How Green New Deal Radicals Infiltrated Every State Years Ago

Back in the early 2000s, an eco-warrior activist published an op-ed in a local newspaper declaring that I should have my children taken away from me. Not because I was a particularly bad parent; I can whip up a batch of mac-n-cheese with hot dogs with the best of ‘em! He argued that I should have my kids taken away and raised by the government because I was a “climate denier” and I wasn’t afraid to say so publicly. One can’t help but be reminded of just how nasty and evil these weird weather cultists are when looking at the images out of Texas this week.

These people are awful, and you should understand that if everyone froze to death in Texas today, that would be a totally acceptable outcome for them. How did we end up with Texas being plunged into darkness and powerless like some Third World hellhole?

The first mistake happened at about 1 a.m. Monday morning. Temperatures plummeted Sunday evening in Texas, so everyone in Texas did what normal people in a First World country do – they turned up the heat in their homes so they wouldn’t freeze to death. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which runs the power grid, didn’t think ahead that it could get cold in the wintertime and didn’t recognize that power loads were suddenly skyrocketing. If they had realized it was cold outside, they could have arranged for more power generation to prepare for it.

As a result, Texas nearly lost 85% of its power grid on Monday morning. Thanks to not having enough generation from reliable sources of energy, a bunch of natural gas and coal-powered plants were knocked offline when the grid was tripped. Oops.

And then it got so cold outside that the insane wind farms (the other short-term stupid mistake) that now provide 25% of Texas’ electricity all froze. Americans who still had power in other states were then treated to some surreal images on TV: Helicopters powered by fossil fuels were dumping loads of fossil fuel-derived chemicals to try to de-ice wind turbines, which are not ironically created from fossil fuels as well. We probably won’t know how many Texans died from freezing to death or from carbon monoxide poisoning until next week.


The long-term stupid mistake that most states made happened years ago, when they first allowed the “green energy” camel to stick its nose in the tent. How did they accomplish this when no one was looking? The old-fashioned way: Bribery.

Wealthy industrial scions like the Rockefeller Foundation went around to every state in the union in the early 2000s and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Here’s the offer they made:

“We (the Rockefeller Foundation, Al Gore’s non-profit organization, or choose any other wealthy globalist scheming group) will pay all the expenses for your state to hold a series of “blue-ribbon” climate panels. Just imagine! A series of meetings, hosted and paid for by us! We will even provide the moderators for these panels, and you can occupy a bunch of bureaucratic seat-warmers and keep them busy for weeks in these meetings – and it won’t cost the taxpayers of your state anything! The only catch is that these blue-ribbon panels will only discuss solutions to the climate ‘crisis,’ and any real science or skepticism about global warming cannot be discussed. Again: Free meetings – paid for by us!”

Between about 2001 and 2006, every governor in every US state – Republicans and Democrats alike – took the money from wealthy environmentalist groups for the “free” bureaucratic climate change meetings. It didn’t cost anything to the taxpayers, so where was the harm in it?

You’re seeing the harm right now in 2021, as people freeze to death in one of America’s most energy-rich states. Those “free” climate panels came up with “solutions” such as massive subsidies to build unreliable wind and solar panel grids (which are usually manufactured in China). If you want to build a new natural gas plant in Texas today, you get no financial help from the government at all. If you want to build windmills or solar panels (which don’t function when it’s cold, dark, dusty or cloudy) you get a sweetheart deal in terms of subsidies, tax breaks and other regulatory advantages.

Someone already observed that more people died the first night of the blackouts in Texas than died in the Capitol protests on January 6th. But don’t worry: The Green New Deal psychopaths are just getting warmed up, now that the Biden regime is running the show and crippling America’s reliable natural gas power through executive orders.

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70 thoughts on “How Green New Deal Radicals Infiltrated Every State Years Ago”

    1. Can’t they be stopped? Trump was impeached for a lot less! These bandits are inviting China in because they helped them cheat and steal the election!

      1. Trump was impeached for nothing. The bad guys planted their bombs well before 1/6/21, and the party started before Trump dismissed his troops. The disaster was planned, not by Trump supporters, but probably the likes of Antifa and BLM. It may never be known what support may have come from those paid to keep us safe.

