoring subpoenas was a direct violation of a court order making the individuals subject to immediate arrest.

    3. for Sure ! too bad the Main problem is the Rich Corporations and Billionaires like Soros are allowed to Buy Elections!! Our legal system is the problem also – Leftist “judges” shouldn’t exist.
      Leftist Swamp Bureaucrats also appear above the LAW along with most of congress. Our country is Corrupted by $$$- and lawyers are a big part of the problem – justice for those with $$- the rest get our Rights taken away!!

    4. Knowing our court system, I am afraid the Democrats will find a way to turn this around and get that
      $700 million re-instated. Remember, our court system is generally owned by the very corrupt Democrat Party.

    5. They still won’t turn them over, election fraud is part of the new Normal. They can’t turn over the evidence because it would expose the whole countries fraudulent election. The Money is for the people they don’t care, Soros will replace their “Cut”.

  1. in how many other states do you suppose the same thing or something similar is likely to have happened.
    do you think at the end of the day the electorate in the united states is going to know that the 2020 election was a total fraud. So—what happens to the fake president joe biden and the fake vice president kamala harris. If everything was done honestly they would delete the 2020 election altogether and hold the election all over again. But— the democratic socialist/marxists, big tech, hollywood, and the teachers unions, etc. would puke if that were allowed to happen. After all, they would be found out to have CHEATED in 2020.
    What else can we do–we know that we currently have an illegal governement and that includes the woke generals, attorney general and on and on. What can we, the voting public do about this terrible fake situation. How can we be sure that some honesty returned to the united states

    1. I would bet my bottom dollar it happened in Pennsylvania because they’re fighting tooth and nail to prevent a forensic audit here!!

    2. First impeach Biden. Then Newsom can have him for His election hopes. Good bye to both, then we will throw out Kamala toe for all her great work at the southern border. Nancy and Chuck can go live in China!! Then we can become United again.

      1. All this is nonsense. The coupdetat was done by CIA and Pentagon top brass in partnership with drug mafia. Only idiots and multigenders Americans gone totally insane don’t understand it. Just think if you still ca, what could American army do for 20 years in Afghanistan? This country is the greatest supplier of drugs in the world! Why all these fields of poppies were not systematically burned? Within 20 years one can burn every plant all over the world. Correct?
        Taliban had been created by America to wrench Afghanistan fro former USSR.
        America won and then Taliban rebelled. America suppressed rebellion in 6 months. And what about the next 20 years?

  2. Hopefully this doesn’t turn out like the Durham report. Headlines proclaimed this devastating report would be released in June of 2020. Now after 2 years the word is a few fake tipsters are being looked at and like the Muller report white washed baloney.

  3. Hey people it’s all a big smoke screen. The election is over. Nasty Nancy Pelosi has already said that EVEN WHEN YOU FIND OUT THAT THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED AGAINST DONALD TRUMP THERE IS NOT NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO TO CHANGE ANYTHING. So why the scam investigation AG????. It’s not gonna change ANYTHING .

    1. The US Supreme Court was founded to hear cases of Election fraud in presidential elections! The fact that they refused to hear Trumps cases is appalling! They said that they did not think that there was enough fraud to sway the election, Trump and we the people knew they were incorrect! They should have heard the case and thrown out the fake results of the election! They can unseat Joe Biden at any point if they find fraud no matter what Nancy Pelosi said! Demo RATS are very well known liars!

  4. Time to make democrats pay for there lies and impeach Biden and Harris and the real criminal Pelosi and Schumer and lock them up in prison

  5. Anyplace where election reviews are opposed has something to hide. Logic and common sense dictates that to be true. Think about it, if nothing was amiss then an audit would be welcome and the results would bolster their position. Also, any judge refusing, dismissing, or otherwise against looking for evidence of cheating is either complicit, or being threatened. All the signs point to fraud and illegal vote manipulation in the 2020 election. The truth will prevail however, the question is will the guilty pay?

  6. Here We Go – AG Mark Brnovich knows how to deal with these CHEATERS who rigged the system in favor of one demented person in the White House. Taking money away from these CHEATERS is the best way to get their attention because I don’t believe the PEOPLE represented by them will stand for a loss of $700 M in State Funds. They all need JAIL TIME for not complying with subpoenas — any person who did not comply would have already been taken to jail. Even if I have to wait a bit longer, I will be rejoicing when I see them all being punished.

  7. Democrats can’t win nothing by American votes so they steal look at the mess we are in right now !!!! Mysterious viruses low in food gas prices rising everything you need to eat or get by on is double in price if not tripled look at all the death’s in our loved ones old first now young ones but this is what we voted for ? Please give me a break this is the house game they dealt with winning hand came from the horses mouth herself house always win !!!!!

  8. I’m STILL waiting for that two-faced phony mob of sell-outs calling itself the Republican Party to get fully involved in all of this. So far all they have done is side with DemoCommies in seeing that these recounts are blocked or hindered in some way.

    Remember! The GOP RUSHED TO CERTIFY THE ELECTION results calling it fair and honest and smearing anyone who said otherwise.

    Still think the GOP is on YOUR side? They aren’t, and haven’t been for a long time now! ObamaCare anyone? They had 4 years of power to fix a lot of things but did absolutely NOTHING about the Dep’t of Indoctrination ruling our schools or election fraud. NOTHING.