      1. Plain and Simple, the Democrat Party is the Enemy of U.S.! In a matter of hours, Biden the Usurper ended the “Good for America” Orders that the Real American President enacted!

        Let’s see, Biden and the Rats;
        Immigration, allow the Dregs of other Societies to infest Our County.
        Kill the Oil and Gas Industry making U.S. Energy dependent AGAIN and destroying high paying Energy jobs.
        Destroy our Educational System via the Teachers Union.
        Destroy Small Businesses by keeping them closed and raising the minimum wage.
        Denigrating Our Military and supporting a Terrorist Country, Iran.
        Keeping Churches closed and attacking Religion.
        Attacking the 1st. And 2nd, Amendments. Free Speech and Self Defense.
        Destroy the Family by making people dependent on the government.
        Morally bankrupting the Country.
        AND MORE!

        Do we really want or need the Democrat Party? I THINK NOT!

        They are the Party

        1. The Democrat Party is a Machine programed to destroy The USA. They have brainwashed half of the nation because people are stupid just like sheep.

        2. Great list!! I have an item to add: Milking the Covid-19 pandemic for all it’s worth as a wide-sweeping tool to destroy small businesses, stop education and see just how car they can go with lockdowns in limiting our freedom.

        3. China Joe had the orders done in a few hours because they had been prepared for him by Bill Barr, according to information in these pages. And he probably did it on company time (while ‘working’ for Trump). We should check his time card and dock him for the treachery. Maybe Joe will do it for us, or Nancy.

      2. You are so right! The Democratic party is NOT what it used to be, it is way worse. All they ever do is lie. It is all about them and what big business will do for them. they don’t care about anyone they represent.

      3. Wish that were possible, but the Dem’s will cheat, lie & steal any way they can to keep their puppet in there! Our country will never make it another two years in the hope that Republicans can retake the House & Senate! Not with butt kissing cowards in there like McConnel & Romney! I’m literally sick over what is going to happen to this amazing country!

  1. Congratulations snowflakes, you can freeze to death just like everyone else. Disasters don’t care what political view you have, there is plenty of suffering for all to share, how’s that for unity?

    1. And aoc is sitting behind her big desk ordering a latte in her designer dress counting her big paycheck all that we supplied to her for helping run our country.

    2. The only one that can help right now is God. More people have to realize that both sides will not help. They are to busy with politics and their pocket books. More people have to wake up and pray harder and make enough noise to bring these murderers to justice. God and President Trump and those that stand behind him can help get rid of these people that only think of themselves and not the people. They are just plain murderers. God, please help us to be rid of these people that want to do us harm and ruin what you have given us. Please help us find a way out before these next 4 yrs go on. Protect u against them.

      1. Amen to that , more people need to take God more seriously and get down on there knees. God is are only hope against Satin and his Whitehouse demons .


  2. You can also blame the liberals in Austin & especially the Univ. of Texas for brainwashing the students & the futures engineers, etc on all that crap of; “Green”, I saw everyday those turbine parts & blades from outside the U. S. A. on the freeways as I aid was afforded our gas & oil plants???
    Don’t worry the liberals will come up with stories of why there were deaths & the turbines froze up!!

    1. They will blame it on Trump……………..of course……….dems never do anything wrong……….wonder how many years they will continue to ‘blame Trump’?
      I would give anything to have Trump in office………..

  3. You can’t fix stupid. Nor can you fix greed!
    Unless you use a bullet!
    So get your guns and magazines loaded , you’ll need them soon!
    Because they’re coming for them!


      1. Pat,
        Try taking up a “new” hobby …RELOADING. For years since slick willy, and FRAUD obama slithered into our Oval office, I have been stocking up on components, and have not bought a “factory loaded” round in YEARS. Saw it coming, and started “collecting”. Collected brass.. (even calibers I did not have) I use for “bartering” for things i am out of (or need) . Most shooters at the ranges do not reload, and there are buckets of spent brass that can be reloaded,

      1. Dolores,
        Hi. Climate change isnt a hoax. The worlds climate has been changing since the world was formed and will continue to do so.

        What IS the hoax, are the disasterous results they keep predicting (that never come true). They keep saying that in ten years the seas will rise so much that cities will be underwater and temps will rise so much that drought and mass starvation from failed crops will overtake the earth.
        They have actually “predicted” these apocalyptic things over and over for the last fifty years and each time the ten year deadline comes… None of it comes to pass… So they start all over with a new prediction.
        But rest assured, the climate IS changing, always. It just happens a LOT more slowly than they predict.
        Did u know that the seas rise less than an inch or year? Did you know that “IF” the ice caps DO melt, the sea level will actually DROP because “ice” displaces MORE WATER than water does (that’s what makes it float!!?? Try it in a glass of water with ice cubes in it! The water level will DROP when the ice has melted!!).

        We NEED to be good stewards of this planet and LIMIT our impact for sure! But not by overreacting and lying about changes taking place and then taking measures that are not actually necessary, ending up creating more harm than good.

        Last little known secret!? Man can NOT control or change the climate. The forces that CAUSE the climate in the first place are FAR LARGER than only the impact of man.

        To be SURE, we are a PART of all that influences climate change! But not the most SIGNIFICANT PART.
        Nerver-the-less, as I said before…
        We NEED to ALWAYS try to limit our ACTUAL negative impact (not some made up catastrophy designed to evoke fear and cause us to run to the embrace of a one-world, totalitarian government sought after by super-rich, people who want more power over everyone so they can become even MORE wealthy).
        We CAN make a difference… remember the ecology movement? I do! It cleaned up the Great Lakes and stopped horrible air pollution that WAS REAL!!
        THOSE are the kinds of differences we CAN make… KEEP things pristine and clean while God controls the worlds climate…
        Lets band together to stop CHINA’S GROSS AIR AND WATER POLLUTION!!?? How about that?! Meanwhile here in America we can work on making incremental improvements while PROTECTING what we have without becoming over zealous.
        Not an easy task… But doable never the less…

        1. Back in the 50s when I was a young boy I remember how cold it was in the winter, and it wasn’t hot during the summer. Then as I grew older and became an adult it was very uncomfortable in the summer but not extremely cold in the winter. Then during the time Al Gore was in the news all of a sudden news flash the earth was warming alarmingly. I wish I had thought to save the article in the newspaper ( yes back then you could count on the media for the truth) an older scientist was quoted as saying the earth goes through a 100 year heating/cooling cycle. For approximately 50 years it gradually heats up and then the next 50 years it starts cooling off. If these millennials were to check records beyond 20 years ago they could see the trend. This information can be confirmed by talking with you grandparents and great grandparents, this is all a political scam designed to control the world population through fear. This the same as the covid19 scam, covid19 doesn’t kill as many as the common flu every winter but the country is in panic over it. We’re not required to wear masks every winter when the flu is running wild. Think about it people.!

        2. Grow up! Demo/Reps are all to blame. Greed is the problem. Start working together, or give it up. You people who live in warm climates
          Get ready. This is the tip of the iceberg!

  4. And now we have the result of bone-heading energy policies that are based on flawed climate science. Both solar and wind must be subsidized (meaning costing more) to be close to competitive. Are unreliable as we are seeing now. Turbines freeze and Solar panels covered in snow or when the sky is dark produce no energy. Just 2 of the latest Nuclear plants (Like they build all over Europe) would supply 80% of Texas energy needs with no pollution. But we have the wackos in charge. Natural gas isn’t a polluter yet its treated like it was coal. Where is the reasonable balance of energy sources that makes sense?

  5. In less than 2 months THANKS TO LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, BRUTT FORCE, MURDER, CORRUPTION, control FROM COMMUNIST COUNTRIES, SOCIALIST BULL CRAP, PEOPLE LIKE GEORGE SOREASS, NANCY PELOSI, AND ONE HELL OF A LOT OF MIS-INFORMED POOR SAPS THAT THINK THEY ARE AMERICANS, we are lost. Plastic money, Government controlled bank accounts, having to depend on the world for fuel to heat, produce electric power the U,S of A. has just been SCREWED, BLUED AND TATOOED MURDERED The time of political freedom has just been smashed. FUZZY NUTS after living through the most ILLEGAL, DISHONEST ELECTION IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY has sold each and everyone of us to CHINA. NOW I give the democrats a challenge. FACE TO FACE, NO B.S. ANSWERS BEFORE GOD AND COUNTRY PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG. I PROUDLY QUOTE VERY FAMOUS AMERICANS ” GIME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH. and I REGRET THAT I HAVE ONLY ONE LIFE TO GIVE FOR MY COUNTRY”.. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL HE REAL CITIZENS I remain, Capt Jack Wilson aka. DULL KNIFE ( a famous Cheyenne Indian chief a man who fought for his country of past years )