    And, by the way, neither did Trump!

  9. The destruction of our current government is . The democommies have pushed Smericans into a corner and they will all retaliate with real power of America!

  10. The entire world knows the 2020 election was rigged. The democRATs, republicRATs, supreme RATs, and the news RAT media know it. But, nothing will be done about it. They have POWER. We have nothing.

    1. I respect the judge, he is one of a kind. Nevertheless, the Democrat thieves arm is long enough to reach him. I would not be surprised if he caves in or die of a sudden heat attack and his replacement will stop the election audit in its tracks.
      Let’s hope that the outfit is completed and the truth is coming our. The question is WHOSE TRUTH?
      The thieves will never accept the truth, we know that. The Supreme Court does not want to here about this truth. They are not stupid, they all know that the election was stolen and decided to have nothing to do with it.
      The truth about this situation is simple. The electoral votes should have not been certified, they should have not take the power and the soldiers who died in Afghanistan and so many other innocent afgany would have been alive today.
      The politicians are to be blamed for this, the democrats blamed for stealing the votes and the Republicans for letting that happen. No wander why Mr. Trump was so disappointed when the VP acknowledged the electoral votes. If he would have not , most likley none of these things would have happen
      Mr. Trump was right in everything he said. Now that his words are coming to pass the Democrat thieves hate him even more

    2. Chris, you are so correct. This must change if we want to keep our Republic. Otherwise, we will become just another Third World Country.

    3. Chris,

      We the people do have the power if we are willing to fight for it. It is a difficult task and will take time. A Constitutional Convention in each state which is called by the people who select the delegates to the Convention not the politicians. The Convention should address two issues, Term Limits and Campaign Finance Reform. Term Limits so our elected officials can concentrate on conducting the people’s business without worrying about their next election. (Much more…) Campaign Finance Reform where we the people fund the Campaigns. With no other funding permitted. i.e. our votes will not be bought. It requires 37 states in Convention to pass each law for it to be a Constitutional Amendment.

  11. Will you stop saying that the Patriots are trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election. That is NOT what they are trying to do. They are trying to show that the posted “results” are not real. That is not the real result of the election.

  12. ALL the STATES and COUNTIES that REFUSE an AUDIT should DEFAULT and LOSE their VOTES. JUST as a TEAM or Contestant who does not SHOW UP FOR an EVENT LOSSES BY DEFAULT PERIOD.

  13. Let me see, the NWO has the White House as long as Maricopa keeps its mouth shut. I think the NWO can afford to pay the meager balance the county loses and consider it a bargain. The NWO is getting away with stealing the White House because people aren’t really trying, they give the impression of opposition but they’re throwing powder puff punches. It’s pathetic.

  14. It seems to me that while the Dominion Voting Systems data would be nice and the icing on the cake, the proven voter fraud that occurred in the 2020 Presidential election is already enough to overturn the Arizona Election and shift the electoral votes for Arizona from Creepy Joe to Donald Trump. The main reason to go after the Dominion data is to prove that the company cheated in favor of the illegitimate person currently occupying the White House. By doing so, it calls into question all of the other state’s elections (28, I think) that used the same voting system. The one test I heard of was for one DVS machine where they put in 100 ballots through for both Trump and Biden and the machine returned a 26% victory for Biden, having shaved 13 votes from Trump and added those to Creepy Joe. Any state that used the DVS should be counted as a victory for Trump with a commensurate shift in the electoral votes. Oh and the DVS higher ups going to jail for vote tampering.

  15. The dumb asses who perpetrated this crime need to pay and pay BIG. This secretary of state needs to be prosecuted and sent to prison. If she not then the people of Arizona need to DEAL with her.

  16. As per the usual nothing is going to become of this AZ inquiry or any other such findings. Pols all have get out of jail free cards at their disposal. A lot of hot air and no one will be charged, tried, convicted or jailed. This is the new coming of age “Banana Republic of the Americas”. Seems to me that no would complain of any such audits unless there was foul play to be found and parties to be exposed. Rules for Radicals clearly outlines that to win one must lie, cheat, steal, obfuscate, deny, refuse to co-operate and obstruct any challenge, just as the Maricopa County officials are doing. Welcome to the world of evil. Better buckle up as it going to be a rough ride folks.

  17. Correct. That is why the very left-wing people in our country are leading with the big lie that any restriction on Democrats cheating to vote is voter restriction. When you have the media on your side this argument is easy to win. They fail to look at what happened in the 2020 presidential election when the rules were illegally changed that allowed them to flood the country with ballots. Democrats do not like it when they are found out. Every future election must audited to ensure only registered voters get to vote. We do not need any illegals voting in our elections.

    1. All the comments I read confirm my view that Americans are overwhelmingly insane. It is demorars or rhinos rule. Neither WH, nor Congress. It is the CIA and top brass Pentagon that rule together with drug mafia. Is it so hard to understand? There will be elections either in 2022 , nor in 2024. In 2022 CIA and Pentagon will declare martial law, of course in the name of senile man, alive or dead, and the Republican Southern States will cede. What will be after that no way to know.

  18. Chris, you are so correct. This must change if we want to keep our Republic. Otherwise, we will become just another Third World Country.

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