    1. I agree with everything you have said. This is what you get from liberals. I’m 100% sure they all don’t use windmills and solar panels.
      They are warm living in their million dollar homes and really could care about the American people. It’s time we all get together and take back our country. Impeach them all for the deaths and destruction they are causing. Not one of them really have even tried to help. In 49 days Biden has torn our country down and by 100 days we will no longer be the USA.

      1. I agree wake up America before it’s too late our country is being dismantled and torn apart right in front of our very eyes as to the political corruption ,power ,greed and hypocrisy is happening very quickly to accomplish their agenda, we the people of the United States of America need to take our country back whatever it takes to do from within and make our country great again

    2. I say, give to the democrats what the democrats want to give to us (the American People) and I bet things would change A LOT! They couldn’t live on a salary most American People live on because they couldn’t buy all those expensive things they want……yep a want not a need……while the American People are in need of just the basics to survive. We should fight back…..not a literal fight but a fight back for democracy before our country goes further down the trench hole to hell.

    3. WELL SAID!
      Thank you… now if we could only get more folks to see it for what it was…& more importantly ( reverse ) the situation… as Biden & his ilk should all be behind bars (maybe AG Barr too!?)

  6. It is too bad that we have to learn things the hard way–and then we let power and greed get in there and we don’t care what happens just so we are comfortable. So many–it was proven when Bieden became our president, want to be taken care of by someone else. It’s not just the young people either. We deserve what we get. Too bad that we keep our mouth shut–now we will see that president Trump, who didn’t always keep his tongue in check, was a good president. I really believe that he wanted America to remain free. All of our enemies are salivating!

  7. Back in the late 1950 thru 1975 my brother and I had to light smudge pots in the apple orchard in the spring so the apple blooms wouldn’t freeze. If the apple
    blossoms froze no apples. Oil was in this pots we would light them with drip torch. the black smoke would make the air warm. The valley was filled with black smoke, the sun was orange. We lit the pots about 5 am and by 10am the black smoke was gone. Where did it go? Gone and never came back. I don’t know why people cant question opinions and seek the truth.

  8. Are you listening I am talking to the NEW Deal nuts Shut the pipe line down stop the drilling let all the BORDER JUMPERS in give them SS who cares if SS goes broke. The cellar boy will ruin us real fast.

  9. Texas should be the example of how a green energy agenda fails the consumer.
    With wind turbines freezing up and companies unable to boost power to the grid, this should be a lesson to those advocates pushing a green energy platform. In situations like what happened in Texas, it should be a wake up call proving that this type of energy has some strong negative results.
    Let’s just ship people like AOC, Bernie and Al Gore to Texas, put them up in a hotel with no heat and burst pipes, and let them figure out for themselves how to keep warm.

  10. We truly need a revival in this country. God’s word says in 2nd Chronicles7:14. If my people, which are called by my name , shall humble themselves, and PRAY, and seek my face,and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.AMEN!! Our leaders r now our enemies. We must pray for them too! GOD’S got this! Praying for my President Donald Trump too. May God bless America once again?

  11. I worked for E.I. Dupont until retirement. We had coal, diesel fuel, propane gas, and a local electric company furnishing us with energy. Multiple sources which is good. Later I was promoted to the Ever Green Program. We sampled insulation, and tagged it as to whether it contained asbestos or not. We had virtually all lines, water, air, steam, and fuel insulated. Only fools leave their equipment unprotected. If the different energy companies had insulated their energy sources most of them would have kicked in and kept the folks with electricity, or propane for their gas heaters, etc. Texas was ill prepared. If Biden continues to shut down fossil fuel discovery, development, transmission, and storage, we will face shortages of fuel, and rising fuel prices all over the country. Those folks up north who voted for him will rue the day they voted for him instead of Trump. Wind and solar can not provide energy in harsh winter like climates. They are just sources for good weather. When the weather becomes harsh, fossil fuel is reliable, but only if lines, and equipment, are sheltered, or insulated.

  12. What is all boils down to is the left is 4 years behind from making money on foreign soil. Donald J Trump was not expected to be President of the United States in 2016. When he started implementing tariffs and pulling out of the Paris climate control, and trying to use our own resources, Biden and company took a hit. The left is 4 years of losing money. It cost them deeply. Now a BS unity speech, turns out to be one of the biggest scandals in American history.
    He’s back over on foreign soil getting paid big bucks, while shutting down keystone pipeline. What happens to solar panels during a snow storm? Windmills? Look, God already said he has a time when he’s gonna come back, it doesn’t matter what the left think of trying to save earth, gods gonna destroy it. The Bible tells us of when and how it’s gonna happen, nothing we can do about it but get save, and get ready. This is just the beginning, I think the left is gonna start the campaign for Jesus to come back. Again America NO MATTER WHAT WE DO, GODS COMING BACK TO DESTROY THIS CORRUPTION OF LAND WE CALL EARTH. Read the Bible he tells you when he’s coming, and I think by letting Biden and the far left run America is just the beginning for everything to start to happen.

    1. You are right! The creator is in control 24/7. Creator knows what is going on. It is the ill will of each human to do bad. As long as I know this I have nothing to fear.

  13. You don’t have to have to have snow covered solar panels to cut power production one can have smoke filled skies May, June, July, August and Sept. Production Sun Power in not so warm January here in Sunny California produced as much power as any one of our smoke filled months last summer but our Temperatures were over 100 degrees all summer. our $1.00 electric bill was replaced by $300.00 bill in Jan. I wished our Solar panels had never been purchased. It’s to bad our new president had a brain so he might think for himself once in a while. I lived in west Texas for 9 years we had snow each year and hot summer sun each of those years, too. And the contract with the solar company starts a new year in Jan and we pray for NO fires this summer.

  14. If Biden and the Politician Climatologists love windmills and solar panels so much why don’t they use that technology to be the sole supplier of energy to Washington DC ? I bet not. You don’t see them freezing their butts off. All we see is Joes big Smile from his warm office as we the American Sheeple freeze our asses off. I can just see what happens next when all our cars and trucks go electric and the weather turns bad and everybody plugs their cars in to escape or keep warm but oops!! the Power is out, OMG we’re stuck and freezing!!!! Thanks Joe.

    1. I think they are “forgetting” it takes #1, EVIL “fossil fuels” to make their “batteries”, their CARS, and the parts to manufacture them, and #2 “fossil fuels” to run the generators, to produce the power to CHARGE their “electric cars”. “solar panels” and “windmills” are also produced using “fossil fuels”.. Most of these morons do not have the “smarts” to come out of the rain without someone telling them to do so.

  15. The criminal Beijing-Biden has no soul whatsoever! He will lie and extort, using his family as his ambassadors, just as he did while ago n business with the Kenyan. Those two and almost all over nvolved with their cabinets should be in Gitmo and Leavenworth.
    Al Gore and the Clinton Crime Family also have reserved space in these Federal Institutes as well. Gore pitched the lie of “Green Energy”. Now we have people dying because of their lying, in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. I can only imagine how our army troops are freezing at Ft Polk? Stop the madness, re-open Keystone Pipeline and get that oil flowing. Biden care’s nothing about our citizens and wants to break our piggybacks!

  16. The criminal Beijing-Biden has no soul whatsoever! He will lie and extort, using his family as his ambassadors, just as he did while he was I n business with the Kenyan. Those two and most everyone involved with their cabinets should be in Gitmo and Leavenworth.
    Al Gore and the Clinton Crime Family also have reserved space in these Federal Institutes as well. Gore pitched the lie of “Green Energy”. Now we have people dying because of their lying, in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. I can only imagine how our army troops are freezing at Ft Polk? Stop this madness and bring charges against this miscreant fraud in the Oval Office. Where’s that laptop Wray has been hiding under his desk to help get this braindead criminal with his 1% failure he brought with him to takeover and make Pelosi VP when he’s taken out with 25th Amendment? Overturn the fraud election and put President Trump back in! Or our once great country will be finished!

  17. When you are freezing your ass off you do not care where the Energy that produces the heat comes from. I hope the millennials in Austin are very very cold. It may behove them to rethink their priorities before shutting down reliable energy producing plants for unreliable green energy.

  18. Hats off to Barbara’s comment about smoke in the air fouling solar panels. Remember that it took only 1 volcano to kill all the dinosaurs on the planet, and they didn’t even need electricity.

    1. biden and his cronys shut down the pipeline because of “black rock” they own most of saudi oil stock. biden has several “black rock” people on his staff—-suprise, more corruption !

  19. Climate Change ? According to John Kerry we have 9 more years before the Big One ! OAC said three years ago 12 years before Climate Deaster. Iam 63 since I can remember we’ve had Fires in California, Snow,Ice in Texas, Hurricane’s in Alabama, Ga,FL carolina’s, on and on. Nothing gotten better Nothing gotten worse just more people and more Pot’s to keep Stirring.
    We are not Short of PEOPLE to do the stirring.
    Biden is not going to Texas until next week if then.
    Trump would have been on the ground the next day if any way possible,Trump would have made it happen.
    Biden sent 60 Gensets to Texas that’s well and good. What about some FOOD? Not hearing anything from any
    Disaster Programs like FIMA!
    Get TEXAS PEOPLE the help they need
    What ever the need!!
    Biden is a poor excuse for a Human Being .

  20. What we need is ACTION. The only way we can change things now is to get to work convincing voters to go republican so we can take back the power. We need to get rid of mail in ballots, get rid of all the corrupt voting machines and go back to in person voting with verified and legal voting that can’t be manipulated. I don’t have all the answers but our last election was so manipulated and corrupt that many have lost faith in the system. We can bitch all we want but that’s not going to change things. It’s going to take ACTION. Stay on our politicians to fight for the changes we need. Get on media sources and let them know how pissed you are due to their biased reporting and censorship. Convince others that we CAN change things if we work together and keep at it. If reps don’t want to work for us, VOTE THEM OUT.

  21. The problem is all those that are making these decisions no the least about what they’re deciding on. Solar and wind power is a good thing but only to help subsidize. It can never be our only power source but it can help to preserve our fossil fuels. They never think everything through they’re very narrow minded and focus on one thing. They don’t think the whole process through and what all the it effects. One good example would be imagine a hospital losing power they can’t possibly have enough batteries to run and what they’re too stupid to realize is if they have their way there will be no back up generators because all generators need engines to run them and fuel to run the engines so that just means that people die. The list of situations goes on and on and on because they don’t think everything through before they make their decisions.

  22. Well, it is amazing how we have arrived at the level of stupidity. In the 70’s, we were going into a little ice age. Then it became global warming, oh that doesnt work. Now it is climate change, guess what climates change. That is why we are not in an ice age now, last one 12000 years ago. It gets tiring to see the liberal greenies try to declare any type of weather climate change. Oh and by the way, this type of weather pattern happens around this time of year. Some are worse than others, look at your temperature records.

  23. Designed and built properly, these wind turbines would not have failed. Russia has some in operation just across the Bering Strait from Alaska, and more in their territory just northeast of Sweden. And a lot more scattered around in the warmer parts of their nation. Theirs don’t fail when it gets cold. Perhaps we should start buying parts from them, rather than China.

  24. I live in rural south Alabama if an ice storm comes its 2 weeks before the power comes back on usually , one thing we have Texas doesnt have is trees plenty of trees, that and a wood heater is all you need to survive and be comfortable the spring is only half a mile down the hill ,plenty of water , everybody has food to share and trade,so nobody is hungry or cold of course if you run out of food better take some split fire wood with you.

  25. I hope the first thing Republicans do in 2022 when they take over the house is to impeach Commi joe for treason for taking money from China when vice-president and for stealing the election!!!! Wake up America!

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